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Health Care Task Force in violation of Federal Advisory Committee Act

Statement backing off middle class tax cut promise because economy worse than he thought, used the same figures from his campaign, approx one year earlier.

Concerning data subpoenaed by Starr, Harold Ickes testified about a conference call with other aides on Sept. 9, 1996, because "the president doesn't want any polling data turned ... over to people outside the campaign."

Harold Ickes - Local 100 Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union - Cosa Nostra

Clinton ordered Ravenwood Hospital in Chicago to change their policy and said that all Medicare payments to any hospital that didn't comply with his order would be cut-off

Perkins Coie (PRC legal representative) incorporated both James Carville's Education and Information Project and Lynn Cutler's Back to Business Committee - notorious for attacking Starr.

Bob Barr: "In fact, if the President has been using government-paid lawyers for personal legal matters, it raises a question of conversion of taxpayer resources for personal use."

Community Development Financial Institutions Fund - over $2 million awarded in no-bid consulting contracts, $2.4 million on outside consultants (10/95-10/97,) millions in grants given to institutions with ties to President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton and fund officials reviewing applications from their former employers.

In 1978, Hillary Clinton invested through Ray E. Friedman and Co of Springdale, IL. (a broker who had been sanctioned for mirrored transactions) $1000 in cattle futures which after trading gave her a net gain of $99,537 Robert L. "Red" Bone, who ran the Springdale, Ark., office of Ray E. Friedman and Co. (Refco), allowed Clinton to initiate and maintain many trading positions when she did not have enough money in her account to cover them.

Each President has had a blind trust completed and in the hands of a trustee at inauguration time except Clinton. Vince Foster, as Assistant White House Counsel at taxpayer expense, was working on the Clinton's blind trust up until his death on June 20, 1993. Three days following his death, the trust declarations were delivered to the trustees, with Vince Foster's "signature" on them. It has been alleged that a number of the Clinton assets were not conveyed to the trust as required.

Understatement of income on Clinton tax returns 1978 to 1995 was $49,870. Whitewater Committee: "The Clintons have explained that errors on their tax returns relating to Whitewater were due to mistakes made by their accountants. The Clintons did not fully disclose, however, all of their financial information to their accountants, did not discuss the details of important financial transactions with them, and sometimes simply ignored their accountants' advice .cannot be dismissed as merely mistakes by the Clintons' personal accountants."

Park-O-Meter owned by Seth Ward, Web Hubbell's father-in-law - received the first loan from Arkansas Development Finance Authority ADFA, signed by Clinton. Web Hubbell was secretary/treasurer. Hubbell also drafted and introduced the legislation that created ADFA. The Rose Law Firm (Hubbell and Hillary Clinton) did the audit and evaluation of the application for POM. The first loan of $2.85 million was not paid back. Park-O-Meter was actually building retrofit nose cone compartments that were being shipped to Mena, AR. These nose cones were allegedly being used to smuggle drugs back into the country as part of the Contra weapons/drug smuggling/money laundering operation.

In 1978, the Clintons and McDougals borrowed approximately $203,000 to buy a 230 acre tract of land on the White River for development. The down payment was made with McDougal borrowed funds and repaid with additional McDougal borrowed funds. The remaining loan was renewed 9 times before being paid off in 1992 (Clinton's first run for the presidency.) In 1979, while Clinton was governor, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission approved the use of federal funds to build an access road to the property. Corporate formalities were ignored.

Resulting from Al Gore's previous work in the Senate, it was announced 6/98 that for environmental purposes, the Navy will work with the private sector to release previously classified data once used to hunt submarines.

Tony Blankely " The measure of a man can be most accurately gauged when one is in daily struggle with him for a number of years. From 1993 through 1996, as Newt Gingrich's press secretary, I was in almost daily political battle with Clinton. I observed, close-up, his lack of scruples in matters small and large. I will never forget that day in September 1995 when Clinton told Gingrich and Bob Dole in the White House Cabinet Room that he recognized the demographic problems facing Medicare and he hoped the budget negotiations would be successful. Later, Dole, Gingrich, and I learned through the reporting of Bob Woodward in the Washington Post that while the president was saying this to us, he was also personally designing the ads that would viciously accuse Newt and Dole of trying to destroy Medicare. But Clinton is not only politically dishonest; he is also intellectually dishonest. In August 1997, Clinton signed into law virtually the same Republican Medicare proposal he had so passionately attacked in 1995."

The White House lost $283,000 from its salaries budget to cover a federal judge's fine levied against former health care director Ira Magaziner.

In an explosive argument at the end of the third day of Schaeffer and Williams' trial in U.S. District Court, prosecutors alleged that Tyson Foods Inc. persuaded former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy in 1993 to halt development of a food-safety policy that would cost the company more than $130 million.

The Agriculture Department's Food Safety and Inspection Service previously required poultry known to be contaminated with bacteria-laden feces to be trimmed away and discarded but currently allows poulty processors (of which Tyson is the world's largest) to rinse the poultry in chlorinated water or cook it without washing. Bacteria found in fecal contamination, are estimated by government scientists to sicken more than 4 million people each year and cause more than 3,000 deaths. The procedure change was approved by Carol Tucker Foreman, assistant secretary for Food and Consumer Services and sister of former Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker. Foreman now says the decision was a mistake that the previous policy was ''a penalty that made the plants take greater care.''

What has been dubbed the "Gore tax" is a 5 percent tax on interstate calls imposed by the FCC to fun Al Gore's plans to connect all public schools to the Internet. The Constitution does not allow federal bureaucracies to levy taxes.

Wayne Hage's ownership of a ranch came with vested taxable water and grazing rights on federal lands passed down to him in a line of succession since the mid-1800s. The environmental movement reinterpreted federal land management, water rights and property law Adjudication lasted 10 years bringing Hage to financial ruin. Hage filed suit and the trial is set for September 28, 1998.

Dr. Cynthia Schneider and her husband Tom hosted a $420,000 fundraiser at their Maryland home July 13, 1995 and now she is nominated for the post of ambassador to the Netherlands.

The 1995 Supreme Court decision concerning Affirmative Action is being addressed by the Clinton administration by changes to procedures so that minority and women owned small firms would get "price credits" in bidding based on statistical "benchmarks."

White House argued in appeals that it is proper for the government to pay attorney Lindsey as well as the White House counsel's office for defending the president in impeachment proceedings. Ken Starr responded "The position being advanced by the White House is quite contrary to what it means to be a government lawyer"

7/2/98 The Nashville Scene Liz Murray Garrigan "The Herald newspaper in Monterey, Calif., recently ran a photograph of the environmentalist vice president kayaking alongside a sea otter in Monterey Bay. Unfortunately, as one letter writer to The Herald noted, the picture caught Gore violating a federal environmental regulation..The letter writer pointed out that it is a "federal offense punishable by up to a $20,000 fine and/or one year in jail for disturbing marine mammals in the [Monterey Bay] sanctuary." The writer went on to point out that visitors to the bay are required to keep at least 50 feet away from the mammals.."

The White House database (WhoDB) of 355,000 names was ordered by Clinton in 1994 to be integrated with the DNC database. The effort was headed by Marsha Scott and involved Erskine Bowles and Harold Ickes. On Dec 7 1993 Marsha Scott: "Both the President and the First Lady have asked me to make this my top priority .Bruce [Lindsey] will be kept fully informed." Mrs. Clinton's involvement is noted in a staff memo to Ms. Scott: "During the demo the First Lady mentioned that she would like to see the Miles Rubin rapid response list in the database." Everybody who got favors or gave money was inputted. Lincoln bedroom overnighters, Democratic National Committee . in the Kennedy Center box, private guests at radio talks -- all are still going in at a rate of 10,000 a month, many with children's names, dietary restrictions, special interests, and almost all with Social Security numbers and addresses Coded notations on thousands of files indicate whether somebody on the WhoDB is black, Jewish, Catholic, Hispanic, of Ukrainian or Chinese or other ethnic descent. (Clinton lawyers have written Congress repeatedly that "the Privacy Act [5 U.S.C. 552a] does not apply" to the White House Office.)

7/9/98 Republican National Committee ".As Bill Clinton closed out his Kowtow Summit in Communist China, his top trade honcho, U.S. Trade Rep. Charlene Barshefsky, snuck away from the entourage and bought at least 40 black market Beanie Babies and smuggled the contraband past custom officials on her way back to the U.S.Beanie Babies are made in China for the Ty company in Oak Brook, Illinois, which strictly forbids the sale of the wee critters in China. Ty lawyer James White likened buying Beanie Babies on the black market to "buying a stolen car." Ironically, Barshefsky's main job is to reduce the U.S.'s $50 billion China trade deficit and protect companies, like Ty, from black market pirating."

7/10/98 Washington Times Paul Bedard ".House Republicans are asking whether Mr. Clinton, who Thursday pushed off part of the cost of a two-state fund-raising trip on taxpayers by hosting "official events," is spending too many tax dollars for political travel and carrying political allies on foreign trips. accountants determine down to the hour how much time the president spends attending to official business as opposed to political business and "pro-rates the costs accordingly." Using Thursday as an example, taxpayers will split the cost of the president's travels with the Democrats: Taxpayers will pay for getting the president into Daytona Beach and home to Washington, and Democrats will pay for his trip to Miami for the Stallone fund-raiser."

WorldNeDaily Sarah Foster 7/9/98 "Observers in a Los Angeles County courtroom received a quick lesson in closed government -- increasingly removed from the people or, as in this particular case, the people removed from the government. In response to an outburst by an unidentified woman, Judge Peter Lichtman ordered the bailiffs and sheriff deputies to remove not only the woman who made the out-of-line remark but the entire audience -- some 45 people in all. The incident occurred during a recent hearing over the city of Long Beach's intention to convert the abandoned U.S. Naval Station into a cargo container terminal, to be leased at a discount rate to China Overseas Shipping Company -- the huge transport operation, owned and operated by the Beijing government.Be that as it may, those at the hearing said they regarded the judge's action as "arrogant." To them it was one more piece of evidence that Americans have lost control over their government. All government. From city hall to the White House -- including the judicial system.

THE SECRET LIFE OF BILL CLINTON by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publishing Company, 1997), page 241: "...Bill Clinton, of course, handled it all with great sensitivity and savoir faire. "My brother has apparently become involved with drugs," he announced. "A curse which has reached epidemic proportions and plagued the lives of millions of families, including many in our state." His spokesman insisted the Governor never knew his Kid Brother had tried drugs. The spin must have been galling for Hot Springs Detective Travis Bunn. A highly decorated Army Special Forces sergeant-major, it was he who had mounted the original case against Roger Clinton. In the spring of 1984 Bunn had recorded Roger Clinton saying: "I've got to get some for my brother, he's got a nose like a Hoover vacuum cleaner." "

7/10/98 Fox News Channel - post by Freeper Bob Ireland "Shawn Hannity of Hannity and Colmes on Fox News Channel just reported that Lucianne Goldberg would say that there is hard evidence that Bill Clinton said he would lie, that Monica should lie, and she should get linda Tripp to lie."

7/98 Online Progressive Review ". From a chronology of the Whitewater scandal: . . . Clinton's Arkansas security chief, Buddy Young, was described by a judge in a 1990 court case as having a "reckless disregard for the truth." The case involved charges made by Young against Contra drug connection whistleblower Terry Reed. The judge declared that "no jury could find by reasonable doubt that the defendant was guilty. There are too many holes in the chain of proof." Buddy Young was subsequently named by Bill Clinton to a $92,000 a year job in the Federal Emergency Management Administration."

7/13/98 Washington Times John McCaslin ".During the Lawrences' tenure in Switzerland, where Mr. Lawrence served as ambassador from 1994 to 1996, "the State Department apparently authorized the Lawrences to raise funds, including through a private Lawrence foundation, for the purposes of refurbishing the ambassador's residence," Mr. Zaid notes. "Although items purchased through this effort were considered property of the United States, after the ambassador's death, witnesses reported that Mrs. Lawrence took many of the items obtained through the refurbishment for her personal use," he says. "When she left, they literally had to go out and buy everything again," Mr. Zaid tells this column. It could be a while, however, before he knows for certain.."

7/15/98 Press Release "July long distance phone bills will be five percent higher thanks to a new tax instituted by the Clinton/Gore bureaucracy, U.S. Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho) said today. Chenoweth is an original cosponsor of legislation to eliminate the tax, which was imposed by the Administration without congressional aproval.."

Los Angeles Times 7/15/98 "Democratic Party circles are abuzz about the disappearance of gift certificates from a California shopping mall company and the subsequent admission by a Democratic National Committee regional finance director that she used them for clothing and shoes. After mall personnel notified the DNC, committee officials insisted that the offender confess and make restitution. She did so and KEPT HER JOB (ahhhhhhh)."

A Whitewater Researcher 7/17/98 ".Corrupt Chicago Democrat mayor Richard M. Daley has been a crucial, early backer of Clinton since 1991. Daley's brother William is Clinton's secretary of commerce. Richard M. Daley is himself the target of at least five Federal corruption investigations: 1) Silver Shovel, investigating general corruption in Chicago city government; 2) Haunted Hall, probing ghost payrolling in Chicago City Hall; 3) Broken Star, investigating corruption in the Chicago Police Department; 4) Daley and George, probing influence peddling in the Daley family law firm; and 5) O'Hare, probing skimming and kickbacks from contracting and payrolls at O'Hare International Airport. Today, the Chicago Tribune reports on Richard M. Daley corruption at O'Hare. Excerpt: ...after a series of scandals at O'Hare involving juicy no-bid political contracts going to mayoral buddies, City Hall figured out it had a public relations problem.... "

The Washington Times 7/17/98 Doug Abrahms "James Sasser, the current U.S. ambassador to China, received $1 million for helping to secure a government lease on the Portals office building, a transaction being investigated by Congress and the Justice Department for links between the building's developer and Democratic officials. Mr. Sasser was paid $1 million in 1996 by Tennessee developer Franklin Haney, according to documents turned over this week to the House Commerce Committee, which is probing the Portals deal. Mr. Sasser, who served three terms as a U.S. senator from Tennessee before his defeat in 1994, is the second prominent Democrat known to have collected money for work on the Portals, the Washington office."

FoxNews Gary Aldrich on Drudge ".ALDRICH:......"In the early months of the...the fact of the matter was, there was a seven page memo written by the people in the White House counsel's office exploring the notion of getting the Secret Service out of the White House and putting the FBI in instead." DRUDGE: Gary, how many--- I've been told that---it's my understanding about 50% of the detail has asked to be transferred out under Clinton. ALDRICH: I think that's a fair estimate based on my knowledge and what I saw when I worked in the White House until 1995; the summer of '95 I left."

Washington Post John Mintz 7/27/98 "The congressman was under pressure from one of American business's most persistent executives, and he sought then-national security adviser Anthony Lake's help satisfying the businessman. "Can you make Mike Armstrong happy?" then-Rep. Toby Roth (R-Wis.) asked Lake in 1996 as the pair drafted a law affecting satellite exports to China, according to newly released White House papers. Lake and others in the Clinton administration did indeed make C. Michael Armstrong happy. ."

Jerusalem Post 7/24/98 Thomas Sowell "THE ALICE-IN-WONDERLAND QUALITY of discussions about the investigation of Bill Clinton is nowhere better illustrated than in the moral outrage expressed in the media against Linda Tripp for having secretly taped Monica Lewinsky. Many of those who work themselves into a sweat over this show nothing like the same outrage at the attempt to get Ms. Tripp to commit a felony to protect the president. Neither your life nor my life, nor the future of this country, will be affected in the slightest by whether Linda Tripp is naughty or nice. But if any president is able to commit crimes with impunity by using the vast powers and perquisites of his office to cover up, then we will have a danger of corruption and abuse of power that can only grow with the passing years and generations. Those who wrote the Constitution of the United States understood this all too well. That is why they limited the powers of government and then split up those limited powers among three different branches -- making sure that nobody in any of these branches was above the law. Those limitations have already been dangerously eroded over the past few decades."

The Winds Website 8/1998 "The only church in history to have its federal tax-exempt status revoked is a small country church in Vestal, New York called The Church at Pierce Creek. Their crime that resulted in that revocation was simply mentioning the name of then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton in an advertisement the church placed in USA Today and The Washington Times. Colby May, the ACLJ attorney representing the church, told The WINDS that the church "ran into trouble with the government...soon after the 1992 election" because of the "rhetorical question they ask at the very end of the newspaper piece...'how can we then vote for Bill Clinton?'. "Does anybody in America really believe," Colby May asks rhetorically, "that churches are NOT entitled to take moral stances on the issues of the day--even though it may cross swords with somebody's politically correct agenda? Churches were used to actually raise money for Jesse Jackson's campaign--but nothing has ever been done to those churches, so you have to ask how come.".When a federal court, according to May, finally ruled that the IRS must submit to discovery, "we found out, as we had thought, that the government had never before revoked the exemption of a church--we're talking about a bona fide, brick-and- mortar church--a 501(c)(3) organization. Not just an exempt organization such as an educational group or animal protection society, or whatever. We're talking about a real church that marries and buries and has worship services and Bible studies and so on. "Along with this we found that the government had engaged in some very disturbing activity. They were doing drive-bys where surveillance was conducted by the IRS of the Church at Pierce Creek to photograph the church building and Pastor Little's residence at various times."It also turns out that according to IRS investigator notes taken during the inquiry, that they had actually begun this action due to an editorial in the New York Times questioning as to whether running such an ad violates the church's political speech restriction clause in their tax-exempt agreement."As a result of the Times editorial the IRS included pejorative language in their reports, such as 'militant right' or 'radical Christian right' to describe the church--terms that were never used in the actual New York Times editorial."To us this revealed that the government really had an ill motive in picking on this church.".Ironically, the IRS tax code Section 508(c)(1)(A) entitled, "Special rules with respect to section 501(c)(3) organizations" specifically exempts churches from the restrictions enumerated under 501(c)(3). "Since only in 501(c)(3) do you have the restrictions about political activity," May elaborated, "churches are exempt organizations, and don't even have to abide by the restrictions of 501(c)(3)."

Freeper followup note on the above: "Pastor John Hagee in Texas, who has 13,000 members of his church is also being defended by the ACLJ. Pastor Hagee calls them the way he sees them, and he has Billie a sinner many times from the pulpit. He wrote a book called Day of Deception He tells about how are government is decieving us and the darkness around us. In Matthew 24 it states that the cardinal indicatorof the terminal generation would be deception. The first 5 chapters are about deception in government. They are about Hillary and Bill--The death of Vince Foster, The village wants your children, etc. This for some reason did not set well with our dictators. So he sent the post office after him. They won't let him mail his monthly magazine under the non-profit status. They claim that taking people on a trip to the Holy Land has nothing to do with religion, nor did a lecture on Matthew, or something similar I can get the exact issue if desired, have anything to do with the church. So he must mail first class postage."

Washington Times Greg Pierce 8/20/98 ".Larry Klayman, chairman of the legal group Judicial Watch, has offered to help out White House staffers duped by the boss. "The White House staff, which in the past has unfairly accused Judicial Watch of being partisan, should now take the following offer into account," Mr. Klayman said yesterday in a prepared statement. "Given claims by the White House staff that they didn't know that the president had lied, and given their claimed large expenditure of legal fees to prepare for and defend recent grand jury proceedings, Judicial Watch will offer to represent any White House official who wants to pursue legal remedies for reimbursement from President Clinton of these claimed expenditures. "As a condition, the White House staff member must not have taken money from political or lobbyist donors or legal defense funds to defray their legal costs, which is prohibited (a federal employee may not accept money or gratuities from the public)." Mr. Klayman added: "Judicial Watch makes this offer in good faith, because if the claims of the White House officials are true --that they were not told the truth --then they were defrauded by the president."."

St. Petersburg Times Philip Gailey 8/23/98 "If it felt a little warmer than usual in Hawaii, where Vice President Al Gore has been vacationing, it may have had less to do with global warming than with the heat being generated by a Justice Department investigation of the Clinton-Gore campaign's fund raising in 1996.This one would focus on political money, not sex, and from the looks and smell of it, it could turn out to be one of the most corrupt fund-raising scandals in decades.According to a report in the New York Times last week, Justice Department investigators have obtained a 1995 memo with handwritten notations by a senior vice presidential aide that appears to contradict Gore's account of his fund-raising role. The notations indicate that Gore and top campaign aides discussed how some of the large contributions he was soliciting could be diverted from general party use to accounts directly controlled by the Clinton-Gore campaign committee, which would be illegal. "Count me in," Gore told his aides, according to one notation.."

Freeper Report Fox News "The O'Reilly Factor reporting that FOXNEWS has obtained information that Starr has proof showing that the White House logs have been tampered with. The logs were doctored to show Bettie Currie checking Monica Lewinsky into the White House rather than Bill Clinton. Salvatore Martoche, a former federal prosecutor says that if this is true, it is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and that the White House logs can only be altered AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS.."

The Bulletin's Frontrunner 8/28/98 Business Week (9/7, Dwyer) "Business Week (9/7, Dwyer) reported the year former Sen. Jim Sasser (D-TN) worked for developer Franklin Haney before becoming Ambassador to China "and the $1.8 million Haney paid Sasser during that period, may come back to haunt" him. The Justice Department, the State Department, and House and Senate committees "are all looking into various aspects of Sasser's work for Haney, and whether it was properly disclosed." In August, Sasser " 'unofficially' notified the State Dept. of his desire to leave Beijing at the end of the year." Sources say that Justice is "investigating two of Haney's real estate deals in which Sasser served as an adviser," the Portals II building in Washington, DC and "a Haney-owned building in Chattanooga that is leased to the Tennessee Valley Authority."."

LA Times 9/1/98 Ronald Brownstein "Throughout Bill Clinton's presidency, the steadily rising stock market has both symbolized and sustained a powerful resurgence in broad-based optimism about the United States' direction and economic future. That optimism, in turn, has bolstered Clinton's popularity -- even amid the most damaging scandal of his presidency -- and strengthened incumbents in both parties heading into November's midterm election...

New York Post 9/1/98 "For several years, pundits have been predicting the stock-market correction that now seems in full throttle. So why, we wonder, did the vertiginous slide in the American markets only begin on Thursday? After all, the Asian stock-market collapse began more than a year ago, and the now-toothless Tigers of the once-terrifying Pacific Rim have been bleeding steadily ever since. Here at home, there have been pronounced warning signs of an economic slowdown since June. The answer is inescapable: The meltdown of President William Jefferson Clinton has rattled investors, and done so in a way that troubling economic statistics and Asian crises could not. .."

New York Post 6/96 Steve Dunleavy ". "Now that the Clinton people are going to jail, maybe my husband will finally go free," Mary Lou Dumond told me in Little Rock. Her husband, Wayne Dumond, 49, has just spent his 11th year in an Arkansas jail. Many say that Dumond is the victim of one of the most bone-crunching and infuriating examples of Clinton-clan justice the country has ever seen. .A 17 year-old girl says she was kidnapped and raped on Sept. 11, 1984, in Forrest City, Ark. Dumond, father of six, Vietnam veteran, churchgoer, was convicted in August 1985 of the rape. He was sentenced to life PLUS 20 years..But now the clincher: The father of the girl is a millionaire and one of Clinton's biggest contributors. But guess what? The girl is Bill Clinton's cousin. And her mother worked as part of Clinton's inner circle when he was governor..On March 7, 1985, while Dumond was awaiting trial, two masked men with guns and knives burst into his house. They hog-tied him. They raped him. And then, with surgical scalpels, they castrated him. .The outrageous identifying scam was exposed by a local cop who witnessed it all. Deputy Sheriff Henry Leary had the guts to go against his own and told the world of the scenario. Dumond was still convicted. "Oh yeah," Dumond told me, "she identified two other guys who were the rapists. They had an ironclad alibi. Then it came to me." Dumond was still convicted. Gov. Clinton remained silent. But of course at the time nobody knew that the girl was Clinton's cousin. The Governor didn't mention it. After 4.5 years, with his freedom gone, his manhood gone, a five-person parole board recommended that Dumond go free for time served. John R. Steer, managing editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, records the following reaction from then Gov. Clinton: "Clinton had a romping, stomping fit. The victim was a distant cousin and St. Francis County [where this all took place] had a lot of votes and he deeply resented the pressure to free Dumond." Clinton refused to sign a release. And Dumond rotted..The Dumond's later won a lawsuit "of outrage." They cleared just $20,000 from the settlement. This money came in handy however, because someone burned down the Dumond house when the couple were in hiding from vigilantes. No insurance was paid on the home..Fred Odam, a retired Arkansas State Police captain told me, "This was and still is a very bad day for justice." Odam witnessed Sheriff Conlee retrieving Dumond's testicles and later investigated the sheriff for the FBI. " I have been working to get that boy Dumond free for a long time. In all my time this is the one case when I know a man is not guilty."."

Citizens for Honest Government Pat Matrisciana 1995 New Clinton Chronicles ".DON HEWITT ( Executive Producer, " 60 Minutes"): And they came to us because they were in big trouble in New Hampshire. They were about to lose right there and they needed some first aid. They needed some bandaging. What they needed was a paramedic. So they came to us and we did it and that's what they wanted to do. When I told Tim Russert that I was persona-non-grata at the White House, he said, "Why?" I said, "The Gennifer Flowers interview." He said, " You got him the nomination." I said, " I know that." As far as I know from the conversations I've had, Bernie Nussbaum knew that, Gergen knows that, Lloyd Cutler certainly knows it 'cause Lloyd had a hand in his coming on that night. You know it was strong medicine the way I edited it but he was a very sick candidate. He needed very strong medicine, and I'm not in the business of doctoring candidates but he got up out of a sick bed that night and walked to the nomination .."

From Freeper noumenon Ayn Rand, Francisco's "Money Speech" Atlas Shrugged "."When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion - when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing - when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors - when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don't protect you against them, but protect them against you - when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice - you may know that your society is doomed."."

AP Kevin Galvin 9/4/98 "A preliminary Federal Election Commission report has recommended that President Clinton's re-election campaign be required to repay $13.4 million in federal matching funds received during the 1996 primaries for violating rules governing so-called issues advocacy ads."

Newsweek 9/14/98 Daniel Klaidman Mark Hosenball "Dianne Feinstein didn't hold back. At a routine Capitol Hill luncheon for Senate Democrats last week, the conversation was dominated by one subject: Bill Clinton's troubles. Feinstein had begun publicly criticizing Clinton in the days after his admission of an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Now, behind closed doors and in the company of her peers, the usually cool Californian became emotional. Fighting back tears, she said Clinton had looked her in the eye and lied. She was, she said, deeply angered and disappointed. The room went silent.."

Baltimore Sun 9/6/98 C. Fraser Smith "Gov. Parris N. Glendening chastised President Clinton yesterday for failing to provide a positive role model for American youth and confirmed that an invitation to Clinton for a Glendening fund-raiser next month has been withdrawn.."

Washington Weekly 9/7/98 Carl Limbacher ".Appearing Aug. 12 on the Bob Grant Show (WOR Talk Radio Network),Zaccagnini responded to our question about what his client might know regarding matters under investigation beyond Monicagate, saying, "There are other issues that Ken Starr is investigating that Linda has provided testimony on because she was asked - not necessarily by the prosecutors -- but by members of the grand jury. "By some accounts, Tripp spent more than half her time before Starr's grand jury answering questions about Travelgate and Filegate. In her only public remarks since her testimony, Tripp spoke of the "dangerous" information she possessed regarding potential crimes by high administration officials that came to her attention over a period of five years. But the revelation that it was the grand jurors themselves, and not Starr's prosecution team, that drove the non-Monica line of questioning suggests a general lack of interest in these other matters within the OIC -- at least as far as Linda Tripp is concerned..Others knowledgeable about Linda Tripp's experience with Ken Starr do not see it that way. Lucianne Goldberg, who called into MSNBC late Friday to debate the issue with John Gibson's guest Larry Klayman, says Tripp herself changed her mind about testifying before Judicial Watch: "Linda Tripp only said no to Larry Klayman -- for all the good work he's done -- because her testimony would have grossly and dangerously affected all the work that Judge Starr has been doing all these years." For the sake of the country, one hopes Lucianne Goldberg is right. One hopes Starr isn't covering up for the FBI. And that Larry Klayman will be able to get Linda Tripp's full testimony after Starr files his impeachment report with the House Judiciary Committee. Still, even if Lucianne Goldberg's faith in Ken Starr turns out to be justified, Americans are owed an explanation for why Craig Livingstone, who executed perhaps the most massive invasion of privacy in modern American history, and misused the FBI to do it, remains to this day free as a bird. "

2/20/95 Marvin Lee Interview of Judge Jim Johnson Washington Weekly "MR LEE: Judge Johnson, you were instrumental in obtaining and publicizing the statement from Colonel Eugene Holmes, former commander of the University of Arkansas ROTC program, denouncing then presidential candidate Clinton as potential commander-in-chief. What made you decide to get involved? JUDGE JOHNSON: To save my country from Bill Clinton! . MR. LEE: In your assessment, has Bill Clinton committed indictable crimes in Arkansas or in Washington, and is there currently sufficient evidence for an indictment? JUDGE JOHNSON: Yes.. MR LEE: Allegations against Bill Clinton include his use of State Police for personal purposes, even to the extent of framing political opponents. If such activities indeed took place, how could they go on for such a long time? Was it due to a lack of ethic laws, lack of oversight by the legislature, the judiciary, and the media, or was it due to the ability and willingness to threaten dissenters? JUDGE JOHNSON: All of the above..You are not dealing with a normal person when you are dealing with Clinton. He is not controlled by character and truth, but by cunning instincts for survival and political expediency. Give him an inch and he will beat your brains out! He is capable of causing a Third World War, martial law, or whatever to maintain his position of power. Full scale Congressional hearings, on the order of Watergate, should commence tomorrow! MR LEE: Judge Johnson, thank you so much for your time."

Chicago Tribune 9/6/98 William Neikirk Ron Eckstein "Ray LaHood knows how to hit a guy where it hurts. The Republican representative from Peoria said he intends to propose that President Clinton bear part of the $40 million-plus price tag of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's investigation. After Clinton admitted he had an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky seven months after his deposition in the Paula Jones suit, LaHood reasoned, he in effect ran up the costs of Starr's investigation. Big time. Besides, LaHood said, House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) had to cough up $300,000 as a penalty in the ethics probe against him. "If it is good enough for the speaker, it's good enough for the president," he said ."

Investor's Business Daily 9/8/98 ".Stranger still is who ended up in charge of the federal review of the Teamsters election: Milwaukee lawyer Barbara Zack Quindell. Both Quindell and her husband are members of a progressive fringe group called the New Party. Quindell's husband was also active in Citizen Action. When evidence came to light last summer of a small donation from the Teamsters to the New Party, Quindell stepped down from her post. Still, questions remain. How did a member of a fringe party connected to the Teamsters come to lead the investigation into the Carey campaign? Switch now to a second scandal, involving alleged espionage against the U.S. Two Washington-area residents are being held at a detention center in Alexandria, Va., on charges of spying, awaiting trial in early October. They are the husband-and-wife team of Theresa Squillacote, a lawyer last employed by the Defense Department, and Kurt Stand, an official with an international labor organization and also an officer in the Democratic Socialists of America. The charge? Spying over the past 20 years for East Germany and the Soviet Union, and for shopping their services to the South African Communist Party. For most Americans, any news about the Democratic Socialists of America might seem like a blast from the past. Yet the DSA is alive and well, with at least some of its members ready to act on their desire to substitute a socialist nirvana for American democracy.. At the White House, the spy scandal promises embarrassment or worse. Squillacote's rap sheet may include charges of espionage, but her resume includes a Reinventing Government award from Vice President Al Gore. As a staff attorney with the Defense Department's acquisitions office, she had routine access to classified documents. During one of Squillacote's final meetings with a person she believed was an official of the South African Communist Party - in fact, an FBI agent running a ''false flag'' sting operation - she bragged about having had a job interview with the Office of Management and Budget, which happens to be housed within the White House complex. According to an FBI affidavit, Squillacote told her would-be spymaster that once in OMB, she could work her way into a National Security Council position ''within 24 months.'' Spies in the White House complex, a stolen union election, fringe parties espousing socialism, groups serving as conduits for illegal campaign contributions - it has all the makings of a summer beach novel. But this too-strange-to-be-true tale is bubbling just beneath the surface of official Washington.."

9/9/98 Landmark Legal Foundation "..Landmark Legal Foundation today filed a formal petition with Federal District Court Judge Susan Webber Wright asking the court to hold an immediate hearing into possible contempt of court by President Bill Clinton. .In its filing today, Landmark pointed out several occasions in which the President provided apparently false testimony during his Jones deposition. Moreover, the deposition was unique in that the judge personally presided over it. 18 U.S.C. Sec 401 provides, in part, that: A court of the United States shall have power to punish by fine or imprisonment, at is discretion, such contempt of its authority, and none other, as - (1) Misbehavior of any person in its presence or so near thereto as to obstruct the administration of justice... "

New York Times 9/21/98 Felecity Barringer "The man known as Deep Throat is a singular figure in American culture, credited with being the source of explosive articles written by the reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein as they unraveled the Nixon administration's abuses of power. Named for a pornographic movie, this furtive truth-teller may be the first pseudonymous American hero not conceived in a comic book. Unmasking the man who met Bob Woodward in underground garages in the book and the film version of "All the President's Men" has been an intermittent journalistic quest. Now David Obst, the former literary agent for Woodward and Bernstein, writes in a new book that Deep Throat was a composite, a plot device to fit the narrative needs of the book and the film. Deep Throat's information was often bad, Obst said, and his melodramatic warnings that Woodward and Bernstein's lives were in danger were fantastical.."

Weekly Standard Fred Barnes 9/21/98 "SINCE REPUBLICANS TOOK CONTROL of Congress in 1994, Democrats have pursued a simple strategy in congressional investigations of President Clinton: obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. In 1995, they denounced the Senate Banking Committee probe of the Whitewater scandal as partisan, then impeded its progress. They took their marching orders from White House aides. In 1997, when Republican senator Fred Thompson chaired hearings on campaign-finance abuses, Democrats acted in the same way. Ditto when the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee looked into illegal election fund-raising. But now, as the House Judiciary Committee takes up the impeachment of Bill Clinton, Democrats have promised to be non-partisan and not toe the White House line. Why the change? The reason is Dick Gephardt, the House Democratic leader.. Gephardt concluded the president was on the verge of leading the Democratic party to an election disaster in November's mid- term election, just as he had in 1994. So the smart thing for House Democrats was to declare their independence from Clinton in hopes of minimizing their vulnerability. Which is what Gephardt did. Also, he believes independent counsel Ken Starr's charges against Clinton are serious, will be taken as such by the public, and should be treated seriously on Capitol Hill. ."

Washington Post 9/24/98 Steven Mufson John Berry "A huge private investment fund run by Wall Street legend John Meriwether and two Nobel Prize-winning economists teetered on the verge of collapse yesterday as losses mounted on more than $100 billion of bets it made in financial markets around the world. In an attempt to avoid a new bout of global market turmoil that might be caused by a fire sale of the fund's assets, chief executives and other top officials from two dozen of the world's largest banks and brokerage firms spent six hours hammering out a preliminary agreement yesterday at the New York Federal Reserve Bank to provide a rescue plan of more than $3.5 billion for the Greenwich, Conn.-based fund, called Long-Term Capital Management L.P.."

AP 9/28/98 Jim Abrams "Weak internal controls have led to numerous cases of fraud and embezzlement in the Pentagon office responsible for handling billions of dollars in contracts every year, according to two congressional reports issued today. The reports from the General Accounting Office, the investigative wing of Congress, cited more than a dozen cases of fraud this decade involving the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.."

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/28/98 Patrick Crowley "Like the Democrats needed this, this being the indictments of four people who worked in the 1995 election of Gov. Paul Patton..Piled on top of that is the bombshell news last week that four people who helped get the governor elected -- among them his top aide and three men involved with organized labor and the Teamsters Union -- are accused of breaking election laws.."

New York Post 9/25/98 Maggie Gallagher "Can I tell you a little story? I warn you, I don't know how it ends yet. Maybe I never will. Once upon a time - in fact a day or two after Vince Foster died - a man called the White House Counsel's Office. "This was not a line that kooks typically rang us up on," my source told me. Lunatics call the main office number. This guy called one of Vince's assistants directly. The man said he had some information that might be important. Something had upset Vince Foster greatly just days before he died. Some thing about "tainted blood" that both Vince Foster and President Clinton knew about, this man said. "I'm only telling you this now because Vince Foster was very distressed about this only days before his death," the mysterious caller (whose name I am withholding) said. "I'm not saying this caused his suicide. I'm only saying it might have contributed to his distress and I thought someone should know." The White House Counsel's office didn't pay much attention. "Probably a kook', they agreed around the office. Probably. Except that when his computer name was typed into the computer log of phone calls for Vince, something strange happened. The computer flashed "password required" or some such phrase indicating a special code was needed to open that file. "Aw, probably just a computer glitch, "Bernie Nussbam, then chief White House Counsel, said at the time. And so the matter, as far as I know, was dropped. A strange little memory fragment, meaningless in itself, no? Until last week, when a story published in The Ottawa Citizen suddenly jogged it front and center. "HIV BLOOD CAME FROM ARKANSAS JAIL," the head line screamed. Then, The Ottawa Citizen reports, "A U.S. firm with links to President Clinton collected HIV-tainted blood from Arkansas prison inmates in the 1980's and shipped it to Canada, newly uncovered documents reveal... It is like several hundred, perhaps thousands, were infected by the tainted products."."

WorldNetDaily David Bresnahan 9/25/98 ". The "Utah Schools and Lands Exchange Act of 1998" sounds uncontroversial, and that is the apparent reason no one objected to it. The story of how this bill passed the House and is now ready to be slipped through the Senate without debate is a lesson on how the game of politics is played. In September 1996, President Bill Clinton, running for re-election, stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and with the stroke of a pen signed an executive proclamation making 1.7 million acres of land in Utah a new national monument. His actions were clearly political, and were orchestrated by former Clinton political consultant Dick Morris. Reaction from Utah Republicans and Democrats alike was immediate. Clinton had acted without prior notice and without public hearings as required by law, echoed every Utah politician. Elected officials from Republican Gov. Mike Leavitt all the way down to the local leaders in the area of the monument banded together. Before long lawsuits and other efforts to reverse the action were underway. On June 24, 1998, the outrage ended when Rep. James Hansen, R-UT, presented H.R. 3830 before only a handful of House members for approval under unanimous consent. There was no debate. There was no quorum. No one asked for a roll call vote. By voice vote of those present the bill was passed and sent to the Senate without any objection. If only one congressman opposed the action it would have been stopped. Preparations are underway for a similar vote in the Senate virtually any moment. House members were told there was nothing controversial about the bill. Senate members are being told that everyone in Utah wants the bill passed. Formerly outspoken opponents are now mysteriously silent, and some have spoken in favor of the bill..There is one other source of high- compliance coal. It is being aggressively mined on the island of Kalamantan in Indonesia. The mine is reported to be owned by the Red Chinese army and the Lippo Group. James and Mochtar Riady, partners in the Lippo Group, have been implicated in the growing Clinton campaign election scandal..The bill has been sent to the Senate where it has been quickly passed through committee and is now waiting to be called for a vote. It is expected that the same quiet tactic that was used in the House will be applied again. A motion will be made to bring the bill forward for approval by unanimous consent at a time when very few members of the Senate are present. "We are not aware of anyone who objects to the bill being passed," said a staff member in Hatch's office. "It's really pretty simple to understand and senators have a lot more to worry about." .

Washington Weekly 5/98 "When young Bill Clinton in 1974 made his first run for political office, a crucial $10,000 loan was arranged for him by his uncle, Raymond Clinton. Uncle Raymond has been tied by Clinton biographer Roger Morris to the Hot Springs Mafia. But it was not until 1984, when Clinton was elected for a second term as Governor of Arkansas, that Mob money really started pouring in.. Among the "legitimate corporations" that noticed the possibilities with the rapidly ascending governor thirsting for power and money were front corporations for the intelligence services of the People's Republic of China. The Lippo empire came to Arkansas that year. By then, Bill Clinton's ties to organized crime had become well- known. His half-brother Roger Clinton was convicted of cocaine distribution in association with Mob figure and Clinton money man Dan Lasater. In the years that followed, Arkansas became a major cocaine trans-shipment point for the Mafia, crossing paths with the famous CIA Contra resupply operation at Mena. Bill Clinton had found a most successful formula in U.S. politics: financial backing from a coalition of organized crime and hostile foreign governments...Harold Ickes proved his value to the Mob when he held his hand over Mob puppets Arthur Coia and Ron Carey who were under separate RICO investigations by the Justice Department. Patsy Thomasson, in charge of White House drug testing policy, saw to it that criminal figures on the White House staff would not be bothered about past and current drug use. The People's Republic of China, in return for at least a $3 million loan through Worthen Bank, won a slot for its spy John Huang at the Commerce Department. Later followed access to advanced U.S. military technology, access to the Long Beach Naval Base, MFN trade status, and more campaign contributions. Peripheral Mob figures Nathan Landow, Richard Ben-Veniste, and their associates Terry Lenzner and Paul Begala became part of the secret police that would keep Clinton in office despite multiple revelations of criminal offenses. Ironically, the only member of the Clinton enforcement team who has threatened the use of Mafia methods in public is James Carville.If China made illegal donations to the Clinton campaign in return for mercantile and military strategic advantages, then what illegal donations have been made by Russia? The favors Clinton has made towards China pale in comparison to the favors he has made towards Russia. Billions of dollars in economic support and the maintenance of a strategic advantage in favor of Russia through the obstruction and delay of modernization of the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal and the development and deployment of a U.S. national missile defense. Lest gestures as these be interpreted as prudent engagement of a fledgling democracy, one should consider that it has rarely been the democratic forces in Russia, or the Russian people, that have been the beneficiaries of Clinton administration support."

Fox News 9/30/98 John Hanley Reuters "U.S. stocks may fall another 5 to 10 percent in a volatile fourth quarter amid what some analysts are calling the world's worst financial crisis in decades. That would snap the Dow Jones Industrial Average's three straight years of gains of more than 20 percent - the most powerful run in its 101-year history. Investors are concerned about the worst third quarter for earnings in seven years, Asia's economic turmoil and the growing crises in Latin America and Russia, and the exposure of U.S. banks and trading groups to those fragile markets.." 10/6/98 KEVIN GALVIN AP " The Clinton administration's efforts to help the Teamsters end a bitter strike in 1995 came under renewed congressional scrutiny today when former U.S. Trade Representative Mickey Kantor appeared before a House panel. A House Education and the Workforce subcommittee has been probing the extent of administration activity around the strike at Diamond Walnut Growers Inc. and whether the officials involved were motivated by the pursuit of union campaign contributions. The administration's actions in the strike at the Stockton, Calif.-based agriculture cooperative is a critical issue in a Justice Department inquiry. The department is weighing whether to request an independent counsel to probe testimony by Harold Ickes, a former White House deputy chief of staff, to a Senate panel that examined Diamond Walnut earlier. Kantor told the committee that a phone call he placed to a company official at Ickes' behest wasn't motivated by fund raising and that the administration never acted to punish the company on behalf of the Teamsters.."

PR Newswire 10/6/09 Gary Bauer "President of American Renewal, strongly criticized Washington, DC television stations Tuesday ``for employing a double standard'' in refusing to run his television ads which call on President Clinton to resign while agreeing to run ads by the liberal advocacy group People for the American Way (PAW) which effectively call on Congress to shut down their investigation of possible wrongdoing by the president. ``These so-called bastions of free speech seem to have a very selective view of how that fundamental principle should be applied,'' Bauer said. ``We approached DC television stations in September with a request to run ads calling on the president to resign. Our message was very simple. We urged the president to put our country and our children first by resigning.'' .."

Manchester Union Leader 10/5/98 Richard Lessner "Miss a few payments on your car loan, and the bank will send out the repo man to tow the family buggy. But if you're an unregulated, high-risk, multi- billion hedge fund set up by international bankers to get around government controls, not to worry; the Federal Reserve will step in to save you from collapse, no matter how reckless or irresponsible your practices. And the American taxpayers, of course, will be left holding the bag. If the Fed-brokered $3.6 billion bailout of Long Term Capital Management LP, a so-called "hedge fund," looks suspiciously like the Savings and Loan fiasco of the 1980s, it should. The same government mischief is at work.."

Capitol Hill Blue 10/2/98 "In accepting gifts and favors from businesses that he helped regulate as U.S. agriculture secretary, Michael Espy was guilty of mistakes, forgetfulness and being fooled by friends -- but not criminal corruption, his attorneys told a federal jury Thursday..``He knew how the government worked. He knew the Washington political scene,'' independent counsel Donald Smaltz told the jury. ``He was easy pickings for companies that wanted to slip him something special.'' ."

Reuters 10/7/98 "Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said on Wednesday the outlook for the U.S. economy had weakened significantly and noted lenders were staging a dramatic pullback from even relatively low-risk loans. In a speech to the National Association of Business Economics, Greenspan said he had "never seen anything quite like" the rise in yields on certain bond issues when compared with more low-risk issues like U.S. government bonds. "It's pretty obvious I think that the outlook for 1999 for the U.S. economy has weakened immeasurably in the aftermath of the Russian devaluation and debt moratorium," Greenspan said.."

New York Post 10/8/98 Ray Kerrison "A MAJOR casualty of President Clinton's impeachment siege is the near collapse of the Democratic Party as a viable political force in American life. The party is bankrupt because it has no strong, credible leadership, no mission, no vitality and, worst of all, no faith. The Democratic disaster has occurred wholly on the president's watch. In his six years in office, he has led it over the cliff. The numbers are shocking. Since Clinton became president, the Democrats have lost 52 seats in the House of Representatives, 12 seats in the Senate, governors in 13 states and uncounted hundreds of seats in state legislatures. The only real power base the party holds today is the White House - and it is paralyzed by scandal. Clinton, singlehandedly, has all but snuffed the life out of the Democratic Party. Even more amazing is the party's pathetic response. It has sat by, watching its own slow destruction without lifting a finger to help itself.."

Coffee Shop Times 10/7/98 Douglas Barricklow ".Throughout the last ten months, the nation has become increasingly familiar with a small clutch of analysts in the national media whose embarrassingly unapologetic brand of advocacy for the Clinton Administration would make former employees of Pravda blush. Noteworthy among their number are CNN's Greta Van Susteren, Newsweek's Eleanor Clift and Salon's David Talbot. No matter how ridiculous the argument may be, if it's written on White House letter head, then you can count on this group of sell outs to parrot it ad nauseum. In fact, if these guys witnessed President Clinton molesting a squirrel on the D.C. mall, they'd immediately gather his record on environmental issues and then try to beat deadline."

WorldNetDaily 10/7/98 Joseph Farah ".What Clinton is talking about are new controls -- but not control by the sovereign people of the United States, guided by a Constitution and the rule of law. Rather he wants to set up new global mechanisms controlled by the elite, the select, the insiders, the privileged, the enlightened ones. He wants to repeat globally all of the mistakes the New Deal wrought on the United States -- regulations, welfare, government-provided housing, government medical care, unemployment benefits, Social Security, government subsistence on a worldwide basis. And guess who will pay for it all?."

AP 10/8/98 Jeannine Aversa "Federal law enforcement officers will find it easier to tap any phones used by suspected criminals under a bill passed Thursday by the Senate. The measure involving ``roving'' wiretaps is contained in a bill authorizing intelligence programs. The House passed the bill Wednesday and Clinton is expected to sign it..``Law enforcers now have a substantial burden to show the court before they can engage in a roving wiretap,'' Rep. Bob Barr, R-Ga., a former U.S. attorney, said in an interview. ``This would make it substantially easier.'' A federal law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity, disagreed, saying the bill only clarifies existing law. ``It would not make it easier. There is no expansion of powers here,'' the official said.. ``The effect of it will be to allow many more of these roving wiretaps,'' said Alan Davidson, the center's staff counsel. ``This is a real expansion of roving wiretapping authority.'' .Davidson and Barr said the new measure will make it more likely that innocent people would unknowingly have their conversations listened to by federal police agencies. ."

New York Post 10/13/98 Ray Kerrison " WHEN President Clinton pulled into New York yesterday for yet another fund-raiser for Chuck Schumer, it was his 100th money-grubbing trip of the year. Incredible as it may seem, in this year alone, Clinton has made 100 forays out of Washington just to shake the money tree for contributions to prop up his collapsing presidency and party. That means he is spending almost no time on the job. The record is truly scandalous. In the 285 days of this year, Clinton has spent 152 days traveling, fund-raising or on vacation. And he's doing it all at taxpayer expense. If any other worker ran up a no-show job record like this, he'd be fired on the spot.."

The Ottawa Citizen 10/4/98 Mark Kennedy ".The controversy over how a U.S. firm collected tainted blood from Arkansas prison inmates and shipped it to Canada has spread to Vince Foster -- U.S. President Bill Clinton's personal confidant who committed suicide in 1993..Now, five years after his mysterious death, two developments have prompted questions about Mr. Foster's knowledge of the U.S. company's prison-blood collection scheme: - There are signs that Mr. Foster tried to protect the company called Health Management Associates (HMA) more than a decade ago in a lawsuit. - And a major U.S. daily newspaper recently reported that Mr. Foster may have been worried about the tainted-blood scandal, which was just emerging as a contentious issue in Canada, when he killed himself in July 1993..Indeed, on Sept. 16 -- eight weeks after Foster's death -- the federal government announced the public inquiry, to be headed by Justice Horace Krever. During the course of his work, Justice Krever unearthed the Arkansas prison- blood collection scheme and wrote about it in his final report last year. However, no mention was made of Mr. Clinton until last month's story in the Citizen, which drew on documents obtained from Arkansas State Police files."

The Washington Times 10/14/98 Jennifer Harper "..Some Boy Scouts in Utah do not want Bill Clinton to sign their Eagle Scout awards, saying this president of the United States is just not worthy. Last month, Scott Farnsworth and six fellow Scouts were ready to receive their much-esteemed Eagle certificates -- a rank achieved by only 2.5 percent of Scouts nationwide. Just as long as Mr. Clinton did not sign the certificate, that is. The seven boys, ages 14 to 17, have asked that Mr. Clinton's signature be deleted from their Eagle Award certificates, which prove they earned at least 21 merit badges. "The president's signature should be a thing of high honor," the Farnsworth youth, who is 14, told the Salt Lake Tribune. "But if your president is not worthy, if he has done something that is not worthy, it's not representing Scouting morals."."

Toronto Sun 10/15/98 Peter Worthington ".As the Clinton impeachment case blunders on amid charges and counter-charges, the one media outlet that has never wavered, digressed or lost perspective is the Wall Street Journal. In fact it is so confident of the quality of its reportage, analyses and assessments that it has compiled its coverage of all the Clinton scandals into three volumes and is selling them to the public at around US$50 for the set. To those unfamiliar with the WSJ this may seem mildly arrogant. And perhaps it is. But as one who has paid attention to events as they've evolved around Clinton, the WSJ coverage is in a class by itself - not so much in breaking new facts or unravelling fresh scandals, but in sizing up and appraising what is known.."

St Petersburg Times 10/16/98 David Dahl "Not even done with this year's business, Senate Republican leader Trent Lott on Thursday threw cold water on what President Clinton hoped would be next year's top agenda item: preserving Social Security for retiring baby boomers. Lott, a Mississippi Republican, told reporters that Clinton's political posturing on Social Security made it unlikely a GOP-controlled Congress would sit down with him to come up with a solution next year. "I don't think there's a sufficient level of trust to be able to do something this important, the way they have demagogued this issue," Lott said. "The Democrats are such horrible demagogues on this issue. And he led the way on this until I think he soured the well on doing what I think needs to be done to preserve Social Security for my daughter." Lott said he would rather wait until "we get another president" -- who he hopes will be a Republican elected in 2000 -- before taking up the complicated reform of Social Security.."

Washington Post 10/19/98 David Segal Freeper highlights ".The spectacular payoff: the Fundacion's $1 million endowment could soar by as much as 1,600 percent in just 60 days. Though the returns sounded far-fetched, the charity's leaders signed on after a well-connected Washington lawyer, Lewis Rivlin, offered them a money-back guarantee. Where would the profits come from? Rivlin claims the Treasury Department oversees a "trading program" from a small room known to only 30 employees. The room is "highly confidential, in a locked section of the Treasury, one little section of a floor which is completely discreet, the existence of which is never revealed," he testified in a June deposition. Rivlin said he isn't surprised that the Treasury denies that it oversees high-yield trading. A small, amiable man with a Santa Claus-like beard and a warm smile, he clings to the notion that only a select few know about these deals, and those who do are instructed to deny that they exist. "Are these people going to tell The Washington Post about these programs? I don't think so," he said, in an office filled with mementos of his years in Democratic politics. "But there's no question that there are people in the government who are totally and comprehensively aware of every detail and nuance of these programs."."

Bloomberg News 10/27/98 ".The dollar fell Tuesday against the mark and the yen after a report showed that consumer confidence slumped this month in the United States, raising expectations that the Federal Reserve Board may cut interest rates a third time this year to support the economy..U.S. consumer confidence, as measured by the Conference Board's index, fell more than expected, to 117.3 points from September's revised reading of 126.4. The index has not been that low since December 1996."

Washington Times 10/28/98 Freeper tgiles report "Said a senior White House advisor, "Never in history has there been a president, a vice president and a first lady who have spent more time raising money."."

Investor's Business Daily 10/28/98 ".When both sides met last week to begin setting ground rules for impeachment hearings on President Clinton, the White House left no doubt about its strategy. It's the same as it has always been: spin and delay, delay and spin. Even as lawyers from both sides met for the first time, White House hired gun Greg Craig sniped about fairness. Somehow that's what he got out of a meeting in which White House and House Judiciary Committee lawyers were merely being introduced to each other. That's nothing new. Craig began conditioning the country for the ''unfair'' gripe weeks ago. That first meeting just provided him with a platform to spout the company line. Expect Craig to stay on message. And expect the message to sell. This White House has one of the most effective political propaganda machines in history. There's little for Craig to cry ''unfair'' over, though. Clinton is getting better treatment than President Nixon received. Jerome Zeifman, chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment inquiry of Nixon, is a Democrat. He points out that Democrats were introducing impeachment resolutions, and the Judiciary Committee voted to impeach Nixon even before there was evidence of presidential wrongdoing. Few remember the ''smoking gun'' tapes were released several days after the committee vote."

Fox News Wires 10/28/98 AP Anne Gearan ".A friend from former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy's college days testified today that he tried to cover up for Espy after the FBI began investigating Espy's personal and business relationships. Richard Douglas said he lied to an FBI agent in 1994 because Espy asked him to do so. Espy is on trial for taking allegedly illegal gifts from businesses he regulated and then trying to cover it up.."

UPI 10/28/98 ".President Clinton announced (Wednesday) the budget surplus in the last fiscal year was ''exactly $70 billion.'' In revealing the figure, Clinton again urged the money be saved until the Social Security system is fixed, ''hopefully next year.'' The final figure was lower than previous estimates of an expected $80 billion surplus."

DNC Homepage, KMOX 1120 AM St. Louis, Freeper Ymani Cricket Rebuttal 11/1-2/98 ".Because the GOP is stepping up efforts to make sure elections are fair, the DNC issued a release on Oct, 31 accusing Republicans of intimidation. Question is - How can it be intimidating to make sure elections are fair unless those being intimidated are the cheaters? ..The truth is, that the Democrats are upset because Republicans are making it more difficult for them to cheat..Besides, if anyone feels like they may be intimidated at the poll, they can simply request an absentee ballot!! So the DNC argument is Bogus." and ".Today on KMOX Am1120, St. Louis Radio Station, Charles Jaco had on as guests John Hancock, executive director of the Missouri Republican Party and Bekki Cook(D) Secretary of State of MO. John Hancock noted that the hidden cameras being taken various undisclosed polls will be OUTSIDE the polling places to make sure the same people do not come in twice. That is a far cry from an invasion of privacy in your polling booth. HE also said that there would be poeple to make sure ID is checked, and to make sure the ballot counts are fair. In 1996 in The Southern Bootheel of Missouri a Democrat was caught on video buying "votes for beer". The video tape was was used by the justice department to prosecute. Bekki Cook (sec of State) Balked and said the justice department is involved and that it may be illegal for poll watchers to use video. The Irony? Justice department used the tape in 1996 to prosecute but now says taping may be illegal. Fair elections only scare those who cheat.."

AP 11/7/98 ".Authorities raided a counterfeiting ring that churned out phony driver's licenses, Social Security cards and other documents for use nationwide. Nine people were arrested in raids in Los Angeles and Orange counties, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service said Friday. Federal, state and local authorities seized 141,000 counterfeit documents, a high-grade printing press, 40 plates used to produce fake documents, $13,500 in cash and a number of weapon.Immigration authorities said the ring is tied to previous INS seizures of 307,000 fake documents in California, Utah, Texas, Florida and New York."

NY Post 11/6/98 John Crudele ".The Federal Reserve is just dying to admit that it has been doing brilliant - but alas, questionable - things to keep the stock market bubble inflated. A Wall Street Journal article on Monday is the closest the Fed has ever come to making this admission, although the newspaper apparently didn't know what it was on to. The Journal story was about the bailout of the hedge fund, Long-Term Capital Management, and how the Fed stepped in to save the day. The story gets interesting in the seventh paragraph, when it starts talking about Peter Fisher, the 42-year-old, No. 2 man at the New York Fed, whose official job is running the Fed's trading operation..What exactly does he give to these traders and dealers he talks to at 5 a.m. in the morning? Swaps, which is the word the Journal reporter came away with, implies a give-and-take. What is Fisher, the second highest person in the New York Fed's hierarchy giving to traders? Just gossip? Or is Fisher giving away what Wall Street calls inside information. And why are Fisher and the Fed concerned about the stock market? The Fed has jurisdiction over the dollar and, as an extension, bonds. It would be a big expansion of the Fed's powers to suddenly have authority over stocks. But since this nation's economy has become so dependent on the stock market's success, the Fed's current interest in equities would not be surprising. I asked to talk with Fisher. I said I wanted to know about his interest in the stock market and the swapping of information. The Fed wouldn't allow it."

Investor's Business Daily 11/12/98 Joel Mowbray ".Analysts have pointed to an ironic twist in President Clintons plan to hire 100,000 new teachers. To do it, he's going to raid the assets of Washington D.C.'s teacher pension plan, "reform" the district's pension fund so that it no longer invests in stocks and bonds, and give it the same pay-as-you-go structure as Social-Security-- meaning no assets will remain in the trust fund. How did it happen? Critics note President Clinton needed $1.1 BILLION for this teacher-hiring plan. Rather than cutting spending to offset new spending--as required in the 1997 balanced budget agreement-- he found it in the D.C. fund, which is available because the federal government took over Washington's city government in 1997.."

Freeper George Zimmerlee reports 11/19/98 ".President Clinton has authority under Section 706 of the Communications Act to suspend the Act and enforcement of law pertaining to illegal radio jamming. The FBI has admitted the illegal jamming, H. Alan Holmes of DOD has admitted jamming by the US Air Force, FCC Chairman Kennard is violating the Freedom of Information Act to hide evidence and may go into federal custody before the end of the year on various charges, particularly failure to execute and enforce the Communications Act and the most shameful crime scandal in FCC's 64-year history. Since agencies have claimed that no laws were broken, since White House will not deny that the President signed Section 706 orders, and since Congressman Gingrich stopped his investigation after it led to the President, it appears that Clinton executed the order. This is an abuse of power to authorize jamming against licensed broadcasters during peacetime for patently political reasons.."

Freeper Plummz reporting 11/21/98 on WABC - 770 AM Steve Mosberg ".Jerome Zeiffman, (Democrat) Majority Counsel for the House Watergate Committee has written, with Bob Barr, a proposed article of impeachment regarding bribery. Zeiffman will be on this talk show later. As will ReJoyce Smith..Zeiffman says he and Dash both went to teach at Jesuit law schools, and in his day, the Jesuits didn't let their law professors take so much money on the side. Ripping into law professors in general now. Says Dash and Lenzner have been buds since Watergate. Lenzner was a chief investigator under Dash's supervision at the time of Watergate. Says Dash and Lenzner have remained friends ever since. Says Dash and Lenzner are doing everything for the Dems and Clinton. Hosts asks, "Is it a left wing conspiracy?" JZ quotes Sen. Russell Long [the Cajun connection again] - "I'm against all conspiracies I'm not a part of!" JZ sees no Dem on house judish with the stature of Robert McClory (Whom I belive was a GOP HJC anti-Nixon during Watergate.) JZ says he's looking for a publisher for a new edition of "Without Honor: Impeaching Nixon and The Crimes of Camelot." New edition called "Withour Honor: The Impeachment of Presidents Nixon and Clinton." [subtitles paraphrased] .

Freeper Ogle reporting more 11/21/98 on Steve Malzberg ".Steve has been urging everyone to listen to at 1AM EST Sunday (Monday morning actually) night to hear Jerome Zeifman of the Senate Watergate Committee discuss the crimes of Clinton. Flash* Terry Lenzner and Sam Dash have a relationship going back to the Senate Watergate Committee, when Dash was Chief Investigator. Zeifman thinks Clinton is impeachable for bribery in the case of the Utah coal land which was turned into a "nature preserve" so Moctar Riady would own the single world-wide source of this clean coal.."

USA TODAY 11/23/98 Edward Pound ".EXCERPTS: "...Government investigators are exploring whether a senior Treasury Department official who provides vital funds to law enforcement agencies across the USA used her position in an effort to enrich a close associate....investigators are examining...Jan Blanton, 47, the director of Treasury's Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture. She is one of the highest-ranking female law enforcement officials in the government....Her agency receives about $250 million each year from currency and property seized in government investigations...Investigators from the Justice and Treasury departments are exploring whether Blanton used her position to steer government business to a close friend, Clifford Quinn, a systems analyst in her agency who also is associated with a private software company...the inquiry focused on contract awards made by Treasury...Blanton and Quinn were placed on administrative leave, with pay...after agents from Treasury...served search warrants at their offices and homes...."

CNN ALL POLITICS 11/25/98 ".A Miami businessman charged with making illegal campaign contributions to President Bill Clinton and other Democratic candidates is believed to have fled the country, according to the Justice Department. Justice Department spokesman John Russell said Mark Jimenez is considered a fugitive, but would not say what steps were being taken to locate him, The Tampa Tribune reported Wednesday. Mitchell Fuerst, a staff attorney for Jimenez's company Future Tech International, said he doesn't "hold much hope that he is coming back."."

12/1/98 Jonathan Salant AP ".Federal Election Commission auditors recommended today that President Clinton's campaign repay $7 million in taxpayer assistance it received during the 1996 election, and said that his Republican challenger Bob Dole's campaign should repay $17.7 million. The auditors alleged both candidates' campaigns illegally coordinated and benefited from issue ads run by their political parties..To back up its recommendations, the auditors cited three ads paid for by the Democratic National Committee that were the same as ads aired by the Clinton campaign. In other cases, the Clinton campaign and DNC shared production expenses and coordinated the broadcast of party and campaign ads so they didn't run at the same time, auditors said. The auditors said that 37 DNC ads clearly identified Clinton and ``appeared to contain electioneering messages.'' ``While it is true that the advertisements in question were run at times and in locations which suggest that the purpose of the advertisements was something other than garnering support for President Clinton, it appears that this is true because of a deliberate effort to conceal the actual purpose and strategy behind the advertisements.'' . The FEC auditors concluded the ads caused Clinton to exceed the primary spending limit by $46.4 million.. The FEC auditors said Dole exceeded the primary spending limit by $9 million, and should repay $2.9 million based on the formula. The auditors said Dole should repay an additional $14.8 million for excessive spending and other problems in the general election.."

USA Journal 12/3/98 Jon E. Dougherty ".About 87 years ago federal lawmakers and the bureaucracies they created still had some semblance of patriotism and constitutionalism. That is about the time that the federal government forced John D. Rockefeller's gas and oil monopoly called Standard Oil to break into smaller pieces so that others could compete in the free market system as the Founders envisioned. Today, however, most of that patriotism and constitutionalism has been replaced in Congress by people who are as unfamiliar with the terms as President Clinton is with the word `honesty'. Avowed Socialists walk the halls of power today as traditional qualities of self-government have been replaced by a bastardized version of self-destructive capitalism. These people now call themselves `Globalists' or `Free Traders' but really they're nothing but greedy Socialist scumbags who object to your success and are working as hard as they can to see that we all make the same low wage while toiling to make them richer. That's what Socialists do..Meanwhile U.S. consumers are hard pressed to find anything in our own department stores that was made in this country. And all of this follows similar trends from the previous decade... We can't expect American corporations to stick around if we allow our government to tax and regulate them to death. And we can't expect to find many `Made in the U.S.A.' products if all of our factories are in Malaysia, China, and Thailand. Finally, we cannot continue to expect to make $20 bucks an hour to screw a bolt on a car if the whole system has been set up to allow our corporations to get out of paying competitive wages by moving their factories overseas - then importing the same product back here for nothing. In the end the corporate blue bloods make even more money, the politicians get the kickbacks and the campaign support, and the American worker [and eventually the U.S. economy] loses. Fewer workers also mean fewer people paying taxes, but I don't suppose those brainy boys and girls on Capitol Hill have figured that one out yet. I am utterly ashamed of us as a nation for what we have allowed but a few elite power brokers to get away with in the past 87 years. The Justice Department will let a few major food corporations run the family farm out of business but then they'll take Bill Gates to court on a so-called monopoly violation. It's absurd.."

Jewish World Review 12/3/98 Thomas Sowell ".SINCE VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING is called a "crisis" these days, perhaps we should not be surprised to hear about a health care "crisis."....Are we getting worse health care than in the past? Worse than the rest of the world? Worse than we would like? The answer to the first two questions is clearly "no." ....Virtually every aspect of the so-called health care crisis boils down to the fact that everybody wants somebody else to pay for health care....The basic underlying fact that is not going to change is that medical care is costly, whether those costs are paid by HMOs, the government, the patients or anybody else. We can try to pretend that these costs don't exist or hope to force somebody else to pay them, but none of that changes the costs or the fact that they have to be paid.."

Progressive Review 12/3/98 Sam Smith ".Independent prosecutor Dan Smaltz brought 15 criminal or civil prosecutions against 14 persons, seven companies and one law firm. He obtained 15 convictions and collected over $11 million in fines and civil penalties. Offenses for which convictions were obtained included false statements, concealing money from prohibited sources, illegal gratuities, illegal contributions, falsifying records, interstate transportation of stolen property, money laundering, and illegal receipt of USDA subsidies. The largest corporate offender, Tyson Foods, paid the government $6 million in settlement of its case. Net cost of investigation: $6 million or 3% of what Tyson Foods receives annually in federal government contracts. Because of the acquittal of former ag Secretary Michael Espy, however, one would never guess that Smaltz had done anything right. In fact, the Washington elite, led by the major media, has leaped on the acquittal as evidence of the gross failure of the independent prosecutor statute..Smaltz' work demonstrates precisely what such a position is essential. No one else in Washington - - not the Justice Department, not Congress, not the media wanted to look into the Ag Department scandals which were, at their heart, not about sex nor about tickets to footballs games but about the safety of food that appears on your dinner plate. For example, last spring Consumer Reports revealed significant levels of contamination in chickens purchased from a number of different sources, including Tyson and Holly Farms. Although the precise number of food poisoning cases is impossible to come by, US officials say the reported cases of chicken poisoning rose three-fold between 1988 and 1992.."

Freeper LYNXcry reports on O'Reilly on FOX 12/3/98 ".I didn't see this posted earlier, but on watching the repeat of the O'Reilly Factor, two new (to me) items serviced. First O'Reilly read from a Fox News Flash, that sources close to the GOP Judiciary have said that Schippers and Hyde saw information in the memo that is very very damaging to the president, HOWEVER it would take longer than they have right now to persue it. They plan to investigate the information they saw in the memo, when the new congress is sworn in. The other, more relevant thing that was brought out, was from Chris Cannon, a GOP Judiciary member. He was talking about witnesses for the hearings, and mentioned John Huang's name. O'Reilly came to life immediately and pounced on him with "is Huang sceduled for the hearings, you guys just put the China stuff to rest didn't you?" Chris Cannon said "not necessarily,I am not at liberty to say what is going to happen at the hearings right now". He sure sounded as though John Huang may testify as he made reference to the evidence that had been brought forward recently from Starr, the last 4 boxes. Hmm, wonder if this was the "secret wittness" Hyde was asked about? The last question asked of Cannon by O'Reilly was whether or not he believed the president would be impeached, and he said he was pretty confident he would be."

Jewish World Review 12/4/98 Larry Elder ".WHO PAYS FOR THE RECENTLY announced record hike in the price of cigarettes? The poor, that's who....According to Investors' Business Daily, nearly 40 percent of poor men smoke vs. approximately 15 percent of men who earn more than $50,000 a year. Poor women smoke at a 30 percent rate, while women earning $50,000 a year or more smoke at a 15 percent rate....In California, Proposition 10, designed to create a fund for child development programs, adds 50 cents per package. And effective Jan. 1, California plans an additional 37 cents tax hike on cigarettes. That's 45 cents, plus 50 cents, plus 37 cents....According to "Uncle" Rob [Reiner], Proposition 10 creates up to $700 million for child development programs, justifying the measure because kids are "impressionable." You know, the children, the children.."

Washington Post 12/7/98 ".President Clinton is suggesting a series of changes that will save the federal government at least $2.1 billion by cracking down on waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicare program.. The plan includes eliminating markups in the prices Medicare is charged for drugs, a White House official said. Under Clinton's plan, Medicare would pay what a drug costs the provider. Medicare covers only certain drugs that must be administered by a doctor or in a hospital, such as those used for dialysis or organ transplants.."

Reuters 12/7/98 Isabelle Clary ".Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is troubled by his current dilemma of trying to keep the U.S. economy growing without contributing to a ``bubble'' in which U.S. stocks and other financial assets may be dangerously inflated, former Fed Gov. Lawrence Lindsey said Monday...Lindsey said Greenspan sees some eerie similarities between the current economic climate and the situation that existed in the years before the stock market crash of 1929 that triggered the Great Depression. But Greenspan remains optimistic a Depression is not in the cards today because policy makers are better informed than Fed officials were in the 1930s when they underestimated the magnitude of the problems America was facing..."

Freeper Physicist reports on 12/9/98 Dom Giordano Show, WWDB 96.5 FM in Philadelphia ".It has been announced that Philly Teamster beating victim Don Adams is going to be charged with three misdemeanors, including simple assault, for ostensibly beating two women while he was having the crap kicked out of him.."

NYT/AP 12/9/98 ".The Federal Election Commission unanimously told its auditors Wednesday to reduce the amount Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole could be asked to repay if his campaign is found to have exceeded spending limits during the 1996 campaign. Auditors had counted Republican Party ads in support of Dole as general election expenditures, which require a dollar-for-dollar payback. But the six-member FEC said those ads ran during the primary season, where the payback is much smaller. As a result, Dole's potential liability would be reduced by $11.6 million, from $17.7 million to $6.1 million. The auditors also have recommended that President Clinton's campaign repay $7 million, counting the Democratic ads against the primary spending limit.."

FOX 12/15/98 ".A South Korean medical research team said Wednesday it has succeeded in cultivating a human embryo using human cells in one of the first cloning experiments of its kind. Researchers at the infertility clinic of Kyunghee University Hospital in Seoul said they had cultivated a human embryo in its early stages using an unfertilized egg and a somatic cell - those that make up most of the body - donated by a woman in her 30s. Lee said the human embryo in the Kyunghee University experiment was last seen dividing into four cells, before the operation was aborted.."

PR Newswire 12/16/98 SOURCE: Family Research Council ".The liberal elites are spewing hateful speech from a new song sheet regarding the impeachment process,'' Family Research Council's Gary L. Bauer said Wednesday. ``Five days ago, on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (Dec. 11), actor Alec Baldwin spoke words that, if uttered by a conservative, would have destroyed him. He fantasized about living in a country where we could 'stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes (members of Congress who vote for impeachment) and we'd kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families.''' ``Where are the outcries from the ACLU, the Human Rights Campaign, People for the American Way, Kate Michelman, and Frank Rich for the hateful speech emanating from Alec Baldwin? The silence is frightening and telling. This speech is intolerable, and the President of the United States, Members of Congress and Baldwin's colleagues in Hollywood should say so.'' Baldwin worked himself into a lather on the late night show: ``I am thinking to myself in other countries they are laughing at us twenty four hours a day and I'm thinking to myself if we were in other countries, we would all right now, all of us together (starts to shout) all of us together would go down to Washington and we would stone Henry Hyde to death. We would stone him to death! (crowd cheers) Wait! Shut up! Shut up! No shut up! I'm not finished. We would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes (members of Congress who vote for impeachment) and we'd kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families. (stands up screaming) What is happening in this country? What is happening?'' ``Baldwin appears to be so hysterical he can't see straight,'' Bauer said. ``Neither Henry Hyde nor any other member of Congress is on trial. The truth is on trial. Americans know that our beloved Constitution and our laws rest on pillars of truth. We must tell the truth when we take an oath. This vote is about a violation of the oath of office that includes a promise, before God, to faithfully execute the law -- not break it.."

Associated Press 12/10/98 Jonathan Salant ".The Federal Election Commission today unanimously refused to order the campaigns of President Clinton and Republican Bob Dole to pay back millions of dollars in taxpayer funds for violating spending limits. The commissioners voted 6-0 against their auditors' recommendation that Clinton and Dole repay millions because they illegally coordinated advertising run by the Democratic and Republican parties, causing their 1996 presidential campaigns to exceed spending limits. The decision wiped out most of the original recommendation that the Clinton campaign repay $7 million and the Dole campaign $17.7 million. The commission had already decided Wednesday to reduce any possible Dole repayment by millions of dollars by considering Republican ads as expenditures for the primary rather than the general election, changing the repayment formula.."

NewMax 12/14/98 - Gerard Jackson ".First the bad news: America will go into recession. Now for the good news: I expect this to happen under Clinton. (I don't hold him responsible, I just consider it ironic justice.) The editorial in issue No. 92 (19-25 October 1998) predicted, using Austrian analysis, that the US economy would slide into recession and that the symptoms were already emerging. Despite claims to the contrary Greenspan's rate cuts can do nothing to reverse the situation ...The Austrians show that by forcing down the rate of interest the Federal Reserve misleads businesses, especially in the higher stages of production, into thinking that the fund of real capital has expanded. They therefore embark on projects for which the capital goods necessary for their completion do not exist. This makes itself felt through various shortages and bottlenecks. As these start to appear many businesses begin suffer a cost-price squeeze as prices are no longer sufficient to maintain expansion or even cover factor costs. Nevertheless, the so-called service sector, the one closest to consumption, undergoes a boom with rising demand and employment. There is no paradox here..."

Washington Weekly 12/14/98 Wesley Phelan ".It is clear from the record that the number of those who knew why McDougal was having difficulty providing urine on demand included at least four prison personnel. These are: the psychologist; the Medical Officer; the Captain to whom the Medical Officer sent the psychologist's memorandum; and the member of the Unit Team who informed McDougal that the psychologist's recommendation was not in his central file. By March 7 the psychologist, the Medical Officer, the Captain in charge, and at least one officer in McDougal's Unit Team knew that he was supposed to receive dry cell status. At least two of these staff members knew that the recommendation had not made it to his central file, and that the recommendation had not been implemented. It fell to McDougal himself to take the responsibility for getting a copy of the recommendation to his Unit Team. Unfortunately for him, he could not force the BOP to comply with its own policy recommendations in time to avoid the events of March 7. That trained prison personnel should fail to place an important recommendation from qualified medical staff into McDougal's central file is negligent. That they should fail in responding to his request that the document be resubmitted in a timely manner is inexcusable. That all those aware of the recommendation should stand by while he was required to give urine samples in violation of the recommendation is unspeakable. The Focus Review report concluded its assessment of these failures with the following statement: "The staff misconduct allegation, which was unrelated to inmate McDougal's failure to provide a urine specimen, had been investigated and closed in accordance with Bureau of Prisons policy regarding staff investigations." This statement and finding is, to put it bluntly, self-serving. The simple fact is the Bureau of Prisons failed to provide James McDougal a level of care its own staff recognized as required by his condition. The extent to which this failure contributed to his death in the hole on March 8 remains to be determined..."

LA TIMES 12/24/98 Mark Fritz ".Justin Arango wants a gift this Christmas that isn't necessarily cool, computerized, flashy or furry. The degree of his desire became obvious Saturday, when he climbed aboard Santa's knee. "Can you find my dad a job?" the 5-year-old asked the local St. Nick, breaking every heart within earshot inside Weirton's crowded community center. Justin's dad, Troy Arango, chokes up just a little when he tells this story. "Santa said it about tore him up," he says. Arango recently lost his job at the company where his father and grandfather had worked until retirement. He is among the roughly 900 steelworkers who have been laid off for the holidays in a small town carved into the hills of the Ohio Valley. They comprise almost one-fifth of the work force of the Weirton Steel Corp., the main employer for miles around..The situation is somewhat special here, however, because it demonstrates how public support for President Clinton can change when his most potent asset, the generally strong economy, suddenly vanishes. Or, in this case, collides with questions about his credibility.."

12/31/98 The White House "..Today, President Clinton announced a new child support crackdown aimed at the nation's most egregious child support violators. Despite record child support collections, there are still too many parents who flagrantly ignore their obligations to their children, and the President will propose to spend $46 million to identify, investigate, and prosecute these deadbeat parents. The President took this action today as he released new evidence that his Administration's child support efforts are working: child support collections have gone up a record 80 percent since he took office, from $8 billion in 1992 to an estimated $14.4 billion in 1998.."

Dawn (Karachi Pakistan) 1/3/99 Ghada Khouri ".Since the passage of new anti-militancy and immigration regulations in 1996, government prosecutors are increasingly relying on classified evidence to deport aliens suspected of supporting militancy. Some 25 individuals - almost all of them Arabs - are currently incarcerated as they battle deportation proceedings based on evidence neither they nor their attorneys can examine. None of them has been charged. Legal experts say secret evidence violates a defendant's due process rights. "It's virtually impossible to defend yourself if you can't confront the source of the allegations against you," said attorney David Cole, who has represented many people targeted by secret evidence.."

Washinton Calling Scripps Howard Washington Bureau by Freeper chugalug 1/10/99 "."The Immigration and Naturalization Service is throwing in the towel on punishing businesses for employing illegal aliens. Caught between congressional Democrats who don't want the agency harassing immigrants and congressional Republicans who don't want it harassing businesses, the INS has drafted a new enforcement strategy that calls for increased enforcement of every law under its jurisdiction except the law against hiring illegal aliens (.). The agency asked Congress for 130 more inspectors for its work site enforcement operations in fiscal 1988 (1998?), but Congress said no. For fiscal 1999 it didn't ask for any. The INS sanctioned about 2,000 employers a year in the early 1990s. In fiscal 1997, it sanctioned fewer than 900. Fines fell from $17 million a year to $8 million in 1997.".."

Insight Magazine 2/1/99 Jennifer Hickey ". Almost a month after Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr told Congress that he had found no evidence implicating the president in the improper gathering by the Clinton White House staff of more than 900 FBI files on key Republicans credentialed for the Bush and Reagan administrations, Tripp was under oath before a camera delivering answers to questions Starr did not ask. Subpoenaed by Judicial Watch, the conservative watchdog group representing several former Bush and Reagan administration officials in a $90 million lawsuit against the FBI, the White House, the Department of Defense, former White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum -- and Hillary Rodham Clinton -- Tripp offered both damning and enlightening testimony...The news is that from her front-row seat in the White House counsel's office, Tripp saw much more than she or the administration wished she had. . . . . Flanked at the Judicial Watch deposition by her attorney, Anthony Zaccagnini, and by lawyers representing the government, Nussbaum and Hillary Clinton, Tripp dropped a bombshell. While she had testified at length to what she later would come to believe were FBI files in Vince Foster's safe, Tripp also revealed that she saw "what I now believe to be the infamous billing records in that safe.".. The document, bearing the handwritten notation, "Linda, just thought you might find this of interest," allegedly was placed by Lewinsky on Tripp's office chair at the Pentagon shortly before October 1997. It was a list of people with connections to the Clinton administration who had died of unnatural or unexplained causes during the last two decades.. . . . Tripp testified that Lewinsky also left on her chair a longer, more detailed list of suddenly deceased Clinton "troublemakers." While the handwriting on the note was not Lewinsky's, according to Tripp, she never directly asked who had provided the former Clinton sex partner with the list..."

Associated Press 1/15/99 Hans Greimel ".An abortion case erupted into calls for a mistrial Friday when a federal judge chided a witness by saying: "Truthful means truthful. ... This is not a Clinton deposition!'' Judge Robert E. Jones quickly apologized for his angry outburst in front of the jury and portrayed it as a comment made in jest at the end of a long week of testimony. "May the record reflect that the court is smiling and the witness is smiling,'' a flustered Jones told a courtroom echoing with both gasps and laughter. ."

The Intelligencer 1/18/99 Tracy Carbasho ".An insider trade publication in Washington said President Clinton warned Japan to cut its steel shipments in an attempt to appease Senate members who will act as ``jurors'' in his impeachment trial. Clinton warned Japanese leaders a week ago to slash the heavy volume of steel products being sent to U.S. markets. The threat was issued a day after the president revealed his plan for addressing the serious import crisis which has disabled many domestic steelmakers.."

AP 1/19/99 David Bauder ". Never before had a president's State of the Union address been described as just another form of defense in an ongoing impeachment trial. But that was how television commentators sought to tie Tuesday's extraordinary events together: Lawyer Charles Ruff opening President Clinton's defense in the Senate impeachment trial hours before Clinton was to make his annual agenda- setting address to Congress. CBS, ABC, NBC and the cable news networks pre-empted afternoon programming to air Ruff's opening arguments and were to return later for prime-time coverage of Clinton's speech. ``Tonight another attorney will pick up Bill Clinton's defense -- Bill Clinton himself,'' CBS's Dan Rather said when Ruff had finished speaking. NBC commentator Tim Russert said Clinton could help inoculate himself against removal from office by ingratiating himself with the American people during his speech.."

AP 1/20/99 Martin Crutsinger Freeper Brian Mosely ".While calling the economy's current performance ``outstanding,'' Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan expressed worries today that the high-flying stock market could be headed for a tumble that could spell serious trouble down the road. Greenspan, in testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee, said nothing to directly indicate whether the Fed would be changing interest rates any time soon.."

Freeper Stand Watach Listen on Clinton Buffalo speech ".here's an excerpt from the Buffalo speech... ...Now, we're going to have a big argument about this. And we should, and I hope it will be a good debate. But I believe, since we have -- as the Vice President said -- this $70 billion surplus from last year and a bigger one coming this year, since it's projected that over a 25-year period we will average substantial surpluses on an annual basis -- now, they'll go up and down with the economy, but the point is we have no permanent deficit anymore, the natural condition is a surplus, okay -- so the question is, what do we do with it? We could give it all back to you and hope you spend it right. (Applause.) But I think -- here's the problem. If you don't spend it right, here's what's going to happen. In 2013 -- that's just 14 years away -- taxes people pay on their payroll for Social Security will no longer cover the monthly checks. So we have to get into the Social Security trust fund, the savings account. By 2032, it will be gone. After that, if we haven't done something, we can only pay a little over 70 percent of the benefits. By then, the cost of living will be higher and it will be devastating.."

Boston Herald 1/19/99 ".The easiest way to beat the bullies of the Clinton administration is Davy Crockett's advice: Be sure you're right, then go ahead. That's what former United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter discovered when the Defense Department tried to browbeat him into letting it censor the book he has written about his time in Iraq. ."

Washington Times 1/21/99 Freeper Nick Danger ".It is a measure of Bill Clinton's love of governmental programs and his contempt for the people whose taxes finance those programs that he could not find room for any net tax cuts in the face of such overwhelming surpluses.."

The Common Sense American 2/99 Gene Wirges Freeper A Whitewater Researcher ".In the early 1970s, an Arkansas State Administration proposed a plan to protect thousands of its operation...turned the corrupt Arkansas Political Machine....Many...forwarded payments to the Department -- often in cash....An audit showed hundreds of thousands of dollars missing...The State Administration filed no charges...nor was a single penny repaid....Especially avoided was how a Machine lackey had been appointed to handle all that cash...Head of that State Administration was Gov. Dale Bumpers, who stayed silent when the Machine lackey was appointed, and remained silent when no charges were filed. He also remained mum when that Machine lackey was the State Auditor's Department, watching over most state funds....This is the same Political Machine which has "run things" in Arkansas for the last half century. It launched Clinton's political career, once removed him (1980), then reinstated him (1982) and finally financed his presidential campaign (1992). ."

newsmax 1/21/99 Robert Novak ".That Bill Clinton delivered a State of the Union address Tuesday night in the midst of his impeachment trial was a sign of Republican disorganization and weakness. The kind of speech he gave was proof of his political mastery. This constitutionally mandated message to Congress has deteriorated under President Clinton into a poll-driven political pep rally, and he showed this week that he has perfected the art form..."

AP 1/22/99 ".Democratic fund-raiser Yah Lin ``Charlie'' Trie may be headed to jail if prosecutors can prove he filed a false police report in order to illegally obtain a new passport. Trie, a longtime friend of President Clinton, faces charges he obstructed a U.S. Senate investigation by ordering an employee to get rid of documents that had been subpoenaed. He pleaded innocent to those charges and others in Washington and has been free pending trial. ..In papers filed in federal court here on Thursday, prosecutors said Trie initially reported his home was burglarized last November and that $2,200 worth of property -- including his Taiwanese passport -- was stolen. The facts he alleged then are different from those Trie presented in court papers in December, prosecutors said, when he violated the terms of his release by applying for a substitute passport. Trie said he didn't know that was a violation, the papers said, though his passport and other travel documents were seized when he was arrested.."

on Times 1/22/99 Bill Sammon ".President Clinton's State of the Union address contained initiatives that, if enacted, would increase federal spending by 20 percent, or $288 billion a year, according to an analysis by a taxpayer watchdog group. That would wipe out the entire budget surplus and create a $100 billion deficit in the plan's first year alone, said Tom McClusky of the nonpartisan National Taxpayers Union Foundation, which performed the analysis. "He's trying to please everybody, but he'll only make people happy until they realize they're going to pay for all of these proposals," Mr. McClusky said. "An across-the-board tax cut would let people decide how to spend the money." ."

New York Post Crudele 1/22/99 Freeper SamAdams76 ".Over the past year, the federal deficit - which is money owed by our government - rose from $5.486 trillion to $5.618 trillion. Those are government numbers right out of Barron's. That means the federal debt climbed by $132 billion. Which means the federal budget DEFICIT last year was $132 billion. There was no surplus of $70 billion, or any other amount, as Washington is claiming. When the economy weakens - as it always does - the true deficit numbers will increase. The surplus claim is wrong. It's a fraud. Washington is able to pretend there is a surplus because it has been raiding the Social Security trust fund, which, you have to understand, isn't a pile a cash sitting somewhere in the Treasury. It's really a pile of government IOUs (Treasury bills, really) Washington puts into Social Security in exchange for the cash it steals... Right now the Social Security system is running a surplus because more money coming in than going out. It's demographics at work - more employees than retirees. That pleasant situation, however, will not last long. But this surplus belongs to people like me and you, who'll need it to retire someday. So Washington shouldn't pretend that it belongs to the country and part of the budget. The president wants this non-existent "budget surplus" pumped back into Social Security. What does that mean? Washington will steal $200 billion from Social Security (turning a real $132 billion deficit into a $70 billion surplus), so that it can proclaim a budget surplus, then it will return the excess money to Social Security from where it was stolen in the first place.."

Whom Have We Elected? - The New American 1/22/93 William F. Jasper Freeper Rodger Schultz ".Father Richard McSorley, a radical Jesuit priest and professor from Georgetown University -- and one of Bill Clinton's anti-war comrades. Father McSorley's "testimony" comes in the form of his book, Peace Eyes, published in 1977. It is an account of his anti-war activities and travels in the U.S. and Europe. "When I got off the train in Oslo, Norway," Peace Eyes begins, "I met Bill Clinton of Georgetown University. He asked if he could go with me visiting peace people. We visited the Oslo Peace Institute and talked with conscientious objectors, with peace groups, and with university students." On November 15, 1969, I participated in the British moratorium against the Vietnam War in front of the U.S. Embassy at Grosvenor Square in London," Fr. McSorley recorded. He described the demonstrations: The activities in London supporting the second stage of the moratorium and the March of Death in Washington were initiated by Group 68 (Americans in Britain). This group had the support of British peace organizations, including the Committee on Nuclear Disarmament, the British Peace Council, and the International Committee for Disarmament and Peace .... The next day I joined with about 500 other people for the interdenominational service. Most of them were young, and many of them were Americans. As I was waiting for the ceremony to begin, Bill Clinton of Georgetown, then studying as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, came up and welcomed me. He was one of the organizers [emphasis added]. The British Peace Council, with which "organizer" Clinton was involved, is the British branch of the World Peace Council, a Soviet-front directed by the KGB. These demonstrations were not merely "anti-wary they were anti-American, pro- Vietcong, pro-Hanoi. and pro-Ho Chi Minh. They were used as propaganda by the communist and liberal media to undermine American morale.."

Insight 2/6/99 Paul M. Rodriguez/Timothy W. Maier ".February 1, without any warning, the White House made available to selected media outlets a "declassified" version of the recent 700-page congressional report that critisizes the Clinton administration and previous ones for laxity in the sharing of missile and satellite technology with Red China.. The White House version, which includes the panel's 38 recommendations for action, sheds little light on why the panel concluded U.S. national-security interests were damaged by the technology transfers, and its release has infuriated both Cox and Dicks. Neither lawmaker was told in advance of the planned release of the decoy. Both lawmakers are preparing to protest directly to the president -- and they have the backing of the rest of the special committee.."Chris (Cox) was mad as hell," said one source. "They've been hammered for not releasing any information even to other members about what's in the report and suddenly, without advance notice, the NSC releases a statement about it plus the recommendations. .."

Washington Times 2/5/99 Greg Pierce ".Now that the Internal Revenue Service has ruled that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's college course was just that -- a college course -- all those Democrats who claimed it was an illegal political scheme owe the man an apology, says Republican Chairman Jim Nicholson. After all, the House forced Mr. Gingrich to pay a $300,000 fine over the issue. And Mr. Nicholson has a question: What took the IRS so long? "The Clinton administration Internal Revenue Service owes an explanation why it took 3- and- a-half years to determine that Newt Gingrich's college course wasn't political, something they should have known after watching 20 hours of tapes," Mr. Nicholson said.."The trumped-up charges by congressional Democrats, led by David Bonior, were politically motivated attacks from the outset," he said. "Bonior and the Democrats owe Newt Gingrich an apology, and all Americans should demand an explanation of why the Internal Revenue Service became a weapon for 41 months of political water torture against the most prominent opponent of the Clinton-Gore Democrat agenda." ."

Cspan2 1/28/99 U.S. Senate Budget Committee hearings Alan Greenspan Senator Hollings Freeper A Whitewater Researcher "....HOLLINGS: ...we're still running deficits. 'Cause I'm not going along with this monkeyshine about unified. 'Cause unified is not net, the debt still goes up, is that correct?...The simple fact is the debt has been going up at least $100 billion for the last several years....GREENSPAN: Outside, on budget, that is correct....HOLLINGS: That's right, on budget, you're spending a hundred billion more than you're taking in....GREENSPAN: Correct....HOLLINGS: And this (Clinton) president's budget spends another hundred billion more than we take know his plan. Look you think he's going to spend less than a hundred billion more?...What we've been doing, Mr. Chairman, in all reality, is taken a hundred billion out of the Social Security Trust Fund, transferring it over to the spending column, and spending it....we continue to spend a hundred billion more than we take in....That's the reality...I'm trying to get this government back to reality...We owe Social Security 736 billion right this minute..."

Orlando Sentinel 1/29/99 Charlie Reese ".The first thing to keep in mind when evaluating Bill Clinton's laundry list of promises, made in his State of the Union speech, is that Mr. Clinton is a proven liar.. Two main lies underlie his speech. One is the lie that Social Security needs saving. Well, only from politicians. The current tax brings in more than enough money to keep the Social Security Trust Fund solvent, but Congress and presidents use the surplus to offset deficits in other places in order to promulgate the second lie -- that the budget has a surplus. .So, starting with two lies, Clinton then proceeds to spend a nonexistent surplus stretching 15 years into the future. Even if this year's surplus were real, there is no way to predict that the surpluses will continue for 15 years into the future. That is pure fantasy.."

WorldNetDaily 2/15/99 David Bresnahan "."End runs were done around various community leaders," San Antonio Chief of Police Al Philipus told Austin radio talk show host Alex Jones, on assignment from WorldNetDaily. He was asked to host the exercises last May, but refused."Once I said no, they went to various individuals in the community to bring pressure to bear to get me to change my mind," explained Philipus. "For example, there was a community leader who I have a great deal of respect for, and we have a very good relationship. I get a call from him and he says, 'Chief, there's some people in here. They're in town and it's part of their role here, they need to meet with the mayor and the police chief.' "Of course, this gentleman, who I've worked very closely with on a number of projects, I told him to have them give me a call. Now I'd already said no. Well now I find out they're the same group. So they identified somebody that I know that's very high in the community to make an approach to me and get me to change my mind. Then when we said no, some elected officials were contacted to bring pressure to bear," said Philipus. "Then offers were made to give money, cash money to elected officials' charities if they could get us to change our minds. As one of my deputy chiefs said, in some circles, that's called bribery." Operation Last Dance began Feb. 8 with an explosive exercise in Kingsville, Texas, near Corpus Christi. Community leaders have come under heavy criticism from residents who were badly frightened when Knight Stalkers fired live rounds and set off explosions very close to innocent civilians. Army spokesmen have confirmed plans to continue with additional exercises in the Corpus Christi area until Feb. 20. Several reports of military activity throughout the area have been received by WorldNetDaily.."

(UPI Spotlight) 2/16/99 ".Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced (Tuesday) nearly $1 billion more in disaster aid to Central America in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch and Hurricane Georges.."

Jewish World Review 2/17/99 Walter Williams ".Try this: Ask one of these Constitution- talking politicians how much respect we should have for the 10th Amendment, which reads, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution ... are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." The 10th Amendment simply and clearly says if the Constitution does not permit the federal government to do something, then the federal government doesn't have the right to do it. You tell me where in the Constitution is there delegated authority for federal involvement in education, retirement, health, housing, transportation, handouts and other activities representing more than three-quarters of federal spending. You say: "Williams, lighten up. Congress gets authority to control our lives through the "general welfare" clause of the Constitution.".. Thomas Jefferson, always fearful of the perversion of the general welfare clause, wrote, "Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated." In 1794, Madison wrote disapprovingly of an appropriation to assist French refugees, "I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents." If Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were around today, their enunciation of constitutional principles would be greeted with derision and contempt by no less than 520 of the 535 members of the House and the Senate.."

New York Times 2/17/99 Michael Weinstein ".Congressional Republicans are finding all kinds of suspicious elements in President Clinton's budget plan. First, they accused the administration of double counting the surplus in the Social Security program -- the amount by which payroll taxes in a given year exceed payments to retirees -- by adding it twice to the Social Security trust fund. Though the charge is technically accurate, it lacks, according to many economists, the nefarious purpose or impact implied by its critics..Herger asks, ``If, as the administration claims, the budget is balanced and saves Social Security, why is federal debt still rising?'' The administration's answer also lies on page 389 of the budget, two lines below the figures Herger focuses on. The table shows that under the Clinton plan, federal debt held by the public -- let's call it external debt -- falls from about $3.7 trillion today to about $3.3 trillion in 2004. But, as the Republican critics note, total federal debt rises from about $5.6 trillion to about $6.8 trillion during the same period. Total debt equals debt held by the public (external debt) plus debt held by various government agencies or trust funds (let's call that internal debt). The answer to Herger's question is that the two debt figures move in opposite directions because the president proposes to use surplus revenue from the Social Security payroll tax to buy back government bonds held by the public. External debt would fall. The president would then, in effect, deposit the purchased bonds into the Social Security and Medicare trust funds. Internal debt would rise, because the bonds represent loans from the trust funds to the Treasury. Some day the funds will return those bonds for cash.."

UPI 2/18/99 ".A company trying to amass a nation-wide listing of drivers licenses photographs benefited from nearly $1.5M in federal funds and technical advice from the U.S. Secret Service. .."

Daily Oklahoman 2/18/99 Editorial "..It has been 7 1/2 months since Clinton held a formal press conference. His last solo meeting with reporters was April 30 last year, and the grilling Clinton received -- 16 of 36 questions concerned Monica Lewinsky -- no doubt is the reason there hasn't been one since. Questions remain unanswered. A recent CBS poll showed 84 percent of Americans believe Clinton committed perjury and obstruction of justice (55 percent think he did wrong but shouldn't be removed from office; 29 percent said he should be removed). Clinton deflected queries from the House of Representatives with a blizzard of half-truths and state-of-the- art hairsplitting. He refused to testify before the Senate. How long can he go on stiffing the American people?."

