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Congress Action Newsletter Kim Weissman 8/98 "Just in case anyone has forgotten, the Lewinsky affair is just the very small tip of a very large iceberg of potentially impeachable offenses which must be investigated, which do not even include the additional vast list of what might be merely illegal:

Washington Post 9/3/98 Roberto Suro "President Clinton is the subject of a new Justice Department probe to determine whether an independent counsel should investigate allegations that he personally violated campaign spending laws during his 1996 reelection effort, according to officials familiar with the inquiry…..On at least three occasions, Attorney General Janet Reno has formally examined allegations related to the DNC ads and the funds used to pay for them. Each time, she has come to the conclusion that there are no grounds for an independent counsel investigation.."

Washington Times 9/4/98 Bill Sammon "Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's investigations of "Filegate" and "Travelgate," which some observers had thought were dormant, "are continuing and in extremely sensitive stages," according to his deputy, Robert Bittman…. He said the "late stage" of the probes makes it especially important to delay the deposition, which is sought by Judicial Watch, a legal foundation suing the Clinton administration for improperly obtaining secret FBI background files on hundreds of Bush and Reagan administration appointees…."

Washington Post 9/3/98 Roberto Suro Ruth Marcus "Attorney General Janet Reno launched a new review of whether President Clinton violated campaign financing laws after Federal Election Commission auditors concluded this summer that his 1996 reelection illegally benefited from massive Democratic Party advertising and should repay the entire $13.4 million it received in federal matching funds, lawyers familiar with the inquiry said..."

William Douglas 9/4/98 "Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr is preparing to submit to the House a report laden with sweeping allegations against President Bill Clinton, including charges of abuse of power, perjury, obstruction of justice and witness tampering, sources close to the prosecutor said..."

A Freeper reports 9/30/98 ".For a short time this Spring, this charge was a media sensation, but it died down quickly when the alleged victim, labeled Jane Doe #5, swore in an affidavit that the rumors of such an assault were not true. Then on page 74 of the Starr Report Appendix came the explosive parenthetical note that Jane Doe #5 had admitted to an investigator from the OIC that the affidavit had been false. I tried to learn more about this from the mainstream media, without success. I tried to interest the mainstream press, without success. So I called Jane Doe #5 myself. Her name is Juanita Broaddrick and she still lives in Arkansas. Our conversation lasted about ten or fifteen minutes on September 24th...The conversation drifted towards Clinton, whom she called a "monster." And she began talking about "what he did to me." I asked if, in fact, the stories about the assault in 1977 had been true after all. She murmured a sad assent. I asked if she had considered issuing one comprehensive statement to stave off the inevitable onslaught of media attention. She said she had thought about it, but could not because "he [Clinton] would destroy" her as he had Willey. Anyway, she said, the press had already started calling.she reiterated that she had filed a false affidavit in the Jones case and that the OIC knew about it. I asked if she was afraid of the legal implications. She said yes, but then added quickly that Clinton would destroy her as he had done Willey. I encouraged her to consider coming forward. As a duty. She herself had mentioned all the other women he might molest in the future. "Think of them," I said. ."

The Washington Times 10/6/98 Editorial "The House Judiciary Committee -- after a party-line vote yesterday -- has before it fifteen counts against President Clinton, charges that will be weighed as the committee considers whether to recommend impeachment…. These are the charges:

AP 10/14/98 "House Republicans asked the Justice Department on Wednesday to investigate the Federal Communications Commission's move to a development with ties to President Clinton's former campaign manager….. At issue are $1 million fees paid by Tennessee developer Franklin Haney, a friend of Vice President Al Gore, to lawyer-lobbyist Peter Knight, Gore's former chief of staff and manager of Clinton's 1996 reelection campaign, and former Tennessee Sen. James Sasser, now ambassador to China...."

The American Spectator 11/98 Michael Ledeen and Mike Moroney ".. Carey's relationship with Mafia gangsters was underlined when, less than six months after his election, he appointed William Genoese as a trustee of a New York City Teamsters local. Genoese's Mafia ties were so well known that the appointment was rejected by the Independent Review Board's trustee Judge Frederick Lacey, who, in a statement that set the pattern for his future actions, absolved Carey of any fault at the same time he noted it would have been easy to uncover Genoese's unsavory connections.Thus chastised by Republican appointees, Carey looked to the Democrats for salvation.The Ickes-Carey meeting lay the groundwork for years of intimate cooperation between the Teamsters and the Clinton administration. Once installed in the White House, Ickes wrote a memo spelling out Carey's great importance to the political ambitions of the Clintons, and urged the president to establish a personal relationship with the Teamsters leader. The alliance promised enormous benefits for both sides.. The Teamsters delivered millions of dollars to Clinton's 1992 campaign, and quickly gained easy access to the White House. The Clinton administration intervened in a long-running strike in California, instructing Mickey Kantor to urge management to settle the matter..One thing is known about Ruff's activities: Of the $262,000 paid to his firm, $175,000 was paid to the investigative firm of Paladino & Sutherland. Jack Paladino is well known as a specialist in digging up dirt on his clients' opponents and competitors (Clinton campaigns have used him to contain bimbo eruptions), and supporters of Jim Hoffa, Jr. are certain that Carey unleashed Paladino against them when Hoffa ran for Teamsters president. The Hoekstra committee, which is as timorous as any group of congressional Republicans (Carey once commented that "the Hoekstra subcommittee couldn't put a hat on a drunken sailor in a bathtub"), has subpoenaed the documents dealing with Ruff's work, but the Teamsters have refused, claiming attorney- client privilege (a privilege Congress has sometimes chosen to reject in its legislative investigations). After nearly a year waiting for the documents, Hoekstra has recently announced he will call for a House vote on contempt. ."

Insight 11/9/98 Jennifer Hickey "... . . . But the accusations against the DNC continue. The report says the DNC did not aggressively police its own fund-raising practices and failed to return hundreds of thousands of suspect donations. All tallied, the report has identified a further $1.802 million in contributions to the DNC and its state parties that the committee believes should be returned. According to the Associated Press, Burton intends to refer evidentiary material to the Federal Election Commission, or FEC, and the Justice Department for possible prosecution.."

Insight Magazine 11/16/98 Jamie Dettmer ".It will get him in far more trouble than the sex ever would. The "it" in question: Political espionage and the use of gumshoes to investigate Bill Clinton's enemies -- from bimbos to Kenneth Starr's prosecutors and critical lawmakers. Is America soon to be faced with ugly disclosures about a presidential secret police run amok? Former Clinton campaign adviser Dick Morris says yes. In testimony before the Monica Lewinsky grand jury in August, Morris was questioned about sleuths Terry Lenzner, the head of Investigative Group International, or IGI, and San Francisco-based gumshoe Jack Palladino. Morris said the Clinton use of muckraking private eyes might be this administration's Achilles' heel. "It's a pattern that I feel can consume the administration just as it consumed Nixon's administration," Morris told Starr prosecutors...."

WCGC Interview Freeper Committed 11/4/98 ".During my Monday interview with Sue Myrick, Republican Representative from North Carolina, we talked about the Cox committee investigation into the exchange of campaign cash for releasing highly classified technology and information to Communist China. She assured me that the investigation is well under way and will be wrapped up by the end of the year. According to Sue, the reason we are not hearing anything about it in the press is because the subject they are dealing with is HIGHLY classified and can't be discussed in public. Her take is that the authority for transfering the technology was deliberately moved from the State Department to Commerce, subject to standard trade rules, for the express purpose of circumventing national security safeguards. She is convinced that the investigation could lead to charges of treason before year end. The question is just how high the charges will reach. As usual, Clinton is well insulated.."

AP 11/9/98 ".President Clinton was interviewed today by Justice Department investigators regarding campaign ads by the Democratic Party during his 1996 re-election bid.."

AP 11/11/98 Pete Yost ".Vice President Gore was interviewed Wednesday in the Justice Department's preliminary investigation of whether he and President Clinton illegally benefited from campaign ads by the Democratic Party in the 1996 elections..."

CNN 11/12/98 ".A source close to the Paula Jones legal team tells CNN that the appeals court weighing her dismissed lawsuit against President Clinton is looking for evidence of possible perjury by the president….During the appeals argument last month, the judges raised the issue of whether the case should be returned to District Court Judge Susan Webber Wright to investigate whether the president might have been lying in his testimony.."

Washington Post 11/12/98 Editorial "… In the past, Attorney General Janet Reno has argued, under a controversial reading of campaign finance law, that the spending was legal. Recently, however, the Federal Election Commission concluded that the ads contained an electioneering message, and Ms. Reno, in deference to the commission's view, is reconsidering the matter. The dilemma that Ms. Reno now faces is a peculiar one that blends all the worst features of the independent counsel law with all the worst features of the campaign finance laws.. ."

MSNBC Larry Klayman 11/13/98 Freeper A Whitewater Researcher ".Judicial Watch's Larry Klayman said on MSNBC this afternoon that he is prepared to file suit in Little Rock federal court if Clinton attempts to pay his settlement with Paula Jones out of his legal defense fund. Such a funds transfer would be illegal, under 5 USC section 75 43 (sp), and it would be an illegal gratuity..."

AP 11/14/98 Pete Yost ".After years of investigating Hillary Rodham Clinton, Whitewater prosecutors laid out their case in an indictment that never used her name, charged her with no wrongdoing but accused her former law partner of 15 felonies. Weaved through Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's latest case, however, is a story line that places the first lady right in the middle of efforts that enabled friend Webster Hubbell's father-in-law, businessman Seth Ward, to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from a savings and loan that was headed for collapse. Mrs. Clinton, who is referred to three dozen times in the 40-page indictment of Hubbell, has said she remembers almost nothing about her work in the mid-1980s relating to a failed real estate project called Castle Grande, run by her Whitewater business partner James McDougal. …Never identified by name in the indictment, Mrs. Clinton is referred to as "the billing partner.'' ."

Freeper report 11/14/98 on NPR story (partial transcript): ".Attorney General Janet Reno today said that she "MAY" ask for more time, to decide whether to seek an independant council in the 1996 Democratic fundraising case. With the deadline less then a month away, Justice Department officials this week questioned both President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. At issue is whether the President violated campaign finance law by accepting Federal funds for his 1996 campaign, while also raising millions of dollars in Soft Money for Democratic Party Issue Advertising. Npr's Peter Ovilbie Reports: Legal Defects and Loopholes that were just dimly recoginized two years ago, have upset two Justice Department Prosecutions and could affect the Issue ads case as well......"

