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Jim McDougal, Heart Attack in Solitary (Witness in Whitewater)
John Crawford (Informant Inslaw, Heart Attack)
Susie Deer (Clinton's mother's patient)
Laura Lee Slayton (Clinton's mother's patient)
Victims of HIV contaminated blood taken from Arkansas prisoners and sold to Canada and perhaps elsewhere
Stanley Huggins (Partner, lawfirm investigating Madison Guarantee) pneumonia
John Hillyer (NBC cameraman, Mena information) heart attack
Ricky Ray Rector (Arkansas prisoner mentally ill) execution
M Franklin Squires (Sematech, heart attack)
Jack Harwell (Waco, heart attack)
Carol Lindsey (Arkansas DOT, heart attack)
Ben-Elissar (heart)


Telegraph/U.K. 8/11/00 Ohad Gozani Christopher Lockwood "……THE Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, has come under fire for ordering the replacement of the 11 most senior officials in the foreign ministry, including the ambassadors to Washington, London, New York and Paris. ……. All 11 of the political appointments within Israel's foreign ministry, will fail to have their contracts renewed when they expire, Mr Barak has said. In some cases, this will take place in the next few weeks. In others, including London, the changes will not happen until the New Year. The Right-wing opposition denounced the moves as a "purge". …….….."

Freeper Sakida reports "….Ben-Elissar Dies at 68 …..His death came less than a week after Prime Minister Ehud Barak informed him that his ambassadorship to Paris would not be extended. Ben-Elissar, who was close to former foreign minister David Levy, served in Paris from 1998, and before that served for two years as ambassador to Washington, a post to which he was appointed by Binyamin Netanyahu. ….....Circumstances surrounding his death are still unclear, but it has emerged that he was staying at a Paris hotel when his heart gave out. His security guards had not accompanied him, and the Israeli embassy was informed of his death by French Foreign Ministry representatives. ….

MAY 9, 1997:Probe Of Possible Israeli Mole Bogs Down ...The investigation into the possibility of an Israeli mole in the highest level of the U.S. government is bogged down because even the investigators are being investigated, sources tell CNN. ……...For the record, the State Department refuses comment on reports in The Washington Post that the FBI has ranking U.S. officials under surveillance on suspicion that one of them is passing sensitive material to Israel. ….....The Post reported on Wednesday that the FBI was investigating after U.S. intelligence intercepted a conversation between an Israeli intelligence officer in Washington and his boss in Tel Aviv. The Washington agent allegedly told his boss that Israeli Ambassador Eliahu Ben Elissar asked the agent to use "Mega" to learn what former Secretary of State Warren Christopher had written to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat by way of guarantees surrounding the Israeli troop pullback signed at Hebron……."

May 7, 1999: NSA Won't Comment On Report Of U.S. Official Passing Information To Israel; Israel Denies The Charge ...The Israeli government flatly denies the report. A spokesman for Israel's U.S. ambassador, Elihu Ben Elissar, tells CNN, "This story is completely baseless." ……The spokesman says the ambassador has never heard of the name "Mega" and that Israel uses only "traditional diplomatic methods" of obtaining information from the United States, and those do not include "espionage," according to the Israeli official. …..The Israeli spokesman suggests the news report was planted with the intention of "trying to poison" the relationship between the U.S. and the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. …..


Carol Lindsey

U.S. Department of Transportation website 7/5/00 Rodney Slater "……The following is a statement from the U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Slater: It is with great sorrow that we learned of the death of Carol Lindsey, a moving force and powerful player in the development of the Northwest Arkansas Airport. She and her husband, Uvalde, strongly supported the Northwest Arkansas Airport Authority and were early champions of the development and construction of the airport. Carol saw her efforts come to fruition when President Clinton dedicated the airport in November 1998. Her great energy and determination derived from her vision for enhanced opportunity for all young men and women and future generations in northwest Arkansas. Our condolences to Uvalde. We will miss Carol Lindsey……"

CounterPunch 3/1/95 Vol 2 No 5 Ken Silverstein & Alexander Cockburn "…… Beginning in the closing years of Clinton's gubernatorial career in Little Rock and pressed by President Bill's White House adviser, Mack McLarty, the scheme is now nearing the point of no return. A cowed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has already bestowed millions on the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, whose prime function will be to ferry Tyson chickens to Japan and offer a hub for Wal-Mart's vast commercial operations. "From day one, and especially since Clinton was elected president, backers have boasted that they have a commitment from the federal government to build the airport," John Lisle, a lawyer who represents some of the families who would be displaced by the project, says. "They don't disclose the nature of that commitment, but they're absolutely confident that the project will be approved." ………Planning for the airport began in mid-1990, when local powerbrokers quietly formed the Northwest Arkansas Council (NAC), a private group promoting regional development. ……..A secretive outfit, the NAC has been demure about detailing its activities or even disclosing its membership. Jim Blair, a charter member of the group - and also the lawyer for Tyson Foods, a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton and the man who handled the latter's commodity trades - once described the Council as a "self-appointed ad hoc committee" comprised of people "who feel they can do something for the area because the area has been good to them and they essentially want to put something back into it." Like Blair, most of the Council's founders had been long-time political supporters of Bill Clinton. …….. The Council's first order of business was to pressure local government bodies - city councils, municipal boards, quorum courts - to join the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Authority (NARAA), a quasi-public agency established to oversee the airport program. …..Links between the Council and the Authority are intimate. ……..The Authority's original feasibility study - conducted with a grant from the Department of Transportation - showed that its own founders stood to reap windfall profits if the airport were constructed. According to the study, the biggest winners would include: ……
* Major poultry firms, including Tyson Foods, Hudson Foods, and Peterson Industries, all whom helped found the NAC. …...
* Wal-Mart. ….
* J.B. Hunt Transport Co. ……"


7/5/00 Morning News of Northwest Arkansas - Thomas Sissom "……. As president and co-founder of Ozark International Consultants, along with her husband Uvalde Lindsey, her best-known public role was in the planning and building of Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. She solicited support for the project locally and nationally, appearing before Congress and on national television to defend the project against critics who called it a waste of taxpayersÕ money....... Lindsey also actively supported the Benton County-Washington County Water Project …. and she was a major player in the behind-the scenes work on the building of Interstate 540 and the approval of the proposed U.S. 412 bypass around Springdale. She also worked on projects in education, in health care and for a variety of other causes. Her sudden death left friends and associates shocked and tearful Wednesday but filled with pride at her accomplishments. President Clinton issued a statement from the White House after learning of LindseyÕs death……….

Benton County Record 7/6/00 Maylon Rice "…..Economic growth proponent victim of sudden heart attack …….Carol Lindsey, a moving force in events. economic and transportation projects in Northwest Arkansas, died unexpectedly Tuesday after suffering a heart attack…….."

Jack Harwell 3/19/00 "….. Jack Harwell, Sheriff of McClennan County (Waco) for many years, had called Branch Davidian and Waco Siege survivor Clive Doyle early last week to say he wanted to meet with him because "the death of all the children (killed at the Waco siege of 1993) was starting to weigh on him." Harwell told Doyle that he wanted to meet with him to talk to him about the case and the trail and "some other things."……. Harwell died Thursday morning of a heart attack. He would have been a key witness in the wrongful death suit filed by the Branch Davidians' attorneys…."