PRNewswire 2/18/99 ".With President Clinton in New Hampshire planning a celebration tonight of his post-impeachment "comeback," Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today decried cuts in the Clinton-Gore budget that Nicholson called "a secret war on senior citizens with cancer." .Nicholson explained that the Clinton-Gore budget proposal contains a reduction in Medicare Part B reimbursement for cancer drugs provided to patients in doctors' offices and outpatient clinics. The reduction, Nicholson said, will likely force patients into more expensive and inconvenient inpatient settings, a move he called "shortsighted, cruel and counterproductive." Many doctors' offices and outpatient treatment centers rely on these Medicare drug reimbursements to provide cancer patients using Medicare with high quality specialists that the disease requires, he explained, citing a number of studies compiled by the General Accounting Office and the Health Care Financing Administration over the past decade.. Bill Clinton and Al Gore want to cut the one source of funding that allows them to remain a viable option for senior citizens with cancer." ."


Arkansas Democrat Gazette 2/18/99 MARK WALLER Freeper gocowboys "."I'd be disappointed if it's not in the six-figure range, a quarter of a million dollars or more." "If the judge does find him in contempt, however," DiGenova said, "it will underscore the validity of the impeachment process." DiGenova, who led the investigation into the Bush administration's search of Clinton's passport records during the 1992 campaign, said Wright needs to do something to protect the honor of her court. "If she doesn't do something, she'll look like a fool," he said. "If she does nothing, she will be sanctioning some of the most egregious, brazen behavior ever seen in the United States legal system. She was used by the president of the United States."."

Washington Times 2/19/99 John McCaslin ".Since 1990, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has been on the General Accounting Office's "High-Risk List" due to severe management problems. But that's not stopping President Clinton from overwhelming HUD even more. Among the 77 new programs Mr. Clinton has proposed in his budget, 18 are to be administered by HUD at a cost of $890 million. Concerned that HUD might not be up to the task, the House Government Reform Committee summoned HUD Inspector General Susan Gaffney to Capitol Hill.."HUD is struggling," she admitted. "I don't understand why we want to make that struggle worse until we get the situation under control."."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 2/20/99 ".Local lawyers contacted in recent days about the contempt possibility lean heavily toward the belief that it is criminal contempt, not civil contempt, to which Wright's order referred. . Similarily, since the purpose of a contempt finding in the now-settled Jones case could only be to punish, the consensus among legal observers is that criminal contempt is what Clinton faces.. she has the authority to imprison the president - period - because of the separation of powers issue," Hall said. Little Rock lawyer Sam Perroni said the fact that Wright raised the contempt issue on her own, without a request from one of the parties, "indicates to me she's got some real concerns about this and feels perhaps a judicial obligation to look into this. What becomes of it is anybody's guess." .Though the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a civil case could proceed against the president while he is in office, that was partially based on the fact that the subject of a civil action doesn't have to be present during a trial, thus presidential responsibilities wouldn't be interrupted. But a criminal defendant cannot be tried in absentia. ."

NY TIMES 2/20/99 "...Seven Republican senators have written to Donna Shalala, secretary of Health and Human Services, to protest a ruling that permits federal financing of research into human embryonic stem cells, the primordial cells from which all the body's tissues are derived....The two letters refer to three-year-old law that forbids federal money to be used for any research in which an embryo is destroyed. Last year, researchers using private financing managed to culture human embyronic stem cells from frozen embryos created in fertility clinics and from aborted fetuses...Shalala's department ruled last month that federal grants could be awarded for research on the cells already obtained, though not for obtaining additional cells. A profusion of cells can be grown from the existing cultures....Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., who is chairman of the subcommittee that sets biomedical research financing, said that plans to award federal money for stem cell research should continue while the House letter to Shalala was under consideration...."

Seattle Times by Freeper UnBubba 2/22/99 reports "..[Clinton] has held only one press conference since December 16, 1997. This was 433 days ago! On April 30, 1998, [Clinton] answered reporter questions for 55 minutes..."

Associated Press 2/24/99 Pete Yost "…For all the current excitement of a possible Senate bid, Hillary Rodham Clinton also faces unwelcome attention in federal courtrooms from a familiar problem: Whitewater. Mrs. Clinton is referred to 36 times in a fraud indictment against her former law partner, Webster Hubbell, signifying that her name will be brought up repeatedly in her old friend's trial, scheduled to begin June 14. She could even be called as a witness. The first lady's name also could come up in next month's criminal contempt trial of former Whitewater partner Susan McDougal, who is accused of obstructing Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's investigation. The indictment against Mrs. McDougal details a series of grand jury questions about Mrs. Clinton that Mrs. McDougal refused to answer…."

Insight Magazine 3/15/99 Aimee Howd Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...But the American people went ballistic when President Clinton took this idea to its logical conclusion and proudly displayed a sample national health-care I.D. card during the nationally televised summary of his health-care plan in 1993. Few consumers could stomach the thought of allowing even the most altruistic federal bureaucrat to assign them a "unique health identifier" -- a computerized code that could be used not only to track the medical records of every citizen from birth, but potentially could link those records to financial data, tax information, employment history, educational databases and anything else of interest to a would-be Big Brother...."

Jewish World Review 2/25/99 David Corn Freeper Marcellus "...Adultery has been good for Hillary Clinton: Her husband's caddish behavior has won her sympathy, and embarrassment has given her a political future....Hillary...parlayed an investment of $1000 in risky cattle futures into a net gain of $100,000....Before we learned that the account was arranged by Clinton crony Jim Blair and managed by a firm with a questionable track record, Hillary...claimed she'd picked her own investments after perusing The Wall Street Journal-about as bold a lie as could be. From that moment on, she proved she was a scoundrel....Forget all the Whitewater shenanigans, or her sellout of universal health-care coverage, the commodites deal provides sufficient information for rendering harsh judgment...."

Freeper Always Right 2/25/99 reports Geraldo "…G. Spence says Juanita holding Charge over Clinton is Worse then Rape! …"

Hannity & Colmes Freeper LYNXCry 2/25/99 reports "…Dick Morris on Hannity said "We should count the Jane Does in Roman Numerals, Jane Doe VI , Jane Doe VII, Jane Doe VIII etc. He said, "When a man does this once, he does not stop"...Also Lucianne on Hockenberry right now "I am saying THIS MAN IS A RAPIST and I want him to come forward and sue me if its untrue"..Lucianne said she has been in contact with Jaunita, she is totally telling the truth. Lucy said "I will take the heat, let him slam me with liable, I will spend the rest of my years left making sure this man is known to be her rapist." Lucy is MAD!!…" Freeper Senator Pardek adds "…Trixie just said, "..they'll be more (rape victims coming forward), I guarantee it!"…"

CNN Larry King Live 2/25/99 Freeper AnnO reports "…Coverage of the Tucson Freeper Protest at the beginning and again at this break with quite a long pan of the wonderful gang with great signs and a chant 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 who are you going to rape!…" Freeper aligyrl-02 adds "…David Gergen is stuttering. He can't come up with any words to defend his WH rapist…" Freeper Rumple adds "…I'm amazed that Patricia Ireland hasn't called the woman trailer trash yet and actually seems to be bothered by a sense of right and wrong. Could the women's group actually be considering defending women against rape? …"

2/28/99 David Westphal / Star Tribune Washington Bureau Chief Freeper DonMorgan "...When President Clinton persuaded Congress to raise taxes on the rich as part of his 1993 deficit-reduction plan, he hoped the nation's wealthiest families would provide part of the revenue needed to end three decades of deficit spending. Little did he know that the rich would practically do it all themselves. Federal income taxes are soaring for the wealthiest Americans. Between 1993 and 1997, the percentage paid by individuals with adjusted gross annual income of $200,000 or more increased 83 percent, according to a Congressional Budget Office study. That means 1.5 percent of taxpayers paid 37 percent of all the taxes collected in 1997. And among those making $1 million and higher, federal income-tax payments more than doubled. By comparison, taxes went up 28 percent, on average, for those making less than $200,000 -- 98.5 percent of the taxpaying public...."

Reuters 3/7/99 "…``We accomplished, and he accomplished, more than I ever thought humanly possible. But he lost the battle with himself, tarnished his presidency and all of us associated with it,'' Stephanopoulos told Newsweek. ``The shame of the whole Clinton experience is that it was a story of a man who confronted his weaknesses and who became a better president every day. And then he threw it all away,'' he said…."

FoxNews Sunday 3/7/99 Freeper acanales "…During an interview with Tony Snow and Brit Hume on FoxNews Sunday, Senator Trent Lott indicated concern that the President's proposal to send troops to Kosovo was counting on a "surplus" money to fund the sure-to-be permanent deployment. But Senator Lott appears to be making the case that this money is really Social Security money that should be locked away to make Social Security solvent and any excess after this should be returned to the taxpayers in the form of an across-the- board rate cut or a cancelling of the marriage penalty…"

AP 3/07/99 "…The showdown over bananas between the United States and Europe has put the future of the World Trade Organization at risk, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said Sunday. ``If the Europeans don't start dealing with us more honestly in complying with WTO decisions, I don't know that WTO is going to exist or amount to anything,'' Lott, R-Miss., said on ``Fox News Sunday.'' The WTO has become the battleground for a dispute between the United States and the European Union over European restrictions on imports of Central and Latin American bananas. The WTO ruled against the Europeans in 1997. But the United States, saying the EU had not adequately redressed the issue, announced plans to impose $520 million in retaliatory tariffs on European goods…."

Associated Press 3/7/99 Bert Wilkinson "…Angered by the U.S. position in a trade dispute over banana exports to Europe, Caribbean Community nations have agreed to suspend a treaty of cooperation with the United States to fight drug trafficking, an official said Sunday. The treaty signed in Barbados by President Clinton in May 1997 calls for cooperation by Caribbean nations in anti-drug trafficking measures and extradition of suspects. But regional leaders have increasingly complained that Washington has ignored its end of the bargain by failing to address economic issues so important to the Caribbean…."

Sun-Times 3/8/99 Robert Novak "…Speaking in Buffalo, N.Y., the day after his State of the Union speech, an unusually candid President Clinton declared that the government knows better than individual citizens how the federal surplus should be spent. New polling data show that this time, the president is running counter to what Americans believe. A question asked for me by pollster John Zogby in his national survey last month discloses overwhelming opposition to Clinton's insistence that tax cuts should be targeted to good purposes rather than an individual's personal desires. Another question revealed disagreement that Washington is better equipped than individuals to invest Social Security funds. These libertarian yearnings appear strongest among lower-income workers, young people and minority groups. Such grass-roots sentiment contradicts defeatist rhetoric by Republican members of Congress who are intimidated by the president's apparent sway over public opinion. While they mutter darkly about Clinton's comments in Buffalo, the GOP is drifting toward targeted tax cuts--whose premise is that government knows best…."

Reuters 3/10/99 "…With memories of last August's U.S. embassy bombings in Africa still fresh, congressmen Wednesday faulted Secretary of State Madeleine Albright for not seeking more new funds for security upgrades. `We were anticipating ... a fairly large increment for embassy security'' in the 1999-2000 budget, especially since a review panel recommended $1.4 billion a year for 10 years, Rep. Harold Rogers told Albright at a committee hearing. ``I was shocked frankly ... you didn't request a penny'' for new construction, said the Kentucky Republican, who chairs the House Appropriations subcommittee on state, commerce and justice. ``And I don't understand that ... There is no money for fiscal year 2000 for new construction and yet we have got problems all over the world in terms of security,'' he said…"

Stephanopolous, on 20/20 Freeper Taliesan 3/10/99 "…Diane Sawyer's interview of George Stephanopolous just aired on 20/20. At one point, she asked him (I'm paraphrasing) "Considering all that has happened, all that you now know, do you think Clinton should have bveen elected." His answer: "No." …"

Associated Press 3/10/99 H Josef Hebert "…Law enforcement and security officials said it had been known for some time that lab security was lax. They note neither Hazel O'Leary nor Federico Pena, the previous two energy secretaries, had extensive backgrounds in the agency's defense aspects. O'Leary also pressed for more openness at the labs and promoted visits by foreign scientists. But Bill Richardson, the new secretary, has focused more attention on counterintelligence and security issues, congressional and law inforcement sources said in interviews Wednesday…."

Houston Chronicle 3/11/99 John Henry "…President Clinton expressed regret Wednesday that the United States supported government military forces responsible for killing an estimated 200,000 civilians during Guatemala's 36-year civil war…. The U.S. "support for military forces or intelligence units which engaged in violence or widespread repression described in the report was wrong," Clinton said. "The United States must not repeat that mistake." …Newly declassified U.S. intelligence documents surfaced in Washington on Wednesday that indicate the United States was intimately involved in the equipping of those security forces and that the CIA retained close ties to the Guatemalan army in the 1980s. The documents, obtained by the Washington Post, showed that U.S. officials were aware of the killings at the time…"

PRNewswire 3/11/99 The Sovereign Dineh Nation "…Rena Babbitt Lane, whose horse was taken from her corral on February 22, had her wrist broken when she tried to stop a previous impoundment. Others have been beaten or arrested when they tried to resist confiscations in the past. Targeted are Dineh (Navajo) families who were made trespassers on their own land by a 1974 congressional law passed at the urging of the coal-fired power industry. Over 12,000 people have been forcibly relocated since then, but about 3,000 still remain. They survive by herding sheep as their families have done for hundreds of years. Their livestock is central to their daily lives, in which culture and religion are interwoven with land and animals. The herds have a different significance to the government. They are the key to the people being able to sustain an independent lifestyle in remote areas without electricity, running water, telephones, or government assistance. Under terms of a 1996 law intended to complete the evictions ordered in 1974, the U.S. government aims to expel these people within the next 12 months. The government hopes that destroying their herds will turn them into helpless dependents, unable to resist expulsion. The Sovereign Dineh Nation urges members of the press to come to Black Mesa and witness what the BIA is doing to the poorest and most vulnerable people in this country. When the U.S. government embarks on a program of terror under the guise of law, the media have a responsibility to make these actions known to all…."

Houston Chronicle 3/11/99 Editorial "…In between these sets of concerns is a confusing and incomplete mass of details that requires some serious sorting and sifting. Why, for example, does the Commerce Department, which was given authority for some of the deliberate technology transfers, not know how many supercomputers have been sold to the PRC and who is controlling them for what purpose? …"

Capitol Hill Blue 3/13/99 Doug Thompson Teresa Hampton "…In confidential interviews with more than a dozen White House staffers over the past week, Capitol Hill Blue has learned that life on the President's staff is a study in stress, paranoia, regret, disillusionment and distrust of the boss…. "The problem is that nobody really knows this man," one White House aide says. "We thought we knew him. We thought he had his demons under control. We were wrong." Staffers paint a picture of despair at the White House, including: * Frequent shouting matches between Bill and Hillary Clinton…* Internal investigations every time a news story breaks about problems within the administration… * Gallows humor…. * A constant job search. White House staffers are departing the Ship of State at a historical rate. The Executive Vice President of one trade association in Washington said he advertised for a new chief lobbyists and got 39 resumes from members of the White House staff. "People are willing to work for less money just to get out of here," one aide says. * Fear of the unknown. Most Clinton aides now feel there are more scandals waiting to break around the President. "I've worked here four years and realize the President is still an unknown quantity," says one aide…. * The China spying scandal. Revelations that sensitive nuclear secrets and missile technology have fallen into Communist Chinese hands clearly has senior White House aides worried. Three years ago, Clinton ignored warnings from career intelligence officials and approved the sale of technology to China by Loral, a company run by millionaire Democratic campaign contributor Bernard Schwartz. "That's just the tip of the iceberg," says one White House aide. "This may be the one that really ends up biting us in the ass." * Fading support from Democrats… "The amazing thing is that some Democrats won't take the President's phone calls," says one aide. "Imaging that. Refusing a phone call from the President of the United States."… "I went to work for Bill Clinton because I believed in him," one aide says. "He let me down. He let his party down. He let his country down. I'm sorry I was ever a part of it. You should be able to be proud of working for the President of the United States. I'm ashamed." …"

Cincinnati Post 3/13/99 Editorial Freeper starlu "…Better think twice before you deposit that big Christmas bonus or the nest egg you inherit from Aunt Gertrude. If the FDIC has its way, Big Brother will soon be watching your bank accounts...The Libertarian Party aptly describes Know Your Customer as 'a law that only the KGB could love.' It has the potential to turn your friendly bank teller in a secret government informer and make every bank customer a suspected criminal - guilty until proven innocent....Given the public opposition, the FDIC has acknowledged that Know Your Customer can't go through in its current form. The agency is expected to announce later this month whether it will try to revise the proposal - or withdraw it altogether…"

Drudge 3/14/99 "…AID is funding programs that endorse or legitimize what amounts to witchcraft The paper is reporting that Helms, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in a Feb. 8 letter to Secretary of State Albright that the committee had spent a lot of time recently reviewing U.S. aid programs to Haiti and it has found that US taxpayers are "funding programs that endorse or legitimize what amounts to witchcraft." Helms cited as the basis for his concern a recent exchange between U.S. AID and the Foreign Relations Committee, in which AID was asked if it provided "any assistance to any group, like IPPF's affiliate PROFAMIL, which, according to IPPF's 1995 Annual Report, undertook 'a campaign to reach voodoo followers with sexual and reproductive health information... by performing short song-prayers about STDs sexually transmitted diseases and the benefits of family planning during voodoo ceremonies.'" AID acknowledged providing $295,000 from April 1998 to March 1999 to PROFAMIL. The agency said many AID "partners and implementing organizations use this important social network voodoo ceremonies as the medium for disseminating health sector messages and information."…"

Washington Times 3/12/99 Tom Carter Freeper Bayou City "…Former U.S. officials who helped prosecute the war on communism in Central America during the 1980s were stunned Thursday by President Clinton's apology for U.S. involvement in Guatemala's 36-year civil war. "It is outrageous, outrageous," said Oliver North, the retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel who helped finance and equip the anti-Sandinista Contras in Nicaragua during the 1980s.Elliott Abrams, who was assistant secretary of state for Latin America during the Reagan administration, said Thursday that Mr. Clinton's mea culpa was based on "ignorance" and a continuing "left-wing mythology" unsupported by the facts…."

Judicial Watch 3/16/99 "…Yesterday, the members of the Commission of the European Union, who were found to have engaged in the hiring of friends and relatives, and other misconduct, were forced to resign. The members of the European Commission, which included its President, Jacques Santer of Belgium, did what President Clinton refused to do. Ironically, the firing of The White House Travel Office, in order to hire the friends of the Clintons, Harry and Susan Bloodworth Thomason, evoked no such response by the majority of the American populace. Nor have the myriad of other Clinton scandals, including Chinagate, IRS-Gate, Filegate, Monica-gate. The European Commission is the body of the European Union -- the organization that governs Europe -- which implements the law, rules and regulations of the European Union…"

The American Cause 3/19/99 Pat Buchanan Freeper yankee66 "…In 1980, Ronald Reagan went to Youngstown, Ohio, stood on a flatbed truck, and pledged to the struggling steelworkers, "I won't forget. The United States is going to be restored industrially as it should be." President Reagan kept his word. On July 19, 1992, Bill Clinton told steelworkers in Weirton, "I want to make sure we enforce strictly the antidumping laws and the laws against unfair subsidized steel being dumped into our country." President Clinton did not keep his word; and 10,000 U.S. steelworkers have paid the price of his dishonoring of his pledge…."

Freeper ohmlaw98 observes 3/17/99 "…When Clinton was being pressured by Loral to approve the satellite waiver, Berger wrote a memo that focused on the political damage that could result from the decision…."

The Associated Press 3/17/99 Freeper A Whitewater Researcher "…EXCERPTS: "...Rep. Steve Largent, R-Okla., and Sen. Tim Hutchinson, R-Ark., are the main sponsors of bills to ``sunset'' the 5.5 million-word tax code by Dec. 31, 2003...The National Federation of Independent Business, which represents 600,000 small businesses, is launching a media campaign in the next month to highlight inequities in the current tax code....Several GOP leaders have introduced legislation that could replace the tax code, including House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas, who is sponsoring a bill that would tax all income at a flat 17 percent rate. A flat tax also is championed by Republican presidential hopeful Steve Forbes....Business federation president Jack Faris said his group favors a national referendum in which voters would be asked to decide among the current code, a new kind of income tax or a national sales tax. Congress would then vote on the choice without amendments....``Surely we can produce a better evil than the one we have now,'' Faris said." …"

AP 3/17/99 Laurie Kellman "…Democrats who once supported the independent counsel law are moving to cut off funding to Kenneth Starr and other outside counsels and shift their probes to the Justice Department at the end of the year. "It is time to bring this to a close, not just in terms of the end of the statute, but the end of their jurisdiction,'' Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., told the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Wednesday. The Democratic measure would cut off federal funds for Starr's investigation and four other independent counsels as of next Dec. 31. With no Republican sponsors, it has little chance of passing.. Allowing the law to expire as scheduled on June 30 would allow Starr and other special prosecutors to continue their investigations to their conclusions…."

Village Voice richard goldstein 3/18/99 "… "It starts with lesser-evilism, which is the advertised willingness to be fooled. Then there's political correctness, the bogus surrogate for politics. Clinton is a genius at this. If you take the Chinese soft-money scandal, his reaction was to say it's Asian bashing. Then there's the strong woman by his side, who fucked up health care and seems to be the bodyguard of a serial rapist." (Hitchens says he knows of three other women who are ready to make the same allegation as Broaddrick.) Are Clinton's crimes greater than his predecessors'? "I don't think we know yet. Suppose there's a crisis in North Korea, which would also be a crisis with China. Suppose, on that day, Kathleen Willey comes to trial and Clinton has to weigh whether a certain action would be precipitous. I don't want to be around for that. When I point this out, people say, 'Didn't Reagan invade Grenada?' Yes, but he didn't do it to distract attention from the fact that he couldn't get it up with Nancy." …"

Drudge Report 3/18/99 "…Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin told a congressional panel that he suspected that much of the $4.8 billion in loans sent to Russia last summer by the International Monetary Fund "may have been siphoned off improperly." Rubin's comments marked the first public confirmation by the Clinton administration that much of the bailout money the U.S. Treasury Department organized last year went to wealthy Russian oligarchs who move billions of dollars to Switzerland and other safe havens…."

Time3/18/99 Freeper pea eye "…A mutiny by House Democrats and Republicans over steel imports signals trouble for both parties. A House bill limiting steel imports passed by 289 votes to 141 -- despite concerted opposition by both the White House and the Republican congressional leadership. 91 Republicans followed Pat Buchanan's call to mutiny, while 197 Democrats marched with Dick Gephardt (leaving only 13 voting with the White House). Wednesday's victory will boost Buchanan's guerrilla campaign in the Republican primaries. And for Al Gore it's a signal that his support from Gephardt and the labor unions is far from unconditional…."

Savannah Morning News 3/21/99 "…THE INCESTUOUS nature of Washington's Radio and Television Correspondents' Association Dinner was never more sickeningly obvious than last Thursday night, when hundreds of members of the Beltway media laughed and applauded President Clinton for joking about breaches of national security…What is funny about China having the capability of launching nuclear missiles at the U.S. mainland? By now no one should be surprised at Mr. Clinton's shamelessness. Perhaps we should feel fortunate that he didn't make any rape jokes. But what's really appalling is the response of the assembled media and celebrities. A group that routinely denounces politically incorrect remarks by radio shock jocks apparently finds nothing inappropriate about a president making light of what one intelligence officer has called the most serious breach of national security since the Rosenbergs. Alas, the audience saved its disapproval for an ABC News producer who, after winning an award for investigative work on Whitewater, publicly thanked the late Jim McDougal, the Clintons' former business partner in Arkansas who cooperated with Kenneth Starr's investigation. That elicited plenty of nervous tut-tutting from the fourth estate's glitterati. Bad form, you know, embarrassing the president like that…."

Samizdat News Richclem 3/28/99 "…It's more than a little frightening how steadily and quietly Americans are losing their freedom under a corrupt but glib president. We have a Constitutional Right to free assembly and a right to free speech. Clinton is in clear violation on both. I mean, is there any form of speech more sacred than protesting against an unpopular president? White House uses "Security Threat" Ploy to Keep Clinton Protesters at Bay . . . Citing "a threat to the President's safety," White House officials are using Secret Service agents to keep protesters out of sight of both Bill Clinton and news media. The Secret Service has been instructed to remove any and all protesters from any immediate proximity to the President," a White House aide confirmed Wednesday. "The 'official' reason cited is the protesters pose a threat to the President. The eal reason is to keep them away from the television cameras." Which is a vioilation of their Constitutional Rights. My gosh, if Americans can't assemble to express their discontent with a corrupt rapist/felon/traitor, what can they do?…"

Miami Herald 3/27/99 Yves Colon "…In a move that could alter the fate of a young man who says he was wrongly deported to Haiti, U.S. Rep. Carrie Meek is urging immigration authorities in Miami to reopen their investigation of his case. ….Meek said the report raises ``serious questions about the completeness and thoroughness of the investigation'' by agents of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. ``If he's a U.S. citizen, he should not be deported to another country, and we want to make sure the INS is fair and just in the decisions that they reach,'' said Ken.Nealy, Meek's legislative director in Washington…."

Freeper LarryLied 3/31/99 observes "…Loral filed a 10k with the SEC yesterday and in legal liabilities is this interesting statement: …Several Congressional committees have held hearings on U.S. satellite export policy toward China, alleged influence of campaign contributions (including contributions made by Loral's Chairman and CEO) on the Clinton Administration's export policy toward China, and related matters. One of the House committees investigating these matters, chaired by Representative Cox, recently issued a classified report that is said to be critical of past government and industry technology transfer practices and policies. This report is also said to contain 38 proposals for legislative and executive action to address perceived concerns. It is possible that adoption of some or all of such proposals could have an adverse effect upon the ability of U.S.-based satellite manufacturers such as SS/L, and possibly other U.S. exporters, to market their products abroad in competition with foreign-based manufacturers, and might adversely affect their ability to perform existing contracts. In addition, the portions of the report that have not yet been declassified could contain negative comments about SS/L's compliance with the export control laws…."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Freeper A Whitewater Researcher "...EXCERPTS: "The U.S. government can't balance its books and can't properly explain how it spent $1.8 trillion last year or account for $1.6 trillion in such assets as parks, buildings, missile launchers, tanks and paper clips....That's 1,800,000,000,000 in dollars and $1,600,000,000,000 worth of things -- a grand total of $3,400,000,000,000....The upshot is that, "once again, billions of taxpayer dollars were lost to waste, fraud and mismanagement," says Rep. Steve Horn, California Republican....Mr. Horn, chairman of the House government reform and oversight subcommittee on government management, information and technology, gave that assessment yesterday as his subcommittee reviewed the government's attempt to produce a Consolidated Financial Statement....It was the second time in U.S. history that the government has tried to comply with a 1994 law requiring it to account in a businesslike way for the revenues, expenditures and assets of the 24 Cabinet-level departments and agencies -- a total of 70 agencies with some 2,000 components....And for the second time, the statement failed to meet accounting standards acceptable to the General Accounting Office, Congress' investigative arm and the government's official auditor....The accounting failure means the government doesn't employ common business safeguards to know how much money actually has been wasted or stolen. Some lawmakers believe the figure could be in the billions...." ..."

Wall Street Journal 4//2/99 Rodger Schultz "...We would like to know where this establishment--the politicians, pundits and Beltway press--has been the past six years, when some of us were pressing the argument that Bill Clinton's handling of Whitewater, Gennifer Flowers, the draft, Filegate and all the rest were relevant to the character and conduct of his Presidency. We were told, long before Monica and even before the Lincoln Bedroom rentals, that it didn't matter...."

NewsMax 4/7/99 "…The Clinton Administration, for all its foibles, may have actually accomplished something in the field of "re-inventing government", according to a new book by Paul C. Light of the Brookings Institute entitled The True Size of Government. The Clinton/Gore team promised to downsize government in the inimitable style of Corporate America, and they seem to have done a grand job. While cutting a record 350,000 civil service jobs, they further "streamlined" government by adding 16 new administrative layers; as many as were created by the previous seven administrations combined…." 4/99 "...The Clinton/Gore reelection campaign and Democrat National Committee (DNC) officials funneled millions of dollars in campaign donations to state Democrat parties in 1996. They did this two ways: by asking donors to give directly to the state parties so that the money would not have to go through the DNC, and by the DNC sending at least $32 million to state parties. The DNC concealed big contributions from tobacco, gambling and other special interests to avoid criticism for accepting embarrassing contributions and hid donor names who did not want the fact or magnitude of their contributions known. (Sources: The Washington Post, 4/13/97; The [New Jersey] Trentonian, 5/12/97; The New York Times, 10/2/97; The New York Daily News, 9/29/97) Additionally, it was reported that the Justice Department was investigating whether the transfer of money from the DNC to the states was an illegal attempt to evade the limits of campaign spending set in presidential races. Much of the money was used to pay for issue ads that many consider actually candidate ads. It is illegal for the DNC to buy candidate ads. (Sources: The Washington Post, 4/13/97; The [New Jersey] Trentonian, 5/12/97; The New York Times, 10/2/97; The New York Daily News, 9/29/97) The DNC has continued to do this in 1997 and 1998 by exchanging "soft money" for "hard money." Typically they will skirt campaign finance law by paying state parties to gain access to "hard money" which is more valuable than "soft money." (Sources: The Washington Post, 4/24/98; Star Tribune [Minneapolis, MN], 4/27/98) Some critics of the Democrat money-funneling activity, such as the Center for Responsive Politics, say the dollar diversion was a legal - but sleazy and underhanded - attempt to hide big favor-seeking donors. (Source: The [New Jersey] Trentonian, 5/12/97) ..."

The New Republic 2/3/97 Hanna Rosin "…As he learned that night, his dad had taken the book to work that morning. "It has a great diagram of nuclear fission," Dad explains feebly, "where the atoms look like kernels of popcorn, lumpy, like they should be, instead of the usual boring pool balls." John has a Ph.D. in nuclear physics and has worked at the Department of Energy for over ten years. He really cares that pictures of atoms look like popcorn? Actually, he didn't need the diagram for himself, exactly. He needed it for a "Physics 101" packet he was helping to prepare for his boss, the new Secretary of Energy, Federico Fabian Pena--last term's Secretary of Transportation, best known for rushing to the Everglades to vouch for the safety record of ValuJet….. John is merely one humble cog. Over the past two weeks, he and his colleagues at the Department of Energy have transformed themselves into a kind of Cabinet-level Princeton Review, with the single goal of cramming enough science and policy into Pena's brain to let him pass his confirmation hearings at the end of the month…… "

Investors Business Daily 4/12/99 "...Vice President Al Gore has raised nearly $9 million to finance his campaign for the presidency. But that's only a fraction of the $12.8 billion of taxpayer money Gore's used already to campaign. Gore has handed out almost $13 billion in new programs and spending since the 1996 election, meant to elicit the gratitude - and the support - of the American people. For example, on June 13 last year, Gore stopped in San Diego to announce $3.6 million for a new police station. He then traveled to the San Fernando Valley to announce $8.4 million for school earthquake preparedness. Next he journeyed to Texas on June 25 and 26 to attend the state Democratic convention. But he also took time to stop in Houston to announce $14 million in juvenile-justice grants. El Paso rang up $45 million for dislocated apparel workers. In San Antonio he pitched $80 million for job training. As a final encore, he announced $1.8 billion for school construction bond guarantees throughout the state. He didn't rest there. The vice president was off to Florida on June 29 to announce $35 million for job training and welfare-to-work grants, and Louisiana on July 3 to present $44 million for a comprehensive school reform program. Just what do California, Texas, Florida and Louisiana have in common? They're important primary states: California, Texas and Florida because they are so big, and Louisiana because it has an early caucus...."

Electronic Telegraph 4/24/99 David Sapsted "...THERE was mounting evidence yesterday that police and school authorities ignored warnings that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had been planning a massacre for more than a year. The father of a Columbine High School student claimed that in April last year he twice sent print-outs from Harris's website to a Jefferson county deputy sheriff in which the boy threatened to bomb and kill. "I will rig up explosives all over a town and detonate each one of them at will, after I mow down a whole area full of you," said one of the entries. "I am the law, and if you don't like it, you die. If I don't like you, you die." ....Meanwhile, the family of Isaiah Shoels, the only black student fatally shot, continued to insist that he had been threatened by the Trenchcoat Mafia but that their complaint to the school had been ignored. And the father of Brooks Brown - whose name appeared last year at the top of Harris's website list of people he wanted to kill but survived the massacre - said his complaints to the sheriff's department had twice been ignored. Mr Brown said he had given print-outs to a deputy to support his claim that Harris had threatened to kill his son and had smashed the windscreen of his son's car. "No action was taken so we filed a second complaint," said Mr Brown. "They never called us." ..."

World Net Daily 4/30/99 Joel A. Ruth "....It was five days before Christmas, 1969. A time of year when Americans are busy converging on family, celebrating Chanukah, offering prayers of thanksgiving, out caroling, trimming trees, or, as Christians, preparing to rejoice in the birth of their Savior. But while most Americans were wrapping gifts and worshipping before God, the future President of the United States was standing in silent tribute and awe before the mummy of Vladimir Lenin. How did this happen? On December 19, 1969, Bill Clinton had boarded an Aeroflot flight from London for the USSR to Moscow, the center of world atheism and the capital of the Soviet-Marxist state. William Jefferson Clinton's pilgrimage to the Soviet Union was the climax of a busy fall semester as a "Rhodes Scholar" at Oxford. It should perhaps be mentioned to those impressed by such presumed status that Rhodes Scholarships are granted to individuals passing ideological muster whose sentiments during the interview process are reflective of acceptable left-wing views to the selection committees, and not because of good grades..... While Bill Clinton has never explained who paid for his trip to Moscow, he was accompanied by a friend and fellow Oxford student, Czech Jan Kopold. They were to attend a meeting of the War Moratorium Committee to be held January 2, 1970. Upon arrival, Clinton did not check into a youth hostel, but rather stayed at the Hotel National, the most exclusive and expensive one in Moscow of that time -- a ritzy place usually reserved for foreign ambassadors and high-level Communist Party apparatchiks. In today's terms, that trip would probably cost several thousand dollars. Clinton only had his tiny $275 Rhodes stipend to live on and never held a job. Thus, it is easy to believe that this tab and the arrangements could only have handled by the KGB, which during that epoch limited no expenses in its attempts to recruit promising American students in Europe. Clinton has also never accounted for the 11 days spent in Moscow before the actual meeting of the War Moratorium and has never revealed who paid his expenses or what he did or who he met with during that time..... Even more telling was Clinton's January 4 return trip from Moscow on another Aeroflot jet. The flight terminated in Prague, then the capital of the Czechoslovakian Soviet Socialist Republic (CSSR). There, Clinton was a guest of Jan Kopold's father, Bedrich Kopold and Jan's maternal grandmother Maria Svermova, who was the original founder of the Czech Communist Party in the 1930s. During his visit, she took a liking to young Bill; they walked and talked. Svermova's deceased husband was the original editor of Rude Pravo, the Czech Communist Party paper before the War. ..... The entire Kopold clan was a significant part of the ruling Communist party elite and was responsible for those murders and deportations either by the act or as formulators of policy. In fact, 11 out of 12 Politburo leaders of the Czech Communist Party were apostate Jews who had taken refuge in Moscow just prior to the German occupation of the Czech rump state in 1939. It was easy for the Communists to seize control in 1948 without popular resistance because the Germans had confiscated all private weapons during the War. ....Years later, when Clinton was President, he again flew to Moscow, this time on Air Force One, to meet Boris Yeltsin. Then, on his return flight he had the plane stop in Prague, where, besides playing the saxophone -- important stuff -- he went to visit the parents of his Oxford friend Jan Kopold. By then, Maria Svermova had died of old age. As for Jan Kopold, he had been killed earlier in an "accidental fall" in Turkey in 1970, becoming perhaps the first of a long string of former Clinton friends and associates to meet an untimely end. ....After Clinton's short-lived tenure at Oxford -- he never finished his second semester there -- he remained a member of The Mobilization Committee, a Communist-front organization dedicated to undermining the strength of the United States and opposing American initiatives against the communist world movement, for another three years..... Clinton's youthful affiliations explain many of his recent actions. Why, for example, the International Socialists were able to hold their annual conclave in February 1995, as guests of Papa-Marx Aristide at Haiti's National Palace in Port-au-Prince after Clinton restored the volatile voodoo priest to power. This explains why I stood in dismay observing a huge banner in front of the Palace proclaiming that event, while non-comprehending U.S. soldiers stood guard outside protecting it and the delegates inside, those very persons sworn to destroy everything most Americans revere. ...."

Electronic Telegraph - UK 4/27/99 Christopher Lockwood and Tim King Freeper chainsaw "... THE European Union yesterday banned oil sales to Yugoslavia, but in a development that will be regarded as scandalous in Europe, America confirmed that it had no plans to follow suit. This means that while it is now illegal for any EU country to export oil to Slobodan Milosevic, it remains perfectly legal for American companies to continue to fuel the Serb war machine..."

Michael River 5/1/99 observes "...Most Americans, when hearing arcana about gyroscopes and neutron bombs, may be forgiven a certain emotional distance from the problem of China's acquisition of Amefica's high tech secrets. But perhaps their anger would be more forthcoming if Americans stopped to take a minute and think about the fact that these technology transfers represent a theft from their own pocket. The American taxpayer footed the bill for the development of the atomic bomb. We paid for all those labs, and all those scientists. We The People paid the costs to design the W-88 warhead. The technology that Hughes and Loral utilize was developed by the military and by NASA at taxpayer expense. The codes and encryption systems developed by the NSA and CIA are paid for by the taxpayer. Americans were told for decades that they had to endure a higher tax burden to pay for all of these developments, because it was essential for America to maintain a technological lead over other nations...."

New York Post 5/1/99 "...The Republicans in the House and Senate did the only thing they could do last week, announcing the death of any possibility of serious Social Security reform this year. But though the GOP issued the death certificate, don't be fooled: The fingerprints on the murder weapon belong to President Clinton. Not that you'd ever know that by listening to Clinton or Vice President Al Gore. Both had the effrontery to denounce the GOP for having "abandoned the effort" at reform and being "unable or unwilling to face up to the challenge." Of course, the reason the Republicans chose to shut down their effort was that the White House consistently refused to put forward a realistic plan of its own. The GOP had every reason to believe that Clinton's vague declarations of interest in reform were just a gull designed to lure the Republican Party out in the open - where Democrats could ambush them with heavy political artillery..."

AP 5/2/99 "...Alleged war criminals have found a safe haven in the United States in recent years, under the noses of immigration officials and sometimes with help from the U.S. government, The Boston Globe reported Sunday. The newspaper said it found evidence that people from countries including Haiti and El Salvador, and people involved in the breakup of Yugoslavia, have settled in this country and begun new lives, despite evidence of their involvement in serious human rights abuses. The list includes three alleged participants in ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia; several former associates of Somali strongman Mohammed Siad Barre; 16 Haitian military officers; and a Salvadoran general accused of covering up the massacre of four American churchwomen in 1980, according to the Globe...."

CNN Interactive 4/28/99 AP "...Surgeon General David Satcher called for a comprehensive program to combat youth violence, calling it a public health problem because it is preventable and predictable. Although he declined to address the Littleton, Colorado, shooting last week, Satcher said violence is placing an annual burden of at least $4 billion on the nation's health care system...."

Washington Times 5/6/99 George Archibald "...President Clinton's special envoy Richard C. Holbrooke was paid $24,000 by Siemens AG for a speech the State Department said yesterday he never gave. "Ambassador Holbrooke canceled his trip to New York and never gave the so-called Siemens speech that was mentioned in the article," State Department deputy spokesman James Foley said as he categorically denied a report yesterday by The Washington Times. "He canceled the speech. He never left Belgrade to go give a speech in New York. He canceled the speech," he said. But in financial disclosure forms obtained this week by The Times and signed by Mr. Holbrooke under penalty of criminal prosecution if false, the special envoy to Kosovo reported receiving $24,000 in "speaking fees" from the international electronics firm on Oct. 13, 1998. While Mr. Foley said Mr. Holbrooke never left Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in October, records from the State Department's Oct. 13 press briefing quote spokesman James P. Rubin as saying: "Ambassador Holbrooke is en route to New York by air." At a separate press briefing in Pristina, Yugoslavia, before Mr. Holbrooke left in the midst of a four-day NATO air-strike deadline, a department transcript quotes him telling reporters, "We have very, very limited time. . . . I have to go home." Mr. Holbrooke was in New York City Oct. 14, where he appeared on NBC-TV's "Today" show at 7:07 a.m. the day after he reported receiving the $24,000 speech honorarium from Siemens AG. An NBC spokeswoman confirmed yesterday that Mr. Holbrooke was physically present at the show's New York City studio....Said Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican, "I am more concerned he would leave very important negotiations, if that is the case. He should put the interests of the country first, instead of his own pocketbook." Sen. Jesse Helms, North Carolina Republican and chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, has decided that Mr. Holbrooke's nomination to the U.N. post "is not going to move" until the Justice Department provides all documents regarding various ethics probes already completed, said committee spokesman Marc Thiessen...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/3/99 Frank J. Murray Freeper Normally a Lurker "...Gunpoint confrontations in which armed private citizens turn the tables on violent criminals occur with explosive swiftness hundreds, perhaps thousands, of times each day in the United States. This guerrilla shooting war is almost invisible to the public, experts say, because combatants on both sides have qualms about publicity. Its biggest victories prevent serious crimes and don't seem newsworthy one at a time...."

Cato Institute 4/15/99 Dean Stansel "...One of the most confounding economic trends in the United States during the past 20 years has been the relative stagnation of workers' real wages. One of the primary reasons for flat wages is that taxes and other government mandates on employers have been expanding steadily, crowding out worker take-home pay. Today an average manufacturing worker costs his employer $14.89 an hour (not including fringe benefits). But the employee's take-home pay is only $10.79 an hour. The government takes $4.10 per hour in taxes--federal and state income taxes, payroll taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, and workers' compensation--thus reducing the worker's take-home pay by 28 percent. Or to put it another way, abolishing income and employment taxes would raise the manufacturing worker's take-home pay by about $4.00 an hour. For a worker earning $60,000 a year and living in a state with average taxes, the government's share rises to 36 percent. That counts only the employment-related taxes that come directly out of the worker's paycheck or are paid by the employer on the worker's behalf. Workers still must pay a host of other taxes with their remaining take-home pay. The overall federal, state, and local tax burden is now at an all-time high...."

Insight Magazine 5/3/99 Jamie Dettmer Freeper starlu "...In short, chickens are coming home to roost. But impeachment isn't the only chicken. "The White House should get off its political horse about impeachment," says Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Curt Weldon. "Impeachment is one reason why Congress doesn't have confidence in the administration, but there are others -- from the debacle in Mogadishu to the 33 troop deployments we have had from Clinton, and on to what now is coming out in bits and pieces about Chinese espionage. Right across the board we are learning that this administration is not to be trusted on national-security issues. And if we had any further doubts, all we have to do is look at the state of our military's unreadiness."..."

Wall St. Journal 5/18/99 Editorial "..."Ludicrous," yelped someone from the Sierra Club when a federal appeals court on Friday struck down the Clinton Administration's new clean air standards. Actually a lot of us--perhaps umpteen million Americans who've tried to comply with any old rule someone in Washington dreamed up--have been wondering when the courts would rediscover the "non-delegation doctrine" cited in Friday's decision.Fashioned by the Supreme Court in 1928, here's one of the things it said in way back when: A key function of the non-delegation doctrine is to "ensure to the extent consistent with orderly governmental administration that important choices of social policy are made by Congress, the branch of our Government most responsive to the popular will." Sounds sensible to us.... The three-judge panel unanimously questioned the Environmental Protection Agency's selective use of science in formulating its rule, and in a 2 to 1 decision ruled that Congress had violated the Constitution's separation of powers by delegating too much of its authority to the EPA. If upheld by the Supreme Court, the decision could have far-reaching effects.....The core opinion, written by Judges Stephen Williams and Douglas Ginsburg, found that the EPA had interpreted the Clean Air Act so as to give it carte blanche authority to issue ozone standards and to regulate microscopic soot particles. Examining these rules, the court identified a certain "indeterminacy." It concluded that the agency "offers no intelligible principle by which to identify a stopping point." We suspect that more than a few independent businessmen visited over the years by the ghostbusters from EPA, OSHA and the rest have themselves marveled at the variability of any such "stopping point." An EPA spokesman says the agency will appeal because the ruling is one of the "most disturbing" it has ever faced. It's about time....."

Charleston Post and Courier 5/19/99 PAUL GREENBERG Freeper newsman "... How would America be changed if a kid born today in East Harlem, or in the barrios of South Texas, or in a shack in the Ozarks, had the same pick of schools as little J. Wexwroth Pennington III of Park Avenue and Nob Hill? Answer: America would be changed infinitely for the better - and our schools would be, too. Because they would compete. Because it would be harder for poor schools to exploit poor kids. School vouchers could prove the most effective instrument of democracy since the secret ballot...."

New York Post 5/3/99 David Gelernter "...THIS country would never have elected Bill Clinton if it had been paying attention. Even if you like the president, two things are clear. First: In moral and spiritual terms, he is the quintessential lightweight. That anyone will ever regard him as a great man is a laughable idea; not even his closest supporters or his very favorite girlfriends could possibly make such a claim with a straight face. He has no deep thoughts, big ideas or majestic plans. Like most unimportant people and many household pets, he lives only to please, and to enjoy approbation. Second, public interest in the president and the presidency has hit a low for modern times, and possibly an all-time low. Ever since he assumed office, the public's consistent response to Bill Clinton has been ''don't bother us.''...Of course, in polite society, cultural decline is a forbidden topic. You will be attacked immediately, if you bring it up, for ''nostalgia'' and for ''living in the past.'' But the attackers are exactly wrong. People who dwell on the accomplishments of our past are the only ones, so far as I can tell, who have any concrete faith in the future. Our cultural mainstream is smugly left-wing, but nowadays ''left-wing'' means''status quo''; the only progressives I know are conservatives. T HIS is my last column for The Post....My advice, for what it's worth: Say the prohibited words loud and clear and often, think the prohibited thoughts, and never believe even for a moment that this society is the best we can do. ..." 5/13/99 Ann Compton "....White House spokesman Joe Lockhart tried to bury the news in his daily press briefing Wednesday, casually mentioning that a public relations veteran in Washington, Leslie Dach, had offered to "come in for 30 days or so" and "help think through some of these communications aspects of Kosovo." ....."

AP 5/14/99 Freeper HAL9000 "...Congressional bargainers killed $40 million the Senate had approved for families of victims of last year's accident in which a Marine jet sent a gondola plunging onto an Italian mountainside...."

Worldnetdaily 5/20/99 Joseph Farah "...Sen. Bob Smith of New Hampshire, a possible GOP presidential candidate, is warning that 1999 is a pivotal year for the Republican Party if it seeks to avoid turning off activists and pushing them into a new third party. "I believe you may well have seen the beginnings of a third-party movement in this country, which will spell the end of the Republican Party,'' Smith told the Washington Times. "If it happens, I'm not leaving my party -- my party is leaving me,'' he said. My question to Sen. Smith is: Third party? What are the other two? ..."

Worldnetdaily 5/20/99 Joe Dougherty "....In the conservative world, there is a saying that goes, "The only thing worse than a liberal Democrat is a Republican who thinks like a liberal Democrat." That little colloquialism rang true again yesterday, compliments of GOP House Speaker Dennis J. Hastert, proving once again that there is no constitutional party in control of Congress. Hastert, for whatever reason, further weakened constitutional protections on firearms Wednesday by proclaiming that he not only now supports background checks at gun shows, but he also wants to raise the legal age of handgun ownership to 21 in all states...."

AP 5/20/99 AP "...With Vice President Al Gore casting a tie vote, the Senate today approved a Democratic proposal to slap fresh restrictions on gun transactions at gun shows and pawn shops. The vote came a month after a killing spree at a Colorado high school and only hours after a second shooting at a high school in Georgia. The proposal, which would require mandatory background checks for all transactions at gun shows, was tied, 50-50. Gore, who had come to the Capitol in case his vote was needed to break a tie, did so in favor of the Democratic provision...."

Press Conference, Philadelphia 5/25/99 Don Adams "...It has been almost 8 months (Oct. 2, '98) since my sister, Teri, and I were brutally beaten to the ground by a mob of pro-Clinton Teamsters at the direction of their leader, John Morris, during a Presidential fundraising visit to Philadelphia's City Hall. Even though other Clinton protestors were viciously attacked, not a single Teamster has yet to be successfully prosecuted and District Attorney Lynne Abraham has turned the tables on one of the victims - her office is forcing me to stand trial July 8. Since DA Abraham has refused to aggressively prosecute the perpetrators of the crimes as Mayor Ed Rendell promised, we are announcing the founding of the Philadelphia Campaign for Justice and the First Amendment. The campaign will begin with a petition drive directed at the DA and the announcement that my sister and I, with the assistance of Free Republic Attorney, Brian Buckley, of California (nephew of editor and author William F. Buckley, Jr.), are pressing criminal complaints against 3 additional Teamsters. Mr. Joe Roach, another victimized Clinton protestor, is also filing a complaint against a Local 115 member..."

Korea Herald 5/27/99 "....The Clinton administration certainly has a lot of explaining to do. Many Americans will inevitably wonder about a possible sinister connection between the administration's inexplicable slowness to respond to reports of Chinese espionage and campaign funds that flowed from China to Democratic political campaigns in 1996. No wonder the Republicans are finally starting to feel chipper about the prospects of nailing the ever-elusive Clinton. The GOP should be almost worshipful over the careful handling of this sensitive issue by Rep. Christopher Cox (R-Newport Beach), in many respects the coolest Republican cucumber on Capitol Hill. He was able to get his committee's five Republicans and four Democrats to work in a bipartisan style. This is no minor

achievement given the report has inherently explosive content and hairpin timing - less than a year before America's presidential campaign. By handling this as a national-security issue, Cox has managed to avoid it being perceived as a purely partisan issue. This rising politician may be far more threatening to China than America's vastly superior nuclear arsenal; he is certainly more threatening to the Democrats than any Chinese missile....Unless the Cox report leads to a better, more realistic, less delusional Sino-U.S. relationship, many Asians will probably wish it had never come to be. So, too, the Clinton administration, which has put so much emphasis on better Sino-U.S. relations. Although the technological leakage originates in the Reagan era, the scandal has surfaced on Clinton's watch. It is his administration which will take the fall for this scandal. If Sino-U.S. relations continue to deteriorate, it will be Clinton who will have "lost" China...."

Orlando Sentinel 5/27/99 "...Paul Weyrich, a decent Washington conservative, sent out a private letter after the Senate failed to impeach Bill Clinton. In essence, he stated that conservatives have lost the political war. The reason "is that politics itself has failed. And politics has failed because of the collapse of the culture. The culture we are living in becomes an ever-wider sewer. In truth, I think we're caught up in a cultural collapse of historic proportions, a collapse so great that it simply overwhelms politics," he wrote. I think that he's right. I've long believed that the assertion that there is a conservative majority in America is a myth....You can't impose on a people by law values that they don't already have. I think this is one of the things Weyrich has realized. Culture comes first, and politics are a byproduct of culture, an effect not a cause. Therefore, you cannot use politics and legislation to create a culture. A culture produces the politics, not the other way around...... Any hope for America's future will come from church and hearthside if it comes at all -- not from politics. Extant traditional Americans have indeed lost the political war...."

WND 5/29/99 Dr. Alan Keyes "...I cannot understand how any American can be complacent about this. America has indeed been a shining city, but that city has had a defensive wall around it. This wall was our national security, much of which depended on our hard-won technological advantage. Our enemies have just ripped a huge hole in that wall, and we are now waiting to see what they are going to pour through it in order to destroy us. We will be struggling to deal with the consequences of this devastating blow to the integrity of our national security situation for the next 20 and 30 years. And yet many Americans are still just sitting and watching. We should have a deep sense of outrage, and our political leaders should have the fear of God in them right now as they sense the determination of a great people to call to account those who have been on watch. But I have not seen this fear on the faces of the people in Washington who have the most explaining to do. Perhaps more ominous than the damage to our national security is the arrogant assumption of the Washington establishment that even these revelations are not a fundamental threat to their power. The confidence our elites now have in the stupid apathy of the American people is chilling....."

Reuters 6/1/99 "...The United States should not respond to the alleged Chinese theft of nuclear secrets by closing its research facilities to scientists from other countries, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson said Tuesday. "There are some who are proposing that in the name of national security we should restrict our ability to attract the world's finest scientific minds to our laboratories,'' he said in a speech dedicating a new particle accelerator at Fermi National Laboratory. "This would be unwise and we would fight it all the way,'' he added. "It is critical that our laboratories, which hold so many of our important research facilities, and our finest scientists do not become isolated from the world.''..."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Inc. 6/4/99DONALD WEATHERMAN Freeper eleven "I wrote one of my most widely condemned columns in January of 1998. In that column, I called on President Clinton to resign. The year that followed my call confirmed all the reasons I gave for Clinton resigning: His family would have been spared considerable grief, the Democratic Party would be stronger, Vice President Al Gore would be running as an incumbent in 2000 and our nation would have been spared the 14 months of political hell it was subjected to between January 1998 and February 1999..."

Reuters 6/5/99 Freeper LN Smithee "...Remember how Clinton's approval numbers soared days after Monica hit the fan by saying "Save Social Security first!"? A year and a half later, nothing has been solidified, and the GOP has a rare opportunity to take over a Democratic wedge issue. "Senate Democrats should pass a Republican-backed bill to prevent Social Security's surpluses from being absorbed by the federal budget, Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum said in the Republican weekly radio address Saturday....Clinton administration officials say a lockbox for Social Security funds could jeopardize the government's ability to borrow and fund emergency government activities, like the bombing campaign in Kosovo."..."

INSIGHT Magazine 6/28/99 Kelly Patricia O'Meara Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...Though shocked by bizarre shootings in schools, few Americans have noticed how many shooters were among the 6 million kids now on psychotropic drugs.. . . . There was, however, complete silence from the president when it came to including representatives from the mental-health community, whom many believe can provide important insight about the possible connection between the otherwise seemingly senseless acts of violence being committed by school-age children and prescription psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin, Luvox and Prozac...."

Sunday Times 6/6/99 Paul Ham "...The revolutionary Relenza flu treatment can be sold in Europe but not in America. Paul Ham reports on the regulatory battles over a potential blockbuster drug Flu cure A CURE for influenza is a Holy Grail of modern medicine. The companies that find effective flu drugs will make vast profits out of products that will become global blockbusters, generating sales worth hundreds of millions of pounds and possibly billions annually. Last week finding that Holy Grail moved closer when European Union drug regulators approved the commercial exploitation of Relenza, a treatment that when inhaled has been shown to reduce the severity of flu-related congestion and headaches and help flu sufferers recover more quickly. It is expected to go on sale this autumn, in time for this year's flu season....."

Mercury News 6/4/99 AP "...Anti-nuclear activists said Friday that corruption was behind personnel changes on a panel overseeing safety at a planned nuclear research reactor in Thailand. The Bangkok Post reported on Friday that Darakant Mongkolphantha, a nuclear safety expert who was in charge of the panel, had been replaced with a non-nuclear engineer by Thailand's Office for Atomic Energy for Peace, a government agency...... The paper said three other safety experts on the panel had also been replaced with engineers.....According to her group, General Atomics recently asked the OAEP to change its contract to allow it buy uranium from Russia instead of the United States. ``If the OAEP buys fuel from the U.S., we have an agreement that allows us to send nuclear waste back to the U.S. for disposal. But we have no deal with Russia,'' she said....."

Boston Herald 6/9/99 Don Feder "... Here's a delicious irony: Bill Clinton, who six months ago was impeached for lying under oath and obstruction of justice, could end up appointing more judges than any of his predecessors. To date, Clinton has put 306 of his soulmates on the bench, close to President Reagan's record of 385. By the end of his second term, the perjurer in chief could have appointed 40 percent of the entire federal judiciary. But in the twilight of his tenure, the confirmation process has slowed to a crawl. The usually compliant Orrin Hatch, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, hasn't held a confirmation hearing this year - which has set the establishment to whining about the unfairness of it all..... This president's judicial nominations are diverse where it matters least - gender and race. Intellectually, they reflect all the variety of Stalinists at a party congress, not to mention the same political leanings....Other Clinton judges have: enjoined the enforcement of a state ban on partial-birth abortions, rejected a student-initiated graduation prayer, forced an Ohio municipality to remove a cross from its city seal and voted to overturn a federal law restricting the broadcast of obscene material to the hours of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m...."

AP News Service 6/9/99 "...Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin told Senate Democrats on Wednesday that the nation's economy does not need the large tax cut envisioned by Republicans in Congress. Meeting behind closed doors in the Capitol with seven key Democrats, Rubin said paying down the nation's debts would be a better use for projected surplus money left over once Social Security and Medicare are safeguarded, according to participants. ``I think it's fair to say they would like nothing to happen,'' said Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York, top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee. ``The economy is in full employment, with low interest rates. This economy doesn't need any stimulus ... that's their view.''.....``Our biggest problem with the Republican tax bill is that it's so large that it's forcing deep cuts ... they're going to have to cut veterans programs, housing, education, all sorts of things,'' Kerrey said. Republicans, however, believe the existence of the surplus is a golden opportunity to reduce taxes without trimming spending and say tax cuts are second in priority only to guaranteeing Social Security....."


6/12/99 Washington Times Inside Politics Freeper Thanatos "..."Remember all the questions about the White House Travel Office and the Clinton-Gore camp's use of government perks for politics? Funny, but Gore is using the taxpayer-funded White House Travel Office to set up press travel for his June 16 campaign kickoff," the New York Post's Deborah Orin observes. "Gore aides insist it's ethically OK because reporters pay their own way, but they won't say if they plan to keep doing it. GOP rivals like front-runner George W. Bush pay campaign staff to set up campaign travel. So does sole Dem rival Bill Bradley," Miss Orin writes. "Asked if ex-Veep Dan Quayle used the White House Travel Office to set up travel for reporters, his ex-spokesman David Beckwith (who works for Bush) replied: 'Definitely not.'...."

The Congressional Record, Vol. 145, No. 83 6/14/99 Rep. James A. Traficant Jr. (D-OH) "...Mr. TRAFICANT. Mr. Speaker, China spies and buys our secrets. Then China points their missiles at American cities. Now if that is not enough to put trigger locks on Chinese missiles, a White House spokesman said, and I quote, `We will grant China swift admission to the World Trade Organization.' Swift admission no less. Beam me up here. I am firmly convinced those experts at the White House are smoking dope. I yield back the fact that there is no 5-day waiting period on Chinese nukes. Think about that...."

Associated Press 6/16/99 "…Powerful and destructive armor-piercing ammunition is being sold as surplus to the public through a government program, the Chicago Tribune reported today. More than 100,000 rounds of .50-caliber shells, designed for long-range military sniper weapons, have ended up in the hands of civilian weapons dealers in the last year through the Conventional Demilitarization Program, said the newspaper, which obtained a summary of a federal report to be released today. The government report relies heavily on the findings of an undercover investigation conducted by the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress. It shows that the Pentagon is selling excess and obsolete stocks of the brass-covered shells for $1 per ton to a West Virginia company…."

AP via FoxNews 6/16/99 Alan Fram "…With both parties eyeing the 2000 elections, Senate Democrats blocked a House-passed bill Wednesday that Republicans say would make it harder to spend Social Security surpluses. The GOP effort came even as Congress illustrated the spending pressures felt by lawmakers, including Republicans. One Republican senator lost an attempt to win an extra $70 million for solar energy, other senators were seeking guaranteed loans for steel, oil and gas companies, and the House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to boost aviation spending…."


AP 6/20/99 "...Russian President Boris Yeltsin came to Sunday's meeting with President Clinton bearing one gift - a report on declassified Russian information relating to the assassination of President John Kennedy. Sandy Berger, Clinton's national security adviser, termed the report a "very interesting gift.'' But he refused to speculate on whether it contained any new information on the Kennedy assassination, saying it was in Russian and U.S. officials had not reviewed it. The documents will "be reviewed carefully and all interesting elements will be made public,'' Berger told reporters traveling with Clinton to the economic summit in Cologne...."

Bloomberg / Newsweek 6/28/99 Newsweek "...Two U.S. nuclear weapons labs have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for safety violations over the past three years, Newsweek says, citing a U.S. General Accounting Office draft report.... The labs, run by the University of California, won't have to pay the fines due to a law exempting such nonprofit facilities and Energy Department officials say safety at the labs has improved, Newsweek says in its June 28 edition, on newsstands tomorrow...."

Washington Post 6/27/99 Robert O'Harrow Jr. "...As part of a new and aggressive effort to track down parents who owe child support, the federal government has created a vast computerized data-monitoring system that includes all individuals with new jobs and the names, addresses, Social Security numbers and wages of nearly every working adult in the United States. Government agencies have long gathered personal information for specific reasons, such as collecting taxes. But never before have federal officials had the legal authority and technological ability to locate so many Americans found to be delinquent parents -- or such potential to keep tabs on Americans accused of nothing. The system was established under a little-known part of the law overhauling welfare three years ago. It calls for all employers to quickly file reports on every person they hire and, quarterly, the wages of every worker. States regularly must report all people seeking unemployment benefits and all child-support cases.... Enforcement officials say the coupling of computer technology with details about individuals' employment and financial holdings will give them an unparalleled ability to identify and locate parents who owe child support and, when necessary, withhold money from their paychecks or freeze their financial assets...... But privacy experts and civil libertarians say the scope of the effort raises new questions about the proper line between aggressive public policy and intrusive government snooping. In pursuing an objective that is almost universally applauded, the government has also created something that many Americans have staunchly opposed: a vast pool of fresh personal information that could be used in a variety of ways to monitor their lives...... Already lawmakers, federal agencies and the White House have considered expanding the permitted aims of the system to include cutting down on fraud by government contractors, improving the efficiency of the government and pinpointing debtors, such as students who default on government loans..... Supporters of the system note that Congress explicitly restricted access to it. Those authorized to use the information include the Social Security Administration, which can use the directory of new hires to verify unemployment reports; the Treasury Department, which can use it to cross-reference tax-deduction claims; and researchers, who gain access only to anonymous data. Next month, financial institutions that operate in multiple states -- such as Crestar Financial Corp., Charles Schwab & Co. and the State Department Federal Credit Union -- will begin comparing a list of more than 3 million known delinquents against their customer accounts. Under federal law, the institutions are obligated to return the names, Social Security numbers and account details of delinquents they turn up...."

Wall St. Journal 6/25/99 "...In the wake of the Supreme Court's end-of-term decisions issued this week, we can't help but think of the message we've heard over and over again through the years from mayors and governors, CEOs and small businesspeople who visit our offices. Deliver us from Washington, they plead. Give us back the freedom to make the decisions about what's best for our own communities and businesses. Indeed, the biggest shift in American society over the past 50 years has to be the gradual federalization of so many aspects of life. Today Washington has its nose in almost every nook and cranny of our existence--including whether a trucking company can require its drivers to have two good eyes or whether a state must pay its workers federally mandated overtime, two of the cases decided by the Court this week. Altogether, there isn't much left that's exempt from Washington's scrutiny. Nor, of course, from the concomitant scrutiny of the legal system. The Court's three state's-rights decisions Wednesday make a stab at fixing that; they represent an important effort to restore the balance between state power and federal power. As Justice Kennedy put it in the overtime-pay case: "Congress has vast power, but not all power. Congress must accord states the esteem due to them as joint participants in a federal system." In short, the Constitution doesn't permit Congress to order the states around willy-nilly...."

Reuters 6/25/99 Patrick Connole "...President Clinton likely would veto compromise legislation on nuclear waste storage pending in the Senate because it would cut out the Environmental Protection Agency from setting radiation regulations, a Department of Energy official said Friday. The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee last week approved a bipartisan bill aimed at ending years of wrangling between the federal government and nuclear utilities by having the DOE assume control of radioactive spent fuel at reactor sites. About 38,000 tons of waste currently are stored at U.S. reactor sites. That amount is expected to double in the coming years....However, the DOE official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Senate bill remained troublesome mainly due to the EPA being replaced by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as the steward for setting radiation standards...."

MSNBC Jay Severin 6/29/99 "...BILL CLINTON and Al Gore have been as close as people holding these two jobs get. That is why some were surprised when Gore not only began his campaign for the top job, but also defined it, by proclaiming how unlike Clinton he is. Usually, this is run-of-the-mill stuff: a vice president stakes out his own turf and his own identity. An implicit criticism of the boss is part of the process. ....But something queer happened. Gore came out of the gate seemingly eager not merely for a separation from Clinton, but a divorce. The VP repeatedly condemned Clinton for his, ahem, personal shortcomings, and in personal terms. On Saturday, Bubba fired back. Team Clinton leaked to the news media the fact that the president was "hurt" and, in no uncertain terms, "angry" about Gore's criticism...."

Reuters 6/29/99 Mark Egan "...House Republican Leader Dick Armey Tuesday denounced the proposed sale of International Monetary Fund gold to help reduce poor countries' debt and said he would back legislation to block the proposal.Under the plan, up to 10 million ounces of the IMF's 104 million ounce gold reserve would be sold and proceeds used to offset debt owed by poor countries.``Just a way for the IMF to acquire liquidity for more mischief without being accountable,'' said Armey of Texas...."

The Detroit News 7/2/99 "...The Michigan Court of Appeals has abolished the tort of "wrongful birth." In so doing, it has strengthened the right of the disabled to a presumption that their lives are as valuable as the lives of the nondisabled. A "tort" is a wrongful action. The court's majority, Judges William Whitbeck and Michael Smolenski, essentially said the birth of a child, even a disabled one, cannot by itself be considered a wrongful action. This is an important statement of the value under Michigan law of all human life. The case arose, as such cases usually do, out of unhappy circumstances. After the birth of a child with physical deformities, the parents brought suit against the hospital and the radiologist on their case. The couple contended that the radiologist should have disclosed the deformities. Failure to do so, the couple complained, deprived them of "their right to make a reproductive decision." The couple also sued for medical malpractice and emotional distress...."

AP 7/1/99 "...The Clinton administration is threatening to veto a $12.7 billion foreign aid package that slashes many international programs, including the Peace Corps, while providing unrequested funds for a Kosovo security force. Before passing the overall spending bill late Wednesday, the Senate rejected, 55-43, a proposal that would have eased restrictions on American citizens who want to travel to Cuba..... The White House is threatening a veto of the overall bill, mainly on grounds that it cuts too much from what it views as critical programs, including the Peace Corps. The legislation makes a $50 million, or 19 percent, reduction to President Clinton's request for the organization. ..."

AP 7/1/99 Pierre Thomas "...The Immigration and Naturalization Service detained and released serial killer suspect Rafael Resendez- Ramirez in June, even though the INS had been told by Texas police last year he was wanted on murder and burglary charges, Justice Department officials said Thursday. The new details were revealed one day after INS Commissioner Doris Meissner requested her own agency be investigated by the Justice Department's top watchdog. Meissner said the agency's failure to identify the 38-year- old drifter charged in two murders and linked to six other slayings, "has raised serious questions about the INS' knowledge of the case and procedures used in encounters with" him. The investigation by the Justice Department's inspector general will examine why Resendez-Ramirez was released repeatedly after being caught entering the United States illegally. The inspector general's office investigates waste, fraud and abuse...."

Freeper Angelwood 7/1/99 Reports "...However, hanging around outside the Tantrum Gate was productive today. I was given the opportunity to ask Joe Lockhart a serious question. A group of about half a dozen people came out of the gate and turned in my direction. In front and to my right was Mr. Lockhart, himself, sans coat, and talking with the others around him. When he was next to me, I said, "Mr. Lockhart. How can Hillary and Bill afford $3.8 million for a house in New York when they're supposed to be broke?" I think I surprised them all, but Joe recovered. He said, "that's a good question; that's a good question" -- as he kept walking quickly away. I spoke up loudly. "I've heard that answer before in your press conferences and you ignore the questions. Very good, Mr. Lockhart. You are the press secretary who knows nothing...."

AP 7/16/99 "…The emotional partisan Senate debate over patient protections is over but the battle for public opinion labored on Friday. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott accused President Clinton of refusing to look for a compromise with the GOP over a patients rights bill it pushed through the Senate on nearly total party-line vote Thursday night. "If the president will quit whining, griping and threatening, and come up and engage, we'll work with him and see if we can find a bill he'll sign,'' Lott, R-Miss., told reporters…."

AP/Fox News On-line 7/15/99 HJ Hebert "…The government acknowledged for the first time Thursday that thousands of workers were made sick while making nuclear weapons and announced a plan to compensate many of them for medical care and lost wages. Congress must still approve the compensation, which would end years of litigation over claims by the workers that they became sick while employed by private contractors at federal nuclear weapons facilities during the Cold War…."

Drudge Report 7/16/99 "…Just as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is trying to determine how many public television stations had swapped donor lists with the Democratic National Committee, after reports that stations in Washington, New York and Boston had done so, congressional investigators have started to point suspicious fingers at the White House! ….The White House is now working to limit any damage that could come from the developing situation -- damage that could hit Hillary's oldest friends in Arkansas! On June 28, 1993, President Clinton nominated Diane Blair to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Blair, who was 'best person' at the Clintons' wedding and has been one of Hillary's oldest friends, was later nominated by the president, in 1998, to serve as a Member of the Board of Directors of the corporation. Blair was later elected vice chair of its board of directors. Blair is very close to the Clintons and is said to have spent more nights at the White House than just about anyone except the first family….. PBS station KQED-TV in San Francisco on Friday admitted to list-swapping not only the Democratic National Committee but also Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, whose daughter, Nicole, married Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother, Anthony Rodham, in the White House Rose Garden in 1994…."

AP 7/8/99 "…Senate confirmation continues to look like a receding target for Richard Holbrooke in his long quest to be U.N. ambassador. Four senators, including Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., are now known to have placed ``holds'' on the veteran diplomat's nomination, putting off a floor vote for an indeterminate period…..Lott spokesman John Czwartacki declined to comment on the holds. By tradition, any senator can block, at least for a time, any nomination, anonymously if he or she chooses. However, on the subject of the FEC vacancy, Czwartacki said presidents traditionally give leaders of the other party the prerogative of picking their party's FEC representatives. ``I've never seen a White House that tried to pick the other party's nominees,'' Czwartacki said…."

7/12/99 The Associated Press via NewsEdge Corporation "…Members of Congress concerned that China and other countries may be learning U.S. scientific secrets by rocketing civilian satellites into space want the United States to expand its launch capabilities. There's one key problem with the plan: Upgrading Air Force launch pads at Cape Canaveral, Fla., and Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., could cost up to $600 million and, for now, there's little money in the federal budget to do the work….U.S. policy makers are divided on whether to upgrade Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg and keep them under U.S. government control or to privatize them. Retired Lt. Gen. Richard Henry, who led a study for the Air Force space command into launch problems, said many aerospace companies use foreign launch sites instead of U.S. government ones because of a ``general frustration'' with scheduling delays, ``antiquated equipment and budget constraints

Chattanooga Free Press 7/18/99 "...Like millions of other Americans who are either voluntary or captive members of labor unions, Sherry and David Pirlott of Green Bay, Wis., have been shaken down by political union bosses who have taken some of their earnings to finance partisan political campaigns. But the ruling of the United States Supreme Court in the Beck case provided that workers have a right to get a refund of their money that is used for political and other purposes. not for collective bargaining. (In the case of Harry Beck, he was entitled to 71 cents back from each dollar he was forced to pay.) Sherry and David Pirlott want their money back, too. So they filed suit against Teamsters Local 75 in Green Bay to try to get it. But that was in 1992. This is 1999. And they, like workers in many other cases, have not gotten justice yet...." 7/21/99 Paul McNamara "..- Many cultural conservatives have lamented the liberal slant of television, but one Hollywood expert says it's inherent with the medium and any effort to remedy the bias "is not going to work." ...."Americans see problems resolved time after time in 30 minutes or an hour, and when that doesn't occur in their life, they begin to feel sorry for themselves," Medved noted. "They're absolutely convinced we're all victims." Medved said this feeling of crisis cements television's liberal bias, observing that "liberalism would be nothing without a crisis to exploit." ....Research cited by Medved indicated that the average American teenager spends an estimated 33 hours talking with parents each year, 700 hours a year in a classroom and 1500 hours watching television, prompting Medved to recommend less television viewing. "The real problem is not low quality, it's high quantity," said Medved. "We suffer from too much TV, period." ..."

Washington Times 7/21/99 "...America's trade deficit burgeoned by 15 percent in May to another record -- $21.3 billion -- as exports shrank and U.S. consumers soaked up purchases of oil, cars and other goods from every corner of the world. Deficits with nearly every trading partner widened -- and America's rare trade surplus with Latin America disappeared altogether --as imports climbed to a record $98.9 billion. Exports fell to $77.6 billion, adding to the woes of U.S. farmers and manufacturers of cars and aircraft...."

Capitol Hill Blue Bruce Sullivan 7/15/99 (CNS) - A bipartisan bill was introduced in Congress Wednesday that would, among other things, end federal income taxes, capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes, and the marriage penalty tax by replacing them with a one-time, 23 percent, national sales tax on all goods and services traded at the retail level. According to the Fair Tax Bill's sponsors, Reps. John Linder, a Georgia Republican, and Minnesota Democrat Collin Peterson, the Internal Revenue Service would no longer be needed and would be eliminated by Jan. 1, 2001. "One hundred thousand people at the IRS know more about me than I'm willing to tell my own children," said Linder...."

Washington Times 7/22/99 Frank J Murray "...Cops and prosecutors call it punishing the crooks when and where they'll feel it most. Lots of other people, honest and law-abiding, call it police piracy...... Most forfeitures -- by which the government seizes property that officers merely suspect was used in a crime or bought with the loot --never reach the point of criminal charges. Up to 80 percent never go to court. Seized properties range from a doctor's savings to a private prison in Louisiana with all 400 inmates, a Houston hotel, a 4,346-acre Florida ranch, a church's Spanish-language radio station and Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss' $550,000 Beverly Hills mansion..... Mr. Hyde told the senators it's difficult for him to accept that a law that permits and in fact encourages violations of the rights of innocent citizens could go unchallenged. He entreated the senators to accept the tough reform legislation he steered to overwhelming bipartisan acceptance in the House last month...."

National Post 7/22/99 Brad Evenson "...The germ that causes pneumonia, bacterial meningitis and inner ear infection has grown resistant to the synthetic drugs that doctors once hoped would contain the spread of so-called "superbugs," Canadian research has shown. As a result, new strains of bacteria have multiplied across Canada that can no longer be destroyed by fluoroquinolones, drugs developed in the mid 1980s to combat resistance to such medications as penicillin and tetracycline. Researchers have found that 3.7% of Streptococcus pneumoniae strains taken from Canadian patients have grown resistant to fluoroquinolones....."

Reuters 7/21/99 "...Even with its proposed sweeping tax cuts, congressional Republicans' 10-year budget would leave larger surpluses and provide more money to pay down the nation's debt than President Clinton's plan, the Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday.....The CBO calculated that under Clinton's budget debt held by the public in U.S. Treasury bills, notes and bonds would fall to $1.8 trillion, or 13 percent of the nation's gross domestic product, through 2009. With the Republican plan, it would fall to $1.6 trillion, or 12 percent of GDP, it said. The reason, the CBO said, is that Clinton would use most projected surpluses, excluding Social Security reserves, to boost government spending, while Republicans would slash it...."

AFP 7/24/99 "…The US Justice Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Customs service on Friday announced a joint initiative aimed at stamping out intellectual property crime. The campaign will include domestic and international components aimed at increasing the prosecution of intellectual property theft. The Business Software Alliance in a recent study found that software theft in 1998 resulted in 991 million dollars in lost US tax revenue and 109,000 fewer US jobs…."

Washington Times 7/20/99 Balint Vazsonyi "…When something is forbidden, a right to do something is taken away. All right, I hear some people say, but along with all the new prohibitions, we have gained a whole battery of new rights. Indeed. The Bill of Rights contains not a single provision which grants or concedes a right to anyone by taking something from another. It does not even grant rights, really, it rather affirms their pre-existence. All restrictions in those first ten amendments to our Constitution are placed on government -- not a single constraint on individuals or The People at large…."

New York Times 7/26/99 William Safire "…We have stumbled into the era of no-fault government. Blamelessness is next to godliness; nobody in authority is held responsible for blunders, no matter how costly. Take last week's case of the cell biologist at a Berkeley, Calif., lab who was found to have faked his research findings -- supposedly linking electric power to cancer -- to win his lab $3.3 million from three Federal agencies. A whistle-blower alerted the Office of Research Integrity, which found him "falsifying and fabricating data." The swinging scientist, Robert Liburdy, avoids prosecution by not contesting these findings, though he admits nothing. Is the lab being forced to return the money to taxpayers? No. Its lawyer tells William Broad of The Times that the unused portion is "being used for other science."…."

Washington Post 7/26/99 "…MONEY FOR international family-planning programs, whose work includes contraception and basic women's health services, has long been held hostage in Congress to the more divisive matter of abortion. Off and on since the early 1980s, and again last year, antiabortion forces in Congress have blocked any U.S. contribution to the U.N. Population Fund and other international family-planning efforts, arguing that those agencies also fund abortions and that this makes the U.S. contribution an indirect form of abortion funding. That case suffered a setback last week when the House voted to authorize $20 million for the U.N. Population Fund, up from zero last year…."

Washington Post 7/26/99 Helen Dewar "…When Democrats tried last month to tuck their health care legislation into a farm spending bill, Republicans decided they had made a mistake--a really big one--when they voted four years ago to allow members to write policy into appropriations bills from the Senate floor. So today, Republicans will try to revive the Senate's old ban on legislating on spending bills, and they appear to have the votes to overcome complaints from many Democrats that they are simply trying to find one more way to keep from having to vote on Democratic initiatives…."

Los Angeles Times 7/27/99 Patrick J McDonnell "...Gov. Gray Davis has quietly ended efforts to deny pregnancy care for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants--a battle that became a hallmark of the administration of former Gov. Pete Wilson and a symbol of the state's hardball immigration politics earlier this decade. Deep in a budget bill signed by the new governor late last week is a provision authorizing a state-funded prenatal care program for undocumented women. The move effectively preserves the 11-year-old aid program that was targeted by Wilson for extinction...."

New York Times 7/27/99 Jeff Gerth "...The Senate inquiry intensified after a General Accounting Office report last December found that executives at Citibank Private Bank ignored one of the bank's own safeguards in helping to move up to $100 million for Raul Salinas while his brother, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, was president of Mexico..... "

New York Times 7/27/99 Jeff Gerth "...Another case under review by the Senate committee, aides said, involves Pakistan's corruption investigation of Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister of Pakistan, and her husband, Asif Ali Zadari. The two were convicted of corruption earlier this year in Islamabad, Pakistan. Documents show that Citibank Private Bank in Geneva handled tens of millions of dollars for Zadari...."

WorldNet Daily 7/27/99 David Limbaugh "...It seems that on those few occasions that I stand up for congressional Republicans, they always make me eat my words. Last week, under cover of darkness, and with the anonymity of voice vote, the Senate passed the Hate Crimes Prevention Act.....Hate-crime legislation establishes stiffer penalties for violent crimes motivated by hatred against certain protected classes of individuals. Currently, federal law covers race, color, religion or national origin. The new Senate bill adds the categories of sexual orientation, gender and disability. So if you criminally assault a person because he/she is a member of a protected class you are not only guilty of assault, but of a hate-crime as well. ... Hate-crime legislation is foreign to our system of criminal jurisprudence. Why, for example, is battery worse if motivated by hatred of one's sexual orientation than, say, his wealth. Is it more acceptable to beat a man because he is rich than because he is homosexual? How about a poor man? A stupid (but not disabled) man? The possibilities are endless...."

The Wall Street Journal 7/27/99 Rebecca Buckman "...Jeffrey R. Bedser does some of his best work at home, at about 2 a.m., when he logs on to the Internet pretending to be a woman. The clean-cut father of young twins isn't sampling X-rated Web sites. He's putting in overtime as head of the new Internet-crimes group of International Business Research Inc., a corporate-investigations company based in Princeton, N.J..... To help round up cybersuspects, IBR and rivals Kroll Associates and DSFX LLC, based in Falls Church, Va., have all formed special groups to tackle Web-related assignments. "This is hot stuff," says Michael Cherkasky, president of New York-based Kroll Associates, one of the largest investigation firms. Before the Internet, these corporate sleuths mostly performed "due diligence" checks on acquisition targets or investigated embarrassing internal thefts. Now, tactics are more high-tech........ After striking up an online conversation, the investigators (posing as a friendly young woman named Terry) suggested the suspect click to a separate home page to see a snapshot of Terry. It was a trap. The amateur-looking page had family photos -- including one of a smiling woman wearing shorts, said to be Terry. Staking out the site, IBR watched as the visitor clicked on, then followed his electronic tracks back to a local Internet-service provider in Miami...... IBR once helped a large pharmaceutical company find a Canadian pharmacist, using the name PharmaFool, who had criticized one of the company's new anti-inflammatory drugs on a message board. Once it found him, the drug company ended up leaving PharmaFool alone after discovering he wasn't a competitor or an insider, as it had suspected. The man IBR believes to be PharmaFool didn't return calls for comment. IBR's big break in the case? The man used the same PharmaFool screen name on another message board, where his public "personal profile" also included his town, his favorite hockey team and his real name. ...." Freeper Elle Bee adds By Bradley A. Stertz and Richard A. Ryan / Detroit News Washington Bureau "...New York state elections officials said they will look into the sources of contributions a federal Teamsters overseer received in his bid five years ago for a district attorney's post. At issue are nine donations newly installed Teamsters election supervisor Michael Cherkasky took in during his 1993 Democratic campaign for the Westchester County, N.Y., office..... Cherkasky's firm, Kroll Monitoring Services, never got the union's business. Cherkasky also told Edelstein he had "never met nor spoken to Davis" but used his name only at the suggestion of Kroll's chairman...."

Reason website 7/28/99 Cox Reports Interviewed by Michael W. Lynch and Jeff A. Taylor 8/9 99 "...Cox sat down with Washington Editor Michael W. Lynch and Reason Express writer Jeff A. Taylor in early June, as he was busy passing an amendment to the Pentagon budget which requires the administration to report to Congress by November on the status of China's missile technology.... Reason: What caused the bipartisanship to break down after the report? Cox: The reason that our report was unanimous was that we stuck to the facts. Because the facts spoke so loudly for themselves, there was no need to spin the report with inferences. But anyone reading the report will be led to his or her inferences very rapidly. Once the report was published, demands were made for the resignation of the attorney general, the national security adviser, and others. Apparently there will be significant firings in the Department of Energy. The Clinton administration is under fire--that has changed the political calculus...

Associated Press 7/30/99 David Espo "...Republicans pushed their $792 billion tax cut through the Senate on Friday, courting a classic veto struggle this fall with President Clinton and Democrats who claim the measure shortchanges Medicare and other domestic programs.,,, The 10-year measure includes broad-based tax relief as well as provisions designed to address the so-called marriage penalty and make it easier to accumulate retirement savings and pay for education...."

Wall St. Journal 7/29/99 Glenn Burkins Greg Hitt "...Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan again warned Congress that it should neither rush to enact large tax cuts nor use the budget surplus to fund new spending. In his semiannual report to the Senate Banking Committee, Mr. Greenspan said the growing surplus would be best used to pay down the federal debt, now at $3.6 trillion. But that didn't stop Democrats and Republicans from trying to use the Fed chairman's admonitions to buttress their respective positions on the surplus ..."

NEWS FROM THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY 7/29/99 George Getz "...Hundreds of banks around the USA have started turning their complete customer database -- including Social Security numbers and account balances -- over to government agencies to comply with federal child support laws, the Libertarian Party warned today. "Politicians are now using the Deadbeat Dads law to violate your financial privacy -- even if you've never had children," said Steve Dasbach, national director of the Libertarian Party. "And if that's not bad enough, the law also prohibits your bank from notifying you that your account information has been turned over to the prying eyes of bureaucrats." The Financial Institution Data Match program, an outgrowth of the 1996 Deadbeat Dads law, requires banks to search their databases every three months for matches against state-provided lists of parents who have fallen behind in child support payments. But banks without the resources to comply have been forced to turn their entire customer database over to state agencies -- and allow government bureaucrats to do the searches instead...."

Sacramento Bee 7/28/99 Blair nthony Robertson "..This is the land where he was born, where he grew up, married, taught his five kids to be good stewards of the land..... Bierwagen is one of many frustrated landowners in California and throughout the United States joining the ranks of the private property rights movement. By some estimates, there are 2,000 or more groups large and small, with names like Defenders of Property Rights and American Land Rights Association. Sacramento is home to one of the key players in the movement, the Pacific Legal Foundation, which for years has battled government agencies in court on behalf of property owners. Bierwagen started Concerned Citizens for 174, a reference to the highway the Nevada County Board of Supervisors wanted to designate as scenic, placing new restrictions on property owners in the process.....Courts have generally ruled that landowners must be compensated when new regulations remove all practical use for the property. But the property rights camp says that isn't enough. Bill Craven, of Sierra Club California, says that property ownership is not absolute and that governments must often impose land use laws for the greater public good, whether it's to protect endangered species, save trees, maintain scenic vistas or regulate population density. To require compensation for every new regulation, argues Michael Bean, an attorney with the Environmental Defense Fund, would put landowners in the position of demanding ransom to not develop on the property...."The California courts have historically been more supportive of local government regulation and less supportive of private property rights than anywhere else in the nation," said Michael Berger, a Santa Monica attorney representing Buckley and a nationally recognized authority on land takings...."

New York Post 8/2/99 "...The law of unintended consequences strikes again - and this time at the Environmental Protection Agency. When Congress passed the Clean Air Act in 1990, one of the law's targets was gasoline. The law obliged oil companies to add an "oxygenate" - a substance that contains oxygen and allows gas to burn more efficiently - to gasoline. To comply, the companies relied on a chemical known as MTBE. When critics warned of health risks from MTBE, the EPA scoffed. But last Tuesday, an EPA-appointed panel announced that, while cutting air pollution, the chemical can also cause severe water pollution..... It also turns out to be a carcinogen...."

Reuters 8/2/99 "...A U.S. Appeals Court upheld a $2 billion annual federal program to subsidize Internet connections for schools and libraries. The Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Friday backed the Federal Communications Commission's decisions to allow the subsidies to be used to pay directly for Internet access as well as needed internal wiring at schools and libraries. Major telephone carriers such as GTE had argued the money could only be spent on telecommunications services. Thousands of schools and libraries around the country connected to the Internet thanks in part to the program created in the 1996 Telecommunications Act and known as the education rate or e-rate...." 8/2/99 Christopher Ruddy "...The illegal release of information from Linda Tripp's files for political reasons, and her subsequent prosecution, are just the latest of a long series of danger signals of a country at risk. When you add in ... the political prosecution of Billy Dale of the White House Travel Office; the illegal seizure of a thousand FBI files (many likely used for political blackmail); the cover-up of Vince Foster's death; Clinton's endless stream of executive orders circumventing Congress; Clinton's illegal and murderous "wag the dog" war in Yugoslavia, which killed thousands of innocent civilians and employed such police-state tactics as bombing radio stations, hospitals, and orphanages; political attacks and death threats against Congressmen and other officials who voted for impeachment or who sought to blow the whistle on Fostergate and Chinagate; and the fact that the Congress, by failing to remove Clinton from office despite the fact he committed one or more felonies, concluded the rule of law did not apply to him, you are driven to one frightening conclusion: Our Republic itself is in danger...."

Knight Ridder 11/06/98 Frank Greve "....A wealthy friend of the Clintons offered Linda Tripp help finding a private-sector job and treated her to lavish weekends, according to Tripp, at the same time last year that Monica Lewinsky sought job help from Clinton ally Vernon Jordan. Tripp's reputed benefactor, New York philanthropist Norma Asnes, is a widow, author and theater producer who hit it off with Hillary Rodham Clinton and her mother when they met during the1992 campaign, according to a former aide to the first lady. Until recently, Asnes kept a Georgetown townhouse where she occasionally played hostess to the Clintons and White House staff. Over the last four years she has contributed $59,500 to Democrats, according to federal records, and is listed among ``longtime friends'' of the Clintons in a tally provided by the White House last year of Lincoln Bedroom guests. Asnes' offers of help were accompanied by penetrating questions about what Tripp knew of White House flirtations involving the president, Tripp told Lewinsky in a phone call that Tripp tape-recorded and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr turned over to Congress....Tripp told Lewinsky after the first visit that Asnes had urged her to come up every two months, ``so she can get me out.'' In her recorded conversations with Lewinsky, Tripp said Asnes offered to introduce her to several business executives Asnes knew, including the president and CEO of Becton Dickinson and Co., a big New Jersey-based medical technology company that Asnes' late husband, Marvin, had commanded. Asnes also pressed Tripp to join her and her friends on a private charter cruise, and invited Tripp to Washington theater parties and receptions...."

Investor's Business Daily 8/3/99 "...For 200 years, Americans elected their lawmakers without the help of government. Enter the Federal Election Commission in 1975. In less than 25 years, that agency has tried to turn the First Amendment on its head. And it looks like the FEC's chokehold on speech is going to get even tighter. The agency is considering whether small, independent Web sites that endorse (or oppose) candidates should register with the FEC and comply with federal spending limits. When the slow-moving FEC gets around to issuing an opinion, it won't be a rule. But it might as well be. In lieu of a rule, the FEC expects candidates to follow its advisory opinions. And they usually do..... More to the point, the FEC's Web-related opinions have put the squeeze on free speech. Corporations can't set up neutral candidate forums on their Web sites. Election-oriented Web sites must register with the FEC; they cannot operate anonymously. Campaign-oriented independent Web sites that spend $250 or more must also register with the FEC..... And that's why so many lawmakers and bureaucrats want to chain the Internet. The information flow over the Web threatens their grip on power. They don't find it as easy to effectively ''fix'' elections so they remain in power...."

San Jose Mercury News 8/3/99 Howard Mintz "...A sharply divided California Supreme Court, struggling with an unprecedented clash between free-speech rights and workplace discrimination, decided Monday that the First Amendment can take a back seat to preventing harassment on the job. In a case with national implications, the state's high court held that government has the power to regulate words in the employment setting, at least when there is a proven need to correct harassing conduct and discrimination. The ruling, written by Chief Justice Ronald George, essentially permits a judge to muzzle an employee found to have created a hostile work setting by directing racial slurs at colleagues. ....Lawyers for the Latino workers, with backing from groups including the American Civil Liberties Union, argued that the need to keep the workplace free of harassment outweighs any restraint on free speech....."

European Stars And Stripes 8/4/99 AP "...The Defense Department may have lost more than $1 billion from health care fraud and abuse during the past three years, according to a congressional report that criticized the Pentagon for lax oversight. From 1996 through 1998, companies providing health care services for Pentagon employees reported 100 potential fraud cases, a fraction of the 50 million claims filed during the three-year period, said the report issued by the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress. No precise accounting could be made, but the GAO said more accurate estimate of the amount of fraud would be 10 percent to 20 percent of the $5.7 billion in managed health care claims - or between $570 million and $1.14 billion. The report said $14 million in fraudulent payments was retrieved...." 8/7/99 "... CONCERN IS growing in the financial markets that a major hedge fund is in difficulty, prompting fears of a repeat of last year's crisis when the Federal Reserve in the US had to mount a $3.5bn bail-out of Long- Term Capital Management (LTCM) in order to stave off a global financial collapse. The market for swaps, complex interest-rate derivatives which are widely used by hedge funds and the proprietary trading desks of the big investment banks to fund their high-risk trading strategies is, say traders, showing the same signs of distress that was seen after the Russian bond default last August...."

Reuters 8/5/99 "...The Republican-controlled U.S. Congress approved the biggest tax cut in nearly two decades Thursday despite a veto pledge from President Clinton, drawing battle lines for next year's election. The $792 billion tax cut, proposed by Republicans but opposed by Democrats, would trim all five income tax rates by one percentage point, lower capital gains taxes for individuals, eliminate estate taxes and ease the so-called marriage-tax penalty. Clinton has repeatedly promised to veto the 10-year bill...."

New York Post 8/6/99 Deborah Orin "...President Clinton will award the nation's highest civilian honor to former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, the White House says - but not to onetime rival George H. Bush. That leaves Bush - father of Republican 2000 front-runner George W. Bush - as the only living ex-president who doesn't hold the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Bush awarded the medal to Ronald Reagan. ..."

AP Breaking News 8/12/99 "... A McDonald's fast food restaurant was burnt to the ground today, and police believe the fire was the work of a militant animal rights group that has claimed responsibility for similar attacks in the past. ``The letters ALF were painted at the scene,'' said Jan Poels, a spokesman for the Antwerp prosecutor's office, referring to the group Animal Liberation Front. ``The restaurant was completely destroyed after the roof collapsed.'' ``It was the worst destruction we have seen so far,'' he added ..."

WorldNetDaily 8/11/99 Jon Dougherty "...A group opposed to the provisions of the 1934 National Firearms Act is planning a lawsuit to force the federal government to amend or repeal the 65-year-old law. According to the 1934 Group, a provision of federal firearms law known as the CLEO, or Certified Law Enforcement Officer sign-off provision is being challenged as an illegal unfunded federal mandate and tax requirement. The provision requires local law enforcement officials to approve the purchase of fully automatic weapons and, once approved, requires the purchaser to pay a $200 tax on each weapon purchased....."

Associated Press 8/11/99 Kevin Galvin "... President Clinton offered on Wednesday to commute the sentences of 16 members of a Puerto Rican independence group if they sign agreements renouncing the use of violence. Their group staged some 130 bomb attacks on political and military targets in the United States from 1974 to 1983. One administration official, who spoke on condition anonymity, said the prisoners were not involved in any deaths. ..."

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 8/11/99 Paul Greenberg "... What's this, Webb Hubbell asked to address the American Bar Association? Yep, he was a guest of its White Collar Crime Committee at the ABA's convention in Atlanta. Well, he does have an undeniable expertise in that field. It's as if the American Bankers Association had asked Willie Sutton to share his wisdom. Clearly it was a mix-up: With his remarkable record at managing not to pay his taxes, Mr. Hubbell should have been asked to conduct a seminar in tax law instead. Doesn't the American bar respect a man's legal specialty any more?..."

Flight International 8/11-17/99 Peter La Franchi/Canberra, Paul Lewis and Graham Warwick/Washington DC "...Boeing is being investigated by the US Government for alleged breaches of US restrictions on the release of stealth technology as part of its bid for Australia's Project Wedgetail airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) contract. Investigations by Flight International show the inquiry is concentrating on the alleged release to the Australian Department of Defence between November and January of classified low-observable/counter low-observable (LO/CLO) radar signature and verification cross reference indexing data. US Department of Defense officials and Boeing have acknowledged to Flight International that the investigation is under way. Information provided by sources suggests, however, that a draft report may have been provided in April to US Undersecretary for Defense Acquisition and Technology Paul Gansler...."

Newsweek 8/13/99 Jane Bryant Quinn "... Consumer activists are pressing Congress for better privacy laws without much result so far. The legislators lean toward letting business people track our financial habits virtually at will. As an example of what's going on, consider U.S. Bancorp, which was recently sued for deceptive practices by the state of Minnesota. According to the lawsuit, the bank supplied a telemarketer called MemberWorks with sensitive customer data such as names, phone numbers, bank-account and credit- card numbers, Social Security numbers, account balances and credit limits. With these customer lists in hand, MemberWorks started dialing for dollars-selling dental plans, videogames, computer software and other products and services. Customers who accepted a "free trial offer" had 30 days to cancel. If the deadline passed, they were charged automatically through their bank or credit-card accounts. U.S. Bancorp collected a share of the revenues....."

AP 8/13/99 "....Donations to President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton's legal defense fund have slowed in recent months, and organizers say they will not be able to cover all the bills by the end of the president's term unless the pace picks up. The trust has raised $6.3 million in a year and a half, but the Clintons' bills total $10.5 million and are rising, the fund's trustees said yesterday. The fund has paid $4.5 million toward those bills for legal expenses of the president and Mrs. Clinton. The fund also has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on mailed solicitations...."

Reuters 8/14/99 "...Democratic fund raiser Johnny Chung, a key figure in the 1996 campaign finance scandal, said Saturday Democrats told him how to plead the fifth amendment before he testified to Congress in 1997. Speaking in an interview to air on the Fox News Channel Monday, Chung said he received a package on "how to plead the fifth" from the chief counsel for the Democrats on the Government Reform and Oversight Committee where he was set to testify. "At the very beginning of 1997, the Democrat side of the Government Reform Committee sent a package to my office, to my attorney's office," Chung said in the interview, adding that the package, "Tried to teach me how to plead -- take the fifth."...."

WASHINGTON (Reuters) 8/15/99 "...Chung said in the interview, adding that the package "tried to teach me how to plead -- take the Fifth." The U.S. Constitution's Fifth Amendment gives individuals the right against self-incrimination. Philip Schiliro, Democratic staff director of the House Government Reform Committee, told Reuters that Chung's assertions are "regrettable and categorically wrong." "At no time did a staff counsel make any effort to discourage Mr. Chung from cooperating with the committee. At no time did any staff counsel try to influence Mr. Chung's decision on whether to assert the Fifth Amendment to deny Chung's allegation," Schiliro said. Chung, a Taiwanese-born businessman, appeared before the congressional panel in November 1997. He was called to testify again in May of this year after claims that his account differed from press reports of what he told federal investigators. Before Chung invoked the Fifth Amendment, Chung's attorney asked Democratic staff members for a packet of information regarding the rights of all witnesses before any U.S. congressional committee, Schiliro said. "That information, including the materials on Fifth Amendment procedures, was provided," he said. "Mr. Chung asserted his Fifth Amendment right for the purpose of the committee deposition, but provided six hours of off-the-record testimony with Republican and Democratic committee members," Schiliro added...."