Florida Times-Union 11/15/98 ".It would be appropriate if the first bill filed when the new Congress convenes is one to eliminate the office of independent counsel - and it is sponsored by a Democrat. Democrats, after all, wrote and enacted the law, the year they drove a president from office. Clearly, the intent of the law was to make it easier to hound and harass Republican presidents ever after. At the time, it was assumed by liberal Democrats that liberal Democrats always would control Congress. The mechanism worked as intended. Lawrence Walsh spent millions lavishly, in a futile effort to nail Ronald Reagan's pelt to the wall...Kenneth Starr was put to work, by the president's hand-picked attorney general, as required by the law enacted by the president's party. Starr has a handicap Walsh never had. Witnesses did not flee. Records did not vanish. Memories were not erased. No claims of executive privilege were made. Starr managed to collar more bad people than Walsh, at less cost, even though the cost was run up by presidential delays.."

Judicial Watch Press Release 11/16/98 ".Judicial Watch will file tomorrow a brief before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas arguing that the Jones settlement is contrary to law and public policy, because it uses monies from illegal sources -- such as the Clinton legal defense funds -- as a means to make payment. The illegal "legal" defense funds of the Clintons are discussed in the Interim Report at"

New York Times 11/18/98 Pete Hoekstra "…. First, she has 30 days to determine whether the allegation is specific and credible. If it is, she opens a 90-day preliminary investigation to evaluate whether there are "reasonable grounds" to investigate further. If there are, she must request an independent counsel. By the end of November, Ms. Reno will have reached that point in the case of Harold Ickes, the former Presidential adviser.."

Insight Magazine 11/25/98 Paul M. Rodriguez, Jamie Dettmer and Eli Lehrer ". Would Bill Clinton and his subordinates be open technically to a prosecution on racketeering-related mail and wire-fraud charges involving the president's legal-defense funds -- the kind that brought down mobster Al Capone? Some federal investigators and private lawyers think so. At issue are statements, letters and fund-raising appeals made directly by the president and his subordinates to generate public donations for one of at least two legal-defense funds Clinton created to help pay his million-dollar-plus attorney bills. In the solicitations, the president made specific claims that the Monica Lewinsky allegations were completely false. Clinton and his aides denied in the fund-raising appeals all the Lewinsky-affair charges of perjury, obstruction of justice and witness tampering. Now the president has under oath admitted an "improper relationship" with Lewinsky; he has, in effect, acknowledged that some portion of the allegations first raised in January 1998 were true. . . . . Legally speaking, therefore, the sources said, the president has admitted he knew at the time the fund-raising letters went out for his legal-defense fund that he made false representations. As a result, say federal investigators, Clinton engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud those who sent in money. Just as lying under oath becomes perjury, lying to obtain funds through the mail is fraud. You'd think a Yale-trained lawyer and former professor of law would know a thing like that. . . . . "It's classic wire fraud," confirmed a Justice Department official who asked not to be named. "The fund-raising appeals were in furtherance of a conspiracy and could easily rise to racketeering. You've raised substantial questions involving not just a fraudulent scheme but also the use of the mails to perpetuate the fraud." . . . . A private lawyer concurred: "Yes, you're talking about a conspiracy to defraud the public," he said, adding that violation of various tax laws may be involved as well.."

U.S. Representative Bob Barr (GA-7), at House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings today, and in a statement following, questioned Independent Counsel Ken Starr regarding evidence the President may have engaged in bribery involving Web Hubbell, Monica Lewinsky, and others. "I urge Judge Starr and the Committee to investigate substantial evidence that the President engaged in an effort to buy the silence of key witnesses such as Webster Hubbell and Monica Lewinsky with offers of money or jobs. Such conduct appears to violate federal bribery statutes, and would, by definition, constitute grounds for impeachment," Barr said. In response, Judge Starr committed to Barr to inquire into the applicability of federal bribery statutes to allegations of presidential abuse of office. Barr also noted that no Democrat Member of the Committee questioned Judge Starr about any of the facts of his referral, saying, "Clearly the Democrat Members of the Judiciary Committee, and the President's lawyers, are able to talk about anything other than the fact that the President lied repeatedly, committed perjury, obstructed justice, and subverted the very system of laws he swore to uphold. One must conclude there is simply no question about the facts, leaving the President's defenders with no option other than to put Judge Starr on trial." "As Judge Starr reminded us today, the White House has yet to offer a shred of evidence exculpating the President. The issue is not sex or Monica Lewinsky, or Linda Tripp, or any one of the many distractions the President's defenders would have us focus on. The issue is specific and credible evidence that the President committed impeachable offenses. The accuracy of this evidence remains unquestioned, and Congress must act on it. To do otherwise is to knowingly shirk our constitutional duty," Barr concluded. Barr, a former United States Attorney, serves on the House Judiciary Committee.."

The Washington Times 11/23-29/98 Jerry Seper ".INDEPENDENT COUNSEL KENNETH W. STARR on November 19 left open the possibility of criminal charges against first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in at least two investigations by his office into the Whitewater affair. Although Mr. Starr exonerated President Clinton before the House Judiciary Committee for impeachable acts in Whitewater, Travelgate and Filegate, he confirmed that investigations are continuing into others aspects of Whitewater and Travelgate, and that prosecutorial decisions are due "soon." Both of those investigations have focused on Mrs. Clinton, particularly statements she made under oath about her role in the legal representation of Madison Guaranty S & L and the firing in 1993 of seven White House travel office workers. In a statement, Mr. Starr said questions remain over Mrs. Clinton's role in the legal representation of a failed Madison real estage venture known as Castle Grande, saying evidence regarding her work - her Rose Law Firm billings records--could not be found.."

12/3/98 Judicial Watch ".Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman today announced that the public interest watchdog group would file a complaint with the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility against Attorney General Janet Reno for leaking grand jury information to the press. Klayman cited a story in today's Washington Post which disclosed details of memos by FBI Director Louis J. Freeh and the Justice Department's former campaign finance prosecutor Charles G. LaBella. Limited confidential access to the Freeh and LaBella memoranda was granted to the House Judiciary Committee by Judge Norma Holloway Johnson. The Attorney General had refused to voluntarily release the documents to Congressional investigators, citing grand jury secrecy concerns. "It is an absolute outrage that this sensitive material should wind up in the pages of The Washington Post, after the Attorney General argued that it was subject to grand jury secrecy," Klayman said. "These documents are critical evidence in the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment inquiry." Today's Post story quoted a "Justice official familiar with the documents" and "a law enforcement official familiar with the memos." The report contained a great deal of detail about the content of the memos. The Administration has frequently made selective, calculated leaks to the Post, as reported in a recent item by Matt Drudge. "It is somewhat ironic that the President's allies have tried to make an issue out of alleged leaks by Ken Starr when Janet Reno's Justice Department is spoon-feeding sensitive information to The Washington Post," Klayman said. "Judicial Watch will be filing a complaint with the Office of Professional Responsibility against the Attorney General for this obvious violation of criminal law and the public trust.".."

ABC News 12/4/98 Josh Gerstein ".For months, critics of Independent Counsel Ken Starr's office have alleged that prosecutors refused to let Monica Lewinsky contact her attorney during their surprise encounter with her at a Virginia hotel in January. But newly released court documents show that at least one phone call was placed from the hotel to Lewinsky's lawyer that afternoon. Prosecutors say they gave Lewinsky other opportunities to call her lawyer at the time, Frank Carter, or anyone else... "

Global Intelligence Update 12/7/98 ".On Saturday morning, December 5, both the New York Times and the Washington Post ran stories claiming that officials of Hughes Electronics had been warned by agents of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency that they would be called to testify before Congress on the sale of satellite technology to China. This report is explosive because, if true, these agents would be guilty of a massive security breach. Since the story appeared simultaneously in both the Times and the Post, this was a deliberate decision on somebody's part to plant explosives beneath someone in the CIA. …Given that this is an already highly sensitive matter that has directly affected the President himself, it is more than a little hard to believe that Tenet doesn't keep himself informed of every detail . So, we have cronyism, criminal conspiracy, political conspiracy, covert conspiracy and inside-the-beltway conspiracy to choose from. We genuinely don't know which is the real story. But we don't think it is trivial. This affair could be a wedge into a very important and complex part of American history. Someone is issuing an extremely public invitation to investigate a critical issue with grave implications. It is almost as if someone is painting a map. The revelation of this single, relatively minor security breach could wind up explaining a great deal about the recent past. There may be simple and innocent explanations. There may be complex and dark explanations. But, for what little they are worth, our instincts tell us that this is the place where explanations begin."

San Diego Union Tribune 12/5/98 Valerie Alvord ".A Justice Department report by Charles La Bella on possible White House campaign finance abuses contained significant information and leads that could be developed by other investigators, La Bella and a congressional aide said yesterday. The House Judiciary Committee, which is considering impeachment of President Clinton, shifted gears Thursday and decided not to take testimony from La Bella, who is now interim U.S. attorney in San Diego. But leads in the report will be pursued next year, according to a committee aide…. "Nobody had ever put the pieces together like we did," La Bella said. House investigators "may be able to follow the same leads we did. There is nothing to say 'You can't now go out and do the same investigation.' " ... "Mr. La Bella's report contained serious and substantial new information that cries out for further review," the aide said. "It is information that needs to be developed." He said time constraints stopped the committee from probing further into La Bella's report, but that leads in the document "will be pursued next year by the Judiciary Committee's Justice Department oversight project."."

The Federalist Brief 12/8/98 ".In recent years, the Clintonistas have creatively used federal racketeering laws to hammer those who disagree with some of their pet agendas. The most notable use of these statutes has been against pro-life advocates and organizations that peacefully protest the killing of unborn children. Before the advent of such statutes, the Justice Department resorted to ''second tier'' laws such as tax evasion and mail fraud to bring down notorious gangsters like Al Capone, who had otherwise successfully utilized cutouts to insulate themselves from prosecution for more serious crimes. It is worth reiterating our previous editorial arguments that notorious politicians like Bill Clinton, who successfully utilize political cutouts to insulate themselves from prosecution for more serious crimes, are, like Mr. Capone, ultimately trapped by more inane legal missteps. In this case, Mr. Clinton lied under oath in a sexual harassment lawsuit by a former employee before he found out his DNA was on the dress of another employee. Now that Mr. Clinton is on record acknowledging that he ''mislead'' everybody, he may have inadvertently stepped into one of his ''racketeering'' traps. Mr. Clinton sent out thousands of letters soliciting money for his legal defense fund, letters on his personal signature, claiming his innocence. But he knew at the time those letters were sent, that he was guilty as charged. Thus, Mr. Clinton conspired to defraud those from whom he was soliciting money. Lying under oath is perjury, and lying to obtain funds via the U.S. mail is ''mail fraud.'' Further, a senior Justice Department official says, ''The fund-raising appeals were in furtherance of a conspiracy and could easily rise to racketeering. [This is] not just a fraudulent scheme but also the use of the mails to perpetuate the fraud.'' And Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch says, ''The law (5 U.S.C. 7353) prohibits any federal official, including the President, from soliciting, accepting or benefiting from monies from private citizens -- the President's legal defense fund is an illegal operation.'' Of course, Mr. Clinton's defense will hinge on his interpretation of the word ''innocence.''."