M Franklin Squires

6/1/98 Semiconductor Business News "……Sematech's two-month-old international consortium died suddenly Saturday after suffering a heart attack. The unexpected death of M. Franklin Squires, 53, has left workers at the Austin-based chip consortium stunned, said a spokesman today. "He had no known heart or health problems," he added. Squires had been instrumental in setting up International Sematech, which expanded activities at the U.S. consortium to foreign chip makers in earlier this year. In addition to being the managing director of the international subsidiary, Squires was also Sematech's chief administrative officer and a senior vice president. …..Squires was vice president of research operations at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), where he was responsible for business operations, technical planning and intellectual property protection, as well as the management of strategic arrangements and spin-offs for the corporate research group. He has also served as chairman of the board of directors for Spectra Diode Laboratories in San Jose……"

Jim McDougal

ASAY Creators Syndicate Washington Times 8/12/98 "… Two McDougals go to jail, one agrees to talk- one does not. Guess which one is now dead and which one is now free…. The [Washington Times] cartoon shows the president testifying in front of congress under the heading "How the president could 'tell all' and finish out his presidency". The cartoon shows congressmen starting to fall asleep as Clinton goes from scandal report book to scandal report book …Behind Clinton is a pile of scandal report books with titles such as:Filegate,Travelgate,Indian Casino Scandal, etc. On the bottom right side is a book entitled "Train Deaths"…."

7/5/98 Washington Weekly Carl Limbacher "Before his death, key Whitewater witness James McDougal was scheduled for prison surgery which he believed was unwarranted and possibly life threatening. The situation so concerned McDougal that he felt compelled to make his predicament known to people outside the prison for his own protection, according to an account offered by McDougal's biographer Curtis Wilkie. Prison officials eventually dropped plans to operate after receiving inquiries from the press, raising questions about whether the proposed surgery was legitimate."

A tornado caused a garage mechanic to discover decade old documents which corroborate testimony of Jim McDougal in White Water. The mechanic's son (Lawhon) died in a car accident a year later. McDougal died while in solitary. (Freeper Steven W )

WorldNetDaily 10/28/98 David T. Nash M.D. ".Jim McDougal was an interesting man..Yet there are a number of loose threads in his story that most have never heard of, and many don't seem to want to know about. ..Let's start with the facts -- we do have an autopsy which shows (I quote from official records): Severe hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Cardiomegaly. Left ventricular hypertrophy. Occlusive coronary atherosclerotic disease. Scars of carotid endarterectomy. Status post aorto-femoral bypass grafts. Once in jail he was given Prozac, an antidepressant, but evidently not other drugs according to some witnesses. (There was Prozac in his blood at autopsy. There is no evidence that he received high blood pressure medicine.) He was asked to give a urine specimen, and did not, saying he could not (an effect of antidepressants). The jail people gave him Lasix ( a diuretic) to force his urine (a drug he did not require otherwise). He was placed in a cold (60-degree) cell in isolation. He complained of chest pain but he was not under observation when he collapsed and died after transfer to the hospital. Now the fascinating part is that here is a man in a nationally discussed case, under supervision in a jail, who is known to have high-blood pressure, known to have high cholesterol, and has had not one but two surgical operations directed at the effects of his cholesterol, and they are not treating his cholesterol. He gets a drug he does not need, when they simply could have given him several glasses of water or tea and waited and he would have given them their requested urine sample.."

AP 9/13/98 "... McDougal, a former business partner of President Clinton and one of the first to withdraw his allegiance from Clinton, also had no access to his heart medication after he was placed in a solitary confinement cell known as "The Hole" at the Federal Medical Center prison in Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram obtained the report under the Freedom of Information Act.One of the medicines, nitroglycerin, could have bought McDougal some time after he suffered a heart attack, according to a prison official who asked not to be identified, the newspaper reported in Sunday's editions.." 5/17/00 Carl Limbachr "…….On April 27, 1998, Independent Counsel Ken Starr's chief Little Rock deputy Hickman Ewing assembled his team of prosecutors to decide whether to indict Hillary…..However, as Schmidt and Weisskopf report, Ewing's case against the first lady had a giant hole in it. "The biggest problem was the death a month earlier of Jim McDougal.... Without him, prosecutors would have a hard time describing the S&L dealings they suspected Hillary Clinton had lied about." Immediately after McDougal's death, Starr's office suggested that hours of interviews with McDougal had given investigators such a complete record that his demise would make little difference in the outcome of the case. ………But apparently that wasn't true, at least according to Schmidt and Weisskopf. So when McDougal's jailers pulled him out of his regular cell for a drug test that chilly Texas Saturday night, they inadvertently did Mrs. Clinton a huge favor. Prison records later revealed McDougal had been excused from urine drug tests; the fourteen different medications he was on, including several to treat his heart condition, left him unable to urinate on demand. But somebody apparently forgot to tell the guards on duty that night. When he couldn't comply, guards tossed the key Whitewater witness into solitary confinement - after confiscating his heart drugs. Fellow inmates told McDougal biographer Curtis Wilkie that guards ignored the dying man's cries for help as he lapsed into cardiac arrest that night…….At 10:30 a.m. guards "discovered" his body. Jim McDougal would never testify again. Two years later Mrs. Clinton, instead of planning her legal defense strategy, is strategizing on how to extend the Clinton era well into the 21st Century. ……"


The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 6/22/00 John Magsam ".......Air Force One dropped out of a cloudy sky like one of the millions of raindrops falling on Northwest Arkansas on Wednesday morning, bringing President Clinton and his family for a quick visit to see an ill friend. ........ During the Whitewater investigation, James McDougal, a key figure in the land deal, said Diane Blair was the architect of the plan. ........ The first family brought a large bouquet of bright red, white and pink flowers with them, presumably as a gift for Diane Blair, a longtime family friend. Blair, who retired from teaching political science at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, is ill with cancer. A source close to Blair said that her health is declining. Her husband Jim Blair is the retired chief counsel for Tyson Foods. ......."

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 6/22/00 John Magsam ".......This is the fourth Clinton visit to Arkansas since April, and the third visit to the Blairs. The friendship between the Clintons and Blairs dates back more than 25 years. Jim Blair and Bill Clinton met at the Democratic Convention in Miami in 1972 and learned they'd soon be neighbors, since Clinton had accepted a job teaching law at the UA, where Jim Blair was an adjunct professor. .......... Through the years, the Blairs were frequent political advisers. During the 1992 presidential campaign, Diane Blair worked as a senior researcher, troubleshooting for Clinton and defending his career as governor. .......In addition to being a friend, Diane Blair also has served as a financial counselor to the Clintons. Diane Blair was Hillary Clinton's adviser during a nine-month period in 1978 and 1979, when she turned a $ 1,000 investment in the cattle futures market into nearly $ 100,000. ...... During the Whitewater investigation, James McDougal, a key figure in the land deal, said Diane Blair was the architect of the plan. ........ "

Associated Press 12/15/00 ".....Judge Dismisses McDougal Wrongful Death Lawsuit.... A $20 million wrongful death lawsuit filed by a friend of Whitewater figure James B. McDougal has been dismissed. The lawsuit, filed March 8 by Claudia Riley, blamed prison officials at the Federal Medical Center Fort Worth for McDougal's March 8, 1998, death. ...... U.S. District Judge John McBryde dismissed the case Dec. 7. In his 20-page decision, McBryde said the lawsuit did not support Riley's claims that prison officials intentionally mistreated McDougal and violated the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. ...... He also questioned whether Riley had the legal standing to file the lawsuit in the first place. ...."