Washinton Times 8/10/99 "...Mr. Rubin was asked by a reporter late last week for department reaction to legislation introduced by Mr. Gilman to cap U.S. spending in the Balkans. Mr. Rubin replied: "I'm not familiar with the bill, and they seem to have a bill a day, so I try not to be put in a position to respond to every one." Insert knife. "Very few of which become law, I might add." Twist. "I was dismayed to read . . . your remarks," Mr. Gilman fired back in a letter to Mr. Rubin. ... "I would also note that you may be uninformed about the work of the International Relations Committee, a body that has direct oversight responsibilities over your department and your office in particular. "Since becoming chairman of this committee, we have enacted over 30 statutes, including the Foreign Affairs Reform Act (restructuring your very office) . . . "We also joined with the administration to fully fund . . . the American Embassy Security Act. The administration supported that measure, but in light of your unusual comments, I wonder if we will have continuing cooperation." Mr. Gilman sent a copy of his letter to Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright....."

Washington Times 8/9/99 Bill Sammon "...President Clinton extolled the Constitution and rule of law yesterday in a speech to the American Bar Association, which was widely criticized for hosting the president 11 days after he was fined for lying under oath. "I understand he was the second choice because John Gotti wasn't available," said Mark Levin, president of Landmark Legal Foundation, a Washington public-interest law firm. "As a member of the ABA for more than four decades, I am ashamed," wrote lawyer Gerald Walpin in yesterday's Wall Street Journal. "[This] sends a message to lawyers that it is OK to lie and obstruct justice, so long as you maintain political allies in high places in the ABA." The Southeastern Legal Foundation, which is based in Atlanta, where the president addressed the ABA, said the association forfeited its "ethical authority over the legal profession" by hosting the president...."The invitations to Clinton and Hubbell show that lawyers will now have a new benchmark to measure their ethics, a level even lower than prostitutes," Mr. Klayman said. ABA President Philip Anderson, a longtime friend of the president's who offered a job to Mr. Clinton after he lost the Arkansas governor's race in 1980, yesterday defended his choice of keynote speaker for the ABA's annual meeting. ..."

New York Post 8/16/99 Jerry Zeifman "...IN December 1974, as general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, I made a personal evaluation of Hillary Rodham (now Mrs. Clinton), a member of the staff we had gathered for our impeachment inquiry on President Richard Nixon. I decided that I could not recommend her for any future position of public or private trust. Why? Hillary's main duty on our staff has been described by her authorized biographer as "establishing the legal procedures to be followed in the course of the inquiry and impeachment." A number of the procedures she recommended were ethically flawed. And I also concluded that she had violated House and committee rules by disclosing confidential information to unauthorized persons...."

WorldNetDaily 8/19/99 Stephan Archer "…When House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer, R-Texas, announced Aug. 2 that the Joint Committee on Taxation was still conducting an investigation of politically motivated Internal Revenue Service audits after two-and-a-half years, he evidently forgot to let his staffers know this. In response to allegations that the 1996 audit of WorldNetDaily's parent company, Western Journalism Center, was politically motivated, the Internet newspaper's readers flooded Archer's office as well as the offices of their local representatives, with e-mail and letters. One concerned reader, Bill Vendramin, wrote his congressman, Rep. Peter J. Visclosky, D-Indiana, asking him to help Archer in the continuing investigation of IRS procedures. However, the congressman wrote back saying Archer was not aware of any investigation. "I have contacted Chairman Archer regarding this investigation, and have been informed that he is neither conducting one, nor is he aware of, an ongoing investigation into these allegations," Visclosky wrote in a letter dated Aug. 5 to Vendramin. However, as was reported earlier by WorldNetDaily, Archer had stated in an Aug. 2 press release from the House Ways and Means Committee he would continue to "monitor the progress of the JCT's (Joint Committee on Taxation's) investigation." The subject of this investigation was explained by Archer earlier in the press statement: "On March 24, 1997, in coordination with the Senate Finance Committee, I requested the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) investigate allegations the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had targeted certain tax-exempt organizations with audits for political reasons." "Unfortunately, due to the investigation's complexity, scope, and because it involved privileged information about individual tax returns, the committee's final report has been delayed considerably beyond our original hopes," continued Archer. "This investigation has become far more voluminous than was originally anticipated." Archer went on to explain he takes allegations of IRS harassment of political enemies "very seriously" and will "follow the JCT's investigation with interest." …"

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 8/18/99 Pauk Greenberg "…Why, why, would the American Bar Association honor a scandalous leader who has just been found in contempt of court, and whose disbarment is being considered even now? Like the adept advocate he is, Little Rock's Philip Anderson now has explained why, as president of the ABA, he invited Bill Clinton to address its annual convention: "Whenever the president of the United States--who is the leader of the free world as well as our country--wishes to discuss the nation's business with the members of the American Bar Association, we should listen. We have always done so, most recently in 1985, when then-President Ronald Reagan spoke at our annual meeting." Always? Then-President Richard Nixon wouldn't have been welcome at the ABA's convention when his disbarment was pending. Even before a House committee recommended his impeachment, the ABA resolved that the whole Nixon Gang be disciplined. Which spoke well of the bar….." 8/17/99 Lisa Richwine "…Blood banks in the United States and Canada were ordered Tuesday to stop collecting donations from people who lived in or frequently visited Britain during the mad cow disease outbreak. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it was taking the step to prevent donors who ate tainted British beef from possibly passing along the human version of mad cow, a fatal degenerative brain disorder, through blood transfusions…." 8/18/99 Alasdair Denvil "…What, then, does a hate crime involve that merits further punishment? Well, the story goes, hate crimes are done out of hate, and that makes them particularly heinous. They are committed in the belief that certain people are inferior, and the act is intended to send a message to that group as a whole: "Your kind aren't wanted around here." Hate crimes, then, are based on beliefs that are repugnant to the ideals upon which this nation and its constitution are based. This is all true, but it fails to provide us with a reason to give these crimes extra punishment. The mere fact that these are acts of hate is no justification; non-violent actions inspired by hate, such as marches by the KKK, are legal and ought to remain so, even though they send the same message as hate crimes. No matter how distasteful their message may be, such groups have every right to express it, so long as they do so peacefully. Besides, I can think of no better antidote to such groups than to allow their stupidity to be widely publicized. Moreover, it is wrong to punish people for their thoughts. As reflected in our right to freedom of the press, religion and so forth, we should be free to believe anything we please, no matter how foolish or offensive others might find it. So if it is not the thought or acting on the thought that is punishable, what is it?…"

Yahoo via Reuters 8/19/99 Adam Entous "…- The U.S. trade deficit ballooned to a record $24.62 billion in June as imports from major trading partners Western Europe and Mexico soared to all-time highs and gaps with Japan and China widened, the Department of Commerce said Thursday.The trade gap, driven by imports that broke $100 billion for the first time, was much wider than the $20.5 billion deficit forecast by Wall Street analysts, and grew from a $21.17 billion deficit in May…."

Washington (AP) 8/20/99 "…The Clinton administration reportedly plans to ask Congress to give police authority to secretly go into people's personal computers and crack their security codes. Legislation drafted by the Justice Department would let investigators get a sealed warrant from a judge to enter private property, search through computers for passwords and override encryption programs, The Washington Post reported Friday. The newspaper quoted an Aug. 4 department memo that said encryption software for scrambling computer files ``is increasingly used as a means to facilitate criminal activity, such as drug trafficking, terrorism, white-collar crime and the distribution of child pornography.''…"

USA Today 8/19/99 Walter Shapiro "…Sometimes a social trend comes along and bites you in the leg. Take "animal law," the new legal theory that's the cat's meow for activists who believe that any creature that can bark, oink or whinny has rights that are enforceable in the courts. I'm not horsing around. According to a front-page story in Wednesday's New York Times, Harvard and Georgetown law schools will offer courses this fall in animal law. Lawyers are eagerly producing new legal arguments, writes William Glaberson in the Times, "to chip away at a fundamental principle of American law that animals are property and have no rights." ….Gary Francione, who teaches animal law at Rutgers University, believes that lawyers should sue on behalf of sentient beings such as gorillas. Francione told the Times that gorillas "should be declared to be 'persons' under the Constitution" with full legal rights….. I normally don't share conservative concerns about legal activism, but this latest twist in animal-rights zealotry is ridiculous. It is one thing to oppose cruelty to animals. But it is blasphemy to mimic the legal tactics of the civil-rights movement on behalf of zoo creatures barely able to worry where their next banana is coming from…."


Washington Post 8/27/99 Ceci Connolly "…A criminal investigation into charges that Russian mobsters and politicians may have laundered money -- including diverted international aid funds -- through accounts at the Bank of New York has revived a long-standing debate in Washington over whether the Clinton administration has given too much support to a Russian government known to be plagued by corruption. As the chairman of a joint commission on bilateral ties with former Russian prime minister Viktor Chernomyrdin -- a role Gore once proudly embraced -- the vice president has been one of the targets of past attacks….. The Gore team has responded to the emerging issue with uncharacteristic speed, offering one of the most detailed accounts to date of the vice president's conversations with Russian leaders about the country's crime problems. At the same time, aides have stressed that Gore, although touted as the "most involved vice president in history," had no idea federal investigators were looking into allegations that the Bank of New York laundered billions for Russian criminals, including some with close connections to the government of President Boris Yeltsin…. Among those caught by surprise, officials said, was White House national security adviser Samuel R. "Sandy" Berger. A senior administration official said Clinton aides are pressing to learn more about the investigation, and hope to be briefed soon…."

Associated Press 8/27/99 Seth Sutel "…The Bank of New York has fired Lucy Edwards, one of the two executives it had suspended amid allegations that Russian mobsters had used accounts at the bank in a major money laundering operation…. Dow Jones Newswires, quoting sources close the matter, reported that Edwards was fired for alleged gross misconduct, violations of the bank's internal policies, falsification of bank records, and failure to cooperate. So far no one has been charged with any wrongdoing in the affair, in which up to $15 billion was reportedly funneled through the Bank of New York by Russian mobsters. Authorities in the United States, Russia and Britain are investigating. Edwards was a senior official at the bank's London office in charge of Eastern European operations. Her husband, Russian businessman Peter Berlin, reportedly had authority over some of the suspect accounts at the bank. The other Bank of New York official suspended pending the investigation, Natasha Gurfinkel Kagalovsky, is a senior vice president in New York who also supervised the bank's business in Eastern Europe. Law enforcement authorities reportedly are investigating the activities of Ms. Kagalovsky's husband Konstantin, who was Russia's representative to the International Monetary Fund from 1992 to 1995 and later worked as a senior executive at Russia's Menetap bank. He now is vice president of Russian oil giant Yukos…."

Associated Press 8/26/99 Greg Myre "…Wealthy Russians, whether their money was earned legally or not, have established a pattern of moving their money outside Russia, a place where your bank can go belly-up at any time. The Russian mob, which is believed responsible for much of the capital flight, sends money abroad to hide its illicit profits. Genuine businessmen face the uncomfortable choice of paying extremely high taxes or sending the money on a trip to Europe where the tax man won't find it….. "We know there is money missing from the government coffers, but no one seems to care," said Nikolai Gonchar, an independent member of parliament, who has been pushing for a more detailed investigation of the Central Bank. "For four-and-a-half months I've been urging the prosecutor general to investigate, but he has been doing his best not to open a criminal case," Gonchar said. In an effort to boost the struggling economy, the government has limited the amount of money Russians can take out of the country so moving funds abroad is often illegal. …."

Washington Post 8/27/99 Cecil Connolly John Harris Dan Balz "…New revelations about Russian money laundering through a major U.S. bank have presented Vice President Gore with a potentially difficult campaign issue, and once again illustrated the pitfalls of running for the White House from the vice president's chair. ….As the chairman of a joint commission on bilateral ties with former Russian prime minister Viktor Chernomyrdin -- a role Gore once proudly embraced -- the vice president has been one of the targets of past attacks. ….The Gore team has responded to the emerging issue with uncharacteristic speed, offering one of the most detailed accounts to date of the vice president's conversations with Russian leaders about the country's crime problems. At the same time, aides have stressed that Gore, although touted as the "most involved vice president in history," had no idea federal investigators were looking into allegations that the Bank of New York laundered billions for Russian criminals, including some with close connections to the government of President Boris Yeltsin. …."

Reuters 8/27/99 David Lawsky "…The Federal Communications Commission Friday gave the FBI new authority to tap digital and wireless phones, delighting the Justice Department and bitterly disappointing privacy advocates and local phone companies. FCC Chairman William Kennard declared his agency's actions "will help ensure that law enforcement has the most up-to-date technology to fight crime." Traditional wiretap techniques do not work with digital technology, which would be impenetrable without assistance from the phone companies…."

WorldNet Daily 8/26/99 Jon Dougherty "…A former defense contractor who once had his life threatened by a defense contracting official in the presence of government lawyers says, Washington is "too corrupt to fix" and is being "run by a bunch of 22-year-old staffers who think the whole thing's funny." Bill White, who has spent 18 years in and around Washington, D.C., told WorldNetDaily he has witnessed the corruption "up close and personal" after the Department of Defense (DOD) "squeezed" his defense firm out of business….His experience began in 1989 when his company -- an electronics manufacturing firm -- began applying for -- and winning -- modest defense contracts. White said he bid on military projects because, as a minority firm, his company qualified for an accelerated payment program. White was qualified for the program because he is ethnically Hispanic, though he adopted his stepfather's Anglo name years ago…. In a series of bids won by Logics, the government provided White's company with "flawed" technical data packages -- packages of information listing the government's particular specifications for the construction of key system components….But the Pentagon and the Defense Department were slow to reimburse Logics for the unnecessary development costs. So slow, in fact, that before Logics received reimbursement on their first claim -- some 19 months later -- the company had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection…."

San Diego Union-Tribune 8/26/99 Tom Raum "…Navy bookkeeping is so lax that the service lost track of $54 million paid by Kuwait for three F/A-18 jets and billed Greece and Japan for seaborne services it actually provided to Canada, congressional auditors said yesterday. The report by the General Accounting Office said the Navy's bookkeeping in the government's foreign military sales program included inaccurate information, "making it difficult for Navy managers to accurately account for and report on the . . . program."…Navy records showed that, as of October 1998, about $582 million in delivered goods and services had not been charged to the appropriate foreign customers, the GAO said…."

TIME 8/23/99 Jack E White "…Many civil rights lawyers agree that the University of Michigan could be the Alamo of affirmative action, the place where they make their last stand. Michigan's affirmative-action programs, especially at its prestigious law school, are among the best in the country--designed not only to produce diverse student bodies but also to withstand the sort of right-wing onslaughts, in the courts or at the polls, that have outlawed the use of racial preferences in California, Washington and other states. That's why so much is riding on two lawsuits filed by whites who claim that they were denied admission to Michigan because of their race, pointing out that some black applicants with lower test scores and grade-point averages were admitted. If affirmative action at Michigan can't survive these assaults, it's probably doomed at every other state campus in the nation…."

New York Times 8/28/99 Timothy O’Brien"…A powerful Russian industrialist whose empire is under investigation in the money laundering inquiry at the Bank of New York said Friday that a large part of the billions of dollars moved through the bank was controlled by Russian officials protecting their fortunes by shipping their money abroad before Russian markets collapsed last year. In in his first interview since the money laundering investigation became public last week, the industrialist, Mikhail Khodorkovksy, said by telephone from Moscow that many Russian officials began selling Government securities in 1998 because they had inside knowledge about Government deliberations in the months leading to a decision to permit the devaluation of the ruble. That move occurred in August 1998, and caused the Russian economy, and the value of Government debt, to spiral sharply downward. …"

New York Times 8/28/99 Raymond Bonner "…The Bank of New York said Friday that it dismissed a vice president who is involved in a federal money laundering investigation. The bank officer, Lucy Edwards, was fired for "gross misconduct," violating the bank's code of conduct, falsification of bank records, and failure to cooperate with the investigation, according to a person with direct knowledge of the dismissal. A bank spokesman declined to provide any details. People with direct knowledge of the investigation said this week that documents found in Ms. Edwards' London home indicated that she used the Bank of New York name for dealings unrelated to her job at the bank…."

Associated Press 8/25/99 "….The chairman of the House Banking Committee said Wednesday that Congress must investigate whether the Bank of New York was duped or willingly aided a money-laundering scheme that federal investigators say involves the Russian mob. In Moscow, Russia's finance minister denied his government was linked to the multibillion-dollar scheme, which has been described as potentially one of the biggest cases of money-laundering ever uncovered in the United States. ``I have no information indicating that Russia has anything to do with this problem, so there is no need for the government to interfere in this situation,'' Finance Minister Mikhail Kasyanov told a news conference….. Rep. Jim Leach, R-Iowa, the House Banking Committee chairman, said the panel will hold hearings next month on the alleged activities at Bank of New York, the nation's 15th-largest bank. Federal investigators believe as much as $10 billion was laundered through the bank in an operation run by Russian organized crime. Some $4.2 billion passed through a single account in more than 10,000 transactions between October and March, The New York Times reported last week, citing unidentified investigators…."

Fox News 8/21/99 AP "…Federal investigators reportedly raided the Wall Street office of the Bank of New York in connection to a major international money-laundering scheme that authorities say involves the Russian mob. During Friday's raid, investigators seized the files of Natasha Gurfinkel Kagalovsky, a senior vice president who supervised the bank's East European division, a source close to the bank told The New York Times in Saturday's editions. She and a bank vice president in London, Lucy Edwards, were suspended on Wednesday. Both women are married to Russian businessmen. British authorities also searched Ms. Edwards' home and office. Her husband, Peter Berlin, had authority over some accounts at the bank. Neither she nor her husband has been accused of any wrongdoing. However, investigators told the Times that the couple may be involved in one of the largest money-laundering operations ever conducted in the United States. As much as $10 billion allegedly was laundered through the bank in what investigators say is an operation run by Russian organized crime, the Times reported…."

Timothy O’Brien Raymond Bonner 8/22/99 "…At the intersection of illicit Russian money and the Bank of New York is Bruce Rappaport, a Swiss banker who has had brushes with governmental investigators in the past and who has long had an important connection to the bank. Together with the Bank of New York, Rappaport owns a bank in Switzerland that helped provide the American bank with important business contacts in Russia, according to Western bankers familiar with the operation. And millions of dollars that were channeled through the Swiss bank, known as Bank of New York-Inter Maritime, are linked to what Federal investigators describe as possibly one of the biggest money-laundering schemes in the United States, according to a person close to the investigation. …. The interest of investigators is heightened, one official said, because Rappaport, who is 76 years old and lives in Switzerland, was recently appointed Antigua's Ambassador to Russia. Antigua, this official noted, has been a major center of Russian money-laundering for many years. Rappaport has long had close business, banking and political ties to Antigua, where the Government once granted him a near-monopoly on the fuel-oil market…."

Fox News Wire 8/26/99 Reuters "…Russian organized crime figures laundered at least $15 billion through two New York banks at the direction of President Boris Yeltsin's government, USA Today reported Thursday. Quoting unidentified senior U.S., British and Russian law enforcement officials, the newspaper said the money might include $10 billion in International Monetary Fund loans. The money was laundered through four accounts at the Bank of New York and one account at the Republic National Bank, also based in New York, according to the report. The officials said they do not know where the money is. The new figure is $5 billion more than previously reported. The officials told the newspaper all the accounts were under the name of a company called Benex Worldwide Ltd., which was founded by a leader of Russia's largest organized crime group….."


Investors Business Daily 8/23/99 "…How much does federal red tape cost? Congress didn't even ask itself that question until 1997. Now some believe it's time to answer it. Since 1997, Congress has required the White House to report the costs and benefits of federal rules. Congress requires the report before it will approve funds for the Office of Management and Budget. Now many lawmakers from both parties want to make the yearly reports permanent. And they want to strengthen them. Between April 1, 1996, and March 31, 1999, the feds issued more than 12,925 new rules. Of these, 188 were final rules that cost the economy at least $100 million each. That's a total of at least $18.8 billion in new regulatory costs for the economy. And that doesn't even count the remaining 12,737 rules.

In 1998, some 53 federal departments and agencies - and 126,146 federal workers - spent $17 billion writing and enforcing federal rules. ''The size and frenetic pace at which the federal government produces new regulations strongly suggests the need for accountability and common sense,'' said Angela Antonelli, an economist at the Heritage Foundation…."

Investors Business Daily 8/23/99 Charles Oliver "…American workers keep getting more productive. That's been the case, off and on, since settlers landed at Jamestown. But how fast will their productivity grow? That's a crucial question for the American economy. Unemployment is near a record low. With manpower so scarce, the U.S. will find it hard to fuel economic growth by adding more bodies. The only other way to keep the economy surging is to get more from the workers we already have. Productivity growth is key. It helps fight inflation by putting more goods into the economy to sop up excess dollars. That makes interest- rate hikes by the Federal Reserve less likely.

''As the growth of the labor force slows, the only way to maintain strong economic growth is to increase Productivity,'' said economist Dale Jorgenson at Harvard University. So some were worried when productivity numbers turned softer in the second quarter. Growth of output per hour fell to 1.3% from 3.5% in the first quarter.

Was this the start of a downward trend? Or just a blip? …."

Investor's Business Daily 8/24/99 "…Our tax burden is at a record high. Both Social Security and Medicare are headed for collapse. Regulation still strangles our freedom. Yet with all that and more looming over Congress, the Senate wants to dabble in culture shaping. Roll Call, the newspaper of Capitol Hill, reports that the Senate hopes to probe the ''decline of America's culture'' in response to the recent violence that the media have made sure no one has missed. A special committee could be created as early as next month. Does America really need the government molding society any more than it already does? The Senate proposal sounds eerily similar to the ministries of culture found in totalitarian states. They use police to enforce the state's capricious version of culture. The proposed panel would be limited to a year. After that the real danger starts: The committee would recommend legislation to Congress. Once Washington's mad scientists create a monster, they can never kill it. The committee is potentially a catalyst for more government growth. Think of the possibilities. …"

New York Times 8/24/99 Tim Weiner "…For years, members of Congress have slipped millions of dollars into spending bills to build dams and highways back home. Increasingly, the money is going to academic studies of papaya viruses, wood pulp, auto safety and the aurora borealis. Universities are lobbying to get money directly from Congress, rather than from federal foundations and institutes, in a process that critics say often sacrifices good science for politics. By getting provisions -- called earmarks -- inserted into spending bills, universities and their lobbyists have obtained over $7 billion since 1980. Earmarked legislation in this year's federal budget was a record $797 million. …. Federal money for research traditionally has come from institutions like the National Science Foundation after proposals go through a rigorous process of review by scientific panels. Supporters of that process call it a meritocracy run by scientists and academics, rather than a struggle for political pork. But defenders of earmarking, like John Silber, chancellor of Boston University, one of the largest beneficiaries of such money, say it merely allows academics to appeal directly to the source of financing…."

WorldNet Daily 8/23/99 Geoff Metcalf "…. An often-quoted 1759 line from Benjamin Franklin is, "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." ….In 1994 (only 235 years from Franklin's admonition, and a nanosecond in geological terms) FBI Director Louis Freeh said, "The American people must be willing to give up a degree of personal privacy in exchange for safety and security." Wait a sec Louis, ole Ben said if we do that we don't deserve either what you want us to give up, or what you claim will be our reward. This usurpation of privacy, liberty and freedom has remained a consistent goal of the Clintonistas. The national ID tool returns again and again with lunar reliability... They routinely lose the national ID battle, and come back. They lose the privacy battle, and come back. They abuse power under the color of authority, consistently and routinely, only to occasionally get slapped down, but they come back. I find myself hating their objectives, but admiring their determination. The latest assault includes administration plans to ask Congress for police authority to secretly enter folks' personal computers and crack their security codes. According to last week's Washington Post, the so-called Justice Department has drafted legislation (the Cyberspace Electronic Security Act) which would permit investigators to receive a sealed warrant from a judge to enter private property, search through computers for passwords and override encryption programs. The plan calls for a judge to sign sealed search warrants as an administrative forward to obtaining further court permission to wiretap, extract information from computers or conduct further searches….These anti-constitutional, anti-privacy, anti-liberty, and anti-freedom SOBs (supporters of Bill) have, since landing, been trying to create law to require computer companies to give police a "back door" key into computers regardless of any encryption software. This isn't new, and it is not original to Clinton's gang. PROMIS software was stolen by the government, converted to government use, and is currently in use in hundreds of banks globally…..

Reuters 8/26/99 "…Russian organized crime figures laundered at least $15 billion through two New York banks at the direction of President Boris Yeltsin's government, USA Today reported Thursday. Quoting unidentified senior U.S., British and Russian law enforcement officials, the newspaper said the money might include $10 billion in International Monetary Fund loans. The money was laundered through four accounts at the Bank of New York and one account at the Republic National Bank, also based in New York, according to the report…."

Wall Street Journal 8/26/99 Bob Davis "…Al Gore and the International Monetary Fund are among those who have the most to lose as a result of an alleged scheme by Russian mobsters to sneak billions of dollars into U.S. accounts. Vice President Gore's vulnerability comes by virtue of his co-chairmanship with Russia's prime minister of a commission that oversees U.S.-Russian relations. The IMF is on the hot seat because of allegations that $200 million of its funds may have been diverted into the banking accounts of Russia's organized-crime families. The money-laundering questions deepen an already bitter debate about whether Clinton administration and IMF policies worsened Moscow's post-Cold War plight, and thus should be blamed for "losing" Russia. Foreign-policy issues rarely dominate presidential campaigns. But billionaire Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes, who has the financial wherewithal to spend millions of dollars on television advertising, says he intends to put Russia front and center in the coming campaign. "Gore has been the point man with Russia," says Mr. Forbes. "His policies have been an unmitigated disaster. They have piled billions of dollars into the hands of kleptomaniacs."…."

Washington Post 8/25/99 David Ignatius "…You can see the question rumbling toward Al Gore like a freight train in the night: What did the vice president know about the looting of Russia by organized crime, and why didn't he do more to stop it? That issue -- what the heck, let's call it "Russiagate" -- has come into sharper focus this month, thanks to some powerful reporting that has highlighted the lawlessness of modern Russia and the acquiescence of the Clinton administration in the process of decline and decay there. …"It was all laid out for Gore . . . and he didn't want to hear it," says one knowledgeable former government official, describing 1995 reporting on Chernomyrdin's activities. "Our government knew damn well what was happening." …." 9/8/99 Joseph Farah "...In March, 40 officers divided into 10 four-man teams swooped in with helicopters in a pre-dawn raid to seize six suspects in Dorchester County, Md. The principal suspect, Robert Gootee, was hauled from his bed and led away in chains. His wife was not allowed to call anyone, nor were her neighbors allowed to come in to comfort her, for four and a half hours. What was the offense that precipitated this action? Was the four-year investigation that led to the armed raid concerned with terrorism, serial homicide or a major drug ring? What type of criminal offenses were involved? Who were these brave law-enforcement agents who defied death to make the arrests? You had better sit down. Gootee was charged with possession of an undersized striped bass, striped bass out of season, untagged striped bass, possession of summer flounder out of season, failure to tag and check deer within 24 hours and possession of a loaded weapon in a vehicle. The agents involved were from the state and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. And the target for the raid was the Golden Hills Hunt Club. Gootee, the club treasurer, was hauled away with such "evidence" as deer and duck mounts and a framed photograph of his retriever bringing in a duck. Eventually, 24 other club members were charged with related offenses, including failure to wear sufficient fluorescent orange while hunting. We're in serious trouble, folks....."

Washington Times 9/8/99 Mike Farris ".... Jill Floyd, a social worker for the Yolo County (Calif.) Department of Social Services (DSS), had the "goods" on the Calabretta family. An anonymous tipster had heard a child's voice yelling "No, Daddy, no" late at night. Another time, the tipster had heard a child's voice yelling "No, no, no" from the back yard. Additionally, the tipster knew that the Calabrettas home-schooled their children and were very religious. . . . . Ms. Floyd went to the home four days after DSS received this report. She demanded entry. Shirley Calabretta, a member of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) who had been instructed in her rights under the Fourth Amendment, graciously said "No." The Calabretta children were observed by the social worker when Shirley opened the door. Later that day, the social worker wrote that the children "did not appear to be abused or neglected." . . . . Officer Nicholas Schwall knew nothing more than that children had been heard crying in the home when he coerced Mrs. Calabretta to open her door with the threatening words, "We will get into your home one way or another.". . . . Once inside, Ms. Floyd insisted on segregating the two girls, then-aged 12 and 3. She asked the 12-year-old whether the children were spanked. The girl gave a remarkably mature description of biblical discipline and said that they were sometimes spanked with a short, thin dowel and other times with a Lincoln Log roofing piece. The girl denied any abuse or bruises.. . . . Nonetheless, Ms. Floyd insisted on strip-searching the 3-year-old. She demanded that the 12-year-old remove the younger sister's pants. The older girl refused, and the little girl began to scream in the tug of war that ensued. Mrs. Calabretta came into the bedroom, despite having been told to stay out. . . . . When she found out what the social worker was demanding, Mrs. Calabretta removed the little girl's pants to show the social worker a perfectly normal child's bottom without a hint of bruising. . . . . HSLDA filed a civil rights lawsuit for the Calabretta family in the federal district court in Sacramento... . . . The federal trial court ruled in favor of the Calabrettas on all points. Unsurprisingly, the government agents appealed this decision to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.. . . . On Aug. 26, the 9th Circuit issued an extraordinarily strong decision affirming parental rights and the right of privacy of the family home. The court held that neither social workers nor police officers can coerce their way into a home unless they have a warrant or probable cause that there is an emergency situation. Anonymous tips such as the one here simply do not qualify....."

Cato Institute 9/1/99 Daniel Griswold "…The August 19 Commerce Department report of another record monthly trade deficit, this one reaching $24.6 billion in June, will probably spur the usual round of complaints that the trade deficit has become "a drag on growth." In fact, the trade deficit has been blamed for a host of economic ills, from unemployment and deindustrialization to a rising gap between rich and poor. Beyond dispute is the fact that, in nominal terms, America's trade deficit is soaring into record territory. The annual deficit on the current account, the broadest measure of America's international transactions, could top $300 billion this year. What is fraught with misunderstanding is the trade deficit's impact, if any, on the U.S. economy. Those who agonize about the trade gap have confused cause and effect and compounded their mistake by turning the empirical evidence on its head. The trade deficit is not the cause of bad things, but the result of good things in our economy. It reflects an economy ripe with investment opportunities and flush with consumer confidence. …."

Washington Post 9/1/99 "…Immigrants are a large and growing factor in the stubborn level of poverty seen in the United States over the past two decades because newcomers to the country are more likely to be poor and to remain so longer than in the past, according to a new study. The report, to be released today by the Center for Immigration Studies, says the number of impoverished people in the nation's immigrant-headed households nearly tripled from 2.7 million in 1979 to 7.7 million in 1997. During that same period, the number of poor households headed by immigrants increased by 123 percent while the number of immigrant households increased by 68 percent, according to the study. The share of immigrants living in poverty rose from 15.5 percent to 21.8 percent, the report notes, a change that some analysts say holds troubling implications for the nation's future. About 12 percent of the nation's native-born population lives in poverty, a figure that has hardly changed in 20 years. "Each successive wave of immigrants is doing worse and worse," said Steven A. Camarota, the report's author. "Each wave of immigrants has a higher poverty rate, and a much larger share of their children will grow up in poverty." …."

Atlanta Constitution 8/31/99 Mark Bixler, Staff "….The fax instructed the captain of the Prince Nicolas, a 42,000-ton ship hauling iron from China: Go to a spot in the South China Sea to pick up spare parts. At the rendezvous point, the captain found no spare parts; instead, three men from a smaller vessel boarded his ship. "The captain stated that the three men were armed with knives and clubs and took him (into) the hallway, where they made him get on his knees, threatened his life and the life of his family and the lives of his crew," according to a federal affidavit. They ordered the captain to take 132 Chinese nationals from the smaller ship to the United States. Sixty-seven days later, federal agents in Savannah found the stowaways in a secret compartment of the Prince Nicolas. They arrested seven people, who are due in court Wednesday, and detained at least seven more as material witnesses….."

Judicial Watch 8/30/99 Tom Fitton "...Judicial Watch today called attention to recent press reports in The Washington Post which imply that the Clintons' Legal Expense Trust Fund will allow Bill and Hillary Clinton to qualify for a mortgage on a multi-million dollar home in New York. By law, neither the President of the United States, nor any other federal employee, can supplement his income with cash gifts. So Bill Clinton, as President, can't use cash gifts to pay off his legal bills or supplement his income. Therefore he cannot use cash gifts to qualify for a mortgage. It is also improper for banks or other lenders to count the Clintons' future earnings potential when considering them for a mortgage. One qualifies for a mortgage based on current earnings and savings, not pie-in-the-sky future earnings "estimates." "If traditional lending practices are followed, Bill and Hillary Clinton simply cannot get the million dollar mortgage they require to move into the mansion they're considering in New York," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. "And they certainly shouldn't be able to use illegal cash income from their Legal Defense Fund to supplement their income, such that other revenues can be used to buy a mansion."..." 9/1/99 AP Shannon McCaffrey "...A House committee subpoenaed all administration records Wednesday related to President Clinton's decision to offer clemency to 16 Puerto Rican militants. Subpoenas issued by Rep. Dan Burton's Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, which were obtained by The Associated Press, seek records from the White House, Justice Department and the Bureau of Prisons. Sen. Orrin Hatch, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also requested information from the Justice Department in anticipation of expected congressional hearings on the matter sometime this month. In a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, Hatch, R-Utah, said he was troubled by published reports indicating the Justice Department did not make a formal recommendation to the White House on the clemency issue despite the law enforcement officials' vigorous objections. He also said he was bothered by reports that there were Bureau of Prison recordings of the inmates in which they plotted to again use violence…."

Washington Time /Inside Poiltics 9/2/99 Greg Pierce "…You didn't have to be a high-priced political consultant to see that White House Deputy Press Secretary Jake Siewert stumbled badly when he suggested that $10,000 -- what GOP-proposed tax cuts would save the average family over a decade -- was hardly worth the bother of sticking into a bank account. "Well, $10,000 -- I don't know what that buys you here," Mr. Siewert told reporters who were following the president and first lady around New York on Tuesday. Jim Nicholson, the Republican National Committee chairman who has been dogging the Clintons on the tax-cut issue, did not wait for Mr. Siewert to remove his foot from his mouth. "When you live in public housing, spend your holidays in somebody else's donated multimillion-dollar vacation villas and fly around in taxpayer-funded military jets, it's no wonder that Clinton and Gore and their staffs don't know what $10,000 will buy," said Mr. Nicholson, who offered some examples yesterday: "The $10,000 Republican tax cut will buy almost three full years' tuition at the State University of New York, which costs $3,400 a year -- but you'd have to be a New York resident, which leaves the Clintons out. …."


Investors Business Daily 9/10/99 "....The biggest offender was the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. The liberal group used Congressional Budget Office data to back a familiar complaint: The rich are getting richer while the poor are falling behind. Meanwhile, the United Nations' International Labor Organization released a report that says Americans' working hours are the longest in the industrialized world. In 1997, the year from which the latest figures are available, Americans worked an average of 1,966 hours a year. That's up from 1,883 hours in 1980. The implication? That's just too much work, and something must be done about it. The University of California, San Francisco, joined the chorus by releasing the results of a survey that indicates the booming, high-tech economy means workers move around a lot -in California, at least. Four in 10 workers have been at their jobs for less than three years. These reports carry a not-so-subtle message: Government must narrow the income gap through wealth redistribution, cut work time by mandating a shorter work week and stabilize the turbulent labor market. None of those actions would make life better for the poor. Government interventions simply don't work as intended. .... Government also keeps the poor down with programs that promote dependency. Incentive to improve one's financial condition is dulled when the public trough offers food, housing, health care and some spending money.

Even the government's ''free'' education keeps many in a permanent disadvantaged state. The monopolistic school system has little reason to provide a quality service - especially in poor areas - because the children have no other place to go. Yet liberals continue to defend government schools, rather than help the poor lift themselves out of poverty with better education. And despite all these obstacles, the poor do lift themselves. Today's poor are often tomorrow's rich. That undercuts the liberal nostrum that only the government can really help the working man ascend in a world controlled by the evil rich. The Census Bureau shows that more than 80% of low-income workers -those making $5.70 an hour or less -move into higher income brackets within two years. In a free society even those with mediocre skills and modest ambition can climb the income scale. Only 5% of Americans who were in the lowest income bracket in 1975 were still there in 1991. Most had achieved middle-class status. Nearly a third made it to the highest income bracket....."

Reuters via NewsEdge Corporation 9/13/99 "...The U.S. Senate failed Monday to limit debate on a controversial measure to delay for one year new federal rules requiring oil companies to pay higher royalties on crude oil drilled from public lands. The new rules would raise an extra $66 million for the federal government by requiring oil companies to value their crude oil based on true market prices, instead of on internal prices posted by the firms themselves. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Republican of Texas, wants to add the amendment to the Interior Department's $14.1 billion spending bill to prevent the department from using any money to implement the higher royalty rules during the 2000 spending year, which begins Oct. 1. ..."

Washington Post 9/5/99 George Wil "....President Clinton's reluctance to nominate Bradley Smith to serve on the Federal Election Commission illuminates more than Clinton's aversion to anyone who respects the Constitution. His reluctance also reflects the strength of the people trying to eviscerate the First Amendment with the knife of campaign finance reform. ..... Courts frequently and approvingly cite Smith's scholarship concerning why regulating campaigning is constitutionally problematic. He believes that the rationales for regulating political giving and spending--preventing corruption, or the appearance thereof, and promoting political equality--usually cannot survive the strict scrutiny that courts give to laws which seem to conflict with the constitutional proscription of laws abridging freedom of speech. Which is why the anti-First Amendment forces, led by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, oppose Smith: He thinks the way the Supreme Court and other courts increasingly do. Indeed, Smith thinks like Justice William Brennan, the saint of liberalism for whom the Brennan Center is named...."

Washington Times National Weekly Edition 9/6-12/99 Deroy Murdock "...Impeachment? Rather than show remorse, Mr. Clinton defiantly joined Democrats on the White House lawn Dec. 19 for a veritable pep rally. Never mind that the House of Representatives made him only the second president to be so dishonored. Senate trial? Majority Leader Tent Lott of Mississippi headed the rush to acquittal With live witnesses and entire areas of inquiry barred from discussion, the Senate swiftly dismissed the entire question so that the United States could "move on" Six months later, Mr. Clinton's trial is a distant memory. Rape accusation? In March, Juanita Broaddrick claimed that Mr. Clinton raped her in a Little Rock hotel room in 1978. Her compelling accusation earned about a paragraph worth of U.S. attention span. Contempt citation? On July 29, U.S. Judge Susan Webber Wright found Mr. Clinton in contempt of court for lying under oath in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case. Americans yawned briefly before fleeing to the shore for the weekend. As he smiles from one photo opportunity to another, life is a day at the beach for the president. The Arkansas Supreme Court should peel the smirk off Mr. Clinton's face by disbarring him. Mr. Clinton has violated the Arkansas Bar's induction oath to "exhibit and... seek to maintain in others the respect due courts and judges." By perjuring himself and conspiring with others to stymie both the Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky cases, he has relinquished his privilege to be an officer of the court. ....."

Corporation for Public Broadcasting 9/8/99 Kenneth A. Konz, Inspector General of CPB "...Today's CPB Inspector General's report found no evidence that public broadcasting stations intended to benefit any political organization through donor list transactions. The IG report confirmed that the motivation of stations that engaged in list rentals or exchanges was financial and not political or partisan in nature....... Audit Assignment No SR 99-07 Report No 902 "... Freeper HAL9000 objects "...The CPB Inspector General's report is a total sham. It fails to even mention the two chief perpetrators of the PBS-DNC list swaps. CPB Chairman Diane Blair, Hillary's best friend, was chairman of the Arkansas Educational Television Network when it began swapping lists with the DNC. The DNC then passed those lists on to the Clinton/Gore campaigns, the DCCC and DSCC, and eventually, the Clinton Legal Expense Trust and the Hillary Rodham Clinton Senate campaign. The Inspector General also conveniently overlooks the fact that Bill Clinton appointed Diane Blair's husband, James Blair of Tyson Foods, to the post of Democratic National Committeeman from Arkansas. James Blair stupidly admitted to a UPI reporter that he funnelled illegal campaign contributions from Tyson Foods to candidates for federal office, but he was never prosecuted for the felony. James Blair was also Hillary Clinton's cohort in Cattlegate, where Hillary received a $100,000 "profit" (bribe) on a $1,000 investment. This IG's report that claims to investigate PBS-DNC list swapping without reporting on the corrupt DNC connections of PBS Chairman Diane Blair is a travesty...."

Los Angeles Times 9/10/99 "....It's bad enough that a few renegade law enforcement authorities take advantage of the innocent from time to time through illegal searches and seizures. It's worse when the law explicitly allows these violations of basic civil rights. That is why it is important for Congress to approve HR 1658, the proposed Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 1999, sponsored by Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. By passing successive tough asset forfeiture laws since 1970, Congress has virtually given the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and other authorities a blank check to seize property of suspected drug law violators even though they might never actually be charged or convicted....."

Washington Times 9/10/99 Patrick Fagan "...The creation of a nanny state from "cradle to grave" continues to take shape. Buried in one of the spending bills Congress will take up soon is a seemingly harmless new benefit for federal employees and their children: government-run day care. But the legislation goes beyond the language needed to extend such a benefit-and could hand liberals the tools they need to orchestrate federal control of all day care. The day-care benefit can be found in the Treasury/Postal Appropriations Bill, which funds most government operations. It contains two provisions -- one from the House, one from the Senate -- stipulating what government-run child care would entail. The House portion, sponsored by Rep. Connie Morella, Maryland Republican, establishes on-site day care for federal workers. The Senate portion, sponsored by Sen. Jim Jeffords, Vermont Republican, spells out the definitions that would govern the Morella bill. Separately, the two provisions look innocuous. Put them together, and you find what liberals have been advocating since the early 1970s -- the makings of a federal bureaucracy with the power to regulate the entire child-care industry. Without elaboration, the Morella bill grants the Office of Personnel Management the power to "issue regulations necessary to carry out" establishment of "an executive agency which provides or proposes to provide child-care services for federal employees." Under the Jeffords bill, this agency would be able to regulate such things as the design of the facilities, personnel qualifications and training, the "developmental appropriateness" of educational activities, and staff accreditation. There's even a vaguely worded "outside monitoring" apparatus, leaving the door wide open for special-interest influence and control. ...."

Congressman Ron Paul "....The other day, I made a huge "gaffe" on national TV: I told the truth about the crimes of the U.S. government. As you can imagine, the ceiling fell in, and a couple of walls too. Congressmen are supposed to support the government, I was told. Oh, it's okay to criticize around the edges, but there are certain subjects a member of the House of Representatives is not supposed to bring up. But I touched the real "third-rail" of American politics, and the sparks sure flew. I was interviewed on C-SPAN's morning "Washington Journal," and I used the opportunity, as I do all such media appearances, to point out how many of our liberties have been stolen by the federal government. We must take them back...... So, on that TV interview, I emphasized not only the attacks on our property, but also the decline of our civil liberties, at the hands of the federal police. There are not supposed to be ANY federal police, according to the Constitution. Then I really went over the line. I talked about the Waco massacre. Bill Clinton and Janet Reno claim those 81 church members, including 19 children, burned down their own church and killed themselves, and good riddance. So they put the few survivors on trial, and threw them in prison for 40 years. ...... Whatever the truth, there's no question that an irresponsible federal government has innocent blood on its hands, and not only from Waco. And the refusal of corrupt and perverse liberals to admit it means nothing. In my TV interview, in answer to a caller's question, I pointed out that Waco, and the federal murders at Ruby Ridge -- especially the FBI sniper's shot that blasted apart the head of a young mother holding her baby -- caused many Americans to live in fear of federal power. Then I uttered the sentiment that caused the media hysteria: I said that a lot of Americans fear that they too might be attacked by federal swat teams for exercising their constitutional rights, or merely for wanting to be left alone. Whoa! You've never seen anything like it. For days, in an all-out assault, I was attacked by Democrats, unions, big business, establishment Republicans, and -- of course -- the media, in Washington and my home state of Texas. Newspapers foamed at the mouth, calling me a "right-wing extremist." (Say, isn't that what George III called Thomas Jefferson?) I was even blamed for the Oklahoma City bombing! And by the way, I don't believe we've gotten the full truth on that either. ....."

New York Post 9/19/99 Steve Dunleavy "....AS FALN terrorists inhale the sweet smell of freedom, tomorrow night at 8, former NYPD Lt. Patricia Feerick will tuck into bed for the last time for two years her two sons, John, 4, and Joseph, who is 7 weeks old. "They give clemency to people who maim cops, but they lock up cops for doing their job," said Patricia from her Long Island home. At 9:30 on Tuesday morning, she will appear at 111 Centre St. in the court of Judge Bonnie Wittner who has given ample proof that she should be judging cat and dog shows. Patricia will be in court to start a two-year jail sentence in Rikers Island after she and three other cops were convicted on the say-so of a man called Ben Stokes, a man who gives a good name to sewers. Judge Wacko Wittner believed Stokes, a convicted drug dealer and admitted underboss of the notorious Purple City Gang, which claimed at least seven lives in homicides - not to mention the crack fatality toll in East Harlem. Other skels gave similar testimony that had three great cops locked up and another's life ruined. These skels accused the cops of an illegal search and unlawful imprisonment, which turned out to be as truthful as Bill Clinton's grand-jury testimony...."

The Houston Chronicle 9/20/99 Deborah Tedford "....The Mexican and United States governments collaborated on a plan to pay $ 3 million to capture drug kingpin Juan Garcia Abrego - then hid the details from the jury that convicted him in a 1996 trial hailed as a triumph for the bi-national drug effort, according to court documents. ....Attorneys for Garcia Abrego filed a motion Friday asking for a new trial on grounds that federal prosecutors encouraged perjury from star witness Carlos Resendez Bertolocci and hid crucial evidence about financial agreements they made with him prior to his testimony. The allegations are based on statements by Resendez and Mexican attorney Raquenel Villanueva Fraustro, who said she brokered a deal with U.S. prosecutors in which Resendez agreed to lie in exchange for millions of dollars in payments by the U.S. government. The deal soured when the United States paid Resendez only $ 1 million - only a part of what he was allegedly promised, the motion said. It said the Mexican government paid $ 1 million in U.S. currency to Resendez's former mistress, Noema Quintanilla, who attorneys said actually arranged Garcia Abrego's capture at a ranch near Monterrey in mid-January 1996....."

Wall Street Journal 9/22/99 "....The U.S. trade deficit hit another record in July, swelling to $25.18 billion on a flood of imports from Japan, China and Europe. The deficits in goods and services, seasonally adjusted, increased by $579 million from June's revised $24.6 billion, which itself was a record, the Commerce Department reported. July's showing was the worst U.S. trade performance since the Commerce Department began compiling monthly trade statistics in 1992. ..."

New York Post 9/23/99 ".... OK, how fast can you spend $40 million? Last year, Clinton administration partisans screamed bloody murder about Ken Starr and his "out-of-control" $40-million investigation - $40 million spent over four years. Well, it turns out the Clinton administration can spend $40 million in 10 days - on nothing but hot air and first-class travel. The General Accounting Office has done an analysis of the president's travels and the results are eye-popping. Three Clinton trips last year - to Africa, China and Chile - ran up a bill of $72 million. ..."

Reuters 9/23/99 "....President Clinton vetoed the Republican-backed $792 billion tax cut plan Thursday, setting the stage for an autumn budget showdown and giving each side a campaign issue for the 2000 elections. ``At a time when America is moving in the right direction, this bill would turn us back to the failed policies of the past,'' Clinton said as he signed a veto statement in a Rose Garden ceremony. ...."

LA Times 9/22/99 Art Pine "....Environmentalists are bracing for a fierce end-of-session battle with congressional Republicans over a spate of GOP proposals aimed at limiting enforcement of some environmental regulations, including several affecting California. The measures seek to block or limit federal action on a raft of environmental matters, from growing pollution by gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles to increased timber cutting in national forests, without thorough review. Critics said one provision would impede restoration of damaged wetlands in California's Central Valley. And they warned that another could pave the way for operation of a large open-pit mine in the Imperial Valley. Environmental groups said about 40 such provisions are attached to appropriations bills moving through Congress, and they predicted that as many as eight more may be added before the session ends. Moreover, because the bulk of the proposals are riders--slipped into the bills quietly at the request of individual legislators--they have avoided the kind of public spotlight that ordinary legislation gets when it moves through the appropriations process...."

Washington Times 9/21/99 Frank Gaffney, Jr. "....The Clinton administration is out of time. There are only 15 months left in President Clinton's tenure, and the president and his senior subordinates are not just thinking about legacies. With the prospects growing that Vice President Al Gore will not be given a mandate to continue Mr. Clinton's policies, officials throughout the government seem determined to "change the facts on the ground" - creating new realities that no new president will be able easily to alter. This determination has particularly ominous implications in the foreign policy arena. Consider, for example, Mr. Clinton's decision last week to embark on a "roadmap" laying out a series of U.S. concessions aimed at fully normalizing relations with an unreformed, malevolent North Korea. An unidentified spokesman backgrounded the press about this decision, saying it charts a path future administrations could follow "with steadiness and persistence even in the face of provocations" - in other words, a program of appeasement, no matter what the North does...... Of course, the Clinton team blithely asserts that, should the North fire its missile after all, the roadmap would be suspended. Unfortunately, the DPRK knows better. These roadmaps chart only one-way streets; breaches by the other party are met by more U.S. concessions - if only because the American authors of these plans typically have too much political capital invested in their realization to accept failure....... The same can be said of similar, ill-advised Clinton rapprochements now in the works with Moammar Gadhafi's Libya, Hafez Assad's Syria, Fidel Castro's Cuba, the mullahs' Iran and the Vietnam of Ho Chi Minh's successors. Who is next in the queue - Saddam's Iraq? Should this president be allowed to saddle the next occupant of the Oval Office with such portentous faits accomplis? Then there is the matter of the president's sympathetic tolerance, if not actual endorsement, of China's belligerence toward Taiwan and its ominous takeover of U.S. facilities being vacated in Panama. And his administration continues to make excuses for Russian behavior at home and abroad - from rampant corruption and diversion of multilateral aid flows to official complicity in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction - that augurs ill for U.S. interests. Will the next president be able to undo the damage made possible by such American complicity? .....With luck, we will survive the Clinton presidency. The question is, will we survive its legacy? ..."

Human Events 9/24/99 Scott Park "...A study by the Republican majority staff of the House Budget Committee reveals that after almost seven years of "Reinventing Government" the Clinton Administration is preparing to leave behind a federal welfare state as riddled with waste and corruption as it ever was. The study found that the government could save billions of dollars annually simply by cleaning up the administration of selected major federal programs, including Food Stamps, Supplemental Security Income, Housing and Urban Development and Medicare.... Food Stamps have become an underground currency for crime, abused both by beneficiaries and by the vendors who accept the stamps.....The Supplemental Security Income program (SSI), run by the Social Security Administration, was created to subsidize the income of elderly and disabled people. It loses more than $1 billion every year to fraud....Since 1965, the Department of Housing (HUD) and Urban Development has spent $500 billion purportedly to put poor people in safe housing. In many cases, HUD projects have done the opposite: destroying existing neighbor hoods and creating crime-ridden slums...... Medicare provides federal health insurance to people over 65. Medicaid provides medical care to poor people. The General Accounting Office estimated that these two programs made $12.6 billion in improper payments during 1998...... At the end of last year, the U.S. government had more than $1 trillion in credit outstanding--$217 billion was in direct loans and $882 billion in loan guarantees. More than' 5% of this loan portfolio was delinquent: Write-offs of uncollectible loans were up from $5 billion in 1996 to $6 billion in 1997...."

WorldNetDaily 9/22/99 Walter Williams "...Worrying about bacteria, New Jersey banned restaurants from serving eggs sunny side up. The ban has since been lifted. Some New Jersey localities have a ban on people pumping their own gasoline. Policemen issue citations for driving without a seatbelt. By law, new cars must be equipped with air bags. Federal law mandates that all new toilets flush using a paltry 1.6 gallons of water. Georgia's governor mandates that classical music be given to all new mothers so as to aid infant I.Q. development. California has banned smoking in bars. Clinton wants a law passed banning smoking within 100 feet of a federal building. In parts of Ohio, children going trick-or-treating must obtain a special permit. These intrusions and more were recently revealed by television journalist John Stossel on ABC's 20/20. The stated motivation behind this gross intrusion and criminalization of private behavior is to protect us from making unwise choices..."

WorldNetDaily 9/22/99 Walter Williams "...Stossel interviewed Yale University's Professor Kelley D. Brownell, director of the Center for Eating and Weight Disorders, who thinks Americans eat too many hamburgers and French fries. Brownell wants government to tax fatty foods and those with little nutritional content and use the proceeds to subsidize fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods. He's suggested that some of the tax proceeds be used to build bike and hiking trails...... Those who believe government should be in the business of making us take care of ourselves should tell us where it all ends. Should government decide what time we go to bed? After all, sleep is vital to good health. Should government force us to exercise, read wholesome literature and bathe regularly? The people who advocate a nanny government (a better term is Nazi government) are cowards...."

Associated Press 9/20/99 "....A lawyer who lied to a grand jury about leaking to the press taped conversations between himself and a murder suspect was sentenced to four months in prison on Monday. ``To have an officer representing the bar calculatingly lie and commit perjury to the grand jury is the worst thing I can think of,'' U.S. District Judge Dennis W. Shedd told attorney Jack Duncan. ``I want to send this message: If you commit perjury in federal court ... you go to jail.'' ..."

AFP 9/20/99 "...The United States on Monday weighed its options, including an appeal, following a WTO ruling that tax-incentive provisions accorded US exporters violated global trade regulations. The office of the US Trade Representative said Washington was "examining the next steps," adding that an appeal remained a possibility. The World Trade Organization has ruled in favor of the European Union and told the United States to end tax advantages that serve as subsidies for US exporters. A WTO arbitration panel gave Washington until October 2000 to eliminate its foreign sales corporation act, which allows US companies to ship goods via offshore subsidiaries -- such as the Virgin Islands or Barbados -- and thereby partially avoid taxes on export profits....."

Investor's Business Daily 9/21/99 "....In the name of establishing a drug-free society, overzealous police have too often failed to notice the difference between the innocent and the guilty. As a result, the war on drugs has gone beyond keeping the peace. It's become a threat to liberty. From asset forfeitures to home invasions to military involvement, the war on drugs has taken disturbing turns. Among the more recent incidents, a SWAT team broke into a Compton, Calif., home at about 11 p.m. on Aug. 9. They killed a retired grandfather by shooting him twice in the back. His widow - handcuffed and wearing only a towel and panties, according to the Los Angeles Times - and six others were taken into custody. All were questioned. None was charged...... In the summer of 1998, Houston police shot to death Pedro Oregon Navarro during a drug raid. The problem: Navarro was not a drug dealer. But police wanted to believe he was. A man arrested for public drunkenness told officers he would give them the name and address of a drug dealer if they let him go. They agreed. Without corroboration - and without a warrant - six officers stormed the home of a sleeping Navarro and shot him 12 times. Self-defense, they said; Navarro was going for a gun. Well, who wouldn't grab a gun if they were awakened at 1:40 in the morning by what amounts to a military raid? ....."

AP 9/24/99 "….A Republican bill to renew expiring tax credits and protect millions of middle-class taxpayers from what the GOP called a tax ``time bomb'' began moving Friday in the House. It drew a fresh veto threat from the Clinton administration. The individual items in the five-year, $23.3 billion package have strong bipartisan support, but Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers told Democrats privately he would recommend a veto because the measure would consume part of the projected budget surplus before other priorities are met. That infuriated House Republicans, who accused President Clinton and Democrats of using the ``extenders'' package as a bargaining chip in larger spending and tax battles. The president vetoed the GOP's centerpiece 10-year, $792 billion tax cut a day earlier, but said he might sign a smaller package……" 9/24/99 CNN "…The Clinton administration has unveiled a new national strategy to fight money laundering with a package of proposed new laws and rules aimed at interrupting the flow of billions of criminal dollars through the U.S. financial system. Money-laundering occurs when criminals seek to make illegally obtained funds look legitimate by funnelling them through a string of banks and businesses until the money's origin is obscured. The announcement is being given special attention in light of a current inquiry into allegations of a huge money-laundering scheme involving the Russian mob and a major U.S. bank; but government officials denied the strategy is aimed at Russia or any other specific country….."

Reuters 9/24/99 "….A U.S. appeals court Friday reinstated an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit by a House Republican accusing a Democratic colleague of leaking a tape of a 1996 cellphone call of top Republicans in Congress. The appeals court panel, by a 2-1 vote, ruled that the lawsuit by John Boehner, an Ohio Republican who formerly was a member of the House Republican leadership, against Rep. Jim McDermott, a Democrat from Washington, may go forward. The lawsuit originated from a Dec. 21, 1996, conversation among Boehner, then House Speaker Newt Gingrich and others in the final days of a two-year ethics investigation of Gingrich. A Florida couple taped the conversation and they have said they turned the illegally obtained tape over to McDermott. A copy of the tape then was leaked to the New York Times and other news organizations. The Times said it obtained the tape from a Democratic congressman who did not want to be identified. Boehner sued McDermott in 1998, alleging that the Democrat knowingly violated his privacy by disclosing unlawfully intercepted communications. The lawsuit seeks $10,000 in damages under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act….."

Orlando Sentinel 9/24/99 Tamara Lytle "….NASA officials, testifying before a House panel Thursday, brought along duplicates of the small twist of wires and inch-long screw that have grounded the entire space shuttle fleet. They also brought along an update and cost estimate on plans to inspect and repair hundreds of miles of wiring. And they told skeptical members of Congress that the drop in shuttle flight rates would not endanger safety. The wiring problem was brought to light during the July 23 launch of Columbia. A wire with damaged insulation contacted metal and caused a short circuit during the most dangerous part of the launch. Computers for two of the shuttle's three engines were knocked out, but the engines continued to function on backup computers. NASA and its contractor, United Space Alliance (USA), decided to stand down the entire fleet of shuttles. Wiring problems have since been found on other orbiters. …."

Center for Reform 9/23/99 John Culbertson "….Federal law enforcement is under attack. It is under attack from criminal elements hoping to exploit the current scandal over Waco. It is under attack from politicians seeking to make a statement in the wake of the current scandals. It is under attack from administrators who have no respect for the law or the people of the United States. It is also it's own worse enemy. Into this universal gloom comes House Resolution 809, The Federal Protective Service Reform Act of 1999. HR 809 may be the light at the end of the tunnel, it certainly is a move in the right direction for reforming Federal Law Enforcement……. The bill crafted in the wake of the World Trade Center Bombing and the Oklahoma City Bombing recognizes reality. Written by Rep. James A. Traficant a former sheriff with real law enforcement experience, the bill is designed to change a failed system by restructuring the bureaucratic mess that has taken mismanagement to new heights or new lows, depending on how you want to look at it. ….."

ABC Radio News Freeper Alissa 9/23/99 "…."I heard Phil Gramm (Senator R-TX) make this quotation on the radio as I was driving home today. I don't know if it made national news, but I did a fist wave (right-on!!) when I heard it! Phil Gramm's comment (slightly) paraphrased: "Let him (Clinton) send a spending bill up to Congress and it will be passed over my . . . cold . . . dead. . . body." Those ". . ." (pauses) were exactly how he said it! Awesome, Senator Gramm!!!! Glad I voted for you! " …."

The Associated Press, via News Plus 9/23/99 H Josef Hebert "….Over objections that oil companies are ripping off taxpayers, the Senate voted Thursday to block the Interior Department from revamping the way it collects royalties on oil and gas taken from federal land. By a 51-47 vote, oil-state senators won a weeklong struggle to put a provision into a $14 billion Interior Department spending bill that directs the department not to impose the proposed fee changes for a year…."

The Associated Press, via News Plus 9/23/99 Matt Kelley "….A Senate proposal to abolish the Immigration and Naturalization Service and replace it with a new, reorganized Justice Department agency got a cautiously positive reception Thursday from the head of the INS. Doris Meissner told the Senate Judiciary Committee's immigration panel that she agrees her agency needs an overhaul, even though she disagrees with some details of the proposal. She said the current INS structure that blends keeping illegal aliens out and processing legal immigrants is ``a strained structure designed for a different era.'' ``I am committed to change,'' she said. The panel's chairman, Sen. Spencer Abraham, R-Mich., is sponsoring a bill that would replace the INS with a new Immigration Affairs Agency that would have two bureaus -- one to enforce immigration laws and patrol the borders and another to handle the cases of legal immigrants. The new agency's leader, and the heads of both bureaus would be appointed by the president and approved by the Senate….."

The Associated Press, via News Plus 9/23/99 "….The tax-cut veto was President Clinton's 26th. A sampling: …

--Nov. 13, 1995: Clinton vetoed a bill that would have temporarily extended the government's ability to borrow money beyond the debt limit. The veto led to a standoff with Congress over balancing the budget that resulted in a government shutdown…..

-- April 10, 1996: Clinton vetoed a ban on certain late-term abortions. In September, the House voted to override, but the Senate sustained the veto a week later.

-- Oct. 10, 1997: He vetoed another late-term abortion ban. In July 1998, the House voted to override, but the Senate sustained the veto in September.

-- June 20, 1998: Clinton vetoed the D.C. Student Opportunity Scholarship Act, which would have provided vouchers for poor children to attend private or religious schools. ``We must strengthen our public schools, not abandon them,'' the president said. The veto stood.

Oct. 21, 1998: Clinton vetoed legislation to pay $1 billion in delinquent payments to the United Nations because it contained an unrelated provision on abortion. The veto stood. …"

AP 10/6/99 ".....The American Psychiatric Association plans to investigate a report that the head of Brown University's psychiatric department failed to disclose more than $500,000 in consulting fees, most from pharmaceutical companies whose health benefits he praised in journals and at conferences. Dr. Martin Keller, a noted researcher on depression, could be banned from APA-sponsored conferences if he did not follow the group's policies for financial disclosures, association spokeswoman Lynn Writsel said Wednesday...."

10/7/99 Daniel J Murphy ".... A trail of missing funds, lost records and charges of not cooperating with congressional overseers have led some to wonder if Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt's agency is a major scandal in the making - one that could add an unwanted taint to the department's policies. One situation in particular stands out. Interagency e- mails reveal that, after taking over at Interior in 1993, Babbitt remained active in a project even after he had formally severed ties with its private-sector side, a recent report in The Washington Times noted. The project is Canyon Forest Village, an Arizona development just outside Grand Canyon National Park. The planned housing, lodging, retail and transportation complex sits on U.S. Forest Service land. A memo Babbitt's office sent to IBD stresses that the Agriculture Department (the Forest Service's parent), not the Interior Department, has legal authority over the land. But Interior's National Park Service oversees work with the Forest Service on the Grand Canyon's general management plan. The National Environmental Policy Act requires that the Park Service draw up such plans. A May 1997 Forest Service memo detailed Babbitt's direct involvement. Legal experts say Babbitt's insertion into the process governed by the National Environmental Policy Act merits closer scrutiny. What's more, Babbitt's family has ties to the Canyon Forest Village project......"

Washington Post 10/6/99 Juliet Eilperin Eric Pianin "....House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) surveyed his colleagues at the hastily arranged GOP conference meeting last Friday and launched into a blistering speech about why they need to support Republican-drafted spending bills coming to the House floor. To underscore the point, he passed out sheets of paper listing who had broken with the party on key procedural votes. "I want to tell you all that I'm sick of reading members' quotes about leadership letting them down. It's gotta stop, and it's gotta stop right now," DeLay declared, according to participants. "Take a look around this room. They are the people who are letting this conference down, and they're sitting right next to you. And in case there's any confusion as to who they are, this will help you figure it out." The in-your-face admonition--a classic DeLay tactic--highlighted the fiery whip's leading role in the congressional budget showdown with President Clinton. Having led the successful drive to impeach Clinton last year, the Texas Republican has lined up his caucus behind a confrontational strategy aimed at finally trumping the president in the year-end budget battles that congressional Republicans have invariably lost. The strategy is fairly straightforward--and risky. DeLay wants to avoid the kind of open-ended negotiations with the White House that in years past have resulted, he is convinced, in Republicans making too many concessions to the administration. And he wants to use the 13 annual spending bills to take Social Security away from Democrats as a political issue, to convince the public that the Republican Party is the more responsible protector of the giant federal retirement program....."

San Diego Union-Tribune 10/3/99 Gregg Vanhelmond "....Whether industrial pollution is creating holes in the Earth's ozone layer is open to debate, but one thing is certain: The climate-change programs President Clinton wants Congress to fund to prevent "global warming" promise to blow an industrial-sized hole in the U.S. economy. The president is determined to implement the terms of the 1997 "Kyoto Protocol," a global-warming treaty mandating Draconian emissions reductions from developed nations such as the United States. (Despite its dedication, though, the White House has yet to forward the treaty to the Senate for ratification.) If fully funded, the president's climate-change programs will cost almost $11 billion from fiscal years 1998 through 2000. While funding for America's overextended and underfunded military continues to decline, spending for the White House's climate-change agenda is expected to grow by 30 percent above 1999 levels. President Clinton wants this money because he pledged during the Kyoto negotiations to reduce U.S. emissions by 7 percent below 1990 levels -- which could prove to be an expensive proposition. An economic analysis released last month by the American Council on Capital Formation (ACCF), a group that promotes cost-effective environmental regulation, shows the restrictions would reduce America's gross domestic product (GDP) by as much as $2 trillion between 2008 and 2012. So much for budget surpluses......"

Congressman Barr 10/4/99 ".....U.S. Representative Bob Barr (GA-7) hailed the inclusion of language in the Transportation Appropriations Conference Report for FY 2000 that permanently repeals a statute authorizing the creation of a national identification card. Today's action permanently deletes a law passed in 1996 which would have mandated specific requirements for state drivers licenses, and required that they be linked to Social Security numbers. In effect, the 1996 provision aimed to create a standardized national I.D. system. ....."

Fox News Online 10/6/99 Tom Raum "....Congress Wednesday sent a $12.6 billion foreign aid bill toward an expected presidential veto - one that is likely to be sustained. President Clinton is unhappy with the measure because it cuts nearly $2 billion from his request. The House narrowly approved the bill 214-211 on Tuesday. The Senate approved it Wednesday by a 51-49 margin....."

San Diego Union-Tribune 10/6/99 Cary Savitch "....Public health authorities have never waged a legitimate public health battle against the spread of HIV. Instead, they have engaged in political wars over rights, privacy and sexual freedom. The AIDS virus has been a mere spectator. Over a million Americans have already become HIV-infected by this killer virus. More than 300,000 gay men in our nation have so far died of AIDS. What is left are the dying, the sick, the about-to-become-sick, and the about-to-become-infected. Before Randy Shilts died of AIDS, he left the world a gift. Unwrap his book, "And The Band Played On," and learn from his message: "AIDS didn't just happen to America. Instead, it was allowed to happen by an array of public institutions." The Centers for Disease Control and U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, recommend reporting HIV by name to public health officials in order to optimize partner notification. A Brown University study points out that over 40 percent of HIV-infected individuals do not alert their sexual partners......AIDS has killed more gay men in the past two decades than the next four leading causes of death combined. By one estimate, the life expectancy of a gay man in America is now 42 years. This is unacceptable......Late-stage HIV infection (AIDS) is already reported by name in all 50 states, and with no objection. Once health authorities are given a name, partner notification must start promptly. But, if officials have to wait for the diagnosis of AIDS, which may take 10 years from onset of disease, a decade of prevention is dangerously lost. This is why the CDC now urges all states to report HIV by name and initiate early partner notification Further, a CDC study conducted in six states demonstrated there was no drop off in HIV-testing once name reporting was adopted..... "

Investor's Business Daily 10/13/99 Kevin Butler "….Wanda Sue Bower's lawsuit seems typical at first glance. She was allegedly exposed to dangerous toxins near her West Virginia home. Bower and five others blame two light bulb manufacturers. But her suit has a unique twist. Unlike plaintiffs in a typical toxic suit, Bower doesn't claim to show any signs of injury. She's suing to get periodic medical tests to detect the possible onset of disease. …."

The San Diego Union-Tribune 10/13/99 "…."We will clean out the House. That's a promise and a commitment I intend for us to keep." So said AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, during the opening session of the labor federation's biennial convention in Los Angeles. The nation's largest union plans to spend a whopping $46 million to defeat Republicans in 35 congressional dis-tricts in 15 states. To put this into perspective, George W. Bush has raised $56 million for his presidential campaign that he intends to spread over not just 15 states but all 50……Organized labor has as much right to support the party and candidates with which it agrees as industry-bankrolled political action committees have to support the party and candidates with which they agree. The problem is when union officials use the compulsory dues of union members to back political candidates and causes that many members of the rank-and-file do not support. In effect, the union uses the dues of politically dissenting members to negate their votes. Indeed, 29 percent of union workers voted for Republicans in the 1998 congressional races, according to a survey by Peter D. Hart. In 1994, 40 percent of union members voted Republican. So, then, by pledging $46 million in union dues to defeat Republicans next year, the AFL-CIO is disenfranchising roughly a third of its membership. And as no less a figure than James Madison declared: "To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves is sinful and tyrannical." …."

Daily Republican 10/10/99 Tony Arter "….President Clinton announced yesterday in San Francisco $4.7 million has been allocated to Hawaii and to Guam for his "welfare-to-work" programs. Guam is getting about $545,000 of it to help pay for a second year of what Mr. Clinton calls his "welfare-to-work" training programs.He says the money will get Guam off public assistance and into the work force. Many people here have come to realize, however, that no matter how much taxpayer money the Clinton administration dips into, he will never be able to get welfare state socialism to work on Guam. Too much blood has been spilled by us in fighting for this land to sell out our birthright of freedom for a handful of food stamps. This land is our land but violations of our property rights by government officials has compromised the integrity of the economy and the will to work to improve one's economic conditions. The people of Guam have been forced to prostitute themselves in order to obtain a welfare handout. With the passage of time this terrible wrong has compounded. Today, the people on Guam are torn between their moral belief in honest hard work and the coercive influence of the government handout for not working……"

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 10/12/99 "….. A new Senate task forced headed by Pennsylvania Republican Arlen Specter last week was given subpoena powers to dissect the plea agreements reached with Clinton fund-raising pals Johnny Chung, John Huang and Charlie Trie. Sen. Specter's panel also will attempt to learn why espionage charges weren't filed in a case (or cases) that might be linked to the fund-raising scandal. But wait. There are legitimate questions about Mr. Spector's impartiality, and from myriad sources: Judicial Watch, the Washington, D.C., watchdog group, notes that Arlen Specter's wife, Joan, secured a Clinton appointment to the National Council on the Arts (an advisory panel to the National Endowment for the Arts) at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. That wasn't long before the Clinton impeachment vote. It's the vote in which Specter invoked Scottish law to say the president was neither guilty nor innocent but that the allegations were ``not proven.'' The American Spectator magazine questions Spector's ties to Arthur Coia's Laborers International Union. While Clinton and the Democrats got millions in direct and indirect campaign contributions from Coia (and, we add, Coia seemed to get preferential Justice Department treatment for it), Specter got $8,000 from Coia and his union, the magazine reports. The Washington Times reports Specter also received $10,000 from Ron Carey's Teamsters Union for the year ending in June 1997. It found no Teamsters donations in the five years prior, based on a review of Federal Elections Commission records. As chairman of the Senate Labor Budget subcommittee, Specter played a role in securing $22 million in public financing for the scandal-torn 1996 Teamsters election. In August 1997, the elections results were thrown out, based on violations in Mr. Carey's campaign. ….." 10/12/99 Joseph Farah "….Two German air force jets crashed a few weeks ago, and the pilots parachuted to safety. Big deal? Well, yeah, I think so -- considering the fact that the two Luftwaffe fighters crashed over Carlsbad, New Mexico. What is the Luftwaffe doing flying over U.S. airspace and conducting military training exercises? Good question. But don't expect any easy answers from U.S. or German officials. There's lots of secrecy involved in this long-term training operation. Now, the U.S. government is telling those of us in the press who care enough to ask that we will never be given any details of the training exercise that failed nor the crash of the Tornado fighters. Why? Even though the collision occurred in airspace regulated by the Federal Aviation Agency, and even though the training exercise was sponsored by the U.S. Air Force, neither authority is involved in investigating the crash, they claim……"

Washington Post 10/14/99 Eric Pianin Juliet Eilperin "…..In an effort to defuse a White House call for boosting the tobacco tax, House Republican leaders may stage a vote next week on President Clinton's entire $90 billion package of tax increases, knowing that it has no prospect for passage. As they step up their efforts to complete work on the remaining fiscal 2000 spending bills without dipping into the Social Security surplus, Republicans appeared determined yesterday to shift some of the pressure to the Democrats to choose between higher taxes and increased spending. Administration officials have argued that Congress could solve many of the remaining spending problems and help discourage teenage smoking by increasing the tobacco tax by 55 cents a pack and raising $7.8 billion next year. But House and Senate GOP leaders say they would oppose any tax increase and instead will push for additional savings, possibly including a 1 percent across-the-board spending cut totaling nearly $6 billion. ….. Clinton has proposed 75 different tax increases totaling a net $89.7 billion over 10 years to generate the revenue needed for more spending on health, education and other areas…."

AP Wire 10/13/99 Russ Bynum "....The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention apologized Wednesday to people with chronic fatigue syndrome, saying the agency was wrong to divert millions of federal dollars earmarked to study the mysterious illness. CDC Director Jeffrey Koplan promised a "reinvigorated effort" to study chronic fatigue, which leaves some people so drained they can't perform simple tasks. Some rarely leave their beds. Earlier this year, an audit showed the CDC had received $22.7 million from Congress for chronic fatigue research, but less than half the money was used for that purpose. At least $8.8 million was spent on other programs and $4.1 million could not be accounted for. ....."


Wall Street Journal 10/16/99 "…..President Clinton was spoiling for a budget fight yesterday in his news conference, saying any budget the Republicans send up that doesn't have his spending increases on education will be shot out of the sky: "I would veto a bill if they want to gut education. . . . His remarkable partisan belligerence on the budget suggests to us that he may be listening to House Democrats, who are the ones now calling for a budgetary train wreck, presumably to tag their opposition with the blame again for a government shutdown. Republicans ought to help themselves this time. They should promise to send the White House a continuing resolution making it explicit that it is their intention to keep the government's doors open until a compromise on funding is reached. If Mr. Clinton then wields his veto pen it will put into sharp focus who blocked the funds to keep government employees at their jobs and why….."

WorldNetDaily/Human Events 10/18/99 Scott Park ".... A special report prepared by the General Accounting Office at the request of Republican Sens. Larry Craig, Idaho, Jeff Sessions, Ala., and Craig Thomas, Wyo., indicates that Bill Clinton will go down in history not only as the most traveled U.S. president, but also as the president who spent the most tax dollars per trip. Critics say that, while it is necessary for the leader of the world's last superpower to travel overseas, it is not necessary for him to drag along the massive entourages of bureaucrats, aides and businessmen that Clinton did -- the net result being a wasteful depletion of resources from an already diminished U.S. defense budget. Clinton's jaunts were so frequent and so large that the GAO could audit only three 1998 trips for its review: trips to Africa, Chile and China. These three alone cost a staggering $72 million..... After seeing the report, Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., chairman of the Armed Services Committee's Subcommittee on Readiness, announced he would hold hearings to examine how Clinton's frequent junkets and swollen travel rosters have drawn down funds appropriated for military readiness. ....."

Fox news Reuters 10/18/99 ".....President Clinton vetoed a bill to fund foreign operations Monday, saying it was "the next big chapter in the new American isolationism.'' "I vetoed the foreign operations bill this morning because it seems to me to be the next big chapter in the new American isolationism, right after the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty,'' Clinton told reporters..... "There's no money to fund the Wye peace accord for peace in the Middle East, no money to fund our continuing work with the Russians to reduce their nuclear threat, no money to help us with debt relief for the poorest countries in Latin America and Asia and several other problems,'' Clinton said. "We can't not fulfill our responsibilities to the rest of the world,'' he said....."

FNC 10/19/99 Curt Anderson AP "....Making an anti-tax political statement, House Republicans engineered the resounding defeat Tuesday of $19.2 billion in tax and fee increases proposed by President Clinton, including sharply higher cigarette taxes. "The idea is to get this question settled once and for all, so there is no one who believes we will raise taxes,'' said House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas. Although they derided the measure as a stunt and a bald-faced attempt to embarrass the president, Democrats joined Republicans in the 419-0 tally against the fiscal year 2000 taxes-and-fees package, which would raise about $100 billion over five years. Clinton's overall budget proposal mustered only two House votes in favor earlier this year, and in September the president vetoed the GOP's signature 10-year, $792 billion tax cut....The defeated tax package, brought to the floor by GOP freshmen Reps. Lee Terry of Nebraska and Jim DeMint of South Carolina, included a 55-cents-a-pack increase in cigarette taxes, a $1.5 billion reinstatement of a corporate Superfund tax and user fees on meat, poultry and egg inspections....."

Washington Post 10/20/99 Eric Pianin Charles Babington ".... Congressional leaders and President Clinton agreed last night to try to solve their budget differences without using surplus funds generated by the Social Security program, a path that may commit them to a more austere spending plan than the administration has advocated. ..... "The president accepted our parameters--not touching Social Security, not raising taxes," said House Majority Leader Richard K. Armey (R-Tex.). "He . . . committed every bit of effort he and his staff can make towards the completion of the work, and hope that we can do so by Tuesday night of next week." Both Clinton and congressional leaders have said they would not dip into Social Security trust fund surpluses, although budget experts say such claims rely heavily on creative accounting tactics. The trust fund has become politically sacrosanct, however, so the congressional leaders and Clinton's top aides agreed they would resolve their budget differences without relying on the program's surpluses. The Republicans' "key goal is to not spend the Social Security surplus," White House Chief of Staff John D. Podesta said after the meeting. "We said that we share that, notwithstanding the fact that we question whether their gimmicks and numbers add up." Hastert said consideration of tax increases was "off the table," adding: "Specifically we talked about tobacco tax, but I think it was generally any taxes." Clinton has proposed an $8 billion increase in cigarette taxes, or 55 cents a pack, to pay for extra spending. The plan has found little support in Congress, as dramatized by a floor vote staged yesterday by House Republicans on all of Clinton's proposed tax and user fee increases. The $19.2 billion of proposed tax increases, as expected, went down--by a vote of 419 to 0....." 10/19/99 Jim Burns "....A comment Monday by White House spokesman Joe Lockhart about Republicans and the Social Security surplus has irritated House Speaker Dennis Hastert. At the daily news briefing, Lockhart said, "I read everyday and I see everyday, coming from Capitol Hill, Republican after Republican saying we're not spending the Social Security surplus, when the budget office says they are." House Speaker Dennis Hastert Tuesday accused Lockhart of perpetuating a "myth." In a statement from Capitol Hill, Hastert said Lockhart's "latest fiction is that we have spent $46 billion of the Social Security surplus, an imaginary number pulled either from thin air or from the White House wish list. [The Congressional Budget Office] has not concluded that we have dipped into Social Security for any amount, because we have not dipped into Social Security." Continued Hastert, "In fact, CBO's only accurate analysis thus far is that in 1999, we did not dip into Social Security." ....."

ABC NEWS - WORLD 10/20/99 Edward Mazza ".....Your retirement fund may be helping to fund the slave trade and civil war in Sudan. So say activists who want investors to drop what they call a "morally tainted" stock. A number of U.S.-based investment funds - including the New York City Pension Fund, Teacher Retirement System of Texas, and TIAA-CREF, the largest pension fund in the world - have a stake in Talisman Energy, a Canadian company that funds an oil field development and pipeline project Sudan. The Sudanese government owns 5 percent of the project. And that government has been cited by the U.S. State Department, Amnesty International and Congress, among others, for alleged human rights violations such as slave-taking and killing civilians in a lengthy civil war that has killed more than 2 million people....."

Washington Weekly 10/12/99 James Traficant "...Mr. Speaker, the Gettysburg Address is 286 words. The Declaration of Independence is 1,322 words. Government regulations on the sale of cabbage is 27,000 words. Mr. Speaker, now if that is not enough to stuff your cabbage roll, regulations cost taxpayers $400 billion a year, $4,000 per every family each and every year, year in and year out. Unbelievable. It is so bad, if a dog urinates in a parking lot, the EPA declares it a wetland. Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. I yield back 2,800,000 words in our Tax Code....."

USA TODAY 10/17/99 Mimi Hall "....When Hillary Rodham Clinton sweeps through the Catskill Mountains today at the start of a three-day campaign swing across New York, she'll do it in a Secret Service-protected motorcade with a government-paid aide and photographer by her side. When she heads back to Washington Wednesday, she'll do it in an at-her-disposal, rarely delayed jet flown by government-paid pilots. And wherever she goes, chances are she'll show up on the local news that night, even if she's had nothing particularly newsworthy to say. Everyone knows the president's wife is not your typical first-time political candidate....."

Conservative News Service 10/18/99 ".....The US Census Bureau is tinkering with the definition of poverty - a move that could drop millions of additional families below the statistical poverty line. The New York Times reports the Census Bureau may change the "poverty line" for a family of four to $19,500, up from the current $16,600 threshold. The newspaper says the change would put 46 million Americans - 17 percent of the population - below the poverty line, compared with the 12.7 percent defined as "poor" last month. ..."

Roll Call Magazine 10/21/99 Eathan Wallison "....Convinced that Democratic leaders are playing games on the budget, a group of conservative House Democrats is poised to break with party leadership and call for using money from the Social Security surplus to fund the government. The move by the 28-member Blue Dog Coalition, which has been meeting secretly on the plan for at least two weeks, would be the first significant break in a months-long rhetorical showdown that has left Congressional Republicans and Democrats at loggerheads over spending......" 10/20/99 Jim Burns ".....A public opinion poll released by the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) Wednesday shows that two-thirds of Americans polled, support an across the board spending cut as the one solution to resolve the federal budget dilemma. The poll found 68.6 percent of respondents chose to "cut spending by 4.3 percent for all programs except Social Security and Medicare. Another 8.1 percent opted to "use money in the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for current federal programs" while 9.4 percent thought taxes should be raised. ...." 10/21/99 Justin Torres "....GOP congressmen rallied today on Capitol Hill to defend their record on Social Security and drive home their message that the Social Security surplus should not be spent. "For the first time in 40 years, this Congress has created a budget that did not raid Social Security," said Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ). "Mr. President, when it comes to touching the surplus, no means no." Hayworth also called for a constitutional amendment to take Social security off-budget, which would keep the funds in a separate "lockbox" so that Congress could not use trust fund monies to balance the yearly federal budget. Republicans also disputed the notion that balancing the budget would require using Social Security funds....."

New York Times 10/23/99 Stephen Labaton ".....The Clinton administration and top Republican lawmakers said early Friday that they had reached an agreement to overhaul the nation's financial system, repealing Depression-era laws that have restricted the banking, securities and insurance industries from expanding into one another's businesses. The agreement was announced at about 2 a.m. after a compromise was reached over the measure's effect on lending rules for the disadvantaged, the source of months of partisan bickering between the White House and Sen. Phil Gramm, R-Texas, who heads the banking committee. ..."

CNN/TIME 10/24/99 "….CNN/TIME just broke a story on the Center For Disease Control in Atlanta. The CDC has just been busted by a whistleblower to Congress for diverting 9 million dollars (half of their CFS budget) to "other purposes." The whistleblower said that he had to step up and expose the fraud when his superiors asked him to lie on his report to Congress regarding his department's expenditures. A CDC director apologized on camera, admitted that staff members had lied, and swore that this would never happen again. The reporter breaking the story said that the CDC had "other projects" that weren't getting enough Congressional funds, and that those projects should have recieved priority……"

Capitol Hill Blue 10/27/99 "….. In a move that's more symbolic than substance, Congressional Republican leaders are offering to cut their salaries as part of across the board budget cuts. But even that doesn't give them the votes they need to get the plan through a contentious Congress. GOP leaders decided Tuesday to include lawmakers' pay in the reductions after rank-and-file Republicans, President Clinton and radio talk-show hosts chided them for not doing so. They now want agencies' budgets cut 1 percent, savings they say can come from paring federal waste...." 10/24/99 Joe Sobran "…. I call the present system "Post-Constitutional America." As I sometimes put it, the U.S. Constitution poses no serious threat to our form of government. Consider this. We have recently had a big national debate over national health care. Advocates and opponents argued long and loud over whether it could work, what was fair, how to pay for it, and so forth. But almost nobody raised the basic issue: Where does the federal government get the power to legislate in this area? The answer is: Nowhere. The Constitution lists 18 specific legislative powers of Congress, and not a one of them covers national health care. As a matter of fact, none of the delegated powers of Congress - and delegated is always the key word - covers Social Security, or Medicaid, or Medicare, or federal aid to education, or most of what are now miscalled "civil rights," or countless public works projects, or equally countless regulations of business, large and small, or the space program, or farm subsidies, or research grants, or subsidies to the arts and humanities, or ... well, you name it, chances are it's unconstitutional….."

Chicago Tribune 10/26/99 Stephen Franklin "…. In a major policy turnaround, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Tuesday will announce a new rule giving undocumented workers more protections against workplace abuses than ever before. EEOC Chairwoman Ida L. Castro, who a year ago became the first Latin female to run the agency, told the Tribune that the change reflects "a second look" at the workplace rights of illegal immigrants….. Now, Castro said, in what is likely to prove a controversial change, the agency will seek all protections and legal remedies for undocumented workers regardless of their immigration status. These include getting workers their back pay, getting workers reinstated to their jobs if they were wrongly let go and asking the courts to order employers to pay damages as well as attorney's fees….."

Conservative News Service 10/26/99 Lawrence Morahan "….US lawmakers are calling on the Clinton administration to immediately release a copy of a letter by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi which they believe lets Gadhafi off the hook for his suspected role in ordering the bombing of Pan Am 103 in 1988. The letter, which may have been approved by representatives of the Clinton administration and the Blair government in Britain, reportedly gave assurances to Tripoli that the trial of two Libyan suspects by a Scottish court in The Hague will not "undermine" Gadhafi's regime. This is widely viewed as an immunity deal for Gadhaffi - a vow not to hold him responsible for the terrorist act, sources familiar with the case told….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 10/27/99 Audrey Hudson "….Members of Congress and three conservation groups yesterday called for the resignation of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Jamie Clark, saying there is widespread waste, fraud and abuse inside her agency. House Republicans and Mrs. Clark yesterday clashed over the legality of her diverting money from popular hunting and fishing programs to pay for environmental programs, questionable staff travel, bonuses and alcoholic beverages. Her resignation was called for by Rep. Bob Schaffer, Colorado Republican, and Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage, Idaho Republican, the National Wilderness Institute (NWI), Texas Wildlife Association, and Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania..."

NewsMax 11/2/99 Michael Savage "....Unelected, largely invisible, a secret society of lawyer-gangsters has waged a merciless war against America. Let us look at what the ACLU, in its devious machinations, has done just recently. The police in California enjoyed a unique protection for about 17 years. A law, passed in 1982, allowed them to sue citizens who file false complaints against them. I like that law because most of the complaints against the police - most, not all - that I have followed are by paid activists who work for criminal enterprises and criminal businesses, seeking to throw out cases against drug dealers and their ilk. Of course, there are also those on the looney left who sue cops for a living. But now the ACLU has struck this law down. At the bidding of the ACLU, the Superior Court of San Francisco ruled against this law protecting the police from frivolous and malicious suits...."

Investor's Business Daily 11/1/99 "….Workers pay more in Social Security payroll taxes than is needed to fund retirees' benefits, creating a surplus. Clinton's plan is to use that surplus to pay down the national debt. Doing that means the federal government would pay less interest on the debt than has been budgeted in future years. Beginning in 2011 - this is where it really gets bizarre - the government would issue bonds to the Social Security trust fund for the amount of the interest saved (about $100 billion in 2011 by one estimate). ….Mind you, there is no money in the trust fund now, nor would there be any more money in 2011 when the government tosses in the additional bonds. It's all accounting. As a result, nothing really changes. Now here's the catch. The Social Security trustees project that the program will start paying out more money than it takes in from payroll taxes in 2014. That doesn't change under the president's plan, because he isn't putting real money in the fund. Of course, the trust fund would have bonds, but the government will have already spent the money backing those bonds, just as it does today. As a result, the government will have to use general revenues to cover the shortfall….This is the insidious part: If the president can create a link between regular tax and fee revenue, and Social Security, he undermines any discussion of the trust fund's impending financial crisis. In short, general revenues would be used to bail out the insolvent system…..Funding the trust fund's black hole could create such a demand on general revenues that there would be no money for tax cuts, much less new spending, for years to come……" 10/29/99 Joseph Farah "…. Just when you think you've heard every bone-chilling totalitarian proposal from the U.S. government and its orbit of unaccountable, quasi-official satellite agencies, along comes something straight out of Orwell. How else can you categorize Federal Reserve official Marvin Goodfriend's plan to track possession of dollar bills in private hands? That's right. Goodfriend, senior vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, delivered a paper to a Federal Reserve conference in Vermont that calls for U.S. currency to include tracking devices that would allow the government to tax private possession of cash, according to a report by Declan McCullagh in Wired News. I'm not kidding. The Goodfriend plan suggests that the longer you hold currency without depositing it in a bank account, the less that cash would be worth. In effect, the cash would be tagged with expiration dates. "The magnetic strip could visibly record when a bill was last withdrawn from the banking system," Goodfriend wrote. "A carry tax could be deducted from each bill upon deposit according to how long the bill was in circulation." Ingenious, huh? …."

AP 10/29/99 Kevin Galvin "….President Clinton criticized GOP budget writers Thursday for ignoring his education goals and accused lawmakers of engaging in "frivolous" battles for short-term political gain. The president suggested that Congress was making a mistake by assuming that good economic times and the absence of an international threat presented an opportunity to ignore long-term domestic concerns. "If we were being attacked by space aliens, we wouldn't be playing these kinds of games," he said…..Clinton cited the film "Independence Day" - in which aliens destroy the White House - as an example of how crisis forces citizens to work together, and suggested that good times had prompted some to postpone planning for future domestic needs……"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 10/27/99 Julia Malone "….The U.S. military keeps such poor track of inventory that one branch can buy equipment, such as radar or engine parts, even as another branch discards identical items as surplus, federal auditors said Tuesday. More than two decades after this problem was first exposed by the Defense Department itself, the Pentagon has yet to change the way it manages $4 billion in spare parts used by more than one branch of service, the General Accounting Office said in a report to Congress. Fixing the problem would bring ''considerable savings,'' said the GAO, the investigative arm of Congress. …."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 10/29/99 Lance Gay – Scripps Howard News Service "….President Clinton's much ballyhooed program of putting 100,000 more cops on the street by 2000 will fall 40,000 police officers short of its goal, Justice Department officials said Thursday. Further, a Justice Department survey predicts that about 40 percent of the police officers who have been hired under the $8.8 billion federal program will face layoffs because local governments don't have the funds to pick up salaries when the three-year grants expire….."

REUTERS 10/28/99 "….The House Thursday approved sweeping spending cuts sure to face a White House veto as the Republican-led Congress and President Clinton wrestled for a political victory in the battle over the federal budget. The House passed 1 percent across-the-board spending cuts in federal programs -- excluding such benefits as Medicare, veterans' pensions and food stamps -- to save about $4 billion and help meet the Republicans' pledge of balancing the fiscal 2000 budget without draining Social Security reserves.. ….. The spending cuts, tucked into $327 billion legislation to fund labor, education and social services programs that Clinton said he would veto, were Republicans' last-ditch strategy to send Clinton spending bills that did not tap Social Security surpluses to make ends meet….."

AP 10/28/99 "….Republicans pushed the last and biggest spending bill of fiscal 2000 through the House on Thursday despite a promised veto by President Clinton, even as the president abandoned efforts to overhaul Social Security and Medicare for the year……. Even so, Republicans claimed a triumph as they moved toward finishing the last of the new fiscal year's 13 annual spending bills. They also rallied around twin themes - protecting Social Security and not boosting taxes - that they hope will propel them in next year's elections. "Today's vote is a victory for the American taxpayer and America's seniors,'' said House Speaker Dennis Hastert, as dozens of GOP lawmakers gathered on the Capitol's East Lawn. A four-piece jazz band played "Pennies from Heaven.'' "Mr. President, please make the responsible decision for American taxpayers and American seniors and sign this important bill into law,'' said Hastert, R-Ill. But Clinton stood ready to veto the measure because of the damage he said the spending cuts would inflict on defense, schools and other programs. …."

The New Australian 11/8/99 Gerard Jackson "..... Some economic commentators claim to have observed an ominous parallel between the present state of the US economy and the Japanese economy in the late '80s, just before it went into depression. While others have dismissed the parallel I'm of the opinion that it contains a considerable truth for the simple reason that the policy that caused Japan's '80s boom is basically the same one generated the US consumer boom. That policy, of course, is one of massive credit expansion...."

Republican National Committee 11/9/99 ".....Asked yesterday what's wrong with letting local school districts decide how best to spend federal education dollars, President Clinton replied, "because it's not their money" - and Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson is hopping mad. "Mr. Clinton, it is too our money," Nicholson reminded the President. "If those dollars don't belong to local parents, teachers and principals, just whose money is it?" asked Nicholson. "Bill Clinton's latest remark crystallizes the difference between the parties - not just on balancing the budget, but on everything. Republicans know that the resources of this great country belong to the people - while Democrats think everything belongs to them and the Washington bureaucrats, except what little they let us keep....."

Laissez Faire City Times 11/8/99 Sunni Maravillosa "....As if the public school system isn't proof enough that the United States federal government officials are working hard to indoctrinate young people with their collectivist mindset, the Internal Revenue Service has really provided the last straw. It's a beauty, too-a more blatant propaganda than one usually finds. The IRS has developed an "online interactive web site", Taxi (, that is targeted at teens. Slickly presented, with eye- catching graphics and the latest slang, the goal of the site seems to be to make taxes cool....."

FoxNews 11/5/99 Tom Raum AP "…Former Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun drew warm praise from members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today as she defended herself against the allegations of ethical misconduct that have clouded her nomination to be U.S. ambassador to New Zealand. Moseley-Braun, the nation's first black female senator, denied any misuse of campaign funds and said she used her own money to pay for two trips to Nigeria while she was a senator. Committee members of both parties pronounced her exonerated. …."

Tampa Tribune 11/3/99 "…..``You're too happy,'' former Labor Secretary Robert Reich told business executives last week. ``Let me subdue you.'' Speaking at a forum in South Florida, he warned that good economic times are coming to an end, mostly because of a shortage of skilled workers. He sees inflation ahead and predicts a 15 percent drop in the Dow. The news story about his speech called him an economist, but he's a lawyer by profession and has always preferred the liberties of Democratic politics to the rigors of economic science. He may not always be wrong, but he's definitely always Reich. He first preached the necessity of federal aid for favored, emerging industries and didn't anticipate today's global economy. Realizing he was both economically and politically ridiculous, he changed his sermon and began stressing the importance of more federal aid for education and job training. He was saying things the newly elected President Clinton wanted to hear, and Reich joined the Cabinet….."

New York Times 11/4/99 Robert Pear "….Organized criminal groups have infiltrated Medicare and Medicaid, and are skimming hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the programs, federal investigators said on Wednesday. In a report to Congress, the General Accounting Office said the criminal groups had formed or corrupted scores of "medical entities" -- clinics, physician groups, diagnostic laboratories and medical equipment suppliers -- for the purpose of bilking Medicare and Medicaid, the insurance programs for people who are elderly, disabled or poor. The companies, many of which "existed only on paper," billed the government for services and equipment not provided or not medically necessary, the report said. In some cases, beneficiaries died before the dates on which the services were supposedly provided….."

XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX 11/3/99 "……**Exclusive** The White House on Wednesday started blocking all incoming e-mails originating from a new website produced by former Clinton adviser Dick Morris! The White House has bounced back more than 20,000 e-mails from the new Morris site VOTE.COM during the past 24 hours -- swamping computer servers on both ends, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. ..."

Washington Post 11/4/99 Robert Samuelson "…..I used to argue that Bill Clinton's great legacy would be the overhaul of the American welfare state. By that, I did not mean reducing spending for the poor (a tiny portion of the welfare state) but scaling back benefits for retirees--the true welfare state whose relentless growth needs to be restrained before baby boomers reach 65 early in the next century……I was wrong. Clinton has moved the other way. He has proposed expanding retiree benefits (drug coverage for Medicare) and made it politically impossible to suggest any cutbacks--no matter how modest or distant. The present budget debate shows the consequences. Details are baffling, and the disputed amounts--in a $1.8 trillion budget--are small. But the essential conflict is clear. No one wants to be seen touching retirement benefits, including funds flowing into the Social Security trust fund. So all the pressure to cut spending or raise taxes falls on the rest of the budget--from defense to education…….. "

Washington Post 11/7/99 Kathleen Day "….Citigroup's secret transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars for wealthy foreign politicians or their relatives during the 1990s through a global web of bank accounts will be scrutinized this week at Senate hearings on the lucrative world of private banking. A major accusation to be explored at the hearings is that top Citigroup officials, including chief executive John Reed, knew about but paid little heed to internal bank audits in the 1990s warning that the private banking unit was vulnerable to money laundering, according to congressional investigators. Questions about possible money laundering by Citigroup have been raised in official reports and news accounts since 1995….."