NY Post 12/11/98 Richard Johnson ".. Star magazine reports Monica's ex-boyfriend's wife has taken to lashing out at her protectors, screaming "Get out of my face!" at several guards. A source tells Star that on one occasion, Hillary snapped at a young agent who had simply said good morning to her. "Get f---ed" was her angry response. .. Star reports the agents are considering filing an official complaint.."

Chicago Sun-Times 12/20/98 Robert Novak by A Whitewater Researcher ".EXCERPTS: "...Alec Baldwin's tirade against Rep. Henry Hyde on NBC's ``Late Night With Conan O'Brien'' Dec. 11 prompted an investigation by the U.S. Capitol police into whether the actor's words constituted a death threat against the House Judiciary Committee chairman who conducted impeachment proceedings against...Clinton....``If we were in other countries ... we would stone Henry Hyde to death, and we would go to their homes, and we'd kill their wives and their children,'' Clinton defender Baldwin exclaimed last week in an excited monologue. Baldwin, who often lobbies Congress on liberal issues, is a possible future Democratic congressional candidate from Long Island....According to a representative for the O'Brien show, the Capitol police contacted NBC in New York to determine the seriousness of Baldwin's remarks. ``We are conducting a preliminary inquiry,'' a spokesman told this column. The police are awaiting a videotape from the network...."

Washington Weekly 12/21/98 Marvin Lee ".Twice in 1997, as Linda Tripp was preparing to talk about her knowledge about Kathleen Willey's encounter with Bill Clinton at the White House, Monica Lewinsky gave her copies of lists of various individuals who have met an unfortunate end during the Clinton Administration. As Linda Tripp recounted in a deposition taken by Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch last week, the death lists twice came up in conversations with Monica Lewinsky. "We discussed the documents both times, and both times it was in a conversation trying to affect the outcome of a decision I had to make about testifying truthfully or not in the case of Kathleen Willey," Tripp testified. In response to the question "Did you take the providing of this document, which we've just identified, as a threat?" Linda Tripp said, "I did But when Klayman asked "And who did you take it as a threat from?" Tripp's lawyer Anthony Zaccagnini interceded and asked that the question be answered under seal in confidential session. This could indicate that the matter of the death lists is subject to current litigation or investigation."

John Solomon AP 1/5/99 ".A judge has rejected Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's request to maintain the secrecy of court documents showing that two of President Clinton's top aides were not in jeopardy of being prosecuted in the Monica Lewinsky case..."

Associated Press 1/6/99 Karen Gullo ".Johnson said 24 news articles - some attributed information to Starr's office and some attributed information to "federal law enforcement sources'' and "prosecutors'' - provided enough evidence to justify an investigation. Starr said several articles that attributed information about Lewinsky's immunity deal to his office do not violate rules because they don't disclose grand jury matters "or even matters likely to occur there.''.."

The Miami Herald 1/19/99 Elsa Arnett by A Whitewater Researcher ".EXCERPTS: "...Starr's prosecutors to continue working at least through the end of the Clinton administration...(on)... scandals over the past 4 1/2 years...indicting her (Julie Hyatt Steele), pressure her to give damaging testimony about Clinton that could affect the Lewinsky investigation......the possibility that Starr will ask that Clinton be indicted...either while Clinton is in office, or after he leaves the White House....That leaves open the potential for criminal charges to be filed against him either in matters dealing with the Lewinsky case or with Whitewater...the broad, almost boundless, provisions in the independent counsel statute legally justify Starr's ongoing investigations..."

New York Times 1/21/99 Philip Shenon and David Johnston Freeper Stand Watch Listen".The Justice Department has accused Richard Holbrooke, President Clinton's choice to be the top American diplomat at the United Nations, of a civil violation of federal ethics laws involving business contacts three years ago with the American Embassy in South Korea, government officials said. Friends of Holbrooke said he had balked at paying a fine of several thousand dollars demanded by the Justice Department because he believed he had done nothing wrong.. ."

Washington Bulletin: National Review's Internet Update 1/21/99 John Miller Ramesh Ponnuru ". Last fall, at the conclusion of a two-year investigation into possibly illegal White House efforts to integrate its computer database with that of the Democratic National Committee, the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight charged Mills with perjury and obstruction of justice. According to the report, based on an investigation spearheaded by Rep. David McIntosh's Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee, Mills clearly withheld a key document potentially incriminating Clinton in these activities just six weeks before his 1996 re-election. Then, alleges the report, she perjured herself in explaining why the document was not produced even when it was obviously requested. In September, McIntosh referred the case against Mills to the Justice Department for prosecution….. That means Mills lectured the Senate on obstruction of justice even though she has a potential prosecution on these grounds (plus perjury) hanging over her head.."

FoxNews 2/6/99 Carl Cameron Freeper Clean_Sweep reports "House managers investigating perjury against Blumenthal."

Reuters 2/7/99 ".Federal prosecutors have told independent counsel Kenneth Starr they intend to investigate his office's initial contact last year with Monica Lewinsky, Newsweek reported Sunday. An unidentified Justice Department source was quoted by the magazine as saying prosecutors had told Starr they wanted to determine if his staff offered Lewinsky an immunity agreement on condition that she not speak to her attorney..."

Newsweek 2/15/99 Daniel Klaidman and Matthew Cooper ".Starr's still got cases to make- and charges to answer. The impeachment trial will soon come to a close, but the scandal machinery grinds on: Ken Starr's office remains open for business… Starr has believed for months that he has the constitutional authority to indict Clinton even while the president is still in office... The president, said a close ally, "is breathing deeply, trying to get through this."... Starr's friends doubt he'll actually indict the president, but the suspense could keep the scandal in the news.."

Washington Times 2/8/99 Joyce Howard Price ".Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, Connecticut Democrat, who also appeared on the show, said the conflict between sworn testimony Mr. Blumenthal gave Wednesday to House impeachment managers and a sworn statement by a free-lance journalist suggests the possibility of perjury. "That ought to be forwarded to the Justice Department," he said. .. Lying to Congress carries a penalty of up to five years in prison. . "

Pete Yost AP 2/9/99 ".Frustrated that the Senate apparently won't pursue whether presidential aide Sidney Blumenthal lied, House prosecutors may find a more receptive audience at the Justice Department or prosecutor Kenneth Starr's office. Journalist Scott Armstrong signed an affidavit Monday saying he was told by Hitchens and his wife, Carol Blue, about their conversation with Blumenthal and the "stalker" comment...."

Drudge link to the Wash Post 2/9/99 ".In an 11th-hour surprise, Senate GOP leader Trent Lott has drafted a letter asking Sexgate prober Kenneth Starr to check if there's a White House taping system that picked up Sexgate chats, sources say. "Based on press reports about an alleged White House taping system, it has been proposed to Lott that the proper authorities be engaged in finding the truth," Lott spokesman John Czwartacki told The Post last night....."

AP 2/9/99 ".Republican senators have decided to pass on to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr unsubstantiated information that suggests the White House has a taping system that might have recorded telephone conversations between President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. .."

The New York Post 2/9/99 Deborah Orin ".Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal faced a growing storm yesterday as two more journalists signed affidavits suggesting he lied under oath when he denied smearing Monica Lewinsky. That makes three anti-Blumenthal affidavits in all, and Republicans pressed for a fast probe of whether he lied.. "I didn't mention it to my friends ... I certainly never mentioned it to any reporter," Blumenthal said in that sworn testimony..."

Wall Street Journal 2/10/99 David Cloud ".Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott Tuesday asked the independent counsel to investigate sketchy information that some type of communications- monitoring system within the Defense Department or intelligence community might have picked up Mr. Clinton's telephone conversations in the Monica Lewinsky matter..."

WorldNetDaily 2/10/99 Edward Oliver ".Judge Norma Holloway Johnson is holding a report clearing the Office of Independent the Counsel of charges it leaked grand jury evidence from the Lewinsky investigation to the press, a source tells WorldNetDaily.. the White House complaint was handed to a court commissioner to investigate. Since then, there hasn't been any closure of the matter and the allegations have been frequently repeated in the media. The source told WorldNetDaily: "When the commissioner appointed by the judge makes his report, everyone inside the case, the White House, everybody knows that the report has been filed." The source speculated that the White House is aware of the impending report exonerating Starr and is making new allegations based on a recent story in the New York Times......"

The New York Post 2/10/99 ".So President Clinton might beat the rap for perjury in l'affaire Lewinsky, but his PR henchman, Sidney ''Sid Vicious'' Blumenthal, just might not. Weird. Blumenthal, recall, is the ideological sleazemeister who resolved to make President and Mrs. Clinton's enemies pay any price and bear any burden to ensure the survival and success of The Man From Hope.."

The Arizona Republic 2/10/99 Chris Moeser Dave Wagner ".A U.S. intelligence agency may have taped telephone conversations between President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, and information about the tapes has been turned over to independent counsel Kenneth Starr, Sen. Jon Kyl said Tuesday... Kyl, a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence, said key GOP senators were approached by sources who said they knew of the possible existence of the tapes. The names of those sources were then turned over to Starr for investigation, Kyl said... "There are different agencies in the government that make it their business to tape certain things for certain reasons, and it was one of those agencies" that did the taping, Kyl said. "Incidentally, it may have been more than one of those agencies," he added. Kyl,... Kyl said of the sources: "They are people who claim to have information about those tapes, who by virtue of who they are have some credibility with respect to the information they have come forward about." .... Kyl compared the allegations of the tapes' existence to the "smoking gun" evidence in the Watergate scandal, when congressional witness Alexander Butterfield "just blurted out" a reference to former President Nixon's taping system in the Oval Office... Kyl was the first to reveal that the conversations had been recorded by the unidentified intelligence sources. U.S. intelligence, including the CIA, the National Security Agency and all of the branches of military intelligence, report to the president and work for the executive branch. The legality of employees of these agencies informing members of Congress of the existence of classified material was unclear Tuesday.. "

UPI-S 2/9/99 ".Congressional Republicans have publicly called for an investigation of presidential aide Sidney Blumenthal and whether he lied in an impeachment deposition about planting anti- Monica Lewinsky stories in the media, but so far no one has contacted the Justice Department. ."