The Associated Press 12/15/00 ".....A $20 million wrongful death lawsuit filed by a friend of Whitewater figure James B. McDougal has been dismissed. The lawsuit, filed March 8 by Claudia Riley, blamed prison officials at the Federal Medical Center Fort Worth for McDougal's March 8, 1998, death. The lawsuit, filed March 8 by Claudia Riley, blamed prison officials at the Federal Medical Center Fort Worth for McDougal's March 8, 1998, death...."


Clinton’s Mother’s Patients

CBN News 7/29/98 Gary Lane "… But what caused Dr. Malak to arrive at such an outrageous determination of death [Henry and Ives]? … Dateline NBC and The Los Angeles Times have suggested a motive. They've documented Fahmy Malak's role in clearing Bill Clinton's mother, the late Virginia Kelley, of wrongdoing in the negligent death of a teenage girl at Ouachita Memorial Hospital in 1981. The Los Angeles Times reported that Dr. Malak's ruling helped Clinton's mother avoid scrutiny in the death of patient Susie Deer. The Times quoted the Polaski County coroner as saying there was a lot of speculation that "Malak's ruling in favor of Clinton's mother was a factor" in the governor's decision to retain him as state medical examiner. Then-Governor Clinton said he resented any implications of a connection, and the governor's office proceeded to shut down further investigation of the train deaths. Dr. Malak was eventually removed as state medical examiner, but was given a job as a $70,000 per year consultant to the Arkansas Department of Health. Regardless, a grand jury determined that Kevin Ives and Don Henry had been murdered. But why? Who would want to kill two teens who were just out "deer spotting" on that fateful August night? . "

Stanley Huggins

WorldNetDaily 9/24/98 "…Stanley Huggins Partner in Memphis law firm Investigating Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, he was reported to have succumbed to viral pneumonia. His 300-page report has never been released…"

The COMMERCIAL APPEAL [Memphis, TN] DEATHS-TENNESSEE 4/2/94 Date: Friday 22 April 1994 "...SELMER- Dortha Louise Huggins, 66 bank cashier for Selmer Bank and Trust Co., for 40 years, died of cancer Wednesday at St Francis Hospital in Memphis. Services will be at 11 a.m. Saturday at Shackleford Funeral Home with burial in Morris Chapel [Tenn} Cemetary. She was a member of First United Methodist Church here, the Bridge Club, Stephen Foster Music Club, and the Each One Teach One literary club. Mrs. Huggins, the widow of George Ralph Huggins, leaves a daughter, Kathy Green, and a son, Stanley M. Huggins, both of Memphis, and six grandchildren....."

The Commercial-Appeal, Memphis, TN 6/24/94 Date: Friday, June 24, 1994 David Flaum "....Stanley M. Huggins, 46, principal in the Memphis law firm of Huggins & Associates, was found dead Thursday morning in Newark, Del. He apparently died of viral pneumonia in the dormatory room where he was staying at the University of Delaware, said Virginia Wilson, an associate at Huggins & Associates. Huggins was spending a week teaching at the American Bankers Association Stonier School of Banking at University of Delaware, she said....... Huggins specialized in working with banks and savings and loan associations. ..... Most recently, he was in the spotlight in connection with the Whitewater Development Corp. probe involving President Clinton. Huggins headed an examination in 1987 into the loan practices of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan and produced a 300- to 400-page report. Investigators for Republicans on the House Banking Committee wanted the analysis, believing it may shed light on dealings between Madison's ousted owner, James McDougal, and Whitewater Development, the real estate partnership he formed with Clinton and wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton...... The law firm had a national practice working with both troubled banks and strong ones. In the past few years, the firm had concentrated on banks and thrifts in the Southeast and parts of the Midwest including Missouri and Illinois, Wilson said....... In a 1989 interview, Huggins, who was born in Memphis, recalled how he had spent his whole life around banking. His parent's families were involved in banking and he began working in banks when he was 13. He was an employee at Bank of the South while he attended law school at Emory University, where he earned his law degree......."

Freeper archy to Alamo-Girl "..... Selmer is the seat of McNairy county, where Sheriff Buford Pusser of *big stick* and *Walking Tall* fame/infamy served as sheriff until nearly shot to death in a 1968 McNeary County ambush in which his wife Pauline died. Though the disfigured Pusser served out his term, you could say that he took on a higher calling after that: all of the suspected gunmen involved in his wife's deaths were shot to death in unsolved killings, save one incarcerated probably for life. ...... Forty years ago- 1959 or thereabouts- would have seen the birth of the Dixie Mafia and the State-Line Mob running the roadhouses that funded the attempted hit on Pusser, and also provided the seed money for other Dixie criminal enterprises that funnelled the cash to their loose but brutal senior partners in what passed for that outfit's headquarters: Hot Springs, Arkansas. That conduit took care of any fees or taxes paid to the *other* Mafia capitol for that district: Carlos Marcello's New Orleans.......That little old lady bank teller in Selmer took some secrets to her grave, and with her, the stories she could have told. I wonder what that son of hers, learned lawyer and banking expert he was, also learned from his mom, about those days forty and thirty years ago when he was but a child....." "....Millions read of Buford Pusser and the State-Line Mob in THE TWELFTH OF AUGUST, and millions more watched them at war in the WALKING TALL movies. Now after more than twenty years-of research - W. R. Morris tells part of the story that could not be told until this time. ..... In the mid-1950s a cast of dangerous characters migrated to the Tennessee - Mississippi border after being run out of Phoenix City, Alabama, where they had run the gambling halls and whorehouses that thrived on the army paychecks from nearby Fort Benning, Georgia. Once settled at the state line, they began a twenty-year run of rigged gambling, robbery, bootlegging, prostitution, murder, bribery, and payoffs that far exceeded their earlier activities. It was into the clutches of this group that young Buford Pusser stumbled In February 1957 when he was robbed of his mustering-out pay from the Marine Corps and severely beaten, requiring 192 stitches to close his wounds. ...... In the early 1960s a new face appeared at the Tennessee - Mississippi state line, that of Carl "Towhead" White. Fresh out of prison, White's ambition was to become the "Al Capone of the South." As a professional hit-man, he robbed banks, gambling joints, and various businesses across the South and throughout the Midwest and became the mastermind behind the state-line mob's evil empire. .....It was this mob that Buford Pusser confronted when he pinned on the McNairy County sheriff's badge In 1964, and it was White who masterminded the ambush murder of Pusser's wife, Pauline, in August 1967. From that day on Pusser was obsessed with avenging his wife's murder, for which no one ever stood trial. ....."