Washington Post 11/7/99 Daniel Williams "….Russian military commanders have launched a concerted campaign against negotiations to end the war in Chechnya, or any other action they believe might tie their hands in reclaiming the breakaway region. Hardly a day goes by without a commander warning leaders in Moscow not to end the war before all of Chechnya is pacified. Today, Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev and armed forces chief of staff Anatoly Kvashnin issued an unusual denial of reports of a government-military conflict. They signed a statement calling the stories "lies" meant to "cause a split in the state and military leadership." The declaration followed newspaper reports that Kvashnin threatened to resign over government plans to open talks with Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov….."

American Lawyer 11/9/99 Bernard James "….What makes good law may not make good policy. Public controversy highlights this occasional disjunction between law and policy--none more so than the cries for censorship that are periodically launched at the worlds of art, theater and literature…… Public funding as a policy tool has always been controversial, particularly in the minds of those who can be threatened. However,it is fine for government to influence and encourage community activities through funding and subsidies, rather than by regulation…….. The arguments with respect to public funding of the arts all bear some element of truth. Art is inherently provocative, but it is an expression protected under the Constitution. Our tolerance for expression we find disagreeable is itself an expression of our support for constitutional principles. Yet citizens should not be expected to subsidize community activity that is found to be incompatible with the general public interest……"

Reuters via 11/10/99 "….The Clinton administration unveiled proposals Wednesday for toughening enforcement against money laundering, saying it did not want U.S. banks to become international criminals' choice for the illegal activity. The Treasury and Justice departments sent proposed legislation to Congress that would extend the United States' power at home and abroad to seek punishment for efforts to disguise, or launder, money from drug dealing or other illegal activities by moving it through the United States. "We do not want the United States to become the world's repository of criminal proceeds,'' Deputy Treasury Secretary Stuart Eizenstat said at a news conference. Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder said the goal was to ''make it increasingly difficult for those who attempt to launder money through financial institutions to derive profits from their illegal acts.'' …."

Eagle Forum 11/10/99 Phyllis Schafly "…. It isn't often that federal bureaucrats admit to embarrassment, but the New York Times reported on October 23 that it was "highly embarrassing to federal health officials" to have to admit the "causal association" between the RotaShield rotavirus vaccine and the painful condition called intussusception. The embarrassment was aggravated "in part because the vaccine was 23 years in development and much of the work was done at the National Institutes of Health." It isn't enough, however, that these health officials admit they are embarrassed. They should be apologizing and expressing deep and sorrowful regret for the terrible damage they have done to infants. Intussusception is a bowel obstruction caused by one portion of the bowel sliding inward, like a telescope, into another part of the bowel, causing a previously healthy infant to scream in terrible pain, and often requiring surgery to repair……"

The Wall Street Journal. 11/16/99 Glenn Burkins "….The Teamsters union has taken over one of its Philadelphia locals, alleging that leaders there used union money to buy two shotguns, 20 stun guns, a supply of pepper spray and paramilitary gear. Union officials said they found eight tractor-trailers loaded with military fatigues, combat boots, ski masks and other items they described as "survivalist gear." Teamsters spokesman Chip Roth said the union was still trying to determine who owned the trucks, which were parked at a building owned by the local. Mr. Roth said he wasn't sure how the equipment was used, but he said union officials would notify law-enforcement authorities. Before the takeover, Local 115 had been run by longtime Teamster John P. Morris, who couldn't be reached for comment. Union officials said he had been relieved of his duties, which paid him more than $184,000 last year. ….In 1998, Mr. Morris and several other Teamsters were accused of assaulting two people who were protesting against President Bill Clinton at a Philadelphia fund-raiser. Two of the men pleaded guilty, but the city's district attorney said there was insufficient evidence to charge Mr. Morris. …."

INSIGHT Magazine 12/6/99 Kelly Patricia O’Meara "…. Insight has more details on an alleged slush fund for the L.A. Superior Court Judges Association and the possible extortion of civil litigants by some officers of the court.. . . . The interconnectedness of Bryer's and Pentoney's cases came to light during a raid by the Los Angeles district attorney on the finance office of the Los Angeles Superior Court, supposedly to obtain evidence related to the Pentoney case. Not only were numerous boxes of documents seized in Schonbach's finance office and taken into custody, but a secret file that the finance office kept on Bryer was taken as well. In fact, the secret Bryer file is the first seizure listed by the district attorney's office. . . . . Bryer says he believes the records that were removed -- and now are unavailable pending the outcome of Pentoney's criminal case -- will finally nail down his allegations about the Superior Court judges' bank account. "I believe," he says, "that these records could provide the information that will unravel this case.". . . . According to the documents provided to Insight, plaintiffs and defendants apparently are being required to pay for the lunches of jurors and bailiffs on days they are in deliberations. In one instance a plaintiff, who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution, was advised by counsel that plaintiff "had to pay for lunch for the jury." This case was a civil lawsuit and the jury was not sequestered. According to the plaintiff, "I felt like I was being extorted, but I was unaware of court rules and the law so I complied with the attorney's request.". . . . "We've learned from discovery that they have 100,000 files that date as far back as 1984 involving more than $13 million held by Garcetti," says Fine. "We've got to request that the files be matched up -- the payer and payee -- and then require Garcetti to distribute the money. This is one of the greatest human tragedies I've ever handled. People are knocking on his door asking for money owed to them and he's basically saying forget it. People have lost their homes and gone hungry and he couldn't care less. This is a prime example of bureaucratic laziness. If we changed the structure and paid the employees of his department based on the number of cases that got paid, I guarantee that all $13 million would get paid out in 30 days."…."

Washington Weekly 11/5/99 Rep Traficant "….Mr. Speaker, in 1995, the EPA came crying to Congress saying they needed more money to clean up our air and our water and our Superfund sites. Shortly after that appeal for cash, records show that the EPA gave a $160,000 grant to facilitate wind energy technologies in China. Unbelievable. While American taxpayers are busting their buns to pay the bill around here, the EPA gave our hard-earned taxpayer dollars for projects in China. Mr. Speaker, this is out of hand. Electric bicycle technology, wind energy technology, American taxpayer dollars? The EPA should be handcuffed. Beam me up. I yield back all the flatulence in China paid for by the EPA….."

St. Louis Journalism Review 11/99 Don Corrigan "…. A little more than 10 years ago the high school press took it on the chin with the Supreme Court's infamous Hazelwood decision. Now the judicial system has struck a blow against the college press with a Sept. 8 decision. In the 1988 Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier decision, the U.S. Supreme Court said the content of a student newspaper at a public school could be censored by a school's administration for the flimsiest of reasons, including the potential for mere "embarrassment." …."

Associated Press 12/2/99 "…..The U.S. government is preparing to pay $6 million to Iran despite a claim to the money by a New Jersey couple whose daughter died in a suicide bombing blamed on Iranian terrorists. The family of Alisa Flatow contends the White House is preventing them from carrying out an anti-terrorism law President Clinton himself signed. The $6 million in question was the subject of a dispute between Iran and a Connecticut defense contractor, Avco Corp., one of many U.S. companies that did business with Iran in the 1970s. Iran won a judgment against Avco at the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal at The Hague, Netherlands. After Avco refused to pay, the tribunal ordered the U.S. government to satisfy the judgment. That's when the Flatow family stepped in. Alisa Flatow, a Brandeis University junior, was killed in an April 1995 bus bombing on the Gaza Strip. The Islamic Jihad terrorist group, which Israel and the United States maintain is backed by Iran, claimed responsibility for the attack….."

Washington Post 11/20/99 Nat Hentoff "…. On Oct. 23, 18 silent Ku Klux Klan members gathered at Foley Square in New York City to exercise their First Amendment right to demonstrate. They could not vocalize their views because the courts had denied them sound equipment. They were allowed to wear hoods but not masks because the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had upheld an 1845 New York state law forbidding masks at public demonstrations -- as if anonymous political speech were not part of the nation's tradition from pre-Revolutionary times on. ….."

Republican National Committee 11/19/99 "….With a New York federal jury this afternoon having convicted former Teamsters Political Director William Hamilton of 7 counts of conspiring with the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton-Gore '96 campaign to embezzle nearly $1 million of workers' money from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee today challenged Vice President Al Gore to sever his ties with leading figures implicated in the scandal, including some of his biggest union supporters and fundraisers. ``This is a stunning verdict, but it should be just the beginning,'' said RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson. ``Al Gore knows that the most significant figures in this trial weren't at the Defense table, they were raising money for his campaign, delivering AFL-CIO endorsements for his candidacy, even drawing checks from his campaign payroll.'' ``The jury obviously believed the testimony that implicated Terry McAuliffe, the former Finance Chairman of the Clinton-Gore '96 campaign, along with his then-deputy, Laura Hartigan, and Richard Sullivan, the former DNC Finance Director, of participating in an illegal swap scheme involving the Teamsters, the DNC and Clinton-Gore '96. McAuliffe is still out there vacuuming up money for Al Gore. In fact, he hosted a fundraiser for Gore just last night. Meanwhile, Sullivan and Hartigan are still on the payroll of the Gore Presidential campaign.'' …."

CBS Market Watch 11/18/99 Dr Paul Farrell "…. The facts about the rest of America are very disturbing. The net worth of the typical American household is less than $15,000, excluding home equity, zero if you factor out cars and other possessions. Less than 25 percent own any stocks, bonds or even a money market account. Most have reserves so small they couldn't survive more than a month without a paycheck. And half of the elderly over 65 would live in poverty without their meager Social Security payments….."

Sacramento Bee 11/26/99 AP "…..California's prison guard union is blaming several high-ranking state Democrats for killing a plan to have the state foot the bill for a $2 million correctional officer legal defense fund. The union recently mailed a brochure to its 28,000 members and labeled those Democrats as "powerful enemies" who were a threat the union's salary gains. The tersely-worded mailer took to task California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, Democratic Sens. John Vasconcellos of San Jose and Richard Polanco of Los Angeles, and Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown for their comments on cutting prison spending and expanding inmate rights. The union's top officer said the brochure was meant to be informative….."

American Partisan 11/18/99 Douglas Newman "…. For several years, the American Library Association has celebrated Banned Books Week as a condemnation of censorship….. I cannot help thinking this in the aftermath of my experience with a "filtered" internet service. …. I have no quarrel with people who want to promote decency on the internet or, for that matter, in any aspect of society. I have considerable fears, however, about the implications of state control of the internet. Ostensibly, this ISP's filtering policy was directed at pornographic sites and sites promoting hate and violence. I do not visit sites of either genre. However, after signing up with the service I realized that their blocking criteria were far more comprehensive, and included "politically active" sites. They had a "report a site" link on their home page, where anyone who objected to a certain site could report that site for blocking consideration….."

USA TODAY 12/6/99 "…..The National Institute of Mental Health uses just over one-third of its budget for research into severe mental illness and spends more to study AIDS than schizophrenia, according two advocacy groups. A study being released Monday cites what the groups contend are examples of money misspent on vague behavioral research by the premier mental health agency of the National Institutes of Health. ….."

Wall Street Journal 12/14/99 June Kronholz "…..Kirkwood Meadow Elementary School sits near the top of the Sierra Nevada range -- six children and a teacher in the cheerful basement of a ski-resort condominium at 8,500 feet. Less amiably, Kirkwood Meadow and five other schools in the Alpine County school district also sit in the middle of a battle between environmentalists and timber companies over -- of all things -- the future of logging in the national forests. "I'm just trying to stay alive as a little school district," pleads James Parsons, the superintendent. But because of the struggle, Alpine's Bear Valley Elementary has gone from two teachers to one, and may close next year. Diamond Valley Elementary has one bus to collect 102 youngsters, down from three…."

AP 12/14/99 Lauran Neergaard "….- The Food and Drug Administration must find new ways to learn when Americans are injured or killed by prescription drugs because doctors and hospitals don't alert regulators to problems quickly enough, concludes a new report by a government oversight agency. Studies have estimated that 2 million Americans are hospitalized annually from drug side effects, and 100,000 die. Part of the FDA's job is to track side effects of the medications it approves for sale so that health officials can take action if unexpected problems arise and hunt ways to prevent drug-related injuries. …."


The Washington Post 12/10/99 Charles Krauthammer "…..What did Bill Clinton think he was doing in Seattle last week? He invites leaders from all over the world to a new round of talks on lowering trade barriers. They find themselves besieged by anti-trade demonstrators: environmentalists, protectionists, anarchists, lunatics. The president-host then shows up--and makes the demonstrators' case! Startling his own negotiators (and pleasing Big Labor), Clinton goes way beyond the official U.S. position about tacking environmental and labor standards onto tariff talks. He declares publicly that he favors imposing sanctions on countries that violate such standards. …."

National Review 12/8/99 Jonah Goldberg "....."News flash, Rudy - it's not good to arrest the homeless people," declared TV "personality" Rosie O'Donnell on her version of Firing Line for the crayon set. News flash, Rosie - shut up. No seriously, just be quiet. I was over-served last night, and my hangover can't take any shrill, thoughtless, liberal bleating about homelessness. And when I hear it in that over-accented Epcot Center New Yorkese, I feel as if I just drank a glass of warm bourbon with a cigarette in it or ate some day-old fried eggs with James Carville's hair in them. By trying to make your accent both authentic and cute, it comes across as a Twinkie wrapped in a piece of bad pastrami. Homelessness was the issue of the 1980s and, as is so often the case, it is more of a nostalgia trip for mindless liberals who feel guilty about the success of their mutual funds......"


Houston Chronicle 12/15/99 "....The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last week that states may withold any and all information about the people that police arrest. The ruling ostemsibly allows states to protect the privacy of those who are arrested, but it also gives states the option of letting local police forces behave like a dictatorship's secret police....."


Washington Post (via Reason Express) 12/31/99 Cindy Skryzcki "….What set them off were the Environmental Protection Agency grants promoting the use of electric bicycles and wind power in China. These payouts totaled $180,000--a drop in the bucket, considering EPA spent $4 billion, or half its fiscal 1999 budget, on grants. Nevertheless the China-related grants caught the eye of staffers at the House subcommittee that oversees the environmental regulator, and they were featured at an oversight hearing last month. And there's going to be a lot more oversight over the course of the new year……. Conservative groups allege that EPA grant money goes to finance favored Clinton administration projects, such as advancing the ratification of the Kyoto treaty, which contains many pollution-control initiatives to reduce global warming..Some of the problems the IG turned up include giving the same recipient grant money twice for the same project; not monitoring grants to states, resulting in state work that is substandard in inspection and enforcement; not knowing how money awarded for training was being spent; awarding grant money for jobs that should be done by the agency; and grantees performing only part of the work they were paid to do…."

Houston Chronicle 1/5/00 Cal Thomas "….When English jurist Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634) observed that "a man's house is his castle," he could not have foreseen the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The other day that unaccountable regulatory beast within the Department of Labor claimed briefly the authority to regulate the surroundings of the nearly 20 million people who have a home office and work at least part time at home. But threats of a political uprising prompted Labor Secretary Alexis Herman to say, "Never mind." Before withdrawing a federal interpretation that was made following a request from a Texas employer, OSHA asserted jurisdiction over home offices if employers allow employees to work at home. Employers might have been charged with making sure home offices had ergonomically correct furniture, "proper" lighting, ventilation, heating and air conditioning, safe staircases, working toilets and other things required of more traditional workplaces…..The media played this up as "helping" people. This is the view the media take of all government programs and regulations, even those that fail, because it isn't success that matters, only intent. One network interviewed an employer who had discovered a home office in which wooden beams were unevenly placed on file cabinets to serve as support for a computer. Extreme cases are always used by government to force change on the public, which then must succumb to whatever the government wants us to do. Once a precedent is established, it is difficult to stop further government intrusions. …"

Orlando Sentinel 1/6/00 Charley Reese "…. There are a few things Americans who care about their country should be concerned about. Of course, they are not the things the politicians and news media are telling you to worry about…..Another concern is the record immigration, both legal and illegal. This flood of immigrants, now greater than it was at the turn of the century, is colliding with automation and offshoring of manufacturing jobs. That's a formula for social conflict as the people at the bottom of the economic ladder must fight each other for the remaining service jobs that don't pay a living wage to begin with. Furthermore, Americans had better wake up to the fact that if you change the people, you change the country. Talk to some American Indians. They can tell you firsthand what effect uncontrolled immigration of non-native people will do to your country, your culture, your religion and your liberty……" email 1/6/00 Julie Foster "…..Key government officials, including California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, are currently being served a complaint filed in the United States District Court in Oakland, Calif., claiming the defendants have no right to act with the authority of law since they did not properly file their oaths of office. According to the California State Constitution and federal law, late filing renders the office vacant and requires immediate removal of the elected official Greg Willis filed the suit after years of research, during which he uncovered the fact that California Governor Gray Davis, Attorney General Bill Lockyer and 38 individuals in four California counties had filed their oaths too late. The legal consequences of late filing are drastic. …..Once the office-holder is removed, all actions taken in an official capacity are considered null and void, any wages or other payments received by the official are to be paid back in full and the official may be subject to a prison term. Willis' complaint is simple: "Why is it that public officials force us to comply with the law, but they see themselves as above the law?" …."

The Washington Times. 1/7/00 Benjamin Tyree "……The Immigration and Naturalization Service deferred a pre-Christmas hearing on Elian's case until Jan. 21, while stipulating it could make a decision "at any time," presumably obviating the need for any hearing. But suddenly on Wednesday, INS Commissioner Doris Meissner ruled that the boy should be returned to Cuba by a week from today, evidently without further ado. Elian, rescued at sea after the refugee boat carrying him capsized with the loss of life of his mother and stepfather, has spent six weeks with relatives in Miami, who wish him to remain with them. ….. So the timing of the Meissner ruling seems a gesture of accommodation to the conditions set out by the Cuban government. In this, the U.S. government sets itself up to play the "heavy," at least in the perceptions of much of its own public at home and perhaps of the Gonzalez boy himself….."

WORLD MAGAZINE 1/8/00 "….A year that began with Bill Clinton on trial in the Senate for high crimes and misdemeanors ended with one of the key witnesses against him, Linda Tripp, on trial in Maryland for tape-recording phone conversations with Monica Lewinsky. The president was acquitted; Ms. Tripp lost an early motion in December and faces trial. Miss Lewinsky appeared on television with ABC's Barbara Walters and described in shocking detail her sexual encounters with President Clinton. More shocking, Juanita Broaddrick appeared on NBC's Dateline in February with credible allegations that 20 years ago, then-Arkansas attorney general Bill Clinton raped her. NBC executives had the story in hand even as the impeachment drama played itself out-prompting some to accuse the network of playing politics, sitting on a story that might have affected the outcome of the Senate trial. "But I can close that chapter. I can work with the president." -Influential Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia on why he voted to acquit President Clinton of impeachment articles, despite his conclusion that the president was clearly guilty. Said Sen. Byrd: "The question is, does this rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors? I say yes. No doubt about it, in my mind. But the issue is, should the president be removed? ... And the Constitution requires that if he is convicted.... There's no second chance. So it comes down to the question, to remove or not to remove? …"

INSIGHT Magazine 1/7/00 Kelly Patricia O’Meara "…. Alleged reforms to the U.S. patent system recently were slipped through the back doors of both houses of Congress to benefit foreign competitors at the expense of America. Albert Einstein, Nobel laureate, patent holder and recently crowned Time magazine "Person of the Century," has been credited with saying, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." This remark from the father of the theory of relativity seems particularly fitting when discussing the recent battle waged between independent inventors and lawmakers over legislation that many believe could destroy the U.S. patent system and severely damage the nation's economy…… Opponents of the patent legislation say the change began when a clause reducing the U.S. patent term was sneaked into the 1994 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, or GATT. Rather than respect the centuries-old U.S. patent term of 17 years from the time of granting, the GATT internationalists changed the length of a patent to 20 years from the date of application. Because application approval may take up to five years, the change had the effect of reducing the time of ownership. Obtaining U.S. conformity to international patent "reform" had to be carefully planned, say Capitol Hill insiders, since harmonization of patent laws to assist foreign economies at the expense of U.S. inventiveness was not seen as a politically popular cause. The push for "reform" was led by Lehman and late Commerce secretary and alleged Clinton bagman Ron Brown when, in 1994, they began making deals with representatives of the government of Japan…."

Washington Post 12/18/99 Charles Babington "….President Clinton is strongly considering making a request for government reimbursement of several million dollars in legal expenses associated with the Whitewater and Monica S. Lewinsky investigations, a move the independent counsel's office is already preparing to challenge, knowledgeable legal sources said yesterday. If successful, Clinton and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton could eliminate most or all of their $5 million in unpaid legal bills, the balance of a sum that once exceeded $10 million…."

Washington Times 1/6/00 Kenneth Smith "….The Occupational Safety and Health Administration stunned almost everyone outside the agency this week by announcing that home offices would have to meet government standards once reserved for potentially dangerous workplaces. In a letter to a California company, which had requested information about home-workplace rules more than two years before, the agency said, "Ensuring safe and healthful working conditions for the employee should be a precondition for any home-based work assignments." So sweeping a dictate covers hazards ranging from the toy left on stairs leading to the home office in clear violation of OSHA's rules - arrest that toddler - to the number of illuminated exit signs over doorways to the adequacy of furniture in reducing musculoskeletal disorders, sometimes referred to as back or neck aches. The letter further stated that employers were responsible, and therefore potentially liable, in the event an employee suffered a work-related injury while working at home….."

CNN 12/16/99 Keating Holland "…..Although only a third of the country supported Bill Clinton's impeachment by the House of Representatives last December, nearly half today approve of the House's decision to send Clinton's case to the Senate for a trial, according to a new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll. That doesn't mean the public has turned against Clinton in the past year -- 57 percent approve of the Senate's decision to allow Clinton to remain in office. A majority also believe that Clinton should not be charged with a crime in a court of law after he leaves office……
House of Representative's Decision to Impeach Clinton
Now Approve 50%
Now Disapprove 49%
Dec 98 Approved 35
Dec 98 Disapproved 63….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 1/5/00 Audrey Hudson "…..A congressional study shows government programs are losing tens of billions of dollars annually to fraud, abuse and mismanagement of federal agencies, prompting House hearings when Congress returns later this month. The study, conducted by the House Budget Committee, shows the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is losing $1 billion a year to fraud. The Medicare program made "massive overpayments" totaling $12.6 billion in one year, according to the study, obtained yesterday by The Washington Times. In addition, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) wasted $18 billion and let public housing neighborhoods "fester with crime and drugs."..."

Washington Times 1/5/00 Audrey Hudson "…..A congressional study shows government programs are losing tens of billions of dollars annually to fraud, abuse and mismanagement of federal agencies, prompting House hearings when Congress returns later this month. The study, conducted by the House Budget Committee, shows the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is losing $1 billion a year to fraud. The Medicare program made "massive overpayments" totaling $12.6 billion in one year, according to the study, obtained yesterday by The Washington Times. In addition, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) wasted $18 billion and let public housing neighborhoods "fester with crime and drugs." The House Budget Committee based its study on inspector general and General Accounting Office investigations, as well as independent sources. The initial draft contains figures from 1998 investigations, but the committee plans to update the study with 1999 figures before releasing it to the public. The release will coincide with the February announcement of President Clinton's budget for fiscal 2001, and hearings will be held by John R. Kasich, Ohio Republican and Budget Committee chairman….." 1/6/00 Ben Anderson "…..Numerous conservative and liberal organizations have joined forces in an effort to combat the Federal Elections Commission's proposal to regulate political speech on the Internet. The Center for Democracy and Technology, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Free Congress Foundation and People for the American Way are urging the FEC to back away from its attempts to determine whether certain Internet activities constitute political contributions. According to the FEC, the agency is "currently examining the issues raised by the use of the Internet to conduct campaign activity. ..."

Christian Coalition of America Weekly News and Updates 1/20/2000 "….The Department of Education cannot account for how it spent almost $32 BILLION in taxpayer funds and BILLIONS more in student loans according to an ERNST AND YOUNG AUDIT report. The audit report from the Department of Education for fiscal year(FY) 1998 was released on November 18, 1999, more than eight months after the March 1 deadline. Numerous examples of financial mismanagement were cited by the report. It was concluded that the Department's books are in such disarray for FY 98, they cannot be audited….."

The Wall Street Journal 1/9/00 "....If you think some of our Presidential candidates come across as syntactically challenged, don't tell Kirk Hazen. Professor Hazen teaches linguistics at the University of West Virginia, and we caught a glimpse of him the other night on one of the highest-rated shows on cable, Fox News's "The O'Reilly Factor." There, Professor Hazen was trying to persuade a dubious Bill O'Reilly that anyone who corrects someone else's bad grammar is guilty of "dialect discrimination." Alas, this is no joke. Today, everything from reading to writing has become infused with the latest in sensitivity etiquette. One teacher's manual for a popular reading textbook states, "To help students begin to develop cultural awareness and understanding, they first need to know who they are--their ethnicity, gender and social class--and how they are viewed by society." Even the National Council of Teachers of English has advised banning the word "English" as exclusionary. The group recommends "Language Arts" instead....."

INSIGHT Magazine 1/14/2000 Sheila Cherry "….In an age of computerized data collection, the Social Security number has become a centralized identifier - a national ID card with serious implications for privacy…… In 1998, the SSA began testing an online database designed to give Internet users access to the personal earnings and benefits records that workers accrue throughout their careers. The idea was to allow users to track their benefit estimates in a user-friendly format. One month into the test, however, public fears about the risks of improper disclosure of SSNs forced the agency to suspend the test until concerns about privacy and information security could be further evaluated……. When Ida Mae Fuller, a retired legal secretary in Ludlow, Vt., received the first monthly retirement check from the new SSA on Jan. 31, 1940, the SSN was intended only to track earnings and administer retirement benefits to workers. That restriction changed quickly. In 1943, federal agencies were given use of the SSN for record-keeping purposes. In 1961, the IRS began using it to identify taxpayers. In 1976, the states were granted authority to use the SSN to identify taxpayers as well as to track welfare recipients, driver's licenses and motor-vehicle registrations. Upon discovering that states had begun selling driver's-license information to raise revenue, Congress enacted the Driver's Privacy Protection Act of 1994. …… "

WorldNetDaily 1/2000 Paul Ciotti "….In one of the more infamous instances of alleged law enforcement misconduct -- the killing of the reclusive Malibu millionaire and rugged anti-government individualist Donald Scott in his ranch house by Los Angeles sheriff's deputies in 1992 -- county and federal government officials tentatively agreed last week to pay Scott's heirs and estate a total of $5 million in return for their dropping a wrongful death lawsuit…… Early on the morning of Oct. 2, 1992, 31 officers from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, Drug Enforcement Administration, Border Patrol, National Guard and Park Service came roaring down the narrow dirt road to Scott's rustic 200-acre ranch. They planned to arrest Scott, the wealthy, eccentric, hard-drinking heir to a Europe-based chemicals fortune, for allegedly running a 4,000-plant marijuana plantation. When deputies broke down the door to Scott's house, Scott's wife would later tell reporters, she screamed, "Don't shoot me. Don't kill me." That brought Scott staggering out of the bedroom, hung-over and bleary-eyed -- he'd just had a cataract operation -- holding a .38 caliber Colt snub-nosed revolver over his head. When he pointed it in the direction of the deputies, they killed him. Later, the lead agent in the case, sheriff's deputy Gary Spencer and his partner John Cater posed for photographs arm-in-am outside Scott's cabin, smiling and triumphant, says Larry Longo, a former Los Angeles deputy district attorney who now represents Scott's daughter, Susan. "It was as if they were white hunters who had just shot the buffalo," he said……. Despite a subsequent search of Scott's ranch using helicopters, dogs, searchers on foot, and a high-tech Jet Propulsion Laboratory device for detecting trace amounts of sinsemilla, no marijuana --or any other illegal drug -- was ever found….."

The China Daily 1/23/2000 "…..The US economy is booming and unemployment is at a 30-year low, but the number of hungry Americans has not decreased over the past four years, a study released on Thursday said. "For the first time in modern history, the prevalence of hunger seems stubbornly impervious to economic growth," said Larry Brown, director of the Centre on Hunger and Poverty at Tufts University. "At the peak of the longest economic boom in our history, over 30 million people live in households that experience hunger and food insecurity -- about the same number as four years ago," he said….."

World Net Daily John Doggett "….Well, I question whether the ACLU deserves to be a tax-exempt organization, because I do not believe that it treats all Americans fairly…… The ACLU claims that it does not "... choose sides according to financial criteria. Nor do we take political sides; we are neither liberal nor conservative, Republican nor Democratic. The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, 275,000-member public interest organization devoted exclusively to protecting the basic civil liberties of all Americans, and extending them to groups that have traditionally been denied them…." …… The ACLU says that it is nonpartisan. However, when you read the ACLU's list of its greatest accomplishments from 1983 to today, nonpartisan is the one word that doesn't fit. Here, straight from its website, are examples of the ACLU's nonpartisanship: 1987, Block Bork: The ACLU, changing a 51-year-old policy of neutrality on Supreme Court candidates, mounted a national campaign to defeat the nomination of Judge Robert Bork…. 1993: Resurgence of the Radical Right: Though the end of the Reagan-Bush era brought improved prospects for civil liberties at the federal level, numerous right-wing extremists saw opportunities for local organizing. The ACLU opposed the agenda of school boards dominated by extremists and challenged anti-choice anti-gay ballot initiatives….." 1/20/2000 Ben Anderson "….Even though President Bill Clinton has yet to formally announce his 2000 budget proposals, White House leaks about his final spending plans for the next fiscal year have amounted to more than $9 billion according to the House Budget Committee. The committee has developed a website to keep track of what they call "Clinton's Budget-Busting Trial Balloons," which have so far come only in the form of a "steady stream of White House 'leaks.'" "Already there have been an estimated 36 leaks totaling $9.5 billion for increased spending and new government programs in fiscal year 2001," according to a statement released by the committee. …."

Newsmax 1/11/2000 Dick Boland "…. Labor Secretary Alexis Herman has withdrawn an advisory letter to a Texas company requiring them to extend OSHA rules and regulations to at-home workers. This overnight turnaround is a lot like Hillary Clinton's involvement in national health care: Now you see them, now you don't. Secretary Herman is going to set up an interagency task force to study just how far the government can intrude into your castle. They are already telling us what we can and can't do with our land……"

Associated Press 1/11/2000 Philip Brasher "….. Consumer advocacy groups are criticizing the Clinton administration for writing a plan for improving food safety without proposing to consolidate the dozen agencies that now have some responsibility for the issue. The draft strategic plan released recently by the President's Food Safety Council instead offered several consolidation alternatives for discussion at a public hearing Jan. 19. The council, which is made up of officials from the agencies, ``seems to be designed to fend off efforts to get a single food safety agency,'' Caroline Smith DeWaal of the Center for Science in the Public Interest said Monday. ``The council is comprised of exactly the people whose ox would be gored if an independent agency were to be formed.'' …"

The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, Va.) 1/9/00 Jim Lakely "....DEFENDING the indefensible isn't easy. Just ask O.J. Simpson's lawyers or Al "my-boss-will-go-down-in-history-as-one-of-our-greatest-presidents" Gore. So it gives me no pleasure to defend a racist, gay-hating schmuck like John Rocker, but it has to be done. Injustice, even if it's done to a despicable person, must be opposed...... The things that Rocker said can't be taken back, no matter how many times he apologizes. They will follow the 25-year-old fool for the rest of his career. But it raises the question: What is to be done about it? An Atlanta City councilman and the director of the Atlanta AIDS Survival Project have called for Rocker to be fired. That's unlikely considering left-handers who throw 95-mph fastballs and unhittable sliders are hard to come by. But what we have here is a situation where people are calling for Rocker's head because of what he said-because of what his thoughts are. Sure, the Braves are free to fire Rocker for this, but he's also free to sue them for unlawful termination. What if he was a member of the Nation of Islam and spewed the kind of anti-Semitic, anti-white garbage preached by Louis Farrakhan? Would he be fired for that? Freedom of speech, like all freedoms, comes with the inseparable sidecar of responsibility. But it is anathema to the concept of freedom to attach punishment to the use of that freedom by those who don't go along with the program....."

Denver Pest 1/10/00 Jason Blevins "..... A report from a private investigator, delivered to the special prosecutor looking into the death of a man shot by Denver police in a "no-knock" raid, paints a different picture than the version provided by police. Jim Kearney, a private investigator hired by the family of Ismael Mena, said the unarmed 45-year-old father of nine was holding his bedroom door closed as hooded SWAT officers shot through the door, striking him six times. "These officers had shot from the blind, never having seen their target before shooting," Kearney told The Denver Post on Saturday. "Incredible," said Denver SWAT Capt. Vince DiManna, who led the "no-knock" raid at Mena's northeast Denver home Sept. 29 after obtaining a warrant based on information from a confidential informant who told police he or she had purchased drugs at the home. "That is flat full of lies and misinterpretations and totally erroneous. I would call (Kearney) absolutely not credible." Authorities say they shot Mena eight times after he drew a handgun, whose ownership later could not be traced, and fired on police......" 1/10/00 Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr ".....It was an appalling spectacle. Sleek officials lounged around in fancy hotels while rioters swung from lampposts, the national guard dropped tear gas, traffic was barricaded, and looters attacked 1,000 retailers as the cops stood by. The meeting of the World Trade Organization was the sort of political spectacle we haven't seen in years..... Ever since the WTO was proposed five years ago, the Mises Institute has denounced the notion that world trade somehow needed world government management. Even before this bureaucracy was created, we worked to get the message out with our WTO Reader, which took this perspective that no one else was willing to take. In the years since, we've defended the classical ideal of free trade in our teaching conferences and publications, against both WTO bureaucrats and the sort of open anti-capitalism on display in Seattle. We have shown that on trade policy, there is only one option compatible with liberty. The WTO must never meet again while nations, on their own, seek to remove trade interventions......"

U.S. News & World Report 1/17/00 "..... How many ways does President Clinton love China? How about 297,832? In a rare accounting, the State Department reveals that it stuck taxpayers for that amount to pay the check of the 1997 state dinner for Chinese President Jiang Zemin-Clinton's most elaborate. ...."

U.S. News & World Reports 1/17/00 ".....They're not the most popular couple in town, so it shouldn't be shocking that critics are muttering about the cost to taxpayers for making the Clintons' political perch in Chappaqua, N.Y., safe from bad guys. What is surprising is the unashamed White House spin and queasy Republican reaction. Pressed to address the extra cost of protecting the 1-acre estate, administration officials tell Whispers that taxpayers have gotten off easy so far: Unlike every past president, the Clinton's didn't own a home when they came to Washington. As a result, they didn't need costly Secret Service protection of a second residence......"

Associated Press 1/10/00 ".....Spending on machine tools in November fell 18 percent from the previous month and was down 7 percent from the year-ago November, according to two industry groups..... "As the machine tool industry concludes one of the weakest sales years of the decade, it appears U.S. manufacturers will continue their limited investment in capital equipment," said Ralph J. Nappi, AMTDA president. "Only a slight increase is forecast for 2000" as metalworking companies have already enhanced their equipment and productivity and because of smaller demand for manufactured goods. Analysts consider demand for machine tools a reliable indicator of the strength of the manufacturing sector and the overall economy. ...." 1/19/2000 Ben Anderson "….A new congressional report is calling into question the reliability of the Treasury Department's claims about which taxpayers would benefit more from a tax cut. The Treasury Department's "tax distribution numbers are statistically compromised and include conjectures and guesswork making their reliability unknowable," according to a new Joint Economic Committee (JEC) study released on Tuesday. "Simply put, the Treasury is releasing statistics in such a way that it is impossible to evaluate their quality and integrity despite their often-explosive policy impact," said JEC Chairman Jim Saxton (R-NJ). "It appears quite possible that the Treasury itself does not know how reliable these statistics are." The Treasury Department, under which the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) operates, routinely gathers data on which taxpayers pay their share of the federal budget. But the latest JEC report suggests that the agency, in compiling its data, neglects to adhere to federal information dissemination rules implemented to ensure the accuracy of such reports….."

The Wall Street Journal 1/27/2000 Lawrence Lindsey "….Bill Clinton is sure to take credit tonight for what is about to become the longest peacetime economic expansion in U.S. history. But when historians look back, they will date the current expansion from 1982--not 1991, when the last, brief recession ended, and certainly not 1993, when Mr. Clinton took office. It was in late 1982 that a sea change occurred in the American economy. True, this 17-year expansion was briefly interrupted by two successive quarters of economic contraction in 1990-91, the shortest period that meets the definition of recession. But in terms of economic performance, government policy and effect on the thinking of professional economists, the 1980s and 1990s form a continuous era radically different from what preceded it. How this expansion ends will no doubt shape economic performance, policy and philosophy in the new century. The power of this 17-year expansion is as impressive as its durability. The level of real per capita consumption has risen 36%. Almost 35 million jobs have been created. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen 13-fold. Economic optimism reigns supreme……"

WorldNetDaily - Exclusive 1/24/2000 Mike Catanzaro ".... When Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, one of the pillars of their reform agenda was vigorous oversight of federal programs. But after nearly five years of a GOP majority, Congress has allowed some of the most liberal federal programs to go unauthorized for years, while continuing to feed them with taxpayer dollars. That was the troubling conclusion highlighted in a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office, which shows that Congress provided nearly $101 billion in fiscal year 1999 for 198 government programs that either have never been authorized or whose authorization expired. In the following year, Congress provided $129 billion for 137 unauthorized programs. CBO's report also found that 49 program authorizations, totaling $293 billion, will expire before the end of FY 2000. Supposedly, there can be no money appropriated for unauthorized purposes. "This is simply an outrage," said Rep. Tom Tancredo, R.-Colo., who, along with members of the Conservative Action Team and the Citizen Legislators' Caucus, is trying to make Congress do its job....."

Wall Street Journal 1/24/2000 Yochi Dreazen Deborah Lohse "....Law-enforcement agencies are gearing up to investigate allegations of widespread corruption in the nation's largest union of civil servants, officials said. Investigations into members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees could be formally launched as early as Monday. The probes come just days after the release of a confidential internal union audit that uncovered evidence of millions of dollars of embezzlement and fraud allegedly committed by union officials throughout the country. "This certainly warrants preliminary investigations by law enforcement," said John Russell, a spokesman for the Justice Department's criminal division....."

Newarl (NJ) Star Ledger 1/25/2000 Ted Sherman David Wald "….Sen. Robert Torricelli -- stung by disclosures of his involvement in a series of insider stock deals made after a 1994 pledge to forgo such investments -- acknowledged yesterday he had changed his mind about limiting his involvement with Wall Street. He said he should have publicly announced that he planned to make investments in the stock market after abandoning his blind trust a year ago. At the same time, he defended the investments as legal, ethical, and available to every other client ..."

Associated Press 1/25/2000 "….A former detective who was found innocent by reason of insanity in the deaths of his wife and children 25 years ago has confessed to killing his second wife and their son last fall, authorities said. Paul Harrington was ordered Monday to stand trial on two counts of first-degree murder in the Oct. 15 deaths of his second wife, Wanda, 45, and their 3-year-old son, Brian. ``The same thing happened in 1975,'' Harrington said in a statement to police. ``They should have put me away then.'' …." 1/25/2000 Michael Savage "….. Californians can welcome to our fair state a brand-new citizen. An illegal immigrant gave birth to a baby girl in the back of a Border Patrol van. The woman had slipped in from Mexico, was abandoned by her smugglers, and then apprehended by the Border Patrol. She popped one out while inside the van, and presto, the baby is a U.S. citizen by law! I think that is so touching. The child is a full U.S. citizen with full benefits, SSI, welfare, childcare, medicare, ACLU-care. It is unlimited. Do you realize that child has more benefits than you? Let's say your great great great grandfather fought slavery in the Civil War. It means absolutely nothing. That child has instant access to affirmative action. That child has greater access to the best university than your child. That's right, born in the back seat of an INS van; but we don't want to discriminate, do we? …."

AP 2/3/00 Martha Irvine "……A census worker at the front door often means one thing to illegal immigrants.

``A lot of people think, `Hey, who's this guy coming to my door? Probably Immigration,''' says Alejandro Lopez, a Chicagoan who is one of many people being asked to spread the word about the census in the nation's often undercounted minority communities. The word is this: Whether you are here legally or not, you should fill out the questionnaire when it arrives in April. Officials at the Census Bureau say they don't care if you're here illegally. In fact, they won't even ask. ``The Census doesn't exist to do law enforcement,'' says Dianne Schmidley, a census demographer. ``Our job is to get a body count.''….."

Williston Daily Herald 2/1/2000 AP ".....The state's two largest grazing associations have defied a deadline to turn over hundreds of records to the U.S Forest Service, calling the agency's demand unlawful.'' Attorneys for the Medora Grazing Association and the McKenzie County Grazing Association told the Forest Service in a letter Monday that the groups would continue to oppose the order, despite threats that their contracts to manage grazing on the national grasslands would be canceled. It is our position that the Forest Service's demand is an unlawful order,'' Dennis Johnson, the lawyer for the McKenzie County Grazing Association, said ..."

Jewish World Review 2/2/2000 Walter Williams "..... MEMBERS OF CONGRESS take a sworn oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic" and "bear true faith and allegiance to the same." I'm guessing that if congressmen actually "bore true faith and allegiance" to the Constitution, we wouldn't have a federal budget of $1.7 trillion, not to mention those congressionally mandated 1.6 gallon flush toilets. Just about every one of the 535 members of Congress have contempt for or ignorance of our Constitution. What's worse is, if they knew they routinely violated their oaths of office, they wouldn't care. Getting elected and re-elected is what counts....." 2/2/2000 Curt Anderson AP ".... The Clinton administration is expressing strong opposition to a House Republican bill cutting taxes by $182 billion over 10 years for millions of married couples, saying it is too much, too soon. Although he did not use the word ``veto,'' Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said he would not recommend that President Clinton sign the bill being considered today by the House Ways and Means Committee. That bill would ease the extra tax -- the ``marriage penalty'' -- paid by 25 million couples compared with what they would pay if single..."

Reuters 2/1/2000 Tabassum Zakaria ".....A U.S. intelligence report warned Americans Tuesday they were under growing threat from infectious diseases brewing in the rest of the world. "Senior policymakers are becoming increasingly concerned about the implications of growing infectious disease threats for U.S. citizens at home and abroad, for U.S. armed forces deployed overseas," said John Gannon, chairman of the National Intelligence Council.

He released a new National Intelligence Estimate report, "The Global Infectious Disease Threat and Its Implications for the United States," at a symposium at the Smithsonian Institution. Asia was likely to see a major increase in infectious disease deaths driven by the spread of HIV and AIDS, replacing Africa as the epicenter of the disease before 2015, he said. At least 30 previously unknown diseases have appeared globally since 1973, including HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C, Ebola hemorrhagic fever and the encephalitis-related Nipah virus that emerged in Indonesia last year, Gannon said. "Many are still incurable," he added. Twenty well-known infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, and cholera have reemerged or spread since 1973, some reappearing in "deadlier, drug-resistant forms," Gannon said. Americans were at risk because the United States was a major hub of global travel, immigration and commerce and had a large civilian and military presence overseas, the report said. ....The probability of a "bioterrorist attack" against Americans was likely to grow as more countries and groups developed biological warfare capability, the report said. ......a' 2/1/2000 ".... Hundreds of failed gene therapy experiments, including a number of deaths, have been revealed in the US. The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has confirmed that only 39 of the 691 "serious adverse events" now logged had been reported to them "immediately", as required by federal rgulations. The late reports have flooded in since the death of a teenager undergoing gene therapy last year. This prompted the NIH to send stern letters to researchers reminding them of their duty to report problems...... One prominent US researcher said he was worried that poor results were being kept secret because of the financial damage they could cause to the funding companies. ....."

Reuters 1/27/2000 Belinda Goldsmith "…..European leaders called for international cooperation on Thursday to stop the Internet's use as a tool for spreading neo-Nazi and other racist propaganda. Many of the 700 delegates from 46 countries attending a conference on the Holocaust expressed concern about rising neo-Nazi activity in Europe, and the growing role of high technology in spreading messages of hate. ''Unfortunately the Internet is ... a cross-border vector for racist theories and the fermentation of hatred and discrimination,'' Ruth Dreifuss, head of Switzerland's Federal Home Affairs Department, told the conference on Thursday. ``Worse still, the Web enables those who support such ideas to network and promote their products, books and so-called 'scientific' and other reports by means of e-commerce, or even to coordinate their subversive activities,'' she said. …."

Reuters 1/30/2000 Tom Doggett "….The U.S. Energy Department has proposed putting millions of barrels of crude oil from the national Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) on the market through oil swaps with energy companies, a government official said on Sunday. While the long-term goal of the plan is to eventually put more oil back into the reserve, a short-term side effect of the additional supplies from the proposed swap could be to lower crude oil prices, which have recently hit nine-year highs, said the official, who asked not to be named. Under the department's plan, oil firms would submit bids to take oil from the reserve and then sell it in the market. Instead of paying the government cash for the reserve oil, the companies would replace the crude at a future date with more product. …."

Investor's Business Daily 1/31/2000 "…..From Mexico and Ecuador to East Timor, many nations are considering dropping their own currency and adopting the dollar. Economists generally hail dollarization as the antidote to inflation and monetary mismanagement…… IBD spoke with economist George Selgin, an expert on monetary policy, to find out what impact dollarization will have on the U.S. and the world. IBD: Why do other nations want to adopt the dollar as their currency? Selgin: If a country has had a record of devaluation or inflation in its past, the easiest way to establish a credible monetary policy is take advantage of the relatively good reputation of some other currency. ...... "

AP 1/31/2000 "…..A new do-it-yourself program is coming to television in Oregon, but it's not about cooking or home repair: It's a video guide to committing suicide based on the best-selling book ``Final Exit.'' Even some right-to-die advocates are uneasy about this week's broadcast on cable television in Eugene and Springfield. ``I think it's reckless,'' said Barbara Coombs Lee, executive director of the Portland-based Compassion in Dying Federation. ``It can give people the means to act on impulsiveness.'' ``Final Exit'' author Derek Humphry said his goal in making the video was to help desperately ill people and their loved ones, not all of whom are accustomed to seeking help from libraries or books. He said his Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organization has sold hundreds of copies of the video. The print version of ``Final Exit'' has sold more than 1 million copies and has been printed in 12 languages……. In the video, Humphry lists the top three lethal drugs, in order of potency, and offers tips on where to find them with or without a doctor's prescription. Then he shows how to mix them into an easy-to-gulp pudding. ….."

AP 2/12/00 Jim Abrams "…The Senate impasse over federal judge nominations was partially lifted when Majority Leader Trent Lott overrode the objections of his own party members and allowed votes on two judges. Democrats applauded the votes but urged the Republican leadership to make a more concerted effort to fill the 77 vacancies, nearly one-tenth of the total, in the federal judicial system. The votes Thursday on two largely non-controversial nominees, Thomas Ambro to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the 3rd District and Joel Pisano to be U.S. District Judge for the District of New Jersey, came despite a campaign by some Republicans to stop all votes on President Clinton's federal judge nominees. …..The effort was led by Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., who said Clinton violated an agreement with the Senate by making a recess appointment, a constitutionally approved way for the president to appoint someone temporarily when Congress is not in session. Lott, R-Miss., said he was ``not one to get all weepy-eyed about having more federal judges of any kind, anywhere.'' …."

AP 2/10/00 Jim Abrams "….Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott pushed through the confirmation of two federal judges Thursday, defying an effort by his fellow Republicans to block all nominations put forward by the Clinton administration. "I don't think we should, or would, be able to go all year without confirming any nominations," Lott, R-Miss., said in explaining his decision to press ahead with the votes. "Some of these are good men and women ... and in some of these states, there truly is a need for more judges." The Senate voted 96-2 to confirm Thomas Ambro as U.S. Circuit Judge for the Third Circuit and 95-2 to approve Joel Pisano to be U.S. District Judge for the District of New Jersey. The long-simmering standoff between the administration and Senate Republicans over federal judges boiled over at yearend. That's when Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., accused President Clinton of violating an agreement on making temporary recess appointments, a method of bypassing the Senate confirmation process. Inhofe said 19 Republican senators had joined in deciding to put "holds" on all judicial nominees. ……. Under Senate tradition, a single senator can block further floor action on a nominee by putting a "hold" on the nomination. But in this case, with Democrats accusing Republicans of playing politics in blocking worthy judicial nominations, Lott decided to move ahead with votes on the two non-controversial judges. ……" 2/10/00 Bruce Sullivan "…..President Bill Clinton promised early Thursday during a meeting with Congressional Democrats to veto the Republican marriage penalty tax relief bill, which passed later in the afternoon by a 268-158 vote. Clinton along with the Democrat House leadership voiced strong opposition to any GOP tax cut plan. "We need to enact responsible tax cuts that support families and provide educational opportunity. But the tax cuts that are being taken up in the House today are the wrong way," said House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt (D-MO). …… The president, while he called for tax relief from the marriage penalty in his State of the Union address in January, said he would veto the GOP Marriage Penalty Relief Act of 2000 (HR-6), which cuts taxes by $182 billion over ten years for all couples who file jointly. The president says he would support tax relief targeted more towards lower income Americans. ….."

AP-Washington 2/4/00 Sonya Ross "…..President Clinton will consider a request that he suspend federal executions, the White House said Friday. A spokesman said Clinton is ``certainly concerned'' about Illinois' decision to halt executions and evaluate how that state handles the death penalty. The suspension request, made in a letter from Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., is being reviewed by White House counsel, spokesman Joe Lockhart said. But he said that does not guarantee that Clinton would act on the matter soon. ``The president was certainly concerned by the issues raised by the governor of Illinois,'' Lockhart said. ``If there are legitimate concerns that are brought to us, we will look at the concerns. But I can't predict anything beyond that until we've had a chance to study the issue.'' ….."

Hardball 2/5/00 Freeper the Wiz reports "….. I was as stunned as Chris Mathews when his guest, Professor of Political Science,Clemson Univ, SC. David Woodard Stated flatly: "The word is that the constituency of DEMOCRATS, SCHOOL TEACHERS, TRIAL LAWYERS, COLLEGE PROFESSORS ALL WANT TO SEE MCCAIN WIN THE NOMINATION"
CM:"Why do you think?"
DW: "Well, because I think they think he's BEATABLE by Gore or Bradley, where they DON'T THINK THAT BUSH IS" …."

The Washington Times 2/6/00 Audrey Hudson "…..President Clinton's plan to eliminate road building through the nation's forests will be reviewed by a federal agency to see if it hampers the Forest Service's ability to fight fires. The forest roads are used for several purposes, including access for firefighters to extinguish forest fires. The General Accounting Office review was requested by Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage, chairman of the House Resources Committee's subcommittee on forests and forest health, and Sen. Larry E. Craig, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources's subcommittee on forest and public land management. A GAO spokesman told The Washington Times on Friday it would look at maps detailing catastrophic fire areas to see if they overlapped with forest areas that would become inaccessible under Mr. Clinton's proposal. …"

San Francisco Examiner 2/7/00 Ilene Lelchuk "….On the last day to register to vote in the presidential primary election, hundreds of Bay Area residents were rushing to switch their party affiliations so their votes will count in March. Residents in San Francisco were lining up Monday morning at the Election Department in the basement of City Hall, where many voters said they are Democrats signing up to become Republicans. The plan, many of the liberal voters said, is to foil conservative Republican George Bush's chances at winning in California on March 7. "I just want to make sure (Republican candidate John) McCain has a shot in California," said David Lowe, 46, who describes himself as a gay Democrat. …."

The American Spectator 2/10/00 Byron York "….So now it's official -- the New York Times says so. Democrats all across the country -- in New Hampshire, in South Carolina, in Massachusetts, in California -- are crossing party lines to vote for John McCain in the presidential primaries. This morning's paper tells the story of Samuel J. Tenenbaum, a longtime Democrat who is planning to vote for McCain in South Carolina's open primary on February 19. "It's not an easy thing for a yellow-dog Democrat like me to do," Tenenbaum told the Times. "But McCain has a moral compass, a real sense of maturity." Very nice. But the paper goes on to say that Mr. Tenenbaum is not pledging to vote for McCain in the general election. Oh no; at that point, it appears likely that the yellow-dog Democrat in him will come back to life and he will pull the lever for Al Gore. So the net effect of his primary vote for McCain will be a vote against George W. Bush. It's a scene being repeated over and over in major primary states. "In Massachusetts, where state officials have been flooded with calls from voters wanting to change their party affiliation or register as a Republican for the first time," writes Times reporter David Firestone, "many voters have made it clear they plan to switch back immediately afterward."…..What's going on here? Some might call it sabotage. But others say not to worry -- it's a good thing, reminiscent of all those Democrats who voted for Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. But didn't the Reagan Democrats vote for their man in the GENERAL election? The one that really counted? ..."

The Michigan Citizen 2/9/00 "…. Governor John Engler wants George Bush to win the Republican nomination for president. Engler is pushing Bush in the hopes of getting a job for himself in the Bush cabinet, because Engler is term limited out - he cannot run for governor again. He needs a job. If Engler can deliver Michigan for Bush - and he expects he can - then Engler thinks he has a job in Washington. But Detroit has the votes and the motive to smash Engler's plans…… With the February 22 primary election, Detroiters have a chance to get Engler. How? Vote for McCain. There is no Democrat on the Democratic ballot - only Lyndon LaRouche - so there is no loss there. Detroiters should be out in great numbers voting for the library millage. While we are at the polls, let's vote for McCain and upset Engler's little red wagon. We would thereby deflate Engler's prestige and image within the Republican Party. Think about it, do we need Engler occupying a cabinet seat in Washington, D.C.? No. Vote February 22 for our best interests. Vote John McCain on the Republican ticket. Go to your regular polling place and vote in the Republican primary. You need not declare you are Republican. You can do your Democratic picking in the March 11 Democratic caucus. In the meantime, plan to vote McCain, Republican on February 22….."

LA Times via AP 2/9/00 Terence Hunt "…..President Clinton, trying to bring pressure on Congress, said today that a patients' rights bill should cover all Americans and allow them to sue health providers for inadequate care. The president spoke up as congressional negotiators prepared to meet Thursday to begin reconciling differences between House and Senate versions of legislation to expand the rights of patients in dealing with HMOs. The House bill, passed last year with the support of Democrats, provides the right to sue HMOs for denial of care. The GOP-crafted Senate plan does not….."

Orange County Register 2/9/00 "…..A lawsuit filed this week on behalf of three California university employees - two of them from Orange County - illustrates the coercive nature of many union activities and the depths to which even 'moderate' politicians will sink to tap into union donations. The class-action lawsuit, filed by the Virginia-based National Right to Work Foundation on behalf of David Friedman, Marion Smith and Pat Ames, seeks to ameliorate the effects of a mandatory unionization law signed by Gov. Gray Davis at the behest of his union supporters. The law, S.B. 645, effective Jan. 1, forces 75,000 non-unionized faculty and staff at the Cal State University system and non-faculty staff at the University of California campuses to pay an 'agency fee' to the unions, even though they are not members of the union. This will enhance the California State Employees Association's coffers by at least $45 million annually...."

The Washington Post, Page A09 2/8/00 AP "….Forest Service employees in Nevada have been intimidated and harassed by local residents but are not in danger, according to an investigation by the agency released today. Disputes over Forest Service policies have created such hostility in some areas that Gloria Flora, the supervisor of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, cited concerns about her employees' safety when she resigned in November. ….." 2/9/00 Carl Limbacher "….On the same day that his name came up five different times during the federal criminal trial of his Buddhist Temple fundraiser, Maria Hsia, Vice President Al Gore spent the afternoon yesterday courting New York City's giant AFSCME District Council 37, identified just two weeks ago in an internal union report as one of America's most corrupt -- and the Chairman of the Republican National Committee is demanding to know why. "Al Gore wore a hardhat for his meeting at AFSCME District Council 37, and it's a good thing," said RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson. "At DC 37, you need a hardhat to dodge the falling Indictments and dropping dimes!" Nicholson noted that two dozen officials of District Council have been indicted, and that $2.2 million in members' dues is known to have been stolen in one single instance of fraud. "What was Al Gore doing at AFSCME DC 37 just two weeks after an internal report identified widespread corruption within AFSCME, and pointed to District Council 37 as the source of more than half of the fraud in the entire union nationwide?" Nicholson asked. …."


Associated Press 2/18/00 Martin Crutsinger "…..America's trade deficit, the major blot on an otherwise sterling economy, surged to an all-time high of $271.3 billion last year. Deficits with Japan, China, Canada, Mexico and the European Union all set records. The Commerce Department reported today that the 1999 trade deficit was up a sharp 65.1 percent from a 1998 deficit of $164.3 billion, the previous record. ..."

The Washington Times - National Weekly Edition 2/14-20/00 David Limbaugh "….. President Clinton, they said, was a visionary, deftly embracing the centrist Democratic Leadership Council and saving his party from the death throes of extreme liberalism. Third Way governance is the wave of the political future, and unless the GOP climbs aboard, it will be relegated to permanent minority status. I think the opposite is true……. The Mc Cain effort to remake the GOP in his liberal image represents a capitulation to Clintonomics and a repudiation of Reaganomics that must not stand. Recently a number of economists have written that this robust economy began in the early 80's as a result of supply-side tax cuts and has continued to the present, interrupted only briefly by a minor recession. Though these economists are mostly conservative, their evidence is objective and their conclusions are quite difficult to refute....."

World Net Daily 2/17/00 Richard Stevens "….. News sources report that at the end of January, Northwest Airlines (NWA) had begun searches of the home computers of up to 20 flight attendants. A federal court authorized the searches as part of "civil discovery" in a labor dispute. NWA was allowed to download the contents of personal computer hard drives to look for private e-mail and other evidence which might show the employees helped to organize a "sickout" at the airline over the New Year's holiday. Legal tactics in labor disputes usually interest few people outside of the players, but this recent ruling should worry all Americans. A federal court has allowed a private party to do what the government is forbidden to do: search private property without a warrant. Under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, individuals have a right to be "secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures." To conduct a search or seizure, the government must have a "warrant." A judge can issue a search warrant if there is evidence to show "probable cause" to believe a crime has been committed and that specific evidence exists in the particular location to be searched. What is missing in the NWA computer search case? Sworn evidence of a crime. Probable cause. A search warrant. The federal judge allowed the search of personal home computers without a warrant. ….."

Stratfor 2/14/00 "……Last week, U.S. bond markets saw the emergence of a strange yield curve with the yield of 30-year Treasury bonds falling below earlier maturities. While there is argument over what this meant - whether it meant anything at all - the yield curve is one of several indicators suggesting that a recession is in the making. At the very least, the yield curve has flattened dramatically, and it seems to us that most market forces are driving toward an inverted yield curve. There are other signs, too. The performance of major stock indices has diverged. Commodity prices have risen, giving investment some place to go other than stocks. We remain bullish on the long-term prospects of the American economy but a short, sharp recession appears to be shaping up for late this year. ….."

Bloomberg 2/17/00 Michael McKee Noam Neusner "…..Interest rates will have to rise to slow U.S. consumer spending and keep the economy from overheating, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said. His comments to Congress today suggest the Fed will boost borrowing costs to the highest level in at least five years. There is little evidence the economy is slowing after four Fed interest-rate increases since last June, Greenspan told the House Banking Committee. Surging stocks are contributing to consumer demand rising faster than the economy's ability to produce goods and services, he said. "The profoundly beneficial forces driving the American economy to competitive excellence are also engendering a set of imbalances that, unless contained, threaten our continuing prosperity," Greenspan said. ….."

New York Times 2/17/00 Garey Goldberg "……Energy Secretary Bill Richardson stood penitent here today before a crowd of regional politicians, truckers, industry representatives and consumers at the first New England Heating Oil Summit, and confessed, "We were caught napping." "It's obvious the federal government was not prepared," Mr. Richardson said, for the recent jumps in oil prices that have brought cries of distress from residents of the Northeast and elsewhere who have found their home fuel bills doubling this winter, to as much as $2 a gallon. "We got complacent." No one among the scores of people who nearly filled a Faneuil Hall meeting room disputed a need for better monitoring to anticipate rising prices. ….."

Union Leader 2/17/00 Bernadette Malone Connolly "….Gary Bauer has done something strange again. He has endorsed John McCain, which makes no sense at all unless he is positioning himself for a Cabinet post in 2001. Why so cynical, when McCain is obviously a good man and good candidate? Because there were only two reasons Gary Bauer gave voters in New Hampshire for taking up their time, and they were abortion and China. Bauer poured his soul into railing against Republicans who were insufficiently pro-life and who were less than absolutely opposed to Most Favored Nation trade status for China. Bauer, now apparently soulless, chose to endorse the Republican candidate least committed to the pro-life movement and most committed to business as usual with China. McCain has many fine policy positions, but the two that were most important to Bauer are not among them. ……"

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 2/14/00 Joe Schembrie "…… Hey, Republicans! How does it feel to have your party's presidential nomination stolen right out from under you? Politically-naive little waifs that you were, you never even saw it coming. In Iowa, you gathered in your cozy enclaves to philosophically discuss whether George W. Bush was conservative enough for your tastes -- unaware of the Big-Media bandits lurking in ambush. In New Hampshire, they sprang their trap and hijacked your political party. In mere days, so-called McCain Mania pushed Bush from twenty points ahead to five points behind in the South Carolina primary polls. McCain began to look unbeatable in California and even Michigan, and the media hinted he might grab it all and become the Republican Party presidential nominee by acclamation. Polls say that the electorate is sixty percent conservative, but now the polls are also saying that conservatives will be shut out of this year's presidential election. Conservatives may even be locked out of the Republican National Convention -- which is likely to be packed instead with McCain delegate slates of Independents and Democrats, cheering on the hand-picked puppet of the Big Media Establishment……"

Cato 2/25/00 Randal O’Toole "…..Randal O'Toole is senior economist with the Oregon-based Thoreau Institute and the author of the Cato Institute study, "Smart Growth at the Federal Trough: EPA's Financing of the Anti-Sprawl Movement." Should government agencies with hidden agendas be allowed to carry out those agendas by giving money to special interest lobbies? Government funding of lobby groups subverts democracy, especially when those groups pose as grass-roots organizations. A year ago, Vice President Al Gore announced the administration's war on sprawl, meaning low-density suburbs. Since then, what appears to be a grass-roots movement against sprawl has sprung up all over the country. But it turns out that most of those anti-sprawl groups are either funded by the Environmental Protection Agency or supported by EPA-funded groups. The EPA has a mandate to reduce air pollution from automobiles and other sources. Clean technologies such as catalytic converters and improved fuels are the proven way to reduce automotive pollution. …….. As a General Accounting Office report recently concluded, there is no evidence that federal subsidies or policies promote driving or low-density suburbs. The war on autos and low-density suburbs is a war on the lifestyles freely chosen by the majority of Americans. EPA-funded groups promote congestion by opposing new road construction, even when those roads are funded exclusively by highway users. They also encourage higher density housing, which leads to more driving on roads that are already filled to capacity. They call these policies "smart growth" even though they are anything but smart. ……"

World Net Daily 2/24/00 Julie Foster "…..Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said yesterday it is critically important to keep the Internet from becoming a tax haven for Web entrepreneurs who do not charge sales taxes as required by brick-and-mortar merchants. Summers' comments on the Internet reflect an effort by the Clinton administration to find a middle ground between one group, which includes GOP presidential candidate John McCain, who has called for the Internet to be totally tax-free, and state and local government officials who want to tap into revenues being generated by the fastest-growing part of the economy. "There should not be any penalty taxes on the Internet, but at the same time cyberspace should not become a tax haven that promotes evasion or avoidance of the basic taxes in our system," Summers said Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. His argument is an echo of Internet tax proponents' mantra: fairness. ….."

Virginian Pilot 2/24/00 Marc Davis "……Short of a jury verdict, the owners of the Jewish Mother restaurant say they have won a near-total victory over the Internal Revenue Service and the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Department in their six-year legal battle. Armed with a scathing 102-page opinion from U.S. District Judge Robert G. Doumar, owners John Colaprete and Ted Bonk say they have finally been vindicated. Doumar ruled last month that one IRS agent and one ABC agent may be liable for violating the constitutional rights of the Jewish Mother's owners and manager with massive, unsuccessful armed raids in 1994. Doumar ripped the agents for basing their raids largely on the word of one convicted liar, a disgruntled former bookkeeper who had been fired for embezzling. ….."

Associated Press 2/23/00 Samuel Maull "…..A judge has ruled that New York City cannot force homeless adults to accept workfare jobs in exchange for city shelter, a decision immediately criticized by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. A law cited by city officials in support of the requirement violates a consent decree requiring the city to shelter every needy adult who seeks it, Justice Stanley Sklar said in Tuesday's ruling. Giuliani, who has pushed to put the workfare rules into effect, denounced the decision, saying, "I expect the Court of Appeals to reverse it pretty quickly." "Justice Sklar is clinging to his desire for a city of dependents," the mayor said. ….."

Reuters 2/23/00 "…… Arizona Sen. John McCain is doing the country -- and Democrats -- "a real service" by cutting up Republican front-runner Texas Gov. George W. Bush and proving a Democrat-style agenda can win, Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle said Wednesday. After a White House meeting, Daschle of South Dakota told reporters he found the Bush-McCain battle for the Republican nomination for president "amusing, helpful and, ultimately, very encouraging" because it was consuming money and energy that otherwise would be trained on Democrats. ….."

Nando Times 2/22/00 Dan Thomasson Scripps Howard News Service "…..There is something inherently wrong with primaries that permit crossover voting, risking the selection of a candidate by those who belong to an opposition party. Sen. John McCain clearly is the favorite of Democrats for the Republican presidential nomination…….Until some 35 years ago when the primary system became the predominant method for choosing nominees, there was little question that the candidates actually were selected by Republicans and Democrats and represented the views of majorities of their parties. While there were several primaries that played a role, a large number of states held their own conventions with candidates fighting over delegates to the national convention. …..The current primary system is a mess that badly needs reforming. States like Iowa and New Hampshire take up far too much money and time and are unrepresentative of the nation. The crossover voting in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Michigan further tarnishes the system. Bush seized on that issue to persuade Republicans in South Carolina to pick their own nominee. The fact that many South Carolina Republican voters are conservative and label themselves Christians is no different than the fact that a large number of New York voters are liberal Democrats and Jewish. It just happens to be the makeup of those states and requires candidates to understand the importance of these voting blocs. The answer to the current haphazard selection process for presidential nominees is relatively simple. It is time to adopt the long-proposed primary concept that separates the nation, perhaps along time zones, into three or four regions……"

Investor's Business Daily 2/23/00 Matthew Benjamin "……New York-based DoubleClick Inc., the titan of online ad firms, is looking to put names with faces on the Internet. The firm has pieced together some 100 million profiles of Web users. If you've spent time online, odds are you're among them. In November, DoubleClick bought Abacus Direct Corp., a direct marketing firm based in Broomfield, Colo. Abacus owns an offline consumer database with profiles of more than 85% of U.S. households. DoubleClick now has the resources to match your name and address with your online and offline behavior, sending privacy advocates into a frenzy. Adding fuel to the fire, last month DoubleClick unveiled plans to share its data with some sites on which the firm places ads. In the last month, six class-action lawsuits have been filed against DoubleClick. The online ad agency also is the subject of an informal inquiry by the Federal Trade Commission. ….." 2/23/00 Susan Jones "…..According to a Detroit News survey based on exit polling, "party crashers" offset Michigan's Republican base to give Senator John McCain the Michigan primary victory over Texas Governor George W Bush. The poll found that without Democrats, Bush would have won Michigan with 48 percent of the vote to McCain's 44 percent. Fully half of the voters taking part in the open Republican primary were Democrats and political independents. As it turned out, McCain captured 77 percent of the non-GOP votes, including 66 percent of Independents and 86 percent of Democrats. But Bush clobbered McCain among the GOP faithful, winning those votes by a 66 to 27 percent margin….."

Associated Press 2/21/00 Don Babwin "……Former independent counsel Kenneth Starr blamed President Clinton on Monday for the years and millions of dollars spent on the investigation that ultimately led to Clinton's impeachment. He said Clinton could have spared the country the ordeal by being forthright about his relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. "It could all have been (avoided) simply by saying, `There was this activity, I shouldn't have done it, let's get it behind us as reasonably as we can,"' Starr said in a speech at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. ……" 2/14/00 Joseph Farah "…..'Twas Lord Byron who said it first, I believe: "'Tis strange but true; for truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction." In the 21st century, I'm certain we will find that truth is even stranger than science fiction. You had better sit down for this one, privacy fans. A company called Applied Digital Solutions has what sounds to me like the final solution. The NASDAQ-traded high-tech company is excited about its acquisition of the patent rights to a miniature digital transceiver -- which it nicknamed "Digital Angel (R)." Personally, I think it should be rated X -- or worse. The product is billed as a versatile transceiver that can send and receive data -- and which can be implanted in humans. It can provide a tamper-proof means of identification for enhanced business security, the company boasts. It can locate lost or missing individuals, say the proud owners. It can track and locate valuable property, they claim. It can monitor the medical conditions of at-risk patients. And it can slice, dice and destroy the last vestiges of personal privacy in an increasingly impersonal world. The implantable transceiver's signals can be tracked continuously by global positioning satellites. When implanted in the body, the device is powered electromagnetically through the movement of muscles, and it can be activated either by the wearer or by the monitoring facility. ….."

Media Reserach Center –MediaNomics 2/18/00 Rich Noyes "……For a while this week, the nightly news could have been "That '70s Show," as consumers griped about skyrocketing oil and gasoline prices, and TV journalists wondered what the Democrat in the White House would do to fix the situation. It's not 1979, of course. For one thing, oil prices finally were completely de-regulated in January 1981, shortly after President Ronald Reagan took office. That means that even if it wanted to, the federal government couldn't tell oil companies how much they can charge, although there are a variety of indirect ways the government can influence oil and gas prices. And measured in constant dollars, crude oil prices are only about half as high as they were at their peak twenty years ago, which makes the current spike in prices more of an inconvenience than a full-blown crisis……"

Orlando Sentinel 2/27/00 Charley Reese "…..The first step in reforming the country is to repeal earlier reforms that have proven to be worse than the ills they were designed to correct. The primary election is one of them. Originally parties chose their nominees through conventions, but during the period that is called the Progressive Era, reformers said that nominees should not be chosen in smoke-filled rooms but by the voters in primary elections. On the surface it seemed good, as many reformist ideas do, but it has turned out that the people in the smoke-filled rooms knew more about politics and politicians than the relative handful of people who wander into the voting booths during primary elections. More important, the people in the smoke-filled rooms had some leverage over the politicians after the candidates were elected. The average voter has none. Today, the primary-election system has gotten plain nutty, with several states authorizing so-called open primary elections that allow Democrats to vote for Republicans and vice versa, as well as participation by independents who have rejected party affiliation. ….."

Washington Weekly 2/28/00 Edward Zehr "…..The myopic savants of the mainstream press failed to notice George W. Bush's 2-to-1 win over John McCain in Delaware; they were far too preoccupied lighting votive candles to St. John the divine, but the double-digit drubbing that Bush meted out to their hollow hero in South Carolina caught their attention. After a brief interlude of noticeable dejection, followed close on by a fit of childish pique (CNN cut Bush off halfway through his victory speech), the media mavens threw themselves into the breach, spinning like dervishes on behalf of the "twisted sister" (to use Camille Paglia's tart description of the senior senator from Arizona) they have selected to replace the psychopath they gave us in 1992. Grimly determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory the Stupid Party waved "independents", Democrats and oh, just anybody into the Michigan polling booths to rack up another phony "victory" for "Republican" turncoat McCain. The Republicans obligingly throw open their primaries to anyone who can fog a mirror; the Democrats cancel their vote in favor of the smoke filled room method of selecting delegates to their convention and then put out the word for all their minions to vote for their favorite "Republican" in the other party's primary. Our treacherous, muckspout media pronounce the predictable result to be a triumph of democracy and poor, feckless Gov. Engler tells the press with a big, dumb grin, that the GOP intend to do the very same thing next time as well. This guy really seems to enjoy giving away elections. …….."

Reuters 2/29/00 "…..A spike in oil prices and rising interest rates dented Americans' optimism in February, pushing the U.S. Consumer Confidence Index off its record highs to 141.8, down nearly three points from January, the Conference Board said on Tuesday. "Declining consumer confidence over the next six months was the major reason for the overall dip in confidence," said Lynn Franco, director of the Conference Board's Consumer Research Center, in a prepared release. ..." 2/29/00 Dr James Hirsen, JD PhD "…..Millions of people who openly and intentionally violated federal law have been granted a pardon. The United States government has given full amnesty, citizenship and voting rights to all illegal aliens. Whether the fictional headline elicits feelings of sheer delight or total dismay depends upon one's civic, political and national perspective. Unbeknownst to much of the public, U.S. immigration policy is being shrewdly manipulated. What was once a controlled flow of newcomers that furnished strength to America has become an unregulated torrent of settlers that threatens to undermine the nation. The ability to immigrate to the United States clearly is, and always has been, a privilege, not a right. When we fail to acknowledge this premise, the concepts of private property and nationhood become instantly irrelevant. If a people who have joined together as a nation cannot rightly prevent outsiders from entering their country, no single individual can expect to maintain the capacity to stop a neighbor from moving onto his or her private property. …."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/2/00 John Godfrey "…..The House unanimously approved legislation yesterday that would let seniors in the work force receive full Social Security benefits. "This is an exciting day for me personally and a great day for hundreds of thousands of seniors around the nation," said House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer, Texas Republican, before the 422-0 vote. The "earnings limit" dates from 1939, when Congress hoped to encourage seniors to retire and make room for younger workers, or at least prevent seniors from tapping Social Security while still able to support themselves. Then, seniors lost all benefits if they worked. Today, more than 800,000 Americans from 65 to 69 lose $1 of their Social Security benefits for every $3 in outside income they earn above $17,000….."

Rediff 2/29/00 J M Shenoy "…… A high-powered meeting called by a congresswoman in Silicon Valley last week faulted the Immigration and Naturalization Service of spending little time and effort in investigating H-1B fraud complaints. While the INS spent much of its energy in deporting convicted felons and raiding low-tech industries -- such as construction facilities and restaurants -- it neglected the operation run by Lakireddy Bali Reddy and his son Vijay Kumar, the meeting was told. Multimillionaire landlord Reddy and his son are charged with smuggling several people from India using fraudulent information on work visas. The two have denied charges. The duo petitioned immigration officials for H-1B and other visas on behalf of workers they said would be employed at Active Tech Solutions in Berkeley. Instead, the workers were employed at Reddy's apartment buildings, office buildings and restaurants, according to the indictment. ….."

NY Times 3/2/00 AP "…..Medicare has paid $4.2 million to HMOs for patients who were dead, according to a new report federal auditors. About $1.2 million of the misspent money so far has been recovered by the program, said Health and Human Services Department Inspector General June Gibbs Brown, in a report released Thursday. Medicare pays HMOs a monthly fee for each beneficiary enrolled. The fees are supposed to stop with the month following the month in which someone dies. However, the Inspector General's report said Medicare does not always find out about the deaths or stop payments in a timely manner. As a result, the program paid HMOs $3.1 million through April 1999 for 102 beneficiaries who died before February 1994. ….."

Chicago Tribune 3/1/00 Frank James "….. The Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday ordered Trans Union Corp., the Chicago-based credit reporting giant, to stop selling personal information to companies that use the data to target consumers--a move some hailed as a victory for personal financial privacy. In a unanimous decision, the five commissioners told Trans Union, one of the nation's three largest credit-reporting agencies, that its sale of consumers' private financial information violated the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. In doing so, the FTC upheld a series of earlier decisions made by the federal agency and its administrative law judges. …."

Christian Science Monitor 3/3/00 "……The United States had its biggest trade deficit ever last year - $347 billion. That sum was 41 percent worse than in 1998. The American border, clearly, is highly porous to imports. And though the US does have an armful of devices to discourage imports and promote exports, its tariffs are a bit lower on average than those of the European Union. So the US can't be accused of being especially protectionist. Thus it may have seemed a low blow when an appeals panel of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva ruled last week that the US must scrap a law allowing companies to avoid paying taxes on some overseas sales by channeling them through overseas subsidies. Repeal of the law - if it happens - might add $4 billion or so a year to the taxes American companies must pay Uncle Sam. …."

Houston Chronicle 3/3/00 AP "…..The military's money managers last year made almost $7 trillion in adjustments to their financial ledgers in an attempt to make them add up, the Pentagon's inspector general said in a report Friday. The Pentagon could not show receipts for $2.3 trillion of those changes, and half a trillion dollars of it was corrections of mistakes made in earlier adjustments. Each adjustment represents a Defense Department accountant's attempt to correct a discrepancy. The military has hundreds of computer systems to run accounts as diverse as health care, payroll and inventory. But they are not integrated, don't produce numbers up to accounting standards and fail to keep running totals of what's coming in and what's going out, Pentagon and congressional officials said. "These ($6.9 trillion in) entries were processed to force financial data to agree with various data sources, to correct errors and to add new data," the inspector general said. ….."

The Hartford Advocate 2/17/00 Edward Ericson Jr Dan Levine "…..Along with our own research, we relied heavily on analysis done by the Center for Responsive Politics and the Center for Public Integrity, both non-partisan research groups based in Washington. The results illustrate the radical shift taken by the Democratic Party under the Clinton Gore administration, a shift that began in the mid-1980s with the founding of the Democratic Leadership Committee. Put simply, the party has moved decisively away from its traditional constituents: while labor unions, minorities, environmentalists still support the party and its candidates, and while the candidates still say nice things about their causes, the largest sums of money comes from people with radically different interests……" 3/2/00 Neal Boortz "……Yesterday leftist Al Gore was asked about what type of people he would appoint to the Supreme Court. A rather important issue, really, since the next president may have as many as four appointments. Well, Al Gore has really tipped his hand on this one. He said that he would ".... look for justices of the Supreme Court who understand our constitution is a living, breathing document .... that it was intended by our founders to be interpreted and printed in the light of the constantly evolving experience of the American people." You do realize --- I hope --- what Gore meant by this statement. Gore does not consider the United States Constitution be the supreme law of the land .... he considers it to be merely a suggestion. It is not a strict outline of the duties and responsibilities and limits on power of the federal government. No, to Gore it is merely a vague guideline that is to be interpreted in the light of the constantly evolving experience of the American people….."

Washington Post 2/28/00 "…..Remember Zoe Baird and her nanny problem? Remember Kimba Wood? Well, it turns out former CIA director John M. Deutch also had a bit of a foreign domestic help problem while he was at the agency. Not that he didn't pay Social Security taxes. Instead, either Deutch or the CIA turned over his home alarm deactivation code to his housekeeper, a non-citizen at the time. She was "permitted independent access to the residence while the Deutches were away," says the agency inspector general's report on Deutch's security lapses. And the IG found that, shockingly enough, "CIA security data base records do not reflect any security clearances being issued to the alien." The alarm system included an alarm on his study closet, which contained a safe for classified documents. …."

Associated Press - Via - EXCITE News 2/27/00 Alice Ann Love "…..The Labor Department has issued a promised policy statement that says it will not hold companies responsible for the safety of telecommuting employees' home offices. "Family-friendly, flexible and fair work arrangements, including telecommuting, can benefit individual employees and their families, employers, and society as a whole," said the written directive, sent to regional offices Friday by the department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The directive says the government:
-Will not inspect employees' home offices, expect employers to inspect them or hold companies liable for the offices' safety conditions.
-May pass complaints received from workers about home office safety on to employers but will do no follow-up. Under the new rules, companies can be held responsible for safety problems with at-home jobs other than office work. That could include things such as manufacturing piecework involving "materials, equipment or work processes which the employer provides or requires to be used in an employee's home." …."

National Post 3/11/00 "…….To this day, however, the full report has never seen the light of day. Ms. Reno has repeatedly rejected any outside investigation of White House campaign finance wrongdoing -- in defiance of the opinion of both Mr. LaBella and Louis Freeh, the FBI director. And she has kept a tight lid on the LaBella memo. In September, 1998, Ms. Reno did allow a small group of congressmen to review a version. But 64 of the memo's 94 pages had been blacked out in advance, and each copy was collected following their review in order to prevent public dissemination. Recently, however, the Los Angeles Times obtained a copy of the redacted LaBella report. And yesterday, the newspaper published details of its contents. ….."

The New York Times 3/12/00 David Rosenbaum "……Republicans in Congress have begun to blame the Clinton administration generally and Vice President Al Gore in particular for the recent jump in the price of gasoline, and that seems sure to become a hot issue in the presidential race. When prices started to rise, "the administration was asleep at the wheel," Representative Dick Armey of Texas, the House majority leader, said this week. The Senate Republican leader, Trent Lott of Mississippi, referred to the 4.3-cents-a-gallon increase in the federal gasoline tax enacted in 1993 as "the Gore gas tax" and told reporters it should be repealed. Senator Frank H. Murkowski of Alaska said flatly what was on the minds of many of his fellow Republicans: "This is going to be a big issue in the political campaign." …….. "

AOL News profile/Scripps News Service 3/9/00 Michael Hedges "…..More than 35,000 criminal aliens have been released from custody in the United States in the past five years, and an average of about 37 percent of them have committed new crimes, according to government documents. At least 1,376 criminal aliens _ non-citizens in custody for a crime _ committed a violent crime after being released, such as homicide, rape, armed robbery or kidnapping, according to Immigration and Naturalization Service figures. Several thousand others were charged with drug offenses or fraud, burglary, car theft and other "non-violent" crimes. In addition to the 35,318 criminal aliens released, another 245,000 aliens who committed crimes were deported between October 1994 and May 1999, the INS said. ……Under the law, all criminal aliens are supposed to be deported, but for a variety of reasons ranging from plea bargains to the refusal of a few governments to take back their criminals, that doesn't always happen, an INS spokesman said. …."

World Magazine 3/10/00 Cal Thomas "……In the final Democratic debate before the Super Tuesday election, Vice President Al Gore responded to a question about the type of Supreme Court justices he as president would select: "I would look for justices of the Supreme Court who understand that our Constitution is a living and breathing document, that it was intended by our Founders to be interpreted in the light of the constantly evolving experience of the American people." ……. A "living" Constitution, notes constitutional attorney John Whitehead, means the Constitution is "up for grabs," and it becomes whatever the justices decide, not the people through their elected representatives. The proper way to resolve inequities such as slavery or women's suffrage is the way these issues were, ultimately, resolved-through the amendment process. We wouldn't need a Constitution at all if unelected, elitist judges could decide everything. The Founders intended that the amendment process would cool the hotheads who want to inflame public opinion to do certain things that may not ultimately be in the public's best interest….."

NY Post 3/10/00 Danielle Crittenden "……Former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan tells this poignant story in her new book, "The Case Against Hillary Clinton." At the 1996 Democratic National Convention, she met a Secret Service agent she knew from the Reagan days: "I asked him how things were going. And he stood there, and looked me in the eyes, and barely, just perceptibly, shook his head back and forth. As if he didn't have words; as if the words he had should not be spoken. And then I said, 'It's bad, isn't it?' "'You have no idea,'" he said softly. "'You wouldn't believe.' And then he said good-bye." ……"

FOX 3/9/00 Philip Brasher "…… Hoping to cut the amount of fat that kids are eating, the government today approved the use of tofu and other soy products in federally subsidized meals in schools and day-care centers. The Agriculture Department is dropping a restriction on how much soy can be used in meals. Until now, soy could only used be used as a food additive and only in amounts of less than 30 percent. The change will also apply to some other products such as fruit purees and whey protein, which is derived from milk. In announcing the move, USDA officials said they were trying to "enhance the flexibility of menu planners in finding ways to reduce fat and saturated fat in the meals they plan as well as ... to meet the increasingly varied dietary demands of students.'' …."

Wall Street Journal 2/23/00 Amity Shlaes "….It would have been easy to overlook a small item folded into the Clinton administration's budget for 2001: a $769 million increase in the Internal Revenue Service's $8 billion budget. But there it was, $769 million, the purpose of which is "an increase in audit coverage for individual returns with over $100,000," to be accomplished with 633 new auditors …… The administration must think that the most productive members of history's most productive economy have been insufficiently taxed. What made this news somehow worse was that the IRS didn't even feel the need to break it gently. Instead, commissioner Charles Rossotti went straight to the newspapers with his vision of a new aggressive IRS, one that would not brook "declines in enforcement." Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers added that "we need to begin increasing (enforcement) capacity" so as "to maintain people's confidence that this is a tax system that works." ….."

Reuters via Excite 3/9/00 "……The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) repeated Thursday its warning that U.S. gasoline stocks are in a precarious position for this summer, and indicated pump prices could average $1.80 a gallon across the country. "EIA expects to see high refinery utilization rates on top of precariously low gasoline stocks. This combination leaves little room for the unexpected," said John Cook, director of the EIA's petroleum division, in testimony at a congressional hearing. "Unplanned refinery outages, import delays or demand increases can create price surges above levels shown in the EIA forecast." ….."

NY Times 3/9/00 Louis Uchitelle "……Salvador Silva often used to worry that immigration agents would raid the commercial laundry where he works. If they did, he had a plan. He would jump onto a table, hoist himself into an air-conditioning duct, and hide there until the agents left. He practiced this more than once. "We lived with the uncertainty of raids," said Mr. Silva, who is 26 and has worked illegally in this country for 10 years, ever since he walked across a bridge from Juárez in Mexico to El Paso and flew to Chicago to join a brother. Only now is he beginning to relax. "For the first time," he said, "I don't fear the raids." Such raids have all but stopped around the country over the last year. In a booming economy running short of labor, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are increasingly tolerated in the nation's workplaces. The Immigration and Naturalization Service has made crossing the border harder than ever, stepping up patrols and prosecuting companies that smuggle in aliens or blatantly recruit them. But once inside the country, illegal immigrants are now largely left alone. Even when these people are discovered, arrests for the purpose of deportation are much less frequent; such arrests dropped to about 8,600 last year from 22,000 just two years earlier, the I.N.S. reports. ......"

Washinton Times 3/8/00 Thomas Jipping "…..The Senate this week will vote on two of the most controversial judicial nominations in recent memory. The result may well demonstrate whether Republicans deserve their majority status. President Clinton has nominated U.S. District Judge Richard Paez and labor lawyer Marsha Berzon to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Nearly twice as large as other circuits, it may also be the most influential, which is unfortunate because even the liberal New York Times calls it "the country's most liberal appeals court." Two-thirds of its judges are Democratic appointees. The Supreme Court has reversed its decisions nearly 90 percent of the time over the past six years, far more than any other circuit. In 1996, Chief Justice Rehnquist wrote that "some panels of the Ninth Circuit have a hard time saying no to any litigant with a hard-luck story." ….."

The New York Times 3/6/00 DAVID M. HALBFINGER and DAVID KOCIENIEWSKI "…..Refocusing a wide-ranging inquiry into the finances of Senator Robert G. Torricelli's 1996 election campaign, federal prosecutors have issued subpoenas ordering some of New Jersey's most prominent Democratic fund-raisers to testify before a grand jury. Federal agents appeared in the offices of influential lawyers and business executives across the state on Thursday with court orders demanding that they turn over all correspondence with Mr. Torricelli, his campaign and two related political committees, as well as any checks, tallies, invoices or other records pertaining to Mr. Torricelli's 1996 fund-raising operation. Among other things, the Justice Department's campaign finance task force is specifically seeking records of any instructions to fund-raisers about how to solicit donations and any information from the Torricelli campaign concerning federal rules limiting contributions. …."

New York Times 3/7/00 David Stout "…..Gasoline prices will continue to rise sharply, hitting an average of $1.56 a gallon in the peak summer driving season, but they will come down by this time next year, the Energy Department predicted today. Because worldwide crude oil supplies are so low, a steep increase in gasoline costs is unavoidable in the near future even if oil-producing countries agree soon to significantly step up production,..."

Houston Chronicle 3/5/00 Ron Nissimov "…..Mild-mannered Dr. Thomas Cleary doesn't try to hide his contempt when he describes his first reaction to proposed pediatric care guidelines he was asked to review in the spring of 1998. "I said, `Kids might die because of these guidelines, they're dangerous,'" recalls Cleary, head of pediatric infectious diseases at University of Texas-Houston Medical School. To his stunned disbelief, the next time Cleary saw the guidelines, in September 1999, he discovered they had been published for nationwide consumption with him listed as a "contributing author." "I was mad as hell, I was furious," Cleary said in a recent interview. "I've been practicing medicine for 28 years, and this is the most outrageous thing I've seen in medicine so far." ..."

Boston Globe 2/29/00 Ross Kerber "….. Cyberspace has become less anonymous as companies use libel suits to find and unmask their online critics, but now some cyber-chatters are fighting back. The chatters claim a First Amendment right to post messages on electronic bulletin boards using pseudonyms. They have scored some success in challenging attempts to pry loose their identities from Internet service providers. The legal battle may alter the balance of power on the Web as chatters try to extend a tradition, dating back to the Federalist Papers of 1787, which respects unsigned opinions. Yet never before has anonymity applied to an arena as broad as the Internet, where commercial interests are swamping the network's libertarian roots. ….."


Republican National Committee 3/11/00 "……Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson issued the following statement today in response to the president's radio address on the budget: "You may think so, Mr. President, but working married couples are not 'special interests', and giving them tax relief is not risky. Keep talking, Mr. President, and Americans will realize what they'll get with Al Gore -- Bill Clinton." …."

Town Hall 3/14/00 R Emmett Tyrrell Jr. "……The First Amendment's freedom of speech clause has come to sanction such arty stuff as feces on canvas, but not public disagreement with various inflamed groups, for instance, with militant homosexuals. How very odd. Artists such as Chris Ofili are defended unto death for putting elephant manure on an otherwise pedestrian painting of the Virgin Mary. Viacom's Paramount Television Group is being importuned by militant homosexuals to drop Dr. Laura Schlessinger's television program from its fall offerings. Neither conservative writers nor liberals are heard to complain. The American Civil Liberties Union is degage. No one complains on behalf of the First Amendment…….. Obviously respect for free speech is in a state of confusion nowadays. That calls for silencing opposition come more frequently from the Left than from the Right is particularly alarming. After all the Left has historically been the defender of free speech, at least in this century. Now the Left silences dissent on campus. It organizes against the likes of Dr. Schlessinger, and resorts to the Owellian expedient of using such perfumed terms as "diversity" to eliminate disagreement. Examples abound. In Florida the National Organization for Women is trying to ban vanity plates on cars that carry the slogan "Choose Life." Why they do not reply with the liberty-loving response of buying their own vanity plates proclaiming "Freedom Of Choice" is a mystery….."

Reuters 3/26/00 "……The Senate may vote in the next couple of weeks on a plan to repeal the 18.4 cent federal gasoline tax temporarily if gasoline prices go above $2 per gallon, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said on Sunday. ``We need to find some short-term help, and I think the gas tax holiday, without it affecting the highway trust fund, would be a good idea,'' the Mississippi Republican said on NBC's ''Meet the Press.'' ``We will have a vote on this issue ... unless something dramatic happens with OPEC.'' ….."

The Straits Time 3/26/00 "……The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is expected to boost its crude-oil production quota by about 1.5 million barrels a day on April 1, officials and analysts said, as more members respond to US pressure to let oil prices fall. The 11 members of the OPEC meet in Vienna to decide members' production quotas for the next six months. When asked on Sunday, whether OPEC would agree to boost output, Venezuelan oil minister Ali Rodriguez said, "We are nearing a consensus." "The meeting will decide on an increase of about 1.5 million barrels a day," Kuwait's official news agency KUNA quoted Omani Oil Minister Muhammed bin Hamed al-Rumhy as saying on Saturday. The Middle East Economic Survey, an oil-trade weekly newsletter, is meanwhile predicting a 1.5 million barrel a day increase, according to an advance release of Monday's edition. ……"

New York Times 3/26/00 Robert Pear "….The Clinton administration improperly forgave hundreds of millions of dollars of debts owed the government by health care providers for Medicare overpayments and allowed them to continue billing Medicare for some of the questionable expenses, federal investigators have found. The investigators, from the General Accounting Office, said Medicare officials had ignored their own rules and procedures in negotiating secret deals to settle the debts -- the three largest Medicare overpayment cases of the last decade. Two of the deals involved health care organizations in New York, and the other was with the county health department in Los Angeles. Medicare said it had overpaid the providers by $332 million. It settled the cases for a total of $120 million. ……"

American For Tax Reform ( 3/23/00 Chad Cowan "……Citing the need to protect the privacy of Internet users, Americans for Tax Reform today blasted Vice President Al Gore and the White House for directing Administration representatives to abstain on a critical privacy vote at the final meeting of the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce. At the meeting, Administration representatives abstained from the only vote taken on a resolution offered to ensure that taxpayers are protected from snooping government bureaucrats and tax collectors. The measure passed with 12 votes in favor, none opposed, 5 abstentions (including one Administration representative), and the 2 other Administration representatives not present in the room……….."

House Appropriations Committee 3/22/00 "…….. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:……. Department of Justice says 11,605 have committed new crimes after their release WASHINGTON, D.C. - Flanked by a towering stack of reports detailing years of failure of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), U.S. Representative Harold "Hal" Rogers (KY-5) today sharply criticized the head of the agency for its release of 35,318 criminal aliens into the general population. Rogers, the chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State and the Judiciary, says new figures provided to him by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) estimate that 11,605 - or roughly one-third of those released by the INS - went on to commit serious crimes including 1,845 violent crimes. "The Attorney General has told this subcommittee that over a five-year period the INS has released 35,381 criminal aliens - instead of deporting them," Rogers told INS Commissioner Doris Meissner at a hearing before Rogers' subcommittee today. "Ordinarily, if something of this severity had happened to another agency, I would consider calling for the resignation of that agency's top official. But I'm sorry to say that in the case of the INS, that action would not result in an improved INS. More serious reform is now, more than ever, necessary."…….

Crimes Committed by Criminal Aliens
Released by the INS:
5,913 Non-Violent Crimes
3,847 Drug Crimes
1,845 Violent Crimes

Of the Violent Crimes Committed by the
11,605 Criminal Aliens Released by the INS:
98 Homicides
142 Sexual Assaults
44 Kidnappings
346 Robberies
1,214 Assaults

UPI via Virtual New York 3/23/00 "…..A lawsuit was filed Thursday in federal court in Houston challenging the constitutionality of the 2000 Census. The census forms include "numerous, extreme, and outrageous" questions that go far beyond the simple population count required by the U.S. Constitution, the plaintiffs alleged, asking that the 2000 Census be declared "null and void." "When you think about it, all these questions would be illegal to be asked in any other context," said J. Mark Brewer, the lawyer who filed the suit. "No employer, even the federal government, could ask your age, your ethnic background, or any of this information." ….."

Scripps-McClatchy Western Service 3/24/00 David Whitney "…… Battle lines are being drawn once again in Congress over a move by Alaska lawmakers to press for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. In a repeat of their last effort in 1995 after Republicans took control of Congress, the Alaskans are pressing for a provision in a 2001 budget bill to open the refuge's 1.5 million-acre coastal plain to leasing. The plain is regarded as the country's best spot for a major oil discovery, but environmentalists and the Clinton administration say the area is too precious for birds, caribou and polar bears to disturb. A budget rider is the smoothest congressional path because budget bills are not subject to Senate filibusters that can indefinitely delay a bill unless proponents can round up 60 votes to stop it. The last time the budget tactic was used, a drilling rider survived by a narrow 51-48 vote, but the budget bill ultimately was vetoed by President Clinton. It takes two-thirds of the House and Senate to override a presidential veto, and the margin of victory for the budget measure in both houses fell far short of that in 1995. The stimulus for the renewed offensive is high gasoline prices. If prices remain in the $2-a-gallon range later this summer when a final budget bill could be written, drilling advocates believe that election-year consumer outrage will improve their odds. ……"

AP 3/23/00 "…….A man whom the Defense Department had recently offered a job on its police force was charged Thursday with falsely claiming to be an officer of the U.S. government after being arrested with weapons, ammunition and bomb-making manuals in his car, Pentagon officials said. The man, identified in a Defense Protective Service affidavit as Anthony Premo of Granada Hills, Calif., was arraigned in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The affidavit said the man, who was arrested after running a stop sign in a Pentagon parking area on Wednesday evening, had two rifles, two knives, an unspecified quantity of black powder, 20 rounds of .40-caliber ammunition and an empty manufacturer's box for a 1911-model Colt .45-semi-automatic pistol. The affidavit said Premo also had in his car survivalist literature, freeze-dried food and manuals for manufacturing and using bombs and booby traps, according to Navy Capt. Timothy Taylor, a Pentagon spokesman. ......"

AP Breaking News via Tampa Bay Online 3/24/00 Katherine Vogt "…….The city of Denver has agreed to pay $400,000 to avoid a wrongful death lawsuit from the family of a man killed by police during a raid on the wrong house. Ismael Mena, 45, was fatally shot Sept. 29, 1999, after officers mistakenly broke into his bedroom in a so-called "no-knock" raid. Police said he threatened them with a handgun. The Menas had asked for $5.5 million. "I think the settlement is fair for everyone," said Mayor Wellington Webb, who announced the agreement Thursday evening. "I don't think you can put a price on someone's life anyway. But we did the best for both parties." ……"

Upi 3/21/00 "…..Attorney General Janet Reno Tuesday hailed a judge's decision that allows the Federal government to reunite 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez with his father in Cuba. "It is time for this little boy, who has been through so much, to move on with his life at his father's side," Reno said. The attorney general did not say how the boy would be returned to his father. Earlier, a Justice Department spokeswoman indicated that officials will be moving carefully. "We're not going to be taking any precipitous action," spokeswoman Carole Florman said. "....We are not going to be sending any 'jackbooted thugs' pick up Elian." …."