New York Post 2/9/99 Dick Morris Freeper A Whitewater Researcher ".EXCERPTS: ".....If...Blumenthal faces an indictment...he will cooperate with Starr...He's now Webb Hubbell. His relationship with Clinton is strictly this year's "gig," not a lifelong partnership. Will Blumenthal lead Starr to...unravel the secret police?...Starr's guns may also turn on...Jordan - before a Virginia grand jury. Jordan's inability to hardly credible...the...very good case aga inst Jordan for obstruction of justice...Starr is also leaning hard on...Hubbell and his...wife (to) provide evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the (Clintons) in the Whitewater affair....Lewinsky's...testimony...makes (Currie's) testimony much less credib le.."

Hardball 2/9/99 Freeper commish reports ".Kay Bailey Hutchison said that there is a tape of the Dec 17 2:30 AM call between the IMPOTUS and ML .." Freeper polly g adds ".I saw the interview. She stated that there apparently was a tape recording of the 2:30 a.m. conversation between Clinton and Monica on Dec. 17, when he told her that Betty's brother had died and that she was on the witness list. I was rather surprised to hear her sounding as though she would vote to convict on both articles. .. There is something really strange going on up there. Hints that Monica may be in big trouble. Apparently she wasn't aware of the tape recording of the conversation and may have lied about it in her Senate deposition. As most of you already know, Judge Starr apparently was not aware of this conversation and didn't question Monica about it..."

Drudge Report 2/9/98 "."The inquiry will focus on whether the prosecutors were truthful when they asserted that there had been no contacts between Starr's office and Paula Jones' legal team in the weeks leading up to Starr's decision to ask Reno to expand his inquiry beyond the Whitewater matter," the paper's David Johnston and Don Van Natta report. "A series of newly disclosed notes taken at the initial meetings on Jan.15 and Jan. 16, 1998, between Starr's prosecutors and Justice Department officials shows that the prosecutors flatly asserted that there were no contacts with the Jones team."..."

American Law Journal 2/16/98 ".Under federal law, the independent counsel has broad powers to pursue almost all crimes related to the jurisdiction granted him by a special panel of federal appellate judges, the Special Division of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The statute does allow for congressional oversight, but at a bare minimum. Under 28 U.S.C. 595(a)(2), Mr. Starr "may omit any matter that in the judgment of the independent counsel should be kept confidential." The primary supervisory responsibility over independent counsels rests with the three-judge panel appointed by U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. The current panel is led by U.S. Judge David B. Sentelle, of the D.C. Circuit, a Reagan appointee and conservative who presided over the panel that appointed Mr. Starr in 1994...When it comes to the removal of an independent counsel, the U.S. attorney general and Congress do "hold their fingers on the trigger," says one former independent counsel. Congress may impeach, and Janet Reno could recommend Mr. Starr's removal "for good cause"--but only with notice to the judiciary committees of both houses of Congress and to the special panel. Even then, the law allows Mr. Starr to appeal to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. .."

WorldNetDaily 2/12/99 Stephan Archer ".WorldNetdaily Exclusive In an ongoing effort to bring justice to the Clinton Justice Department, the Washington D.C.-based, legal watchdog Judicial Watch is preparing to question the Justice Department about official actions the group considers illegal or unethical during the Clinton administration. Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch chairman, said the group is currently in the process of putting ethics complaints and questions in one package to be forwarded to the Office of Professional Responsibility, a branch of the Justice Department, within the next 10 days. "A number of legal actions and ethics complaints are in progress or in the works to address the rampant politicization of the Justice Department under Janet Reno and Eric Holder, which has resulted in the widespread failure of the agency to do its job as the nation's top law enforcement agency," said Klayman. These actions include, according to Klayman, an attempt to silence Nolanda Hill, a key witness in the Chinagate scandal; the threatened use of criminal process to settle civil litigation in the Chinagate scandal; and the suppression of evidence in civil litigation that is detrimental to Clinton's administration. Currently, Judicial Watch has two civil lawsuits against the Justice Department. One of the lawsuits is for the Justice Department's part in alleged obstruction of justice over the Ruby Ridge shootout, the Waco disaster and the Olympic bombing cover-ups; the other lawsuit pertains to Attorney General Janet Reno's decision not to seek appointment of an independent counsel in Clinton's campaign finance scandal.."

9/12/99 Patrick Riley w/ FoxNews, AP, Reuters ". Matters will not be officially closed until Starr's office files a final report on the items to the three-judge panel that appointed him.Office of the Independent Counsel public information assistant Elizabeth Ray would not comment on Starr's ongoing investigations except to say that "open items that we haven't filed a report on yet" include "Whitewater, Travelgate, FBI Filegate and the Lewinsky matter.".. Professor Lowi says the investigation of Starr will not lead to his removal as it is rooted in "puffy threats" and "street-corner bluffery" from Starr's Democratic enemies looking for retaliation. Even if Starr were to get the axe from Reno, he would be able to appeal to the three-judge panel that appointed him, according to Fox News' Goldman. "I don't think they're going to be able to get Ken Starr off this even if they want to," he said.."

Insight Magazine 3/8/99 Jamie Dettmer ".Is the Justice Department about to prosecute some of its own? .. The Bromwich probe, launched in April 1997 and first revealed by news alert!, was triggered by allegations from whistle-blowers about major security breaches, visa fraud, mismanagement and sexual favoritism in hiring practices and the awarding of contracts at the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, or ICITAP.."

Gary Aldrich from Unsinkable Molly Brown 2/26/99 re Broaddrick "...The attorney for our foundation has advised me that its very possible the statute may not have run. He's a former federal prosecutor and now defense attorney in Northern Virginia. The Patrick Henry Center is talking to investigators and other prosecutors to see if some kind of case can be undertaken. If so, we will work on it. --Gary Aldrich...."

TIME Magazine 12/21/98 Ed Barnes Freeper Elle Bee "...JAMES P. HOFFA, the newly elected president of the Teamsters Union, knows Washington will not care for him -- not when Democratic party leaders find out what he plans to do: reopen the campaign-finance scandal, take on the D.N.C. and scrutinize its fund raising apparatus. ….sources close to Hoffa say his first act as president-elect was to give the go-ahead for a multimillion-dollar civil-racketeering suit against, among others, the D.N.C. The suit would primarily target disgraced Teamster president Ron Carey and other Teamster officials for allegedly embezzling nearly $1 million in cash from the union. But it would also cite top Democratic fundraisers, including Terrence McAuliffe, who was recently appointed a chief fundraiser for Al Gore. A federal probe into Carey's 1996 election as union president found that he had set up an illegal controbution swap scheme..."

Reuters 3/15/99 "…The CIA Monday announced an independent panel to assess damage from Chinese nuclear spying, which has caused a political firestorm in Washington and strained Sino-U.S. relations. George Tenet, the Director of Central Intelligence, said this would "provide an outside review of damage assessment which is now being completed'' by analysts from across the U.S. intelligence community. He named retired Admiral David Jeremiah, a former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who left the service in 1994, to head the independent panel and said other members would be appointed later…."

MSNBC Website 3/16/99 Robert Windrem, AP, & Reuters "…*Probe into leaks: The FBI has opened up a probe into leaks in the spy story in the New York Times, officials at the White House and the Energy Department said. The FBI reportedly is upset with the New York Times because Lee, the Taiwanese-born scientist suspected of stealing secrets, had not hired a lawyer and did not know the trouble he was in. One official also told NBC News that the FBI was also asked to look into previous leaks of Cox Committee material in early January, when committee members suspect the White House was leaking material to the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. "This is a multiple leak investigation," the official said…."

Investor’s Business Daily 3/17/99 Editorial "…Attorney General Janet Reno is no longer a passive agent, turning a blind eye to Bill Clinton's most unethical acts. She's become an active force who now has Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr in her sights. While Clinton and the rest of the nation struggle to put the Monica Lewinsky drama and impeachment behind it, Reno has leapt into action. She is now launching a wide- ranging probe on everything from Starr's alleged contacts with Paula Jones' lawyers to his alleged leaks to the media. …."

Associated Press 3/17/99 H. Josef Hebert, "… Richardson said he was directing a formal inquiry into allegations that a senior department counterintelligence officer had been prevented from disclosing to Congress his concerns about the security breach at Los Alamos. According to published reports, Notra Trulock, a senior intelligence officer at the department, had said he had been prevented from sharing information with Congress about the Los Alamos investigation by Elizabeth Moler, then deputy energy secretary. …."

AP 3/18/99 "…In contacts under federal investigation, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott's brother-in-law received thousands of dollars from an associate of accused war criminal Radovan Karadzic around the time he tried to arrange the Bosnian fugitive's surrender, according to lawyers and government officials. Talbott's brother-in-law, Cody P. Shearer, is now telling authorities he has received mail threats from Bosnian figures who claim he took the money in 1997 with promises to win leniency for Karadzic on the war crimes charges, and demand that he pay Karadzic's family $1 million or risk ``tragedy.''… Even before Shearer reported the threats, the State Department inspector general and the FBI had begun investigating whether he misrepresented his ties to the Clinton administration in his dealings with the Bosnian figures, several government officials told The Associated Press…."

USA TODAY 4/6/99 Barbara Slavin "… Los Alamos National Laboratory, under fire in connection with alleged spying by China, faces charges over nuclear-related exports to Russia, lab officials say. The Commerce Department notified the lab in New Mexico in January that it was preparing civil charges over unlicensed exports of nuclear detectors and a computer router. They were provided from 1994-96 in a program to help Russia safeguard vast reserves of nuclear materials. Lab director John Browne said the issue involves bureaucratic procedures more than national security. "It's one of those gray areas of interpretation. At the time, the interpretation made here was that a license was not required." But Rep. Christopher Cox, R-Calif., head of a special committee looking into high-tech transfers to China, said the case was indicative of security problems at U.S. nuclear labs. "I would hope the Department of Energy and Los Alamos would use this as an example of what will no longer be tolerated," he said. Commerce Department regulations on the books since 1990 forbid exports without a license to organizations involved in the development, design, manufacturing, testing or maintenance of nuclear weapons. Penalties include fines and a loss of export privileges…."