4/5/00 Freeper Archy [re: Donovan] "….I believe there were a couple of other deaths in Delaware in that same general timeframe, 1994/95/96. They may have been causing enough deaths in the area as to *spike* the statistics for such things in actuarial records, prompting the bright idea of killing and disposing of her in North Carolina where a larger population base could more comfortably accomodate such things. And of course, the killer/s could have come from the N Carolina area, say around Ft. Bragg……"

The Commercial-Appeal, Memphis, TN 6/24/94 David Flaum from Freeper archy "…......Stanley M. Huggins, 46, principal in the Memphis law firm of Huggins & Associates, was found dead Thursday morning in Newark, Del. He apparently died of viral pneumonia in the dormatory room where he was staying at the University of Delaware, said Virginia Wilson, an associate at Huggins & Associates. Huggins was spending a week teaching at the American Bankers Association Stonier School of Banking at University of Delaware, she said....... Huggins specialized in working with banks and savings and loan associations. ..... Most recently, he was in the spotlight in connection with the Whitewater Development Corp. probe involving President Clinton. Huggins headed an examination in 1987 into the loan practices of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan and produced a 300- to 400-page report. Investigators for Republicans on the House Banking Committee wanted the analysis, believing it may shed light on dealings between Madison's ousted owner, James McDougal, and Whitewater Development, the real estate partnership he formed with Clinton and wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton...... The law firm had a national practice working with both troubled banks and strong ones. In the past few years, the firm had concentrated on banks and thrifts in the Southeast and parts of the Midwest including Missouri and Illinois, Wilson said....... In a 1989 interview, Huggins, who was born in Memphis, recalled how he had spent his whole life around banking. His parent's families were involved in banking and he began working in banks when he was 13. He was an employee at Bank of the South while he attended law school at Emory University, where he earned his law degree......."



Ricky Ray Rector

Village Voice Nat Hentoff 1998 "…And I expect history will not forget how Clinton--in trouble during the 1992 New Hampshire primary for lying about the draft and Gennifer Flowers--sped back to Little Rock to preside over the execution of Ricky Ray Rector. The prisoner was so brain damaged that he had no sense of the difference between today or tomorrow or last year. Rector was accustomed to placing his dessert in a corner of the cell to be eaten just before he went to sleep. After he had been led to his execution, guards found his dessert in its usual place, waiting to be eaten. Rector had no idea what being executed meant. But Clinton wanted him dead during the primaries, to show how tough he was on crime. It was Clinton, moreover, who signed an anticrime bill into law naming over 60 offenses as worthy of the death penalty…."

The New York Times 1998 Lexington Herald-Leader "…Bill Clinton flew back to Arkansas in the midst of his 1992 presidential campaign to approve the execution of Ricky Ray Rector, a man so brain-damaged that he put aside the dessert of his last meal for later…."


Barbara Wise (ITA John Huang Associate found dead, nude, in a locked office at Commerce)
Paul Tulley (Democratic National Committee, in Hotel Room)
Boonie Bearden? Disappeared (Ives/Henry Witness)
Paul Wilcher (Mena Investigator)
Henry Hamilton (Bag man for payments from McDougal to Gov. Clinton)
Gary Baugh (Lassater Attorney, alleged jump disputed)
Ray Walsh (briefed on wildfires, died in sleep)
Ron Miller (see below)
Kearn A Cottingham (Loral employee)
FOIA officer
Paul Neri (NSA)
Colonel Cotelo
Colonel Baker
Colonel Row
CWO Pearce

Paul Neri (NSA)
Colonel Cotelo
Colonel Baker
Colonel Row
CWO Pearce

Freeper archy 4/5/00 "……Mr. Paul Neri of the National Security Agency died on April 29, 1990. Before his death, he requested that I mail the enclosed affidavit to you. Paul Neri was concerned that he would be killed or lose his security clearance if he revealed the affidavit before he died. According tho him, these facts are true. If you investigate and interview the parties named within the affidavit, you will find the information is true. I am simply carrying out the wishes of a good friend, but do not want to get involved any further; therefore, I shall remain anonymous.

Several years ago Colonel Cutolo obligated me to bring the enclosed affidavit forward in the event of his death.

In 1980 Col. Cutolo died in an accident while on a military exercise. Just prior to his death he notified me that he was to meet with Michael Harari, an Israeli Mossad agent. It is my belief, though unsubstantiated, that Harari murdered Col. Cutolo because of the information Col. Cutolo possessed.

In the event of Col. Cutolo's death, I was told to discreetly contact Col. Baker which I did. I believe that Col. Cutolo died in his attempt to prove that Operation Watch Tower was not sanctioned by the proper authorities. (see attached affidavit)

Col. Baker enlisted the aid of Col. Nick Rowe, and between Col. Baker, Col. Rowe, and myself, we set out to prove that Harari murdered Col. Cutolo, and that Operation Watch Tower was an unsanctioned illegal operation, which netted Edwin Wilson and Frank Terpil of the CIA a large sum of tax -free dollars.

Prior to getting very far into the investigation, Col. Baker died while in command of the 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group. Col. Baker did not live long enough to see Edwin Wilson arrested for trafficking arms to Libya.

The Libyan situation has two sides to it. First Wilson claimed top CIA officials approached him to go to Libya under the "guise" of trafficking arms, while in actuality gathering intelligence. In this situation (active duty) special forces at Ft. Bragg were approached by Wilson to go to Libya to train troops. The Special Forces verified the fact that Wilson was with the CIA and went along. The second side was the prosecution's theory of the events at Wilson's trial. The prosecution contended that Wilson didn't work for the CIA and duped the Special Forces into helping him. Wilson was convicted and is currently in the Federal Prison at Marion, Illinois, as I am sure you are aware.

One of the CIA officials Wilson claims were involved in the Libyan situation was Thomas Clines. Thomas Clines is named in Col. Cutolo's affidavit by Wilson as being in charge of Operation Watch Tower. Thomas Clines was recently named in the Iran-contra affair for his failure to declare monies earned in that affair.

Col. Baker, Col. Rowe, and myself concluded after failing to verify through various intelligence contacts the existence of Operation Watch Tower, that the operation was run entirely on the authority of Thomas Clines, Edwin Wilson and Frank Terpil.

A pattern emerged from the Libyan situation in which Clines, Wilson and Terpil were involved, that was identical to Operation Watch Tower. The similarities we noted were:

1.Thomas Clines named as CIA agent in charge, but behind the scenes.

2.Wilson, as the front man, running the operations.

3.Unauthorized use of U.S. Military Personnel to implement both of the operations.

4.Large sums of money involved either relating to arms or to drug trafficking.

5.U.S. interests don't appear to have been served by either operation.

Considering these similarities and the most recent issue of Clines' involvement in withholding taxes stemming from the Iran-contra affair, the possibility of Edwin Wilson being sent to Libya, as he claimed, to gather intelligence is very possible.

Suppose Clines, Wilson and Terpil were each separately involved in Operation Watch Tower, as Col. Cutolo's affidavit sets out. Wilson would not have hesitated to go to Libya for Clines, if Wilson thought it was sanctioned by the company. At the same time, if Clines was trying to erase all ties to Operation Watch Tower and Wilson there would never have been a better opportunity for Clines to rid himself of the cnnection than by sending Wilson on an unsanctioned mission to Libya.

It's also interesting to note that Frank Terpil, who played a minor role in Operation Watch Tower and who was involved in the Libyan situation, is still at large, but sought by the U.S. authorities. It's possible that Terpil helped Clines set up Wilson.