The Associated Press 3/22/00 Leon Drouin Keith "……About one-third of drinking water wells in 31 states may be contaminated with the gasoline additive MTBE, according to a study released today. The federal government already is acting to ban use of the chemical. Researchers with the U.S. Geological Survey and the Oregon Graduate Institute's Department of Environmental Study found about 9,000 of 26,000 wells looked at were within a kilometer of a leaking fuel tank, head researcher John Zogorski said. But Zogorski said it's likely that not all of the 9,000 wells are contaminated with MTBE, or methyl tertiary butyl ether. ….."

Washington Post 3/23/00 Amy Goldstein "….. The Senate yesterday voted 100 to 0 to allow Americans who want to keep working once they turn 65 to collect their full Social Security checks, no matter how much money they earn, guaranteeing an end to one of the hallmarks of the nation's retirement system. With both parties eager to strut their sympathies for elderly voters, the Senate voted to abolish the Social Security program's unpopular income limits for people age 65 to 69 just three weeks after the House adopted the legislation with its own unanimous vote. President Clinton yesterday reiterated his promise to sign the measure. By repealing the earnings limit, lawmakers can claim to have addressed an aspect of the Social Security system at a time when most members appear reluctant to undertake broader - and far less popular - steps to help prevent the program from running out of money in a few decades after the enormous baby boom has reached old age......." 3/22/00 Reuters "……A 33-year-old man's strict vegetarian diet may have caused him to go blind, a report by French doctors says. The report, published in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine, underscores the need for people who decline to consume any animal product to take supplements. "Vitamin supplementation is essential in persons who adhere to a strict vegetarian diet, especially because vitamin deficiencies may cause severe, irreversible optic neuropathy," says the report by a team led by Dr. Dan Milea of the Groupe Hospitalier Pitie-Salpetriere in Paris. Their patient had cited "improved health" as the reason he had eschewed meat, eggs, dairy products, fish and all other sources of animal protein for 13 years. ……" 3/14/00 Jonathan Slanat AP "……The Federal Election Commission is urging Congress to pass a law saying foreigners cannot give any money to federal campaigns -- a subject at the heart of the scandals involving President Clinton's 1996 re-election effort. Commissioners want Congress to enact such a measure during its current session, saying it is one of the FEC's top legislative priorities. An existing law specifically bans foreign contributions to candidates and the FEC has ruled that the statute also applies to unregulated soft money given to the political parties. The commission, citing court cases that ruled otherwise, has recommended in the past that Congress pass a new law, but this is the first year that the FEC has made it a priority. U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman in 1998 threw out several Justice Department charges against Democratic fund-raisers Maria Hsia and Yah Lin ''Charlie'' Trie, ruling that the law applied just to donations that directly support individual candidates. An appeals court reinstated the charges. ….." 3/15/00 Randolph Schmid AP "…….With the census well under way, federal immigration officials have unveiled revised guidelines designed to get more questionnaires back from illegal immigrants wary of revealing information to the government. Immigration and Naturalization Service executive associate commissioner Michael Pearson, in a memo this week to regional directors, said that while the agency would continue to enforce immigration laws during the census period, ''steps will be taken to avoid adverse effects on census participation.'' ''The willingness of illegal aliens to participate in Census 2000 depends much on their confidence that INS will not be able to access the information collected,'' Pearson said. So far, 2.4 million people have sent in their forms, Census Director Kenneth Prewitt said Tuesday, urging the rest of the country's citizens to do the same. ….."

World Net Daily 3/15/00 Jon Dougherty "……The Internal Revenue Service has threatened to evict an infirm elderly couple from their home of many years for non-payment of back taxes that the couple says they don't owe. On Feb. 25, U.S. District Court Judge James B. Zagel ruled in favor of the government, despite his legal authority to rule out the IRS' conviction request because of the couple's special medical conditions. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stout of Chicago, 81 and 82 years old respectively, were not represented by legal counsel because they couldn't afford it, they told WorldNetDaily. The Stout's "foreclosure suit" stemmed from an IRS lien "covering taxes from 1973 through 1980," Mr. Stout told WND, and was "affirmed by the tax court and supposedly assessed in 1982." The taxes allegedly owed, Stout said, including penalties and interest, amount to around $500,000. "This is much more than my entire cash flow for the years in question. The value of our home is also much less than this," he said. However, what most frustrates the couple, Mr. Stout said, was the hypocrisy and confusion built into the IRS codes. On the one hand, IRS code forbids the agency from assigning a levy to "a principal residence." But on the other hand, said Stout, "the IRS district director and others are given the power to levy, under IRS Code 6334(e)(1) anyway." ……"

World Net Daily 3/15/00 Sarah Foster "….. Seven years after its unannounced raid on his home, the Internal Revenue Service is still demanding that an Alabama inventor fork over $2 million it says he owes in back taxes. The problem: Robert C. MacElvain, a retired engineer as well as inventor, hasn't got $2 million and, according to Vicki Osborn, a forensic accountant in Colorado Springs, Colo., who is helping him with his case, he doesn't owe it anyway…….. The MacElvains were allowed to continue living in their home. The following year a family member bought it from the government so they would have a roof over their heads…… His next action was, MacElvain admitted, "a mistake." Distraught at what had been done to him, in September he filed commercial liens against those who had seized his property, including Fran Keith who led the action and four local contract vendors who helped: the locksmith, the mover, the appraiser and the towing company. The IRS was brutal in its response, apparently worried that leniency might encourage what it perceived as a "trend." "This kind of activity is consistent with advice that is passed along by tax protester groups," said the IRS in a press release. MacElvain denies being part of any such organization and eschews the "tax protester" label the revenue service has hung on him…….He was indicted on six counts of "corruptly endeavoring to obstruct and impede the due administration of the Internal Revenue laws." In February, 1994, a jury convicted him on the charges relating to the contractors, but cleared him of criminal wrongdoing for filing a lien against Keith. He was sentenced to three years in federal prison, which he served. ……. According to Osborn, the master file is the only thing that carries greater weight than an agent's word in administrative and court proceedings. Yet even in his master file, fraud was apparent as evidenced by the removal of significant codes and the backdating of transactions to make them appear to fall within the statute of limitations, she said. Here are a few of her findings regarding his case: The day before the raid on the MacElvain home, agent Fran Keith gave a sworn affidavit to the court in order to obtain an order of entry. In her affidavit she asked that Mr. MacElvain not be notified ahead of time because the IRS knew he was had been concealing his assets for years and might attempt to hide his possessions if he got wind of the raid. "This was a false charge," said Osborn, "made without any supporting documentation." In her affidavit, Keith swore that notices and demand were sent on certain dates -- after assessments had been made. "But this is what the trick is," said Osborn. "The law requires that a notice of deficiency must be sent prior to an assessment. Those were not sent. Instead, they made the assessment, then they sent the notices and demands. But notices of deficiency were never sent." In her sworn testimony at MacElvain's criminal trial, Keith said she knew nothing about the statutory notices. "Once I receive a case, an assessment has been made so I cannot testify to any notices that were sent or in any assessments that were made prior to my receiving the case," she testified. ……. In obtaining a grand jury indictment against MacElvain for filing liens, John Thomas, Jr., was the sole witness for the IRS. He never told the grand jury that the agents had violated federal bankruptcy laws by continuing with the seizure after Mrs. MacElvain's attorney had obtained an automatic stay. He also described MacElvain as a tax protester and told the grand jury that he never filed tax returns, that he never paid taxes. "That was every bit a lie," says Osborn. "The master files clearly show that Mr. MacElvain paid his legitimate taxes. And there is nothing to indicate he was a tax protester." ……. "

CNS 3/15/00 Jim Burns "……House Speaker Dennis Hastert Wednesday blasted the Clinton administration over foreign policy, its proposed budget, and gun control. He said "six years of laxity" in foreign policy account for the current run-up in oil prices. Noting that the United States has bailed out oil-producing countries such as Kuwait and Mexico, Hastert said "Those countries certainly are turning on us when it comes to OPEC rationing of fuel." Hastert criticized the Clinton administration for not allowing the development of more energy sources in the United States. He said that unwillingness has created shortages of natural gas in the northeastern United States, where it is needed for home heating. ….." 3/15/00 Jim Burns "……The House International Relations Committee on Wednesday approved the Oil Price Reduction Act which calls on the Clinton Administration to adopt a multilateral strategy with other oil consuming countries and take the steps necessary to reduce fuel prices. The bill now goes to the floor for consideration by the whole House and a committee spokesman told that action on the legislation could come early next week. The act proposes that the Clinton Administration should adopt a multilateral strategy with other oil consuming countries and to take steps to reduce, suspend or terminate assistance or even arms sales to oil exporting countries that engage in price fixing……"

Newsmax 3/16/00 Deroy Murdock "……Free speech is not what it used to be. Slowly but surely, government officials, plaintiffs' attorneys and political activists have chipped away at this cornerstone of American liberty. In a new special "You Can't Say That!" ABC's John Stossel examines the degree to which Americans now must hold their tongues. This program, which airs March 23, illustrates how one of this country's most precious freedoms is dwindling, one baby step at a time. Stossel introduces viewers to 66-year-old bar owner Leonard Carlo. Surely a bar owner can say what he wishes on his own private property, right? Don't be so sure. Leonard's II, Carlo's bar in Colorado Springs, contains several expletive-laden placards such as those on the rest rooms that read "f---ing men" and "f---ing women." Carlo's guests seem totally relaxed about this. "It's a word. It's a noun," one patron casually points out. "You can make a sentence out of it." This is hardly morally redeeming, but don't adults old enough to drink have the right to gather at a watering hole that glorifies profanity? Apparently not. One customer complained to state alcohol control authorities who removed several signs they deemed offensive from Carlo's bar. They also told Carlo not to use foul language in his own establishment. Imagine, a tavern without four-letter words. ……"

The Oklahoman 3/19/00 "…... Too many families in Oklahoma and elsewhere are having to sell businesses just to pay the taxes when the principal owner dies. The best line we have heard on why the so-called "death taxes" ought to be eased considerably comes from Rep. Bill Archer, chairman of the tax- writing House Ways and Means Committee. Said Archer: "No one should have to visit the undertaker and the IRS on the same day." Amen to that. …."

The Oklahoman 3/19/00 "…… THE Oklahoma Supreme Court has granted the Legislature a license to steal by upholding the practice of transferring special fee revenue to the state's general fund. We're not quarreling with the high court's interpretation of the law. We are only stating the obvious: If fees are available to fund any government function, then the Legislature is free to assess fees for one purpose and then use the money for something else. This is especially true given that lawmakers can no longer easily raise taxes......."

Reuters 3/16/00 Adrian Croft "……A World Trade Organisation (WTO) panel has found the United States broke trade rules by imposing sanctions on the European Union in a spat over trade in bananas, sources familiar with the case said on Thursday. The WTO panel's confidential interim ruling, sent to parties to the case this week, finds largely in favour of the EU which complained about the United States' behaviour last year. The dispute panel found that "what the U.S. did was illegal" because it acted before getting WTO authorisation, one source said. ......"

Wall Street Journal 3/15/00 Jim Carlton "…….A tranquil wilderness scene graces the cover of the Sierra Club's 2000 calendar, befitting the vision of protected natural serenity that drove the club's 19th-century founder, John Muir. But things are far from tranquil inside the venerable club these days. An ideological struggle has pitted the moderate environmentalists who set the club's tone for decades against a radical group who call themselves the John Muir Sierrans. The old guard argues that the Sierra Club's mission is best served by a pragmatic approach that makes compromises with industry and government agencies over matters such as logging. The John Muir Sierrans -- they call themselves simply "John Muirs" -- seek nothing less than the restoration of wilderness around the U.S. ….."

Associated Press 3/17/00 "……To reverse a steep slide in audits and other enforcement actions, the Internal Revenue Service wants Congress to approve the hiring of almost 2,000 more employees as part of a 9.5 percent budget increase. IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti said unless the enforcement decline is halted, taxpayers might be increasingly tempted to cheat. "We have to at least level this thing off," Rossotti told a House Appropriations subcommittee on Thursday. "It's fair to say these problems really are severe. Over time, they would undermine the fairness and integrity of the entire tax system." Rossotti is asking Congress for an $8.8 billion budget in fiscal 2001, an increase of $769 million over this year that would be used to hire 1,934 new personnel, among other things. That would only partially make up for the drop of nearly 10,000 front-line enforcement employees between 1995 and 2000, he said. ….." 3/17/00 James Phillips "…… The recent rise in world oil prices orchestrated by a reinvigorated Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has caught oil consumers off guard. Many were surprised that OPEC, which had floundered since the 1986 collapse of oil prices, had regained its production discipline and ability to push up world oil prices. Even more surprising was the close cooperation between OPEC's traditional archrivals, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Relations between these countries, OPEC's two largest oil producers, had been hostile since Iran's 1979 revolution, but a growing d\'e9tente between Saudi Arabia and Iran has been crucial in restoring OPEC's effectiveness. A major Saudi motivation for a rapprochement with Iran has been the declining credibility of the Clinton Administration's policies in the Persian Gulf. The Administration's weak and drifting Iraq policy has encouraged the nervous Saudis to cultivate Iran, both as a counterweight to Iraq and as an insurance policy in case U.S. credibility continues to decline……"

CBSNEWS.COM 3/17/00 "…..Consumer prices shot up 0.5 percent in February - the biggest jump in 10 months - led by sharp increases in fuel oil prices, gasoline and other energy costs. The big advance in the Labor Department's Consumer Price Index - the most closely watched inflation gauge - followed a modest 0.2 percent rise in January, and was a slightly worse showing on inflation than many analysts were predicting...."

National Review 3/13/00 "…… Nine times out of ten, Campaign Finance Reform is a fraud or at best a Trojan Horse. Ask someone why we need CFR and most of the time the response will be to a question you didn't ask: "People want honest government!" "We need a change from politics as usual!" Now, these could be answers to questions like "Why should Bill Clinton be singing 'You Made Me Love You' at his medium-security prison's skit night?" Or, "Why should Sam Donaldson ask all of his questions in pig-Latin?" …….There are a few CFR advocates who have some substance on their side. Some people believe that but for our corrupt system, we would be able to implement all sorts of liberal policies - which on their face are so obviously correct only corruption could explain their absence. In other words, if evil multinationals weren't getting in the way, we would have universal health care, Head Start, multi-partner limited-duration marriage, moving sidewalks, dogs that don't go to the bathroom, etc. So essentially, their problem is not with the campaign-finance system per se, but with the failure of the democratic system in toto (which does not mean inside Dorothy's dog) to enact their sacred cows. In other words, they don't really care about the "corruption" of the car's engine, they're just pissed it ain't going to Disney World. It's not a dishonest argument, it's just one that confuses means and ends. …….." CHEEK v. UNITED STATES AND THE TAX PROTEST MOVEMENT: A HISTORICAL REASSESSMENT OF THE SIXTEENTH AMENDMENT ....Mark Oring and Steve Hampton "…..The recent case of Cheek v. United States(13) possibly signals the beginning of a major change in attitude of the federal courts toward the tax protest movement. This Article will examine Cheek II and its likely impact on tax protestors. It will then go on to examine two arguments often raised by tax resisters, which the federal courts have declared to be objectively unreasonable....... Although these tax protestors remain outside the mainstream of American political discourse, their arguments do strike a responsive chord in many people. It need hardly be pointed out that the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) is not one of the best-loved federal agencies........ On the other hand, the claims of tax protestors are somewhat extreme, and some of them, at least, do seem to be absurd and unreasonable. This Article is written from as neutral a perspective as possible, favoring neither the I.R.S. nor the tax protestors. Rather, an attempt is made here not only to examine the contentions of the tax protestors fairly and to determine where and why they are unreasonable, but also on what points their arguments do have some merit......."

Houston Review 3/10/00 Marc Levin "…… THE LATEST DEMOGRAPHIC STATISTICS show Mexican-Americans rapidly becoming an even greater part of Texas and the United States. Moreover, their influence is being felt not merely in numbers, but also increasingly as business leaders, doctors, and public officials. Given this highly successful level of integration that has so enriched the Lone Star state, it is surprising to find a Mexican student group at the University of Houston pushing a confrontational and radical brand of separatism. The group is called MEChA, which stands for Moviemento Estudantil Chicana/o de Aztlan. Headquartered in San Antonio, MEChA is a national Chicano organization founded at a conference in Santa Barbara, California in April 1968. MEChA boasts over 400 chapters at colleges and universities in the country, including the University of California at Berkeley, the University of San Diego, the University of Arizona, the University of Michigan, and Cornell University. What does MEChA stand for that is so radical? It expresses contempt for people of European ancestry and advocates returning Texas and the other Southwestern U.S. states to Mexico…..."

The New York Times 3/13/00 John Markoff "…..An unlikely prophet is voicing a plea for reason and restraint in the increasingly chaotic stampede toward the technological future. Breaking ranks with the customarily optimistic and self-congratulatory high-technology industry, Bill Joy, the chief scientist of Sun Microsystems, has issued an impassioned critique of uncontrolled progress in digital, biological and material sciences. He has challenged scientists and engineers to rethink their ethical standards and step back from advances that might ultimately threaten the human species. In a 20,000-word essay in the April issue of Wired magazine, which goes on sale Monday, Joy, a computer industry pioneer and one of the nation's leading technical authorities, writes that although the world has survived any number of potentially devastating technologies developed in the 20th century, several new branches of research pose threats of technological devastation at the hands of a small group or even an individual. "The 21st century technologies -- genetics, nanotechnology and robotics -- are so powerful they can spawn whole new classes of accidents and abuses," he writes in the article, titled, "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us." …."

Yahoo – Reuters 3/14/00 Dominic Evans "……Scientists around the world should have free access to research on the mapping of human genes, the United States and Britain said Tuesday. President Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair said research into the human genetic blueprint was ``one of the most significant scientific projects of all time.'' ``To realize full promise of the research, raw fundamental data on the human genome including the human DNA sequence and its variations, should be made freely available to scientists everywhere,'' the two leaders said in a joint statement. Their call came a week after U.S. company Celera Genomics, racing to become the first firm to sequence all the genes in the body, said it was concerned that if it shared information with publicly funded research its data would be used by rivals. ….." 3/29/00 Michael Savage "…..Savage: If you've heard Hillary Clinton's recent remarks on Ritalin and other drug use on children, you'll find the usual nauseating demagoguery. She appears to be urging Ritalin caution; but, if you listen carefully, she's calling it a miracle drug: "A Godsend for emotional and behavioral problems, for both children and their parents." She insists her efforts are not an attack on the medical treatment of children's emotional well-being because the drugs are very, very "useful." As with everything else the Clintons do, you've got to read between the lines. So right now we're going to read between the lines with an expert who has a magnifying glass on the subject of Ritalin use. He wrote an earlier book called Talking Back to Ritalin; What Doctors Aren't Telling You about Stimulants for Children. He's been on this program before. His name is Dr. Peter R. Breggin. He has a new book out, and it's called Reclaiming Our Children. You can get it at the bookstore or at ….."

Reuter's 3/29/00 "……The father of Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez will travel to the United States to prepare to bring his son home pending a final custody appeal in a U.S. court, President Fidel Castro said Wednesday. "Juan-Miguel (Gonzalez), father of Elian, is ready to travel immediately to the United States, to take charge of Elian as father of the boy," Castro announced on state TV. Castro said Elian's father would be joined on his trip by family members, Cuban schoolmates and teachers of the boy, and legal, medical and psychiatric experts in order to prepare his "readaptation" to family and school circles……"

Agence France-Presse via-NewsMax 3/29/00 "……Republican Senator Bob Smith announced Wednesday that he was introducing a bill in the Senate that would grant permanent US residency status to Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez, in an eleventh-hour bid to prevent the six-year-old's deportation. "The Senate can stop this with one vote," declared Smith, whose bill has the support of a group of senators including the two from Florida: Republican Connie Mack and Democrat Bob Graham. Smith's effort to intervene was announced just hours before a last-ditch meeting scheduled for later Wednesday between the boy's relatives in Miami and authorities of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), which has ruled that Elian should be reunited with his father in Cuba. There was little chance the senator's bill would be brought to a Senate vote before the end of the week. ….." 3/29/00 Jane Sutton Reuters "…… Miami's county mayor warned Wednesday that civil unrest and even bloodshed could erupt in the city if the U.S. Justice Department took Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez from his relatives here and sent him back to his father in Cuba. Miami-Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas angrily accused the federal authorities of provoking the Cuban American community. He told a news conference that if unrest broke out, local authorities would hold President Clinton and his Attorney General Janet Reno responsible. Local law enforcement officers would not cooperate with the federal authorities if Elian's parole was revoked, Penelas and other mayors from the Greater Miami area said. …." 3/29/00 Jim Burns "……Miami Mayor Joe Carollo said Wednesday that Dade County Police will not help federal authorities remove Elian Gonzalez from his Miami home if the Immigration and Naturalization Service revokes Elian's parole status and forces his immediate return to Cuba. Corollo told the media, "The Miami Police Department will not participate in taking Elian Gonzalez away from his Miami family to be sent to Castro's hell." However, sources close to the case told, that not only Corollo but also all other mayors of Dade County municipalities have pledged no assistance to federal authorities if they attempt to remove Elian. ….."

CBS 3/29/00 "……(Diaz-Balart, an outspoken critic of the Clinton administration, told CBS4 reporter Ted Scouten that Reno has handled the elian (sic) case badly, and when added to other controversies in her term as Attorney General, has demonstrated that she is not fit to hold the office. It's unclear if Diaz-Balart has any support for the measure on Capitol Hill, still weary from the failed impeachment of President Clinton. Diaz Balart was a supporter of that effort as well. The Miami representative has been a strong supporter of efforts to keep Elian Gonzalez in the United States, and critical of the INS and the Justice Department for attempting to return him to Cuba. He says efforts in recent days to force a speedy appeal, while threatening to expedite Elian's return, convinced him the time had come to replace Reno. ….."

Miami Herald 2/26/00 "……Miami-Dade police were so concerned about a possible attempt to snatch Elian Gonzalez during his grandmothers' stop at the Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport that they were ready to disable their jet if anyone tried to put him aboard. ``A couple of officers said they would throw their PR-24s [nightsticks] into the jet's engine if it tried to fly off with the child, said one investigator who guarded the women Monday at the West Kendall airport. ``It was really, really tense, said the investigator, who like other Miami-Dade police officers agreed to recount the incident for The Herald under promise of anonymity. The incident also raised concerns that the Cuban government, which had stayed away from Raquel Rodriguez and Mariela Quintana during their earlier visits to New York and Washington, had seized a stronger role in their activities. ….."

Reuters 3/29/00 "…..President Bill Clinton on Wednesday congratulated OPEC for deciding to pump more oil into the world market, and urged gasoline retailers to swiftly pass on cheaper oil costs to American motorists. The White House, which has been criticized for what Iran called heavy-handed lobbying of OPEC members, hailed the new pact increasing oil production by seven percent as a big win for consumers and the world economy. "These increases should bring lower prices, which will help to sustain economic growth here in America and also, and very importantly, throughout the world," Clinton said at a rare formal news conference. Those savings should be passed along the oil supply chain quickly so that motorists benefit, he added. ….."

Washington Post 3/29/00 Jeanne Dugan "…..Chuck Kellner, a retired Ford engineer, had never in his life borrowed to buy stocks. But after watching Intel surge last year, he could no longer resist. He got a loan from his online broker and bought twice as much of the chipmaker's shares as he otherwise would have been able to afford. In just a few months, he watched his net worth double to $1.8 million. "It's like a bank and I don't have to ask someone, 'Can I borrow--please?' " said Kellner, 67, who is from the Detroit area. "I make those judgments myself." The frenzy to make money on the dot-com boom is renewing interest in an old-fashioned market strategy--buying stocks on margin. ….."

The Connecticut Post 3/27/00 "……State senators must help revive a beleagured proposal by Sen. Toni Harp, D-New Haven, to bar children under 18 from playing violent video games in public places, such as malls and arcades. These games, often equipped with lifelike "guns," tend to blur the line between aggressive fantasies and reality and to desensitize youngsters toward violence. In an age when school shooting rampages have become all too common, psychologists and sociologists theorize that there may be a correlation between intensely violent "entertainment" during the formative years and an actual propensity for violence in young adults. Nor do we dismiss as mere coincidence the fact that Columbine High School shooters reportedly played an extremely violent video game almost constantly in the months before that massacre. That's why we particularly appreciate Harp's targeting of "point and shoot" games with realistic "guns." ......"

Wsj 3/27/00 John Fialka "……The Justice Department and the Environmental Protection Agency are investigating a case of alleged manipulation of scientific evidence in as many as 1,000 court cases and administrative matters the EPA is handling. Most involve allegations of Superfund violations in the Midwest, according to the agency. The probe focuses on the EPA's Central Regional Laboratory in Chicago, which uses analysts employed by the EPA and a contractor, Lockheed Martin Corp. In formal disclosure letters to lawyers and judges handling 42 EPA cases, the Justice Department said that at least four employees at the lab "may have been engaged in misconduct" that skewed analyses of evidence and quality-assurance checks on data of evidence sent from other laboratories. The letters indicate that many cases are being stayed or frozen until the probe is completed. "EPA has basically put our entire case on hold," said James D. Brusslan, a lawyer representing Commonwealth Edison Co., a Chicago utility, in one of the cases. "The Justice Department's basic attitude is that until it has done a full analysis of the impact of this it doesn't want to go before a judge and ask for anything."……"

AP Wire 3/27/00 Christine Hanley "......Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt on Monday previewed a long-awaited development plan for Yosemite Valley that seeks to restore and protect the park's splendor by significantly scaling back parking and protecting the Merced River. The ambitious proposal, outlined in a 500-page draft summary called the Yosemite Valley Plan, would include moving the park superintendent's home, staff headquarters, housekeeping, concessioners and entire campgrounds out of seven-mile long, one-mile wide Yosemite Valley, the main destination for park visitors. The plan also calls for converting a portion of a popular road through the village into a bike and foot trail and studying for five years how the valley's natural habitats are effected by current crowds, and imposing an 150-foot wide development protection zone along most of the Merced River. ''This is not about turning people away from the park,'' Babbitt said. ''The problem is not that there's too many people. The problem is there's too many cars.'' ......"

NY Times 3/27/00 Linda Greenhouse "......The Supreme Court today refused to hear a challenge to portions of the 1996 welfare law that made legal immigrants ineligible for various kinds of federal welfare assistance. The justices turned down an appeal by the city of Chicago, supported by New York and other cities, from a federal appeals court's ruling that the disqualification did not violate the immigrants' constitutional right to equal protection because it was not "wholly irrational." As part of the major overhaul of the welfare system, the provisions aimed specifically at immigrants received relatively little public attention, but greatly angered officials of the cities where, because of sizeable populations of impoverished or elderly foreign-born residents, the elimination of food stamps, Supplemental Security Income, and other benefits will be most sharply felt. ....."

New York Post 3/28/00 Steve Dunleavy ".......WHEN Albert Gore, the man who takes money from Buddhist nuns who vow poverty, struts his stuff about campaign reform, you have to laugh. Gore the Bore talking about campaign-finance reform is a little like Bill Clinton wanting to grant a national holiday for chastity. There are some who would say there is method in this madness......."It is as bizarre as the case of O.J. Simpson, wherein he actually wanted to organize a conference to examine the case of abused women. You kidding me?" said Larry Klayman, head of Washington's conservative Judicial Watch. "In the case of Gore, the legal threshold of bribery should be lowered. Here was an outright case where he violated the status of the Buddhist temple. "I doubt whether those Buddhists had any money whatsoever and were an innocent tool of a laundering device to facilitate a bribery scheme from others who wanted big favors from the White House. "Our organization right now has a RICO civil case against Hillary Clinton, alleging that she sold off government services for individuals to go on trade missions to sell sensitive materials to foreign countries. "The money received from the selling off these official trade missions went into campaign coffers. Now, Gore wants to reform campaign finances." This whole thing gives hypocrisy a good name. ....."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 3/28/00 ".......THE First Amendment has gotten us through two centuries as the freest country on earth. But Congress seems to think it can improve on the Founding Fathers. This week, the Senate is considering two ideas for constitutional amendments that would limit the First Amendment for the first time in our history. One, promoted mostly by Republicans, is the flag desecration amendment. The other, backed mostly by Democrats, would broaden Congress' power to regulate campaign financing. Both are terrible ideas. Most Americans are angry and shocked by flag-burning and dirty elections. But changing the First Amendment is no way to address these problems. It is neither conservative nor liberal to tamper with an institution that has served this country so well. It is simply foolish. ....."

Congressional Quarterly Daily News 3/28/00 "......Housing Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo is urging Congress to fund President Clinton's request for increased housing assistance, citing a report released Monday that estimates at least 5.4 million new families need help paying the rent. "These findings make a clear and compelling case for greater federal attention to our nation's housing needs," Cuomo said in a statement. "There is an urgent need to strengthen federal efforts to assure adequate supplies of decent, safe and affordable housing for America's lowest income families." ....."

Reuters 3/28/00 "......The U.S. government intensified its efforts on Monday to return Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez to his father in Cuba, saying it was going ahead with plans to remove the boy from the care of his Miami relatives on Thursday. In a major development in the four-month-old custody battle, a top Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) official warned family lawyer Spencer Eig that the government was being forced into terminating the 6-year-old boy's parole into the care of his great-uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez. ....."

AP 3/27/00 ".....The Justice Department said today that the Miami relatives caring for Elian Gonzalez had failed to comply with a government demand that they promise to surrender him for return to his father if they lose a court appeal. Meantime, the relatives filed a court appeal designed to meet a government deadline, and the 5-year-old Cuban boy described in his first TV interview how the boat bringing him and his mother from Cuba sank. He said he doesn't believe his mother is dead. Although the relatives asked a federal appeals court to set an expedited schedule for hearing an appeal, their letter to Attorney General Janet Reno did not meet the other demand she made Friday night. ...."

Yahoo 3/29/00 Jane Sutton ".....Miami's county mayor warned on Wednesday that civil unrest and even bloodshed could erupt in the city if the U.S. Justice Department took Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez from his relatives here and sent him back to his father in Cuba. Miami-Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas angrily accused the federal authorities of provoking the Cuban American community. He told a news conference that if unrest broke out, local authorities would hold President Clinton and his Attorney General Janet Reno responsible. .....Local law enforcement officers would not cooperate with the federal authorities if Elian's parole was revoked, Penelas and other mayors from the Greater Miami area said. ......"

YAHOO News/REUTERS 3/28/00 ".....Six-year-old shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez does not want to return to Cuba but would like his father to move to Miami, a U.S. television journalist said on Tuesday after meeting the boy last week. Elian, who is at the center of an international custody dispute between his Miami relatives and his Cuban father, told ABC's Diane Sawyer in his first television interview that he did not want to go back to his homeland, she said. Elian's reported wish to stay in Miami coincides with growing pressure from the U.S. government for him to be handed back to his Cuban father. The U.S. government told the Miami family through their lawyer on Monday that Elian would be removed from their temporary care on Thursday. ......"

New York Times 3/29/00 Edmund Andrews ".....After two days of disputes, OPEC decided today to increase oil production without the participation of its second-largest producer, Iran. But the increase was not what the United States had pressed for, and was not expected to bring down gasoline prices any time soon. In a rare break in the solidarity of its ranks, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries announced that nine of its members would raise production by a total of 1.45 million barrels a day, despite bitter opposition from Iran to any increase. The higher production would begin next month. With Iran, the total would have been about 1.7 million barrels, but analysts said the actual increase would end up significantly higher because other OPEC members were likely to seize the opportunity to cheat on their quotas to fill the gap left by Iran. ....." 3/28/00 Sarah Foster ".....Americans who refuse to answer questions they consider invasive on their Census questionnaires will be able to sleep a little easier -- at least for now. A federal judge ruled yesterday that the Census Bureau has no automatic right to ask questions felt to be personal or intrusive and that it cannot threaten or prosecute citizens who refuse to answer such questions. U.S. District Judge Melinda Harmon granted attorney Mark Brewer, of the Houston-based firm of Brewer and Pritchard, a temporary restraining order in a Census suit filed by five Houston, Texas, residents. Attorneys for the government conceded that none of the five plaintiffs will be subject to actual or threatened prosecution during this litigation which is expected to go to the U.S. Supreme Court. ...."

Granma, official communist paper 4/4/00 Daivid "…… In the Byzantine world of Elian's saga, the official communist newspaper of Cuba, Granma, has published transcripts of a conversation between Elian's father (Juan) and Elian's cousin in Miami (Marisleysis). The purpose of the release was to show how fit Juan is a father, but it seems that Castro was smoking some of the good stuff again when he decided to release this particular transcript. Who is recording Elian's conversation with his father in Cuba? Elian's dad or his handlers? ……..After substantiating the Miami relatives' claim that they were alerted about Elian's trip by Elian's father, and therefore, he knew about the trip before Elian was found in Florida, and possibly he knew about the trip before Elian left Cuba, then the nasty stuff. ……
Juan Miguel: Look cousin, If I have to go to [Miami], I'm capable of shooting at who knows who, even if I'm killed, but my son I will pick him up, and they will have to kill both of us.
Now to the big question of whether Elian has been bought with toys:
Marisleysis: Although you don't believe me, I'm helping your boy quite a bit. I feel very hurt when you talk like that, because I bathe him, I do everything for him, 24 hours a day
Juan Miguel: I know the boy has bonded with you very much. I'm very thankful to you and Uncle Lachi for everything you've done for the boy, you have taken care of him, support him.
Marisleysis: I thought he would feel homesick, but to tell you the truth, he feels great here
Juan Miguel: Of course he feels great. You have bought him with gifts and a pile of sh*t (more curse words)
Marisleysis: Look, Juampy, those toys were given to him as gifts, we cannot take the toys from him
Juan Miguel: Do you really think that 40 bicycles, 40 toys, and 40 piles of sh*t are going to overwhelm the feelings I have for him and he has for me?
Marisleysis: I'm really not concerned about that, since you told me that Elian had everything he wanted [including toys] when in Cuba. Why are you so worried about [these toys]?
Juan Miguel: Yes, the boy had everything here...
Marisleysis: ...In front of the Virgin Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I swear I asked Elian if he wanted to go back to be with dad. Elian answered, "Let dad come here if he wants." I told Elian, "Don't lie to me, whatever you want we'll do." He confessed he wanted to stay. Why do you think that Elian is impressed with toys since you claim he had so many toys in Cuba?
Finally, the mystery of Juan's resume is solved:
Marisleysis: What is your profession?
Juan Miguel : Communist, that's my profession?
Marisleysis: Don't you work? What do you do for work?
Juan Miguel: Cashier and Drink Server ……"

MSNBC News 3/30/00 "…….Frustrated by a lack of progress in talks with Elian Gonzalez's U.S. relatives, the Justice Department made plans Monday to hand the boy over to his father as soon as he arrives from Cuba - with or without the permission of family members in Miami. Cuban officials said Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, could fly to Washington as early as Tuesday. 'I am willing to leave tomorrow, absolutely alone and transport myself to where the child is.' - JUAN MIGUEL GONZALEZ In a letter read by Fidel Castro "THE ISSUE HAS shifted from revocation of Elian's parole to the issue of transferring him to Juan Miguel's custody, effective as soon as Juan Miguel gets to the United States," said one official, who spoke with The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. "Tuesday's deadline has been superseded by this change of issues." ….." 3/31/00 Bob Melvin "……..Congressman Jim Saxton (R-NJ), Vice Chairman of the House Joint Economic Committee, warned on Friday that the minimal increase to which OPEC and other oil-producing nations have agreed this week does not end the conspiracy to inflate oil prices currently gouging American consumers. Saxton has proposed legislation to cut off International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans to oil-producing nations who restrict oil production to the detriment of the United States. President Clinton recently requested OPEC increase its oil production by 2-to-2.5 million barrels a day. The actual increase voted on by OPEC ministers and affiliate oil-producing countries could be as low as 325,000 barrels a day….." 3/31/00 Jim Burns "……Gregory Craig, the attorney representing Elian Gonzalez's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, tells that he is not being paid by the Cuban government in the ongoing custody battle between the United States and Cuba. "We're receiving private contributions from individuals," Craig told, "who wish to support our representation, and that's all there is to it. No organizations are formally involved. It's mostly individual contributions. " Meanwhile, in a statement released from its Washington headquarters, the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church said Craig's legal services are being paid through contributions to a humanitarian fund that was established by the organization……"

AFP 4/4/00 "……The custody battle over Cuban castaway Elian Gonzalez lurched towards a conclusion Monday, as US officials announced they were negotiating how to handover the boy to his father. After months of deadlock, developments on both sides of the Florida Straits signalled that a reunion of father and son was imminent. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) announced it was transferring legal responsibility to care for Elian to his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez. "As soon as the father arrives he will have legal authority to care for Elian," INS spokeswoman Maria Cardona said. "We will start giving instructions on how to transfer the boy at that point," she added. ….."

AP 4/5/00 "…..The Big Dig, the overdue downtown city highway project that was originally projected to cost $2.6 billion, may end up costing $13.6 billion, according to a draft report by federal auditors. Auditors from the Federal Highway Administration have been poring over the Big Dig's books since project directors announced earlier this year that it was over budget. …….. The audit team criticized project management as lax, and recommended the removal of managers, unidentified sources told the newspapers. The draft contains a timeline detailing how project chief James J. Kerasiotes allegedly misled government agencies about cost overruns, the Globe reported. …….. The project to build an underground connection from the Massachusetts Turnpike to Boston's interstates was expected to cost less than $3 billion when ground was broken in 1991. The state now puts the pricetag at $12.2 billion, including the announced $1.4 billion overrun. But auditors found that figure could rise by yet another $1.4 billion, sources told the Globe. ….."

NY Times 4/2/00 "……As many as 50,000 women and children from Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe are brought to the United States under false pretenses each year and forced to work as prostitutes, abused laborers or servants, according to a CIA report that is the government's first comprehensive assessment of the problem. The 79-page report, "International Trafficking in Women to the United States: A Contemporary Manifestation of Slavery," paints a broad picture of this hidden trade and the difficulties that government agencies face in fighting it. Completed in November, the report is based on more than 150 interviews with government officials, law-enforcement officers, victims and experts in the United States and abroad. The report also includes information from investigative documents and a review of international literature on the subject. ……"

The Washington Times 3/31/00 Margie Hyslop "…….Thousands of residents and dozens of business owners in the Middle River-Essex area of Baltimore County lost an important round Thursday in their battle against a proposal that would allow the county government to force them out of their homes and shops. Some sobbed as they left the hearing room where the House Commerce and Government Matters Committee discussed granting Baltimore County the authority to condemn property residents don't want to leave so local officials can make waterfront parcels available for upscale development. By a 13-8 vote the committee sent the bill, already approved by the Senate, to the House floor, where it is expected to go to a vote next week. "Whether this happens here or not, it's going to referendum," said Delegate Diane DeCarlo, Baltimore County Democrat, who led the fight against legislation sponsored by fellow county Democrat Sen. Michael Collins on behalf of Baltimore County Executive C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, Democrat. ……"

Yahoo News 4/18/00 ".......In the wake of the Cuban government's unabated wave of repression against the dissident and independent press movements on the island -- a reality the Castro regime has attempted to divert media attention from by using the Elian Gonzalez affair -- the 56th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC), meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, today passed a resolution condemning Fidel Castro's dictatorship for human rights abuses against the people of Cuba. The initiative, spearheaded by the Czech Republic and Poland, was passed by a vote of 21 nations in favor, 18 against, with 14 abstentions. This resounding victory for the human rights movement marks the ninth year that the U.N. body has censured the Cuban government's abysmal human rights record. Since 1991, the same forum has passed similar condemnations, with the only exception of 1998 when some nations opted to give the dictator benefit of the doubt following the visit by Pope John Paul II to the island. Most notable in today's vote, for the first time, Mexico abstained. ......"

Agence France Presse via Drudge Report 4/18/00 "...... The Cuban news media has been using its own special vocuabulary to describe the drama surrounding Elian Gonzalez, the six-year-old shipwreck survivor currently living with distant relatives in Miami.........

- "The Miami Mafia": The Cuban-American National Foundation (CANF), the powerful Miami-based anti-Castro organization that for decades has been trying to topple the Cuban leader.

- "Gusanos" (worms): Anti-Castro Cuban exiles living in the United States. Also refered to in plural as "la Gusanera" (the nest of worms). ........

- "Child abuser": Elian's great uncle Lazaro Gonzalez, the distant relative who took the boy in but refuses to hand him over to his father Juan Miguel. Fidel Castro himself made the charges.

- "Lobezna infecunda" (barren young she-wolf): Marisleysis Gonzalez, 22, the daughter of Lazaro Gonzalez and the young woman who claims to have become Elian's surrogate mother. She is also called the "phoney mother."

- "The pimp and the prostitute": 22 year-old Arianne Horta and her 33 year-old boyfriend Nivaldo Vladimir Fernandez, the two adult survivors aboard Elian's boat. According to Granma, Fernandez was a pimp who abandoned a 10-year marriage to leave Cuba, while Horta was a prostitute who abandoned her five-year-old girl for the trip........- "Diabolical nun": Sister Jeanne O'Laughlin, president of Barry University, who helped organize a meeting between Elian and his grandmothers. Soon after the meeting O'Laughlin opined that the boy should remain in the United States........" 4/18/00 Jim Burns "......As the deadline for filing federal income taxes passed on Monday, the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) commended Senator Tim Hutchinson (R-AR) for introducing legislation in the Senate, which NTU President John Berthoud believes may terminate the existing United States Tax Code and require Congress to replace with it with a simpler, fairer system. "We are pleased that Senator Hutchinson has taken the initiative to introduce this important legislation in the Senate. If Senator Hutchinson's colleagues will follow his lead, taxpayers won't have to suffer under a draconian Tax Code for much longer," said Berthoud said in a statement. NTU contends the "Internal Revenue Code" has grown from 14 pages in 1913 to about 7,600 pages today. The group also contends that IRS (Internal Revenue Service) regulations have grown to nearly 47,000 pages. Webster's Dictionary, NTU says, contains only 2,783 pages......."

Washington Post 4/18/00 Arthur Rotstein "......The Internal Revenue Service violated its own code and the federal Privacy Act by improperly disclosing tax data on 1,391 taxpayers to an accountant, agency officials said Tuesday. The agency has apologized to the taxpayers and offered compensation. As a result of the error, the agency could be liable for at least $1.3 million in penalties, said Jodi Patterson, an IRS spokeswoman. The mistake was discovered last fall after certified public accountant William Wewee, a former IRS employee, requested tax return information for 50 clients fearful of the so-called Y2K bug. The IRS sent him information on 1,391 taxpayers, including their names, Social Security numbers, tax liabilities and taxable income, Wewee said. "I knew they had just broken the law," he said. ........Wewee reported the violation to the IRS and the Treasury Department. He also contacted a number of those whose information he was sent and is looking into a possible class action. ......"

4/18/00 AFP Newsmax "......Cuban officials have readied a "readaption" center for Elian Gonzalez here in anticipation of the boy's return to the island after five months surrounded by the media in Miami. "This transition is necessary. Our hope is that he will be able to fully integrate into his class, at his school, not only in his classroom, but also in his environment," sia Lesbia Canovas, one of the education officials responsible for the center. The center is housed in an old, white mansion in the Miramar neighborhood which had been used as an official guest house. It has been quickly converted to a spiritual retreat for Elian, his father, his father's wife and their infant son. It will also house the boy's two grandmothers, 12 of his classmates, preschool and first grade teachers, psychologists, pediatricians and nurses. ....."

New York Post 4/18/00 "…….. EVEN if the worst happens and Elian Gonzalez is sent back to Castro's Cuba, he will lose only his freedom, not his life. Dominic Nunu, who fled the Liberian regime that likely murdered his family, doesn't even have that assurance. Nunu, 27, was taken into custody yesterday and tossed into an Immigration and Naturalization Service holding cell at the Wackenhut facility in Queens. Any moment now, the INS can put him on the flight that will return him to Liberia and, he believes, almost certain death. His appeals to the United States immigration courts have been exhausted. The pro bono legal team that had been representing him failed to file on deadline a motion that might have bought Nunu time. As a result, says INS Washington spokesman Richard Bergeron, the Board of Immigration Appeals was technically justified in refusing to hear any more about Nunu's case. Nunu's supporters believe there are more sinister motives in play. Housemate Chris Gilbert says that during a 21-month detention at the Wackenhut facility, Nunu led a hunger strike to protest inhumane conditions for immigrants being held there while awaiting a decision on their status. ……."

Orlando Sentinel 4/16/00 Charley Reese "……. A Cuban friend of mine said he was saddened to discover during the Elian Gonzalez controversy how many Americans hated the Cuban exiles. I'm sad that he feels that way. Americans who really know the Cuban exile community don't hate its members. If you wanted to rate people on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the most patriotic, the most self-reliant, the most industrious, the most willing to volunteer and, if necessary, sacrifice themselves for their native and adopted countries, the Cuban exile community would be a 10-plus. The problem is that leftist twits, who infect the American communications media and academia like body lice, are forever slandering the Cubans, depicting them as anti-democratic right-wingers or old Batista supporters or outright fascists. They routinely have accused the Cuban community in Miami of exploiting the little boy. …….. Only two groups have exploited Elian Gonzalez. One is the news media who camped outside the Miami family's home, without permission or invitation, to photograph the little fellow every time he came out of the house. That is exploitation, not to mention an invasion of privacy. ……The other exploiter of Elian Gonzalez has been Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba, whose usual attitude toward Cuban children trying to flee the island is to have his goons drown them, shoot them or put them into prison. Anybody who thinks that Castro really gives a damn about Elian is a fool. His only purpose is to make the United States look bad. …….As a matter of fact, when the boy's body was laid on the deck of an American fishing boat, he had reached America and should have been granted asylum. Then his custody could have been settled in a calm way in a family court. Instead the Immigration and Naturalization Service has denied him asylum and decreed that no one could speak for him except his father in Cuba, effectively denying him his day in court. Other children who have living fathers have people appointed to speak for them in American courts fairly routinely......."

Washington Weekly 4/17/00 J. Peter Mulhern "…….. How could so many people have forgotten so much in such a short time? A public that is largely supportive when our government sacrifices a small boy to appease a communist dictator has to be suffering from amnesia. Castro announced his intention to have Elian Gonzalez reeducated to purge him of the taint from his sojourn in the United States. That announcement should have made every spine tingle with horror as we collectively recalled the Chinese Cultural Revolution and Soviet penal psychiatry. Instead it disappeared down the memory hole. Just a decade after winning the Cold War many of us have forgotten what that war was about. Many others can't forget because they never understood. ………."

Associated Press 4/16/00 "……..Donated human remains are processed into medical products that generate hundreds of millions of dollars for U.S. companies despite laws barring profit from body parts, The Orange County Register reported Sunday. Although grieving families are told that the donations are a gift of life, the newspaper found that material harvested from the dead fuels an industry that is expected to have $1 billion in revenues by 2003. ''I thought I was donating to a nonprofit. I didn't know I was lining someone's pocket,'' said Sandra Shadwick, whose brother's remains were given to a Los Angeles tissue bank. ''It makes me angry. It makes me appalled. If it's not illegal, it ought to be.'' The National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 banned profits from the sale of tissue, but companies and nonprofit tissue banks are allowed to charge reasonable fees to handle and process the parts. The law does not define a reasonable charge. ''The law has never been tested in court. Nobody has ever decided what is selling and what isn't,'' said Jeanne Mowe, executive director of the American Association of Tissue Banks. ……."

Miami Herald 3/30/00 Juan Tamayo "…… A senior Cuban scientist who defected last year charged Wednesday that President Fidel Castro is refusing to allow his wife and daughter to join him in exile, even though they are Spanish citizens. Jose de la Fuente, former research director at the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center in Havana, said his family is so desperate to leave that they sought asylum Tuesday at the Spanish Embassy in Cuba. In a letter to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, de la Fuente contrasted Castro's treatment of his family to the case of child rafter Elian Gonzalez and called it a ``vile retaliation against me for my escape. ……" 4/18/00 Stephan Archer "….. Fidel Castro's daughter does not favor Elian Gonzalez's return to Cuba, and warns that the boy will likely suffer harm and be taken from his father. In an exclusive interview with, Alina Fernandez said the boy is not being returned to the custody of his father, but to the regime of her father, Fidel Castro. She is sure the boy will be sent to a state institution, without his father's consent, to be deprogrammed of his "capitalism experience." Fernandez has been estranged from Castro since she defected from Cuba in 1993 disguised as a Spanish tourist. She now lives in Spain. Fernandez suggests upon his return Elian may be hailed as a hero, but more likely will "disappear somewhere." Fernandez quoted one of her father's recent speeches in which he said that the Cuban government "will have to take care of [Elian's] mental condition once back." She explained that the Cuban government will fear that the child will spread criticism of the Cuban government or relate to other children his experiences in the United States. ……."

Newsweek 4/24/00 Allan Sloan "…….. Well, the stock market had another record week-but not the kind that we've grown used to. The go-go Nasdaq market went-went, falling a sickening 25.3 percent. It was the worst one-week decline ever posted by a broad U.S. market index. Worse than legendary Black Friday week in 1929, worse than the week of the 1987 crash that sent the Dow industrials down 22.6 percent in a single day. The week ended on an especially nauseating note Friday, with stocks losing an amazing $1 trillion of market value, which Wilshire Associates says is the biggest one-day market loss since money was created. That raised the week's losses to a record $2.1 trillion. Frantic Friday was a trifecta, with the Nasdaq, Dow industrials and Standard & Poor's 500 all posting their biggest one-day point losses ever, and percentage losses among the highest. Yech! ……"

Newsweek 4/24/00 Allan Sloan "……..So what went wrong? You can probably date the swoon's start to April 3, when Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson issued his ruling in the Microsoft antitrust case. Microsoft promptly fell more than 15 percent, knocking around $80 billion from its stock-market value and starting the Nasdaq implosion. Instead of what you would expect-Microsoft tanking, rival companies' stocks rising-the contagion spread like a financial computer virus, infecting tech companies everywhere. Since Nasdaq is dominated by tech issues, it took by far the biggest percentage hit. The seemingly irrational reaction to a well-telegraphed event shows how volatile the climate was-and still is, for that matter. ……"

The National Review 4/17/00 kate O’Bierne "……The only thing worse than being a typical child in Cuba is being Elián González back home under the triumphant glare of Fidel Castro. Before his mother made her desperate escape, Elián faced the same deprivation and indoctrination as all Cuban children. Now, Castro rails against the evil imperialists who kidnapped the six-year-old he calls the island's "boy hero." Although attorney general Janet Reno stubbornly insists that the primacy of family ties warrants Elián's return to his father, Cuba's dictator makes a mockery of parental prerogatives. He has pledged to "reprogram" the child so his attitudes don't disappoint the crowds in Havana who chant that Elián has become "the new patriot of the Revolution." Reno is upholding the rights of a parent who has none. Cuba's top diplomat in Washington called Elián "a possession of the state," which is plainly true under Cuba's "Code of the Child, Law No. 16." The development of a child's "Communist personality" is paramount, any influence contrary to Communism must be fought, and advanced schooling is predicated on a child's political attitude. The state may remove custody from parents found to be "hindering" their children's Communist formation. ….."

Excite 4/16/00 Reuters "…….The U.S. government announced late on Sunday that only emergency workers should report to work on Monday in a large area surrounding the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, where thousands of protesters have clashed with police. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management said nonessential federal workers at the State Department, the Interior Department and other key agencies in the area would have the day off, at the recommendation of federal and local law enforcement officials. ……"

CBS News 4/16/00 "……Charges that Elian Gonzalez's father is abusive permeated this weekend in the custody dispute over the six-year-old Cuban child. In an interview with CBS Evening News Anchor Dan Rather to air on 60 Minutes Sunday evening, the father - Juan Miguel Gonzalez - says of the allegations: These are lies. This is an attempt to smear me." "The boy himself has complained repeatedly about beatings by his father," Jose Garcia-Pedrosa, a lawyer for Elian's Miami relatives, told CBS News' Face The Nation on Sunday morning. And a friend of the father's, the Rev. Joan Brown Campbell of the National Council of Churches, told Face The Nation that she's seen no evidence of any abuse. …… " 4/15/00 Christopher Ruddy Jack Thompson "…….In an interview with, Ramon Saul Sanchez, the leader of the Cuban-American community here in Miami and the key organizer of the massive public protests, is warning that if federal authorities try to pluck Elian Gonzalez from his home, there will likely be civil unrest. Speaking outside the home of Elian's uncle Lazaro Gonzalez, Sanchez said it's not impossible for federal authorities to come and take the boy. "It's the aftermath," he said that should worry authorities. "It could be very dangerous." More than 1,000 protesters stand guard at any give time, barricaded a few houses down from Elian's home chanting in support of the boy's desire to remain in a free country. One large banner held by several protesters reads: "No one - not even a father - has the right to enslave another human being." ......"

CNN/The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report. 4/16/00 "…….Police in riot gear used batons and pepper spray on Sunday against protesters gathered in Washington to demonstrate against the policies of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund as the organizations hold their spring meetings. Police hit protesters with batons and sprayed others in the eyes with pepper spray as they tried to push back demonstrators who had broken down a barricade outside the U.S. Treasury Department. Mounted park police used horses to push back others rallying near the White House. Police said they arrested about 40 people on Sunday. More than 630 people were arrested on Saturday. Officers estimated the number of protesters at between 6,000 and 10,000. Hundreds of the protesters were out in force before dawn in downtown Washington, sitting down in intersections and blocking traffic. With helicopters whirling overhead and police sirens blasting, one group formed a circle on Pennsylvania Avenue about five blocks from the White House, their arms locked together in metal tubes called "lock boxes" or "sleeping dragons." ……"

The Times & Free Press 4/17/00 John Commins "….. Almost half of Tennessee's former inmates are going back to prison, and the state is doing little about it, a new audit shows. Of the 8,627 new admissions to Tennessee prisons in fiscal 1998, 3,715, or 43 percent, were either probation or parole violators. That is up from 32 percent in fiscal 1990, the audit by the State Comptroller's Office showed. "Tennessee has not adopted offender rehabilitation as public policy," the audit states. "State correction agencies do not stress abandonment of criminal behavior by offenders through their mission statements, goals and performance measures." ……Gov. Don Sundquist said he was not aware of the audit. But he called the state's high recidivism rate "an ongoing problem." ….."

United Press International 4/17/00 Michael Kirkland "……..The Justice Department has developed a variety of plans to enforce the law in the Elian Gonzalez case. Sources told United Press International Monday that under one plan U.S. marshals would protect immigration agents if they had to forcibly remove the 6-year-old from the home of Miami relatives who are refusing to give him up. The marshals would be necessary because of the crowds surrounding the Miami home. Members of the Cuban-American community in Miami have vowed to resist any attempt to physically remove Elian from his Miami relatives. But one official said the department is remaining flexible, not committing itself to any one course of action, until the end of the federal appeals court process. The Miami relatives, headed by Elian's great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez, have asked the appeals court to order the Justice Department not to transfer Elian's custody to the boy's father, and not to let Elian be removed from the United States, until the relatives' battle to keep the boy is exhausted in the federal courts. ……" 4/17/00 Bruce Sullivan "…….Police in Washington, DC fired tear gas canisters Sunday to disperse a crowd of protesters gathered in the nation's capital to stop a meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). According to Washington Police Chief Charles Ramsey, the deployment of tear gas was necessary to unblock intersections in downtown Washington that had been gridlocked for hours by demonstrators who failed to disperse after police rode motorcycles through the crowd and sprayed some protestors with pepper spray. "The use of tear gas is something we don't resort to unless we absolutely have to," said Ramsey at a news conference where he urged DC residents to stay away from the downtown area……."

LA Times 4/17/00 Ron Brownstein "………Since the mid-1980s, the Democratic Leadership Council and its affiliated think tank, the Progressive Policy Institute, have been the intellectual engines of the centrist New Democrat movement. From welfare reform to national service to fiscal discipline, their ideas have shaped President Clinton's agenda more than any other source. Al Gore relied heavily on DLC themes and ideas in his first bid for the presidency (back in 1988), and even today his top issues advisor, Elaine Kamarck, is a DLC alumna. But in the past few months, presumptive Republican nominee George W. Bush appears to have been reading from the DLC playbook more closely than Gore. On a series of major issues, Bush has embraced the exact position taken by the DLC and its congressional allies, while Gore has either kept his distance or actively opposed the DLC stance. The DLC still agrees with Gore on far more issues than with Bush, but the unusual alignment isn't just coincidence either. It's a measure of revealing shifts in the ideological landscape for both parties……." 4/17/00 "……..Victims of terrorism say the Clinton administration has over the last month increased efforts to stop them from collecting multimillion-dollar judgments from state sponsors of the attacks they underwent. The victims said the administration stopped returning phone calls and arranging meetings with the victims since the U.S. drive to improve relations with Iran, regarded as a key sponsor of terrorism. A 1996 law allows victims of terrorist acts to sue the alleged state sponsors. ''The Clinton administration has continued to object to every practical proposal we have made,'' said Terry Anderson, a former journalist who won a $341 million federal court award against Iran last month. So far, nobody has been able to collect from the judgements. The administration has blocked efforts to seize frozen foreign assets. The victims said administration officials stopped cooperating after the United States launched a drive to reconcile with Iran last month. ……" 4/15/00 Carl Limbacher "…… In a stunning development late on Friday, a surprise witness has come forward claiming that he saw Juan Miguel Gonzalez physically abuse both Elian and his late mother, Elisabeth Brotons Rodriguez, when they were together in Cuba. One beating was so severe it sent Elian's mother to the hospital. The surprise witness also challenged widely reported claims that Juan Miguel was an attentive father, contending that he actually spent far less time with the boy than he had told United States officials. Additionally, Elian's father failed to pay child support, according to the shocking new account. In an affidavit filed with the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals, Orlando Rodriguez contends that Elian's father had "a violent nature" and that he'd seen him abuse Elian's mother "in many ways." Mr. Rodriguez, who is apparently the brother of Elisabeth Brotons Rodriguez, said he lost family members on the raft trip that took the life of Elian's mother. ….. The new charges corroborate claims made by a psychologist hired by the family who said last week that, "Elian has expressed that his father freely expresses his anger out of control and in an abusive manner in specific instances." ……"

The Associated Press 4/15/00 Matt Kelley "…..A three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer for The Washinton Post was among about 600 people arrested at a protest against international financial policies Saturday. Police arrested Carol Guzy after escorting her from a cordoned-off area where they had taken into custody demonstrators protesting policies of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Associated Press photographer Kamenko Pajic said officers took him and Guzy from the protest area, but police released him before arresting Guzy. She is among Post photographers who won this year's Pulitzer for feature photography for their pictures of Kosovo refugees. Pajic said it was unclear to him what prompted the arrest of Guzy, who was behind him as they were being led away. He turned and photographed her being handcuffed. ….."

Associated Press (via Yahoo News) 4/15/00 Alice Ann Love "…….Police staged a lightning raid and closed down the headquarters of world finance protesters today after fire officials declared the old warehouse unsafe. Moving through the building, officers seized a plastic container with a rag stuffed inside and what looked like a wick, said executive assistant police chief Terry Gainer. He said it ``looks like a Molotov cocktail,'' adding that police also found soda bottles with the tops or bottoms cut off. The ``convergence'' center was used by hundreds of demonstrators each day to train for mass protests planned for Sunday and Monday and make signs, banners and puppets. ``We're simply concerned about their safety, and we want to make sure there are no fire hazards,'' Washington Police Chief Charles Ramsey said. Two people were arrested as the center was evacuated. Officers said they refused to obey police orders. Police said the building was a fire hazard, with a jury-rigged electrical system, chained doors and a propane stove that was not up to code. ........."

New York Times 4/9/00 Steven Holmes "……He had hoped it would be different. But as the forms roll in -- or, more accurately, do not roll in -- Kenneth Prewitt, director of the Census Bureau, is beginning to doubt that he will meet his twin goals for the 2000 census: persuading 70 percent of Americans to return their forms, and sparking a new wave of American civic engagement. …….. "If we end up at 61 percent, I would give a very good grade to the Census Bureau," Mr. Prewitt said last week. "But not a good grade -- maybe a C -- for the country." But is the census a fair measure of the country turning inward? Or are there other explanations for what appears to be public apathy toward the decennial head count? The plummeting response rate to the census over the years -- from 83 percent in 1970, the first year that forms were sent by mail, to 65 percent in 1990 -- parallels a well-documented trend of voter apathy. ……"

LA Times 4/13/00 Curt Anderson "……A 10 -year, $248 billion income tax cut for millions of married couples faces an uphill battle in the Senate as Republicans accuse Democrats of using irrelevant issues to block consideration of the legislation. Unless the impasse is solved, Republicans will have to muster 60 Senate votes today to end delaying tactics. That would require five Democrats to side with the GOP, which appeared highly unlikely. "This is an attempt to throttle this legislation here in the Senate," said Sen. Paul Coverdell, R-Ga. But Democrats insisted on their right to offer 10 amendments to the tax bill, including measures as diverse as a Medicare prescription drug benefit, a change in the tax treatment of idled farmland and a tax credit for college tuition. ……."

New York Post 4/13/00 "……. The U.S. Civil Rights Commission, a liberal Democratic fiefdom, plans to recommend appointment of an independent monitor to oversee the New York Police Department. Why? The specifics are to be announced tomorrow, but the commission's report is described as "sharply critical" of the NYPD. Rest assured it will rip Rudy Giuliani - and will be useful to the U.S. Senate candidacy of Hillary Clinton. In this respect, it represents another intrusion of federal power into local politics. (For further details, see the facing page.) The report is based on just one day of public hearings - and if this sounds at all familiar, it should. It mimics the three-ring circus that Rep. John Conyers, a far-left Michigan Democrat, brought to town in 1983, in an effort to embarrass then-Mayor Ed Koch. ……"

Los Angeles Times 4/13/00 Tina Daunt "…….Pushed to take a stronger stance on immigrant rights as a result of the Rampart corruption scandal, the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday unanimously asked the Police Commission to bar the routine presence of the Immigration and Naturalization Service at LAPD stations. The council asked that the commission instruct the department to permit INS or Border Patrol agents into police stations only if they are working on specific federal investigations. In all instances, the city lawmakers agreed, the federal agents should have the explicit permission of the station's commanding officer to enter a Los Angeles Police Department facility. The vote comes in the wake of allegations that INS agents were a constant presence at the Rampart station and worked with officers there seeking the deportation of alleged gang members, against whom criminal cases could not be made. ……"

Times of India 4/14/00 Ramesh Chandran "……WASHINGTON: For weeks, elite police battalions were put through their paces on how to deal with clinical efficiency when confronted with rampaging mobs. Police squads and auxiliary units such as fire and ambulance services were repeatedly shown film clips of the ``Seattle riots'' when demonstrators, termed ``anarchists'' by their critics, had forced the shutdown of the World Trade Organisation conference for a day last year. Washington today is a city of barricades and formidable police presence as its energetic mayor Antony Williams is determined that the nation's capital would not tolerate another ``Seattle'' here . But that has not stopped hordes of protestors who have descended here in droves to protest a variety of causes including staging demos against the IMF-World Bank whose spring meeting begins this weekend. ….." 4/14/00 "……The Dow Jones industrials and Nasdaq composite index both endured record one-day point drops today after a new inflation report ignited fierce selling among investors, a mood that turned into panic as the volatile trading session continued. The Dow industrials fell a record 617.78 points and the Nasdaq composite index also took a record fall of 355.49 points. The selloff capped one of the worst weeks ever for U.S. stocks. …….. The Dow Jones industrial average at one point tumbled 722 points before coming back somewhat in the final minutes. The Dow, Wall Street's best-known indicator, closed down 617.78, or 5.7 percent, at 10,305.77, its lowest level in a month. That surpassed the previous record one-day drop of 554.26 points of Oct. 27, 1997, but was far from a record decline in percentage terms. The slide today left the blue-chip index down 12 percent from its Jan. 14 record of 11,722.98…… The Nasdaq composite index tumbled 355.49, or by 9.7 percent, to 3,321.29 at the close, dropping deeper into bear-market territory and its lowest finish since Nov. 17, 1999. That surpassed the previous record one-day point loss, a slide of 349.15 on April 3, and also was the second-biggest daily percentage decline after the 11.35 percent of Oct. 19, 1987……With the latest decline, the technology-focused average was off 34 percent from its March 10 record of 5,048.62…….For the week, Nasdaq's plunge of 25 percent and 1,125.16 points both set records, while the Dow's drop of 805.71 points also was a record weekly slide……."

New York Times 4/13/00 "…….Daddy, I don't want to go back to Cuba. If you want, stay here. I'm not going to Cuba. Daddy, you saw that old lady that went to that sister's house? She wants to take me to Cuba You people say that I want to go to Cuba, but I tell you know that I don't want to go to Cuba. If you want, stay here. But I don't want to go back to Cuba ……"

Washington Times 4/14/00 Jonathan Adler "…… On March 31, a federal appeals court reviewed the Environmental Protection Agency's drinking water target for chloroform and sent the agency packing. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit found the standard "arbitrary and capricious" because the EPA ignored its own scientific conclusions about the relative risks of chloroform in setting the rule…… The EPA's decision was a clear violation of its statutory mandate to use the "best available" scientific evidence in setting target levels for drinking water. The EPA's scientific panel concluded one thing, but the regulators paid it no heed. No amount of "semantic somersaults" by the EPA could justify this course, the court ruled, and the standard was set aside. This decision was only the most recent in a string of significant legal setbacks for the EPA…….Over the past seven years, the Clinton EPA has had its rules and regulations thrown out of court time and again. Federal courts have struck down EPA rules requiring the sale of electric cars in Eastern states, mandating minimum ethanol content in reformulated gasoline, and requiring state regulators to consult with federal wildlife agencies before approving Clean Water Act permits, among many others. Courts also have remanded EPA decisions not to impose more stringent air pollution regulations and invalidated some of the EPA's more aggressive enforcement policies……"

Washington Times 4/10/00 A M Rosenthal "……..The United States Government is using its legal power and the plain threat of police power to send Elian Gonzalez back to Fidel Castro, a known killer who has written into law his custody over the minds and bodies of all Cuban children. But the Clinton administration and all those who argued for the boy's return just ignored the reality that was at the center of the struggle for Elian Gonzalez's future, and the only reason for it: the nature of Mr. Castro, his rule and its goals. Among those goals, and laws, are these: making the family subservient to the communist government, putting the regime's commands above parent or child, worshipping the leader above family, freedom, religion or relations with any other human being. ……The Cuban Constitution's Article 38 decrees that education and culture are to be directed toward promoting "communist formation" of new generations. Article 3 of Cuba's Code for Children, states that the objective for families, schools and all organizations, is that same "communist formation." And if the parents foster ideas departing from the official ideology as taught in schools or the Pioneers' Union, they shall face judicial charges for "hindering the normal development of the child." Elian had to join the Pioneers a year ago, when he was 5. ……"

Republican National Committee 4/14/00 Jim Nicholson "…….As taxpayers burn the midnight oil this weekend, swallowing major doses of Maalox (and stronger stuff) to get through line after line and page after page of complicated tax forms, they can thank Senate Democrats for a bottom line that's $1,400 in Uncle Sam's favor - because that's how much the Democrats think we ought to be taxed just for the privilege of saying "I do." "Once again, the Democrats have showed us exactly where they stand on family values," said Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson. "The value they place on families is a tax value -- about $1,400 in higher taxes that they figure they can squeeze out of every married couple in America. It's wrong, it's unfair, it's contrary to the institution of marriage, and it ought to be eliminated - and it will be, once George W. Bush gets elected to the Presidency with a Republican House and Senate!" Every Senate Democrat joined together to continue a filibuster that so far has kept the Senate from even taking a vote on a measure that would eliminate the marriage penalty, which now affects 25 million married couples, Nicholson said. ........."

Miami Herald 2/25/00 Jay Weaver Elaine De Valle "…… Elian Gonzalez's father doesn't really want the boy returned to Cuba, and told relatives in the past that he himself wanted to live in the United States, according to sworn statements filed in federal court Thursday by attorneys for the 6-year-old's Miami relatives. Witnesses also support the attorneys' claim that Elian would face political persecution in his communist homeland. The documents raise questions about the father's sincerity because they allege that Juan Miguel Gonzalez repeatedly expressed a desire to leave Cuba himself. ……"

US Newswire 4/5/00 "…….Has your doctor asked whether you face violence at home? Explored the cause of bruises, injuries, or stress that affect your health? Is your doctor prepared to help you escape abuse? According to new screening guidelines published by the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) with support from the nation's leading medical associations, women should be able to answer ``yes'' to all those questions. Yet, few can. Fewer than 10 percent of primary care physicians routinely screen for domestic violence during regular office visits, according to the August 4, 1999 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association. A new patient advocacy campaign organized by the FVPF aims to change that……."

The San Diego Union-Tribune 4/5/00 J Harry Jones "…….. A former military communications officer who worked in the White House is being held in County Jail after being caught in a local police Internet-sex sting, a prosecutor said yesterday. John W. Davis of Sandpoint, Idaho, was arrested March 23 after he flew to Los Angeles and drove to San Diego to meet a woman with whom he had been corresponding on the Internet, prosecutor Rick Clabby told a San Diego Superior Court judge. Clabby said the woman led the 44-year-old Davis to believe she would allow him to have sex with her 12-and 14-year-old daughters, who supposedly lived in the Mission Beach area. But neither the girls nor the mother were real. Prosecutors said Davis was actually communicating with a San Diego police officer involved in a sting to snare cyberspace sex criminals. ……."

CNS News 4/4/00 Scott Hogenson "……. I remember watching the Black Monday Crash of 1987. I was news director for WTVR-AM/FM in Richmond, Virginia and the memory of watching the news come across the wire October 19 remains as clear today as it was scary then. While watching the freefall that afternoon with Eddie Anderson, my general manager, I remember saying to him "future fortunes will be built beginning tomorrow." A backward glance shows that stray observation to have been correct. The Nasdaq opened on October 19, 1987 at 406 before plummeting 11.35% that day, a genuine blessing compared with the staid Dow 30, which lost 22.6% of its total value that day alone. The following day, the Nasdaq peeled back another 9% and it lost another 9% by the following week, ending its freefall on October 26, closing at 289 points. By the time the blood letting was over, the Nasdaq had lost nearly 29% of its value. ….." 4/4/00 Shannon McCaffrey "……Two watchdog groups filed a complaint today with the Federal Election Commission alleging that special accounts established by the political parties to benefit Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican Rudolph Giuliani are illegal. Common Cause and Democracy 21 also delivered their complaint to the Justice Department and called for its campaign finance task force to investigate. The complaint targets accounts set up by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee to accept unlimited contributions, known as ''soft money,'' from unions, corporations and individuals who are not permitted to give directly to individual campaigns. Critics say soft money allows candidates to bypass campaign donation limits. ''They're really engaged in a scheme to raise money that is illegal in federal campaigns,'' said Scott Harshbarger, executive director of Common Cause. ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 4/6/00 Tom Carter "…… Elian Gonzalez's father is flying from Havana to Washington this morning for a reunion with his 6-year-old son in the wake of a firestorm over a Cuban Diplomat's statement Tuesday that the boy "is a possession of the Cuban government." The boy's Miami relatives, who have fought to keep the child in the United States, cited the Cuban diplomat's remark as "new evidence" that Attorney General Janet Reno reconsider her decision to award custody to his father. President Fidel Castro declared late last night that it is just matter of days before Elian Gonzalez will be reunited with his father. "I am talking about three days" more or less, Mr. Castro told hundreds of university students. "It is inevitable."……Lawyers for the family caring for Elian said they had drafted a letter to Miss Reno arguing that the boy will be a ward of the Cuban state if he is returned to his father……"

Reuters 4/6/00 Maggie Fox "……Celera Genomics said Thursday it had finished the first step of sequencing the genes of one person, making a human genetic map that could eventually transform medicine and biology. The U.S. company aims to be the first to have a complete sequence of the human genome, which is the collection of all the genes and other genetic material that are the basic blueprint of life. Scientists will use this map to learn more about genes involved in disease, how medicines work, and the workings of basic human biology. "This is the key milestone," Craig Venter, chairman and chief scientific officer of Celera, said in an interview. The Rockville, Maryland-based company's shares rose $28 on the news to $141 by noon EDT. Celera plans to use the genes of five different people, who will remain anonymous, to make up a final human genome sequence. It will copy this sequence several times over to make sure it is correct. ….."

CBS Market Watch 4/5/00 Chris Kraeuter "…….Shares of Celera Genomics soared 54 percent on Wednesday to lead gainers on the NYSE in percentage terms, fighting back after President Bill Clinton said companies conducting genetic research should have the right to patent their discoveries. Celera (CRA: news, msgs) shares advanced 42 3/8 to 116. The Nasdaq Biotech Index ($IXBT: news, msgs) forged ahead 9.3 percent, while the AMEX Biotech index ($BTK: news, msgs) moved up 8.7 percent. The restatement of his administration's current policy, made at a White House conference on Wednesday, comes after comments made in mid-March by Clinton and U.K Prime Minister Tony Blair touched off a steep decline of stocks in the sector……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 4/7/00 Tom Carter "…..Ramon Saul Sanchez, leader of the Democracy Movement, says he will bring tens of thousands of Cuban-Americans out in protest if Elian Gonzalez is forcibly removed from his great-uncle's house in Little Havana. He spoke with Tom Carter in front of the house, where he has been coordinating a street vigil.
Question: Now that Elian's father has arrived in the U.S. how have your plans changed?
Answer: The community would love to see the father come here, sit down under the same roof and talk about his child's fate. What the community is unwilling to do is wrap him up and send him to the Cuban Interests Section so that Castro can pick him up and take him to Cuba.
Q: What about the father's speech at Dulles airport Thursday?
A: It was obviously a statement written by the government. . . . It is obvious there is a design here to maintain friction in the family so a family reunion does not take place because Castro is afraid of that……" 4/6/00 "…….GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush weighed in on the Elian Gonzalez custody battle today, reiterating that he'd support passage of legislation that would make the young Cuban boy a U.S. citizen. "The mother was coming here for freedom," Bush said at a campaign stop in Sacramento, Calif. "The mother was bringing her child to America because she wanted him to grow up in a free world. That's what this is about. You subscribe politics to it. I subscribe freedom to it."….Vice President Al Gore shocked many Democrats last week by taking the same position……" 4/6/00 "…… U.S immigration officials said tonight they will give the family a letter spelling out the process for handing over Elian to his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, who arrived in the United States today. But the officials warned that there may not be an orderly reunion unless they get cooperation from the 6-year-old's Miami relatives, who have been caring for him for since his rescue at sea four months ago. Robert Wallis, an INS official, said the government has gone to extraordinary lengths to work out an orderly transfer, but the Miami relatives have refused to cooperate. …..Earlier today, attorneys for Elian's great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez and his family emerged from negotiations lashing out at federal officials. They complained that the government refused to guarantee that Elian's father would not take his son back to Cuba during the custody battle in the courts……."

3/1/00 This is NARA's press release about the first fire. So far, they don't have a statement about the latest one. National Archives and Records Administration News Release ……… Yesterday (Tuesday, February 29), the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) reported a fire in its Washington National Records Center in Suitland, Maryland. The fire was contained by the Center's fire-safety system and extinguished with no reports of harm to staff or visitors, but some records were damaged. The following is an update on that from Archivist of the United States John Carlin. Although much work will be needed before we can be certain, we believe that of the total of more than 3.7 million cubic feet of records at Suitland, approximately 3,000 cubic feet were in the immediate area. Of those, fewer than 300 cubic feet may have been destroyed. Most of the affected records were wet or damp from sprinkler water or in singed boxes. Our staff at Suitland stayed up through last night making valiant efforts to protect records from water damage and otherwise dealing with the fire's effects, working with personnel from the General Services Administration, from which we lease the facility. ……. "

3/1/00 This is NARA's press release about the first fire "…….. The cause of the fire is as yet undetermined. Because the property is Federal, the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms as well as GSA fire investigators were notified. As the investigation continues, the following is what we know about the fire so far. The sprinkler alarms were activated at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, and alerted the GSA Control Center that there was a problem. The first fire company arrived sometime between 2:45 and 2:50. A fireman on the scene was overcome with smoke at which point firemen abandoned Stack 15 to open the roof hatches to vent the smoke. This process apparently took approximately one hour to accomplish before the firemen returned to Stack 15 to begin to extinguish the fire. The sprinkler system contained the fire during the period between 2:30 and 3:50 at which point the firemen were able to enter the stack. At 8:13 p.m. the firemen on the scene felt that the fire was sufficiently extinguished to allow the investigation to begin in the stack. Our tracking system enabled us to identify the records on the shelves affected by the fire, and agencies whose records may have been affected have been notified. But we won't be able to identify exactly which records have been affected and how seriously until the investigation of the area is completed and we can examine the materials more closely. I will provide further information as it becomes available. JOHN W. CARLIN Archivist of the United States ……"

CBSNEWS.COM 3/29/00 "……The Senate came just a few votes shy of passing a Constitutional amendment allowing Congress the power to ban flag desecration. Sixty-three senators voted for the so-called flag burning amendment and 37 voted against it. But two thirds of the 100-member Senate, or 67 senators, needed to approve the measure for it to be sent to state legislatures for ratification...."

The Patrick Henry Center 3/30/00 Gary Aldrich "……. In the battle to save young Elian Gonzalez from being sent back to Cuba, The Patrick Henry Center was one of the first organizations to lead, and to stand up and speak out on the evils of Communism, and why Elian should remain in the United States. Win or lose, the Elian Gonzalez case has sparked the first serious discussion in recent years about the horrors of living in a Communist dictatorship. Sadly, Fidel Castro has used the same case to crack down on political dissidents. Now, the Clinton Administration stands alone in its efforts to force young Elian back to a doubtful relationship, and a dark future. The Mayor of Miami has made a public statement today that if there is violence in Miami caused by Reno's insistence that Elian be seized and deported, the trouble will be on Reno's and Clinton's heads. ......"

The New York Times 4/19/00 ".......In a victory for the Miami relatives of Elián González, a federal court in Atlanta issued an injunction that prevents the boy from leaving the United States. But the decision did not bar the federal government from reuniting Elián with his father, Juan Miguel González, in this country. Mr. González flew from Cuba on April 6 to claim his son, but has said he would stay in this country if the international custody battle turns into a prolonged legal fight. In its ruling, the court rejected the government's request to lift a temporary stay order that was barring the boy from leaving the country. The court said it found the government's argument's "not compelling." ......"

REUTERS 4/19/00 "........Attorney General Janet Reno said Wednesday that nothing in a federal appeals court ruling would prevent her transferring shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez to his Cuban father as long as the 6-year-old stays in the United States. "The court order does not preclude me from placing Elian in his father's care while he is in the United States," Reno said in Oklahoma City in commenting on the next possible moves in the international custody battle. "We are going to take and consider all our options, and take the course of action that we deem appropriate under the circumstances," Reno said, leaving open the possibility that the boy will be taken from his Miami relatives while the case is on appeal. ......."

Washington Post via Drudge 4/18/00 Arthur Rotstein "......The Internal Revenue Service violated its own code and the federal Privacy Act by improperly disclosing tax data on 1,391 taxpayers to an accountant, agency officials said Tuesday. The agency has apologized to the taxpayers and offered compensation. As a result of the error, the agency could be liable for at least $1.3 million in penalties, said Jodi Patterson, an IRS spokeswoman. The mistake was discovered last fall after certified public accountant William Wewee, a former IRS employee, requested tax return information for 50 clients fearful of the so-called Y2K bug. The IRS sent him information on 1,391 taxpayers, including their names, Social Security numbers, tax liabilities and taxable income, Wewee said. "I knew they had just broken the law," he said. ....."

CATO Project on Social Security Privatization 4/19/00 Charles Rounds Jr. ".... One of the most enduring myths of Social Security is that a worker has a legal right to his Social Security benefits. Many workers assume that, if they pay Social Security taxes into the system, they have some sort of legal guarantee to the system's benefits. The truth is exactly the opposite. It has long been law that there is no legal right to Social Security. In two important cases, Helvering v. Davis and Flemming v. Nestor, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Social Security taxes are simply taxes and convey no property or contractual rights to Social Security benefits. As a result, a worker's retirement security is entirely dependent on the political decisions of the president and Congress. Benefits may be reduced or even eliminated at any time........ Moreover, because Social Security benefits are not a worker's property, they are not inheritable. ......

Newsmax 4/27/00 UPI "……The Clinton administration is helping Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi get away with mass murder, investigative reporter Cliff Kincaid said Tuesday. He made the charge amid reports that the trial of two Libyans suspected of bombing Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988 could be delayed because the defense introduced a new witness list. The trial was set to begin on May 3 in the Netherlands before a panel of three Scottish jurists. Kincaid addressed a National Press Club "Morning Newsmaker" audience on Tuesday. …….. Kincaid said that while researching another subject last year, he stumbled on the United Nations' role in brokering a deal that would set the terms of the trial. He categorized the deal in this way: If Gadhafi turns over two "scapegoats," the trial will be designed not to undermine his regime. Nor will the suspects be questioned about the Libyan government's involvement in the crime or other acts of terrorism. The motive for the deal was profits for American oil companies, particularly Occidental Petroleum, which Kincaid said funnels money into political campaigns. ….."

Associated Press 4/24/00 "…..Fourteen Denver SWAT officers have sued a retired FBI agent and a radio talk-show host for accusing police of deliberately killing a Mexican national in a botched no-knock raid. The defamation lawsuit, filed April 18, alleged the comments by host Peter Boyles and former agent Jim Kearney sullied the officers' reputations. Boyles, whose morning program airs on KHOW-AM, said if Kearney was lying, he didn't know it. Kearney said he stood behind his statements and added: ``I can prove everything I said.'' Jacor Broadcasting, which operated KHOW-AM at the time, also was named as a defendant. ``I can't imagine what their allegations would be other than they didn't like a guest on our show,'' said Lee Larsen, vice president and general manager of Clear Channel AM, which owns Jacor Broadcasting. The lawsuit centers on a Sept. 29 no-knock raid at a two-story home where Ismael Mena was killed by police. ….. Police and a special prosecutor who investigated the raid said Mena pointed a gun at officers after they confronted him in the doorway of his second-floor bedroom. He eventually fired three shots and police opened fire, killing Mena. ….."

Washington Post 4/25/00 Joan Biskupic "……Supreme Court justices voiced concerns yesterday that a new California primary law that allows voters to cast ballots across party lines might trample political parties' rights to choose their nominees. The robust session focused on "blanket" primaries, the system in California and three other states that lets voters choose among all parties for each office on an election ballot. For example, voters can choose a Democratic nominee for president, a Republican nominee for governor, and a Libertarian one for lieutenant governor. But an eventual ruling also could affect about 20 states - including Virginia - that hold so-called open primaries. Under that system, voters can decide on Election Day which primary they will vote in. In last February's Michigan GOP primary, Arizona Sen. John McCain defeated Texas Gov. George Bush with the support of Democrats and independents. McCain, who supports California's blanket primary law, is among the many politicians and political groups who have weighed in with "friend of the court" briefs in the closely watched case. "The very essence of the party's First Amendment right," Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said yesterday, "is to define its own message and decide its own candidates."……." 4/25/00 Maggie O’Brien Jeff Zeleny "…..Seattle sex columnist Dan Savage will be charged with felony voter fraud for allegedly casting a vote in Iowa's first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses, a Des Moines attorney said Monday. The Polk County attorney's office is poised to charge Savage with two counts of voter fraud, according to attorney Mark Weinhardt, who is representing Savage. Savage faces a felony charge and a serious misdemeanor charge, which could land him behind bars for a total of six years if he's convicted, Weinhardt said. Weinhardt, who said he hadn't seen official court documents, declined to comment further. Savage claimed that he used his temporary address at Des Moines' Kirkwood Hotel to vote in the January caucuses. In the days after the caucuses, he wrote an article for online magazine called "Stalking Gary Bauer." Savage, who is gay, wrote that he tried to infiltrate the conservative Republican's Iowa campaign as an act of protest. He also claimed that he attempted to infect Bauer with the flu bug by licking door knobs at the campaign headquarters......."

WorldNetDaily 5/9/00 David Limbaugh "……We now have irrefutable proof that the Democrats are scared silly about Republicans winning the White House and retaining control of both houses of Congress. Only such desperation could explain their bizarre lawsuit against Majority Whip Tom DeLay. …….. By threatening to withhold favorable action on legislation affecting them, DeLay allegedly pressured entities to make contributions to these organizations (extortion). And by falsely asserting that the organizations were not political committees they avoided the requirement that their donor lists be publicly disclosed -- even though the organizations passed these funds on to the Republican Party (money laundering). ……"

WorldNetDaily 5/9/00 David Limbaugh "……Kennedy chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and has a vested interest in obstructing DeLay's Republican fundraising efforts on behalf of congressional Republicans. Indeed, Kennedy acknowledged that he couldn't wait on the Department of Justice or Federal Election Commission to investigate because their investigation wouldn't be in time to prevent the organizations from flooding key congressional races with money. In the press conference announcing his lawsuit, Kennedy conveniently forgot to mention the fact that several top Democratic Party contributors have used similar techniques to keep their donors private. He also failed to reveal that his suit relies solely on hearsay gleaned through newspaper articles concerning DeLay's fundraising activities. No one was interviewed, nor was any investigation conducted prior to the filing of the suit. ……"

WorldNetDaily 5/9/00 David Limbaugh "……The Clinton administration has amassed quite a legacy in misusing the judicial system to circumvent the legislative process and force companies, such as tobacco and gun manufacturers, to take action in accordance with its dictates. Now its Democrat counterparts in Congress are following suit (pun intended). ….."

Independent News 5/9/00 Jeremy Laurance "……A hospital trust was condemned yesterday for a catalogue of failings in a research trial on premature babies that left 43 children dead or suffering from brain damage. An inquiry into the North Staffordshire Hospital NHS Trust found serious flaws in the design and supervision of the trial of a ventilator used on 122 babies. Parents were unaware their children were being given an experimental treatment, measurement of the treatment's success was unsatisfactory and monitoring was inadequate, the inquiry concluded. ……."

Reuters 5/9/00 "……Flamboyant former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards was convicted of racketeering, extortion, mail fraud and wire fraud on Tuesday in connection with the riverboat casino licensing process in Louisiana. The verdict was announced following jury deliberations which began on April 24 after a 14-week trial. Edwards, 72, his son Stephen Edwards, cattle auctioneer Cecil Brown, former gubernatorial aide Andrew Martin, businessman Bobby Johnson, state Sen. Greg Tarver and gaming commission board member Ecotry Fuller were charged in five corruption schemes linked to the granting of casino licenses. …" 5/4/00 UPI "….. A Navy SEAL commando has been arrested on charges of stealing a variety of military explosives and selling them to a surplus dealer in Virginia. The San Diego Union-Tribune said Wednesday that Petty Officer Jonathan Dean Cripe, 39, was taken into custody Tuesday at a San Diego-area naval base on charges contained in a federal indictment issued in Richmond, Va. Cripe, a member of a SEAL unit at the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, is charged with four conspiracy counts related to the theft and transportation of government property, explosives, ammunition and firearms. He was awaiting arraignment in a federal jail in San Diego on Wednesday. …….The newspaper said Cripe allegedly sold dozens of hand grenades, anti-personnel mines, C-4 plastic explosives and other ammunition to Daniel F. Robinson, a Hopewell, Va. military surplus dealer; the relationship between the two reportedly began in 1994 when Cripe, who was then assigned to the Naval Amphibious Base in Little Creek, Va., met Robinson at a gun show. ….."

The Detroit News 5/4/00 Lisa Zagaroli and Kim Kozlowski "…..Six people are facing charges in U.S. District Court for their role in a vast smuggling network that spanned two continents and aimed to bring hundreds of illegal aliens into the United States from China through Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The six, who were indicted Tuesday, are accused of conspiring to smuggle aliens into the United States. by bribing a U.S. official who posed as a corrupt immigration inspector. Three others also are under investigation. The investigation, known as Operation Squeeze Play, is a significant break for the Immigration and Naturalization Service because it targets a complex network of smugglers and includes the so-called snakeheads, who are at the heart of the operation. Before now, area law enforcement has prosecuted only a few local smugglers who drove illegal aliens only a few miles of their multicontinent journeys. ….." 5/5/00 "…… Charges leveled against him by the House Democrat leadership are "pretty pathetic," GOP Majority Whip Tom DeLay said after firing a broadside at the nation's elitist foes in the culture wars, Shrugging off a lawsuit filed by Rep. Patrick Kennedy, chairman of the House Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Texas Republican ripped into House Democrats, saying: "They'll do anything, lie, cheat and steal, to get back the House. They're showing this desperation." "First of all, I'm not stupid - Every step I take is covered by lawyers. I know that they're after me." DeLay told reporters after a National Press Club appearance where he unloosed a blast at what he called a small elite of opinion-makers who he says are waging a "cultural coup d'etat" on the country's fundamental values and called on Americans to wage a faith-based counter-attack. ……."

Capitol Hill Blue 5/4/00 Shruti Dale "….. The IRS remains as troubled as it was almost two years ago, when the Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 was passed to correct some of its problems, federal officials said at a joint congressional review of the tax service. But the current modernization agenda is a positive move toward reforming the agency, they said. The joint review, the second since the establishment of the Restructuring Act, provided a forum for the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the Joint Committee on Taxation mandated by RRA and the IRS taxpayer advocate. The IRS' problems reflect weaknesses in fundamental facets of its operations, such as its organizational structure, information systems, financial management, performance management and human capital, according to the General Accounting Office. Three main challenges lie ahead, GAO said: completing all elements of a performance management system, revamping business practices and effectively modernizing systems. ….."

National Review 5/5/00 Stephen Hayes "…… Ted Kennedy once said his son, Patrick, was "the best surf-caster on Cape Cod." But the younger Kennedy, a lifelong fisherman and chief angler at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), betrayed this vast experience yesterday and went big-game fishing with worms. At a Capitol Hill news conference, Kennedy announced a DCCC-sponsored lawsuit against House majority whip Tom DeLay, alleging, among other things, that DeLay has engaged in "extortion," "money laundering," "racketeering," and "conspiracy" to further his political agenda. The DCCC argues that DeLay's fundraising activities violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), designed originally to curb organized crime. The suit basically recycles allegations from a smattering of newspaper reports detailing DeLay's aggressive and creative fundraising. New "evidence" of wrongdoing is nowhere to be found. What the allegations have in mobster-like sensational news appeal, they lack in substance. Perhaps for that reason, the Democrats' two previous attempts to draw attention to the matter have yielded no results, with even the Clinton Justice Department taking a pass. ….."

Reuters 5/5/00 "……A federal appeals court on Friday ruled that political parties cannot be restricted in how much they spend to support congressional candidates, striking down a federal spending limit law as a violation of free speech. The 2-1 ruling by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals was a blow to the Federal Election Commission, the agency that enforces the law, which argued that the limit was necessary to control potential election corruption. At issue was a limit that applies only to the spending that political parties coordinate with their congressional candidates. The U.S. Supreme Court in 1996 ruled that parties may make unlimited expenditures if they are not coordinated or in consultation with the candidates. ….."

Los Angeles Times 5/5/00 Henry Weinstein "….. Police use of pepper spray to subdue nonviolent protesters may be an unconstitutionally "unreasonable use of force" in some circumstances, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday. The ruling, in a case growing out of protests against logging in the Headwaters Forest area in Northern California, does not ban the use of pepper spray. But the decision by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals indicates that there are limitations on when it is appropriate for use by law enforcement. The ruling could influence police tactics statewide at a time when Los Angeles police are preparing to handle protests at this summer's Democratic National Convention. ……"

Boston Herald 5/6/00 "……. Rep. Patrick Kennedy and his fellow Democrats in the U.S. House have gone off the deep end. His lawsuit accusing a leading Republican of extorting campaign contributions is frivolous and stupid to boot. Rep. Tom Delay of Texas, the Republic whip, is an aggressive fund-raiser, no doubt about it. But ``systematic extortion,'' the way the Rhode Island Democrat described it in announcing the lawsuit by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (which he heads), is going too far. ……. All Kennedy could produce to back up his accusation was a few newspaper clippings - not a single affidavit from anybody claiming to have been ``hammered'' for money. That's a pretty thin basis for freedom to rummage around in Delay's files, which is what lawyers get to do in the process called ``discovery' that's part of most civil cases……… It's hard to see how Democrats think they can gain by this. The New York Times placed its story directly above a story about the Democrats raising the top price of a ticket for a fund-raiser with President Clinton to $500,000. The Republicans might well want to question some of those ticket-buyers with a little discovery of their own. ……. And this is why Kennedy was stupid. The Democrats are vulnerable to retaliation. Everything DeLay has done was pioneered by then-Rep. Tony Coelho (D-Calif.) when he was his party's chief fund-raiser in the House in the 1980s. Coelho is now the top dog in Al Gore's presidential campaign. The Republicans would love to tie him up in giving depositions under oath in October. ……."

HOUSTON CHRONICLE 5/7/00 Clay Robinson "…….House Majority Whip Tom DeLay on Saturday vowed to vigorously fight a racketeering lawsuit filed against him by Democrats and to force Democrats in Congress to testify under oath about their own fund-raising activities. "They picked on the wrong guy," DeLay said at a news conference. "We're going to fight this with everything that we've got, and I guarantee you they will rue the day that they've ever done this." ……..DeLay, an outspoken conservative leader and political lightning rod, said he planned to respond to the lawsuit by seeking sworn interviews with Democrats about their own fund-raising. "We are looking at opportunities to depose every member of Congress that's a Democrat and to depose every member" of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, he said. "We are really looking forward to that, and the best part about it is, I guess, they thought they would intimidate me. They have not intimidated me. We're going to fight with everything that we believe in." ……"

Oklahoman 5/8/00 "…… DEMOCRATS who filed a racketeering lawsuit against U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay and three conservative groups last week know their case doesn't have a snowball's chance in you-know-where of winning in court. But by making headlines in newspapers across the country, they probably got what they wanted all along. ……….. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee filed the civil suit in federal court claiming DeLay of Texas, the Republican House majority whip, extorts contributions from donors and then funnels the money to three nonprofit groups to help GOP candidates. DeLay, who represents a district near Houston, says conservatives have merely come around to tactics employed by liberals for years. Republicans say groups including the AFL- CIO and the Sierra Club use the nonprofits, which are not subject to revealing the names of their donors, to advance their causes. "This is politics, not law," racketeering law scholar G. Robert Blakey told the Washington Post. "My guess is it will be out of court quicker than a flash of summer lightning." ……"

Orlando Sentinel 5/9/00 Charley Reese "……. It's probably a good time to think about what appears to be a growing problem -- the militarization of civilian police agencies. …….. The duty of the military is to close with and destroy the enemy. The enemy is anybody designated as an enemy by the government. ……The duty of the police, however, is to uphold the rule of law, including the Constitution. This involves taking into custody fellow citizens whom they have probable cause to believe have broken the law. At the same time, these presumed law-breakers, under our system of government, retain a presumption of innocence until they are convicted in a court of law, and they have lots of rights that must be respected. A designated enemy of the military, of course, has no rights, least of all a right to life……."

Worldnetdaily 5/9/00 Sarah Foster "…… Despite all-out efforts in opposition by property-rights advocates and groups like the National Taxpayers Union, a highly controversial, multi-billion-dollar land acquisition bill -- which opponents have managed to stall for six months -- has garnered over 300 co-sponsors and is on floor of the House. It could be voted on as early as tomorrow. "It's a miracle we've been able to hold this bill up this long," says Mike Hardiman, a consultant and lobbyist for the American Land Rights Alliance -- a nonprofit organization based in Battleground, Wash., which has spearheaded the opposition. ……. HR 701, the Conservation and Reinvestment Act, or CARA, is essentially a vehicle for giving coastal states a 50 percent cut of the $4 billion to $6 billion in oil and gas revenues generated annually from drilling on the outer continental shelf -- money which at present goes into the nation's general fund. ……"

Los Angeles Daily News 5/9/00 AP "……In a victory for organized labor, the Senate has approved a bill requiring thousands of school and community college employees to pay union dues or "fair share" fees to cover the cost of representing them. "What this is, is government telling people there is no free lunch," said the measure's author, Senate President Pro-Tem John Burton (D-San Francisco). But Sen. Ray Haynes, R-Riverside, said the bill was "absolutely destructive of freedom." ….."I don't think a majority vote ought to be determining if a private organization ought to be taking money out of my paycheck," he said. ….."

CNN 5/3/00 "……The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee filed a suit Wednesday against House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Texas), accusing him of using three committees he controls -- the Republican Majority Issues Committee, the U.S. Family Network and Americans for Economic Growth -- to engage in practices of extortion and money laundering. ……. Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-Rhode Island) said the committee's lawyers on Wednesday filed a civil RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Washington. "Nobody takes this seriously," said DeLay spokesman Jonathan Baron. "This is a hackneyed tactic. It is ridiculous on its face." He said the Democratic campaign committee "must think they're starring in an episode of 'The Sopranos.'" …….. The suit includes what Democratic committee sources claim are "dozens" of examples of DeLay illegally moving money around between his three committees and using them to threaten and pressure people and organizations to give money to Republicans and withhold money from Democrats. ….."