Freper TEXOKIE 5/9/99 "...Another report from the WKY930 Radio Oklahoma City - Transcript follows: "Oklahoma US Senator Jim Inhofe wasnt there to greet the President today for a tour of Oklahoma City's tornado damage. But he had a good reason. He crash landed his single engine plane while flying from near Tulsa to Oklahoma City. Inhofe: Be sure that the President knows I'm not snubbing him cause everyone thought I was gonna do that. I was on my way when this happened. Inhofe's single engine Grumman Tiger lost its propeller. He glided for 8 miles to the Claremore Regional Airport where the nose gear collapsed on landing." ..." 5/8/99 kwtv Channel 9News:Oklahoma City "...U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe made an emergency landing at an airport in Claremore early Saturday after the propeller fell off his airplane. Inhofe, R-Okla., was not injured, but his single-engine airplane was slightly damaged. Inhofe said he glided for about eight miles before landing the plane at Claremore Airport. He took off from Ketchum, where he hangars his 1979 Grumman Tiger, and had been in the air about 10 minutes when trouble began. Inhofe, an experienced, commercially rated pilot who has been flying for 41 years, was en route from northeastern Oklahoma to Oklahoma City, where he was to meet President Clinton as Clinton toured tornado-ravaged parts of central Oklahoma. The FBI has been asked to investigate the incident, according to Inhofe's spokeman, because "propellers don't just fly off airplanes every day." ..."

The Oklahoman 5/9/99 Charles T. Jones "... U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe felt "an explosion," and the propeller spun off his single-engine airplane Saturday morning as he flew to meet President Clinton in storm-ravaged Oklahoma City. Inhofe, one of Clinton's harshest congressional critics, glided his crippled airplane about seven miles and made a high-speed forced landing in the grass at Claremore Municipal Airport. He was unhurt, but the nose wheel assembly of his 1979 Grumman Tiger was broken. It was Inhofe's third forced landing in 41 years of flying and 8,000 hours in the air, he said from the Claremore airport Saturday. This time, the FBI and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating. "He's Senator Inhofe now," said Jason Herald, line service manager at the Claremore airport. FBI agents were interviewing Inhofe later Saturday as safety board investigators took his plane away for examination. Inhofe, R-Tulsa, is chairman of the Senate Armed Services subcommittee on readiness and serves on the committee's strategic forces subcommittee. Inhofe also serves on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the Indian Affairs Committee and three subcommittees of the Committee on Environment and Public Works. In an it's-a-small- world coincidence, the propeller from Inhofe's four-seat, single-engine plane dropped onto a rural road in front of one of his high school classmates from Tulsa. Inhofe hadn't seen the man in more than 40 years. "The phone rang here at the airport, and I answered it, and someone asked if anyone had lost a propeller," Inhofe said. ..." 5/10/99 "...What Sen. Don Nickles last week called possibly "the most serious case of espionage in U.S. history" may not result in spying charges against a man suspected of sharing secrets with the Chinese. A top administration official told NEWSWEEK that the most serious charge the government may be able to bring against Wen Ho Lee, a scientist at Los Alamos nuclear laboratory, may be "unauthorized disclosure" of classified information. Sources say extensive FBI searches of Lee's computers and papers have so far turned up "no smoking gun," and last year, when the bureau ran a "false flag" sting against him, Lee didn't take the bait. Says John Lewis, former head of the FBI's national-security division, "There was some smoke, but we had no conclusive evidence. There were many doubts on the part of all of us" that Lee was a spy...."

Pine Bluff Commercial OnLine 5/20/99 George Talbot III "...The Pine Bluff Fire Department is investigating a suspicious fire that caused more than $100,000 in damage to a Pine Bluff business early Wednesday. The department was notified of a fire at Galster's Orthopedic Laboratories Inc., located at 2407 South Cherry Street, just after 12 a.m. Wednesday and arrived at the scene within two minutes, said Fire Chief Eddie Lunsford..... Lunsford said the fire is considered suspicious because it burned so quickly and because of burn patterns identified by firemen. The department has requested the use of a State Police arson dog to determine if an accelerant contributed to the fire, Lunsford said. The dog is scheduled to arrive this morning. If the department's suspicions are confirmed, the investigation will be turned over to the Pine Bluff Police Department, Lunsford said..... The building's owner is listed as Robert Galster of Pine Bluff, Lunsford said. Galster's son, Mike, who lives near Hot Springs, operated the business. Mike Galster is the author of the controversial 1998 novel Blood Trail, a fictionalized account of how tainted blood was collected from Arkansas prison inmates and sold to Canada in the 1980s under then-Gov. Bill Clinton...."

The Ottawa Citizen 5/20/99 Mark Kennedy "...The controversial story involving tainted plasma from Arkansas prisoners that was shipped to Canada in the 1980s while Bill Clinton was state governor has taken a mysterious and chilling new turn. Two crimes that occurred within hours of each other Tuesday night, hundreds of kilometres apart, have raised questions about whether someone is trying to intimidate or silence those who are asking questions about the prison-blood fiasco. In Pine Bluff, Arkansas, someone firebombed a prosthetics clinic owned by Michael Galster, who has been pushing hard for a U.S. government investigation. The clinic was burned to its shell and fire officials, who found a gas container in Mr. Galster's attic -- where he kept his documents -- say they're ''90-per-cent sure'' the fire was arson. In Montreal, someone broke into the offices of the Quebec chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society, which recently unearthed documents that showed Finance Minister Paul Martin was a board member of the corporation that owned Connaught Laboratories, the company that fractionated and distributed the Arkansas prison plasma in Canada. Hemophilia Society officials say thieves stole a computer and three telephones. They also stole documents from a box labeled ''Hepatitis C, Krever Commission, Reform of the blood system, HIV-AIDS.'' Police are investigating both incidents..... ''It's too much of a coincidence,'' he said, adding that someone is worried Mr. Galster and the victims are probing too close to the truth. ''They're trying to find out what we know and erase the trail if they can.'' ''I think they're also sending a message. They're trying to scare us into backing off. They're trying to put the fear of God into us, that if we pursue the truth it can get worse. That the next action might not just be buildings and records.''....Mr. Desmarais said that because the thieves stole documents -- not just computer equipment -- it appears they were looking for information, not goods. ''It's really frightening. This is the kind of thing you see in movies.'' ..."

Houston Chronicle 5/24/99 William Branigan "... Labor and human-rights groups are urging the Justice Department to crack down on the trafficking and abuse of foreign workers on a U.S. island in the western Pacific. The plea, in a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, accompanies today's release of a report on an eight-month undercover investigation by a Washington-based human-rights group, Global Survival Network, into conditions in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, which have been under U.S. control since World War II. The group found that the U.S.-affiliated archipelago "has become a center of international human-trafficking operations" involving Chinese and Japanese organized crime, debt bondage, sexual slavery and the exploitation of workers in garment sweatshops...."

May 1999 Quarterly Report SEC Filing 5/17/99 Loral Space & Communications Limited "...SS/L is a target of a grand jury investigation being conducted by the office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia with respect to possible violations of export control laws that may have occurred in connection with the participation of SS/L employees on a committee formed in the wake of the 1996 crash of a Long March rocket in China and whose purpose was to consider whether studies of the crash made by the Chinese had correctly identified the cause of the failure. The Company is not in a position to predict the direction or outcome of the investigation. If SS/L were to be indicted and convicted of a criminal violation of the Arms Export Control Act, it would be subject to a fine of $1 million per violation and could be debarred from certain export privileges and, possibly, from participation in government contracts. Since many of SS/L's satellites are built for foreign customers and/or launched on foreign rockets, such a debarment would have a material adverse effect on SS/L's business, which is important to the Company. Indictment for such violations would subject SS/L to discretionary debarment from further export licenses. Whether or not SS/L is indicted or convicted, SS/L remains subject to the State Department's general statutory authority to prohibit exports of satellites and related services if it finds a violation of the Arms Export Control Act that puts SS/L's reliability in question, and it can suspend export privileges whenever it determines that grounds for debarment exist and that such suspension "is reasonably necessary to protect world peace or the security or foreign policy of the United States." ..."

Orange County Register 5/23/99 Dena Bunis "...Private security guards hired to watch over launches of U.S. satellites in China were repeatedly found sleeping on the job, coming to work drunk and frequenting prostitutes, according to a draft of a secret congressional report obtained by The Orange County Register. These revelations about the security of the launch sites are the latest in a series of disclosures surrounding the China spy scandal. The report singles out Pinkerton Aerospace Division, which was hired by Loral Space and Communications, Hughes Electronics, Lockheed Martin and Motorola to provide security for U.S. interests while preparations were being made to launch the companies' commercial satellites on Chinese rockets. ...... "

Orange County Register 5/23/99 Dena Bunis "… Parts of the report the Cox committee hoped to declassify are remaining secret because of Justice's criminal investigation and national security concerns. As a way to deal with the satellite security breaches, the Cox committee says it will seek legislation mandating several changes, including: The report also says the Clinton administration is not fully implementing a defense authorization act that requires recruiting, training and maintenance of staffers dedicated to monitoring foreign launches of U.S. satellites. The Cox committee report accuses Loral and other satellite companies of being more concerned about getting the launches completed than about proper security. One Loral official is quoted as saying security was ninth on his list of priorities....But the report goes on to list 33 security breaches ranging from equipment left unattended to unsupervised Chinese workers being allowed to work and take pictures at the launch sites. And the report then explains how these security lapses could have led to missile technology falling into Chinese hands..."