Wilson claimed during his trial that Clines had a debt to Wilson in excess of a million dollars. Where did Wilson or Clines earn that amount of money legally? It presents a substantial motive for Clines to set Wilson up, aside from the motive of Operation Watch Tower a secret. So the story of Edwin Wilson was reviewed by us. We were left with doubts as to his guilt in the Libyan situation. We had no doubt as to the guilt of Thomas Clines, who we suspect was the master mind behind Operation Watch Tower.

After Col. Baker died, Col. Rowe and I located Hugh B. Pierce, named in Col. Cutolo's affidavit. Pearce was then assigned to the National Air Guard in Wilmington, Delaware.

Chief Warrant Officer Pearce verified that Col. Cutolo had given him a copy of the affidavit Col. Cutolo had written. Mr. Pearce verified that Col. Cutolo had openly discussed the entire affidavit with him. We never established how Mr. Pearce and Col. Cutolo became acquainted. Mr. Pearce also verified that Col. Cutolo was due to meet Michael Harari in England just prior to Col. Cutolo's death. Mr. Pearce told us that Col. Cutolo referred to Pearce as his "ace in the hole." We never established what that meant.

Mr Pearce did refer Col. Rowe to an address at Camp Shelby, Mississippi and the name of Larkin Smith. Smith turned out to be a state politician and Col. Rowe and I made plans to discreetly meet with him in the latter part of 1989, within weeks after our communication with Smith, Col. Rowe who had been assigned to the Philippines was assassinated.

It is interesting to note, that although authorities in the Philippines arrested a person with communist ties and beliefs and charged him with the murder of Col. Rowe, Michael Harari was in the Philippines for three days just prior to and after Col. Rowe's murder. Coincidence? It is my unsubstantiated belief that Harari murdered Col. Rowe or arranged it.

I believe Harari's motive for murdering Col. Rowe was due to Col. Rowe's inquiries about Harari's movements and relationships to Edwin Wilson, Thomas Clines and Manuel Noriega.

In June 1989, Mr Pearce was killed in a helicopter accident. The accident has a story of its own I was told.

Both Col. Rowe and Mr. Pearce agreed to go public, after meeting with Larkin Smith, to call for a full investigation into the events described in Col. Cutolo's affidavit. Both men died prior to the meeting with Smith.

On August 13, 1989, Larkin Smith Died in an airplane accident. Whatever he knew, I assume died with him….."


Barbara Wise

Progressive Review ".Barbara Wise, a Commerce Department (International Trade Administration) secretary and associate of John Huang, is found bruised and partially nude in a locked office at Commerce. Cause of death remains unknown.."

AP 11/29/96 on Barbara Wise "…Police were investigating the death of a woman whose body was found today in an office at the Commerce Department. Anne Luzzatto, press secretary for Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor, said the woman's body was found this morning by a Commerce Department employee, who notified security personnel in the building…."

WorldNetDaily 5/4/99 David Bresnahan "...Barbara Wise worked for Brown, well down the chain of command. She was a secretary and worked in an area of Commerce in which she was well aware of the dealings of Brown, Juang, and others…. Barbara Wise was found dead in her office. She was partially clad and blood was evident when she was found on the floor the day after Thanksgiving. An effort was made by Commerce officials and others to portray her as a drunk and abusive to herself. Police investigated it as a homicide until the sudden claim that her death was by natural causes..."

AP 11/29/96 on Barbara Wise "…Police were investigating the death of a woman whose body was found today in an office at the Commerce Department. Anne Luzzatto, press secretary for Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor, said the woman's body was found this morning by a Commerce Department employee, who notified security personnel in the building…."

11/30/96 AP - A Commerce Department employee was found dead in her fourth-floor office at the agency's downtown headquarters on Friday. The body was discovered around 7:45 a.m. by a co-worker arriving for work, police said. The woman was identified as Barbara Alice Wise, 48, of Gambrills, Md. She had worked as a secretary for 14 years at the department's International Trade Administration. Anne Luzzatto, chief spokeswoman for Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor, said the unit where she worked provided analysis for various industries in studies designed to boost export sales….. A local television station, WRC, quoted unidentified police sources as saying that the office where the body was found was locked and the body was partially nude…."

WorldNetDaily 5/4/99 David Bresnahan "...Barbara Wise worked for Brown, well down the chain of command. She was a secretary and worked in an area of Commerce in which she was well aware of the dealings of Brown, Juang, and others…. Barbara Wise was found dead in her office. She was partially clad and blood was evident when she was found on the floor the day after Thanksgiving. An effort was made by Commerce officials and others to portray her as a drunk and abusive to herself. Police investigated it as a homicide until the sudden claim that her death was by natural causes..."

Missy Kelly's Analysis "…The partially nude body of Barbara Alice Wise, 48, was found at 7:45 AM in her LOCKED fourth floor office at the Commerce Department, Friday morning, Nov. 29, 1996. Ms. Wise worked in Commerce's INTERNATIONAL TRADE ADMINISTRATION, known as ITA. The DOA showed up in the same department that Huang and Yee were both associated with when they worked at Commerce. Interesting. ….Lets look at this story as it played out in the press…

9:58 AM Friday The story breaks: A dead body, female, is found on the fourth floor of Commerce, by a colleague. Colleague, un-named. The District of Columbia Police are conducting the investigation. No name [pending notification of relatives], no details.

12:01 Friday Reuters: Body found in deceased's office, where the International Trade Administration has offices. Cause of death not yet determined. Police say the city's medical examiner would perform an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of her death. Case being investigated by Homicide branch. Woman last seen alive Wednesday at 4 PM. Commerce building was closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving.

1:23 PM Friday AP reports the body was found at 7:45 AM that morning. The woman, still unidentified, had worked for Commerce for 14 years, in the department's International Trade Administration. "She specialized in trade development, working in the unit that provided analysis of various industries." No details on the cause of death. "Police also would immediately release few details."

1:39 PM Friday AP reports President Clinton flew to the White House today, from Camp David where he'd spent Thanksgiving. Clinton had already returned [by 1:39 PM] to western Maryland for a round of golf. He spent less than two hours at WH, one them with Harry Thomasson. ….This story...from AP and the WH...infers that Bill came to the WH to meet with Thomasson to finalize some inauguration plans that needed to get to the "printers". We all know that the small fry GO TO THE PRESIDENT, not the other way around. Thomasson would have flown to the President. ...Notice the time that BC arrived is not stated, but we do know he was gone by the time this story was reported: 1:39 PM. He was there for 2 hours. That means he was in DC no later than 11:30 AM, possibly earlier.