Scripps Howard News Service 5/2/00 Lance Gay "……The Social Security Administration admitted Tuesday that it allows convicted felons to handle the financial affairs of elderly and disabled persons who no longer are capable of handling their own money. Stunned members of the Senate Aging Committee responded that it's no surprise that the agency has opened 1,352 criminal investigations since 1998 involving people who have bilked the elderly of their benefits and savings. "This is unfair and dangerous,'' said Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark. If you aren't able to handle your own financial affairs and have no friend or relative to take on the task, the Social Security Administration will assign someone to do the paperwork for you. Lincoln noted that most of the 10 million people recognized by Social Security as representative payees are "trusting and caring persons." ……"

AP 4/26/00 Phillip Brasher "…..Big farms are hogging federal subsidies that should be targeted to smaller producers, an environmental group says. More than 60 percent of almost $23 billion in federal farm subsidies went to just 10 percent of the subsidy recipients from 1996 to 1998, according to an analysis of Agriculture Department records by the Environmental Working Group. The 144,000 farmers and landowners that make up that top 10 percent received $13.8 billion in subsidies between 1996 and 1998, an average of $95,875 each. The average payment for the remaining 90 percent of subsidy recipients was $6,941. …."

Miami Herald 4/24/00 "…..Sex and politics apparently don't mix in Iowa, as prosecutors there will charge sex columnist Dan Savage with two counts of voter fraud that could land him behind bars for up to six years. Savage's attorney, Mark Weinhardt, said his client faces a felony charge and one misdemeanor count for using a temporary Des Moines address to vote in the Iowa caucuses in January. The felony charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison; the misdemeanor has a maximum penalty of a year in jail. Savage, who pens a syndicated sex advice strip and whose work has appeared in several national publications, was in the Hawkeye state representing the online magazine, for which he eventually wrote a five-part article, "Stalking Gary Bauer." The stories were about how Savage, a gay liberal, worked undercover inside the campaign headquarters of the old-school Christian conservative. In order to achieve this, the Seattle-based Savage had to register as a voter in Iowa. ….."

AP 4/26/00 Adam Gorlick "…….The legislative effort to strip the county sheriffs of power has been something of a crusade for state Sen. George Gunther. The senior Republican lawmaker from Stratford has been trying to abolish the system for the past three decades, blasting it as rife with patronage and corruption. ''Oh yea, oh yea, oh yea,'' Gunther said while casting his vote Tuesday to put the sheriffs out of work and convert their deputies to marshals who would answer to the state's Judicial Department. The bill passed unanimously. The House OK'd the bill last week, and Gov. John G. Rowland -- who started trying to run the sheriffs out of the state constitution last year -- is expected to sign it. But Gunther had some criticism for the bill, which lacks language that would prevent the county sheriffs from ever working as marshals. ''I would hate like hell to see the admirals and generals go back into the system,'' Gunther said. ….."

Washington Times 4/27/00 Sandra Butler "…..A lot of people felt a sigh of relief recently when the Social Security Board of Trustees announced that a strong economy has postponed the date of that program's financial collapse by three years, until 2037. Good news? Yes, if you believe that Social Security's trust funds are real. But as Sen. Ernest Hollings, South Carolina Democrat, once said about the trust funds, "There is no trust and no fund." …….The report makes clear, beyond any doubt, that Social Security is unsustainable in the long run and needs to be redesigned. Here are some key reasons why: ……(1) Program structure. When you deposit money in a bank account, that money represents real assets that belong to you. When workers pay in to Social Security, that money is immediately sent out to pay current benefits. Any surplus revenue is either spent or used to pay down public debt. In return, the trust funds are issued non-marketable bonds. …… (2) Changing demographics. In 1950, there were 17 workers per beneficiary. Today there are 3.4 workers, and by 2030 there will be about two workers per beneficiary. ….(3) Massive deficits. Social Security will begin running huge deficits in just 15 years. At first the deficits start out small, then balloon rapidly. In 2015, the deficit in inflation-adjusted dollars will be an estimated $7 billion. In 2020, the deficit jumps to $187 billion, and in 2030 it's a staggering $261 billion………. (4) A bad deal for workers. If forced to remain in the current system, the children and grandchildren of today's retirees face dim prospects for their own retirement years…….. (5) A declining economy. We are now in the longest period of economic expansion in the nation's history, but it won't last forever. ……"

Washington Times 4/27/00 Donald Lambro "……. George W. Bush's domestic policy advisers are working on a hush-hush reform plan to address an issue that he has been virtually silent about: wasteful, inefficient federal spending. Senior Bush campaign officials will not publicly discuss the government reform plan, which he intends to announce sometime this spring. But some of his policy advisers say it calls for using state-of-the-art computer technology, broader use of the Internet, and widespread privatization to deliver government services at less cost and with fewer federal workers. In what insiders call "a work in progress" that could revolutionize the way antiquated, snail's-pace agencies and programs are run, the plan calls for using the same technological and downsizing reforms that U.S. businesses have used to boost productivity and deliver better products and services at a cheaper price. …….. A case in point: Despite some changes in its operations, the Agriculture Department's county field offices originally were created to be no more than a day's horseback ride away from farmers. In the era of the Internet, this is a grossly inefficient system that cries out for reform.. …"

Reuters 4/27/00 Donna Smith "….The Senate failed Thursday to break an impasse over a $248 billion Republican-backed tax cut for married couples that Democrats say is too costly and is skewed in favor of the wealthy. For the second time in a month, Republicans failed to muster the 60 votes needed to limit debate and order a vote on the tax cut bill. Republicans accused Democrats of opposing tax cuts while Democrats complained about the size of the package, arguing it would hurt other budget priorities such as providing a prescription drug benefit for the elderly. ``They (the Democrats) don't really want marriage penalty tax relief. That is the unspoken truth,'' Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott told reporters. ``They can't say it because they know the marriage penalty infuriates people,'' the Mississippi Republican added. ``You know why they don't want it? Because it is a tax cut.'' ….."

Orange County Register 4/25/00 George Bryak "……There is nothing inherently wrong with structuring police departments along military lines; agencies so designed exist in many democratic countries committed to the "rule of law." However, a problem arises when an organization with a militaristic orientation entrusted with significant power comes to believe that it is literally engaged in combat. Over the past 30 to 35 years almost every administration at the federal level has waged its version of the "war on crime" and "war on drugs," a philosophy that has been embraced by many big city police departments. …..The difference between city streets and a war zone is that, in the former, police officers encounter fellow citizens with constitutional rights while, in the latter, soldiers seek out and attempt to destroy the enemy. According to the testimony of recently convicted LAPD officer Rafael Perez, it is clear that some members of Rampart CRASH (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums) thought of themselves and their jobs more in terms of soldiers tan peace officers. Police officers who take the life of another human being in the line of duty typically experience remorse, and in some cases are so psychologically distraught by the experience that it precludes them from continuing their careers in law enforcement. ……. Perez stated that the night unarmed Juan Saldana was shot and killed he and two other officers "celebrated" in a bar until 6 or 7 o'clock the next morning. While this behavior seems incomprehensible to most people, it is understandable in the context that Saldana and other suspects were viewed as the enemy. ……"


WorldNetDaily 5/17/00 Charles Smith "…..Every time you fill your gas tank, you are helping Russia buy a nuclear missile. Bill Clinton is trying to leave a legacy, and Al Gore is trying to get elected. The combination of Bill and Al has raised world oil prices to finance a new round of the arms race. ……. In the May 5 article titled "Clinton approves oil-price hikes" on Clinton energy policy and nation security, Vice President Al Gore is incorrectly quoted as saying, "I think the reason is because we more or less asked the organization of petroleum producing countries to raise oil prices in helping Russia develop its economy." ……..According to a transcript of the event, Sen. Bill Bradley made the statement in answer to a question from Bernard Shaw. The detailed transcript of answers from both Bradley and Gore sheds light on Clinton's oil diplomacy and its deadly results:

SHAW: Now, Sen. Bradley, for you, an Internet question from We sent our armed forces to the Persian Gulf in 1991 to return a country to its owners. Now we see higher gas prices. What will you do to insure this does not happen again?

BRADLEY: Well I can't quite tell what the question means. In 1991, we did fight the Persian Gulf War. We did win. And now gas prices are very high -- the highest they've been. And I think the reason they're high now is because we more or less asked OPEC to raise oil prices in hopes of helping Russia be able to sell its oil on the international market, make more foreign exchange and be able to develop its economy. I think that now in California and across this country, oil prices are skyrocketing and we need action. Frankly, we needed action about six months ago. We needed to release the oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, something I built from 10 million barrels to 57 -- or 10 days of supply to 57 days of supply. But more importantly, we need to go to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, those countries that we defended in the Gulf War, and need to tell them to increase their oil production. We needed to tell them to increase their oil production six months ago in order to prevent the price increases that-- ….."

Reuters 5/17/00 Tom Doggett "…….The Clinton administration said on Tuesday it was ``nervous'' about U.S. crude oil prices topping $30 a barrel, but said it was premature to urge OPEC to increase its production. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson acknowledged that a steady march upward in oil prices during the past three weeks fell short of the stability that U.S. officials had hoped for after OPEC agreed in March to raise crude oil output. ``We are nervous about the spikes, about oil at $30 a barrel, after some initial (price) stability,'' Richardson told Reuters in an interview following a meeting of an Energy Department nuclear advisory panel. ……"

Reuters via Yahoo! 5/16/00 "…….President Clinton said on Tuesday he will shift his voter registration to New York out of support for first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate bid, but showed a twinge of sentiment for his native Arkansas. ``I intend to register so I can vote for her in November,'' Clinton told reporters at the White House on Tuesday, indicating he had not yet made the expected registration switch. ``This was kind of a difficult issue,'' he said. ``I just voted in the last school election in Little Rock two days ago. And for me, it's hard, you know, on a personal basis,'' he said. ….." Freeper asks "….Just how the heck can Clinton hope to vote in New York? Has he even spent the night there yet? Even the article says the New York house was bought to be Hillary's residence (not his). Hell, he admits he voted in Arkansas two days ago. What has happened in the last two days that made him a legal resident of New York instead of Arkansas? Didn't he just recently announce his intent to live with his mother-in-law in Arkansas after he leaves office?….."

Seattle Weekly 5/11/00 Knute Berger "……THE LINE BETWEEN the police and the military has been blurring for years.. …… Increasingly, police departments around the country are receiving military-style training and being advised to acquire arsenals that are compatible with the military's. And while civilian police departments are being militarized, the military itself is taking on law enforcement-style missions at home and abroad: peacekeeping in trouble spots, patrolling US borders, and hunting down drug smugglers. ………"

Yahoo!!! 5/16/00 Reuters "….Claiming the Clinton administration has no energy plan for the future, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said on Tuesday the Senate would vote this year on new legislation aimed at cutting U.S. dependence on imported oil to 50 percent. At a news conference to unveil the Republican energy package, Lott said the bill would open a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil production -- a move opposed by most environmentalists. ….."

USA Today 5/9/00 Edward T. Pound and Steve Sternberg "……The Food and Drug Administration's internal files show that a commonly used drug, gentamicin sulfate, caused toxic reactions in hundreds of consumers and may have led to 17 deaths last year, congressional investigators disclosed Monday. Investigators say the drug appears to have been imported from foreign manufacturers. An antibiotic used to treat severe infections such as blood poisoning and inflammation of the heart lining, gentamicin sulfate is one of many drugs imported in bulk into the USA daily. ……. Nearly 80% of the active ingredients used in prescription generic drugs are made overseas. Favored by cost-conscious health plans, generics account for 47% of the roughly $92 billion prescription drug market, up from 18.5% in the mid-1980s. ……Bliley says the FDA ''has not only known of the evidence of harm'' but has failed to ''adequately investigate'' companies that ship tainted or even counterfeit medicines. ... He called on the FDA to set up a task force with the Customs Service to pursue criminal investigations. ……"

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal 5/12/00 Jack Norman "…..The manager of the Milwaukee census office quit unexpectedly Thursday morning, saying in a letter to her boss that she felt forced to resign because she has been "requested to compromise my ethics and morals." The letter did not give specific examples, and Kathleen Knutson-Haushalter, who had managed the office since early 1999, declined to elaborate on her reasons later in the day. Knutson-Haushalter did say, however, that even by the end of normal business hours Thursday, no one from the U.S. Census Bureau had tried to reach her to ask what prompted her resignation and her contention of ethical and moral lapses within the bureau……."

Reuters 5/14/00 Eric Wahlgren "…….No more baby aspirin, a pill at a time. This week Wall Street wants nothing less than an adult dose to get rid of that inflation headache. Market experts aren't just predicting the Federal Reserve will go hard on inflation with a decisive, half a percentage point interest rate hike when it meets on Tuesday. Many are hoping for the big one. This is the thinking: If the central bank sticks with its usual policy of gradually turning up the heat on inflation with modest, quarter of a percentage point boosts in borrowing costs, there's little telling when the monetary tightening could stop. ……"

Drudge 5/14/00 "…….Hillary Clinton's senate campaign released the e-mail addresses of media stars and campaign insiders over the weekend after a software glitch nearly crippled the campaign's e-mail alert system.......... "There's been a giant screw-up," said a staffer. "The names and addresses of recipients are not supposed to appearing in the e-mail!"...... The nightmare began on Friday evening when a digital alert was sent out to more than a thousand reporters and political players by Hillary campaign staffer Karen Dunn. ……." 5/12/00 "……..In a startling expose in the current issue of The Nation, writer Ken Silverstein uncovers the shocking tale of Gore's historical super-close connection to the giant Occidental Petroleum company, its ongoing attempts to despoil the U'wa tribal ancestral homeland, and the shady role the Clinton administration is playing behind the scenes. ……. And the expose is given more weight in view of the fact that it appears in an ultra left-wing publication one would expect to be backing ultra liberal Al Gore's presidential bid to the hilt. ……… Briefly, the dispute, which turned violent when Colombian security forces used tear gas against members of the tribe demonstrating against Occidental's drilling plans, resulting in the subsequent death of three children who drowned when fleeing the melee, involves the company's plan to drill on U'wa tribal land, which the company believes holds 1.4 billion barrels of oil worth about $35 billion in today's prices. ……….Interestingly, in view of Gore's pretensions to be a dedicated environmentalist, one of the principal objections to Occidental's drilling is its record of disastrous oil spills from its Caño Limon pipeline, just north of U'wa land and repeatedly bombed by guerrillas. The spills, Silverstein reports, have badly polluted rivers and lakes. ……"

World Net Daily 5/8/00 Charles Smith "…..Oil ministers from OPEC nations have quietly told national security advisors on Capitol Hill that the oil production cutbacks -- and resulting price increases -- are being implemented at the request of the Clinton administration on behalf of Russia, Indonesia, Mexico and Iran. Russia, Mexico and Indonesia are reported to be directing their increased oil profits toward paying back overdue Western loans. According to one government defense advisor, the windfall profits are part of a larger scheme to use the American public to pay off failed and corrupt investment schemes in the three countries. …….."The American public is paying off bad loans to bad countries made by bad bankers," stated the national security advisor. ……According to Vice President Al Gore, the recent hike in gas prices is due not to a shortage of oil, but rather to the Clinton administration's deliberate move to encourage an oil price increase. ……"

Toogood Reports 5/13/00 Vin Suprynowicz "……Is it the natural right of an American to set him or herself up in business to make a living? Or is this a "privilege" which must be granted by the state? The Nevada State Education Association (the teachers union) informs us on page 7 of its new 28-page tax proposal that going into business - even setting out to make a profit as a private person or partnership - is a "privilege" for which Nevadans should pay the government a levy starting at 4 percent ... though we all know where tax rates tend to migrate over time…….."

The Associated Press 5/31/00 Randolph Schmid "…..A government proposal to change the hours truck and bus drivers can work and to set a mandatory break time is getting a cool reception where the rubber meets the road. "The proposal is a knife in the heart of my industry," Godfrey LeBron, a bus tour operator from Elmont, N.Y., told regulators today as the Transportation Department began a series of public hearings to get comments on the proposal. "We are different," LeBron said, seeking an exemption for bus drivers to the proposed rule. David Osiecki of the American Trucking Association contended that the proposed limits on driver work time would result in less safety, requiring the hiring of more inexperienced drivers and putting more trucks on the highways to get the goods delivered. ….."

World Net Daily 5/8/00 "…..Oil ministers from OPEC nations have quietly told national security advisors on Capitol Hill that the oil production cutbacks -- and resulting price increases -- are being implemented at the request of the Clinton administration on behalf of Russia, Indonesia, Mexico and Iran. Russia, Mexico and Indonesia are reported to be directing their increased oil profits toward paying back overdue Western loans. According to one government defense advisor, the windfall profits are part of a larger scheme to use the American public to pay off failed and corrupt investment schemes in the three countries. "The American public is paying off bad loans to bad countries made by bad bankers," stated the national security advisor. …..According to Vice President Al Gore, the recent hike in gas prices is due not to a shortage of oil, but rather to the Clinton administration's deliberate move to encourage an oil price increase. …."

Scripps Howard News Service 5/31/00 Michael Hedges "……The first comprehensive gathering of federal arrest figures portrays a growing federal law-enforcement presence in the United States, with increases in the numbers of federal agents, prosecutions and convictions. Fueled by an expanding war on drugs and greater efforts to curtail illegal immigration, the number of federal criminal court cases rose nearly 13 percent between 1997 and 1998, part of an expansion of federal police power that concerns critics. Federal agents arrested 106,139 in 1998, according to Justice Department statistics. …….Almost half of those apprehended were for drug law or immigration violations. More than 43,000 people were sent to federal prisons that year, for an average sentence of almost five years. ……"

Asheville Tribune 5/30/00 Dana Davis "…..The United States Congress is on the verge of passing a Republican sponsored bill that would eradicate the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. If the bill becomes law, then it would grant federal, state and local government agencies the power to obtain "intangible" evidence -- hard-drive data, photographs or copies made of any documents or family or personal belongings, diaries, etc. - without ever having to inform the owner that their property was ever searched. ….."

NY POST 5/30/00 Barry Wigmore "……FOR a dozen years, pop superstar Sting has warned that man has brought the Amazon rainforest to the verge of extinction. He and a host of celebrities have insisted that Amazonia - 2.7 million square miles of nearly impenetrable Brazilian forest, an area nearly as big as the lower 48 states - is being destroyed at a horrifying rate. But now, two of the world's top eco-scientists, Patrick Moore and Philip Stott, say the save-the-rainforest movement is wrong: at best, vastly misleading; at worst, a gigantic con. "All these save-the-forests arguments are based on bad science," says Moore, a founding member of Greenpeace who recently returned from a fact-finding mission to the Amazon. "They are quite simply wrong. We found that the Amazon rainforest is more than 90 percent intact. We flew over it and met all the environmental authorities. We studied satellite pictures of the entire area." Stott, who has spent nearly 30 years studying tropical forests, agrees. ….." 5/30/00 Mark Stevenson "…..An Arizona rancher turns down weekly offers to help him detain illegal immigrants from Mexico passing through his land. Another resident patrols his spread from a 25-foot steel tower with night-vision goggles. A Ku Klux Klan supporter probes for support at an anti-immigration "summit." Arizona became the preferred U.S. crossing point for Mexican illegal immigrants two years ago. Now, with their efforts to restrict illegal immigrants' rights in California blocked by courts, some conservative and reactionary groups are pushing to make Arizona the front line in a new battle against illegal immigration. The growing tension has sparked fear in northern Mexican towns. It also worries U.S. government officials, even those who so far have largely tolerated ranchers who set out with guns and dogs to look for Mexicans crossing the border. ……"

Washington Post 5/30/00 Thomas Edsall "…..Senior voters, once the most reliable Democratic constituency, have become a wild card in presidential and congressional elections. With growing dismay, Democrats over the last decade have watched their margins with voters who came of political age in the era of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal coalition steadily decline, while Republicans, led by George W. Bush, have become optimistic that this year they can secure a new base among voters over 60. Here in the congressional district surrounding Scranton, where there is a disproportionately large number of seniors, the shifting allegiance of these voters was crucial to the defeat of Democrat Patrick Casey, son of the former governor. Republican Don Sherwood, who had been considered the underdog, won by 515 votes, the closest congressional contest in the nation in 1998…….." 5/25/00 Lyda Longa "…… Before an Arkansas newlywed was arrested at Hartsfield International Airport last weekend after telling authorities she had found a gun in her luggage, Atlanta police had some obstacles to overcome --- namely one of their own police officers, who refused to charge the woman, and a Clayton County judge, who refused to issue a warrant for her arrest. "The officer became very emotional and he said he would not arrest this girl," said Maj. M.L. Brooks, commander of Atlanta's airport unit. "He yelled at his supervisor." The officer, whose name was not released Wednesday, did not agree that 20-year-old Alison Reed of Alexander, Ark., should be arrested Sunday at Hartsfield. Reed, who had just gotten married eight hours earlier and was on her way to Cancun through Atlanta, had discovered a .22-caliber pistol wedged in her carry-on bag. The gun belongs to her mother, Tommie Reed, who had forgotten the weapon was there when she loaned the bag to her daughter. When Reed, a student at the University of Arkansas, found the gun, she immediately reported it to a security guard who in turn called police. ……." Freeper Uncle Bill 5/27/00 "….. According to tapes played at the trial of the "terrorists" in that case, the FBI planted Emad A. Salem to infiltrate an Arab group in New York. His job was to act, again, as an agent provocateur -- inciting violent attacks. It was Salem who convinced the other participants to bomb the World Trade Center. When he was asked to assemble the bomb, he went to the FBI to ask for harmless powder to avoid a catastrophe. The FBI essentially cut him off. To make a long, complicated story short and simple: The FBI spent $3 million of your tax money to blow up the World Trade Center......."

WIRED NEWS 5/26/00 Declan McCullagh "……Internet shoppers, look out: The next time you buy from an overseas pharmacy, you might go to jail. The problem of Americans ordering from unregulated drugstores abroad is so acute that new federal penalties are necessary, administration and congressional officials said during a hearing Thursday. ......Posner said it is currently illegal to order unapproved drugs from another country. He also said it's against U.S. law for an overseas pharmacy to sell prescription drugs to Americans without a prescription. But if drugs are legal in other countries and not in the United States, there's little incentive for foreign companies to kowtow to the Justice Department or FDA rules. ……"

UPI 5/24/00 Hil Anderson, UPI Chief Energy Correspondent "….Key inventory reports issued this week showed a shrinking supply of reformulate gasoline (RFG) heading into the Memorial Day weekend, sending oil futures higher on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The U.S. Energy Information Administration said Wednesday that supplies of RFG nationwide had declined to 43.5 million barrels by the end of last week compared to 45.7 million barrels the week before. …."

Denver Post 5/23/00 Jeffrey Leib "……In the wake of allegations that some Denver employees are loafing on the job, officials plan to put global-positioning-system tracking units on city vehicles to keep better tabs on the workforce. Some municipal workers also have been disciplined, including a Denver Water worker who was fired. The future installation of GPS units is one of several measures aimed at making sure Denver employees perform their full day of work, mayoral spokesman Andrew Hudson said Monday. ….."

UPI 5/22/00 "…..The FBI Monday was investigating the fatal shooting of an illegal immigrant near Brownsville, Texas by a U.S. Border Patrol agent. The victim, a man believed to be between 20 and 30, was shot during a struggle for the agent's baton early Sunday, Border Patrol acting supervisor Ramiro de Anda said Monday. The Border Patrol agent, based in Brownsville, was responding to a sensor alarm along with other agents when he encountered the illegal immigrant, he said. …."

Capital Hill Blue 5/21/00 "……The National Institutes of Health ignored warnings for years about the risk that a human growth hormone extracted from cadavers could cause a brain disease that killed dozens of people, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday. ……More than 20 people in the United States and 34 in Britain who received the growth hormone from cadavers have died. Around the world, more than 125 people have died. A synthetic form of the hormone is used now. ……The NIH has insisted for the last 15 years that the deaths were unforeseeable. …. But British court documents show the NIH lab that investigated deaths from the hormone in 1985 had been warned of the danger of contamination seven years earlier, the Times reported. ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/22/00 John Godfrey "……The steady stream of good news about the federal budget has only gotten stronger in the last week. The Congressional Budget Office announced that the federal budget will generate a $40 billion surplus in fiscal 2000, $17 billion more than projected just four months ago. On Thursday, the Treasury Department asked investors to sell back 30-year Treasury bonds, just the fourth such buyback in 70 years. And the Debt Clock, a fixture in New York City's Times Square since 1989, will soon be unplugged. During the peak of the federal government's deficit spending, the computer running the clock crashed because it could not keep up. Now, the numbers are slowly winding down……..The difference is that for the third year running, the federal government is operating in the black……" 5/22/00 Carl Limbacher "……Albany's Police Officers Union has launched a formal investigation into the spitting attack by Hillary Clinton supporters on an American flag-carrying police honor guard during Tuesday's New York State Democratic Party convention. In an exclusive interview with on Sunday, Albany Police Union Chief Det. Thomas McGraw said that the spitting by delegates who later nominated Clinton for U.S. Senate was more widespread than first reported. On Thursday, The Albany Times Union said that only "a few people" participated in the ugly incident. ….But McGraw challenged that claim, saying that members of the honor guard expressly told him it was "more than just a few" delegates who spit on and taunted them as they marched into the Pepsi Arena in full dress uniform. ……."

World Net Daily 5/19/00 David M. Bresnahan "…… Organizers of an international, offshore investment pool had their Arizona homes raided in what they claim was a terrifying and illegal military-style seizure by federal law enforcement agencies. Federal agents dressed in black and carrying heavy arms raided two private homes in Arizona on May 10, seized many items, interrogated the occupants at gun point and left without making any arrests. …..The victims claim the tactics of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service and local drug task-force agents terrified them. Information obtained from the SEC indicates action was taken to protect investors who may have been fraudulently enticed to participate in what the SEC claims is an illegal investment scheme. ……. "

THE REPUBLICANS NEW YORK TIMES 5/21/00 Adam Nagourney "……Long Island came roaring into the race for senator from New York yesterday, attacking Hillary Rodham Clinton as a "far-left" candidate who has "no real rationale for serving here other than as a steppingstone to some other position." "I think her ambition is the issue," Mr. Lazio declared in an interview, as he formally announced his candidacy in a race that has been upended by the decision by Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani to step aside because of health reasons………… The tenor of Mr. Lazio's comments -- he repeatedly criticized Mrs. Clinton's credentials and ideology -- suggested that the campaign, with the change in candidate, was going to be harsh and fast-paced. Mrs. Clinton's advisers have already begun to attack Mr. Lazio as extreme and conservative, noting that he had supported many of the initiatives of the former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, as they tried to discredit his candidacy before he has a chance to find his groundings. ……."

The Advocate 5/19/00 Michele Millhollon "…..A state Department of Elections supervisor is the latest person to be indicted in an ongoing investigation of the agency. A grand jury Thursday indicted Ronald Tassin, 49, on counts of public payroll fraud, malfeasance in office and money laundering. Additional charges also were brought against former elections director Jim Trichel; his wife, Betty Kennedy Trichel; and their sons, Toby and Tony Trichel. Jim Trichel, 64, was charged with money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. ……"

Newsday 5/12/00 AP "….A couple who ran a bogus AIDS clinic have been convicted of fraudulently charging patients hundreds of dollars for ''ozone enemas,'' claiming the treatments ''inactivated'' the virus that causes the disease. A jury returned guilty verdicts Thursday against Richard Harley and his wife, Jacqueline Kube, and their company, Lazare Industries. Harley, 56, was convicted of conspiracy, fraud and distributing drugs not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. He faces up to 64 years in prison and could be fined more than $4 million. Kube was convicted of mail fraud and faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Harley's treatment used an ''ozone generator'' to pump a mixture of ozone and oxygen into patients' rectums, charging $250 for a 30- to 45-second daily dose, or $7,500 for 30-day treatments. ……"

The San Diego Union Tribune 5/17/00 AP "……State Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush enlarged and presented fake news stories to pressure insurance companies into making donations to questionable foundations, according to a newspaper report. The Los Angeles Times in Wednesday's editions reports that Deputy Commissioner David Langenbacher contradicted testimony given last month to the state Assembly Insurance Committee when he said in a May 10 letter that "blow-ups were included as examples of possible articles that might reflect potential outcomes of our negotiations." When questioned last month on the matter, Langenbacher said that two press releases were not shown to insurance companies during negotiations over mishandled claims from the 1994 Northridge earthquake. ….."

UNION-TRIBUNE 5/17/00 "……He once was imprisoned for stealing people's identities. Yet for about three months this year, Charles Brown processed the payroll for the staff in the Chula Vista office of the Census Bureau, having access to their Social Security numbers, dates of birth and other private information. Then he was promoted to supervise about 15 enumerators who went door to door to gather information from South Bay residents who hadn't mailed in their census forms...."

Washington Post 5/18/00 Ariana Eunjung Cha "…… Two months ago, Justin Frankel created an ingenious little software tool that allows its users to bypass the dominant Internet companies and communicate directly among themselves. His bosses at America Online Inc., the biggest computing network of them all, were so impressed they tried to snuff it out of existence. Within 24 hours, AOL officials had removed the tool, called Gnutella, from the Web site of its Nullsoft development house. It was, they declared, an "unauthorized freelance project."……..Both the beauty and danger of Gnutella are that it is a more sophisticated version of Napster, the infamous and popular program that college students have been using to swap music files over the Web. Napster's developers have recently been hit with a flurry of copyright-infringement lawsuits. But unlike users of Napster, Gnutella aficionados can trade files without going through a storage center, making it impossible to shut down the system without unplugging every computer on the network and difficult to control by laws because there's no central authority......."

Reuters 5/17/00 Karla Harby "……. An increasing number of children are being admitted to hospital emergency departments because of a psychiatric--instead of a physical--crisis, according to a survey performed at the Children's Hospital affiliated with Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut. While emergency admissions for trauma, abdominal pain and other routine hazards of childhood increased 20% from 1995 to 1999, the admissions for violence, drug ingestion, suicide attempts, depression and behavior changes increased 59% over the same time period, according to Dr. Karen A. Santucci, a pediatric emergency specialist at Yale. Currently, 4% of childhood emergency department visits at the hospital are due to psychiatric problems. ……."

Washington Post 5/18/00 Ben White "…… Of all the tools the Internet affords the modern political campaign, e-mail may be the most useful, allowing instant communication with supporters and the media at very little cost. But it can also be among the most dangerous, as first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate campaign discovered. At the touch of a button last Friday, the Clinton campaign accidentally sent out the personal e-mail addresses of hundreds of reporters and members of the campaign's inner circle. The addresses appeared at the top of a message intended to offer an update on a visit the first lady was planning to Manhattan……."

New York Times 5/18/00 Irvin Molotsky "……Although there is no military draft, young men are required by law to register for the draft at age 18, but there has been a steady decline in compliance in recent years, the government said today. Just 88 percent of young men have registered, with compliance ranging from 95 percent in New Hampshire to 73 percent in Hawaii. Lewis C. Brodsky, the draft system's director of public and Congressional affairs, said it was unknown why compliance rates varied so widely……"

Newsmax 5/18/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Member's of the Albany Police Department's Honor Guard were harassed and spit on by delegates to the New York State Democratic convention that nominated Hillary Clinton for U.S. Senate Tuesday night. The Albany Times Union reported Thursday……… "The (spitting and heckling) incidents allegedly took place on the floor of the arena, where only delegattes carrying passes were allowed access, officials said." "We are very upset," Albany Police Officers Union President Thomad McGraw told the Times Union. "The honor guard was asked to act as ambassaadors to the town of Albany. They were invited guests and they volunteered their time." Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings called the incident "reprehensible". ……."

The San Diego Union Tribune 5/7/00 Jenifer Hanrahan "……. Bob Stewart was driving home from Lindbergh Field airport late one night, when -- Click! Click! -- a camera caught him allegedly running a red light near the Embarcadero. Once he stopped seeing spots from the bright flashes, Stewart saw red. He paid a lawyer about $2,000 to fight the $271 ticket -- fully expecting to lose. Stewart was hoping his case would test the legality of San Diego's 16 red-light cameras, which last year generated $827,000 for the city. He would take it all the way to the California Supreme Court, if needed. But to Stewart's surprise, San Diego Superior Court Commissioner Michael Goodman dismissed the ticket -- and two others like it. ……."

Miami Herald 5/14/00 Andrea Elliott "……. Kiesha Elliott was skipping rope outside the Davie Boys and Girls Club last week when a forest-green van pulled up and a stranger got out. The woman smiled, baring a gold front tooth, and offered Kiesha, 8, and her friends a $5 bill and a meal at Chuck E. Cheese's. All they had to do was go to the dentist. They dropped their rope, climbed on board and day turned to night before their frantic parents learned the truth: Kiesha and her friends were the latest victims of a Medicaid scam on the rise, costing Florida taxpayers hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Like scores of other South Florida victims, the children were taken to a dentist who planned to clean their teeth and bill Medicaid for the fraudulent work -- fraudulent because it is illegal to solicit Medicaid recipients. ……"

USA Today 5/17/00 "……PINEVILLE, La. - Residents of about 60 homes drank and bathed in water contaminated by sewage for almost three months because city workers mistakenly connected a sewer line to an underground water pipe. ……. City officials say health risks were minimal because enough chlorine is put in the water supply to kill most bacteria. But residents of this central Louisiana city are disgusted and angry. ….."

AP 6/11/00 Laurie Asseo "……Two-thirds of death penalty cases that were appealed from 1973 through 1995 were successful, report researchers who contend the nation's capital punishment system is "collapsing under the weight of its own mistakes." A study of 4,578 appeals during those years showed that most cases "are so seriously flawed that they have to be done over again," said Columbia University law professor James Liebman, the lead author. "It's not one case, it's thousands of cases. It's not one state, it's almost all of the states," Liebman said in an interview. "You're creating a very high risk that some errors are going to get through the process." ……..But public support for capital punishment remains high. A Gallup Poll in February showed 66 percent back the use of death sentences, down somewhat from Gallup polls during the 1990s that showed support ranging from 71 percent to 80 percent. The Columbia study said only 5 percent of the 5,760 death sentences imposed from 1973 through 1995 were carried out. ……"

The Associated Press 6/7/00 "…..An American Cancer Society official is accused of embezzling $6.9 million from the charity by having the money sent to an overseas account. Dan Wiant, who oversaw computer and financial operations in the society's Ohio division, allegedly had a bank wire the money to an account in Austria, according to an FBI complaint filed in U.S. District Court here. He then called his wife to say he was never coming back because of the theft, the complaint said. Wiant's attorney, Kevin Durkin, said he did not know where his client was Tuesday night but said he had spoken with him. ….." 6/7/00 Susan Walsh "……Whatever happened to campaign finance reform? The day after Jon Corzine's $35 million victory in New Jersey's Democratic primary, the Democratic National Committee gave reporters an advance screening of the first installment of a $25 million TV ad campaign aimed at - guess what? - repositioning Al Gore. The ad campaign is paid for with "soft money" - unlimited donations by corporations and individuals that do not have to be disclosed to federal election officials...."

WorldNetDaily 6/8/00 Patrick Poole "….Civil liberties advocates are breathing a cautious sigh of relief after congressional officials put a halt to an attempt by Justice Department and FBI lobbyists to change the federal search warrant requirements to allow federal law-enforcement officials to conduct so-called "sneak and peek" searches. Breaking the story nationally two weeks ago, WorldNetDaily reported that a provision authorizing the change had been quietly inserted into both the Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act (S. 486/H.R. 2987) and the Bankruptcy Reform Act (H.R. 833) currently under consideration by Congress. ……The stated intent of the "sneak and peek" proposal is to allow federal agents to enter a suspect's home to install software that can read and transmit encryption keys and passwords to agents as they are typed for decoding encrypted communications. The suspect would not be notified for 90 days that the keyword-capture software had been installed. ……Officials would also be authorized to make copies of computer hard drives, financial records and other "intangible" items without ever notifying the suspect that they had been copied. Current search warrant standards require law enforcement authorities to notify a suspect when entering a residence for a search and to provide a list of items seized. ……" 6/8/00 Lionel Waxman "….. Throughout the west, environmentalists, with the enlisted help of several government agencies, are pursuing a program they call "re-introducing species." What they are actually doing, is putting wild animals like wolves and bears into what was their range before evil humans arrived. Of course, wild animals are quite willing to feast on domestic cattle and even humans whose paths they cross. But that's little enough price to pay for...I have no idea what. But their intention is to end human occupation in general and cattle ranching in particular. Except for the influential Ted Turner, of course, who has managed to get US Fish & Wildlife agents, at taxpayer expense, to round up the wolves near his Flying D Ranch in Montana with helicopters. ...... There they will be fitted with shock collars and taught not to attack cattle by shocking them every time they cast a hungry look at a tasty critter. If they don't learn fast enough, he plans to have them all killed. No word if they will also be taught not to want to eat humans……"

The Financial Times 6/8/00 "….. Last March, OPEC ministers made an informal pact to raise oil production by 500,000 barrels a day if the price of oil exceeded $28 a barrel. This pact was made in respinse to charges that OPEC was engaging in a little summertime price gouging. Oil is now at $28.08 a barrel, and OPEC, including a Kuwait that appears to have forgotten just who saved it during the recent gulf war, has decided to wait a while longer before raising production. ….."

CBS News Online 6/8/00 AP "……Tracy Mayberry thought Vice President Al Gore was a slumlord until Gore called her and promised to repair overflowing toilets and backed-up sinks in the apartment her family rents from him. But when he supposedly called again, angry that she had been "badmouthing him" to the national media, Mayberry decided to find another landlord. Mayberry and her family pay $400 a month to rent the four-bedroom house within sight of Gore's home in Carthage, about 50 miles east of Nashville. After repeated complaints to Gore's property managers, Mayberry said she was told her family - including her disabled husband, a mentally retarded daughter and another daughter with a seizure disorder - were being evicted. They live on $1,536 a month in Social Security from her husband's disability. "I was really upset with him. I considered him a slumlord," she said. ……"

Associated Press 6/2/00 Martin Crutsinger "…..In the most dramatic sign yet that the U.S. economy is slowing, the unemployment rate climbed back to 4.1 percent in May as American businesses lost 116,000 jobs, the worst showing in nearly nine years. The Labor Department reported today that the nation's unemployment rate climbed by 0.2 percentage points from a 30-year-low of 3.9 percent in April. The increase returned the jobless rate to the same 4.1 percent level it had reached in March. …."

Drudge 6/5/00 Thomas Hargrove Scripps Howard News Service "……Although President Clinton boasts about his domestic agenda, he also has set records for foreign travel by a chief executive with 47 official trips to 63 nations. During his two terms, Clinton has spent 226 days abroad, according to a travel log obtained from the National Security Council, which oversees the president's foreign excursions. That figure does not include his eight-day trip to Portugal, Germany, Russia and the Ukraine ending Monday. No chief executive in U.S. history has come close to this level of travel. The only president in the jet-age to complete two full terms, Ronald Reagan, spent 120 days abroad in a series of 26 trips, according to travel logs obtained from Reagan's presidential library in Simi Valley, Calif. Clinton seems certain to at least double Reagan's total travel before he leaves office in January. ….." 6/17/00 "……The federal judge who has overseen the government's long-running efforts to rid Teamsters' elections of the influence of organized crime on Friday rejected proposed rules for the union's 2000-2001 elections. U.S. District Judge David Edelstein harshly criticized the proposal, submitted by the government and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, saying it would be ``blasphemous'' to accept the rules. ``The parties have attempted to allure this Court into believing that their program for a supervised election will ensure a free, open and democratic election. Nothing can be farther from the truth,'' said Edelstein, whose rulings are famous for their colorful phrasing. ``The submissions are a farrago of ill advice and misguided, inept, controversial and confused argots. Their program has the potential for bringing grief, strife, controversy and corruption into the forum.'' ….."

Los Angeles Daily News 6/16/00 Rick Orlov "…..Faced with what is now projected to be a $10 million shortfall, planners of this summer's Democratic National Convention are breaking from their pledge to fund the event privately and asking the city for $4 million in cash, the Daily News has learned. However, knowing that the request could be a political hot potato, city officials have been reluctant to come forward with the money or even to discuss the request publicly……"

World Net Daily 6/16/00 Patrick Poole "…..In an apparent attempt at retaliation against local talk show hosts for their major role in beating back a proposed state income tax earlier this week, Tennessee lawmakers yesterday considered imposing another new tax -- on talk radio. "They clearly want to punish us for putting a stop to their plans to shove the income tax down the throats of Tennessee families," WLAC host Phil Valentine remarked before the vote yesterday. "The empire is striking back." Under consideration by legislators was a new proposal to target the radio stations' parent companies. Under the "talk radio tax" plan, broadcasters would have been slapped with a 6 percent gross receipts tax, which would have provided $34.1 million in new tax revenues to help finance a massive $18.2 billion state budget for the coming fiscal year, which begins July 1. ….."

New York Times 6/125/00 Lisa Guernsey "…..Consider the task of turning a printed book into an electronic one: Each page must be digitally scanned, one after the other. Each line must be checked for characters that were not captured correctly, like e's that look like c's, or commas that should be periods. Now imagine that task on a larger scale, in which tens of thousands of books are digitized within months. …….. American companies use offshore services for one reason, said Herbert F. Schantz, a consultant in Sterling, Va.: cheap labor. An entry-level job preparing digitized material in the United States might pay $7 or $8 an hour. But in countries with far lower income levels, it pays as little as 30 cents an hour, he said. The laborers are usually in China, India, Mexico, the Philippines or countries in the Caribbean or Africa. ….." 6/15/00 Gail Appleson "……A federal jury has convicted a former New York City child welfare worker and her husband for smuggling two young Nigerian girls into the United States and beating and forcing them to be their servants. Prosper Emeka Udogwu, 49, and Ifeoma Ezeonu Udogwu, 40, who had been living in Elmsford, N.Y. were convicted late Wednesday by a Manhattan federal jury. …."

New York Post 6/15/00 Devlin Barrett "…..The biggest stock-fraud scheme in U.S. history was crushed yesterday after federal agents rounded up more than 100 mobsters, brokers and swindlers, officials said - and more arrests are on the way. The feds say Operation Uptick - which involves the largest number of defendants ever in such a case - even snared a corrupt NYPD union official who betrayed sensitive investigations of mobsters in exchange for a swimming pool and a fur coat. The cop, now-retired Detective Stephen Gardell, also arranged to get gun-carrying permits and coveted city parking permits for mobsters, according to court papers unsealed yesterday. Manhattan U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White said the five-year securities-trading scheme was a joint venture by the city's five mob families, and was masterminded by Bonanno family capo Robert Lino. The venture involved creation of a company, DMN Capital Investments, court papers said, to scam roughly $50 million from unsuspecting investors. ……"

FrontPage Magazine 6/16/00 "……New York City is reaping the consequences of the Hillary-Sharpton police-bashing campaign. Told to stand down from confrontations with minorities for fear of the Hillary-Sharpton propaganda machine, New York police have lost their effectiveness. Minority youths ran wild after last Sunday's Puerto Rican Day parade, attacking women at random in Central Park. And no one stopped them. …...
Police Hunt 7 Men Caught on Tape (6/15/00)
The NYPD released photos of 7 mystery men accused of mauling women in Central Park. Victims told police the marauders clawed at and jammed fingers into their genitals. Two victims are suing the NYPD for failing to respond to the assaults. One cop said: "We were not to do anything... they don't want photos of altercations with minorities."

Patrolmen: We're in a Catch-22 (6/15/00)
Frustrated cops say the Central Park mayhem shows they're caught in a Catch-22: damned if they do and damned if they don't take action. Said one cop: "Last week we were criticized for being the most aggressive police force. Now we're being criticized for being the most passive."…..

Harlem Riot Precedes Mayhem in Central Park (6/15/00)
The night before the wilding Sunday in Central Park, an ugly prelude took place uptown: A small-scale riot that has gotten virtually no media attention. It was as bad, if not worse, than what happened downtown. Women were assaulted, trapped in cars. Cars were destroyed. Young men jumped on top of city buses, pounding windows and roofs……"

Reuters 6/13/00 Joanne Kenen "…..Amid a suddenly rekindled debate on the death penalty in America, members of a Senate panel on Tuesday called for reform in capital cases, particularly greater access to DNA evidence which can establish innocence. The death penalty was reinstated in the United States nearly a quarter of a century ago, and has generally had broad public support. But a spate of recent cases in which people have been proven innocent after years in jail, or who were sent to death row despite having grossly incompetent lawyers, have led to new questions about flaws in the system. ……In addition to debate in Congress, the issue has crept into the presidential campaign. Texas is the nation's most active death-penalty state and Gov. George W. Bush, the presumed Republican presidential candidate and staunch death penalty defender, has come under pressure to grant reprieves in some of the more controversial state cases. ….."

Investor's Business Daily 6/14/00 "…..Has any other administration topped this one in carelessness? Last month, U.S. officails almost burned down the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Now nuclear secrets from that lab are missing. The Energy Department appears to have learned nothing from the Wen Ho Lee case, in which warhead design data drom the Los Alamos lab wound up in China. ……Energy Department officials say this latest security lapse was noted more than a month ago. That's right: Hard drives with secrets on how to disarm nuclear bombs vanished, and our government didn't tell us for a month. …..The administration still offers no real information on what happened - just public relations pabulum. ….."

Labor Watch 6/00 Philip Kelly "……Last fall, Bill Hamilton was convicted of fraud for laundering hundreds of thousands of dollars for the 1996 reelection campaign of then-Teamsters' president Ron Carey. (See the February 2000 issue of Labor Watch.) ….. Since then, many have been waiting to see whom else U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White will indict. Testimony in the Hamilton trial implicated high-ranking labor officials, including AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumpka, Gerald McEntee, president of the Association of Federal, State, County and Municiple Employees (AFSCME), Andrew Stern, John Sweeney's successor at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) as well as officials at the Democratic National Committee and Clinton fundraiser Terry McAuliffe. President Clinton's former deputy chief of staff Harold Ickies was also implicated in testimony.

Labor Watch 6/00 Philip Kelly "……Not surprisingly, the Justice Department did not appoint an independent counsel to investigate White House involvement in the illegal scheme. Minor figures have pleaded guilty, but the other shoe stubbornly refuses to drop. Now, Teamsters' President James P. Hoffa has filed a $3 million civil racketeering suit against Carey that also leaves out Trumpka, McEntee and the others. ….. No indictments have been handed down against Carey, Trumpka, McEntee et al, while Arthur Coia of the Laborers' Union (LIUNA) and the late Edward Hanley of the Hotel and Restaurant Employees (HERE) ---both big Democratic contributors--- avoided takeovers of their unions in sweetheart deals with the Justice Department. After hearing Gene Giacumbo's story, one begins to understand how government oversight of unions might facilitate the convergence of powerful special interests. Oversight introduces another potent and largely unaccountable interest into the rank-and-file's business---politicians. Cash-rich unions that don't want oversight and money-hungry politicians are a combustible mix……."

Labor Watch 6/00 Philip Kelly "……Not long after Carey's swearing-In as Teamsters' president, International V.P. Giacumbo discovered irregularities in Carey's personal finances. Since the 1980's, Carey had purchased real estate in Florida and Arizona well beyond his reportedly modest means. …… Gene Giacombo was elected an International Vice President on the Carey slate. ……Around the same time, Teamsters International V.P. Giacumbo discovered irregularities in Carey's personal finances. Since the 1980's Carey had purchased real estate in Florida and Arizona well beyond his modest means. Before the election, the reformer" Carey was widely reported to be making about $40,000 a year. Giacumbo offered Lacey documents exposing Carey's financial dealings. …….Despite all the allegations, the IRB cleared Carey on July 11, 1994. ……. Gene Giacumbo now discovered just how dangerously unaccountable quasi-governmental agencies like IRB can be. ……"

TheOregonian 6/14/00 Maxine Bernstein "…..Portland police will have to leave their guns behind when they appear before the Portland Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Fund's board. The board of trustees adopted the rule Tuesday, calling it a precautionary measure against potential violence in what are often emotional, highly charged personnel matters. "We just think it's inappropriate to have them carrying guns into the boardroom," said Tom Chamberlain, president of the Portland Firefighters Association and a board trustee. "Who knows what can happen?"..."

Toogood Reports 6/9/00 Alan Caruba "…… Question? What do the following diseases have in common? Malaria, Encephalitis, Dengue fever, Bubonic plague, Salmonellosis, Yellow Fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease, Tularemia, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Gastroenteritis, and Typhoid Fever. They are all transmitted by insects such a mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and cockroaches. Today, they are responsible for killing millions of people around the world every year. Question? Why is the Environmental Protection Agency not only failing to protect Americans against these insect and rodent-borne diseases, but is deliberately leaving people vulnerable by taking away every one of the major pesticides needed to eradicate the vast populations of these pests? The answer is that those who decide these matters in the EPA adhere to the genocidal agenda of the environmental movement that sees the elimination of human beings as the best way to protect the earth…………. That can be the only answer to the EPA's latest assault on one of the most effective pesticides in use for the past thirty years, chlorpyrifos, better known as Dursban or Lorsban. …."

INSIGHT Magazine 7/3/00 Timothy maier "…… Uncle Sam has taken over police departments in Pennsylvania and Ohio on the grounds that local police are out of control. Your local department could be next. It sounded like a gunshot as police kicked open the door of a Maryland apartment where 25-year-old Jeffery Gilbert lay sleeping. Gilbert would not remember a thing after the Prince George's County, Md.'s, T-70 special-weapons and tactics team slammed him to the ground in the early hours of April 28, 1995. But then again neither would the six T-70 squad members recall what happened when questioned later by federal authorities. A few minutes prior to the bust, the T-70 squad was shown a photo of Sgt. John Novabilski, a fellow police officer whose body was riddled with bullets from a MAC-11 submachine gun. They were told Gilbert had been identified as the "cop-stalker" - the killer who also was responsible for wounding two Washington Metropolitan police officers. ………"

News York Times 6/10/00 Richard Stevenson "…..The House voted on Friday to repeal the federal estate tax, drawing a veto threat from President Clinton even as Democrats joined Republicans in recognizing the issue's political potency. Republican leaders have made repeal of what they call the "death tax" one of their priorities, particularly in this election year, although the bill that cleared the House today appears far more likely to score points with crucial constituencies than to make it into law. The leaders said they were driven in part by a desire to help owners of small businesses and family farms, who have long complained that the estate tax makes it costly or even impossible to pass their holdings along to another generation. …..But the Republicans also said they viewed the tax as inherently unfair and even immoral, no matter who pays it. ….." 6/9/00 Lawrence Morahan "…..The use of new technology at US airports that allows Customs officials to see through the clothes of people suspected of smuggling drugs into the United States is drawing fire from legal groups over possible infringement of Fourth Amendment rights. The new Body Search system, which is currently operational at eight US international airports, allows officials to view through a suspect's clothes by using reflected x-ray energy to produce images of objects concealed on a person's body. In operation at some airports for over six months, most travelers don't know of the devices' existence and most of those who have undergone a scan have not found the system unduly intrusive, US Customs reports……" 6/10/00 David_Limbaugh "…… Aside from psychological reasons, why can't the Clintons be straightforward about things? It's easy to understand why Bill wouldn't want to be candid about his "affairs," but what about his policy proposals? If the Clintons' ideas were superior they would have no motive to be deceitful about them, right? Think again. The truth is that they know that despite liberalism's virtual monopoly in the mainstream press, the universities, and most of our other cultural institutions, it is still not the majority philosophy among most voters. So they have to disguise many of their programs or, in some cases, secrete them from the public altogether. Remember Hillary's notorious plan to socialize American medicine? While pretending that it was going to be produced by the people "from the bottom up," she kept her task force meetings secret to the point of earning a rebuke by U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth. But why? What did she have to hide? ……… Although Hillary Care suffered a humiliating defeat in 1994, some of its insidious components survived and became law in 1996 with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), a.k.a., Kennedy-Kassebaum. Hillary's plan contained a provision regarding a "unique health identifier" (a patient ID number) that could be used to track each person's medical history electronically from cradle to grave. This gem was resurrected and codified into law in HIPAA in 1996. So far, our Brave New World medical ID numbers have not been created, but soon will be if something isn't done. ……"

Dallas Morning News 6/11/00 Nancy San Martin "……Such illegal crossings amid a series of racially tinged incidents have put this region at the heart of an international debate. …..On the U.S. side of the border, a perceived lack of federal resolve has focused new attention on vigilantism - the actions of los rancheros, U.S. landowners known for pointing guns at Mexicans crossing their property. That has come even as the Border Patrol's commitment to the area is at a high, yielding results. In Mexico, there have been calls for government action before the rhetoric escalates into armed conflict. ….."

AP 6/11/00 "…. CAMARILLO, Calif. (AP) - Gasoline prices climbed 8.82 cents a gallon in the past three weeks as a new kind of reformulated gas made its way to the pumps, giving some cities an average price of more than $2 a gallon. High crude oil prices, rising demand and new antismog regulations affecting 17 metropolitan areas pushed the nationwide average cost to $1.6723 a gallon Friday, analyst Trilby Lundberg said Sunday. That compares to the May 19 Lundberg Survey of 10,000 stations nationwide that found a national average of $1.5841. "We are in a nightmare of patchwork-quilt environmental regulations which wreak havoc with gasoline supply and price stability," Lundberg said. "The wide variety of regulations affecting formulas has created wide price disparities around the country and made distribution of gasoline more problematic." ….."


UPI/NewsMax 6/22/00 "……Ten of the world's major crude oil producers Wednesday agreed to raise production by about 2.5 percent in the second OPEC bid this year to prevent high oil prices from hampering global economic growth. Analysts cautioned that motorists would not see lower prices any time soon. The Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries announced its decision within hours of convening in Vienna but after weeks of informal consultations that involved OPEC and non-OPEC producers and major consumers led by the United States...."

Washington Times 6/23/00 Bill Sammon "…… As gasoline prices skyrocket, so does value of Gore's oil stock Vice President Al Gore, who is trying to link George W. Bush to soaring gasoline prices by emphasizing the Texas governor's ties to the oil industry, controls at least $500,000 worth of stock in Occidental Petroleum. The stock came from Armand Hammer, an oilman with communist ties who served for decades as financial benefactor to Mr. Gore and his father, Sen. Albert Gore Sr…….. Mr. Hammer, who used to brag that he kept the elder Gore "in my back pocket," is believed to have helped recruit Soviet spies to infiltrate the U.S. government…….. The Bush campaign said Thursday it is hypocritical for Mr. Gore - who controls between $500,000 and $1 million of Occidental stock and is paid $20,000 a year by the firm - to portray the Texas governor as a tool of Big Oil…….."

Reuters 6/23/00 Patricia Wilson "…..On his way to a campaign visit in Alabama, Bush walked to the back of his plane brandishing a copy of Vice President Gore's 1992 book, ``Earth in the Balance,'' and asked reporters: ''Want to talk about energy?'' ``I just want to remind everybody that in this book, this is a man who advocated raising gasoline taxes. Now the price of gas is high under their watch in this current administration he seems to be running from his position,'' the Texas governor said. ……. Bush directed reporters to page 173 and said: ``On the one hand he strongly calls for raising gas taxes, and now, suddenly, when the heat gets on ... page 173 is no longer relevant.'' ……" 6/24/00 Jon Dougherty "…..Though you may have missed it, the White House was caught dipping in the computer privacy "cookie jar" last week. ...,, Seems the White House Office of Drug Control Policy was gathering information discreetly about visitors to the ODCP website. That's illegal; according to federal law, it's a violation of your privacy. ......But here's the kicker: just hours before White House spokesman Joe Lockhart revealed what the ODCP was doing, he was briefing reporters about a new "Internet industry initiative aimed at boosting online privacy through design changes to Web sites and browsing software." ...... Over the past seven and a half years, this latest snafu represents only one of many such snafus. Each time the administration has lied to us about how it happened, who did it, and what will be "done" about it. …….. The script was the same earlier this week. After the "discovery" was made on the ODCP web site, Lockhart assured us that the administration would "deal with" its own Internet privacy violation and get to the bottom of it. If you're holding your breath, let it out. You'll die long before this administration ever corrects one of its many "mistakes." ……."

World Net Daily dot com 6/24/00 Patrick Poole "…… Private developers and local governments, using the power of eminent domain, are increasingly joining together to force property owners from their land, coercing the transfer of property from one private owner to another. One major battleground in this growing land-grab phenomenon is Pittsburgh, Pa., where city officials are aggressively using eminent domain to redevelop urban areas. "Pittsburgh has become the capital of eminent domain abuse," said Doug Reed, a senior research fellow for the Allegheny Institute for Public Policy. "Our mayoral administration and redevelopment authority are completely out of control." ...... But critics say eminent domain power is no longer being used for the greater good of the community -- such as for roads, bridges or utilities -- but rather for the benefit of companies who are looking for good deals on prime inner-city property. …..The Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Justice, is taking a leading role in eminent domain battles across the country. The nonprofit public interest law firm represents businesses and homeowners threatened with eminent domain for the benefit of other private parties. ……"

US DoE 10/6/97 "……. The Department of Energy has executed agreements preparing for the sale of the United States' interest in the Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 1 (Elk Hills) to Occidental Petroleum Corp. The sales price will be $3.65 billion in cash, making it the largest privatization in the history of the United States Government. ……. "We're getting maximum value for this asset, and we're turning one of the nation's premier oil and gas fields over to the private sector -- to a respected and experienced U.S. oil and gas producer," said DOE Assistant Secretary Patricia Fry Godley, who has been overseeing the sales process. "The Navy no longer needs Elk Hills, and this sale helps get the government out of the oil and gas business." ……. The sale to Occidental will complete a two-year privatization process mandated by Congress in the 1996 National Defense Authorization Act. Closing of the transaction is subject to a Justice Department antitrust review, completion of the environmental impact assessment process under the National Environmental Policy Act and a 31-day Congressional review period. Closing is expected to occur prior to the statutorily-mandated deadline of Feb.10, 1998. ……." 6/22/00 Garry Mitchell AP "…..A lawyer aligned with the Democrats was cleared of bribery Thursday but convicted of witness tampering and criminal defamation stemming from allegations he paid a former call girl to accuse a GOP candidate of rape. Garve Ivey, 48, was found guilty after nearly two days of deliberations. He and private investigator Wes Chappell were charged in what prosecutors alleged was a scheme to pay former prostitute Melissa Myers Bush to make false claims against Steve Windom and destroy his 1998 campaign for lieutenant governor. The scheme failed -- Windom was elected lieutenant governor..."

WorldNetDaily 6/22/00 Jon Dougherty "…..Record-sharing practices by federal government agencies may be preventing certain veterans and their beneficiaries from buying guns. ……. A division of the Department of Veterans Affairs has provided the FBI's National Instant Background Check System, or NICS, with confidential medical competency data on tens of thousands of veterans and beneficiaries for the purposes of denying "incompetent" veterans the right to "purchase or redeem a firearm." The memo said the information transfer to the FBI "consisted of data on 88,898 beneficiaries which were loaded into the NICS index" for cross-referencing in case a named veteran or beneficiary attempted to purchase a gun. …… The VBA, through a "Memorandum of Understanding," is providing the FBI "with information on veterans rated as incompetent," the memo stated. Furthermore, the VBA said the law requires it to "routinely provide updated information on 'new' incompetents." And, the agency said, "if an individual previously rated incompetent has their competency restored, under the law they are still permanently restricted from purchasing or redeeming a firearm and information concerning that individual will not be stricken from the NICS index." ……"

The Reagan Information Exchange 6/14/00 "……Rep. Duncan -Blame the White House For Higher Gas Prices ……. House of Representatives - June 13, 2000 …….(Mr. DUNCAN asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)
Mr. DUNCAN. Mr. Speaker, we understand that today there is tremendous growing concern about the rapidly increasing price of gasoline in this country. The American people need to know that the President, in 1995, vetoed legislation which would have allowed drilling and oil exploration in one tiny portion of the coastal plain of Alaska. Less than 3,000 acres out of the 19.8 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge contains what the geologic survey tells us is up to 16 billion barrels of oil. This is 30 years of Saudi oil. …..The President also signed an Executive Order putting 80 percent of the outer continental shelf off limits for oil drilling. This is many billions more barrels of oil in those areas. So if the American people like higher oil prices, they should write the White House and thank them, because that is where the blame and the responsibility lies. …….Gas prices could be much, much lower if the President had not vetoed that 1995 legislation and if he would allow more oil drilling and exploration in the outer continental shelf. ….."

Washington Post 6/20/00 Thomas Edsall "……Top House and Senate Democrats have privately warned President Clinton that skyrocketing gasoline prices seriously threaten the party's chances of retaking the House and Vice President Gore's prospects of winning the presidency. Their fears are shared by strategists in the Gore campaign who see the strongest threat of voter defections to the GOP in the battleground states of the Midwest, where gas prices have soared well above $2 a gallon ..."

Reuters 6/19/00"…… U.S. drivers continue to be hit with sticker shock at the pump as gasoline prices jumped to record highs for the fourth week in a row, the Energy Department's statistical agency reported on Monday. The national average retail price for unleaded gasoline soared 5 cents from last week to $1.681 a gallon (44 cents a liter), based on the Energy Information Administration's weekly survey of 800 service stations. The pump price is up 56 cents a gallon from last year and the highest since the EIA began tracking weekly fuel prices a decade ago...." 6/20/00 Carl Limbacher "…… "World class cities do not have armed demonstrations go unanswered by local law enforcement," complained Houston City Councilman Rob Todd to Police Chief C.O. Bradford yesterday. Todd said the presence of a gun-toting gang of Black Panthers in the heart of Houston raised concerns about the HPD's ability to protect the public, reports The Houston Chronicle. Todd was joined in the complaint by fellow city councilman Bert Keller. …….. The two Houston officials went public with their objections after 15 Panther protesters carrying AK-47s, shotguns and assault rifles marched on the Texas state GOP convention on Friday. They were demonstrating against next Thursday's scheduled execution of convicted killer Gary Graham. ……The armed Panthers clad in black fatigues emerged from a Humvee stretch limousine outside the George R. Brown Convention Center just 90 minutes before Texas First Lady Laura Bush addressed the convention. ….."I support their right to bear arms, but if they're going to threaten people and push veterans to the ground, they should be held accountable," said the Councilman Todd. ……Monday night, a member of the group who allegedly pushed a GOP delegate, 100 percent disabled veterean A.J. McClure, was charged with third degree felony assault. The accused Black Panther, George Robinson, 30, has two prior narcotics convictions. McClure said Robinson was unarmed during the altercation. ……"

Computer World 6/26/00 Ann Harrison "……Customer service representatives at the world's largest consumer online service apparently failed to heed a computer security warning impressed upon the public in recent months: Don't open suspicious e-mail attachments. …… America Online Inc. acknowledged last week that 200 member accounts were compromised when targeted AOL employees opened infected e-mail attachments. The attachments unleashed a Trojan horse program that created a connection to the employees' machines, allowing intruders to access password and credit-card information. ……, a site frequented by current and former AOL employees who first reported the security breach, asserts that the exploit has given crackers root access to AOL's Unix servers, allowing them to create back doors to customer data. The site claims the hole could be used to steal thousands of credit-card numbers. ......AOL spokesman Rich D'Amato, who said the company is investigating the incident, expressed frustration that employees have failed to shield AOL's 23 million customers from security breaches. "We spend a great deal of time messaging our employees and our members that they need to take care in not downloading attachments that come from senders unexpectedly," said D'Amato. ….."

CBSNEWS 6/27/00 "……Reuters …… The Energy Secretary was grilled by the House International Relations Committee on the subject of high gasoline prices, at a hearing on whether OPEC's pricing policies are a threat to the U.S. economy. ……. "Prices are still unacceptably too high," said Richardson, commenting on last week's 2.3 cent decline in the U.S. retail price for unleaded gasoline. The drop announced by the Energy Department, to a price of $1.658 a gallon, was the first decline in eight weeks. Prices in the Midwest fell 8 cents for conventional gasoline and 12.2 cents a gallon for cleaner burning reformulated gasoline. ……. That's good news, said Richardson, who also indicated it's too soon to call the price drop a trend. "Hopefully, we're turning a corner on gasoline prices." "The oil companies have some explaining to do," Richardson told the House panel, saying the FTC has been looking into why cleaner-burning gas mandated in some states is selling at sharply higher prices. ……"

New York Times 6/27/00 "…… The most important land conservation bill in many years is now before the United States Senate, and time is running out. The bill, which passed the House in May by a resounding margin despite the opposition of the House Republican leadership, would set aside nearly $3 billion a year, most of it guaranteed, to buy parks and open space, provide wildlife protection and restore damaged coastlines. The House bill was largely the handiwork of two members who rarely agree on anything -- California's George Miller, a Democrat and staunch conservationist, and Alaska's Don Young, a Republican who has been fighting environmentalists for most of his career but who, on the verge of retirement, has done a surprising about-face. ……"

The NewYork Times 6/28/00 Robert Pear David Stout "….. Democrats walked off the floor of the House today in indignation (albeit staged indignation) over the Republicans' handling of the Medicare prescription-drug issue. "It's a sham. It's a hoax. It's a political fig leaf," Representative Richard A. Gephardt of Missouri, the minority leader, complained over the Republican majority's refusal to let Democrats put forth their competing drug plan. …… The Democrats trooped back in about a half-hour later and continued to show their frustration by offering up a series of procedural motions meant to hobble progress toward passage of the Republican plan. The debate was expected to continue through the afternoon and, perhaps, into the evening. ….."

Reuters 6/20/00 "…… Declaring an energy emergency in his state, Indiana Gov. Frank O'Bannon on Tuesday suspended the state's sales tax on gasoline for 60 days.The governor said the move would help residents cope with surging gasoline prices by shaving up to 10 cents off each gallon of premium-grade gasoline at an estimated cost of $11 million. ..."

ABCNEWS 6/20/00 Sue Masterman and David Ruppe "….OPEC's 11 oil ministers arriving in Vienna for an intense Wednesday meeting are widely expected to agree to increase oil production by around 2 percent, thus helping tame the soaring price of oil. But in the United States, beset by rising gas prices, politicians lately have been focused on domestic causes. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson and Vice President Al Gore, for instance, in recent days have urged investigations into collusion and price gouging by U.S. oil companies. And the Federal Trade Commission announced this evening it would do just that: open a formal investigation into increased gasoline prices……"

The Nashville Scene 6/22/00 Walter Jowers "……..It's a story as bizarre as any Hunter Thompson road trip. Five months before the presidential election, Al Gore is doing his best to convince voters that he's the guy to hold the keys to the Free World's nukes and to replace retiring Supreme Court justices. Then, boom, he's accused of being completely stumped in the face of an overflowing toilet and peeling paint. How does this happen? ……..For a few days there, it looked as if the story had no more legs. The phone stopped ringing off the hook at the Mayberry place--until, of course, Mayberry made it known that the promises of structural bliss at her rented home hadn't been realized. …….As of last Thursday, the kitchen floor wasn't fixed, the toilet was still leaking, and the paint was still peeling. And, don't you know, the Mayberrys and Gores still hadn't sat down to dinner. ……… And, as it turns out, the problems Mayberry is complaining about barely scratch the surface of this domestic disaster. There is a laundry list of other, more dangerous circumstances that would offer enough material for a Bob Vila home-improvement special. …..The electrical system is a spaghetti bed of simmering wires. The water heater is a scalding hazard. The roof is shot. While it's not leaking yet, the shingles are starting to look like mulch. To put it plainly, this is one beat-up, worn-down house--long overdue for a lot of work. ……… "

Original Sources 6/22/00 Mary Mostert "…… There is something positively obscene about Al Gore's attack on George W. Bush in today's Washington Post over the skyrocketing cost of gasoline. He said, to applause at a carpenters' union hall in Des Moines, Iowa, "It's time to put our feet on the brakes of what may well be big oil's price gouging." Prices at the pump in Iowa were about $1.75 a gallon for regular gas. In Wisconsin the prices have already shot past $2 a gallon. ……… What, pray tell, did Al Gore think would be the impact of his ten year campaign to reduce the use of fossil fuels, which include gasoline of course, in order to address "global warming" and "holes in the ozone layer?" He has openly ADVOCATED higher gas prices for years to force Americans to use less fossil fuels which he devoutly believes is causing changes in the weather. ……On April 11, 1991, Senator Al Gore spoke on the floor of the senate praising a National Academy of Sciences study which "rings the alarm bells again and tells us of the urgent need to take action now to combat global warming." And what, exactly, were the recommendations made in that report, which Gore felt "does not in my opinion go far enough, but it goes very far and it is strikingly different from any recommendations we have seen from the Bush administration?" ……..It called for a "restructuring energy prices to more accurately reflect environmental costs" which means simply higher prices for fossil fuels, "full participation' in international programs to slow populations growth Population," and "The panel encouraged development and testing of a new generation of safe, efficient nuclear power plants to replace those that burn coal." ……" 6/21/00 Reuters "……The Congressional Research Service said on Wednesday that high gasoline prices in the Midwest are due mostly to pipeline transportation problems and a more costly process of making cleaner-burning reformulated fuel. The report was prepared at the request of House Science Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner, who has asked the Environmental Protection Agency to temporarily waive strict new requirements for cleaner fuel. The Congressional Research Service said gasoline prices were significantly higher than the national average in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan The report said about 48 cents of the current gasoline price is due to higher crude oil costs by refiners, which impact consumers throughout the nation. ……. ``It can also be roughly estimated that 25 cents of the (Midwest) regional price increase is due to transportation difficulties and another 25 cents, roughly estimated, could be due to the unique RFG situation in Chicago/Milwaukee,'' the report said. ….."

YAHOO News 6/21/00 Reuters "…..The White House acknowledged on Wednesday that its own anti-drug office's Web site may have been collecting personal data about visitors in violation of federal policy. The disclosure came less than six hours after the White House endorsed an Internet industry initiative aimed at boosting online privacy through design changes to Web sites and browsing software. ``Today, White House officials learned for the first time from the Office of National Drug Control Policy about certain practices by ONDCP contractors that could result in the collection of information about consumers and their Internet use,'' press secretary Joe Lockhart said in a statement. ……At issue is the use of ``cookies,'' small bits of software placed on the hard drive of Internet users to determine, among other things, which online advertisements are seen by Web site users. Cookies can also be used to collect personal data about Web surfers. ``We will take all steps necessary to halt these practices now,'' Lockhart said. ``Specifically, ONDCP will halt the use of 'cookies' on its behalf.'' ……"

Reuters 6/21/00 "…….. Guess who is going to hold a protest rally at the National Democratic Convention. The Los Angeles Police Protective League announced on Wednesday it will join protesters from eight other major police unions who have applied for permission to hold protests outside the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, where the convention will be held in mid-August. While thousands of police officers will be on hand to take care of demonstrators and protesters at the convention, hundreds more will be demonstrating and protesting. ………The Los Angeles union will be joined by police unions from New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Texas, the International Union of Police Associations, and Orange County, California. ……… The Los Angeles police union is also upset with the Justice Department for threatening the city with a ``consent decree'' to bring about reforms made necessary by what has been called ``a pattern of practice'' of unreasonable arrests, searches and seizures by the LAPD, stemming from the current police scandal, which has so far resulted in 91 convictions being overturned. ``As long as the federal government tries to impose consent decrees which disproportionately trample on the rights of officers while city leaders and command staff escape accountability, we will escalate our campaign to reveal the hypocrisy of leadership,'' Hunt said. ……"

6/16/00 "…….OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES ATTORNEY SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA……. Gregory A. Vega, United States Attorney for the Southern District of California, announced that on Friday, June 16, 2000, HOMER J. WILLIAMS, the former Assistant Commissioner of Customs for Internal Affairs, surrendered to face charges of perjury and making false statements. ……In a two-count indictment unsealed today, Mr. Williams was charged with submitting false statements to the United States Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) in a matter related to the criminal prosecution of former Customs Special Agent Beverly Jean Jordan. ……"

The New York Times 6/29/00 Eric Schmitt "……The Senate overwhelmingly passed the first major change in the nation's campaign finance law since 1979 today, closing a loophole through which millions of dollars have secretly flowed. President Clinton strongly supports the bill and is expected to sign it into law. …… The 92-to-6 vote in the Senate this morning came a day after the House overwhelmingly approved bipartisan legislation to require a growing number of shadowy tax-exempt groups that raise and spend money on political advocacy to disclose their activities and donors. The vote early Wednesday was 385 to 39. ……"

USA Today 6/29/00 "……Massachusetts voters will decide whether jailed felons should be able to keep their right to vote. The state legislature in a joint session Wednesday voted 144-45 in favor of a constitutional amendment that would take away that right. The question now heads to a November referendum. Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine are the only states that allow jailed felons to vote. Supporters of the measure say convicts give up the right to vote when they commit a crime and are sent to prison……."

WorldNetDaily 6/29/00 Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. "……. Party platforms are usually better and more politically principled than the candidates who run on them. Written as they are by rank-and-file activists, they put the heart and soul of the party on display, even when neither the officeholder nor the governing coalition lives up to the promise. Rarely has a platform in our times been as good as the Republican one from George W.'s own home state of Texas; indeed it's so good, it's got all the right people mighty upset. …….What's especially interesting about this document is that it indicates what's on the mind of GOP activists in the state from which the GOP presidential nominee hails. But unlike the candidate, these folks are not interested in putting a conservative spin on the Clinton-Gore ideological muddle. They are demanding a complete break with the politics of the last decade. ……."

Newsday 6/29/00 AP "……At least 711,000 elderly and disabled Americans would be jettisoned by HMOs planning to close their doors to Medicare beneficiaries next year, an industry group says. HMOs say Medicare payment limits and regulations enacted by Congress in recent years have made serving senior citizens cumbersome and unprofitable. …… ''This program has been overregulated and underpaid, said Karen Ignagni, president of the American Association of Health Plans, which represents HMOs. ……AAHP said Thursday that an informal survey answered by 37 of the largest HMOs serving Medicare beneficiaries turned up 18 that are planning to withdraw service in at least one county in 2001. ….."

Colorado Springs Gazette 6/28/00 Raquel Rutledge "…… Colorado Springs police are one step closer to seizing homes, bars, motels and any other property where repeated crimes are committed and owners are ignoring the problems. The Springs City Council passed a public-nuisance ordinance Tuesday - the first of its kind in the Springs - aimed at places where drug deals, prostitution, drive-by shootings and other crimes frequently require police attention…….. Property managers, real estate agents, attorneys and others objected to the proposal, calling it vague, unconstitutional and unfair. They say they can't be liable for the actions of others and worry police will overuse the law……All eight council members present supported the ordinance, which moves to a routine final reading in two weeks before it becomes effective. Lionel Rivera was absent…….."

New York Times 6/24/00 Todd Purdum "…….By a one-vote majority, the Los Angeles City Council approved $4 million today to bail out the local host committee for the Democratic National Convention here, assuring enough cash to begin building the stage at the Staples Center next month and avoiding a big political embarrassment for Mayor Richard J. Riordan. But Mr. Riordan's victory came at a personal price: $1 million, to be exact...."

National Review 6/27/00 Rich Lowery "…… "I think ownership is freedom." Oh, how I long for politicians to say these words! And how little did I expect ever to hear them from George W. Bush. But there he was, at a dinner for the Congress for Racial Equality last night in New York City, giving one of the best stump performances I've seen from him, trotting out an entirely new (and really quite profound) campaign theme: ownership. …….. I don't know whether it will become part of the permanent Bush arsenal, but it sounded good last night. Bush seemed particularly charged up to be speaking to a black audience, and rather than garbling his applause lines he leaned into them just right, catching the waves of applause and riding them to crescendos of minor passion. Afterwards, a slightly incredulous colleague asked: "Was that his usual stump speech?" Well, it was - just delivered effectively, which makes all the difference in the world. In the current Broadway play, The Real Thing, a writer compares his craft to a cricket bat, composed of multiple pieces of wood. If one of them is just slightly off, a ball will feel like a rock, dead off the bat. But if all of them are perfect, a ball will sail off the bat miraculously, into the distance. The little things make a huge difference……"

Augusta Chronicle 6/28/00 "…….The announcement that the rough draft of the entire human genetic code is nearly complete has a dark side: The legal, social and ethical considerations such knowledge will create are mind-boggling. …….. What will happen to your health insurance if insurers decide you must take a genetic test before they agree to insure you? What will happen if employers decide you aren't employable because of a genetic flaw that predisposes you to cancer, depression or alcoholism? …….…A recent Time/CNN poll shows that three quarters of those surveyed don't want insurance companies to know their genetic information. And 84 percent don't want the government to have that information. We are right to be concerned. ……So far, there is no real protection against genetic discrimination.. ……"

Washington Post 6/30/00 Dan Morgan "….. An estimated 711,000 elderly and disabled Americans will be dropped from the broad coverage of HMOs next year as health plans continue their flight from the government-run Medicare program, according to a health industry survey released yesterday. Some people whose health plans are quitting the program may be able to switch to other HMOs. But those living in communities without another option will be forced back into the traditional Medicare program, where out-of-pocket costs are higher and many major expenses, such as prescription drugs, are not paid for……"

The Times of London 7/1/00 Carl Mortished "….. Saudis in threat to 'open the taps' to reduce oil prices SAUDI ARABIA has given warning that it will open the taps and flood the market with oil if the crude price remains high. The world's largest producer is threatening to pump an extra 2.3 million barrels per day to take the speculative fever out of the oil situation. The price of a barrel of Brent crude dipped briefly in reaction to the Saudi Arabi threat, but sceptical traders quickly shrugged off the warning as an empty threat designed to manipulate prices downwards...."

World Via 7/3/00 "……..The Clinton administration has admitted that up to 900 subpoenaed Treasury Department records were destroyed in the case of a New Jersey family that seeks compensation from Iran for a terrorist attack. U.S. federal Judge Royce C. Lamberth has scheduled a hearing for Wednesday to discuss the destruction of subpoenaed evidence, Middle East Newsline reported………. Stephen Flatow, who in 1998 won $24 million judgement from Teheran, said the Justice Department has acknowledged that 800-900 records were destroyed as part of a Clinton administration effort to avoid seizing Iranian assets to pay the compensation. Flatow said the documents were requested as part of the family's effort to seize Iranian assets……." 7/3/00 Carl Limbacher "…… The Clinton administration misappropriated at least $45 million dollars in taxes paid by gun owners, which were supposed to underwrite a "sportsmen's trust fund," but were earmarked instead for a variety of pet causes -- including a group dedicated to the elimination of hunting. …..The White House's shellgame with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service money was first uncovered when the General Accounting Office submitted the results of their investigation into conservation tax expenditures to the House Resources Committee earlier this year. ……."In at least one instance, pressure was applied to an employee of the USF&WS," reported American Rifleman Magazine in March, "to fund a grant proposal submitted by a zealous animal rights group, The Fund for Animals, which is dedicated to the elimination of the very hunting heritage that those monies are collected to support." …….." 7/3/00 Carl Limbacher "…… This latest Clinton scandal came to light largely through the efforts of one man, James M. Beers, a career civil servant with the USF&WS, who told Congress he smelled a rat when higher-ups began to pressure him to approve the Fund for Animals grant. …….Beers refused, noting that the radical anti-gun group wanted to use hunters' tax money to distribute anti-hunting literature in public schools and other public venues. ……"I was badgered and intimidated to change my finding," Beers testified. "A few months later I was curtly told I would be moved to a non-existent, lower-grade job in Massachusetts." Then things got really ugly, Beers said. ……"I was locked out of my office, the police came to the building to keep me from entering and I was threatened, in an unmarked envelope left at my front door on a Sunday morning, with the loss of my retirement for five years and the loss of my health coverage forever if I did not retire immediately." …..Beers did retire -- but then went straight to the authorities. ……"

Wall Street Journal 6/28/00 "…… To rank in the top 1% of taxpayers for 1997, you had to report adjusted gross income of at least $250,736. This group paid 33.2% of total individual income taxes for that year, up from 32.3% the prior year, according to David Campbell and Michael Parisi in the Statistics of Income Bulletin. The group also accounted for 17.4% of total adjusted gross income, up from 16%. ……To rank in the top 5%, your income had to be at least $108,048. This group paid 51.9% of total income taxes, up from 51%, and it earned 31.8% of total AGI, up from 30.4%. ….The top 50% of taxpayers paid about 96% of all personal income taxes and earned 86% of AGI. The average federal income-tax rate on all taxable returns rose to 15.3%, the highest level since the mid-1980s. ….."

Washington Times 6/29/00 Edwin Feulner "….. You know how upset you get when the phone company bills you incorrectly? That's nothing compared with how angry the Federal Communications Commission must be at AT&T for listing on its new itemized bill the "Universal Connectivity Charge," a hidden tax the FCC forces phone companies to charge their customers every month……… There is no explanation on the bill, but AT&T gives a 1-800 number to learn the story behind this seemingly innocuous charge. Since 1997 long-distance carriers have been forced to pay into a federal program called the "Universal Service Fund" that subsidizes phone service to low-income and rural customers. The fund also subsidizes discounted Internet access to schools and libraries around the country....... You may be thinking: "What's wrong with helping people get phone service and Internet access?" Let me ask the question another way: "Why am I being slapped with a hidden tax by an unelected bureaucracy?"……..The "connectivity" charge has been dubbed the "E-rate" (short for "education rate"), and the FCC has been pressuring long-distance carriers from the start not to list it on their bills. …….. For one, new research has shown that computer use in school doesn't automatically lead to higher test scores. But even if it did, it is not really the amount of the tax that matters - it's the principle. And the principle at stake here is a rather serious one, since the U.S. Constitution clearly stipulates that only Congress has the power to tax American citizens. True, the E-rate grew out of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which Congress passed with the intention of helping to expand Internet access, but that didn't give the FCC the power to usurp a basic constitutional duty……"

Washington Times 6/28/00 Donald Lambro "….. With U.S. gasoline prices soaring to an average $1.70 a gallon, and hitting $2 in the Midwest, angry motorists may provide the pivotal issue in this year's themeless presidential election………One of the administration's first actions was a budget plan that raised gas taxes by 4.3 cents per gallon. Republicans voted against that budget, but it squeezed through Congress, thanks to the Democrats and Al Gore who argued in his book, "Earth In The Balance," that higher gas taxes were good for us……..In that book, the vice president wrote that "higher taxes on fossil fuel" was "one of the logistical first steps in changing our priorities in a manner consistent with a more responsible approach to the environment."…….Mr. Gore also wrote that the internal combustion engine was perhaps the single greatest threat to the environment - an extremist message that may be the kiss of death to Mr. Gore's presidential ambitions in Michigan - home of the nation's automobile industry. He should be doing well in this strong union state but he is in a dead heat against George W. Bush who is getting the support of 40 percent of union households……."

Washington Post 6/29/00 Mike Allen Helen Dewar "…… With Congress moving toward final passage of a bill forcing a major class of tax-exempt political groups to disclose their donors, tax and election lawyers spent yesterday looking for new ways to funnel secret money into this fall's campaigns. Although the lawyers already have some ideas, groups working to reduce the role of money in politics hailed the bill as the most significant tightening of campaign finance laws in 21 years. The measure overwhelmingly passed the House just after midnight early yesterday……… Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.), signaling the end of resistance to the proposal, won the support of his colleagues for a vote on the House bill today. President Clinton has indicated he will sign it. That means the new law could be on the books in time to apply to fundraising, advertising and other activities by such groups in November's elections……."

AP 7/6/00 Libby Quaid "……An audit found the Small Business Administration misspent millions of dollars earmarked to help minority businesses win federal contracts. The agency has promised to repay the money, which came from other agencies. The findings by the SBA's inspector general prompted a strong rebuke from Sen. Christopher Bond, chairman of the Small Business Committee and frequent critic of the agency. The SBA treats the funds for minorities as "a honey pot they can dip into to sweeten other programs," said Bond, R-Mo. …….."If taxpayers ever want to see how a government agency can look the other way while tax money is being used for everything but its intended purpose, all they have to do is read this report," Bond said Thursday. ……"

The Washington Times 7/7/00 John McCaslin "…… The Clinton Legal Expense Trust, founded by former Sen. David Pryor, Arkansas Democrat, has just surpassed 100,000 individual contributions - "retiring more than half" of the first family's $11 million in legal debt. ….. Mr. Pryor conceded as much last April, telling this column: "Now that the legal troubles of the first family have faded from the news, our rate of contributions has declined. ……"

CNSNEWS.COM 7/7/00 Jim Burns "…..America's unemployment rate dropped slightly in June - from 4.1 percent to 4 percent. President Clinton believes the drop shows evidence of his administration's economic success but Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman says more tax cuts, not more government spending, will keep the economy strong. Clinton said in a statement released from the White House, "Today, we have more evidence that our economic strategy is working. The American economy has created more than 22 million jobs since the beginning of 1993. More than 20 million of these jobs are in the private sector, giving us the highest share of private sector job creation since President (Harry) Truman was in office." …….Friedman wasn't impressed with Clinton's statement, saying the latest unemployment rate has little to do with how the economy is faring. ……" 7/7/00 "…… GOP Helps Fed Up Gore Tenant Move Out Vice President Al Gore will have more explaining to do concerning his tenant in Carthage, Tenn. The Mayberry family, who rents a home on the Gore farm in Carthage, said they're fed up and just not going to take it anymore. ….."Right now, I still say he's a slumlord," said Tracy Mayberry. "In my opinion that's exactly what he is. If he can't uphold his end of the bargain and do like he promised, he ain't fit to be in the White House." The Mayberrys decided to move. They found a place in Ohio and even found someone to help them move. The Tennessee Republican Party offered to rent several moving trucks, load them up and move the family to their new home. ……" 7/9/00 Carl Limbacher "…… It was one of the most highly touted accomplishments of President Clinton's first term. But now the results are in on the White House's $9 billion program to put 100,000 new cops on America's streets. And it turns out that a subtantial chunk of that money has been wasted, a Tennessee newspaper claims. More than half of the funding, according to federal audits, has gone to small-towns and rural communties with less than 10,000 residents, reported the Memphis Commercial Appeal on Sunday. …….. Many of the sparsely populated locales have crime rates so low that they never needed their own police departments. But they have them now, thanks to generous handouts under the Clinton administration's Community Oriented Policing Services program. ……"

Asheville Tribune 6/29/00 Dana Davis "……Arguably, the most recognizable symbol of the United States' heritage, the American Flag, is also the source of what's becoming a bitter battle between a man who wishes to proudly fly it and the neighborhood in which he lives trying to restrict his display of patriotism. A planned neighborhood, modeled after colonial Williamsburg, is attempting to force one man to take down the Stars and Stripes from his front yard because it does not fit in with their lawn code…….. The neighborhood is Cary's Williamsburg Commons and the man flying the flag is 20-year U.S. military veteran Al Martin, who just recently retired from the National Guard……… Given his background of duty and service to the country, Martin says he should be able to fly the American flag wherever he wants, and he refuses to recognize the Williamsburg Commons Neighborhood Association's attempts to infringe upon his First Amendment protected right……."

Capitol Hill Blue 6/30/00 David Pace "……. In a database kept secret from patients, the government has recorded the names of nearly 500 doctors and dentists across the country who have been slapped with at least 10 disciplinary actions and malpractice payments over the last decade. One of every seven U.S. doctors and one of every eight dentists has at least one malpractice payment or disciplinary report in the National Practitioners Data Bank, which the Department of Health and Human Services has been compiling since 1990. ….. Consumer advocates and a key congressional Republican are pressing to disclose the names to help patients shop for doctors. Medical experts oppose such a release, fearing the data is skewed by malpractice insurance settlements. ….."

Ether Zone 6/30/00 Hiker Sam "….. The Genome Project. Could be big. "Really big!" ( William Shatner) So many riddles will be solved. Diseases cured. Human understanding increased. Tenfold. In our current backwards culture, life is hard. There's so much we don't know. And to make matters worse, political correctness adds confusion to our primitive, hard lives. …… Also, what if we find out that some people are hard-wired for bigotry? It's genetic. And that homosexuality isn't? What the...? Do we keep the hate crime legislation but make the plaintiffs bigots and the defendants gays? Do bigots become a protected class? Does Dr. Laura get an, "I'm sorry" from all those detractors? …… Then, I'm thinking, what if human chromosomes are arranged in a way to give us cravings for meat? And we even discover that without meat, our DNA gets all fouled up and our babies turn out to be bigots? Sure we get a bunch of new victims to feel sorry for, but would it really be worth it? ……See where I'm going? Are we all ready for what science is about to dump on our collective heads? Are we willing to give up our political correctness and our well-defined enemies lists? We're talking mass confusion. We're talking whole media empires and special interest groups going into the toilet. This could be bigger than Roe v. Wade!! ……."

Reuters 7/11/00 Andy Sullivan "…….Grunge music blared, computer monitors glowed, and rock stars got out of bed before noon Tuesday as music-industry heavyweights and Internet moguls brought their fight over the future of music distribution to Capitol Hill. ……..Most of the witnesses at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing stopped short of urging Congress to write legislation to clarify whether companies such as (MPPP.O) and Napster Inc. are violating intellectual-property laws when they allow their users to swap digital versions of songs over the Internet. ……Programs such as Napster and Gnutella, which allow music fans to download music from the Internet for free, have soared in popularity in the past year, prompting charges of piracy from recording companies and artists. ……"

News 7/11/00Carl Limbacher "….. Vice President Al Gore may have learned more from Bill Clinton than he'd like to admit, if what Tracy Mayberry describes as "the last straw" in her tenants rights battle with the Veep is true. …….. Now, with Mayberry and her family settled into their new place in Lima, Ohio, the Toledo Blade reports: "The last straw, she said, came when they recently found their dog sick by the roadside after munching on a dead turkey laced with poison, and their cat stretched out in a field behind their house with its throat slit. ….."The animals died, Mayberry said, not long after their plight was broadcast on national TV." ……..In 1998, Clinton sex assault victim Kathleen Willey told investigators that her cat disappeared and her tires were slashed after she was subpoenaed in the Paula Jones case. Two days before Willey appeared before Ken Starr's Monicagate grand jury, a stranger approached her and mentioned the incidents, adding, "Don't you get the message?" Willey did, but testified anyway……"

AP 7/3/00 Donna De La Cruz "……. NEW YORK -- Five police officers and three 911 dispatchers will face disciplinary action for failing to do their jobs during a series of attacks on women in Central Park last month, the city's police commissioner said Monday. In addition, six commanding officers have either been sent or will receive written reprimands for their mistakes during the June 11 attacks, which followed New York's annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. In detailing results of the internal investigation, Police Commissioner Howard Safir said he felt "very personally responsible" for the attacks. Six of 59 alleged victims have claimed officers ignored their pleas for help. "We are better than how we acted on that particular day," Safir said. ……" 7/5/00 Carl Limbacher "….. The recent announcement that Saudi Arabia is planning massive production increases to lower the per barrel price of crude oil has gotten worldwide notice. One man already jumping up and down over the news is Al Gore, who is demanding that oil companies in the U.S. begin lowering oil prices in anticipation of the oil price fall. Presumably Gore will have much to benefit if the price of oil falls soon, as the U.S. economy will seem more robust come election day this November. ….But readers read it here first this past March, when we informed you that many Gulf regimes, notably Saudi Arabia, don't want Gore, would like to see an end to the Clinton years, and wish to help Bush get elected. ……"

Washington Times 7/6/00 Sibylla Brodzinsky "……The U'wa Indians of northeastern Colombia say the government will have to kill every last member of their tribe before they allow California-based Occidental Petroleum Corp. to pump oil from their ancestral lands. The vow marks the latest in an eight-year battle between the U'wa and the multinational oil giant. Initially the tribe threatened to commit mass suicide by jumping off a 1,400-foot cliff. Later, the tribe pondered mass exile. "There is nothing to negotiate," said an U'wa leader, Roberto Cobaria……."

The Associated Press 7/5/00 Dave Carpenter "……. Crude oil prices plummeted 7 percent Wednesday after Saudi Arabia signaled it may soon begin producing an additional half-million barrels a day to cut short a relentless rise in oil prices that could threaten world economic growth. The frenzied selloff on the New York Mercantile Exchange came on the first trading day after Monday's announcement by the world's leading oil-producing nation, which caught even fellow OPEC members by surprise. The exchange was closed Tuesday in observance of the Independence Day holiday. Soon after the opening bell, the near-term contract - crude for August delivery - was down $2.25 to $30.25 a barrel. ……"

AP 7/12/00 "……The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee said a draft Medicare prescription drug plan is an attempt to reach elusive compromise on what has become a major political issue. The government would pay a share of older Americans' drug costs under the proposal. ``This has been a real effort to bring together a bipartisan program,'' said the chairman, Sen. William Roth, R-Del. ``We're all in agreement that Medicare is one of our most important domestic programs, but it has to be brought into the 21st century.'' ……"

Washington Post 7/11/00 Rick Weiss Deborah Nelson "…..Federal regulators have shut down all government-funded human medical experiments at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Tulsa amid evidence that researchers there broke multiple rules designed to protect patients and then tried to cover up their lapses by withholding information from university overseers and patients. …… Among the concerns that led to the unusually severe disciplinary action were that dozens of cancer patients may have been injected with experimental cancer-fighting vaccines contaminated with dangerous bacteria or viruses; that 11 of the first 18 patients to get the vaccines were not eligible for the study; and that the informed-consent form given to volunteers overstated the possible benefits of the experiment and understated the risks......."

Wall Street Journal via 7/10/00 William Kucewicz "….. The news from Washington is that this year's federal surplus is likely to hit a whopping $224 billion -- up $45 billion from an estimate made just five months ago -- and expectations are for surpluses totaling almost $4.2 trillion over the next 10 years. To put the numbers in perspective, consider that $230 billion is more than the private sector currently spends in a year on computers ($108 billion), industrial equipment ($164 billion) or automotive imports ($197 billion), and it nearly equals the yearly investment in single-family homes ($260 billion). As for $4.2 trillion, suffice it to say it's equivalent to more than two years' private-sector domestic investment ($1.7 trillion annually). ……..Almost no one seems to note that a surplus at any level of government represents money that would otherwise be used for consumption or investment by those who earned the income in the first place. And to the extent that it's squirreled away by government and isn't used, say, to retire debt, it's a drain on the economy. ……Also missing from the discussion is a basic question: Whose money is it, anyway? Government's moral legitimacy is derived from the people. …."

World Net Daily 5/9/00 Charles Smith "……. Oil ministers from OPEC nations have quietly told national security advisors on Capitol Hill that the oil production cutbacks -- and resulting price increases -- are being implemented at the request of the Clinton administration on behalf of Russia, Indonesia, Mexico and Iran……. Russia, Mexico and Indonesia are reported to be directing their increased oil profits toward paying back overdue Western loans. According to one government defense advisor, the windfall profits are part of a larger scheme to use the American public to pay off failed and corrupt investment schemes in the three countries. ……"

Capitol Hill Blue 6/22/00 Jackie Koszczuk "…….As President Clinton and Republicans in Congress slog through another season of dispute over spending priorities, they also are locked in a power struggle over Clinton's use of the courts to achieve victories denied him by his political enemies on Capitol Hill. ……Taking advantage of their superior authority over the details of the spending bills that fuel the government, Republicans are pushing several proposals to would cut off the flow of money to Clinton's legal attacks on the gun and tobacco industries. …….After failing to get Congress to back his plan to tighten federal controls on handgun sales and cigarette marketing, the Clinton administration, in its waning days, has pursued an aggressive legal strategy of suing or threatening to sue the industries to extract concessions from them. ……."


Houston Chronicle 6/20/00 J R Gonzales Eric Berger "……A Houston man who allegedly pushed an elderly delegate to the ground during last week's state Republican convention was charged Monday night with a third-degree felony. Frederick R. Robinson, 30, of Houston was accused of felony injury to an elderly individual, over 65. Robinson had two narcotics convictions in the 1990s, police said, and he was denied bond. …… Earlier Monday, City Councilman Rob Todd, who opposes gun control, said HPD should have cracked down on the New Black Panther Party's armed demonstration Friday in support of postponing Thursday's scheduled execution of convicted murderer Gary Graham. …….. Todd, a gun owner, said he is more concerned about Kaufman County delegate A.J. McClure, 71, being pushed to the ground than armed Black Panthers. "I support their right to bear arms," he said, "but if they're going to threaten people and push veterans to the ground, they should be held accountable." ……."