Orange County Register 5/23/99 Dena Bunis "A sampling of the security lapses the Department of Defense uncovered at satellite launch sites in China: Windows and doors left unsecured. In one case a window may have been left open for 21 days. A laptop computer displaying digital pictures of a satellite was left unattended in a hotel room. Security cameras were moved so Chinese officials could have undetected access to the satellite container. Chinese government workers worked in controlled areas without proper escorts and badges. They sometimes worked unsupervised near the satellites. Notes were left on blackboards, notebooks containing secure information were left unattended in places where Chinese officials had access, and filing cabinets containing controlled documents were left open or without proper seals. Satellite diagrams, schematics of satellite and rocket equipment, and other such documents were left out in plain sight...." 6/1/99 "...Rep. Bob Barr first called for President Clinton's impeachment in November 1997 when probers revealed that Clinton's 1996 presidential campaign was awash in Chinagate cash… the feisty congressman writes: "Dear Concerned American, As one of the House trial managers who presented the Articles of Impeachment during Bill Clinton's U.S. Senate trial, I must ask you today to honor an extremely urgent request. "The liberals who stonewalled Bill Clinton's conviction in the U.S. Senate are now working desperately to whitewash his many other scandals. Hoping to shut down any further investigations into Bill Clinton's activities, practically every one of those liberals point to shamelessly one-sided media polls. "Armed with your answers to my Presidential Approval Survey, I will be able to demand that the lawful, necessary investigations into alleged Clinton corruption continue. I will be able to forcefully push ahead in the struggle to bring Bill Clinton to accountability and justice." Working with Barr on the survey is David Bossie, now chief investigator for The Center for Government Integrity...."

New York Post 6/3/99 DEBORAH ORIN Freeper laz "...SEXGATE prober Ken Starr will be haunting Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign in New York if she runs. Sources say Starr is finally wrapping up his probe of the messy Travelgate charges that the First Lady forced the firing of career travel staffers to make way for Clinton cronies. Starr's staff may complete its report this summer, but more likely sometime before the end of the year, sources say - just when the First Lady could be getting into high gear for a Senate race...."

Freeper Kid reports 6/8/99 "...Shortly before he became the publisher of the American Spectator, Terry Eastland, wrote "Behind the Reno Stonewall" for the October, 1997 issue of the American Spectator. The summary of the article reads: "Republicans say Attorney General Janet Reno is playing politics when she refuses to ask for an independent counsel to probe the Clinton money machine. They should understand she's unlikely to ask for one until the president she serves gives her the go-ahead." El Reño's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 30, 1997, specifically her arguments against appointing an independent counsel to investigate the president's fundraising abuses leading up to the 1996 election, form the heart of the article. But page 36 of the print edition ( archives unfortunately offers only an excerpt of the article) contains this nugget: "During the April 30 [1997] hearing, in a line of questioning from Senator Spector, Reno acknowledged that the FBI withheld national security information from President Clinton because he and Vice President Gore are 'potential subjects in a pending investigation.'" Eastland recounts the sparring between the AG and senators that followed. And in a footnote he writes: "Here is a remote but tantalizing possibility: That the Justice Department is keeping the investigation in-house because the fundraising case mainly involves foreign threats and the President of the United States, though a subject of the investigation, has a constitutional duty higher than his own criminal investigations - that of ensuring the nation's security. This would be a remarkable situation - the suspect or even the criminal who must investigate his own case because it is part of a larger matter that he is duty-bound, as president, to handle. This would be a situation no president, much less the attorney general, likely would speak to until events compelled him to do so." ...But is it possible that in this one case Clinton may not be lying about when he learned about Chinese espionage? Could he have been cut out by his Attorney General, FBI Director, Director of Central Intelligence, and National Security Advisor because of an ongoing investigation? ..."

Associated Press 6/18/99 "…The Philippine president will not interfere in a U.S. request for the extradition of one of his friends, who allegedly made illegal campaign contributions to President Clinton, his spokesman said today. The U.S. Embassy asked the Philippine government on Thursday to arrest and extradite Filipino businessman Mark Jimenez on charges of tax evasion, wire fraud, conspiracy, giving false statements and campaign financing charges. An indictment issued September in Washington accused Jimenez of illegally giving nearly $40,000 to Democratic Party candidates. Those charges were incorporated into an indictment in April that also accuses him of conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud. Jimenez fled the United States in December. He returned to the Philippines, helped broker several large business deals and became a friend and adviser to President Joseph Estrada…."

Free Republic 7/20/99 Freeper Clarity "…The Los Angeles Police Department has today opened an official investigation of the possible illegal tape recording of a phone conversation by a reporter for Salon, the internet journal. Secret recording of telephone conversations violates California Penal Code section 632. Salon has been highly critical of Linda Tripp for secretly recording telephone conversations. Mr. Stein was reached by telephone today by Detective Frederickson [(310) 574-8441)] of the LAPD (West LA Division) and refused to discuss his "reporting methods." I spoke to the reporter (Jeff Stein) by telephone on July 11, 1999. An article he wrote was published on July 16, 1999. Upon its publication, I questioned the accuracy of his reporting. He responded to me in writing, "Watch it. I have a taped transcript of that conversation." Obviously, he knew I did not know that. In fact, the recording would show that my complaints about his reporting were exactly correct. Perhaps Mr. Stein will be willing to share the recording with us. In any case, the accuracy or not of his reporting is not at issue in the criminal investigation. It is his admitted violation of the California Penal Code that is under investigation…."


World Net Daily 8/2/99 Jon Basil Utley "...The Geneva Convention, The United Nations Charter, the Nuremberg Principles, the Helsinki Accords and the U.S. Constitution have all been violated by Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright and William Cohen, according to charges filed by the Commission of Inquiry of the International Action Coalition. Nearly 800 persons participated in the inquiry hearings. Charges are primarily grouped around those of "starting a war," the "deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure" and "violating and destroying the peacemaking roll of the United Nations." ..."

ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE 8/3/99 Linda Satter "... Patrick Matrisciana of California is on trial for allegations aired in his 1996 documentary Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection, which focuses on the Aug. 23, 1987, deaths of two boys whose bodies were found beside railroad tracks in Saline County. The hour-long video, shown to jurors in its entirety, contains allegations that the deaths of Kevin Ives, 17, and Don Henry, 16, were murders that various public officials tried to cover up, from local law enforcement officers to state and federal prosecutors to the governor's office -- then occupied by Bill Clinton...."

AP Wire 8/11/99 "...Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt reportedly will not be prosecuted over allegations that campaign gifts influenced the agency's rejection of a proposed Indian casino in Wisconsin and that he lied about the matter to Congress. Independent Counsel Carol Elder Bruce also has made a preliminary decision not to indict former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Harold Ickes Jr., The Sacramento Bee reported Wednesday, citing sources familiar with the inquiry. Bruce spent 15 months investigating the Interior Department's rejection of a request by three Chippewa tribes to open a casino in Hudson, Wis. She was trying to determine whether Babbitt lied under oath before a Senate committee about the circumstances surrounding the casino decision, particularly whether it was influenced by promises of campaign contributions to the Democratic Party by other tribes opposed to the casino...."

Wall Street Journal. 8/12/99 Glenn Simpson David Cloud "...Independent Counsel Carol Elder Bruce has said she expects to complete her investigation by mid-August into allegations that Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt lied to Congress about a decision by his department to reject a casino application by three Wisconsin Indian tribes. Since last year, she has also been looking into whether the decision was influenced by the promise of campaign contributions from rival Minnesota tribes, which later gave the Democratic National Committee nearly $300,000. A lawyer familiar with the matter said Ms. Bruce was expected to end her investigation without seeking any indictments, but that couldn't be otherwise confirmed. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported Wednesday that neither Mr. Babbitt nor former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Harold Ickes, who was also under scrutiny, would be charged with wrongdoing. Even if she declines to prosecute anyone, Ms. Bruce could refer evidence implicating people other than Mr. Babbitt back to the Justice Department for further investigation..... " 8/18/99 Michael Sniff AP "…Revealing a split on the court panel that appointed Kenneth Starr, the judges considered ending the five-year independent counsel investigation but voted 2-1 to keep it alive. In his dissenting opinion, appellate Judge Richard D. Cudahy said, "This is a natural and logical point for termination," with Clinton already impeached and acquitted and no prosecutions pending against others….." In their opinion filed today, the other two judges — senior appellate Judge Peter Fay and U.S. Circuit Judge David Sentelle — said no termination was called for because the court has received Starr's assurances that his office's work continues…. Their opinion noted that Starr's investigation has been "unusually productive," yielding 24 indictments, 16 convictions and the impeachment of Clinton. Starr's office declined to comment. The unusual court opinion came amid questions about whether Starr might leave the job before his office writes its final report. …. "

Office of the Independent Counsel 8/18/99 Kenneth Starr "…This afternoon, the Special Division issued an order continuing the work of this Office. The dissenting opinion takes note of only one aspect of this Office's jurisdiction, namely the matters embodied in the Attorney General's request of January 16, 1998 to expand this Office's already broad jurisdiction. The dissenting opinion, with all respect, reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the breadth of this Office's work. Before the dissenting judge was named to the Special Division, this Office inherited the wide-ranging work of Robert B. Fiske, Jr., whose Little Rock-based investigation included, among various other matters, the tax and bankruptcy fraud case involving then-Governor Jim Guy Tucker and others. That case is still in active litigation. After the district court in Little Rock entered a $1 million restitution order, former Governor Tucker appealed to the Eighth Circuit, and briefing of that appeal is under way. Governor Tucker also appealed an earlier fraud conviction obtained by this Office, and oral argument in that matter is scheduled in the Court of Appeals for September 14. Beyond this, this Office has other matters within its jurisdiction, including the White House Travel Office and the FBI Files. In addition to completing the final report for all matters within our jurisdiction, we are working diligently to complete our investigative work and to determine in collaboration with the Department of Justice whether appropriate matters can be referred back to the Department…."

Judicial Watch 8/19/99 Tom Fitton "…Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s reported plans to retire to private practice in October, thereby effectively ending his still unfinished investigations, leaves Judicial Watch’s civil lawsuits concerning the Clinton Administration the only remaining effective vehicle for holding Clinton and others accountable on Filegate, Travelgate, Chinagate, and a host of other scandals. "Starr pursued areas of relative unimportance, such as whether the President had sex with Monica Lewinsky, while largely ignoring the massive criminality – Filegate, widespread obstruction of justice, and perjury by nearly every significant figure in this crime-ridden Administration," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman In its ongoing Filegate $90 million civil lawsuit, Judicial Watch has seen little evidence of a serious investigation by Starr’s office. Witness after witness received either no or cursory questioning by Starr’s staff. For instance, Hillary Rodham Clinton (a defendant in the Judicial Watch Filegate suit) was only questioned for nine minutes by Starr on the matter. And Linda Tripp, whose testimony shows that the Clinton White House, under the direction of Hillary Rodham Clinton, was loading Republican FBI files onto computers to be shared with the Democratic National Committee, was never questioned by Starr about Filegate….."