2:29 PM Friday UPI Report Just in case you didn't buy the above excuses for Bill's sudden appearance at the White House, how about these from UPI excerpts: 1] a quick trip to the White House to gather data he wants to study in planning his second inauguration 2] Mrs. Clinton had the Christmas decoration of the White House to supervise as it got underway Friday and Chelsea had to attend a rehearsal for her performance in the Washington Ballet's annual Christmas performance of "The Nutcracker Suite." 3] In addition, an aide said Mrs. Clinton had to prepare for her trip to Bolivia Monday afternoon where she will attend the annual meeting of the first ladies of the Americas. Before she departs, she will host a press preview of the White House Christmas decorations….. But more importantly, contrary to the AP article above, which inferred that Bill came to the WH to MEET with Thomasson, it turns out Thomasson and Clinton had been together for days: The president returned to the Executive Mansion with his wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea, 16. Along with him was Hollywood producer Harry Thomasson, who with his wife Linda Bloodworth Thomasson, a prominent sitcom writer, spent Thanksgiving Day with the Clinton clan at the mountain top retreat….. Thomasson and Bill Did NOT HAVE to meet at the White House. They were together all along. They could have had their meeting at Camp David. If they needed info, they'd have sent a lackey. Clearly, this "meeting" was an EXCUSE for the sudden return to DC. Clearly, the real reason for Clinton's sudden trip to the White House was NOT BEING TOLD. And there is more weirdness: "The president... carried a briefcase as he strolled to the waiting helicopter to return to Camp David. He wore a leather jacket and was followed by an aide carrying a huge box of inaugural papers." Okay. Put on your thinking cap. When have you EVER seen ANY President CARRYING ANYTHING as the get into or out of the Presidential helicopter...? Seriously...WHEN HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A PRESIDENT CARRYING ANYTHING? [I believe it is against security rules for the president to be encumbered in such a fashion. That's why others carry everything.]

5:21 PM Friday [AP] This is critical! The AP STILL says: "The name of the 48-year-old woman was being withheld pending notification of relatives." In itself, this means nothing. But then you have THIS BOMBSHELL: "District of Columbia police spokesman J C Stamps said that an autopsy was being performed." The DOA's relatives have NOT been informed YET the body is already on the table being autopsied. Not only did the autopsy start BEFORE the relatives had been informed of the DOA's death, but the autopsy started less 10 HOURS after the body was found….. Just think common sense. There are a lot of DOA's in Washington DC. There is ALWAYS a back log of bodies to be autopsied. NO DOA gets autopsied in less than 10 hours unless someone decides to bump THIS DOA to the top of the list. WHO? WHY? Were the officers of the crime scene present at the autopsy, per standard procedure? Was the autopsy in progress when whoever attended got there? Was there anyone from the DC Police even present at the autopsy? Who performed the autopsy?

Continuing from the AP story: District of Columbia police spokesman J C Stamps...did not rule out foul play. "We are looking into all possibilities," he said. A local television station, WRC, quoted unidentified police sources as saying that the office where the body was found was locked and the body was partially nude. Whoa. A dead body, found partially nude, in a locked office, in the same Commerce Department where Yee and Huang once worked, where documents are being requested and subpoenaed left and right, is being autopsied less than 10 hours after it is found, and before the relatives have been notified.

1:30 AM Saturday Morning Nearly six hours has elapsed since AP's last story on the DOA…… In the wee hours of the morning AP announces the name of the Commerce DOA, one Barbara Alice Wise, 48, of Gambrills, Md. It is also noted that "the unit where she worked provided analysis for various industries designed to boost export sales." Again, from AP: Sgt. Michael Farish, a homicide investigator with District of Columbia police, said officers have found no signs of foul play and believe that she died of natural causes. But the case continued to be investigated as a homicide, he said. A preliminary autopsy was unable to determine the cause of death Friday. The Police say "no signs of foul play", yet she was found partially naked, in a locked office. And the police say she died of "natural causes" even though the autopsy was UNABLE to determine the cause of death. Humm. Interesting. What natural causes would that be, that an autopsy can't determine? No, they tell us: the autopsy didn't determine why she died, partially naked, in a locked room. But it was of natural causes, and there were "no signs of foul play." And it would continue to be investigated as a homicide.

James Hoobler 11/21/96 Wall Street Journal 8 days before Barbara Wise’s death: "… Let me make it perfectly clear that no files have been taken by the CIA or any other agency. All files remain in my custody. In addition, I took custody of the safe and its contents at the request of the SBA's Office of General Counsel, not in response to a subpoena....As for the classified documents, Executive Order 12958, Section 4.2, prohibits disclosure without the authorization of the agency that originally classified the document…."

Paul Rodriguez talks with Larry Klayman on Mary Matalin, August 21, 1997 Freeper Jim Robinson 8/21/97 "…R: Actually since you have raised it for a second time, very briefly, the woman died of alcoholic poisoning and suffocation by her own vomit…..she was allegedly known to be a heavy drinker, had come back to the office very late that night….had begun throwing up and had taken off the blouse to clean up the mess that she was making and then she lost her bowels and was trying to clean up and the scene according to one of the police officers I talked to, it was a very filthy and grotesque and very very sad and that is from the inside of the police information….they think it was very tragic personal situation that happened there though it does beg questions………why was she so upset…..why was she so inebriated perhaps…..she was very close to Ron Brown……was a personal confidant of the former secretary and was under enormous pressures partly because of the Judicial Watch proceedings and partly because of pressures from within the Department of Commerce not to cooperate with ongoing investigations on Capital Hill….a combination of factors could have pushed her over the edge psychologically and then of course tragically…… K: That’s interesting Paul, I am going to have a subpoena served on you in a matter of minutes…..(laughs) R:… that’s what I was told……interestingly enough when I have asked for copies of the police report they have been denied. So for clarity and context sake, I only have information from one police source….the official records to this day have not been made public and I think they ought to be because I am now suspect of everything when it comes to the Clinton administration…….. "


Freeper Demidog 9/20/98 "…..Barbara Alice Wise, 48, was found dead on Thanksgiving weekend, 1996, in a locked 4th floor Department of Commerce office. Initial media reports said that the D.C. police were investigating the death as a possible homocide……. This was front page news in my mind but in fact the story was burried almost before it broke……. ……The first wire reports said that Ms. Wise was found "partialy nude" ( according to a Local TV station which sourced an unnamed policeman) in her locked commerce dept. office. Police at this time had not ruled out foul play. Neigbors were interviewed and were quoted as saying that Ms. Wise had been sick for the past 5 months. One neighbor said she had numerous health problems and was a nice woman who kept to herself……… In the second "Capitol" follow up report by reporter Jeff Nelson, Ms. Wise's health problems were upgraded to "severe and frequent including liver ailments" from the previous "been quite sick for the past 4 or 5 months". Also reported in this article was that a preliminary autopsy had been performed, in less than ten hours after the body was found and before her son or ex-husband had been notified, and had not determined a cause of death……."

Freeper Demidog 9/20/98 "…..I found a very brief mention in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution which apparently capped the story. In a column entitled "Q&A in the news", was this bit of information:
"Q: Has there been any determination of the cause of death of the woman who was found dead in her office at the Commerce dept?"
"A: Barbara Alice Wise 48, of Gambrills Md., died of natural causes, as the Journal-Constitution reported in December. An autopsy found that the cause was end-stage liver disease, with alcoholism as a contributing condition. Wise appeared to have been drinking in her office when she died the day before Thanksgiving. Her body was found by a co-worker the day after thanksgiving. The incident attracted an inordinate amount of attention because it occurred inside a federal office building. Wise was a 14-year employee of the International Trade administration, working in a section that helps U.S. companies boost exports."
…..In fact, no autopsy information has actually been reported in the press as far as I can tell. The preliminary autopsy was reported, but after that ( wish I had a Nexus/Lexis account) the story just totally dropped off the planet. And as I later found out, here has never been an official report made available to the public. Sound fishy? Read on. …."