Upi 7/19/00 "……Two weeks ago motorists in northern Illinois were paying the nation's highest gasoline prices, but now the state ranks 24th, and neighboring northern Indiana has the country's cheapest gas, averaging $1.43 a gallon. Pump prices in both Midwest states have dropped an average 40 cents a gallon since peaking around June 20 at more than $2 a gallon, according to the AAA-Chicago Motor Club. "The decrease in gasoline prices is certainly welcome news to area motorists," AAA spokesman Steve Nolan said. "However, gas prices are still more than 30 cents higher than last year." ……"

WorldNetDaily 7/20/00 "……Approximately a month after Al Gore promised to fix up his ramshackle rental property, his tenants Charles and Tracy Mayberry and their six children left for Ohio. Seven members of the Tennessee Republican party calling themselves Tennessee Volunteers spent July 7 packing and moving the Mayberry's belongings. The Mayberry's final act of defiance against the landlord they called a "slumlord" was to leave a "Gore Free Tennessee" bumper sticker on the bathroom mirror. I predict that none of the Mayberry clan will vote for Gore in their new state of Ohio come Nov. 7. ……… Al Gore needs some lessons in basic landlording skills. Being a landlord is not like being a congressman, senator, or even vice president. Tenants believe, and rightly so, that they have the right to a home free of biting insects and holes in the floors. In addition the house should include proper plumbing and safe electrical wiring. As tenants of the United States government, Al and Tipper Gore expect those same amenities. ......While the Mayberrys were leaving Al Gore's estate, he was in Chicago promising senior citizens to fight for the people, not the powerful. His definition of a "fight" includes spending a total of $339 billion over the next ten years to add a prescription drug program and extend the Medicare Trust Fund until 2030. …….Gore even falsely accused the Republicans of shutting down the government in 1995 over the issue of Medicare. The truth was that Clinton vowed to veto the budget unless the Republicans dropped their legislation to maintain Medicare Part B spending. ……"

Ap 7/20/00 "......On the eve of her House testimony in support of a veterans employment bill, Miss America Heather French says a high-ranking Clinton administration official was ''trying to intimidate'' her into changing her position. ...... French said in an interview Thursday that she spoke in a conference call July 11 with Espiridion Borrego, assistant secretary of labor for veterans' employment and training, and two other Labor Department officials. The officials had asked to speak with her, but she said she did not know the topic would be the legislation. Borrego testified the next day in opposition to key sections of the bill, which would make major changes in veterans training and employment programs. The Labor Department, not the Department of Veterans Affairs, has jurisdiction over these veterans' issues. ...... ''He (Borrego) never said, 'I would like to change your opinion,''' but did say the bill ''would cause more than 3,000 veterans to lose their jobs and become homeless,'' French said. ''I took that as if he was definitely trying to shake my testimony.'' The conversation was ''very uncomfortable. I felt they were trying to intimidate,'' said French, who is engaged to Kentucky Lt. Gov. Steve Henry, a Democrat. ......" 7/20/00 "......After an aide suggested that the voice on an incriminating tape recording wasn't the voice of the vice president, Gore admitted that he is the one who can be heard on a tape saying that illegally financed political ads should be shown to a wealthy Indonesian now under criminal investigation by the Justice Department. ......Gore's admission came after Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., wrote to Attorney General Janet Reno demanding that the DOJ investigate the issues raised by the tape recording. On the tape Gore can be heard speaking about political ads to Arief Wiriadinata, an Indonesian citizen who was found to have made more than $400,000 in illegal donations to the Democratic Party that had to be returned. ......."We ought to show Mr. Riady the tapes, some of the ad tapes," Gore can be heard telling Wiriadinata. James Riady, an Indonesian billionaire and friend of President Clinton, is suspected of campaign funding irregularities. ......"

CapitolWatch 8/8/00 "……CapitolWatch congratulates Vice President Al Gore on his selection of Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman as his running mate. Lieberman is a proven leader on the most important issue of this campaign, Social Security, as he has signed the CapitolWatch Social Security Pledge. The CapitolWatch Social Security Pledge is a nonpartisan effort to commit presidential candidates, Senators, Representatives and candidates for Congress to protect Social Security, not to raid the Social Security Trust Fund, and to work for meaningful reform of Social Security for future generations. In February, Republican presidential nominee Texas Governor George W. Bush sent a statement supporting the CapitolWatch Social Security Pledge. ….. Though Lieberman signed the pledge, Gore has refused. …."

U.S. House of Representatives 3/2000 "........ The Environmental Protection Agency's Failure to Enforce Pollution Standards for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks ...... At the direction of Commerce Committee Chairman Tom Bliley, Committee staff prepared the following report with respect to the Committee's investigation into the adequacy of the Environmental Protection Agency's enforcement of pollution standards for certain diesel truck engines.......... The Committee's extensive investigation has revealed a pattern of gross negligence and striking indifference by EPA throughout the early and mid-1990s to the very real possibility -- now a known certainty -- that diesel truck engines were emitting pollutants far in excess of regulatory standards. During this time period, EPA received repeated warnings and increasingly specific information from outside experts suggesting that its emission testing protocol -- known as the Federal Test Procedure (FTP) -- was flawed and outdated, and was easily circumvented by advances in electronic engine controllers being used by diesel engine manufacturers. Yet, despite being presented with this credible, and in some cases convincing, information, EPA clung to its flawed test and failed to take any serious action to even investigate these suspected practices until 1997 -- more than six years after the Agency was first provided with credible evidence that these large trucks may be emitting pollutants far in excess of Federal limits......... The chronology of events set forth in this report, and reflected in Figure 1 below, paints a troubling picture of a bureaucracy too slow and too arrogant to understand the profound changes taking place in emission control technology, and the impact of those changes on the Agency's testing processes and vehicle pollution levels....."

RNC EMAIL 8/5/00 Jim Nicholson "……Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today expressed disappointment over President Clinton's veto of a bill to eliminate the marriage penalty, as he promised to do in his Saturday radio address: "A tax on marriage discourages marriage," Nicholson said. "It is simply wrong for government to discourage marriage and hurt families - the most important institution in America. ….."

Dallas Morning News 8/2/00 Todd Bensman "…… U.S. Attorney Paul Coggins' office will not prosecute a former Drug Enforcement Administration agent on a perjury charge, even though a judge in Fort Worth has ruled that the officer lied to obtain a search warrant. Federal Judge Terry Means determined last week that a search warrant affidavit that led to the 1996 drug conviction of Adrian Valdez Garcia was based on a fabricated field report from DEA Special Agent Will Travis. The judge has ordered Mr. Garcia's release from his 10-year sentence at a federal prison in Forrest City, Ark., and there are no plans to retry him. Federal prosecutors said that there was never enough proof to try Mr. Travis, who could not be located for comment Tuesday. They said that he might simply have made a mistake when passing on disparate field reports to another officer writing the affidavit. ……" 8/4/00 Capitol Hill Blue "……The 535 men and women who make up the House and Senate of the United States include, at best, a collection of rogues, con artists, scofflaws and bad check artists. At worst, they comprise, as Twain once observed, a distinct criminal class. Over the past several months, researchers for Capitol Hill Blue have checked public records, past newspaper articles, civil court cases and criminal records of members of the United States Congress. We have talked with former associates and business partners who have been left out in the cold by people they thought were friends. ......"

CNN 8/13/96 "…..Lieberman says campaign finance system 'collapsed' Meanwhile, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a Democratic member of Senate panel investigating campaign fund-raising abuses, says the Clinton Administration was "at the center" of a collapse of the campaign finance system last year.

In an interview with Reuters this week, Lieberman said he reached the conclusion after four weeks of hearings by the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. The hearings are due to resume Sept. 2.

"In 1996, the system of limits to campaign contributions and full disclosure collapsed. That was true of both parties," the Connecticut Democrat said. "In that sense, the Democratic administration was part of that breakdown, was at the center of that breakdown."….." 8/6/00 Walter Burien "…….Are local and state governments strapped with severe budgetary constraints? Far from it, according to public investment expert Walter Burien. Credited with discovering the existence of an elusive government document called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Burien provides a fascinating peek inside the true financial worth of governments today. Thousands of these reports nationwide document the trillions of dollars of assets held by everything from the local water district to large state governments. WorldNetDaily columnist Geoff Metcalf recently interviewed Burien about his work in educating the taxpaying public…………
Q: So where did you look?
A: When I looked at the budget, which was all I knew about, I noticed large, cash-cow investment agencies of state government were not on the report, the New Jersey Turnpike, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey -- no large returns from investment funds. Now they gave mention of the different agencies on the report but not the revenue.
Q: Don't state treasurers have to report this stuff when they are investing on Wall Street?
A: Here's where it broke down. I knew the director of the budget was on vacation until the following Tuesday of the next week. I called his office and found out who his two lower assistants were. ……..I said, "Hi. This is Walter Burien. I'm working on a report for Richard and I have to have it done by Tuesday when he gets back from vacation. I need all the figures on all the autonomous agency accounts and trust accounts and investment accounts." ......And he said, "Oh, you want the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report." I said, "Could I have a copy?" He said I'd better ask Mark (the next one down the line from the budget director).
Q: Notwithstanding your 15 years on Wall Street, you had never heard of this animal before?
A: First time. But I played the cards as they were dealt. I knew it was the most important thing I needed to get my hands on. So, I called Mark and said, "Hi Mark, this is Walter Burien. I just got off the phone with Jim. I'm working on a report for Richard and I have to have it done by Tuesday. I need a copy of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report." ......... He said, "Oh, where do you want it sent to?" I got it that Friday and started crunching numbers. Here's a state with a declared service budget of $17 billion showing a net available on their budget report of $24 billion. The year's totals on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report: $188 billion. …….
Q: You wanted them as a client.
A: That was actually true to a certain extent. But I was mad more than I was greedy. I said, "How could I have not heard of this?" Here's New Jersey holding $80 billion in common stock. I was a commodity-trading adviser. I dealt with a lot of the CEOs of some of the major investment firms and I never heard it mentioned -- in any circles. I found out when I called the mailroom of the Department of Treasury for New Jersey. It was sent out to every editor of every paper up and down the East Coast. It was sent to the directors and CEOs of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. And now I'm getting mad. I was seeing a cooperative effort at non-disclosure and it wasn't as if it was just created that year and the word hadn't gotten around.
Q: This Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, is it just a stack of numbers or is it something that has an executive summary and can actually be read and understood?
A: The CAFR is set up to be a simple, quick evaluation book to show: total income, total assets, total investments, total net worth. What's been going on in this country for the last 65 years is government will always focus the public's attention -- intentionally so -- on the budgetary basis of the budget report. And the only thing the budget report is, is their annual operating expenses. ……"

CATO Institure 8/8/00 Deroy Murdock "……For the latest example of governmental bait-and-switch, look no further than your ashtray. Attorneys general from 46 states sold the public on the 1998 "Master Settlement Agreement" as a way to collect "damages" from the major tobacco companies and spend these sums to rescue teenagers from nicotine addiction. …….. But a recent report by the National Council of State Legislatures paints a far-less touching picture. The NCSL studied 44 states that plan to spend $8.19 billion in tobacco settlement funds this year and next - a small down payment on the $206 billion of tobacco industry money they expect to redistribute through 2025. Of this sum, $754.2 million or just 9.2 percent is dedicated to tobacco prevention. …… The oft-invoked "children" are seeing less than a dime of every dollar extorted on their behalf. ……."

New York Times 8/10/00 Don Van Natta Jr John Broder "……Vice President Al Gore has for months been planning the Democratic National Convention as a coming-out party for his presidential campaign and a long-awaited opportunity to step out of President Clinton's imposing shadow. But Bill and Hillary Clinton each intend to spend twice as much time in Los Angeles as the vice president, basking in the spotlight and raising millions of dollars for their own political projects. …….By the end of the Democratic convention week, the Clintons will have raised far more money than the vice president -- $4 million anticipated for the first lady's New York Senate bid at a star-studded concert this Saturday night and at least $10 million for Mr. Clinton's presidential library at a brunch that Barbra Streisand will hold this Sunday at her compound in Malibu……."

Washington Times 8/10/00 Kenneth Smith "…..Rosie DesParois, 87, was a retired nurse facing a death sentence. Doctors said she was terminally ill with advanced breast and endometrial cancer that had spread to her liver. Rather than enter a hospital or nursing home, however, Mrs. DesParois sought care from a Plattsburgh, N.Y., hospice, which allowed her both to live out her remaining days puttering in the garden of her beloved home and to receive some limited medical care there. Visiting hospice staff took advantage of the visits to coax her into taking medicine. Then disaster struck, or so it seemed to the Medicare administrators paying for her hospice care: Mrs. DesParois lived. According to federal regulations dating to the 1980s and enforced by the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), hospice patients are limited to six months of coverage. Because Mrs. DesParois' life span had exceeded federal guidelines, in 1997 an agency contractor fired off letters to her and other hospice patients in Plattsburgh stating that they were not eligible for hospice coverage. Further, the contractor demanded reimbursement. Said a horrified relative of one other elderly letter recipient, "Medicare's view seemed to be, 'You're supposed to die, so why don't you?' " The Wall Street Journal reported the controversy in June under the headline, "Hospice's Patients Beat the Odds, So Medicare Decides to Crack Down." In his speech accepting the Republican Party's nomination for president, George W. Bush was sharply critical of Clinton administration officials for failing to take advantage of the nation's economic prosperity to repair programs such as Medicare. "They had their moment," he said. "They have not led. We will." ……."

Washington Times 8/10/00 Kenneth Smith "…..A second Clinton administration cost-control measure imposes increasingly complicated regulations on providers to reduce what the media carelessly refer to as waste, fraud and abuse. Not only do the rules mean doctors and hospitals must devote more time to filling out paperwork. They must play a kind of regulatory roulette that can wind up criminalizing good medical practice. Robert Moffitt of the Heritage Foundation cites the case of a California internist trying to negotiate Medicare rules governing colon cancer screens. Said the doctor: "If a doctor orders a stool specimen to test for occult blood — which might indicate an early colon cancer — is he engaging in good medical practice or criminal behavior?" Answer: It depends. If the patient doesn't have symptoms and the bill is sent to Medicare, it's a criminal offense because these preventive services are not covered benefits.
Thus billing them to Medicare is considered fraud. The absence of intent to cheat Medicare doesn't matter. On the other hand, if a physician waits for colon cancer symptoms to appear before ordering the stool test, he may be putting his patient at risk………"

AP 7/31/00 Tara Burghart "……A chemical weapons depot used by the Army that has weathered bomb threats and false alarms now faces a lawsuit from workers who claim they were sickened by highly toxic nerve and mustard agents. The 18 workers, who are building an incinerator at the Umatilla Chemical Depot, claim the Army is hiding leaks that occurred on Sept. 15 - the day they became sick. "I remember it hitting so hard it was like being punched in my chest. Every breath you took, there was searing pain," said David Bosley, 37, a millwright. "Men were falling, men were crying, men were retching," he said. ……"

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/1/00 Jerry Seper "…….The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, seeking to relieve a growing backlog, awarded citizenship to thousands of people without adequate background checks after compromising its own computer system. The rushed program failed to address weaknesses INS knew would push the system beyond its limits, according to a stinging report yesterday by the Justice Department's Office of Inspector General -which faulted INS over its 1996 "Citizenship USA" program, during which more than 1 million people became U.S. citizens....... But the 684-page report cited no evidence that CUSA was implemented to further political ends, as charged by Republicans. The report said the INS program "did not result" in a lowering of standards or a change in procedures "to get more applicants naturalized in time for the 1996 election in the hope they would vote for the Democratic Party, as alleged." Republicans had accused INS and Vice President Al Gore of rushing applicants through so they could vote for Democrats in November 1996. The National Performance Review, under the direction of Mr. Gore, had targeted the program for "reinvention."……" 8/2/00 Sell Out by David Schippers "……David Schippers has bad news for the politicians who betrayed the impeachment process: He took names and notes…..Order your copy of David Schippers' new book due out September 1. Order today at a price way cheaper than's current price - save $8.00. This is the book that at long last reveals the true story of how both parties ignored shocking evidence and made a mockery of Bill Clinton's impeachment... "I had no inkling of the extent of Bill Clinton's guilt - until I saw the mountains of yet-unreleased evidence." Such was the mind-set of tough ex-prosecutor David P. Schippers - a lifelong Democrat who made his name prosecuting big-time Chicago mobsters - when he took the position as Chief Counsel to the House Judiciary Committee. …..He didn't know what he was up against. ……. Schippers - the quintessential honest man - had no idea that justice was the last thing most congressmen desired, and evidence was not what they wanted to see. He didn't expect to be hamstrung by both parties. He thought the congressmen wanted to get to the truth. He discovered they just wanted to get out - period. Bill Clinton got his acquittal. The congressional leaders got their deal. And now in "Sellout," David Schippers gives them all something they richly deserve - a full accounting of the truth about the shameful impeachment farce, including disclosure of previously sealed evidence that will have White House flacks screaming in protest. …… Price: $ 19.95 ….Order today online, by mail or by calling 1-800-485-4350* ….."

Wall Street Journal 8/1/00 Pual Beckett "…..Two years ago, Rebecca Cobos overdrew her checking account at a Bank of America branch in Los Angeles. When she couldn't immediately repay the bank, it not only closed her account, but also had her, in effect, banned for five years from opening a checking account at most other banks, too. Bank of America did so by reporting the 23-year-old university secretary to ChexSystems, a national database to which 80% of bank branches in the country subscribe. Once lodged in ChexSystems, you automatically stay there for five years, whether your offense was bouncing a check or two or committing serious fraud. The large majority of banks using ChexSystems reject any checking-account applicant they find in the database…….." 7/31/00 H Josef Hebert AP "…..- A crash program to reduce the backlog of citizenship applications ''compromised the integrity'' of the process and gave citizenship to tens of thousands of people without adequate background checks, the Justice Department said Monday. But the review by the department's inspector general found no evidence that the 1995-1996 program, part of Vice President Gore's government reinvention effort, was designed to influence the 1996 presidential election. About 1.2 million people were given citizenship between October, 1995 and September 1996 under the program which eliminated a massive backlog of citizenship cases at the Immigration and Naturalization Service. At the time the waiting period for citizenship was as much as three years. ……."

Time Magazine 7/23/00 Frank Pellegrini "…… Al lands in the Lone Star State to bash Bush's budget. But the veep doesn't have as strong a case as he thinks "It's a metaphor for everything!" That was how one Gore aide explained his man's nakedly opportunistic pounce on the Lone Star State's budgetary problems - a way to hit George W. Bush precisely where he lives by turning the governor's Texas record against him. In fact, Gore got so excited about this, he tore up his Washington-bound AF2 manifest and landed in San Antonio on Thursday. Forget the Alamo. Remember Boston Harbor. ……But denizens of the land of Bush don't appreciate being held up to the nation as a paragon of fiscal mismanagement in a game of political ping-pong. Especially when the ballyhooed $610 million in cost overruns, mainly in social programs for which the demand has risen with the state's booming economy and burgeoning population, aren't a real deficit. In fact, state comptroller Carole Keeton Rylander (a very defensive Republican this week) announced that the state would see an estimated $1.1 billion surplus - more than enough, she said, to pay for the overruns. Sorry, Al, but that's just as good as the imaginary surpluses they're racking up in Washington. ….." 7/24/00 "…..WorldNetDaily's Jon Dougherty's piece about the Providence Rhode Island United Way's disingenuous, PC-inspired blackmail really has me angry. "The Providence, R.I., chapter of the United Way has decided to cut off funding to local Boy Scouts, saying the popular 90-year-old organization discriminates against homosexuals, even as a group of congressional Democrats plans to introduce legislation to strip BSA of its honorary charter." …….. By the way, if some manager or United Way sycophant threatens you or harasses you for failing to participate, you can sue, and win. Then you would have more money to give to the charities of your choice. …….The new New England chapter policy is very careful not to "specifically" single out the Boy Scouts. That would require courage the PC cabal lacks. Instead it states funding would be denied any group that "discriminate for any reason, including sexual orientation," according to the Providence Journal-Bulletin newspaper. The Supreme Court has affirmed a private group can discriminate. United Way says they cannot. Actually the United Way is discriminating against those who discriminate in a manner considered inappropriate by the United Way. ........."

The Washington Times page A14 7/25/00 Grover Norquist "…… The nation is delirious with Harry Potter fever. Hundreds of thousands of kids are eagerly awaiting the mail delivery that will bring them their precious copy of the fourth installment of young Harry's adventures. Little do these young readers suspect there's a far greater evil lurking without the book than within its pages. Because if the United States Postal Service has its way, these same kids will be hit with a 15 percent reader tax in time for Harry Potter V. …… Wile most of Washington is basking in the aura of budget surplus and discussing tax cuts, the USPS has quietly proposed a 20 percent rate increase on books, 15 percent on magazines and 12 percent on rural newspapers delivered by mail. The $300 million magazine rate increase alone is threefold the inflation rate and double what is needed to cover costs. This periodical rate increase is nothing more than a reader tax only Harry Potter's arch-enemy Voldemort could love. ……."

Washington Post Online 7/25/00 Martin Crutsinger AP "……- Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan strongly defended the process of globalization on Tuesday, warning that efforts to halt the growing economic connections between nations would disrupt the effort to spread prosperity worldwide. ……"

WorldNetDaily 7/25/00 Jon Dougherty "…..In a finding that shocked some observers, a new poll says that barely half of Americans - just 51 percent - would vote for passage of the U.S. Constitution if the same document approved over two centuries ago were presented in ballot form today. The survey, conducted by Portrait of America and released Tuesday, said 22 percent of respondents would vote against the Constitution while another 27 percent said they were not sure whether they would support it. …….POA pollsters said Tuesday's results did not differ significantly from a similar poll conducted by the polling firm a year ago. ……..That survey, conducted in June 1999, showed slightly less support for the Constitution. Then, only 49.5 percent of respondents said they would support the Constitution if a referendum were held. Twenty-three percent said they would vote against it while the same number - 27 percent - said they weren't sure. ……."Although a majority, 56 percent, believe the Constitution is the best way to run our country," the new poll said, "37 percent feel it needs to be updated to reflect major societal changes of the past 200 years." Portrait of America said women and younger adults were more inclined to support constitutional revisions, while men and older Americans were more likely to support the Constitution as-is. ….."

Newsday 7/29/00 Peter Goodnman "……..New York State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer was accused of threatening unspecified action against talk-radio station WABC/770 AM Thursday evening after getting embroiled in an on-air quarrel with talk-show host Sean Hannity and author and Clinton critic Laura Ingraham. A spokesman for Spitzer denied the charge leveled by producer Eric Stanger. ……. But as Hannity continued talking over his responses, Spitzer attacked Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.) as a hypocrite who had fathered an illegitimate child, apparently mistaking Barr for Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.), who has admitted an extramarital affair. Spitzer kept to that position, although Hannity gave him a chance to step back. ……Spitzer hung up when the show went to a commercial. But shortly afterward, according to Stanger, Spitzer called the station control room and began speaking with him. "At one point," Stanger said, "he says to me, 'Let me assure you, I intend to use my capacity of the office of attorney general to act on this.'" "My eyebrows went up," Stanger said. "I said, 'Sir, is that a threat?'" Stanger said Spitzer immediately responded, "No, no, no. What I meant is that I am going to call my friends in government to tell them to boycott the show." ......"

Medium Rare articles 7/26/00 Jim Rarey "…….. Can a treaty override the Constitution when there is a conflict between the two? Yesterday the U.S. House said yes by a 417 to 0 vote (with two abstaining and 16 not voting). The vote in question was on H.R. 4888 - The Innocent Child Protection Act of 2000, authored by Representative Ros-Lehtinen R. of Florida and introduced by Republican Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas. The bill was brought up (without hearings) during the "suspension" calendar (a motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill). This procedure requires a two-thirds majority. The bill would prohibit states from executing pregnant prisoners (during the pregnancy) who had been sentenced to death. There is already a law that prohibits such executions for prisoners convicted under federal law. ……… As emotional as the question is, the central issue narrowed down to the constitutionality of the bill. It was argued that the Tenth Amendment prohibits Congress from exercising powers not granted it under the Constitution. Rep. John Conyers (Dem. of Michigan) argued (correctly) that Congress had not been granted (in the Constitution) the power to change state criminal laws. Nevertheless, Conyers voted for the bill. ……"

New York Times 7/22/00 Michael Moss Adrianne Appel "….The Environmental Protection Agency is investigating why its officials ignored evidence for 18 years that W. R. Grace and Company was using ore laden with asbestos in an array of building products. An agency study in 1982 found alarming levels of asbestos in ore that Grace had said included harmless amounts of the material, which can cause cancer. But the agency shelved the report, scuttled follow-up studies and continued to accept the company's lower figures, E.P.A. officials said this week. That allowed Grace, a maker of specialty chemicals and building materials, to largely avoid government scrutiny and use the ore in products, like fireproofing, that the company promoted as a asbestos-free. …….. The widely used fireproofing materials, as well as attic insulation and other products, largely remain in thousands of homes and offices. ……"

Reuters 7/18/00 "…… U.S. crude prices surged on Tuesday after OPEC's president said the producer cartel would not hike production at the end of the month, reversing recent signals that the group was preparing to lift world oil output. U.S. crude oil prices, NYMEX West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures, surged $1.10 to $31.93 a barrel, hitting a session peak at $32.35 -- back within two dollars of post-Gulf War highs struck in early March. Prices made rapid late gains after Venezuelan oil minister Ali Rodriguez, also the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) president, said there would be no oil production rise at the end of July, because prices had fallen below the upper limit of OPEC's price target band. ……"

Washington Post 7/18/00 Glenn Kessler Eric Pianin "…..Fearing that they are losing the public relations battle over taxes, Clinton administration officials yesterday stepped up efforts to convince voters that the bevy of GOP-crafted tax bills racing through Congress would shower most of their benefits on the wealthiest Americans...." 7/17/00 Mary Lee Grant AP "…….A Democratic National Committee warning that traveling in Texas may be hazardous to your health -- intended as a slap at Gov. George W. Bush -- brought a stern warning Monday from a Houston health official about injecting politics into public safety. ''Public health is too serious an issue to politicize, especially the health of our children,'' said Kathy Barton, a spokeswoman for the Houston health department. ………. The DNC's Web site features an advisory warning unvaccinated tourists to stay out of the home state of Bush, the likely GOP presidential nominee. The DNC cites a study released this month showing Houston with the lowest immunization rate for any large city. ……. According to the study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the nation's fourth largest city is ripe for an epidemic because only 67 percent of its children are vaccinated. …….. Almost 75 percent of Texas children between 19 and 35 months old, compared with the national average of 80 percent. ……"

UPI 7/19/00 Hil Anderson "……A Los Angeles federal judge said late Wednesday he would not allow the city to limit and restrict protesters at the upcoming Democratic convention to a designated sectioned-off protest area. The American Civil Liberties Union went to court June 30 seeking an order that would overturn city plans to limit protests to a sun-baked parking lot next to a car wash nearly 300 yards from Staples Center, the venue for next month's convention…….. U.S. District Judge Gary Feess announced from the bench that he would issue a written order on Thursday that would declare the designated protest zone concept as "overly broad" and unconstitutional…….."

Wired News 7/18/00 Lynn Burke "…….If Jim and Donna Navarro lived during different times, the outcome of this story would probably be different. Even if they had simply stayed away from the Internet, their story would have been materially altered. In fact, Donna Navarro probably would not be answering her cellphone while pacing the floors of her temporary residence in a Mexico clinic, where her 4-year-old son is being treated with an unusual therapy for a lethal brain tumor. "We have left to another country," she explained, shushing her small son, who was giggling in the background. "I was like, we have to do something." ……. Faced with a doctor who insisted on a combination treatment of radiation and chemotherapy for young Thomas -- diagnosed with medulloblastoma in September 1999 -- Jim and Donna turned to the Internet to find out more about the treatment. "We got on the Internet, we looked up brain tumor," she said. ……The Net is replete with information about the deleterious side effects of chemotherapy and radiation on children with brain cancer. Among the consequences are hearing and vision loss, hyperthyroidism, mental retardation, stunted growth, and even death. ......... This information is often eventually linked to the site of one doctor who offers a radically different option. His name is Stanislaw Burzynski. He operates a clinic in Houston that treats several different forms of cancer with antineoplaston therapy, a controversial treatment of peptides, originally discovered in human urine and now manufactured synthetically. The Polish-born doctor -- the only doctor in the world who offers this therapy -- claims that these protein fragments turn off cancer genes. The Navarros talked with Burzynski and immediately liked him. ……… When the Navarros decided they wanted their son to be treated by Burzynski, the FDA denied them permission, ruling that the treatment could only be used as a last resort. FDA officials threatened to take Thomas into protective custody if the Navarros denied him traditional treatment. ………. The FDA -- which has sanctioned government-sponsored clinical testing of Burzynski's treatment only as a last resort in pediatric patients -- maintains it has a duty to protect patients from doctors who offer potentially dangerous treatments. Unless the law is changed, officials there say they're not budging on antineoplaston therapy for Thomas. …… Just what is considered "crazy" could change because of the Navarro case. Thomas' parents enlisted the support of Indiana Representative Dan Burton, who drafted a bill that would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to restrict the authority of the FDA to issue clinical holds on investigational drugs or to deny patients expanded access to such drugs. The Thomas Navarro FDA Patient Rights Act is currently moving through the House Commerce Committee. But the Navarros can't wait for the legislation to make its way through Congress. They've left their home in Tucson, Arizona, and established a sort of home in the Mexico clinic, where their son can receive a non-toxic treatment, even if it isn't the one Burzynski -- who remained in the United States -- is offering. ……."It is my second choice, and as soon as we have access to antineoplastons, we're going to be doing that," said Donna Navarro. ……..Thomas is undergoing insulin-induced hypoglycemic therapy, another treatment the FDA has not endorsed. In this treatment plan, the cells of a patient's body are deprived of sugar, the theory being that artificially induced diabetes will kill cancer cells. …….."

Business Week 8/21/00 Stan Crock "……Companies in the aerospace and defense industry may have trouble launching rockets. But that isn't stopping their stocks from heading into the stratosphere, leaving the broader market coughing in their plumes. The Standard & Poor's 500-stock index has edged up 7.3% since Mar. 1, but since their 52-week lows that month, Litton Industries has rocketed 103%, Lockheed Martin has soared 79%, Northrop Grumman has risen 84%, and General Dynamics is up 73%. And the rebound may only be just beginning. The hawkish tone at the Republican convention suggests that a Bush-Cheney Administration would hike defense spending. And the Democrats won't be outdone. Vice-President Al Gore's selection of Senator Joseph I. Lieberman (D-Conn.) as his running mate puts the pro-defense wing of the Democratic Party clearly in the picture. Regardless of who wins, ''you're going to get an increase in defense spending on procurement,'' says Todd B. Ernst, an aerospace and defense analyst at Prudential Securities Inc……"

WorldNetDaily 8/11/00 "....... I've just returned from a funeral home to pay my respects to the widow of a young Texas State Trooper. A nut killed him because the trooper stopped him for driving without a seatbelt. His murderer, who has admitted shooting the trooper in the head with an AK-47, is an anti-government fanatic who believes that he can do whatever he wants to do. Because he didn't want to wear a seatbelt, a 28-year-old law enforcement officer is dead, his wife is a widow and their 8-month-old baby will never know his father. ......My friends, we live in the most free country in the world. One reason we are a free people is that brave men and women risk their lives every minute of every day so that we can do what we want in safety. Yet some Americans now regularly call our law enforcement officers "jack-booted-thugs." To call them names is an insult to all of the decent people who truly do protect and serve. To compare them to Nazis is to defame the memories of the thousands of law enforcement men and women who have died so that we can be safe. ........ Unfortunately, a small, but vocal minority is trying to depersonalize our law enforcement officers and turn them into things. They know that once you turn someone into a thing, you strip them of their humanity. Then, you can do whatever you want to them. What I can't figure out is how it will benefit America if we turn our law enforcement officers into objects of contempt. ............It is one thing to want to rein in a government out of control. Let's not stop that crusade. However, if we allow people to demonize all those who protect us from evil, we will create the conditions for our nightmares to become true. Because if good people no longer want to become cops, guess what types of cops we will get? It is time for us to acknowledge that everyone who works for a government paycheck is a human being. It is time to remember that the overwhelming majority of them are decent, salt-of-the-earth people who are our neighbors and friends. Yes, some government workers are bad apples. Just as there are bad priests, doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers and business people also. .........."

Dallas Morning News 8/14/00 Christy Hoppe Sam Attlesey "……Texas Democrats will tell you that the Marriott LAX is a fine hotel. Runway 24L, just out the front door, is lovely this time of year. And it doesn't matter a chewed-up chunk of red carpet that Sunday night the Arkansas contingent had a special tour of Universal Studios, Florida was treated to Paramount and even little South Carolina was toasted at Fox. The reception for Texans hosted by the Culver City Democrats at the Marriott was quite nice, thank you. ...... Still, in more ways than one, Texas Democrats in Los Angeles are attending a whole different party than the Texas Republicans did less than two weeks ago in Philadelphia. At the GOP convention, Texas delegates were honored as the friends and surrogates of nominee George W. Bush. …… The delegates were treated to penthouse views of the city, tours of Independence Hall, front row seats at the convention and a Marriott hotel in the heart of downtown, across the street from historic City Hall. Wandering through the lobby were Elizabeth Dole, Newt Gingrich and Jack Kemp. ......... For Texas Democrats, the only celebrities visible from the hotel lobby are those seen through the windows as they zip by in limos, on their way to or from the airport. From the LAX Marriott, it's a $40 cab ride downtown, and about as far to the beach - although, the dull roar of jet engines late at night can sound vaguely like the ocean's surf. ……. The 231 Texas delegates and 32 alternates will have to be loud to make their presence known. Their seats are at the back of the hall. ……. "Hey, it's close to the airport,'' she said. As if that needed stressing. At least the Texas delegation will be first at something. "It'll be easy to get out when it's over,'' Ms. Butcher said. ......"

The Star Ledger (A New Jersey Paper) 8/8/00 Paul Mulshine "……Well, we now know who's on the side of the working families in this part of the world. And it's not Al Gore. On Saturday, President Clinton took time out from his busy schedule of $15,000-a-couple fund-raisers on Martha's Vineyard to veto the bill that would have ended the marriage tax. That put Gore in the awkward position of defending the veto. Here's what he said: ''I'm for repealing the marriage tax but not going beyond working families and not giving tax relief to people who are in the upper brackets . . ." ….. Gore is a smart man. So he must realize how stupid that remark sounds. The whole point of having two spouses working is to make more money. And once you've made that money, you're going to be in one of the upper tax brackets. ……. A teacher making $70,000 a year would certainly not be thought of as rich. But if that teacher is married to a salesman making the same amount, they're a $140,000 household and thus are eligible for what Clinton termed a "millionaire's surtax" when he was busy raising taxes back in 1993. They may be millionaires in the eyes of Democrats, but in high-cost New Jersey, they're just middle-class. ……"

Washington Times 8/00 Mark Levin "……Bill Clinton claims Al Gore is the greatest vice president in American history. And Mr. Gore claims as his biggest accomplishment "reinventing" the federal bureaucracy. This claim deserves scrutiny:
• According to the House Budget Committee, and based on 1998 investigations, the Medicare program made overpayments totaling $12.6 billion in one year; the Supplemental Security Income program loses $1 billion to fraud each year; and the Department of Housing and Urban Development wasted $18 billion.
• The Medicaid program loses an estimated $17 billion annually. Penny Thompson of the federal Health Care Financing Administration, which oversees Medicaid and Medicare, said late last year that the idea of overhauling Medicaid to end fraud is something "we haven't really looked into with any depth."
• Agriculture Department officials report $660 million was stolen annually, from 1996-98, from the Food Stamp program.
• This year the General Accounting Office (GAO) reports that $6 of every $10 spent on the Superfund program went for support activities and not directly to site cleanup.
• According to the GAO, the Army could not account for $833 million in shipped inventory in budget year 1998.
• Last year the accounting firm of Ernst & Young reported that computer breakdowns and missing paperwork left the Department of Education unable to account for $500 million in unawarded grants and up to $6 billion in discrepancies with the Treasury Department's accounting.
• Small Business Administration auditors reported that the agency lost about $56 million on loans liquidated in 1994 due to errors in the liquidation process.
• Leaders of both parties in the House estimate that federal regulations cost the private sector from $230 billion to more than $700 billion. Nonetheless, the Clinton-Gore administration opposed efforts to require the federal government to analyze the costs and benefits of each agency and agency program rule. The GAO also revealed this year that there are major lapses in fire prevention in the national parks, including defective sprinklers, and lack of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire-fighting equipment. There have been more than 1,400 building fires at national parks since 1990. In addition, the Associated Press has reported that "hundreds of companies prosecuted or sued for defrauding the government can still receive federal business - and many have gotten new contracts - because agencies chose not to ban them."…….. These examples of waste, fraud and abuse in the Clinton-Gore administration were gathered from a cursory review of AP wire service and other news reports over the last two years. ….."

The American Spectator 8/14/00 Wlady Pleszczynski "……..For what it's worth, Lieberman wasn't on the minds of Democrats I ran into yesterday. At one event, Arianna Huffington's Shadow Convention, such great figures as Gary Hart, Russ Feingold, and Paul Wellstone decried the lengths to which their party has gone in selling its soul to corrupt big-monied interests. The event itself was a curious mix of vintage '60s self-righteous wrongheaded arrogance and genuine political energy. …… Later at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the so-called People for the American Way held an event of their own. Where Patriotic Hall was stuffy and sweaty and packed with activist energy, PFTAW's convention kickoff, held in a spacious ballroom, was staid and deathly dull. People chatted quietly over drinks and munched on excellent fruit, cheese, and pasta, but the guest list provided no one more exciting than Barney Frank and Kweisi Mfume. Not wishing to make too big a scene, PFTAW head Ralph Neas interrupted proceedings to speak very briefly. His group, he says, cares only about three things this year: the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court. The next president might have up to four appointments, after a record number of years since the last one. Sticking to his direct mail pitch, Neas worries that a GOP win will mean more Antonin Scalias and Clarence Thomases. ….."

Lew 8/12/00 "……No one was surprised when Clinton vetoed the repeal of the marriage tax penalty as passed by the Congress. He promised to, from the outset. Still, from the point of view of the Republican Party, and George W. in particular, the timing of his veto couldn't have been better. With the veto he is saying that Washington should never, under any circumstances, and no matter how high forecasted surpluses grow, loosen its grip on the finances of American families. The Republican bill has obvious economic and social merit...."

WorldNetDaily 8/9/00 Julie Foster "…….Yesterday, WorldNetDaily columnist Johnny Chung filed his lawsuit against Clinton-Gore Justice Department officials for violations of his civil rights - just one day after Chung was ordered by Judge Manuel Real not to attend the Democrat National Convention in Los Angeles, where Chung has lived for more than a decade. …….. According to Chung, the order was given verbally by Real in the judge's chambers during their regular meeting, which takes place every 120 days. Attorney Larry Klayman, chairman of Judicial Watch and Chung's lawyer in the suit against Justice Department officials, attempted to accompany Chung to the private meeting Monday, but was not allowed to enter the judge's chambers. As a result, the former Democrat fund-raiser met with Real, who sentenced Chung last year to 3,000 hours of community service for campaign finance law violations, without any attorney present. According to Chung, Real does not want the columnist to attend either convention because he doesn't want Chung to be taken advantage of by politicians of either party. ........."The order to keep Johnny Chung from performing his duties, as assigned by, is a First Amendment rights violation," said Joseph Farah, chief executive officer of "First he can't travel to the RNC in Philadelphia, and now he's being prevented from doing his job in his own city." ......"

CNS News 8/14/00 Scott Hogenson "……When Sen. Joseph Lieberman joined Al Gore on the Democratic ticket this week, an appropriate news release was added to the Gore campaign Internet website. Included in the release is a list of priorities in a Gore/Lieberman White House, the first of which is "fighting against big oil."………. The campaign notes that while serving as Connecticut attorney general in 1986, Lieberman "took on Big Oil after evidence of price-gouging came to his attention. He filed a lawsuit against Exxon Corp., Mobil Corp., Texaco Inc., and Sun Oil Co. - accusing them of violating anti-trust laws by charging retail and wholesale customers different prices for gasoline," according to the Gore 2000 website…….. But absent from the site is any mention of the money Lieberman's 2000 Senate reelection campaign has received from major oil industry players, including some that have contributed to the presidential campaign of George W. Bush, who's routinely charged by Gore with being too cozy with the oil industry…….. Federal Election Commission records compiled by the non-partisan group FECInfo show that Lieberman's 2000 Senate campaign has taken political action committee money from Koch Industries and Atlantic Richfield, both of which have also made contributions to the Bush 2000 campaign. …….Also contributing to Lieberman's 2000 Senate reelection effort is the PAC for Texaco, one of the targets of Lieberman's anti-trust action in the 1980s. The FECInfo compilation shows that Lieberman so far has received $4,000 from Koch Industries, $3,000 from Texaco and $1,000 from Atlantic Richfield…….."

Excite news via WorldNetDaily 8/13/00 Reuters "……U.S. farmers shot and wounded a Mexican on the countries' 2,000-mile border, reigniting tensions sparked earlier this year by reports of Arizona ranchers hunting down illegal immigrants, Mexican newspapers said Sunday. La Jornada newspaper and other media said Alejandro Encinas Velazquez from the Mexican state of Sonora was walking on the Arizona side of the frontier with an illegal immigrant when U.S. ranchers fired on them. Velazquez was hit in the left forearm and was not in serious condition, doctors told La Jornada. The reports did not say when the shooting occurred. ……"

Original Sources 8/15/00 Mary Mostert "…….After listening to the Democrat Convention for most of the day yesterday on C-Span, beginning with a press conference with Laura Tyson, who was Clinton's President's National Economic Adviser in his first administration, the sweep of the misinformation was so sweeping I was at loss to pick one or two things that illustrate the problem. ……. Tyson, asked why Clinton wanted to give what he called a "controlled" tax cut, rather than a tax cut for all taxpapers, explained that there was "no reason" to give a tax cut, unless the government wanted to affect the economy and the economy didn't need to be affected. Of course, the personal household economy of millions of Americans, who need two incomes to support their families - one to pay the tax bill and the other to buy the groceries and pay the rent - would be dramatically affected by a tax cut, but this was the night to talk about the needs of Washington, D.C., not families. ........ However, perhaps the comment that was made on C-Span by a gushing Democrat after the Convention closed for the night best illustrates my problem with what was said yesterday, especially by Bill Clinton. The caller praised Clinton as the "best president the country has ever had" because, he said, "in his eight years in office he eliminated the national debt." ......... At the end of the Reagan Administration each American owed $10,534 each on the National Debt. After nearly eight years of Bill Clinton, Americans owe $20,437.49 each on the National Debt. ……"

National Post 8/15/00 Mary Sheridan and Roger Highfield "……One of the scientists who first raised the alarm on global warming and the greenhouse effect is now admitting that the situation may not be as dire as he had earlier predicted. James Hansen acknowledges that carbon dioxide from burning oil or natural gas was not the main cause of the rapid warming of the Earth in recent decades. He is also more optimistic that global warming can be prevented "without any economically wrenching actions" because of the growing realization that too much emphasis has been placed on the effects of burning fossil fuels…….But in a report to be published today, he argues that warming over the past century was mostly driven by other gases, such as methane and chlorofluorocarbons. Because fossil fuels are not largely to blame, he says it should be "more practical to slow global warming than is sometimes assumed."……"

World Net Daily 8/17/00 Patrick Poole "……In an Ohio campaign appearance with actor Rob Reiner, Vice President Al Gore unveiled a plan to expand a federal health insurance program for children by $42 billion or $42,000 per child. The proposal is to increase funding of the State Children's Health Insurance Program or SCHIP, a 5-year, $24 billion effort to provide government health insurance coverage to children in families making less than 200 percent of the poverty level and who don't qualify for Medicaid. According to documents obtained from Gore's campaign, the new SCHIP plan is to expand the program by $42 billion, yet the program will only cover an additional 1 million of the 11 million children without health insurance -- leaving millions more without any coverage. ……"

Newsweek 8/17/00 Michael Isikoff Mark Hosenball "……AFTER BEING ASKED about the relationship by reporters, the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday afternoon terminated its relationship with the company, The Share Group of Somerville, Mass. The DNC took the action after determining that the convicted businessman still maintains a role in the company's operation……… Until today, The Share Group, a telemarketing company, played a key role in raising campaign funds for the Democrats, despite the September, 1997, guilty plea of its former chief executive, Michael Ansara, to federal charges of participating in an illegal scheme to divert Teamster union funds to the re-election campaign of its former president, Ron Carey. As part of his guilty plea with the Justice Department, Ansara agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors in their ongoing investigation into the Teamster matter and has not yet been sentenced. Top labor union officials-including AFL-CIO Treasurer Richard Trumka-have been under scrutiny in connection with the probe. …….......... McCarthy said the company had been assigned by the Democrats to contact past "low dollar" party donors and solicit new contributions. ......... The Share Group's involvement in the Gore campaign was first reported by ABC News Tuesday night. As evidence surfaced that The Share Group's ties with the Democrats was considerably more extensive than was first reported, some Teamsters officials expressed outrage that the party would continue to deal with a company that was involved in what some union members see as a scheme to loot union funds. Just four months ago, the Teamsters filed a lawsuit against Ansara, The Share Group and others involved in the fundraising for Carey, accusing them of a civil racketeering conspiracy that cost the union over $3 million. In 1997, a federal court official ordered a new Teamster election and James Hoffa was elected president……."

National Review Online 8/16/00 Jonah Goldberg "……When I left the Staples Center here in Los Angeles Monday night, I felt like I had emerged from a bunker. The Democratic convention compound was surrounded by a perimeter of mesh fences and concrete barriers. Hundreds if not thousands of police in paramilitary garb patrolled the area. The stench of pepper spray was everywhere as the LAPD had dispersed a marauding crowd of protesters only moments before. But it wasn't the bedlam and sirens outside the arena that made me feel like I'd just left a bunker. Rather, it was the raucous atmosphere of denial inside. Like generals gorging on hidden rations and false reports of strategic success, the Democratic delegates steadfastly refuse to realize the war is lost. ………. Nevertheless, what seems to be lost on so many delegates is that Bill Clinton is not running for a third term. That was most apparent when President Clinton tried to sell the audience on Al Gore. As he listed Gore's attributes, the crowd responded like children being told by their parents how great the new babysitter will be, when all the kids really want is for mom and dad to stay home. The lack of applause during Clinton's tribute to Gore was perhaps one of the most significant silences in recent political history. ……"

BBC News 8/15/00 "...... Oil prices have climbed to a 10-year high on Tuesday after comments by Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez who said producers should not allow prices to fall below current levels. .....Venezuela is one of the world's leading oil producers and its energy minister is currently president of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec). ......"

San Diego Union-Tribune 8/15/00 Joseph Perkins "…..But it's not just blacks who feel that they've been dissed by Gore, who chose a ticket mate that he knew they would not like, but also Big Labor (particularly the teachers' unions), the trial lawyers and Hollywood. ….. Indeed, while the Democrats try to put on a happy face at their convention, while they try to pretend that Gore has solidified the party's base, the remarks of party potentates like Waters, like Pamela Liapakis, past president of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, like Richard Trumka, secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO, like Jack Valenti, president of the Motion Picture Association of America, suggest otherwise. Liapakis, like her fellow trial lawyers, is troubled by Lieberman's support for tort reforms, such as a cap on damage awards. ….. Trumka, second-in-command of the nation's largest labor union, was a little more diplomatic in discussing Gore's running mate, who supports school vouchers (which drives the teachers' union crazy) and free trade (which makes industrial unions very, very unhappy). …….. The irony of Gore's selection of Lieberman is that it has not only alienated the Democratic Party base -- blacks, unions, trial lawyers, Hollywood -- it also has failed to win over voters on the margin. ……." 2/11/00 "……The story of Hillary Clinton's $100,000 New York State rip-off was headline news in just about every newspaper just four years ago. But now that she wants the very same taxpayers she scammed back then to send her to the United States Senate, New York's mainstream reporters have suddenly developed amnesia. Reports reviewed by reveal that just two years before she moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Mrs. Clinton was paid $101,630 for services rendered, from an agency funded in part by New York State taxpayers. The first lady's windfall came as a result of a sweetheart deal between her Little Rock law firm, Rose Law, and New York's National Center on Education and the Economy……….. When this news hit the fan in January 1996, the question became: What, if anything, did Hillary Clinton do for that tidy bundle of cash? Answers weren't immediately forthcoming, so then-New York State Attorney General Dennis Vacco launched an investigation. ……. Governor George Pataki's reaction at the time was typical: "To pay $100,000 to an Arkansas law firm out of scarce state education dollars where it seems no vital services were performed is an outrage." ……."

Independent/U.K. 8/16/00 Philip Thorton "……The price of crude oil surged to its highest level for 10 years yesterday on mounting fears of a severe shortage of fuel in the US, the world's largest consumer. The price of Brent crude hit $32.28, the highest level since November 1990 when the Gulf War sent prices spiralling. But concerns about an inflationary price spike were soothed by separate figures showing inflation in the UK remained under control last month. ……"

WorldNet Daily 8/14/00 J R Nyquist "…… According to recent news reports, U.S. and European stocks of natural gas, crude oil and heating oil are not what they should be. And this is dangerous because Yasser Arafat is threatening to declare a Palestinian state on Sept. 13, and America could find itself caught in an OPEC oil squeeze coordinated -- believe it or not -- by a Latin American revolutionary. OPEC is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. It was established in September 1960 by Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Venezuela. In 1961 Qatar became a member, followed in 1962 by Libya and Indonesia. By 1975 the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Nigeria, Ecuador and Gabon also joined. ……But in recent months there has been a revolution in Venezuela, and the self-proclaimed revolutionary leader -- President Hugo Chavez -- is advocating greater discipline for OPEC. In fact, he is already taking credit for America's high gasoline prices. As it happens, Venezuela holds the presidency of OPEC; and with this leadership position Chavez dreams of reinvigorating the cartel for a renewed oil-offensive against the United States. ….."

CNS News 8/14/00 Justin Torres "……After clashing with the Los Angeles Police Department yesterday outside the Democratic National Convention, more than 3,000 protestors took to the streets Monday to blast the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Al Gore for his ties to Occidental Petroleum. "It's said that Bush/Cheney is the big oil ticket, but Al Gore is marinated in Occidental oil," said a protest organizer outside the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. "He profits while Oxy plunders." …… Occidental Petroleum has ignited controversy by drilling on land in the Columbian jungle occupied by the U'Wa, an indigenous Indian tribe that has protested the move. ….. Gore owns more than $750,000 in Occidental stock through the estate of his father, the late Sen. Albert Gore Sr. ….."

AP ABC 8/17/00 Julia Campbell Carl Yang "….. The Monica Lewinsky scandal has come back and is haunting Al Gore on one of the most important nights of his political career. Independent Counsel Robert Ray, who took over the investigation from Kenneth Starr last year, has empaneled a new grand jury to take another look at evidence against President Clinton in the scandal, sources tell ABCNEWS. The jury was convened several weeks ago, prompting many to question the timing of the leak late today to several news agencies. Grand juries are supposed to be held in secret. …..During the Republican convention in Philadelphia two weeks ago, Republicans accused Democrats of negative campaigning when the Democratic National Committee ran television ads critical of Bush, and his choice of a running mate, Dick Cheney, during the GOP convention. The Bush campaign denied any involvement today in the news leaks. ……. "Most Americans are tired of investigations and scandals," said Bush campaign spokeswoman Mindy Tucker. "The best way to make them go away is to elect a new administration." …… Asked whether the timing was suspicious, she said, "Yes, we do think it is suspicious. On Al Gore day, to come out with an announcement like this ... If someone decided to do this to ruin his day at the convention, it's wrong." ….." 8/17/00 Jack Germond "……Behind the façade of cheering delegates waving their signs for the television cameras, there is a deep sense of unease among the most politically astute Democrats who have been meeting here this week. Their doubts about whether Vice President Al Gore can win are widespread. The enthusiasm for the ticket of Gore and Joe Lieberman is limited, if only because the vast majority of the delegates here are probably a few degrees to the ideological left of the ticket. ……. Too many people don't like Al Gore. And candidates who are not liked are not usually successful. The dirty little secret about this convention is that no one has figured out how to make the vice president more likeable and, by so doing, make him more electable. ......"

World Net Daily 8/18/00 Patrick Poole "…… The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, responding to a WorldNetDaily exclusive report yesterday, condemned a proposal by Vice President Al Gore to expand the federal State Children's Health Insurance Plan, or SCHIP, at a cost of $42 billion. ….. In a campaign stop on Sunday at the Children's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, Gore vowed to expand the SCHIP program. A WorldNetDaily examination of the fine points of Gore's plan showed that an additional 1 million children would be insured at a cost of $42 billion -- or $42,000 per child. ….."

Associated Press 8/18/00 Marcy Gordon "…….America's trade deficit widened to a record $30.6 billion in June as U.S. imports of industrial supplies and crude oil increased. The deficit rose from May's $30.3 billion, which was revised down from the government's previous estimate of $31 billion, the Commerce Department reported Friday. Total imports of goods and services were up by $4.3 billion to $121.2 billion in June. Exports increased by $4 billion to $90.6 billion. ……." 7/14/00 Press Release "…..In attempting to "clarify" statements contained in news articles about a pilot meat inspection program, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is only further misleading the public, Public Citizen and the Government Accountability Project said today. …… Under the pilot program, the meat industry polices itself, rather than relying on federal inspectors. Federal meat inspectors do not check every carcass. Rather, the meat industry hires its own inspectors to check meat, while the federal inspectors watch the company inspectors from afar. ……… "

Drudge/Washington Post 8/18/00 Ellen Nakashima "…..As President Clinton prepares to leave for Nigeria and Tanzania next week, a new government report shows that 159 foreign trips he and other administration officials took since 1997 have cost taxpayers at least $292 million. The General Accounting Office review of administration air transport expenses was requested by six Republican senators. One of them, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), called the costs "exorbitant." His colleagues declined comment until the report, obtained by The Washington Post, is made public. ……."

AP 8/19/00 "…..Republican leaders in the Senate succumbed to political pressure and ``sold out'' the House members who impeached President Clinton, ensuring the Senate would not remove him from office, the chief investigator contends in a new book…….. ``Before we ever appeared on the floor of the United States Senate, the House impeachment managers and I knew we didn't have a shot to win,'' writes David Schippers, top investigative counsel to Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment…….. ``In the U.S. Senate, politics trumped principles, and polls trumped honor,'' wrote Schippers, who has returned to private law practice in Chicago, says in a book to be published Monday…….Schippers said the ``House managers'' serving as prosecutors were hamstrung because the Republican-controlled Senate limited the trial to five weeks, refused to hear live witness testimony, and allowed depositions of only three prosecution witnesses……" 8/14/00 Melissa Schorr ".....An 18-year-old young man dies in a gene therapy trial led by an investigator at University of Pennsylvania.Soon after, it is revealed that the investigator and the school both had a stake in the biotech company planning to commercialize the study's findings. Rezulin, a diabetes drug that was put on the fast track for Food and Drug Adminstration approval, is yanked when it is found to have led to the deaths of 63 patients and caused liver damage in thousands of others. It is later revealed that members of the review board and trial investigators had received compensation from the drug's manufacturer. In response to cases like these from the past year, and a rising concern that financial conflicts of interest could be harming the safety of patients in clinical trials - not to mention the integrity of research itself - the Department of Health and Human Services will kick off a two-day public meeting on the issue Tuesday in Washington, D.C. ....."

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/17/00 John McCaslin "….. Writing earlier about faulty toilets in a Tennessee home Al Gore rented to a family on disability, we noted inquiring minds at the Competitive Enterprise Institute were being stonewalled by Navy officials responsible for upkeep of the vice president's mansion…….. Among questions raised under the CEI's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was whether Mr. Gore, the country's pre-eminent environmentalist, burdens his own brood with the inefficient, low-flow, double-flush mode of commodes his policy friends have imposed upon the masses…….. Now we learn that Mr. Gore has opened his door under the FOIA, but only partially. "We have discovered major improvements indeed made by the Navy to the vice president's residence," Mr. Horner says. "Not what one might expect, given his incessant wind-baggery." Referring to the vice president's best-selling tome "Earth in the Balance," in which Mr. Gore writes that "each of us must take a greater personal responsibility for this deteriorating global environment . . . ……"

US Newswire 8/18/00 "……The following was released today by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation: Al Gore went "over the top" during last night's convention speech in more ways than one, according to a study by the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) of the spending proposals contained in the presidential nominees' platforms. Gore's speech called for enough new federal spending to consume the last of the officially projected budget surplus for the next decade, while his opponent, George W. Bush, would rack up a smaller but still hefty price tag of his own. "George W. Bush may have hit the campaign trail on a train, while Al Gore has chosen a riverboat, but either way the ride will cost taxpayers plenty," said NTUF Senior Policy Analyst and study author Tom McClusky. "Both candidates seem to be campaigning on who can spend federal budget surpluses quicker, and one of them has pulled far ahead." Among the findings: -- Over the next 10 years, George W. Bush proposes to increase spending by a grand total of $426 billion, taking a significant bite (19.6 percent) out of the $2.173 trillion "on-budget" (non-Social Security) surplus projected by the government. During that same period, Al Gore's proposals would hike spending by $2.334 trillion -- enough to swallow all of the surplus and throw the budget back into a deficit of $161 billion. -- Both candidates managed to craft large budget increases in policy areas not normally associated with their own party platforms. Gore would actually boost net defense and foreign assistance budgets higher than the "hawkish" Bush over the next decade ($72.8 billion versus $47.4 billion). Bush, on the other hand, bests would-be "technology President" Gore on technology funding increases ($247.3 billion versus $35.4 billion). -- ….."

The Missoulian 8/11/00 Kathleen McLaughlin "……Misguided environmental policies of the Clinton administration are partly to blame for the magnitude of this summer's wildfire season, Republican Gov. Marc Racicot charged Thursday. Racicot said the Clinton White House has misdirected funding and attention in its forest management policy to one issue alone - the protection of roadless lands in the West. Meanwhile, fire prevention measures such as forest thinning and other forest health precautions have fallen by the wayside despite repeated warnings. "They have not taken up this cause," Racicot said in an interview. "That comes directly from the White House." ……."

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/15/00 James Bovard "….. President Clinton is planning a major push to persuade Congress to permanently reauthorize AmeriCorps. In a speech last August to AmeriCorps members, Mr. Clinton declared, "AmeriCorps is living, daily, practical, flesh-and-blood proof that there's a better way to live . . . that if we . . . hold hands and believe we're going into the future together, we can change anything we want to change." In reality, AmeriCorps is making national service a national laughingstock……. In Buffalo, N.Y., AmeriCorps members helped run a program that gave children $5 for each toy gun they brought in. In Lone Pine, Calif., AmeriCorps members put on a puppet show to warn 4-year-olds of the dangers of earthquakes. In Los Angeles, AmeriCorps recruits devoted themselves to sewing a quilt to sent to victims of the Oklahoma City bombing - but never bothered to finish the project……."

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/18/00 R. Emmett Tyrrell "….. Once again, the Democrats at their quadrennial national convention sweat and heave to achieve the preposterous. And once again, they have achieved that weird goal. The United States, the world's economic marvel, is, according to them, on the hem of catastrophe. All that can save us is four more years of the Democrats. That suggests two questions. Have the Democrats not already had eight years to save us from our misery? And do they not simultaneously claim economic crisis and economic boom? As I say, the Democrats thrive on the preposterous. Since 1983 the country has been humming along on the longest and most widely distributed period of economic growth in world history. In early 1992, a brief and shallow slowdown gave way to renewed growth. In the first two years of the Clinton administration, it continued at the cyclically modest rate of 2.3 percent. Then the 1994 Republican Congress came in and markets bloomed, the economy took off and eventually Alan Greenspan went on the alert. President Clinton and Al Gore have been patting themselves on the back through it all, congratulating themselves for the Republican Congress' ability to stifle their spendthrift and high-tax impulses……."


AP 9/19/00 CNN ".....House lawmakers are demanding that Education Department officials explain how $1.9 million meant for children who live on Indian reservations and military bases apparently was diverted to buy a Maryland house, a Cadillac and other items. It's the second time this year that department officials have had to contend with large-scale fraud allegations. "It just makes you furious," said Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., a longtime critic of department bookkeeping who's seeking to legislate a congressional audit. "This is just one more time that shows the need for somebody to get serious about cleaning up Department of Education finances." In a civil action filed in July, the Justice Department alleges that $1.9 million intended for two school districts in South Dakota was diverted on March 31 into two bank accounts in Upper Marlboro, Md. The Justice Department filing says the money placed into those two accounts was used to draw cashier's checks to pay $46,900 for a Cadillac Escalade, more than $50,000 for a Lincoln Navigator and $135,000 for a house in Maryland. The document says the rest was diverted into other bank accounts. ......"

CBSNEWS 9/18/00 "......As the U.S. braces for a high heating prices this winter and Europe reels from a wave of fuel protests, oil prices hit their highest price Monday since the 1991 Gulf War. NYMEX crude oil futures struck $37 a barrel on Monday afternoon amid growing tensions in the Middle East and as Saudi Arabia signaled it would wait to see the impact of OPEC's latest output increase before taking further steps to rebalance the market. ....... Crude for October delivery has advanced $1.08 or 3 percent on the day, gaining amid fears of supply disruptions after Iraq renewed last week allegations that Kuwait was stealing its oil. ........This winter, heating oil prices in the Northeast are expected to rise by at least 20 percent. In the Midwest, where heating oil is not widely used, gas prices are expected to be the biggest problem. ...........Stock markets were lower Monday, partly because of the rising oil prices, which pose an economic threat because so many industries depend upon gasoline, and rising gas prices can cut into profitability. Some fear the rising prices could cause a recession. ......"

Fox5DC 9/17/00 Freeper Covenantor ".... The Washington DC Fox 5 News had a brief piece on a new restaurant for the real power people on the Hill. It described a very opulent, quiet, and above all, a very discrete dining spot in the Capitol Hill vicinity where the power brokers and pols can meet and eat, away from the prying eyes of the public and newsies. ........ Several video clips stressed the importance of the discretion offered by the managers of the Caucus Room. The manager stated that the cliente will be able to come and go in complete confidence that their presence will never be publically acknowledged or veried. ...... Fox then went on to crow about the bi-partisan nature of the public partners and investors. ......Former Republican National Committee Chairman Haley Barbour and prominent Democrat Thomas Hale 'Tommy' Boggs Jr. (Patton Boggs), Ed Mathias, and Terry McAuliffe, and others politcally connected were mentioned as the investors.[I didn't manage to hear the rest of the piece, maybe a DC Freeper can fill in] ....."

Washington Post 9/21/00 "….. Troubled loans to U.S. businesses have more than doubled in two years, to $100 billion, despite the robust economy, fueling concern that banks are using overly lax credit standards to compete for market share, federal banking regulators said yesterday. At the same time, consumer lending standards have also fallen in some key areas, particularly home-equity loans, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency said yesterday in an annual report on banks' lending practices. ….."

Associated Press 9/21/00 Genaro Armas "…..The Justice Department asked a federal court Thursday to dismiss a case involving a Virginia statute that requires an exact population count when the state redraws its political districts. The case is the first of what are expected to be numerous legal challenges revolving around the Census Bureau's scheduled release of a population count adjusted using a statistical method known as ``sampling.'' This is in addition to the traditional head count conducted every decade……."

National Review 9/21/00 Larry Kudlow "…… As Al Gore takes his campaign for Regulator-in-Chief through California, U.S. stock markets continue to slide. In fact, ever since post-Labor Day polls suggested that Gore could win, broad stock-market averages like the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones have dropped by roughly 6 percent. The technology-driven NASDAQ has fallen 10 percent. As Gore has come out from under Bill Clinton's shadow, the summer stock-market rally has shut down. ……. On the campaign trail, the Veep is out there trashing targeted big businesses, continuing his left-liberal populist crusade against health insurers, drug companies, oil, tobacco, and so-called manufacturing polluters. Gore's latest gambit is to go after one industry per day in order to hammer home his message of "the people against the powerful." Gore campaign aides now refer to this as "the people versus the plutocrats," according to a story in the Washington Post. The morning after the publication of that story, the Dow Jones dipped 200 points on opening. ……."

Dow Jones Newswires 9/20/00 Michael Rapoport "…… In what was described as a first, the Securities and Exchange Commission said Wednesday that it has brought and settled civil fraud charges against a 15-year-old boy who the SEC said manipulated microcap stocks through hundreds of postings on Internet message boards. Jonathan G. Lebed of Cedar Grove, N.J., made $272,826 in illegal profits by buying shares of nine thinly traded stocks, posting messages on Yahoo! message boards touting them, and selling it after the postings drove the stocks' price higher, the SEC said. ……"

UPI 9/18/00 Michael Kirkland "……. The Justice Department's "dirty tricks" office is taking a look at how and why confidential Bush debate materials were anonymously mailed to the Gore campaign last week, officials told United Press International Monday. The materials were sent to an official in the Gore camp, who promptly asked his lawyer to pass it on to the FBI. In turn, the FBI has been trying to determine whether any federal laws were broken before beginning an investigation. Now the Justice Department's Office of Public Integrity has joined the investigation. ……… ".

Houston Chronicle 9/18/00 David Ivanovich "…….Boston resident Ruth Collins wonders how she'll afford enough home heating oil to see her through the winter. Chicago homeowners are bracing for some painful natural gas bills when the weather turns cold. San Diego customers are howling about the jump in their electric bills, while motorists in an oil town such as Houston are grumbling as they fill up at the corner gas station. "If you don't have no money, you're just in trouble," Collins said. ... In an unwelcome flashback to the 1970s, American consumers are suddenly finding themselves clobbered by hefty energy bills. ….. While conditions today don't add up to an energy crisis, analysts warn that the nation's energy sector is highly vulnerable to disruptions. ……"

Reuters 10/7/00 Deborah Charles "……President Clinton (news - web sites) Saturday vetoed a $23 billion budget bill for energy and water programs, saying it was ``deeply flawed'' and threatened major environmental harm. The veto, which had been expected, will likely be sustained. The bill passed last week in the Republican-led Senate 57-37 -- 10 votes shy of the number needed to override a veto. One week into the new fiscal year, only two of the 13 spending bills for fiscal 2001 have been signed into law. Clinton has twice signed stopgap legislation to keep the government funded temporarily even though there is not yet agreement on the new budget. ……He took issue with a portion of the bill that would block federal agencies from raising the spring flow on the heavily controlled Midwestern river to resemble its more seasonal flow to benefit wildlife. ……. Missouri lawmakers say raising the spring flow would flood farms, imperil cities and hurt the barge industry on their stretch of the river. ......:

CBSNEWS 10/7/00"….. President Bill Clinton said he released oil from the country's strategic reserve to help Americans get through the winter months, but most of the newly-released oil may never heat American homes, CBS News Correspondent Jacqueline Adams reports. ……… Crude oil prices did drop, two weeks ago, when President Clinton released 30 million barrels of crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Now, though, the Energy Department admits that only a third of the extra home heating oil refined from government crude may reach U.S. customers. The lion's share could wind up in Europe, where oil fetches a higher price. ………. The translation: despite more crude in the pipeline, consumers will be paying 25 percent more than last winter for heating oil, and 44 percent more for natural gas. ……."

United Press International 10/7/00 "……Labor and human-rights groups from across the Southwest Saturday called on President Clinton to grant unconditional amnesty to the estimated six million illegal aliens now living in the United States. "I believe that the greatest legacy that President Clinton could ever give would be to, with the stroke of his pen, grant amnesty to the six million," said Jaime Martinez of the Coalition for Human Rights. The United Farm Workers, and the AFL-CIO joined human rights and immigrant rights groups from California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas at the rally, which mixed traditional Mexican ballads and stemwinding union organizing speeches. ……"

The Associated Press 10/7/00 "…….Five major oil companies told federal regulators in May they had adequate supplies to meet the Midwest's needs for a new gasoline required by clean-air laws, according to a published report. A few weeks later, prices jumped to $2 per gallon and the same companies blamed low supplies of the new gas. Four of the eight major companies that supply gasoline to the Chicago and Milwaukee areas wrote to the Environmental Protection Agency in May that they had adequate and increasing supplies of the new reformulated gas, the Chicago Tribune reported in its Sunday editions. …….Another company reported orally that it also had enough, and a sixth company told the newspaper it also had plenty of the new fuel when the summer started. The letters seem to cast doubt on the oil industry's claim that the rapid rise in prices in June was a simple case of supply and demand. …….``We couldn't reconcile the degree of price rise with the physical facts on the ground as we knew them,'' said Bob Perciasepe, assistant administrator of the EPA's Office of Air and Radiation, which monitors the use of the reformulated gasoline, called RFG. ……"

WORLD NET DAILY / CBS NEWS 10/7/00 Bob Evans "……..President Bill Clinton said he released oil from the country's strategic reserve to help Americans get through the winter months, but most of the newly-released oil may never heat American homes, CBS News Correspondent Jacqueline Adams reports. ……Crude oil prices did drop, two weeks ago, when President Clinton released 30 million barrels of crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Now, though, the Energy Department admits that only a third of the extra home heating oil refined from government crude may reach U.S. customers. The lion's share could wind up in Europe, where oil fetches a higher price. ……… Because of a June fire at a critical export refinery in Kuwait, Europe's home heating oil supplies are even tighter than here. Still, inventories in New England are 65 percent below normal, and weather forecasters are predicting a far more severe winter than last year. The translation: despite more crude in the pipeline, consumers will be paying 25 percent more than last winter for heating oil, and 44 percent more for natural gas. ……"

Freeper Tenega adds 10/8/00 "……. It is certainly true that oil is fungible, and will flow to wherever the market is. But The oddities of the US' Jones Act can create an artificial arbitrage between the US Gulf Coast and Rotterdam. Since the SPR crude is released in the Gulf Coast market, and product pipeline capacity is currently full, the oil would need to be refined in the Gulf Coast and then the finished product shipped by boat to New England. ………. To move goods between two US ports, you need a US-crewed "Jones Act" ship. The rates on those vessels (crewed by the notoriously corrupt SIU and MEBA), are high enough that you could ship the stuff back across the Atlantic for less money on a non-US ship. In fact, I heard there were five tankerloads of product moved that way within the past week or so. …….. The SPR release should have been accompanies by a Jones Act waiver, as was the last release in 1991. But Noooooooo. ……"

Abcnews 10/8/00 "…….The FBI has made a case to a grand jury that federal laws may have been broken in the case of Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush's debate preparation material, which was somehow mailed to an associate of his Democratic rival, Al Gore. …….Sources familiar with the investigation tell ABCNEWS that a sitting grand jury in Washington has issued subpoenas to the Bush campaign and its media consulting firm, Maverick Media, for documents and other materials sought by the FBI. ……A Bush representative said today the campaign has received a subpoena asking for any Maverick contracts and confidentiality agreements. ……..The campaign pledges to comply with this subpoena by the deadline, at the end of next week. In fact, the representative said, the entire list of subpoenaed material was suggested by the Bush team in a conversation campaign manager Joe Allbaugh had with the FBI on Sept. 15. They are "pleased," the spokesperson said, that the FBI is moving to solve the case…… Mark McKinnon, head of Maverick, has hired Houston lawyer Rusty Hardin to represent him and his company in the case. Hardin told ABCNEWS today he is confident his client "is definitely not a target" of the FBI investigation. …….ABCNEWS' Beverley Lumpkin reports the Justice Department is now treating this as a possible case of mail fraud, rather than using a statute outlawing "theft or bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds," or the ITSP, "interstate transportation of stolen property." ………The FBI has been interviewing people in both the Bush and Gore camps in an effort to solve the debate tape mystery. ….."

Newsweek via Drudge 10/8/00 "……. In the October 16 issue (on newsstands Monday, October 9), Investigative Reporters Mark Hosenball and Michael Isikoff report that the probe has taken on a more serious turn, with the Justice Department concluding that there is a federal crime to investigate: the interstate transportation of stolen property. ……Late last week, Hosenball and Isikoff report, McKinnon planned to place Lozano on paid leave, but pulled back after top Bush aides expressed concern about the "perception" it would create. Her status remains up in the air. A Bush spokesman declined to discuss "internal deliberations" but said the campaign still believes Lozano, whose lawyer tells Newsweek she mailed a package she "thought" contained pants that McKinnon wanted to return to the Gap. McKinnon tells Newsweek: "I'm as bewildered as anyone." ….." 9/30/00 AP "......The FBI was comparing Yvette Lozano's fingerprints with those found on the inside and outside of the package mailed from Austin, Texas, to Washington, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. ......Forensic evidence developed by the FBI links Lozano to the package, The Washington Post reported in Saturday editions, citing unnamed sources. ...... The label on the Express Mail package received by Gore adviser Tom Downey on Sept. 13 also corresponds to the date and time Lozano was filmed by a security camera mailing a package in the Austin post office, the newspaper reported.. ...... One federal investigator cautioned that fingerprints found on the package would not necessarily be conclusive since Lozano may have touched items in the normal course of business at the ad office and had nothing to do with sending the debate videotape and other documents. ....... On Thursday, Lozano told ABC News that FBI agents earlier that day had taken a second set of fingerprints from her and had seized her computer. ....... "

UPI 10/6/00 "……Bush has proposed lowering tax rates essentially across the board. The 39.6 percent tax rate for couples earning $300,000 or above would be reduced to 33 percent. The 36 percent tax rate for couples earning between $180,000 and $300,000 would also be reduced to 33 percent. Tax rates for couples with an income of $130,000 or more would go from 31 percent to 25 percent, and couples earning more than around $65,000 would pay only a 25 percent tax rate as opposed to a 28 percent tax rate. Bush has also proposed eliminating the estate tax, which can run as high as 55 percent and begin to kick in at estates worth about $1.3 million or more. "Everybody who pays taxes ought to get tax relief," Bush said. …… But Gore has proposed a bevy of complex tax cuts designed to encourage certain types of behavior at a cost of $550 billion over 10 years. Gore would increase deductions for married couples, establish a tax credit for purchasing health coverage, boost tax credits for dependent care expenses including a credit for long-term care and expand higher education credits from $2,000 to $2,800. Gore has also unveiled a series of powerful tax credits designed to encourage savings for retirement that expand or contract based upon income level. For example, an individual making less than $15,000 making a $425 retirement contribution would be matched by a refundable tax credit and deduction to bring the total to $2,000. Gore has also advocated tax credits to encourage the purchase of energy efficient vehicles, and an expansion of the estate tax exemption so that it would not kick in until an estate is worth $5 million. Most of Gore's tax cuts are also accompanied by income limits so that they are only accessible at certain income levels. ……. Independent analysts say Bush's plan would benefit the rich simply because they have the most money. And, they agree that Gore's Byzantine series of tax cuts make almost any analysis unwieldy. ….."

Drudgereport 10/10/00 Freeper WaterDragon "…… Easy Coco, it isn't really a trivial matter. Flying the flag inappropriately is illegal. The Clinton/Gore's are simply demonstrating once again their contempt for American law and tradition. If this campaign were being held in the backwoods of America 200 years ago, citizens would have known how to fly the flag. This report, however, reminds me of the recent report that Clinton plans to fly the Vietnamese fly above the American flag on American warships when he makes his visit to Viet Nam. This is serious, and illegal, not trivial at all. ……"

Drudge 10/10/00 "……Al Gore's presidential campaign hit more turbulence on Tuesday. Now even the American flag is flying backwards! Observers gathered inside of the Student Services Building at Manatee Community College in Bradenton, Florida watched in shock as Gore campaign staffers raised the Stars and Stripes -- backwards -- in violation of Federal Code…….. "This is not right, it should be the flag should be hanging the other way around," said one observer at the campaign rally……."

PNNewswire 10/3/00 "………The Ridge Administration's Department of State Bureau of Charitable Organizations and Office of General Counsel today announced the bureau's filing of an Order to Show Cause against Children's Wish Foundation International Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia, for 95 violations of Pennsylvania's Charitable Solicitations Act. Administration officials said the Children's Wish Foundation drastically overstated the value of its expenditures and service to children, and used contributions to support an extraordinary lifestyle for its officers. …… Forty-one counts in the Order to Show Cause allege that Children's Wish Foundation made material false statements in documents required to be filed with the Department of State's Bureau of Charitable Organizations. The charges relate specifically to alleged in-kind donations made by Children's Wish to 41 Ronald McDonald Houses nationwide between July 1, 1998, and June 30, 1999. ……."The officers of Children's Wish maintain the organization contributed more than $1.6 million through `grants-in-kind' donations to Ronald McDonald Houses for the benefit of very ill children," said Steven Turner, Deputy General Counsel in the Office of General Counsel and a prosecutor in the case. "But after careful review and investigation, the operators of these houses stated that the actual fair market value of these contributions was no more than $136,500." ……."

The Associated Press 10/9/00 Michael Sniffen "…..Federal agents investigating the anonymous mailing of Bush debate materials have subpoenaed corporate and campaign records to check the stories offered by Bush media consultant staff members on whom the FBI has focused. The agents have reached the point of trying to see whether explanations offered by these staff members hold up, a senior federal law enforcement official said Monday, requesting anonymity. …….. At The Gap, spokesman Jack Dougherty said the company was subpoenaed Sept. 26 to turn over all records of McKinnon's transaction. Dougherty said the company complied with the subpoena on Sept. 29 but would not say what records were turned over. ``We have a strict privacy policy so we don't disclose details about any customer to the public,'' Dougherty said. However, The Wall Street Journal reported that The Gap did not receive the khakis until a week after the Sept. 11 date on which Lozano said they were mailed. …… A Bush official told the AP, on condition of anonymity, that the campaign had received subpoenas from a federal grand jury. All the material covered by the subpoenas was information already given or offered by the campaign, the official said. ……… ABC News quoted an unnamed Bush representative as saying the campaign was subpoenaed for its contracts with Maverick Media and any confidentiality agreements between them. Newsweek magazine reported that the government also subpoenaed Maverick Media's records. …….."

San Francisco Chronicle 10/9/00 Kathleen Pender "…….Cisco Systems, the second-most valuable company in America, paid no federal income taxes for its latest fiscal year thanks to a little-known corporate tax break on employee stock options. Microsoft, which ranks No. 4 in market value, did not pay any federal taxes either, it seems. ..."

Washington Times 10/9/00 Sean Scully "....... In another sign of escalation, Mr. Lieberman and Democratic surrogates from Capitol Hill this week will emphasize what they call Mr. Bush's "failed leadership" in Texas. Late in the week, Mr. Lieberman will head to Texas on what the Gore camp calls a "failed leadership" tour. "We believe Governor Bush's record in Texas is a window into his priorities," Gore spokesman Doug Hattaway said last night in a conference call with reporters. Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett said the Gore camp is launching an "exaggeration and distortion tour" that will mislead voters. "Stung by criticism of Al Gore's troubling pattern of making things up, the Gore campaign is lashing out by launching the exaggeration and distortion tour," Mr. Bartlett said. "It appears the exaggerations are contagious because Al Gore's lead attack dog, Joe Lieberman, will spearhead this latest stunt." ......"

Rueters 10/10/-- "……Alaska North Slope (ANS) oil output fell to a new low during September, due to maintenance on the key Alyeska pipeline and delays in starting up a key new oil field, according to a state report this week. …… September ANS production was 870,000 barrels per day (bpd) on average, compared to 904,000 barrels in the year-ago period. Output for the month also slipped from August levels of about 892,000 bpd. ……"

Time Daily 10/10/00 James Carney John Dickerson "……. Why do the feds think McKinnon's is the smoking binder when at least half a dozen senior Bush campaign officials had debate briefing books? A short document that only McKinnon may have had access to was also found in the material sent to Downey. According to sources familiar with the fbi's investigation, New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg, who played Gore in the Bush campaign's mock debates, had typed out about 20 suggestions for the Governor to consider in his debate preparations. During a practice session, he handed the list to McKinnon, who gave the Gregg document with its handwritten notations to Lozano, asking her to type and then e-mail them to other top Bush officials. ……. The assistant did so and returned the list to McKinnon, who placed it back in his debate book, which sat on a shelf in his office. Inconspicuous, the hundred or so pages were not marked in a way that hinted at the contents. Maverick kept the debate-prep video, a copy of which was included in the package to Downey, in the "tape room." "Sometimes that room's locked, sometimes it's not," says a Bush source. ………. Last week Stuart Stevens, who works with McKinnon, was the final top Bush aide who had access to the debate materials to be interviewed by the FBI. Stevens, who has expressed the opinion that someone with ties to the Democratic Party broke into Maverick through the next-door office of the firm Waterworks, spent roughly two hours answering questions and pressing his theories. The FBI did some brief questioning next door but was more interested in looking at the Waterworks postage machine and taking samples from its copier. ….."

ABC RAdio 10/10/00 Freeper Lizzie "….. Heard this from Paul Harvey while taking my kids to school this morning: "Although the AFL-CIO supports Al Gore, an independent survey of truck drivers finds 62% supporting Bush, and only 12% supporting Gore!!!!!"Is it the gas prices? Is it the tax cut? Is it that truck drivers know a effete phony when they see one?Who knows. Too bad they have to give up their hard-earned money for their corrupt bosses to dump into pro-Gore advertising, but in the end, I'll take the votes!……"

New York Times 10/10/00 Don Van Natta Jr. "........The subpoenas, issued late last week by a federal grand jury here, seek personnel records, time and attendance sheets and confidentiality contracts in which some campaign workers had promised not to divulge any sensitive information, the law enforcement officials said. Investigators are seeking a list of employees of the Bush campaign and Maverick Media, the campaign's advertising firm in Austin, Tex., who may have had access to the debate videotape and other internal briefing papers. ........ "We are cooperating fully with the investigation," Scott McClellan, a spokesman for the Bush campaign, said, "because no one wants to get to the bottom of this more than us with the Bush campaign who are working tirelessly day in and day out to elect Governor Bush."........ The Gore campaign declined to comment on the developments........... Bush campaign officials said that Friday's subpoena sought materials that the campaign manager, Joe Allbaugh, had promised at a Sept. 15 meeting to give to the authorities..... Law enforcement officials said that they had uncovered no evidence that any senior campaign officials were responsible for the mailing of the tape, which showed Governor Bush answering questions from aides as he prepared for the debates........Federal investigators have been interviewing workers in both the Gore and Bush campaigns in recent days. A week ago, agents interviewed a Gore aide who was suspended for telling a friend about a "mole," or informer for the Gore camp, within the Bush campaign......."

Washington Post 10/10/00 Susan Schmidt Freeper KeatsforFirstDog "...... I cannot post the entire article, but here is some of the new info:. ..... The FBI has been apprised of one incident that has added another layer of mystery to the whole affair. At one point, a briefing book containing the sensitive debate prep materials was found outside Bush campaign headquarters by a passerby who returned it, Bartlett confirmed. The book belonged to Maverick Media owner Mark McKinnon. ....... Bartlett said McKinnon discussed the incident involving the briefing book when he was questioned by the FBI. ........"

US Senate 9/27/00 Fitzgerald panel examines waste, fraud and abuse at USDA "....The U.S. Department of Agriculture, an agency responsible for managing a wide range of programs from children's nutrition to the National Forests, has an accounting system so outdated that it can't keep track of billions of dollars worth of assets, according to a number of audits reviewed in a Senate Agriculture subcommittee hearing Wednesday. U.S. Senator Peter G. Fitzgerald (R-IL), the chairman of the Agriculture subcommittee on Research, Nutrition, and General Legislation, called the findings "disgraceful.".......... "While our farmers struggle during these lean times of record low commodity prices, bureaucrats in Washington can't seem to keep track of billions of dollars of taxpayers' money," said Fitzgerald. "This disgraceful lack of accountability is especially troubling because the USDA was warned to address some of these problems as long as a decade ago."......."

US Senate 9/27/00 Fitzgerald panel examines waste, fraud and abuse at USDA "....Roger C. Viadero, the USDA's Inspector General, who recently released reports on the department's finances, told Fitzgerald's subcommittee Wednesday that the USDA's books are such a mess that at the beginning of this fiscal year its Fund Balance differed with the Treasury Department by $5 billion. Although subsequent efforts have reduced this difference, it still stands at more than $230 million, according to the Inspector General. For the last six years, USDA has not been able to account for many of its $118 billion in assets or the cost of its operations. The books and records of USDA have been so poorly maintained for almost 10 years that the USDA, as a whole, does not know how much money it needs to collect, how much money is currently collected, or the costs of its operations, he said........... "I can't possibly conceive how painting abstract wall murals helps address America's soil erosion problem," said Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald, who represents one of the nation's leading farm states, said the implications of the problems at the USDA reach beyond the agriculture sector of the economy. Many of the troubles have occurred in the USDA's nutrition programs. In a series of audits, the IG found that funds intended for feeding children at day care facilities under the Child and Adult Care Food Program were provided for addresses that turned out to be empty lots.......... "Some of the primary duties of the USDA include helping feed hungry children and ensuring that the nation has an adequate and reasonably priced food supply," pointed out Fitzgerald. "The responsibilities of this agency are far too important for us to tolerate financial mismanagement of this magnitude." ........ Other record keeping entries indicate the department cannot substantiate whether its personal property records are accurate. For example, according to testimony by the Inspector General, a recent review of USDA records show a motor vehicle valued at $97 million and a microscope worth $11 million. "According to this report, the USDA has a car valued at $97 million. That's one heck of a vehicle. They must've gotten all of the options," quipped Fitzgerald. ....."

The Wall Street Journal 10/11/00 "………The great big U.S. Department of Energy said it was going to release 30 million barrels of oil from its great big Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Some of the great big oil companies made bids -- companies like BP Amoco and Marathon Ashland Petroleum and Conoco Inc. But among the winners were three tiny oil companies: Lance Stroud Enterprises Inc., Euell Energy Resources and Burhany Enterprises Inc. What do these Davids all have in common? Well, nobody in the oil industry has ever heard of them, none of them seem to have refining capacity (or even tankers) and they seem to have borrowed, from the U.S. government, a total of 10 million barrels of oil whose value on the market is millions of times greater than than the net worth of their firms. ............According to Platt's Oilgram, Lance Stroud Enterprises has one employee, Lance himself, is located in Harlem and has never done an oil deal. Burhany Enterprises has one employee, Ronald Peek, is located in Tallahassee, Fla., and, as far as Platt's could determine, has never done an oil deal. Euell Energy Resources has about a dozen employees, is located in Aurora, Colorado, says it is "an integrated energy services company," and lists that great oilman, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, as a guiding light. Come again? ………."

The Wall Street Journal 10/11/00 "………But look even closer. The deal itself is not a purchase but a swap. The Energy Department will release the oil to the successful bidders, who must promise to replace it by November 2001. Payment is at that time and made in barrels of oil. This obviates the need for the three Davids to come up with cash -- only letters of credit, which must be presented to the Energy Department today. This financing was, presumably, what allowed the Davids to get in the arena with the Goliaths. ……" 10/11/00 Scott Lindlaw AP "……Gov. Gray Davis' aggressive fund raising is drawing fire from a growing number of critics, including some fellow Democrats. Davis has amassed more than $21 million for his re-election campaign in 2002, demolishing records set by his predecessors and prompting questions about whether the donations influence his decisions. …….. ''The public is very alert to the issue of money in politics right now, and I wouldn't advise any good Democrats like the governor to ignore the public's concerns,'' San Francisco Democratic consultant Robert Barnes said. ……" 10/11/00 AP H Josef Hebert "…….Energy Department officials acknowledged Wednesday they knew virtually nothing about three bidders chosen to take a third of the 30 million barrels of oil being released from the government's emergency reserve. …….. Three small companies, including one operating out of a New York City apartment and a second incorporated less than two months ago, were scrambling to obtain financial backing to meet this week's deadline for completing the deals. …… Their share amounts to 10 million barrels, worth an estimated $334 million in current markets. ……. Officials said several of the bids announced Oct. 4 may have to be reopened because some companies struggled to get the letters of credit required to guarantee that the government will recoup the oil at a future date. That snag could delay some oil deliveries into December. …….."

ABCNEWS 10/10/00 A B Stoddard "…….With the help of President Clinton, the piping plover, the least tern and the pallid sturgeon might soon be a lot safer in Missouri, but Vice President Al Gore could end up an endangered species there. Over the weekend Clinton vetoed a $23.6 billion spending bill funding water and energy projects because it contained a measure he said would harm the three endangered species - a fish and two birds - who live along the banks of the Missouri River. The administration, and the environmental community, want to increase river flows to protect the species and oppose language in the bill prohibiting the Army Corps of Engineers from revising its flows. Those increased flows are opposed by farmers and commercial shippers as well as the state's entire congressional delegation…….."

Bahrain Tribune 10/11/00 "……Oil prices clambered higher again yesterday as dealers fretted about rising tensions in the Middle East, including a warning from Saudi Arabia and other Arab states that it would would not stand by if Israel acted against Lebanon and Syria. Also, an early cold spell in the US served as a reminder of lean American heating oil inventories. ……. Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah warned Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak yesterday not to act against the Arab nations. An escalation of Middle East violence over the weekend drew the attention of world oil markets. ….."

Washington Times 10/11/00 Patrice Hill "…….Texas Gov. George W. Bush, the Republican nominee for president, is ahead of Vice President Al Gore in the traditionally Democratic state of West Virginia, largely because of the Clinton administration's anti-coal environmental policies, political analysts say. ……. "Gore's embracing of the absurd global-warming treaty directly threatens every mine worker's job, making a lot of miners and those employed in numerous support industries likely to vote Republican for the first time" in 72 years, said Keith Appell, a Republican media strategist……"

The Wall Street Journal 10/9/00 John J. Fialka and Alexei Barrionuevo "…….The companies, whose bids were among 11 accepted by the agency last' week, now have the right to borrow almost one third of the 31.5 million barrels that the department is making available, on the condition that they pay it back, plus an additional quantity as interest, next fall. ……… Robert S. Kripowicz, an acting assistant secretary at the Energy Department, says the awards were made after DOE checked the companies' identities with the oil industry, but many oil traders and analysts say they have never heard of the brokerage firms. The recipients: Euell Energy Resources of Aurora, Colo., Burhany Energy Enterprises Inc. of Tallahassee, Fla., and Lance Stroud Enterprises Inc. of New York. ……..Lance Stroud Enterprises is run by Lance Stroud, a 35-year-old former Army enlisted man who says he has never done an oil deal. He works out of a New York apartment where he lives with his mother. Burhany Energy was incorporated Aug. 21, just one month before the administration authorized the release of the crude. The firm didn't return phone calls. Renard Euell, owner of Euell Energy, says his 12-employee firm has experience mainly in running construction projects. ………"This is stunning," said Philip K. Verleger, an economist with Brattle Group, a Cambridge, Mass., consulting firm. "It is utterly incomprehensible that the Strategic Petroleum office would consider accepting bids from companies that do not regularly buy and sell and distribute oil." ……."

The Dallas Morning News 10/10/00 Pete Slover and George Kuempel "…..George W. Bush's presidential campaign said Monday that the Justice Department has told campaign officials that its staff is not being targeted by a federal grand jury investigating a leaked debate tape - but offered no such assurances to workers for an outside media consultant. ……… "The campaign received a letter saying nobody in the Bush campaign is a target of this grand jury," Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett said Monday. He also said Mr. McKinnon, who runs Maverick Media in Austin, had received prosecutors' assurances that he was not a target of the grand jury……….. Mr. Bartlett said the letter from officials of the Justice Department's Public Integrity Unit to the Bush campaign's Washington lawyer appeared to rule out a dirty trick by top Bush aides relating to the leaked debate tape or thievery by a lesser staffer from within the campaign. ...Also, a Gap spokesman, Jack Dougherty, said the company already has complied with a subpoena Sept. 26 seeking all records of the McKinnon transaction. ......:

The Washington Times 10/10/00 John Godfrey "…… Congress is on a spending binge, throwing pork into the annual appropriations bills, adding entitlement money for the elderly, boosting veterans' benefits and increasing reimbursements to Medicare providers. ......... "People have gone crazy," Sen. Phil Gramm, Texas Republican, said as he left the Senate floor after voting against a fiscal 2001 transportation spending bill that is nearly $2.4 billion more than the president requested. "If anybody had any doubt about what would happen to the surplus, they now have proof," Mr. Gramm said. ………"

CNN 10/6/00 "…….Justice Department investigators have subpoenaed clothing retailer The Gap in connection with their probe into how debate preparation materials from Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush wound up in the hands of a supporter of his Democratic rival, Vice President Al Gore. ………. Law enforcement officials subpoenaed The Gap, Inc. for records related to the pants. A spokesman for The Gap tells CNN the company is cooperating with the subpoena. ……The move is part of the FBI's attempt to establish a clear timeline and to assess Lozano's veracity as she remains the primary focus of the investigation. Several employees of Maverick Media and officials in the Bush campaign have been interviewed and fingerprinted by the FBI. ……"

CBSNEWS 10/6/00 "…….Fact Check #1: TAXES

Lieberman said of the Bush-Cheney tax plan: "The numbers show that $1.6 trillion goes to that big tax cut, which, as Al Gore said the other night, sends 43 percent to the top 1 percent."

Analysis: What Bush-Cheney have proposed is an across-the-board tax cut, which would benefit all taxpayers, not just "the top 1 percent." …….. Since 80 percent of the federal income taxes are paid by the richest fifth of the country, it's no secret that an across-the-board tax cut would mainly benefit the rich the most………

Lieberman went on to say, "the tax relief program that Al Gore and I have proposed...includes a $500 tax credit for stay-at-home moms."

Analysis: They do propose that tax credit; however, it would only be available for stay-at-home parents during the first year of the baby's life. The Bush-Cheney plan would allow the non-working spouse to deduct up to $3,000 per year.

For his part, Cheney said, "[Under Bush's plan] everybody who pays taxes will, in fact, get tax relief."

Analysis: Not exactly. According to the bipartisan, Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, just over 12 million Americans would not receive the full benefit of Bush's tax cuts because they would become subject to the alternative minimum tax (AMT), originally designed to prevent investors and the wealthy from sheltering too much of their income. ………In addition, under current law, around 14.5 million people will have to pay the AMT by 2010 and thus will only be eligible for a reduced tax break or none at all.

Reuters via Yahoo! 10/6/00 Patrick Connole "…..American consumers should brace for a 25 percent leap in prices of heating oil and natural gas this winter, with an even bigger rise possible, the U.S. Energy Department predicted on Friday.The new forecasts for the coming winter season were issued by the Energy Information Administration -- the statistical arm of the Energy Department -- two days after the Clinton administration finalized plans to loan 30 million barrels of the government's stockpiled crude to energy companies...."

Austin American-Statesman 9/30/00 Ken Herman "……Austin FBI agents were called into the case Thursday afternoon and by 10:30 p.m. began taking computers from Maverick Media, Bush's Austin-based media firm, and from the home of Yvette Lozano, the company employee who has become a target of the investigation, according to law enforcement sources. ……By 2 a.m., agents had completed their search for evidence. Early Friday, an agent was taking the evidence, including at least two computers, to the FBI crime lab in Washington, D.C. .........While Thursday's action focused on Lozano, a law enforcement source said that should not suggest that the FBI's investigation ends with her. Officials are still investigating which camp -- and at what level -- instigated the transfer of the debate materials. The Bush campaign has pointed to the Gore camp, which has suspended one staff member, while the Democrats claim it's a GOP trick to short-circuit the debates. ……….."This probably didn't happen in a vacuum," said a law enforcement source, requesting anonymity. "There probably was some conspiratorial strategizing." ……"

Austin American-Statesman 9/30/00 Ken Herman "……Besides the videotape, The Boston Globe reported, Downey was sent a half-inch stack of documents with advice: During the debate, take a new tack on Mark Twain's adage about the weather in New England. Try something about how if you don't like Al Gore now, just wait a minute. He'll change. On a cover sheet, an unsigned message on plain paper read to the effect of: "Here's some material that might be helpful to you. I'll call in a few days to see if you need anything else." The package of materials included no letterhead or identifying features anywhere…….On the videotape, Downey saw what looked like Bush practicing for a debate. Downey called his lawyer, Marc Miller, and began the steps to turn the tape over to the FBI. ……"

Susan Schmidt and David A. Vise 9/30/00 Washington Post "…… Forensic evidence developed by the FBI lab links the employee, Juanita Yvette Lozano, to a package containing sensitive internal Bush campaign documents and a videotape of Bush practicing for the upcoming presidential debate, the sources said. ……A federal source said the label on the Express Mail package received by Downey also directly corresponds to the date and time Lozano was filmed by a security camera mailing a package in the Austin post office. ……….As a sign of the political sensitivity of the matter, FBI Director Louis J. Freeh has taken a direct role in overseeing the investigation. …..In recent days the FBI has also obtained an extensive second fingerprint sample from Lozano and is comparing her prints to those on the package. Yesterday, in an effort to eliminate extraneous prints, it obtained sample prints from Downey and two of his employees. ...Campaign aides said that Lozano seemed to lack the political sophistication to know the value of the materials, and to know to send them to Downey, a close Gore friend who, until the package arrived, was involved in the vice president's debate preparation. ......... "

San Diego Union Tribune 9/29/00 "…… The Census Bureau reported this week that median family income reached $40,816 in 1999, the highest level since the government started recording such data in 1967. Yet, considering that the average household pays $9,445 a year in federal income taxes -- twice what it paid in 1985 -- many working Americans feel worse off. ……"

Bloomberg 9/28/00 Mark Shenk "……Crude oil fell more than 3 percent to a seven-week low after Saudi Arabia said it was willing to increase output further to ease pressure on the world economy. Saudi Arabia is ``ready to supply whatever amount necessary to stabilize the world market,'' Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud said at an OPEC summit meeting in Caracas. Oil last week rose to its highest price since 1990 even after OPEC increased production quotas three times this year. ….."

AP 9/28/00 Jesse Holland "……Federal prisoners who can afford it would be forced to pay for visits to jailhouse doctors, with most of the money going to crime victims, under a bill headed to President Clinton. The Senate passed the bill unanimously late Thursday without debate. The House approved it Sept. 19. "The free health care currently enjoyed by federal prisoners is an offense to every law-abiding, hard-working American taxpayer who struggles to make ends meet," said Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., during the House debate. "It is time to end the free ride for federal prisoners by requiring them to contribute to the costs of their own care." Under the bill, inmates in federal prison cannot be refused treatment because they cannot pay the fee. But those who can afford to pay must be charged at least $1 for most doctor visits, lawmakers said. ……"

Bush-Cheney 2000! 10/5/00 "....... LIEBERMAN ATTACK: Our opponents are supporting a Social Security privatization program that puts Social Security at risk. THE FACTS:

* Governor Bush supports lock-boxing $2.4 trillion to save and strengthen Social Security.