PR Newswire 8/17/99 Republican National Committee "…In light of the new allegations that Democratic fundraiser Johnny Chung was coached by House Government Reform Committee Democrats on how to avoid testifying in the Clinton-Gore illegal fundraising case, Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today issued the following statement: "I am appalled by reports that Committee members may have aided a subpoenaed witness in obstructing the work of a Congressional Committee. "I call on Chairman Dan Burton and ranking minority member Henry Waxman to launch an immediate investigation. "If these allegations are true, those responsible must be held accountable for the disgraceful and unethical behavior."…."


AP 9/8/99 "...President Clinton was questioned under oath for an hour today in the federal investigation of influence-peddling allegations against Labor Secretary Alexis Herman. The interview was conducted by Independent Counsel Ralph Lancaster and two associates, John Kotelly and David Barry. Also present were the president's two personal attorneys, David Kendall and Nicole Seligman, and three representatives of the White House counsel's office, Beth Nolan, Cheryl Mills and Karl Racine. ..."

Wall St. Journal 8/30/99 Gary McDowell "…A year and a day after Bill Clinton lied about the Monica Lewinsky mess to a federal grand jury, the three-judge special court overseeing Kenneth Starr's independent counsel investigation gave the president one more worry. By a two-to-one vote on Aug. 18, judges Peter Fay and David Sentelle refused to terminate Mr. Starr's probe. His "unusually productive" investigation should be allowed to continue, despite the dissent of Judge Richard Cudahy that the investigation had reached "a natural and logical point for termination" with the impeachment and acquittal of President Clinton. At one level the decision can be read as simply granting the Office of Independent Counsel the opportunity to clear up a few trifling matters before it files its required report and closes up shop. But when pressed as to whether his office might yet file indictments against either the president or his wife, Mr. Starr declined to comment, leaving open the possibility of something yet to come….."

Washington Post - Letter to the Editor 8/31/99 ROBERT J. BITTMAN & BRETT M. KAVANAUGH "…The Post's Aug. 20 editorial "Mr. Starr's Endgame" does not give sufficient attention to two issues critical to a fair evaluation of Kenneth Starr's "endgame." First, the editorial contends that Judge Starr should simply announce a decision not to criminally prosecute the president. That suggestion rests on a faulty premise. During the impeachment ordeal, the president's congressional supporters and foes agreed -- consistent with the Constitution, which appears to preclude indictment of a sitting president -- that the government should consider indicting Bill Clinton after he leaves office. Since then, U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright has found that Mr. Clinton's testimony under oath was "intentionally false," that he provided "false, misleading and evasive answers that were designed to obstruct the judicial process" and that he "undermined the integrity of the judicial system." Given that background, the next president (and his or her attorney general or special prosecutor) will have to decide in 2001 whether to seek an indictment of Bill Clinton, decline prosecution or pardon him. Contrary to the editorial's suggestion, it would be irresponsible for Judge Starr to reach out now to purport to make that choice and thereby prejudice the next president's decision. At a minimum, the editorial's cavalier treatment of this question belies the importance of the constitutional and policy issues at stake……..Second, the editorial overlooks the Justice Department's role in Judge Starr's "endgame." Only a few months ago, the department was quite eager to dump on the independent counsel statute and trumpet its own ability to handle sensitive matters. But the department now seems scared of its shadow in actually managing its responsibilities in the post-independentcounsel-statute world. In particular, the department reportedly has balked at Judge Starr's effort to refer certain matters back to the department -- even though the law expressly authorizes him to do so. The Post should focus its criticism on the Justice Department, not on Judge Starr, for this apparent obstacle to closure of his investigation…."


Capitol Hill Blue 9/16/99 Ben Anderson ".....The Federal Elections Commission has agreed to investigate the $1.35 million house loan guarantee signed by Democrat fundraiser Terry McAuliffe on behalf of President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton on the verge of a full-fledged campaign for the US Senate. The FEC responded Wednesday to a complaint filed by the Conservative Campaign Fund alleging the loan guarantee between McAuliffe and Mrs. Clinton is illegal. The Clintons, through White House attorneys, have maintained the arrangement with McAuliffe is legal. CCF chairman Peter Flaherty said the FEC has "repeatedly and consistently held that personal loans and guarantees for personal loans to candidates are the same as campaign contributions, and therefore subject to the $1,000 limitation for personal contributions to candidates for federal office." In a letter to Flaherty on Wednesday, FEC attorney Andrew Turley informed Flaherty that his complaint had been received and instructed that any additional information regarding the complaint should be notarized and forwarded to the FEC. According to Turley, McAuliffe, the President and Mrs. Clinton will be formally notified of the complaint within five business days....."

South Africa Business Day 5/13/98 Simon Barber "..... A special prosecutor is to probe allegations that US Labour Secretary Alexis Herman solicited campaign contributions and received a kickback to help an SA-backed satellite telephone venture win a licence from the Federal Communications Commission...... This inquiry will focus on efforts by Mobile Communications Holdings of Washington to obtain commission approval to launch its Ellipso satellite telephone system. Mobile told the commission that Vula Communications, an SA group, had made an "irrevocable commitment" of $350m to the $1,4bn project, now managed by Boeing, for African distribution rights.Vula shareholders include SA metal and communications trade unions, the SA National Civic Organisation and the National African Federated Chambers of Commerce....."

South Africa Business Day 5/13/98 Simon Barber "..... The commission, long reluctant to license Ellipso on the grounds that Mobile was undercapitalised, relented last year, waiving financial requirements. The probe was set in motion by a Cameroon-born business consultant, Laurent Yene. He allegedly gave Herman an envelope containing an undisclosed amount of cash while she was still head of the White House liaison office in payment for lobbying the commission on Mobile's behalf. Yene claimed Herman was involved in soliciting a $250,000 donation to the Democratic Party from Singapore executive Abdul Rahman, said to represent Mobile. Yene was a partner in a consulting firm, International Investments and Business Developments, with Vanessa Weaver, a close friend of Herman. Rahman retained the firm on behalf of Mobile. Yene said he, Weaver and Herman agreed that Herman get 10% of the firm's consulting fees for using her White House influence…."

The Wall Street Journal 10/18/99 ".....But there is another perjury, even more serious because it took place before a federal grand jury and after extensive preparation by counsel. This is the testimony that was the subject of the famous leaks in Bob Woodward's latest book -- including a protest about the planned testimony from presidential attorney Bob Bennett, "It's insanity." The serious legal implications of this testimony have received scant attention, though there were spelled out on these pages by Gary McDowell on Aug. 30. The point is that Mr. Clinton testified before the grand jury on the Lewinsky matter on Aug. 17, 1998, and the statute of limitations will not have run by Jan. 21, 2001, when he will be a private citizen without the protections of the Presidency. At that point Mr. Ray will have to decide whether to indict citizen Clinton. It may sound strange for him to bring a rather belated indictment, except that is what leaders of Mr. Clinton's own party repeatedly urged. Consider this remarkable set of quotations from Democratic Party leaders during the impeachment debate: "President Clinton is not 'above the law.' His conduct should not be excused, nor will it. The President can be criminally prosecuted, especially once he leaves office. In other words, his acts may not be 'removable' wrongs, but they could be 'convictable' crimes. -- Sen. Herbert Kohl (D., Wisc.)..... there are two competing principles in play here. The first is the dignity of the presidential office. It would be impugned by putting the just-impeached President in the dock. Against this there is the principle, a matter of faith grasped at every level of American life, that no one is above the law. In considering whether to indict Bill Clinton for his perjury, Mr. Ray will have to strike a balance. But there can be no doubting that his primary job as an officer of the federal court is upholding the rule of law....."

AP 10/31/99 "..... A few days after Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr left his post, FBI Director Louis Freeh sent him a letter praising his work and his personal integrity, according to a published report. ``You have always respected the truth and have never engaged in any misleading or evasive conduct or practice,'' Freeh wrote, Newsweek magazine reports in its Nov. 8. ``Your objective has always been the promotion of justice and the safeguarding of the judicial process.'' ...."

New York Post 10/31/99 Brian Blomquist Gregg Birnbaum ".... Powerhouse lobbyist Harold Ickes - who's Hillary Clinton's top campaign adviser - has failed to report who his clients are, how much they are paying him, or what he's doing with the money, as required by law, The Post has learned. Ickes' repeated flouting of the federal financial-disclosure requirements for lobbyists comes as questions are being raised about the connections between his private influence-peddling business and the first lady's quest for the U.S. Senate in New York. Ickes has failed three straight times to file financial reports for his lobbying firm, which he opened in 1998 after losing his post as a top aide to President Clinton, officials said. ...... Ickes' case has been referred to the U.S. attorney in Washington, said Donna Downs, compliance registration clerk for the federal Legislative Resource Center, with which lobbyists register and file financial reports...... Last week Puerto Rican Gov. Pedro Rossello, an Ickes client who recently differed with the first lady on FALN clemency, suddenly announced he was endorsing her for Senate. ......."

Reuters 11/17/99 "….A U.S. Senate panel approved a plan on Wednesday for issuing dozens of subpoenas as part of a broad congressional inquiry of the Justice Department's handling of the Waco, campaign finance and China spying investigations. Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, brushing aside Democratic objections, approved a procedure to be used for issuing up to 38 subpoenas for thousands of documents related to the investigations. Democrats said the subcommittee probe and the possible subpoenas were too broad and already had been covered by multiple congressional and government investigations. ….. The subpoenas, to be aimed at officials including Attorney General Janet Reno, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Defense Secretary William Cohen, would seek ``any and all'' documents related to all three probes….." 11/14/99 Carl Limbacher "….. Appearing on "Fox News Sunday" with Tony Snow, Starr criticized comments made earlier in the week by Clinton, who told ABC News that he was "acting to protect the Constitution" against a partisan onslaught as he fought his impeachment last year. The former independent counsel disagreed, citing the findings of Little Rock Judge Susan Webber Wright, who ruled that Clinton's testimony in a Jan. 17, 1998 deposition for the Paula Jones case was designed to "obstruct the judicial process." …. SNOW: You mentioned that, that would be grounds for removal as a judge. Isn't it also normally grounds for disbarment? STARR: Yes. SNOW: Would you expect to see that happen? STARR: It's in the hands of the appropriate authorities in Arkansas. The chief judge actually referred her opinions to the appropriate authorities in Arkansas and I think we're waiting to see what those authorities do…."