Freeper Demidog 9/20/98 "…..…… The principles (Tuesday Sept 11th, 1997) Talked to the detective who handled the case today, Jerry Sitek. Ms. Wise was found completely nude in an adjacent locked office to her own. Her body was covered with bruises. She was found by a female co-worker on Friday, at 7:45AM when she went to sign in for work. Apparently the office where Ms. Wise was found was actually her Bosses' (he wouldn't give me the bosses name or of the co-worker who found Ms Wise). The "sign-in" book resided there. Wise was slumped over in the middle of the room on the floor. Sitek surmised that Wise had gotten up from where she was sleeping and fallen down dead shortly thereafter. ……. Sometime after 4PM on Wednesday the 27th, Wise had deficated on herself and had apparently neatly folded her soiled pantyhose along with her other clothing except for a sweater. She used the sweater as a blanket while she slept in her locked office. According to detective Sitek, co-workers said she stayed at the office often out of fear of going home, and often drank on the job. While Sitek would not go so far as saying her co-workers were correct, he led me to believe that her son beat her and that was the cause of her fear and bruises. When I asked Detective Sitek how he thought she would be able to get away with such heavy drinking on the job he responded that it happens all the time. A partially depleted 5th of Vodka was found in her purse, and an almost full glass of Vodka was found on a table next to her couch. Mr. Sitek claimed at least 2 causes of death while we talked on the phone:heart attack, and liver failure and some vagueness on other organ failure...(was she tortured?) Detective Sitek told me the bruises were too old to be any factor in the cause of death. …..Problems so far with the tale from Detective Sitek:

How does one drink so heavily that your liver fails and keep a job at Commerce? Perhaps this doesn't speak to any kind of cover-up but to the shoddy Human Resources dept at Commerce...

If one "frequently" sleeps in her office, wouldn't one make sure a blanket and pillow were available? And is sleeping at the office an accepted practice in the Commerce dept?

Wise lived alone ( her son also lived alone). Why would Ms Wise be afraid to go home to an empty house? And on a Thanksgiving weekend?

And if she was so damn sick, wouldn't she have needed a hospital months earlier? I have never seen a picture of Ms Wise but sure would love to see one.

When I asked Detective Sitek whether toxicology from the autopsy supported her heavy drinking, he said that most of the alcohol would dissipate and you wouldn't be able to tell if she was really drunk. I didn't want to argue, but This doesn't make sense to me. I realize that alcohol does in fact evaporate but once the flow of blood stops, the alcohol still in the bloodstream can no longer be carried to the skin through the capilaries. It seems to me that while it might not be totally accurate, a toxicoligy report would at least speak to the veracity of witnesses who claimed she was a drunk. The claim of alcoholism has a certain Blumenthal quality to it doesn't it?

Also, on the matter of the alleged beatings by her son. As soon as Detective Sitek mentioned this, I actually had the presence of mind to mention to him that Troy didn't live with his mother. At this point Detective Sitek just about gave himself whiplash backpeddling. He said, "now we are aware of that and I can't be 100% sure that it really happened but that's what we were told by her co-workers so that's where we assumed the bruises came from. But I'm not gonna say that's where they actually came from." DC's finest are not sure about much are they? At any rate the case according to Detective Sitek is officialy classified as a death of natural causes. It is not being persued at this time. And when I initially called to find out which detective I should be talking to, I was told by Lt. Brown that the case was no longer in the homocide binder. …….. "

Freeper Demidog 9/20/98 "…..….D.C. Coroners office I called the Coroners office on Wednesday the September 10th, 1997. The first thing I was told ( I had to talk to the PR's officer ) was that autopsies are never released to the public. I didn't know this. The relevance of this fact is apparent when you start comparing the statements of reporters who assert results of a document which has never been seen by their own eyes. You must be a member of the family to get the actual report or get permission from a family member. ……. I found out that the there were two Dr's involved in the Autopsy. The examiner was a Dr. Jaardemal. And the supervising examiner was a Dr. Germinac. I'm not sure of the spelling. I was given Dr. Jaardemal's direct phone number and told that Wise's case number was 96-1408. Any specific information would have to be handled by the Doctor. ……. Dr. Jaardemal would not give me detailed information about the results. Natural causes was the finding. Natural causes....I was about to ask her if she knew Fahmy Malak but I stopped myself. According to Dr. Jaardemal:

The bruises on her body were not caused by a beating. The Dr. was emphatic about this. She also did not die of a heart attack. (Strike two for Sitek) But for the life of me I could not get her to tell me what it really was. So perhaps it was liver failure, but as far as I know, you don't just keel over from liver failure. …..Now perhaps they're all just idiots and she really died of a kidney failure and the bruises are from the dialasis (sp?). Only thing is her co-workers would definately know about that, and the beating story wouldn't have held water from the start. She would have had to leave every three days for treatment and the bruises caused are horrendous. So she hid her dialasis treatment from her co-workers by telling them the bruises were from her son beating her? Boy would I like to make contact with her son Troy and her ex-husband. I wonder what they would have to say about this. It sure is interesting that not a single mention of any contact with them is in the press reports. Only Troy is mentioned. And I don't even know If Wise is her married name or her re-assumed maiden name..( Sue me, I'm stupid for not asking Detective Sitek but I was a bit nervous too. I don't need a tax audit :-) I did find an address and phone for a Troy Wise from Baltimore. Phone was connected to a fax. ….."

Freeper Demidog 9/20/98 "…..Mary King Department of Commerce Human Resources. [Barbara Wise] Wise worked under director Chris Christianson in the International Trade Administration. Christianson, according to King is far down the buearocratic food chain from the Secretary. Who shared the office with Wise? "OH I'm not allowed to give out information like that."... Conjecture alert : ……I'm hearing that Wise didn't share a suite with John Huang but with Ira Sockowitz. Remember the guy with "top secret with code-word clearance" who took a box of NSA encryption documents out of the Commerce dept. and stashed them in a safe at the SBA? Perhaps that mysterious box a Presidential aid was seen carrying off of Marine one was that box? ……"


Paul Tulley

WorldNetDaily 9/24/98 "…Paul Tully Democratic National Committee Political Director Died Sept. 24, 1992 Found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock Arkansas of "unknown causes." No autopsy allowed. Described by Clinton as a "dear friend and trusted advisor. Tully authored several key strategies for Clinton and the party. Paul Tully, 48, Democratic National Committee political director and architect of a strategy to make the party competitive again in presidential elections, was found dead in his hotel room on September 24, 1992, in Little Rock, Arkansas of unknown causes. Authorities speculated his death was from a heart attack or stroke. Tully devised a strategy of targeting states based on their value in the Electoral College, and coordinating the presidential campaign with state and congressional races.."

Gary Baugh (Gandy?)

WorldNetDaily 9/24/98 "…Gandy Baugh Died Jan. 8, 1994 Attorney representing Dan Lasater in a case concerning alleged financial misconduct. Died in an alleged suicide by jumping out of a window of a multi-story building. Lasater was a close associate of Gov. Clinton, and was convicted of cocaine distribution. Baugh's law partner was also "committed suicide" one month later on Feb. 9, 1994….."