TheWashington Times 2/28/00 George Archibald "…..The Justice Department, defending housing Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo against efforts to force his testimony in a bid-rigging case, told a federal judge that bids are missing for government housing auctions worth $5.2 billion. The claim in court affidavits 10 days ago is now disputed by Mr. Cuomo's spokesman at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. He said disputed bids were seized more than two years ago by investigators for Susan M. Gaffney, the agency's inspector general, as part of an ongoing criminal probe of multibillion-dollar contract fraud and bid-rigging in HUD's auctions of defaulted federally subsidized housing properties. The criminal investigation has not resulted in any prosecutions to date. The IG has declined to comment, saying the probe is still under way. But left in the middle of administration finger pointing is a frustrated and angry HUD contractor, Bethesda, Md.-based Ervin & Associates, which has sued HUD for multibillion-dollar fraud in defaulted housing sales. It has asked District of Columbia Judge Emmet G. Sullivan to sort out whether a cover-up is under way - now assisted by criminal investigators appointed by President Clinton……"Susan Gaffney is asleep at the switch or they're being told to kill this thing," said HUD contractor whistleblower John Ervin, who has used a four-year federal lawsuit and the Freedom of Information Act to extract evidence of HUD mismanagement and wrongdoing. "They aren't stupid. There's a cover-up going on." ….."

U.S. News & World Report 4/3/00 Roger Simon "……By the end of the week, however, the smiles from the Gore camp had turned upside down. National Journal, a Washington policy magazine, turned a spotlight on a criminal probe of Gore campaign chairman Tony Coelho for what the State Department's Office of Inspector General calls numerous financial irregularities when Coelho was head of the U.S. exhibition at the World's Fair in Portugal in 1998. Coelho, who in his financial disclosure form with the State Department listed 85 sources of income and a net worth of more than $10 million, leased an $18,000-a-month apartment at U.S. taxpayer expense and hired his niece as a $2,500-a-month assistant to his deputy…….. The purpose of the probe, National Journal reported, is to determine whether the unsalaried Coelho used his lucrative perks to encourage people to invest in his private business interests, including an Internet mortgage-processing venture known as LoanNet. "He was running a one-man show with Expo as a backdrop," a senior Foreign Service office told reporter Bill Hogan. "He used all the cachet and resources of his position to further his business interests." One allegation cited by the magazine: Coelho invited two prominent Washington lobbyists and their spouses to Portugal, gave them free airline tickets that had been donated to the U.S. government, sent his government-paid chauffeur to pick them up at the airport, and housed them at his oceanfront apartment. Later, the men invested $200,000 each in LoanNet…….."

U.S. News & World Report 4/3/00 Roger Simon "……Investigators are also focusing on the Luso-American Wave Foundation, which was created to erect a stainless steel wall honoring Portuguese immigrants to America. This was a private venture, but investigators want to know if Coelho used government employees and resources to help repay a $300,000 personal bank loan that he had guaranteed. Last October, State Department auditors released a report saying that Coelho had improperly "intermingled [the] financial obligations of a nonprofit organization with U.S. Pavilion activities," after which Coelho reportedly repaid the loans out of his own pocket. Coelho's lawyer, Stanley Brand, says there has been no wrongdoing and questions the timing of the story. "This is old news," he says. "This became news only after [Gore] won the nomination." ........."

National Journal 3/23/00 Bill Hogan "…… Several hours before sunrise on Friday, Nov. 5, 1999, Mark Johnson entered Federal Building 3 in Suitland, Md., and went inside the ground-floor offices of the U.S. Census Monitoring Board. The previous evening, a subordinate had called Johnson, one of the board's two executive directors, with the news that five badge-bearing federal agents had shown up at the office just before closing time and asked for him. The next morning, according to the building's security logs, Johnson signed into the office at 3 a.m., signed out at 4:55 a.m., and signed back in just 20 minutes later, at 5:15 a.m. He was alone in the board's offices until two other employees arrived at about 7:30 a.m. The agents returned at 8:30 a.m. They handed Johnson a subpoena, took possession of his government-owned laptop computer, and questioned him for more than an hour behind closed doors. As soon as the agents had left, Johnson gathered his staff together in a conference room to explain, at least obliquely, what was going on. "I just want everybody to know it's not about here," he said. "It's about Lisbon." Everyone in the room knew that Johnson was referring to the 1998 World Exposition in Lisbon, Portugal, where he had been the top deputy to Tony Coelho, the U.S. commissioner general. Three others on Johnson's staff had worked for Coelho in Lisbon, too. For their loyal service to Coelho, all had been rewarded with high-paying positions at the Census Monitoring Board after Coelho was appointed by President Clinton to be its Democratic co-chairman. (The eight-member board, which was created to oversee the most politically contentious aspects of the 2000 decennial census, is split down the middle along partisan lines.) And all had stayed on even after Coelho had left in May to run Vice President Al Gore's presidential campaign. ….." 3/24/00 AP "…….Vice President Al Gore's campaign chairman, Tony Coelho, is the subject of a criminal investigation by the State Department for financial transactions he made in 1998 while serving as head of the U.S. exhibition at the world's fair in Portugal, his lawyer said Thursday. While commissioner general for the U.S. pavilion at Expo 98 in Lisbon, Coelho took out a $300,000 personal loan used to build an 8-foot-by-60-foot Portuguese-American memorial wall sculpture, and formed the Luso-American Wave Foundation to help repay the costs. The pavilion books carried the costs of the sculpture as a liability, and a State Department inspector general's report said taxpayers could be responsible for any unpaid bills. The report also cited mismanagement of the pavilion by Coelho and his staff. ….." 7/7/00 Jon Dougherty "……The FBI is conducting an investigation into an alleged decades-old Mafia connection between a veteran Ohio congressman and reputed mob figures from his home district near Youngstown, Ohio. ……. The New Republic, in its July 10 issue, reports that the Justice Department is nearing the end of a 6-year investigation into alleged ties between Youngstown mob figures and Rep. James Traficant, D-Ohio -- ties which, the magazine said, could lead to the congressman's indictment on corruption charges. ……. The report said two competing elements of the Mafia -- one from Cleveland and the other from Pittsburgh -- may have helped Traficant win a local sheriff's race in 1980. …..Quoting from tapes reportedly made via FBI wiretaps, the magazine said Traficant was heard admitting he had accepted $163,000 in contributions from both factions while plotting with the Cleveland faction to help its leaders eliminate the influence of the Pittsburgh mob. …….. The Justice Department charged Traficant with "allegedly taking $163,000 in bribes from the mob and for willfully and knowingly 'combin[ing], conspir[ing], confederat[ing], and agree[ing]' with racketeers to commit crimes against the United States," the magazine said. If convicted, Traficant would have faced 23 years in prison. However, Traficant -- who defended himself during his trial -- won an acquittal from a local jury. ……. Traficant told jurors that though his voice was on FBI audio surveillance tapes, the agency had doctored them to incriminate him. The magazine said Traficant told jurors he was not corrupt, that he was "playing" both factions of the mob in a secret sting of his own making, in an effort to cleanse "the most corrupt county in the country." He said he accepted the money only because he wanted to give mob figures the illusion that he was going along. ......"

Washington Weekly 6/19/00 Marvin Lee "…..Another level of criminal sophistication in the White House was revealed by the Freeh memorandum, penned years ago but kept from the public until recently…… The White House appears to have planned ahead for the criminal activity of some of its key top-level staffers……. "Most of the current officials have avoided coverage [of the Independent Counsel statute] simply by accepting a salary below level II," wrote FBI Director Freeh in the memorandum……"Although he is authorized by statute to appoint and pay twenty- five persons at level II, the President currently pays only six persons at that level."……Those six persons exclude people like Harold Ickes, Bruce Lindsey, George Stephanopoulos, and Thomas McLarty, all credibly accused of engaging in specific criminal activity while working in the White House…….."


Foster document handling (Nemetz)
Travel Office (Cerf)
White House/Treasury contacts (revisited; report) (JCS)
Obstruction of justice (DOJ handling of criminal referrals; Jay Stephens; RTC whistleblower reprisals)
Use of White House resources for response efforts (Nolan)
Foster suicide (Nemetz)
Espy (ethics; expanded Smaltz inquiry re Tyson's, Hatch Act) (Mills/Nolan)
Ickes/union representation
State Department--passport files
Archives--abuse of personnel system
Legal Defense Fund (Mills)
Health Care Task Force (Neuwirth)
White House operations (drugs, passes, helicopters) (Mills/Nolan)
Residence renovations (Neuwirth)
Presidential immunity (Sloan)
White House Arkansans (Thomasson, Nash, Rasco)
PIC surplus v. Improper electioneering (SBA)
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Gubernatorial campaigns (Lindsey, Wright)--record keeping (Kendall)
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Whitewater/MGSL (Kendall)
Other MGSL/McDougal (Kendall)
Rose Law Firm (HRC work for MGSL; Frost Case, FSLIC representation) (Kendall)
David Hale/Susan McDougal/SBA (Kendall)
Lasater (bond deals; cocaine; Roger Clinton)
Use of loans to achieve legislative initiatives
ADFA (political favors; Larry Nichols)
Mena Airport
women (Kendall/Bennett)

Congressional Record Online 9/11/96 Congressional Record pages H10207-H10215 "…….Under the Speaker's announced policy of May 12, 1995, the gentleman from California [Mr. Cox] is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the majority leader. Mr. COX of California. Mr. Speaker, I rise this afternoon to talk about a document that was recently provided, very belatedly, by the White House to the Congress, a document now referred to as the task list. It is dated December 13, 1994, but it was just provided to the Congress in recent days. The task list shows 39 scandals that the White House staff in the West Wing, taxpayer supported staff, decided that they needed to work on because there was now going to be a Republican Congress. This memo was prepared just after the November 1994 elections.. ….

Freeper aristeides "….e. Use of White House resources for response efforts (Nolan) f. Foster suicide (Nemetz) g. Espy (ethics; expanded Smaltz inquiry re Tyson's, Hatch Act) (Mills/Nolan) h. Cisneros i. Brown j. Hubbell k. Ickes/union representation l. Stephanopoulos/NationsBank m. State Department--passport files n. Archives--abuse of personnel system o. Legal Defense Fund (Mills) p. Health Care Task Force (Neuwirth) q. White House operations (drugs, passes, helicopters) (Mills/Nolan) ……….. Note how Beth Nolan was given responsibility for several obstruction-of-justice activities, back in 1994. Since she shared at least two responsibilities with Cheryl Mills, one must suppose that the two know each other quite well……"