John Hillyer

Worldnetdaily 8/3/99 Sarah Foster "...Matrisciana recalled that his cameraman, John Hillyer, who worked with him on the "Clinton Chronicles" and "Obstruction of Justice" died under very strange circumstances in 1996, and was "fearful" for his safety. "John thought his life was in danger -- and we had experienced a lot of harassment when we were doing the films," recalled Matrisciana. "We were followed; we were harassed. So he was very concerned. He called me from Atlanta (where he was living) and told me he had heard there was a drug that that could be given to someone, and it would look like he died of a heart attack. "I started laughing and said, 'John, you're so healthy, it would never come off like a heart attack.' He said he knew, but figured that's what they'd do. "A couple of months later he phoned and said he had some vital information. We figured our phones were tapped and that couldn't discuss it over the phone, but planned to make arrangements to meet. Three days later, John died of a heart attack in the dentist's office. About a year ago his widow sent us some videos he had made of himself, saying he was afraid he was going to be killed," Matrisciana said. "I don't know if he was murdered," Matrisciana admitted, "But it was strange."..."


Ray Walsh

St. Petersburg Times 9/3/98 Pg. 11A "...RAY WALSH, 41, a longtime firefighter who briefed Vice President Al Gore and shared a stage with President Clinton when they toured fire-ravaged Volusia County this summer, died Friday in DeLand. He died in his sleep of unknown causes, said Elizabeth Glasgow, a spokeswoman for the Volusia County fire services..."

Ron Miller


NewsMax 12/29/99 Carl Limbacher and Staff "….Oklahoma's chief medical examiner is exploring the possibility that a key government witness in the Independent Counsel's investigation of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown may have been murdered. In 1997, Oklahoma businessman Ron Miller provided the government key evidence -- including audio tapes -- against Eugene and Nora Lum, two fund-raisers with close ties to Brown and the Clinton White House. For more than two years Miller's death has been officially classified as "natural." But, last week, legal consultant Stephen Dresch persuaded the Oklahoma state medical examiner to reclassify Miller's cause of death as "unknown," saying that the available medical evidence was also "consistent with homicide." Dresch is currently involved in a lawsuit stemming from the 1996 plane crash death of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Evidence provided by Miller to the independent counsel then probing Secretary Brown's business dealings helped prosecutors build a case against fund-raisers Eugene and Nora Lum. The Lums had given Brown's son Michael gifts of stock in their company, Dynamic Energy Resources, made him a board member and lavished him with six-figure consulting fees…… Miller had owned Gage Corp., a company that was sold in 1993 to Dynamic Energy. Miller also audiotaped his telephone conversations with the Lums and provided federal probers with 165 cassette recordings believed to be crucial to their prosecution. Dresch told on Tuesday that Miller had taken elaborate steps to document his dealing with the Lums, bugging his own office and even his briefcase. "He realized he was in the middle of something big," Dresch explained….."

NewsMax 12/29/99 Carl Limbacher and Staff "….However, the Clinton Justice Department, which had taken over Independent Counsel Daniel Pearson's probe of Commerce Secretary Brown's activities after Brown's April 1996 death, brought no action against the Lums related to their ties to Brown, his son or the Commerce Department. The Oklahoma couple were instead charged only with making illegal campaign contributions to Senator Edward Kennedy and an Oklahoma Democratic House candidate. Less than four months after the Lums pled guilty, Ron Miller was rushed to a Norman, Oklahoma hospital after becoming ill at home. Doctors were never able to determine the cause of his affliction. Miller died days later. "He went from being healthy to dying in a week," J. Dell Gordon told the Associated Press at the time, explaining that Miller had just turned over "boxes of material" to congressional investigators. Integris Baptist Medical Center, where Miller died in early October, 1997, turned the case over to the state medical examiner because hospital officials said the witness' death "was not fully explainable." Dr. James Marvel, a local physician who has studied the evidence in Miller's death, told on Wednesday that he suspected the Oklahoma businessman may have been poisioned. "From the outside it certainly looks that way," Marvel said, adding, "I'd have to investigate further to see if this pattern fits into anything." After examining Miller's autopsy report, Dr. Marvel noted that several of his vital organs, particularly his lungs, were much heavier than normal. "It tells me that he sustained serious physical insult to his lungs." Marvel suggested that such an injury would be consistent with someone gradually overcome by an airborne toxin. "Whatever it was that killed Ron Miller entered through his lungs," said the Oklahoma doctor.

NewsMax 12/29/99 Carl Limbacher and Staff "….Revealing a new and disturbing aspect of the case, Dresch said that Miller had been the subject of death threats in the months before he died. has obtained a copy of a Norman Police report that backs up this claim. Dated 1/14/97, the "Offense Report" reads in part: "....suspect told Miller, 'You hadn't been shot at yet.' Mr. Miller said that the subjects he is dealing with have made a number of references to certain people wanting Mr. Miller dead. Mr. Miller said he recorded this telephone conversation." The police report names Dallas businessman Donald Sweatman as the source of the most recent threats. Though Dresch said that local police took Miller's complaint seriously at the time, a criminal investigation was never opened. The Miller tapes, which are still in the possession of the FBI, could have far reaching consequences if they ever see the light of day. It is believed that on one recording, Sweatman even implicates First Lady Hillary Clinton in the Lums' financial scheme: "Apparently the assertion that Sweatman made (on tape) was that Hillary had been instrumental in arranging a $4.5 million loan to Dynamic Energy back in 1993, so (the Lums) could purchase Miller's Gage Corporation," Dresch told….."



Kearn A Cottingham

Palo Alto Weekly Online 10/28/98 "…..Kearn A. Cottingham, 53, a 23-year resident of Palo Alto, died Oct. 13. He was a senior program management engineer in subcontracts at Space Systems/Loral in Palo Alto, where he worked for 22 years.. ……."

FOIA Officer

Freeper GrandmaC 2/24/00 E-MAIL FROM WASHINTON TIMES REPORTER AUDREY HUDSON "….. Received this in an e-mail this evening from Audrey Hudson, herself. Please Take particular note of the footnote by Ms Hudson. It is from that my subtitle was taken. U.S. conservation grant funds anti-poaching arms training By Audrey Hudson THE WASHINGTON TIMES ……. An international animal rights group used U.S. funds to underwrite assault-weapons training for special anti-poaching "brigades" using Senegal army personnel in Africa, according to documents obtained by The Washington Times. The program hired a former Israeli security official to train troops to protect African elephants using weapons captured from Saddam Hussein's army. ……. But Mr. Clark told The Washington Times this week that training focused on safety and not Israeli defense tactics. Through his grant proposals and presentations to Fish and Wildlife and Department of Defense officials over the course of six years, Mr. Clark reported that no elephants had been poached, and in fact hunters had stopped stalking the elephants for their ivory. The greatest threat in the park was the hunting of "bushmeat," such as buffalo, waterbuck and antelope by gangs of poachers. A Fish and Wildlife Service spokeswoman said the grants were awarded on the merits of the grant proposals and that the population of the elephants is increasing in the first time in a decade. The elephant population in the park today stands at 56, Mr. Clark said, and there has been only one incident of poachers ambushing rangers since 1993. …….. (Footnote from Audrey. The documents this story was based on were obtained by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The FOIA officer in charge of collecting these documents, my sources tell me, was pressured by his colleagues to refuse the FOIA request. He did not, as it would be in violation of the law, and turned the documents over to The Washington Times Last Monday. On Thursday, I called the Fish and Wildlife Service for comment on the story. Thursday night, the FOIA officer died in his sleep of a heart attack. He was 46.). ….."