* Governor Bush's Social Security Plan Gets High Marks. A non-partisan economic study found that Governor Bush's plan helps ensure Social Security's long-term solvency. "By investing $80 billion per year in personal retirement accounts, Bush is adding a higher rate of return to generate more money to help make Social Security solvent," said the study.

* Economic Security 2000 (ES 2000), a non-partisan organization, found that Gore's Social Security plan would help put the program into debt. "Gore's accounting defies credibility. From 2015 to 2037, there's a missing $4.3 trillion in the Social Security Trust Fund, because the money has been spent and is a debt, an IOU. Then, from 2038 to 2054, there's a missing $6.069 trillion," said the study.

* The ES 2000 study also found that Gore underfunds his Retirement Plus Accounts: "Gore commits $20 billion for 10 years out of general revenue. We accept that this money exists. But we project annual costs of $75.6 billion, which costs $2.948 trillion from 2015 through 2054. Where does this money come from?"

* Gore does not save Social Security. "Gore would leave the basic structure of Social Security untouched, essentially gambling that future generations would be able to pay the bills when the baby-boom generation begins to retire in full force." (Washington Post, 6/19/00)

* GAO Comptroller David Walker said the Clinton-Gore approach was "simply a grant of future general revenues to Social Security." (David Walker, GAO, Testimony on the President's Social Security proposal before the House Committee on Ways and Means, November 9, 1999)

* According to Chuck Blahous, Executive Director of the Alliance for Worker Retirement Security, "the Gore plan would permanently borrow and never repay from general revenues an astounding $46 trillion over 2037 to 2054." ...."

Bush-Cheney 2000! 10/5/00 "..... Lieberman Makes Case for Bush-Cheney Energy Plan Statement: Under Clinton-Gore, drilling for natural gas in an environmentally sensitive way has increased by 60% on federal lands. The Real Story: Drilling for natural gas and oil require the exact same process. You do not know what you get until you hit the gas or oil. ........ Gore and Lieberman have been attacking Governor Bush and Secretary Cheney for their plan to open only 8 percent of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to environmentally responsible exploration, which could replace the oil that the U.S. now imports from Iraq. .......In an attempt to defend the Clinton-Gore administration for not having an energy policy, Joe Leiberman made Governor Bush's case that oil and gas exploration can be done in an environmentally-sensitive way........"

Dallas Morning News 10/5/00 Pete Slover George Kuempel "......Juanita Yvette Lozano, the political office worker questioned by the FBI about the leak of a George W. Bush debate tape, quit or was asked to leave a series of jobs for poor performance, including some under suspicion that she lied or covered up work she failed to do, according to records and interviews. ......... Public records show that Ms. Lozano - universally described as "bright" by her former bosses-is a reliable Democratic voter. ..... Ms. Lozano has been an office administrator for Mr. McKinnon since June 1999, and he has supported her explanation that she was returning a pair of pants to the Gap. He said she has worked as a baby sitter for his family since they met in 1990, when she was a volunteer on the first campaign of Democratic Gov. Ann Richards....."

Dallas Morning News 10/5/00 Pete Slover George Kuempel ".......From January 1997 until June 1998, Ms. Lozano worked for Rep. Vilma Luna, D-Corpus Christi. A series of memos in Ms. Lozano's employment files at the Luna office documented disputes, including an unpaid office bill that Ms. Lozano said she had taken care of, and an unauthorized taking of leave, for which her pay was docked. Ms. Lozano was asked to resign after an incident in which she told Ms. Luna that she had mailed certificates to graduating seniors in Ms. Luna's district. A memo in her file says she had not. "Ms. Lozano called me at approximately 2 p.m. to 'come clean,' and confirmed that she had not completed the task, and had in fact made up the story she had told me and district office staff regarding completion of the assignment," Ms. Luna wrote in a memo the day she asked Ms. Lozano to leave......"

Dallas Morning News 10/5/00 Pete Slover George Kuempel "...... From March 1994 to August 1995, Ms. Lozano worked as an administrative assistant in the border affairs division of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. Agency documents show that she was allowed to resign after supervisors discovered that her files contained outstanding unpaid bills and six months worth of unprocessed expense vouchers. "Her explanations on the delays were not correct and at times were elaborate fabrications," said a supervisor's memo explaining her departure......"

Dallas Morning News 10/5/00 Pete Slover George Kuempel "......From August to December 1993, campaign expenditure records show, Ms. Lozano worked as a paid staff member for Ms. Richards' re-election campaign. In subsequent job applications, she wrote that she left to care "take care of ill mother," and "to pursue a career in environmental issues." "She may say she left to care for her sick mother. I recall we asked her not to stay. I believe her work performance wasn't ... wasn't good," said her supervisor, Dr. Ruth Potee, now a physician in Boston. ...."

Dallas Morning News 10/5/00 Pete Slover George Kuempel "......From December 1991 to August 1993, Ms. Lozano worked for the Texas House, first for Rep. Lena Guerrero, D-Austin, then for her successor, Democratic Rep. Glen Maxey. "Yvette was a nice kid, a smart kid," said Ms. Guerrero, now an Austin lobbyist who discounted the possibility of Ms. Lozano's involvement in the debate mailing. "I can't picture her doing that." Mr. Maxey said that Ms. Lozano's left his employment by "mutual agreement." One of her duties, he said, was answering public correspondence. "When she left, we found a box of unanswered constituent mail," Mr. Maxey said. ...."

UPI 10/1/00 Mark Kukis ".......Probing a case of debate preparation materials stolen from George W. Bush's GOP presidential campaign, federal investigators questioned Karl Rove, the Texas governor's chief political strategist who FBI official had not interviewed when they first questioned the campaign's top advisors....... Rove was one of a handful of people who had access to Bush's briefing books and video taped practice sessions, which mysteriously wound up via U.S. mail in the hands of one of Vice President Al Gore's top advisers in Washington, former congressman Tom Downey. ...... Bush campaign officials point to an outside security breach by Democrats, either from the Gore campaign or from Austin circles. ..... "

ASSOCIATED PRESS 10/5/00 "…… Three people were arrested Thursday in connection with the theft of several computers from the Democratic National Committee's regional finance office. The arrests were made after an informant told police the suspects had allegedly purchased some of the stolen property, police said. They were identified as Angel Santiago, 42, of Queens; Carlos Rojas, 28, of Queens; and William Crespo, 26, of Brooklyn. Police were still investigating whether the three were involved in the initial theft. …….. Three laptop computers and a handheld electronic organizer were stolen from the office on Sept. 13, District Attorney Richard A. Brown said. Law enforcement officials said the computers did not contain any ``sensitive'' material. DNC officials did not immediately return telephone calls for comment. …….Santiago is a computer assistant administrator for a Manhattan investment firm, Rojas is a beer distributor and Crespo is an elementary school teacher in the Bronx. ……."

CNN 10/5/00 "……Demonstrators protesting Al Gore's family investments in Occidental Petroleum Corp. briefly took over his San Francisco campaign headquarters on Thursday, saying Gore was doing nothing to stop the destruction of ancestral South American Indian lands. Alex Tourk, a spokesman for the Gore presidential campaign, said about 30 protesters thronged into the headquarters demanding a meeting with the vice president about Occidental's plans to drill for oil on land claimed by the U'wa Indian tribe in northeastern Colombia. ……. "They pushed volunteers to get in and chained themselves to our tables and our phone bank," Tourk told Reuters. Police arrived shortly afterward and arrested about 14 of the demonstrators, police spokesman Sherman Ackerson said. …….. The 5,000-member U'wa tribe drew attention to its cause by vowing to commit collective suicide by walking off a cliff if Occidental proceeded with its drilling plans. Tribe members believe the land is sacred. Gore, the Democratic presidential nominee, reported in his public financial disclosure in May that his family's shares in Occidental were valued at between $500,000 and $1 million. ….."

Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/5/00 "…… Statement by Bush advisor Dan Bartlett regarding Al Gore's " math site for fuzzy numbers:"
First of all, only someone who spent his entire career in Washington would consider income not taken from somebody in taxes to be 'government spending.
Second, the fact is that Governor Bush's budget spends $9.9 Trillion on education, defense, Medicare and other health, versus $1.3 Trillion in tax relief. In other words, he spends seven times more on these areas than the tax relief in his entire tax package-and that tax relief goes to the top 100% of income taxpayers, not just the top 1%.
Third, the Bush tax plan is more progressive than the current income tax code. The top 1% would pay a greater share of income taxes under his plan than they pay now, and he would remove 6 million families with children from the rolls completely.
Lastly, our current economic expansion should not be taken for granted, and a marginal rate cut is good insurance against recession. ….."

Scripps Howard News Service 10/4/00 Lance Gay "……Congressional investigators opened a criminal investigation of the White House drug czar's office this spring after uncovering evidence that contractors improperly inflated advertising costs for the $1 billion national anti-drug campaign. Robert Hast, head of the congressional General Accounting Office's elite criminal fraud unit told the House Government Reform criminal justice subcommittee Wednesday that GAO auditors uncovered evidence involving an estimated $8 million in inflated charges submitted in 1999 involving government advertising contracts. The charges involve inflated billing for work done on the anti-drug contracts, payments of bonuses to executives, and improper travel charges. Hast said a former employee of the giant New York advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather also gave investigators testimony of other improprieties. "We are looking at the fraud," he said. …….Hast said that the progress of the investigation has been hampered since April by White House drug czar Barry McCaffrey, who has refused to allow auditors for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to complete an audit of the drug office contracts. That department oversees government drug programs. ……"

Forbes Magazine 10/16/00 Steve Forbes "…….Take Gore's credit for childcare. Read the fine print and you'll find parents must use only government-approved childcare providers to qualify for the break. If you file for that credit, the IRS can ask for proof that your babysitters and day care centers have Al Gore's government stamp of approval. ……… "

Forbes Magazine 10/16/00 Steve Forbes "……. Gore claims his plan will help parents cope with their kids' college bills. Read the fine print and you'll discover this tax credit applies only to the first child that goes to college; the rest of your offspring are out of luck. Is this Gore's first step toward his version of China's one-child policy? It gets worse. If your college-bound kid has student loans, which most do these days, you're not eligible for Gore's college tax credit. ……. "

Forbes Magazine 10/16/00 Steve Forbes "……. Gore trumpets that he will reduce the marriage penalty by increasing the standard deduction for married couples. Fine print: You qualify only if you and your spouse jointly make less than $60,000 a year. Millions of taxpayers in high-expense, high-tax states, such as California, won't be amused to discover that a household income of $60,000 makes them part of those bloodsucking, uncaring rich folk that Al Gore vows to fight. Another restriction: Even if you make less than $60,000 you won't be eligible for Uncle Al's marriage tax gift if you itemize your deductions, something millions of home-owning, middle-income Americans do because of their mortgages. ……"

Weekly Standard 10/9/00 Tucker Carlson "……. On September 15, Joe Allbaugh, George W. Bush's campaign manager, got a call from the FBI. An agent informed Allbaugh that one of Al Gore's closest advisers, former representative Tom Downey, had received confidential information from the Bush campaign, including a book of internal strategy memos and a videotape of Bush engaged in debate preparation. ……That was more than two weeks ago. In the days since, Bush and Gore have continued their campaigns as before. …….A week after Joe Allbaugh first talked to the FBI, there appeared to be an answer. According to an unnamed source quoted in several news stories, the FBI had decided that the tape was most likely mailed by a woman named Yvette Lozano. Lozano was an employee at Maverick Media, the office where Bush's campaign commercials are made, and she made obvious sense as a suspect. … Most damning of all, Lozano had been identified by the FBI in surveillance footage taken in a post office near McKinnon's office on the day the Downey package was mailed. In the footage, Lozano has a package in her hand....... The Bush campaign reacted ferociously to the news that Lozano was a suspect. ….. She and McKinnon were fingerprinted twice. Apparently confused and outraged, Lozano offered to take a polygraph test………..So far, the truth has not surfaced. But many rumors have, as well as quite a few questions. Here are a few of both:

• Was Yvette Lozano the victim of racial profiling? The Bush campaign has suggested so. From the beginning, Bush aides have pointed out that Lozano is both female and Hispanic. ….. But Stevens, a Bush advertising consultant who has been Mark McKinnon's partner during the campaign, does say he believes the FBI is picking on Lozano because she is relatively powerless. "It certainly is odd," Stevens says, "that the one person they've seized upon is a young Hispanic woman least able to defend herself. This was the kind of thing that used to outrage Democrats: A young Hispanic woman from Austin, Texas, being targeted by powerful forces in Washington."………..Another thing Stevens finds odd is how the FBI knew who Yvette Lozano was just from looking at the surveillance tape. "How did they know she worked at Maverick?" Stevens wonders. "They didn't have photographs of our employees."

• Outside the Bush campaign, more questions about Lozano have arisen. At, chat rooms have been filled with discussions of her political background: Was she a member of a Democratic PAC? Has she since converted to Republicanism? What is she doing working for Bush anyway? Late last week a theory began circulating among reporters that Lozano would never have mailed the trousers, since Maverick Media is closer to a Gap outlet than it is to a post office. Stuart Stevens has an answer for this. Lozano had to mail the trousers, he says, because McKinnon had purchased them as part of "an Internet-only special at $19.95." (Which, Stevens adds, "is its own scandal.")

• Meanwhile, as the press and public dissect the shopping habits of Bush's staff, why is no one asking questions of the Gore campaign? …... It is far more likely that the tape was stolen by someone who wanted to help Gore-by a Democratic partisan. The Gore campaign would seem an obvious place to begin a search for such a person, especially since it was revealed last month that a Gore staffer once bragged to a friend about a "mole" in the Bush campaign. Yet as of the end of last week, the FBI had not interviewed any employees of Gore 2000. The Bush campaign interprets the FBI's behavior as a clear sign of political bias in the Justice Department.

• On the other hand it may be that the FBI has trouble following leads. Shortly after the theft was revealed, Stuart Stevens called the FBI agent in charge of the inquiry and offered to pass on information that might help catch the thief. No one called back. Frustrated, Stevens went on television to complain about the FBI's inaction. A week later, Stevens still hadn't heard from the FBI. "The FBI is not investigating in the way the FBI is capable of investigating," says Stevens, whose father was an FBI agent. "I think they're capable of returning a phone call. This is not Lockerbie, putting pieces of the plane together."......"

The Hotline 10/4/00 FoxNews Freeper M Thatcher "……FNC's Cameron, on the mole investigation: "There has been a turn in the investigation. Justice Department and Bush campaign sources are saying that there are two women in Austin -- both Democrats, not directly associated with the Gore campaign -- who are being looked at by federal investigators -- one of whom may be questioned by Federal investigators in the next few days. One is associated with a company that works closely with Maverick Media ... the other a Democratic consultant for Democratic candidates throughout Texas" ("Special Report," FNC, 10/3). ….."

FoxNews 10/4/00 Carl Cameron "……..As George. W. Bush and Al Gore prepared to go head to head in the first presidential debate, Fox News has learned that federal investigators are looking at two new potential suspects who may have been responsible for mailing Bush campaign materials to Gore consultant and former New York Rep. Tom Downey. …….The first possible suspect is a woman who works at Waterworks Productions, which owns a suite of offices in the same building where Bush's media consultant, Maverick Media, is located. The other possible suspect is a female Democratic consultant who was working with Waterworks on a Democratic campaign against three-term Republican congressional candidate Phil English, R-Pa. ………. The printed material that was shipped to Downey helped investigators narrow their search. Handwritten notes written by Bush media consultant Mark McKinnon, who heads Maverick, were part of a briefing book prepared by McKinnon. Only about a half-dozen copies of the book existed and were in the hands of Bush senior staff. The briefing books had numbered pages with markings on them to depict the owner. Among the material shipped to the Gore campaign was a page ripped from McKinnon's book, leading investigators to believe that it must have come from within or near his office. ……."

Charleston (WV) Daily Mail 10/4/00 "……..At key moments in his campaign, George W. Bush has found time to put West Virginia on his schedule and on his agenda.......... West Virginia hasn't received this much attention from a presidential candidate since 1960. ……. Al Gore, for all the loyalty displayed by union leaders, has managed to make it to West Virginia only for whitewater rafting. Oh, he sent a letter to the United Mine Workers last month. …….. But he remains committed to a fossil-fuelless vision of the future that has already done great damage both to West Virginia and to the reliability of the nation's power supply. ……Gore conceded in his letter to West Virginia miners only that his energy policies will cost West Virginia jobs, and that he'd come up with some kind of job program to deal with it.That's thin soup indeed. The difference in attitudes may be why Bush may become the first Republican presidential challenger to carry West Virginia in 72 years. ………" 10/2/00 Justin Torres "…….The attorney retained by Yvette Lozano -- a central figure in the FBI investigation of "Debategate" -- compared his client to Richard Jewell, the man suspected, and later exonerated, of the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta…… "We've seen this pattern before in Atlanta in 1996 - the FBI fingered someone, the media jumps on it, and then later everybody says, 'Whoops, there wasn't any case after all,'" said Christopher Gunter, a prominent Austin attorney who is representing Lozano……. According to Gunter, Lozano continues to work for the Bush campaign through Mark McKinnon, her supervisor at Maverick Media, which handles some of the advertising for the Bush campaign……"

Associated Press 10/2/00 "….. We have established the probable link from the White House back through Democratic operatives in Austin, Texas into Mark McKinnon's Maverick Media to close the loop on the Molegate Story and who sent the videotape to the Gore Camp and Rep. Tom Downey, specifically. … ...,
Martin, Jack L.
Rose, Mark
Bates, David Q., Jr.
Bluntzer, Rick
Bull, Blaine H.
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Fero, Kelly
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Smith, Glenn W.
Sragow, Darry
Stewart, Tom
Taylor, James
Wallace, Roger W.
Warner, Cathie Bennett
Wilson, Martin R.
Yates, Elyse ……
Jeff Eller is a former top aide to President Clinton in the White House in 1993 and involved in covering up WH Travel Office Staff Firings. Eller and McKinnon worked together at Public Strategies.
Mike McCurry is the head of the Public Strategies Washington DC office and was the former White House press spokesman in the Clinton Administration.
Paul Begala is in there somewhere. He is from Texas and his sister works as a top media aid to the Gore 2000 Campaign……… How did anyone know enough to send the Bush Debate Prep videotape to former Rep. Tom Downey, working with Al gore as his debate sparring partner? Mike McCurry in DC probably knew and passed the info to Jeff Eller in Austin, his WH collegue. Eller got McKinnon to be the Democrat spy inside the Bush 2000 campaign. ......, McKinnon had the access to obtain the Bush materials and the facilities to make videotape duplicates. His assistant, Yvette Lozano, is close to the McKinnon family having been their family babysitter for the past 10 years. Strong Loyalty ......"

AP 10/3/00 "….AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Maverick Media, the firm handling George W. Bush's political ads, has gone from a little-known player in the presidential race to a central position in the federal inquiry into a Bush debate videotape. FBI agents have interviewed Maverick Media employees -- even fingerprinting and seizing the computer of one worker -- in their investigation into how a Bush debate preparation tape was sent to the Al Gore campaign. Denise Hodgson, general manager of Waterworks Productions, an adjoining video production office that has both Democratic and Republican clients, also has been questioned by the FBI. Her company was not involved in the debate tape mailing, she said Monday. ......An FBI agent visited the Waterworks office Sept. 20 or 21 and interviewed Hodgson -- but no other employees -- for five to 10 minutes, she said. …… ''They asked me how many employees we had and if we had a copy machine and if we had priority mail envelopes and how we send our mail out and stuff like that,'' she said. …….. Maverick Media offices are located behind an unmarked steel door in the basement of a professional building near downtown Austin. Its interior is decorated in a subdued red and black, with Bush campaign photographs on the walls. The firm has seven employees and four consultants. ……It rents space and some equipment from Waterworks Productions, which has a firedoor leading to the Maverick Media office. Waterworks, with seven full-time employees, has a front entrance separate from Maverick. ….."

AP via 10/2/00 Trudy Tynan "……With the cost of heating oil and natural gas going up, firewood prices are rising, too, as more people look for cheaper ways to keep warm this winter. ''Everyone who has a wood stove is looking at using it now,'' said Joseph Smith, associate director of the Forest and Wood Products Institute at Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner. Already, supplies of seasoned wood -- which burns hotter and longer than fresh-cut logs -- are running low in some places in New England even before the autumn leaves reach peak color. ……"

Fox News 10/2/00 William LaJeunesse "…… In what could be the second biggest battle ever over endangered species habitat, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to set aside more than 5 million acre of California's most expensive real estate for the red-legged frog. The five-inch amphibian is this year's spotted owl, and developers fear that what the owl did to logging, the frog will do to housing. "The state of California says we need 220,000 units a year," said Laer Pearce, a board member and co-chair of the public affairs committee of the Building Industry Association of Orange County. …… Pearce worries that having a protected frog habitat 1.5 times the size of Massachusetts will mean the industry won't even be able to produce the 90,000 it can today. "So where are people being born in California, people coming to California going to live?" he asked. "We're not going to have a place for them." ......" 10/2/00 "…….FBI agents have interviewed a young aide who was suspended from Al Gore's Democratic presidential campaign after claiming he knew of a mole in GOP candidate George W. Bush's camp, ABCNEWS has learned. …… Suspended Gore staffer Michael Doyne, 28, says he was interviewed for about 30 minutes Sunday afternoon by two FBI agents at his Nashville, Tenn., apartment. …….. The FBI has since launched a full criminal investigation as it seeks to find out how some of Bush's secret debate prep material ended up in the hands of an adviser to Gore. Republicans, including members of the Bush campaign team, have been asking for days why the FBI investigation was going on in Austin, Texas, home of the Bush headquarters, and not in Nashville. ……… The Doyne interview marks the first time a Gore staffer in Nashville is known to have been interviewed by the FBI. Doyne is still on paid leave from the campaign, but his future there uncertain. ……. Doyne says the agents asked him if he knew anyone off a list of seven names. The list included Yvette Lozano, who has been named a suspect in the probe, along with five other names Doyne says he cannot recall. Doyne told the agents that he did not know anyone on the list, including Lozano. Doyne says he was also asked by the FBI agents to recount his version of events, which he says he did. Agents did not take fingerprints or other forensic evidence, but he gave them a copy an e-mail in which he had asked a friend to remain "hush-hush" about the mole story. …….. A law enforcement source told ABCNEWS this weekend that the label on the Express Mail package received by Downey also directly corresponds to the date and time Lozano was filmed by a security camera mailing a package in an Austin post office. ……."

AP 10/2/00 Jim Abrams "…..More than 12 million Americans would not get the full benefit of George W. Bush's tax cuts because they would become subject to another tax originally designed to prevent investors and the wealthy from sheltering too much of their income, a congressional analysis found. ……. The panel, in a report prepared for Rep. Charles Rangel of New York, ranking Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee, said increased exposure to the minimum tax could reduce the size of Bush's tax relief by $192 billion over 10 years. ….."

Washington Post Staff Writer 10/3/00"…….. On Sunday, Doyne, an assistant to Gore's field director, told his story to two FBI agents who came to his apartment in Nashville. They asked him how he came to be bragging about having a mole in the Bush campaign, and asked him if he knew anyone on a list of seven names they showed him. Among the names on the list were Mark McKinnon, Bush's outside media adviser, and Juanita Yvette Lozano, McKinnon's aide, who is believed to be the focus of the FBI investigation. Also on the list was Amy Smith, the name on the return label of the Express Mail package that Gore pal Downey received in Washington Sept. 13, postmarked from Austin, Tex. Doyne said he knew none of them……….. In retrospect, he believes his trouble began on Aug. 30, when he showed Vanderbilt fraternity brother and good friend Keith Siskin around Gore headquarters after lunch. "He had never been inside a national campaign before," said Doyne……... On Sept. 10, three days before Downey received Bush's debate materials in the mail, Siskin wrote Doyne an e-mail asking the identity of the mole. Doyne said that he thought they were still in a kidding mode, and so he replied "hush, hush" on the mole issue. At some point afterward, his friend talked to ABC and the network ended up with a copy of the e-mail exchange. Last night, the FBI was preparing to interview Siskin in Nashville, according to a source. Siskin did not return calls from the Post……….. "

Freeper Brian_Baldwin "……. The ABC news website is running the same story, "AGENTS INTERVIEW GORE AIDE - Full FBI Criminal Investigation Opens in Debate Tape Case" . . . however, it's buried towards the bottom on the news page, the headline news being "VIDEOTAPINT BIRTHS" (article on live birth taping). The media is trying to bury this, or ignore it, though ABC has some "vested interest" in it since they have some insiders with dope on the story. However, even though the phony liberal news is trying to ignore the story (if it was the OTHER way around, e.g. possible BUSH mole in GORE camp, it would be HEADLINE every two minutes as if a "Wategate" scandal), when trying to connect to the "FBI Criminal Investigation" story on the mole issue, even on a T1 I am getting very slow response - which means that this news item is getting A LOT of hits. So, even if the phony liberal news will try to bury it, the public is interested, I think this shows in the number of hits this article is getting on the ABC news page. ……"

Freeper feymains "…… Talking to my PRIVATE EYE neighbor. He thinks Keith Sisken found some hot stuff going on at the Gore Campaign and may have gone to the FBI. ABC may be helping the FBI with this. Salon .com released his name. Why would they do that? Why Would Sisken want to know who the mole is? Sending email to ask. Why not call on the phone? Looks like Doyne might be out of work. I think this story is going to be bigger then anyone may think. Very interesting . ……"

National Center for Policy Analysis 10/2/00 Bruce Bartlett "…… On September 26, the U.S. Census Bureau released data on poverty and income for 1999. In its press statement, the Bureau emphasized the rise in median household income to its highest level ever, and decline in the poverty rate to its lowest level since 1979. No mention was made of the sharp rise in income inequality during the Clinton years. The fact is that since 1992, the share of total household income of the bottom 80 percent of households has fallen. Every income quintile (20 percent) now has a smaller slice of the income pie than it did then. ….."

Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/3/00 "......... "Interest rates will rise and business expansion will drop if Al Gore is elected president, but little will change economically if George Bush wins in November, according to the results of the latest Phoenix Lending Survey. Lenders participating in the quarterly survey were asked how four key economic indicators - interest rates, unemployment, consumer spending and business expansion - would react under a Gore or Bush administration. Half of the 73 respondents participating in the survey said interest rates would rise if Gore were elected president, and 55 percent said business expansion would drop. Slightly more than half of lenders said unemployment and consumer spending would remain the same under a Gore Administration. If George Bush is elected president, 60 percent of lenders said interest rates and unemployment would remain unchanged, and half said consumer spending would continue at the same pace. The only notable change expected by 40 percent of lenders is a rise in business expansion. However, 39 percent of lenders anticipate no change in business expansion if Bush is elected. ......"

Dallas Morning News via San Jose Merc. News 10/3/00 Lee Hancock ".....Political pressures caused the suspension of a federal drug probe of a rap label after Rep. Maxine Waters intervened with top Clinton administrators on behalf of the label's owner, case investigators say. This week, the Houston record label Rap-A-Lot plans to release a CD in which one of its bestselling artists taunts the Drug Enforcement Administration and talks of killing agency informants. On the CD, rap artist Brad ``Scarface'' Jordan, one of several Rap-A-Lot associates arrested in the DEA inquiry, brags of the Rap-A-Lot ``mafia's'' ability to derail an investigation and drug agents' careers. ........ The joint investigation by the DEA and Houston police of the company and its founder, James A. Prince, was halted after Waters, a Los Angeles democrat, intervened in August 1999 on his behalf with Attorney General Janet Reno, according to investigators and documents. ......"

FoxNews 10/3/00 Freeper SVTCobra "...... Fox News's Carl Cameron is reporting that 2 new Molegate suspects are being interviewed by the FBI in Austin, Texas. ......One is a female employee of Waterworks where Maverick Media shares office space. Waterworks has a contract to make COPIES of Bush 2000 Campaign Ads (videotapes) for distributon to TV stations across the country. .......The other suspect is a female Democratic Party Operative based in the Austin, Texas area. NOTE: We have linked Public Strategies Inc., a media and public policy firm, based in Austin, Texas as the conduit between the Bush and the Gore Campaigns which facilitates the Dirty Tricks of the Mole. ....

- Paul Begala (working on the Gore Campaign while also working at MSNBC),

- Mark McKinnon (Bush 2000 ad man),

- Jeff Eller (White House Deputy Communications Director,

- Mike McCurry (former White House Communications Director and now heading their DC Office while working for CNN) .....are all linked to Public Strategies as current or past employees with links back to the White House and Clinton/Gore campaigns. ......."

Freeper Bryan24 "..... Carl Cameron just reported that the briefing book was uniquely numbered. You Tom Clancy fans might remember the term "Canary Traps". Apparently, Bush and Rove are no dummies. Bush has been proclaiming McKinnon to be OK. At this point it appears that only DemocRATS will be implicated in the THEFT of the briefing materials. I believe the Gore camp "stole" their own stuff in that break-in. Ta-Da, no evidence. They think. ......"

Freeper KeatsforFirstDog "...... This is interesting...I heard Carl say that on FoxNews, too. They uniquiely numbered each book in the corners of each page. The photocopied copy matches the McKinnon book and no other book. However, if these books were uniquely numbered, did McKinnon know about the unique numbers? If he did, then he probably didn't do it. If he didn't know about the numbers, he may be in on it. .......It does sound like the two new suspects stole the stuff. Lozano is the mole, but McKinnon may not know about her moleness. The two Democratic women probably put Lozano up to it. ....."

Freeper San Jacinto "....... So the briefing books were uniquely numbered. I take that to mean they will know for sure whose book was copied and sent to Downey. I further assume it will turn out to be McKinnon's book. ....... Maverick Media rents space from Waterworks. Although they have separate entrances, the two offices have a common interior firedoor, which is never locked. Anyone from Waterworks could have pilfered McKinnon's book and the video tape after hours. They could have copied the video on Waterworks equipment, made a copy of the briefing book pages and returned everything to Maverick Media. ...... This theory would imply a thief rather than a mole. Question: what thief would be sophisticated enough to know to send the tape to Downey? Possible answer: the thief was under the orders of a local Democrat activist who received the stolen item and mailed them to Downey. Even more sinister possible answer: the thief was directed by someone higher up the Dem hierachy, someone who has been on TV regularly representing the Dems. I hope the criminal offense is serious enough to make the underlings break down and give up the big boys. ....."

Freeper irv "....... McKinnon held up a pair of pants and said, "See, this is what she mailed for me."

That makes him part of her alibi. So which is more likely:

He gave her a pair of pants to mail and she opportunistivally used this as cover for mailing the tape, too.

He gave her the pants to mail AS cover for mailing the tape.

Nobody mailed any pants, except possibly later, in order to fake up an explanation. ......"

Freeper KeatsforFirstDog "....... I'm just not going to hang McKinnon yet...there's not enough evidence against him...maybe he did give Lozano the pants to mail and she just took her time getting it in the mail...we know from Lozano's past work that she puts things off (she got fired for lying about something she put off). Being a democrat doesn't make a person an automatic liar just as being a conservative does not always make a person faithful (ie, Newt).

It just would have been so much easier for McKinnon to take the book somewhere else to copy and mail it from some other city if he wanted to do it. I think McKinnon is too smart to be so clumsy in being a just doesn't add up...that's why I want to see more proof... "

Freeper Dog Gone "...... McKinnon is innocent. Why do we know this? Because it was his book, and he's still on the campaign with the Bush team publicly backing him. ......... From the facts we know, he looks pretty guilty, or at least highly suspicious. So, are the Bush camp complete morons? Hardly. They know something else we don't. That something completely exonerates him beyond a shadow of a doubt. Otherwise, they would have no problem cutting him off, even inventing a cover story if they wanted to maintain some plausible deniability. ........Nope, Lazaro mailed it. If it hadn't been Mark's pants, it would have been something else a few hours later. The Bush campaign sends people to the Post Office all the time. The screws are tightening. This is fun. ......"

Freeper McGavin999 "....... I think Lozano has been passing information on to her Austin contact for quite a while. I think this time, she decided to cut out the middle man and get some glory for herself and mailed the tape directly to the Gore camp to the absolute horror of all the other operatives. That's why the breakin in NY (excuse to dispose of computer). I think McKinnon did have pants to return but probably can't remember the exact date. Since she's a trusted friend, he just said yeah I remember when she prompted him about mailing back the pants. ......"

WorldNetDaily 10/3/00 Bob Evans "......In his debate against Dan Quayle and Admiral Stockdale in 1992, Al Gore said, "We have an environmental crisis, a health insurance crisis, (and) substandard education. It is time for a change." It's eight years later, and Gore is still carping about the same crises. Where has he been for the last eight years? ........ In the debate, Gore complained that there were almost 40 million uninsured Americans and promised that he and Clinton would rectify that. Have they delivered? In a Heritage Foundation study, James Frogue and Robert Moffit report that the number of uninsured Americans has risen through the Clinton years. Even though the economy has grown at unprecedented levels, Clinton and Gore have made no dent in the uninsured problem. The number of uninsured finally began to decline last year, but the overall number has increased during Clinton's tenure, from approximately 40 million to 42.5 million. ........ ......"

RNC Email to Radio Hosts 10/3/00 Jim Nicholson "......Al Gore will need to explain why he promises to spend three times more than Bill Clinton even proposed in 1992; and why his "targeted" tax plan denies relief to 50 million Americans while he and Bill Clinton vetoed bipartisan bills to eliminate the Marriage Penalty and the Death Tax. ...... Gore needs to explain why he hasn't put forth a plan to reform Social Security and Medicare, both of which are headed for bankruptcy. Energy: Gas prices are at record highs and America is more dependent than ever on foreign oil. Gore needs to explain why he has failed to implement a comprehensive national energy policy.

Washington Times Inside the Beltway 10/3/00 "..... Nationally known AIDS activist Michael Petrelis couldn't believe his eyes when the calendar of events for the University of California at San Francisco's AIDS Health Project (AHP) listed an "HIV bowling night" and series workshop on "flirting." ...... "Start by learning the basics of flirting and how to have fun while sending the right message to the right guy . . . regardless of HIV status," the calendar notes........ Mr. Petrelis immediately fired off a letter to Dr. Joseph F. O'Neill, associate administrator of the HIV/AIDS Bureau of the Department of Health & Human Services in Washington, demanding to know how much of the $977,701 in Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act funds allocated to AHP were "spent for bowling and flirting."......."

Drudge Report 10/3/00 "...... The FBI interviewed Keith Siskin in Tennessee this week, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. Siskin told ABCNEWS that a Gore staffer, Michael Doyne, had bragged to him about the Gore campaign's having a mole in the campaign of Gov. George W. Bush. Doyne was also interviewed by the FBI in recent days. Doyne warned Siskin in an e-mail to be "hush-hush" about the mole issue. .... Senior FBI officials have expressed great interest in the timing of Doyne's e-mails, according to sources. Less than 72 hours after Doyne sent the e-mail to his friend warning to stay "hush-hush", a package containing a Bush debate prep tape arrived at the Washington office of former Rep. Thomas Downey, who has been helping Gore prepare for tonight's debates. ....."

Dallas Morning News 10/1/00 Lee Hancock "…..A federal drug investigation of a Houston rap recording label and its associates was frozen after a prominent California congresswoman intervened on behalf of the label's founder with top Clinton administration officials, case investigators say. This week, the record label Rap-A-Lot plans to release a CD in which one of its best-selling artists taunts the Drug Enforcement Administration and talks of killing agency informants. On the CD, rap artist Brad "Scarface" Jordan, one of several Rap-A-Lot associates arrested in the DEA inquiry, brags of the "Rap-A-Lot mafia's" ability to derail an investigation and drug agents' careers. …….. "Can't be stopped. Not even by a badge," one song declares, going on to curse two DEA agents by name. "There ain't enough [expletive] in the states to come stop this Rap-A-Lot mafia." …….. The joint investigation by the DEA and Houston police of the company and its founder, James A. Prince, was frozen after U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., intervened in August 1999 on his behalf with Attorney General Janet Reno, according to investigators and documents. ….." 10/1/00 "…… Molegate suspect Yvette Lozano has hired a lawyer and says she's praying for the truth to come out and clear her. Lozano made her comments to ABC's Jackie Judd as the FBI investigation into how a Bush debate-prep tape ended up in the hands of a senior Gore aide zeroed in on the young raven-haired assistant to George W. Bush's media man, Mark McKinnon. ……. In a segment broadcast Sunday morning on ABC's "This Week," Judd asked Lozano, "Would you put your hand on a Bible and say, 'It wasn't me?'" "Absolutely, absolutely" Lozano shot back without a moment's hesitation. "I pray a rosary every night.... I pray for the truth to come out." ……. Lozano works for Maverick Media, the consulting firm run by McKinnon, who vouched for her innocense to Judd. "I've known Yvette for over ten years now. She's been like a surrogate mother to my children. I know she's loyal to the governor but I also know she's 100 percent loyal to me." …….. In the past, McKinnon has worked for Bush family enemies like former Democratic governors Michael Dukakis and Ann Richards, prompting the FBI to focus on his company. Investigators have confiscated both Lozano's home and office computers. She has offered to take a lie detetctor test to bolster her denials. ………. On Friday, United Press International reported that the FBI had begun questioning Gore officials in Washington after focusing exclusively on the Bush camp for more than a week. But the FBI has released almost no information about that side of the investigation. Molegate slipped into high gear a week ago when a source told ABC News that 28-year-old Gore staffer Michael Doyne had boasted that the campaign had a mole in Austin. After signing conflicting affidavits, Doyne was suspended. ….."

ABC Radio News 10/1/00 Jackie Judd Freeper tsipple "…… Breaking news... Jackie Judd reports on ABC Radio News that the FBI has obtained access to U.S. Postal Service records. (Evidently these records will be used to check out whether McKinnon's Gap pants story holds up.) Also, the FBI has interviewed Bush's top campaign official, Karl Rove, although Judd says that the investigation is still centering on McKinnon's office and his assistant. ……"

Drudge Report 10/1/00 Freeper tsipple "……. Drudge points out that it doesn't seem plausible that two pairs of $19.99 Gap pants would be returned via Express Mail, due to the substantial shipping cost (not to mention that there's a Gap store near McKinnon's office). Furthermore, Drudge cites a $10 shipping cost. However, shipping a two pound package via Express Mail (overnight) from Austin to Ohio (Gap's return center) is $15.75, according to the U.S. Postal Service web site. ……. All that said, McKinnon's story would be exceptionally easy for the FBI to check out and confirm. Gap has records that could be verified (both for the original order and likely the returned items). Moreover, the U.S. Postal Service allows tracking shipments online with a tracking number. Anybody (including the FBI) could trace the Gap package easily. In short, we'll probably know soon whether McKinnon's story (and that of his assistant) squares with the facts, and whether Bush has hired a high level media advisor with divided loyalties or whether McKinnon and his assistant are innocent. ……"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 10/1/00 Jack Kelly "…… Last Monday, ABC spiked an exclusive interview with a source - let's call him Shallow Throat - who claimed a staffer at Al Gore's campaign headquarters had bragged about a mole inside Bush headquarters. For those of you too young to remember, this was exactly what Watergate was about - breaking the law to gain information about the other political party. What did he know and when did he know it? These were the questions journalists asked of President Nixon during Watergate. But the watchdogs of the press tend to turn into lapdogs if pursuit of a story might prove embarrassing to Democrats. …….. The New York Times suppressed two exclusive stories that reflected poorly on Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. ……… The first concerned Gore's efforts to obtain campaign contributions from trial lawyers in anticipation of President Clinton's veto of a tort reform bill. Notations on a call list prepared by a staff member for the Democratic National Committee suggested a quid pro quo, which, if true, would make Gore's conduct a felony. The second had to do with Hillary Clinton rewarding donors to her Senate campaign with overnight stays at the White House and Camp David. …….. Though The New York Times had no room for either of these stories until after other news outlets got onto them, it did put on the front page a story about an editing error in a Bush television commercial. For one frame - 1/12th of a second - the word "rats" appeared in a Bush ad critical of Gore's health care plan. It was evidently the tag end of the word "bureaucrats," which was scrolling across the screen. …….."

Detroit News 10/1/00 Thomas Bray "……. Republicans throughout the Midwest are privately expressing frustration that George W. Bush hasn't gone after Al Gore more aggressively on his extreme environmental views, including his pledge to phase out the internal combustion engine. Michigan GOP leader Rusty Hills speculates that Bush officials "just don't believe people will believe the things Gore has said about the subject." …….. So for those who haven't heard, here are some of the things that Gore said, gleaned from the original:
Page 325: "We now know that (the automobile's) impact on the global environment is posing a mortal threat to the security of every nation that is more deadly than that of any military enemy we are ever again likely to confront."
Page 326: "Objectively, it makes little sense for each of us to burn up all the energy necessary to travel with several thousand pounds of metal where we go."
Page 326: "I support new laws to mandate improvements in automobile fleet mileage, but much more is needed. ... [I]t ought to be possible to establish a coordinated global program to accomplish the strategic goal of completely eliminating the internal combustion engine over, say, a twenty-five-year period."
And how does Gore propose to do that? He lists the usual boondoggles for research, development and subsidies for alternative fuels. But at the heart of his "Strategic Environment Initiative" (page 319) are taxes on "carbon emissions." In other words, a broad-based levy on virtually every aspect of an industrial economy: cars, factories, power plants, the family furnace. ……."

New York Times 9/28/00 Don Van Natta Jr. "……The Gore-Lieberman campaign is raising millions of dollars for an obscure fund that is supposed to pay only for legal and accounting costs and not television advertisements or other political costs. But recent solicitation letters for the fund suggest that a donation to it will help the Gore-Lieberman campaign attack the Republicans, leading some campaign finance experts and Bush aides to say the messages are misleading and run afoul of federal election law. ……. In a pair of letters sent to supporters, including one sent this week, Mr. Gore says that contributions of $1,000 or less to the fund will be used to "expose the Bush-Cheney voting record." "The Republicans are working hard to cloud their record and their real views," Mr. Gore writes in one message. "The campaign urgently needs your support to expose their real agenda." ….." 9/27/00 Freeper Yaya123 "….. FOX News issued this report from Jim Angle, saying the Gore campaign had said Doyne was being interviewed by the FBI. About 30 minutes later, FOX News issued an apology, saying the earlier report had been incorrect. FOX news said the Gore campaign had informed them that Doyne had not been interviewed, and FOX also said no one from the Gore campaign had been interviewed by the FBI. ……" 9/27/00 Mary Mostert "…… It seemed it ought to be a natural for Al Gore when a group of U'Wa people from Colombia showed up at his Manchester, NH campaign headquarters last year. What they wanted was his support to pressure Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) into stopping their project to drill for oil on land belonging to the U'Wa people. The project, which reportedly would supply only enough oil to fuel the US for three months, would move 5,000 U'Wa people and, according to U'Wa spokespersons, would forever destroy their traditional homeland, the Colombian cloudforest. ……… Only, Gore didn't sympathize with them. He had them arrested instead, even though they threatened mass suicide if driven from their ancestral homes. That was when I first learned that Al Gore has some very old and deep family and financial ties to Occidental Petroleum. ……. In an eerie re-enactment of Teapot Dome, Al Gore, endorsed the sale of the OTHER Naval Oil Reserve, at Elk Hills which is located near Bakersfield, California. President Clinton proposed sale of the Navy's Petroleum Reserve in 1995 saying the oil field was no longer needed for emergency fuelling of America's ships. …….. "The DOE (Energy Department) received a total of 22 bona fide offers but decided to sell this "crown jewel" of oil and gas fields to Occidental Petroleum Corp." ..." 'We view this asset as becoming the crown jewel of our domestic operations,' said Occidental Oil and Gas C.E.O. David Hentschel. ……… However, there seems to be an incredibly cozy relationship between Al Gore and Occidental Petroleum, according to Charles Lewis from the Center of Public Integrity and author of The Buying of the President 2000 ( He wrote about that relationship noting: …… "……. "Although the Energy Department was required to assess the likely environmental consequences of the proposed sale, it didn't. Instead it hired a private company, ICF Kaiser International, Inc., to complete the assessment. The general chairman of Gore's presidential campaign, Tony Coelho, sat on the board of directors. "Just hours after the announcement of the Elk Hills sale, Gore stood across town on the campus of Georgetown University and delivered a speech to the White House Conference on Climate Change on the "terrifying prospect" of global warming, a problem he attributed to the unchecked use of fossil fuels such as oil. ......" 9/27/00 UPI "……Democrats announced Tuesday they would force Republicans to pass legislation granting amnesty to thousands of illegal aliens who fled Central America in the 1980s. (This is misleading. The true number is hundreds of thousands and potentially millions)……. President Clinton will veto an annual spending bill if Republicans do not agree to attach the amnesty provisions to it, ensuring its passage, said House Minority Leader Thomas Daschle, D-S.D. "He has given us his word that he will veto the Commerce-State-Justice appropriations bill if it does not include our amendment," Daschle said. ……"

The Washington Times - Inside the Beltway 9/26/00"…… Everybody but Vice President Al Gore himself responded to our "Al and Coconut" item from yesterday, recalling the day in 1994 that District of Columbia animal-control authorities - tipped off by an unidentified Secret Service officer - picked up the Gores' 16-year-old poodle, Coconut, and treated her for "maggot infestation of the muscles, resulting from an open, untreated wound." …….. Tipper Gore told us at the time that Coconut had been missing for a couple of days during renovation of the vice president's mansion, yet the poodle managed to find her way home just as the dog catcher showed up. Others aren't so sure. ……… "

AFP 9/28/00 Freeper remark "…… Another interesting tidbit relating to the Clinton Chicom money fund. The person in question is the sister in law of Ms. Liu Chao-Ying, the Chinese Intelligence officer who gave Johnny Chung money. ………" AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE "…… The daughter-in-law of a former Chinese military chief has been arrested in connection with China's largest corruption case, a press report said yesterday. …….. Zheng Li, daughter-in-law of Liu Huaqing, former Politburo member and vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission, was detained as part of investigations into the smuggling activities of the Yuanhua Group in Xiamen, the Hong Kong Daily News said. ……. Mr Liu has expressed his support to the central Government over the investigations, although Zheng's husband, Liu Weiming, was not implicated in the case, the report said. Zheng worked under Ji Shengde, the former head of intelligence at the general staff headquarters of the People's Liberation Army, who reportedly was accused of taking bribes in excess of 100 million yuan (HK$94 million). ……." Tallhappy adds "….Ji Shengde is who met with Chung and Liu Chao-Ying near Hong Kong, the Chinese PLA Colonel, daughter of General Liu Huaqing, one of most powerful communists. Ji is the one who told Chung the Chicoms liked our president. Now Colonel Liu's sister in law, who worked with General Ji, gets arrested after Ji already has been. ……"

UPI 9/27/00 Michael Kirkland "……U.S. officials insisted Wednesday they were conducting an even-handed inquiry into who sent Bush debate materials to the Gore campaign earlier this month despite complaints from Bush staffers that the FBI probe appeared to be focusing on the GOP camp…….. Meanwhile, FBI interviews continued Wednesday in Austin, Texas, the Bush campaign's home base……… U.S. officials also refused to respond to demands from Bush aides that the FBI seize Gore campaign computers to see if they contain evidence of a "mole" in the Bush campaign………. Bush himself said Tuesday in California that the putative Gore "mole" in his camp must be "sweating bullets" because the FBI will eventually discover who he or she is………. "It seems to me that the folks in the Bush campaign are the ones getting nervous about something," Spell said. "...We've turned it over to the FBI and these are dedicated law enforcement professionals. We have complete confidence in them. The Bush campaign apparently doesn't."……"

Washington Post 9/21/00 "……. Troubled loans to U.S. businesses have more than doubled in two years, to $100 billion, despite the robust economy, fueling concern that banks are using overly lax credit standards to compete for market share, federal banking regulators said yesterday. At the same time, consumer lending standards have also fallen in some key areas, particularly home-equity loans, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency said yesterday in an annual report on banks' lending practices. The percentage of consumer debt now held in home and home-equity loans is at its highest level since 1995, the agency said. ….."

New York Times 9/23/00 David Sanger "……Did President Clinton decide to dip into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve today to protect Vice President Al Gore? Or does he truly believe it will reverse a jump in oil prices that could hurt millions of Americans and threaten the country's remarkable prosperity? Mr. Clinton's aides insisted today, not surprisingly, that the decision was made on policy grounds alone. But none denied that it had the pleasant side effect of casting Mr. Gore into the limelight as the man who tried to save American homeowners from a winter of sky-high heating bills…….. It may be weeks - maybe even after the Nov. 7 election - before anyone knows whether the unusual intervention in the oil markets announced today will have a lasting economic impact. But politics moves a lot faster than oil tankers do……..And so Mr. Clinton and Mr. Gore are exploiting one of the ultimate perks of incumbency - the power to move both oil and markets - in hopes of lifting an economic burden on millions of American households while outflanking a Republican ticket that Mr. Gore has already charged with being a tool of big oil……." 9/21/00 John Fund "......If money is the mother's milk of politics, hypocrisy is often its coin of the realm. Even so, Vice President Al Gore's call for tapping the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve only 47 days before the election edges into the outer limits of shamelessness. IS THIS the same Gore who last February said such a move would only lead to retaliation by other oil-producing countries? Yes, but the Democratic presidential nominee now says, "circumstances change over time" to justify his new position. He's "standing up for the people against the powerful." ......."

CNN 9/24/00 "…..Republican vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney said Sunday the United States ought to boost its oil production by expanding drilling in Alaska and building more refineries. Cheney, who left a lucrative post with a Texas oil-services company to join the GOP ticket, suggested some environmental standards might have to be relaxed to accomplish that goal. ….. "If you're not going to develop our domestic resources, you'd better get used to liking Iraqi oil," Cheney said on "CNN's Late Edition." ……"You get to the point here where you can't have it both ways," Cheney said. ……"

ABCNEWS 9/24/00 "……A source said that in late August Doyne claimed there was a mole in the Bush campaign who "knew where Bush was going before Bush knew." Two weeks later, Doyne cautioned the source to be "hush-hush" about the mole issue. …….. ..Saturday, Gore communications director Mark Fabiani also denied the existence of a mole, saying there is "no systematic transmission of information" from the Bush campaign to the Gore campaign……… "

ABCNEWS 9/24/00 "……When ABC News confronted Doyne on Friday, he denied having made any claims of knowing about a mole and he denied receiving any confidential information from the Bush campaign….. Gore officials had even prepared a sworn statement to that effect signed by Doyne. However, later the same day, after being showed a document in which he advised the source to be "hush-hush," Doyne changed his story. …… Doyne Saturday told ABC News he "didn't intentionally lie." He claims he did not remember the discussion or writing the document "because it wasn't significant." ….. Doyne continued to deny any knowledge of a mole, saying he "does not know of anything coming from the Bush campaign."…… Fabiani said Saturday Doyne has "been reprimanded and placed on administrative leave so the campaign can review his actions and explanations over the last two days." Later on, Fabiani said that the campaign had completed an internal review and "found no evidence whatsoever that the Gore campaign has received or used confidential information from the Bush campaign."………"

Drudge: 9/24/00 "…..**Exclusive** ABC NEWS has conducted an on-camera interview with a source who claims a Gore campaign staffer repeatedly bragged to him that there was a mole inside of the Bush campaign! The interview, conducted in shadows to protect the identity of the man, could be aired as soon as Monday, according to network sources. While the network has worked hard to shield the identity of its informant, senior Gore campaign officials obtained his name and home address over the weekend, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. Gore officials have reached out to the "increasingly frightened" individual who gave the interview to ABC on Friday. "What did you tell them!?" one Gore campaign staffer demanded to know from the Nashville resident. …….. Separately, ABC NEWS hotshot Jackie Judd and her producer Chris Vlasto are said to be working on additional "video evidence" surrounding the Gore/Bush mole mystery. ……" Freeper citizen adds "….. From another thread ---- According to Jake Tapper at Salon: . . . Mark Fabiani identified ABC News' source as Keith Siskin, a friend and fraternity brother of Doyne's. ---- Posted by - Let_Right_Be_Done ……"

Drudge: 9/24/00 "…..**Exclusive** Senior FBI officials investigating the case have expressed great interest in the timing of Doyne's e-mails, according to sources. ……. Gore campaign communications director Mark Fabiani launched a frantic behind-the-scenes spin cycle from Nashville to hold off other media outlets from reporting the Doyne development. ……. The Fabiani spin was similar to White House attempts at lobbying reporters not to pursue the claims of Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick. "If you go with the story after NBC News decided not to, there won't be any argument about whether Fox News is right wing or not," White House press secretary Joe Lockhart warned a FOX NEWS correspondent Jim Angle. [NBC later aired its interview with Broaddrick.] ……"

TIME.COM 9/24/00 Jay Carney John Dickeson "……One of the legacies of Watergate that even the hint of skullduggery during a presidential campaign snowballs into a political scandal - often before anything resembling the truth is known. ……. The facts have been on holiday. Except at the FBI, where agents have been quietly interviewing the handful of top Bush aides who had access to the material. Oddly, one senior Bush adviser who hadn't been interviewed as of Saturday afternoon was chief campaign strategist Karl Rove…." CT adds "……Bragging about mole was PRIOR to tape. Drudge says this is key. Means Gore camp did not want it known they had one. Says Doyne's alibi was that he was "doing it to impress the girls." Doesn't wash. ….." Freeper gov_bean_Counter analysis: "….
1. Bush campaign knew there was a mole when the other side started beating them to the punch (by a day) on the release of campaign initiaves. Contacted the FBI.
2. The FBI has already ID'd the mole. Done through electronic surveiliance of Bush Campaign HQ.
3. Downey gave the info to the FBI because the FBI approached him shortly after his receipt of the package regarding his receipt of the package. He then called his attorney.
4. The FBI is now attempting to determine how high up the food chain this business goes.
5. The DOJ is working with the Gore election team to nip the investigation in the bud by "implicating" a low level / low life Doyne. (It has never paid to be a low level hack in this administration.)
6. Jackie Judd is an idiot who is helping the Gore election gang dump on Doyne.
7. Any announcement regarding the status of this is a lie. The investigators who know anything aint' gonna talk.
8. The Bush Campaign will not let this one go quietly into the night. ….."

New York Times 9/24/00 Katharine Seelye "…..Gore campaign officials said tonight that they had temporarily removed a junior staff aide because he had given incorrect information to ABC News, but they said the aide had nothing to do with the transmission of confidential information from the Bush campaign to Gore associates………On Thursday, ABC News told the Gore campaign that it had learned of the possibility of a Gore "mole" within the Bush campaign, Gore officials said......., "

FOX 9/23/00 Jeff Mitchell Reuters "…….Ten days after a confidential Bush campaign videotape mysteriously arrived at the office of an Al Gore adviser, low-level Bush and Gore staffers were discovered to have been exchanging e-mails, sources told Fox News. …….. The package was postmarked in Austin, Texas - where the Bush campaign is based. Failing to recognize the sender's name, Downey turned the materials over to the FBI, which began a preliminary inquiry. Meanwhile, several "Bush for President" interoffice memos were e-mailed into a personal account from a Bush campaign e-mail address, Republican sources told Fox News. From the personal account, the information was then e-mailed to Michael Doyne, assistant to the national field director for the Gore campaign. ……. Senior Bush aides say the mole is one person e-mailing information to himself at an outside account, although they have not ruled out the possibility of an intermediary or the existence of more than one mole. …….. Both Doyne and his boss, Gore campaign national field director Donny Fowler Jr., have been unofficially reprimanded for boasting that they "have Austin wired and know what's going to happen before Bush does," campaign sources said. E-mails to Doyne from the mole and Doyne's response to "stay hush-hush on this" are among several pieces of evidence that the FBI already has, according to a DOJ source. The source also said the paper trail appears to stop at Fowler, but may yet reach higher. …….

FOX 9/23/00 Jeff Mitchell Reuters "…….Concerning who sent the videotape, there are other possibilities under investigation. The videotapes were kept in two places in Austin - the highly secured Bush headquarters and at Maverick Media, a private media-production house owned by Bush media consultant Mark McKinnon. McKinnon is a registered Democrat whose company has created campaign commercials for Bush's presidential race and, before that, Bush's gubernatorial campaigns. So far no Bush advisers have suggested that McKinnon's party registration might contribute to divided loyalties. ……. Although a DOJ source has told Fox News that the FBI does believe a "Bush campaign person" may have sent the tape to the Gore camp, DOJ sources also say they are also looking at the possibility of theft through Maverivk or perhaps from within Maverick, because of a lack of security after hours because of fire codes and building regulations. ……." Freeper kcvl adds "…..And Tom Downey, Gore's "First Friend" since their days together in the House of Representatives, who often drops by the vice presidential house just around the corner from his own, works as a lobbyist for clients like Microsoft Corp. and Fuji Photo Film Co. that have been embroiled in legal battles with the Clinton-Gore administration. ……. In addition to Knight, Downey and Neel -- "the boys," as Gore aides refer to the group.Downey help Microsoft as it fights an antitrust suit by the Clinton Justice Department. ….." 9/23/00 Michael Sniffen "…..Campaign aides to George W. Bush say they are confident a videotape of the governor preparing to debate didn't come from one of their own and they are miffed with FBI handling of the case. ……."WE DO NOT know who took our materials," Bush communications director Karen Hughes said Saturday. "I'm confident it's not anyone authorized to have access to those materials......."It is completely inappropriate and wrong for the Justice Department to play politics by leaking information in the midst of a presidential campaign," Hughes added. "The only people interested in helping Al Gore prepare for a debate are people who support Al Gore, not people who support Governor Bush."…….The official refused to divulge the name of the person tentatively identified but said the early evidence appeared so far to point to someone in the Bush camp.... " 9/23/00 Michael Sniffen "….. Democratic sources said at the time that Downey told associates he saw Republican Bush in what appeared to be a mock debate with Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., who is serving as Gore's stand-in during Bush debate preparations. The package also contained documents. Downey's attorney turned the materials over to the FBI, which began a preliminary inquiry to see, among other things, whether there was any evidence that federal law had been violated…….." 9/23/00 Michael Sniffen "…..Republican campaign officials said late Saturday that two FBI officials made the rounds of Austin campaign headquarters on Friday talking to various people, but that none were there on Saturday. Among those who have been interviewed so far, the officials said, were Hughes, Evans, Allbaugh, Bolton and McKinnon. The highest ranking official not yet interviewed by the FBI was Rove, the sources said. The gravity of the unsolved mystery led to suspension of a low-level staffer at Gore headquarters in Nashville, Tenn., communications director Mark Fabiani confirmed on Saturday. …. The purloined tape seems to be from a session conductes during the Democratic convention, Hughes said. It was made at Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, she said, noting that "very few (copies of the tape) were made."……."

TIME. Com 9/23/00 Elaine Shannon "…….Bush campaign officials are accusing the Reno Justice Department of blatant partisanship by leaking a story that FBI investigators have focused on someone inside the Bush camp as a likely suspect in the case of who mailed a sensitive Bush debate preparation videotape and documents to the Gore campaign. Reacting furiously to an Associated Press story that moved very early Saturday morning, Bush Communications Director Karen Hughes told reporters that campaign manager Joe Allbaugh has called FBI director Louis Freeh to complain that "it is completely inappropriate and wrong for the Justice Department to play politics by leaking information in the midst of a presidential campaign." ......... Hughes said that FBI agents based in Austin had assured Allbaugh that they had come to no conclusions about the identity of the guilty party. She suggested that someone in the political ranks of the Justice Department put out an erroneous story fingering the Bush camp in order to deflect suspicion from Gore loyalists who may somehow have purloined the tape and documents. "The only people interested in helping Al Gore prepare for a debate are people who support Al Gore, not people who support Governor Bush," she said. ……."

NewsMax 9/23/00 Carl Limbacher "……The offices of a media consultant who once worked for Bush family political rivals Ann Richards and Michael Dukakis have come under the scrutiny of the FBI as Beltway Republicans worry that Texas Gov. George W. Bush's presidential campaign headquarters in Austin, Texas, has been penetrated by a Democrat mole. ……… The Post cited an e-mail from McKinnon himself, who openly worried that his offices might be fingered in an ongoing FBI investigation of the suspected mole: "I don't know of anyone here who says they are certain of anything, because no one is certain. That's why we're anxious for the FBI to clear this up." ……. But, McKinnon added, "(The) same exact material that was at my office was also at the Bush campaign. ... There is no possibility of a mole on my staff." ……"

CNS Commentary from the National Anxiety Center 9/23/00 Alan Caruba "…….If the nation's news media rolls over for the lies Al Gore, Jr. is telling about the high cost of gasoline and what's to come with heating oil and natural gas costs, then we are being put on the path to an economic disaster in America. The simple reason is that everything travels on wheels these days. We all drive to work and every piece of goods that gets made and delivered comes in a truck………. In the United States today, we import more than half of all the oil we need to function and our economy requires what we're using now and more in the near future. The same holds true for the need to provide more electricity. We need more coal burning utilities because coal is electrical power in America and we need nuclear powered utilities too. Good Greens, both Gore and Nader are totally opposed to this option. ………….. Why is the cost of gas so high? Why don't we have the utilities we require? Why is the EPA attacking the utilities we have? Why haven't we been drilling for our own reserves of oil? Why can't we open up a new coal mine anywhere? Why did Clinton put the richest reserves of high-grade coal in the West off limits to any development? My friends, I give you Al Gore, Jr. and the policies of the environmental movement, the Greens!…….."

The Sunday Times (U.K.) 9/24/00 Andrew Sullivan "…….One of the great things about America is that there is always someone walking around who is more paranoid than you are. Quite why this is the case is somewhat mysterious, but it might have something to do with the fact that the first settlers were persecuted religious fanatics, and wave after wave of immigrants since have been running away from something or other. ……….. Last week two small pieces of news emerged to calm the paranoid nerves. One was the end of the Whitewater investigation, largely exonerating the Clintons of any provable illegality. The other was the conclusion of the inquest into the Waco catastrophe (it was David Koresh's fault and not the FBI's). But even so, the true believers in the Clintons' nefariousness and the FBI's deviousness continued in their beliefs. ……. You can see their point. If the Clintons did nothing wrong, they certainly acted as if they did - delaying subpoenas, conveniently forgetting everything under oath, misplacing critical legal documents and then miraculously finding them just as the statute of limitations ran out. ……… Just because Americans are paranoid, it does not mean that someone isn't out to get them…….."

CNN 9/22/00 "…….The Clinton administration will temporarily tap 30 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as part of a broader effort to reduce a feared winter oil shortage and reduce costs, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson announced Friday. Richardson said the administration will release 30 million barrels of oil from the reserve in the next 30 days. "This is a swap, not a sale," he said. "These stocks will be replenished." ………. "This is not political," Richardson insisted Friday. But the release comes just weeks before the November elections and at a time when the two major party presidential nominees -- GOP nominee George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic pick -- have exchanged rhetoric on the campaign trail. ……"

Yahoo News 9/24/00 Reuters "……Energy Secretary Bill Richardson left open on Sunday the possibility that President Clinton would add to the 30 million barrels he ordered released last week from the U.S. emergency oil reserve. ``That's up to the president,'' Richardson said on NBC television's ``Meet the Press'' in reply to a question about possible additional releases. ``I think after 30 days an assessment will be made and it's up to him.'' ``What we are seeing is very positive reaction from the international community,'' Richardson added. Members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ``are understanding what we're doing,'' he added, calling it a U.S. domestic matter. ……"

Reuters 9/24/00 "……..OPEC Secretary-General Rilwanu Lukman cautioned industrialized nations on Sunday against following the U.S. lead in releasing strategic oil reserves to counter high prices. "Those who hold reserves should be careful when they use them so they can be there for real emergencies," Lukman told a news conference ahead of the oil producer group's summit this week in Caracas. President Clinton decided on Friday to release 30 million barrels from the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve over 30 days to prevent heating oil supply disruptions this winter. "It's not our business to interfere with what industrialized countries do with their reserves, but I don't know whether the current situation could be regarded as an emergency. It's not quite an appropriate use for it," Lukman said. ….."

FoxNews 9/23/00 "…….Ten days after a confidential Bush campaign videotape mysteriously arrived at the office of an Al Gore adviser, low-level Bush and Gore staffers were discovered to have been exchanging e-mails, sources told Fox News. …….. On Sept. 13, the videotape and a package of Bush briefing books arrived at the Washington office of Thomas Downey, a close Gore adviser and former Democratic congressman. The package was postmarked in Austin, Texas - where the Bush campaign is based. Failing to recognize the sender's name, Downey turned the materials over to the FBI, which began a preliminary inquiry. …….. Meanwhile, several "Bush for President" interoffice memos were e-mailed into a personal account from a Bush campaign e-mail address, Republican sources told Fox News. From the personal account, the information was then e-mailed to Michael Doyne, assistant to the national field director for the Gore campaign. Senior Bush aides say the mole is one person e-mailing information to himself at an outside account, although they have not ruled out the possibility of an intermediary or the existence of more than one mole. …….. Both Doyne and his boss, Gore campaign national field director Donny Fowler Jr., have been unofficially reprimanded for boasting that they "have Austin wired and know what's going to happen before Bush does," campaign sources said. E-mails to Doyne from the mole and Doyne's response to "stay hush-hush on this" are among several pieces of evidence that the FBI already has, according to a DOJ source. The source also said the paper trail appears to stop at Fowler, but may yet reach higher. ….. There is as yet no evidence linking the exchange of e-mails to the investigation over the videotape of Bush's mock debate received by Gore's campaign. …….."

FoxNews 9/23/00 "…….Concerning who sent the videotape, there are other possibilities under investigation. The videotapes were kept in two places in Austin - the highly secured Bush headquarters and at Maverick Media, a private media-production house owned by Bush media consultant Mark McKinnon. McKinnon is a registered Democrat whose company has created campaign commercials for Bush's presidential race and, before that, Bush's gubernatorial campaigns. So far no Bush advisers have suggested that McKinnon's party registration might contribute to divided loyalties. ……. Although a DOJ source has told Fox News that the FBI does believe a "Bush campaign person" may have sent the tape to the Gore camp, DOJ sources also say they are also looking at the possibility of theft through Maverick or perhaps from within Maverick, because of a lack of security after hours because of fire codes and building regulations. ……"

The Sunday Times (London) 9/24/00 Jonathan Leake "….. SCIENTISTS have dismissed claims that taxing fuel will stop global warming, because new evidence shows it is caused mainly by the sun. The temperature rise, previously blamed on the burning of fossil fuels, results primarily from an increase in solar radiation, according to studies to be released this week. The research, some of it by by the European Space Agency (ESA), uses satellite and other astronomical data to show that earlier computer models severely underestimated the sun's impact. The potential political impact is huge. Governments worldwide have accepted scientists' warnings that they must cut carbon dioxide emissions and used them to justifiy tax increases and road charges. ……"

Newsmax 9/22/00 "……. The offices of a media consultant who once worked for Bush family political rivals Ann Richards and Michael Dukakis have come under the scrutiny of the FBI as Beltway Republicans worry that Texas Gov. George W. Bush's presidential campaign headquarters in Austin, Texas, has been penetrated by a Democrat mole. "Some GOP and Bush campaign officials have voiced suspicion that the confidential debate materials which found their way into the hands of a key Gore adviser last week were pilfered from the Austin offices of Bush's media consultant, Mark McKinnon," the Washington Post reported on Thursday. ……… The Post cited an e-mail from McKinnon himself, who openly worried that his offices might be fingered in an ongoing FBI investigation of the suspected mole: "I don't know of anyone here who says they are certain of anything, because no one is certain. That's why we're anxious for the FBI to clear this up." But, McKinnon added, "(The) same exact material that was at my office was also at the Bush campaign. ... There is no possibility of a mole on my staff." ………"

Milwaukee Journal 9/23/00 Dennis Chapman "……Wisconsin is one of 11 states that won federal funding Friday for a study of people who lack health insurance, research that state officials hope will lead to creative new ways to help the uninsured. The state will receive $1.3 million from a total of $13.6 million awarded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for a one-year study that will drive future decisions on providing affordable health coverage. ……"

Dallas Morning News 9/24/00 Pete Slover "…..The FBI believes it knows who mailed a George W. Bush debate preparation videotape to an Al Gore adviser, a federal law enforcement official said Saturday. ….. The initial evidence points to a person connected to the Bush camp, but "it's still very much in the early phase," said the official, speaking on the condition of anonymity. The official added that the person in question had not yet given an in-depth interview to investigators. That news was greeted with surprise by top Bush advisers, who said FBI agents working on the case in Austin told them Friday that it was "premature" to reach any conclusions about who mailed the videotape. ……. Ms. Hughes said that only she, campaign chairman Don Evans, campaign manager Joe Allbaugh, chief strategy adviser Karl Rove, media consultant Mark McKinnon and issues adviser Josh Bolton had access to the tape. ……. The official said there was no evidence linking any high-ranking Bush campaign official to the incident. But the official was careful to refer to the target as a person connected with the Bush "camp" rather than the Bush "campaign." ……. Ms. Hughes dismissed the notion that the campaign might have deliberately sent the materials as a "dirty trick" on the Gore campaign. "The only people who would be interested in sending debate preparation material to Al Gore are people who support Al Gore, not people who support Governor Bush," she said. ……."

Agence France Presse via Yahoo 9/24/00 "……… Al Gore's presidential campaign has suspended a junior staffer who boasted knowing about a Democratic "mole" planted in Republican rival George W. Bush's campaign, the Washington Post reported Sunday. Gore communications director Mark Fabiani said Michael Doyne, 28, had "been reprimanded and placed on administrative leave so that the campaign can review his actions and explanations over the last two days." …….. Although Gore campaign officials have sidelined Doyle, they told the daily that they were confident after an internal review that there was no "mole". …….. Bush campaign staffers reportedly continue to believe that a Democratic spy was involved in the security breach. "We do not know who took our materials, we do know that they were not authorized to do so," said campaign spokesman Karen Hughes Saturday. "The only people who would be interested in sending debate preparation information to Al Gore would be people who support Al Gore, not people who support Governor Bush," Hughes said. ……. Doyne, who was administrative assistant for the Gore campaign, admitted in an affidavit and in conversations Friday night that he told a longtime friend "about the possibility of a 'mole' within the Bush campaign," first in a face-to-face chat on August 30 and then in a September 11 e-mail. ……."

Fox market wire 9/22/00 David Lee Miller "…..The Strategic Petroleum Reserve holds some 570 million gallons of oil - about two months worth of imports - in vast underground caverns along the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana and Texas. The United States was once self-sufficient in its petroleum production, although it now relies on foreign imports to meet more than 50 percent of its needs, two-thirds of which enter the market from the Middle East and Africa, according to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Web site……."

Bush - Cheney 2000! 9/22/00 "…..Economic Security 2000 (ES 2000), a non-partisan organization co-chaired by Senator Robert Kerrey (D-NE), Congressman Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) and Congressman Charlie Stenholm (D-TX), found that Gore's Social Security plan would help put the program into debt. "Gore's accounting defies credibility. From 2015 to 2037, there's a missing $4.3 trillion in the Social Security Trust Fund, because the money has been spent and is a debt, an IOU. Then, from 2038 to 2054, there's a missing $6.069 trillion," said the study. …….. The ES 2000 study also found that Gore underfunds his Retirement Plus Accounts: "Gore commits $20 billion for 10 years out of general revenue. We accept that this money exists. But we project annual costs of $75.6 billion, which costs $2.948 trillion from 2015 through 2054. Where does this money come from?" ……… ES 2000 found that Governor Bush's plan helps ensure Social Security's long-term solvency. "By investing $80 billion per year in personal retirement accounts, Bush is adding a higher rate of return to generate more money to help make Social Security solvent," said the study. ……."

ABC News 9/22/00 Beverly Lumpkin "…….FBI agents conducting a preliminary inquiry to try to determine how debate materials belonging to GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush mysteriously ended up in the hands of an adviser to his opponent, Al Gore, now think they know who sent the material. They believe it is somebody within the Bush camp. ……. Agents are now conducting additional interviews and pursuing forensic leads such as checking for fingerprints, determining whether the tape was a legitimate or bootleg copy, scrutinizing the list of Bush staff with access to both the tape and the written materials, and possibly do a handwriting analysis. Investigators will not call the person a "suspect" at this point, since that would suggest too strongly that a crime was committed. ……. One source strongly suggested that the episode could be a violation of Texas law, noting that you can go off on a tangent trying to find applicable federal statutes when it's probably easier to find a state law that applies - and that would not likely have a $5,000 threshold for stolen property. In any case, the FBI does not anticipate this being a long, drawn-out investigation, nor does it necessarily expect the case to end up in court. But even if no charges are brought, it's considered likely investigators would inform the complainant of their findings. ….."

Freeper CatoRenasci 9/22/00 Latest from Drudge: "…..MOLE: Gore campaign is alleged to have had a role in obtaining and using confidential information from the Bush campaign... MORE... According to a witness, "everybody" knew about it. The FBI has moved in; lawyers are involved... ABC NEWS ace reporter Jackie Judd is in Nashville and is said to have obtained evidence of the breach... The WASHINGTON POST's Sue Schmidt has filed an early internal report that is sketchy on details, according to a newsroom source... Filed by Matt Drudge... Developing... " Freeper jackbill adds "….Hannity says documentation "goes to the top." …… That's interesting. Remember the video got to Tom Downey - who gave it to the FBI and quit the campaign. Did he quit because he saw one minute of the tape and felt he had an unfair advantage or did he quit because he knew (or was told) that it was a MOLE? ……."

RNC Email 9/22/00 Jim Nicholson "……."Al Gore wants to raid the nation's emergency oil reserves - just as he's raided the Social Security Trust Fund for the last 8 years," Nicholson said. "And now Bill Clinton is planning to help him - by giving Al Gore his biggest campaign contribution to date: a precious, public, taxpayer-funded resource." "Al Gore himself said as recently as February that releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve wouldn't work as a lever for long-term price reduction - that OPEC nations could respond by cutting back production by an equivalent amount, negating any potentially positive impact. Or the producers could raise prices after the reserve was depleted. Of course, Gore said such things a full 10 months before the election - but now that we're less than 10 weeks from the balloting, he's doing what Gore always does when it suits him. He's changing his tune." …….. Nicholson noted that the nation's strategic oil reserves "were intended only to be released in times of war or other serious national crisis - certainly not to conceal the fact the Clinton/Gore administration has lacked a coherent energy policy for the past 8 years, and certainly not to bolster the sagging Gore campaign. ……"The top administration economic advisors - Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and Treasury Secretary Larry Summers - have told Clinton not to release the reserves. He is doing it anyway - and the only conclusion Americans can draw is that Clinton and Gore have embarked on a partisan, dangerous and, in Gore's own words, risky political scheme. ……."

Reuters 9/22/00 Adam Entous "…… The U.S. Senate may miss an Oct. 1 deadline set by the WTO to overhaul a multibillion-dollar programme of tax breaks for American exporters, aides said on Thursday, raising the prospect that the European Union will press ahead with retaliation. Hoping to head off a transatlantic trade war within weeks of the U.S. presidential election, the Clinton administration will ask the EU to avoid escalating the confrontation by proposing sanctions or other punitive measures if the Senate fails to act in time. ..."

New York Times 9/22/00 Katharine Seelye David Sanger "……Vice President Al Gore said today that the White House should release a modest amount of oil from government stockpiles to try to stabilize oil prices, a move that Gov. George W. Bush immediately denounced as a political ploy that could endanger national security…….. If Mr. Clinton acts on Mr. Gore's proposal to release at least five million barrels of oil - about what the United States consumes every six to nine hours - it would be the first time the reserve had been tapped since the Persian Gulf war.. …… But energy analysts said it would take weeks and maybe months for any savings to flow to consumers, and it is unclear whether the move would have any more than a temporary impact. …….But Mr. Bush blamed the Clinton administration for the rising prices, saying, "We haven't had an energy policy in this country for some time." ………. Mr. Gore's recommendation is a break with long-standing administration policy about utilizing the reserves, and it is a reversal of his own earlier recommendations, made last winter when prices were significantly lower than they are now. Mr. Clinton has been reluctant to tap into the reserves as well, noting that they were created to assure an oil supply in case of a major disruption, brought on by a war or an embargo, rather than as a method of counteracting price increases……."

UPI 9/22/00 Mark Kukis "……Texas Gov. George W. Bush, the GOP presidential candidate, called Vice President Al Gore's proposal on Thursday to tap the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve a campaign ploy to drive down oil prices that was "bad public policy" and a risk to "long-term national security." "The strategic reserve is an insurance policy meant for a sudden disruption of our energy supply or for war," Bush said at a campaign stop in Cleveland, Ohio, where he met with area high-tech workers from a start-up firm, Thermagon, Inc. "The strategic reserve should not be used as an attempt to drive down oil prices right before an election," Bush said. "It should not be used for short-tem political gain at the cost of long-term national security." …….Bush also said Gore's move flew in the face of recommendations from top White House advisors who have called tapping the reserve a major policy mistake. …… Secretary of Treasury Lawrence Summers and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan have reportedly urged President Clinton to leave the reserve untouched since any dip in oil prices caused by tapping the store would be modest and easily undermined by a slight hike in crude production by OPEC nations. ……."

Washington Times 9/22/00 Patrice Hill "…… Vice President Al Gore's proposal to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to try to force down oil prices comes amid revelations that the Clinton administration's top economic advisers have warned such action poses serious risks. …… A Sept. 13 internal memo written by Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers says that any large-scale use of the reserves to "manipulate" prices "poses a dangerous precedent" in opening up the reserves for political and possibly illegal purposes, while having only a "modest" effect on prices. Mr. Summers said Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan agreed with his view that it "would be a major and substantial policy mistake," according to the memo, first disclosed in the Wall Street Journal……."

Columbia Missouri Daily Tribune 9/32/00Josh Flory "…… The daughter of vice president Al Gore got a noisy reception from unlikely antagonists during a visit to MU yesterday. ……… Karenna Gore Schiff, the 27-year-old daughter of the Democratic presidential nominee, came to campus to talk about energizing young voters and to brag on her father. But when Schiff began to speak shortly after noon, environmental activists disrupted her remarks with shouts and chants, blasting Gore for ties to an oil company that they said plans to remove an indigenous tribe from a Colombia forest. ……. Schiff tried to continue speaking after the initial round of shouting died down, but she was continually interrupted during her 10-minute speech as the protesters and about 250 Democratic supporters elbowed for position, jostling aside each other's signs and posters. While Gore touts himself as a defender of the environment, the protesters accused him of failing to address Occidental Petroleum's plan to displace the U'Wa tribe of Colombia to drill for oil. The activists handed out pamphlets detailing their allegations, held signs with slogans like "Indigenous Culture Before Corporate Culture" and at one point chanted "Human rights!" ……."

RNC Email 9/21/00 Jim Nicholson "…… "There he Gores again - the man who can't resist taking credit for things he didn't do is once again blaming others for his own failures. For the past 8 years, the Clinton/Gore administration has had no coherent energy policy and, as a consequence, oil prices in America have tripled. ……. "Al Gore has opposed exploring for new sources of oil and the result has been increased American dependence on foreign energy sources. Not only that: Gore has openly advocated higher prices for gas and home heating oil. ……. "For example, Gore was the chief advocate of the proposed 1993 BTU Tax, which would have raised gas prices by 65 cents. Gore proclaimed in his environmental manifesto Earth In The Balance that 'higher taxes on fossil fuels ... is one of the logical first steps in changing our policies' to suit the Gore environmental agenda. Gore endorsed the proposal of radical environmentalist Paul Erlich to raise gas prices to the levels 'in Europe and Japan.' And Gore told PBS earlier this year that he was 'proud' of casting the tie-breaking vote in 1993 to raise gas taxes. …… "Today, Gore is bashing the people and companies who find energy and deliver it to the gas pumps and homes of America. But back in July, his own Department of Energy wrote a memo on the causes of rising gas prices -- and never mentioned any of the reasons Gore now blames. ……"On the contrary, an internal Energy Department memo revealed that officials knew that Clinton/Gore environmental regulations were a major reason gas prices jumped to record highs in the Midwest. ……"What's more, Gore supports the 'Kyoto Protocol' which would raise the price of gas prices by 65 cents a gallon and reduce average household income nearly $2,700 while also increasing the costs of many goods and services. ……"One final note: The Gore family fortune derives largely from the very special and privileged relationship the Gores have had with Occidental Petroleum. Gore - who has not held a press conference in more than two months -- should answer questions from reporters familiar with the history of Occidental Petroleum and its long time chief, Armand Hammer." ….."

Reuters 9/21/00 "……Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush (news - web sites)'s campaign condemned Democrat Al Gore (news - web sites)'s proposal to release strategic oil reserves as ``an election year political ploy'' that could threaten national security. Bush's communications director Karen Hughes told reporters in New York: ``That reserve is intended for strategic and national security purposes, not for election year political purposes.'' She called Gore's plan ``an election year political ploy'' that was ``shortsighted and potentially harmful to national security.'' ``If we dip into our reserves now (Iraqi leader) Saddam Hussein may drop production and literally put this country over a barrel,'' she said. Gore was expected on Thursday to call for the release of oil from the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help stabilize decade-high oil prices……."

FOX NEWS 9/20/00 Freeper YaYa123 "..... I'm hoping there will be a published account of what just happened. Lazio was shown at a New York press conference. Remember at the Lazio/Hillary debate when he asked her to sign a pledge and she said she would if he got the right wing independent (soft money) ad people to stop making attack ads. Lazio has called her bluff. He had the signed pledges of the 20 soft money groups who would put ads on the air in his behalf. They have promised not to run ads for Lazio. Now what? Will Hillary weasel out of her promise to sign Lazio's pledge? ..... The FOX newsbabe said Hillary had a press conference scheduled for later this afternoon, and they would show her response live. ....."

CBSNEWS 9/21/00 AP "…..The U.S. trade deficit soared to a record $31.9 billion in July as oil prices climbed to a 10-year high. America set record deficits with China, Japan, Western Europe and Canada. The Commerce Department said Wednesday that the July deficit was 6.9 percent higher than a revised $29.8 billion imbalance in June. It surpassed the old record of $30.4 billion set in March. ….."

SEATTLE PI 9/20 AP "…..Ten protesters from the Rainforest Action Network were arrested yesterday when they refused to leave Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore's campaign office. They and more than 100 other protesters were demonstrating against Gore family ownership of stock in Occidental Petroleum. Colombia's government last September granted Occidental the right to conduct exploratory drilling a few miles outside the legal boundaries of the U'wa Indian reserve. The U'wa believe oil exploration would bring violence and destroy their culture. The protesters showed up yesterday afternoon, Gore campaign spokeswoman Tovah Ravitz said...."

The Washington Times 6/22/94 John McCaslin "……. Inside the Beltway has learned that D.C. animal-control authorities recently received an emergency call from a guard posted at an entrance gate outside Vice President Al Gore's mansion on Massachusetts Avenue. The officer, apparently with the uniformed division of the Secret Service, told the authorities that a sick dog had been lingering around the vice president's property, and could they please send somebody out to pick up the pooch. ……. The animal-control people arrived and quickly determined that the dog, a poodle, required immediate emergency veterinary care. According to our source, who works in veterinary medicine, the dog was suffering from "maggot infestation of the muscles, resulting from an open, untreated wound." The dog, it turned out, belongs to the family of Vice President Al Gore. …….Earlier, an employee in Dr. Glassman's office said the staff was under "strict order" not to discuss the case. …… A D.C. animal-control official also confirmed our story earlier this week but said that agency is also "under a gag order." The employee said any official comment would have to come from Mary Healey, executive director of the Washington Humane Society. ……. Our initial source said the guard who reported the dog's condition to authorities "claims not to have realized the dog belonged to the Gores, but the animal-control people think he was just trying to get the suffering animal some help without jeopardizing his job." …….. Tipper Gore, speaking yesterday afternoon through spokeswoman Sally Aman, said: "What happened is we've been having construction on the house and Coconut got out, and was missing for a couple of days. It's an amazing dog. She's 16 years old. It had been outside the grounds and found its way home, and that's when it was discovered." She said the dog, after its surgery, was nursed back to health by the Gore children. It could not be determined whether the Gores had reported the dog missing. ……"

Reuters 9/20/00 Richard Mably "…..Oil prices vaulted to another 10-year high on Wednesday prompting the International Monetary Fund to warn that rising fuel costs are casting a shadow over the global economic outlook. France said it would propose to this weekend's meeting of the Group of Seven finance ministers immediate talks between representatives of the United States, the European Union and OPEC. Bolstered by fresh data showing no sign yet of any upturn in lowly U.S. petroleum inventories, oil dealers sent New York crude futures racing to the highest level since Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990. ….."

Reuters 9/19/00 "..... U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson said Tuesday that oil prices were ``dangerously high'' and the White House would not hesitate to use all options to fight soaring energy prices. Richardson declined to say if the release of oil from the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve was imminent, but he said oil prices that are currently approaching $38 a barrel are ''dangerously high.'' He spoke to reporters after meeting with Northeast lawmakers. ......"

Reuters via 10/14/00 "…….The United States said on Saturday it would accept bids Monday for 7 million barrels of Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) oil after two firms failed to supply letters of credit needed to take the emergency crude. ``The new solicitation will be issued on Monday morning with bids due the following Monday, October 23,'' the Energy Department said in a statement. Two weeks ago the Energy Department said 30 million barrels should be released by the end of November to increase heating fuel supplies for the winter. …….. But Euell Energy Resources and Lance Stroud Enterprises failed to come up with the required letters for the value of the oil, the department added. ``The letters were required by the government for the value of the oil, assuring taxpayers of no loss of oil or money in the SPR exchange,'' it said. …..A third firm, Burhany Energy Enterprises -- which like Lance Stroud had until midnight to provide a letter -- completed contractual arrangements to transfer title to its three million barrels to Hess Energy Trading of New York, the department said. ……."

Fiedor Report on the News/Heads Up 10/15/00 "…… In the federal scheme of things, the Department of Education is just as corrupt as the Department of Defense, the Justice Department, Housing and Urban Development, and the Environmental Protection Agency. All reek with cover-ups, misspent funds and major financial irregularities. All hide their misdeeds from investigators, Congressional oversight committees and the American people. ………. For instance, USDA lost track of five-billion bucks somewhere. To cover up for some of that, they valued things like one automobile at $97-million and a microscope at $11-million. But, there's no telling how much of that five-billion bucks was stolen by bureaucrats. Like the IRS and DoD, USDA keeps very poor records and usually loses money in multimillion dollar increments. …… In the Department of Education, some of the same problems exist, but someone actually got caught with their fingers in the till. According to Rep. Dick Armey (R-TX), the House Majority Leader, someone "diverted" taxpayer money to buy two expensive cars and a home: "$1.9 million of education funds meant for children who live on Indian reservations and military bases was stolen from the U.S. Department of Education and diverted to two bank accounts. Withdrawals made in the form of cashiers checks were used to purchase a $49,900 Cadillac Escalade, a $50,000 Lincoln, and a $135,000 house in Maryland. The rest of the money was then moved into other bank accounts." ……..It gets better, though. The Clinton-Gore Administration reeks with this type of corruption. "Impact Aid is a $906 million Department of Education program designed to help local communities educate school children living on federal lands, such as Indian reservations or military facilities, which don't contribute to the local property tax base. Last April, two South Dakota school districts did not receive their Impact Aid funds. Because it is not unusual for Impact Aid payments to be late, the school districts did not immediately notify the Department of Education. Sometimes school districts must take out loans and pay interest while waiting for the Department of Education to issue the grants. 'We didn't have to empty the pop machines to make payroll, but it came close,' said Chris Anderson, superintendent of the Bennett County school system in Wager, South Dakota. The school system waited a month for the funds. In a civil action filed in July, the Justice Department alleged that thieves stole the $1.9 million intended for the two school districts in South Dakota. They have not yet specified if criminal charges will be brought." ......"

Bill O'Reilly & Wall Street Journal 10/11/00 Tom Thornburg "…… Last night on O'Reilly a reporter from the WSJ stated that the oil recently released from our National Reserves, was released to "questionable" oil brokers. Apparently these "oil brookers" are going to distribute the oil to areas of the greatest need. The Wall Street Journal in looking into these "brokers" chosen by the Administration found that they wern't the professionals that the Energy Department claimed. One was a company connected to Jesse Jackson. This "professional company" (minority)was created only last month at the end of August. It has no prior experience in oil whatsoever. ….. The other "oil broker" chosen is a young black census taker who lives in a low-income appartment with his parents. He has NO oil experience whatsoever, but will become an instant millionaire over this deal. There is also concern that this "oil brokering" group will send only 1/3 of the oil released to the American people. The other 2/3rds may be ear marked for sale to Europe where the price is higher and the profits greater. ……" 10/14/00 Kelly Patricia O'Meara "…… Billions of dollars are missing from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's books. Some HUD officials blame computer glitches; others allege widespread graft. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has earned a failing grade from the House Government Reform subcommittee on Government Management for the way the agency manages taxpayers' money. Subcommittee chairman Stephen Horn, R-Calif., is said to be furious that HUD's most recent financial report shows the agency is unable to balance its checkbook and cannot account for $59 billion. ……. For most Americans, it is incomprehensible that $59 billion could be missing from the ledger of a single agency. But despite years of earning failing grades - as well as years of being unable to account for tens of billions of dollars - the Clinton/Gore management team at HUD has continued to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars to the same contractors hired to ensure financial systems are in place and working. It doesn't take a certified public accountant to see that HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo's financial house is not in order, and Susan Gaffney, the inspector general (IG) of HUD, tells Insight, "It's more serious than you know." ……."

Freeper jackbill 10/14/00 "….. It's not just HUD. There are $2 billion missing from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. There are billion missing from the National Education Association. ……. What is the matter with Congress! Why don't the concentrate EXCLUSIVELY on these issues? These are impeachable offenses. These agencies MUST be held accountable for the money. The whole of government - Congress, the Senate, the White House and the Courts should be investigating this. ……. Yes, and Gov. Bush and the RNC should be shouting this message of "Failed Leadership" from the rooftops. Every day and all day. ……And there are more: Just the other day a Congressional hearing exposed another $5 billion missing from the Agriculture Dept.. Tens of billions of uncollected payroll taxes by the IRS. …….Then you have the Energy Dept. and lost atomic secrets, Agric. Dept. burning down the National Forests, Commerce selling trade missions and allowing missile technology to be given to the Chinese, and on and on and on. ….." 10/16/0 "……America's robust economy is racing down the highway, apparently unaware that just beyond the range of the headlights is an intersection pointing to two different futures. The road to the left promises a pollution-free future, dependent upon windmills and solar panels; the road to the right promises adequate, affordable energy as far as the eye can see. The road we take may be chosen as soon as Nov. 7. …… There seems to be a disconnect among the public and politicians when it comes to our unprecedented prosperity and its dependence upon energy. The only time the public or politicians seem to care is when the price of gasoline passes $1.50 per gallon. The energy crisis is much deeper than the current price at the pump. ……"

Baltimore Sun 10/17/00 Marego Athans "……Lance Stroud, 35, landed a $133 million government oil contract. Then he lost it, as his mother died. A U.S. Senate hearing is next. …….Lance Stroud's life these days can be summed up in three words: Only in America. ……..A 35-year-old former Army enlisted man working out of a Harlem apartment he shares with his mother wins a $133 million government oil contract, then loses it after an unsuccessful scramble for financial backing while his mother has a heart attack and dies. ……Just when he's got all the problems he can take, congressional Republicans call for hearings on how Stroud and other unknowns landed one-third of the 30 million barrels of oil released last month from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. ……." 10/16/00 "……..the Wall Street Journal carried an article by B. Mark Smith pointing out that "investors now look at the market very differently than they did a few months ago." It seems that economic optimism has dwindled and investors are losing faith. Last week's stock market slide, coinciding with a sharp crisis in the Middle East, suggests there is trouble on the horizon. ….. Momentarily overlooking the fact that the stock market of the 1990s bears an uncanny resemblance to the stock market that preceded the 1929 crash, and that the economic fantasies of the 1990s were like those of the 1920s, it should be noted that today's troubles in the Middle East could trigger a general economic crisis for capitalism and America. In the past, outbreaks of violence in the Middle East have sometimes led to difficulties for the oil-dependent West. And since our modern economy runs on oil, it is only natural that the violence on the West Bank and Gaza Strip should make Wall Street nervous. ......The enemies of America and the enemies of capitalism understand that oil is the Achilles' heel of the capitalist countries…. "

Reuters 10/19/00 Randall Mikkelsen ".....Frustrated by slow budget talks with Congress, the White House said on Thursday it would raise pressure for deals on education and other programs by refusing stopgap budget extensions of more than a few days. White House officials said President Clinton (news - web sites), who was to meet with congressional Democrats in the afternoon, would agree only to short-term temporary spending measures to keep the government in business for a day or two, rather than the week-long measures he has been signing. ``The day of reckoning is approaching. ... It's going to be necessary for Congress to show up for work every day like every other American worker and finish their job,'' senior Clinton adviser Joel Johnson said. But Republican congressional leaders gave no sign they would be stampeded. ...."

Washington Post 10/19/00 Ed Walsh "......Texas Gov. George W. Bush struck back against Vice President Gore today on the explosive issue of Social Security, portraying himself as a champion of freedom and accusing Gore of being willing "to pit grandparents against grandchildren" for his own political gain......"

PRNEwswire 10/19/00 RNC ".....Vice President Al Gore traveled to Pittsburgh last month to call for the release of 30 million barrels of oil from America's Strategic Petroleum Reserve. But Gore's plan now appears to be unraveling, and it looks increasingly possible that U.S. consumers will not receive even temporary relief from high fuel prices this winter under Gore's plan. Two-Thirds of Relief Goes to Europe

* Despite the urgent need for home heating oil in Pennsylvania and other parts of the Northeast, Clinton-Gore officials now acknowledge that as much as two-thirds of the extra home heating oil refined from government crude may go to Europe, never reaching U.S. consumers. "(Gore and Clinton) said (they) released oil from the country's strategic reserve to help Americans get through the winter months, but most of the newly-released oil may never heat American homes," CBS News has reported. (Jacqueline Adams, CBS News, 10/7/00) Gore Oil Ploy Facing "Major Set Back"

* The administration awarded one-third of the emergency oil released from the strategic reserve to three small domestic oil firms with limited refining capacity -- one of which has already backed out of the arrangement. "If all three firms end up forfeiting their combined 10 million barrels of oil from the government stockpile, it could be a major set back for the (Clinton-Gore) effort to boost heating oil supplies and ease high energy prices this winter." (Tom Doggett, Reuters, 10/12/00)

Oil prices in the Northeast "are now higher than they were when the release was ordered," noted Boston Globe writer Ted Bunker this week (10/16/00). Consumers continue to suffer from the Clinton-Gore failure to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.......... In Pittsburgh Friday, will Joe Lieberman tell local residents why his running mate neglected to mention that two-thirds of the emergency oil would be headed to Europe, never to be used to heat the homes of Pennsylvania families?......"


Reuters 10/19/00 Tom Doggett "......A second shipment of crude oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve will be released on Thursday from the emergency stockpile's storage site in West Hackberry, Louisiana, a top Energy Department official said. The 250,000-barrel delivery is being released to Marathon Ashland Petroleum, one of the nine successful bidders for oil from the government's stockpile. .......The first shipment of reserve oil, 500,000 barrels, began moving out of the reserve last week, said DOE undersecretary Ernest Moniz during testimony at a Senate Energy Committee hearing on the release of the oil. ........ The DOE plans to release the remaining 22.25 million barrels of oil awarded to bidders by the end of November. Sen. Frank Murkowski, chairman of the energy panel, criticized the DOE for the way it organized bidding procedures and the awarding of oil from the emergency stockpile. He said the DOE should have required all bidders to have experience in the oil industry, and required winners to not export heating oil refined from the crude to overseas markets. "The execution was flawed -- there was no contractual obligation that crude oil released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve be refined or that it not be exported," he said. ........Moniz said the Commerce Department would issue permits to firms to export SPR oil only if an equivalent amount of refined petroleum product was imported back to the United States. .......Jerry Thompson, senior vice president for CITGO Corp, told the panel that U.S. refineries are running at almost full capacity, and have little room to process more crude. "Introducing more crude into the market from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve will have the effect of lowering crude and refined product prices, but will not increase the availability of refined product, in this specific case home heating oil, into the market," Thompson said. ........"

Reuters 10/18/00 Doug Young ".......San Francisco Federal Reserve President Robert Parry said on Wednesday the U.S. economy appeared to have moderated its rate of growth while a strong dollar was pinching U.S. companies and curbing overseas demand for U.S. products. However, Parry said it was still too early to tell whether the apparent third-quarter slowing was simply a pause or a more lasting cooldown in the U.S. economy's red-hot pace. ....... The recent slide in the stock market does not appear to be crimping U.S. growth, with consumers still enjoying a boost to their spending power from the huge stock market gains of recent years, Parry said after addressing the Milken Institute. Asked whether the sharp selloff in share prices of the past few weeks has altered his assessment of U.S. economic prospects, he said "not really." It is still possible people are "feeling wealth effects of a positive nature" from the huge stock market gains seen the past decade, Parry said. ......."

UPI 10/18/00 "…… PHOENIX, Oct. 18 (UPI) -- A combination of transportation and production problems and the seasonal changeover of gasoline formulas in Phoenix led to a sudden squeeze in gasoline supplies that has caused some gas stations in the city to run out of fuel, it was reported Wednesday. The Arizona Republic reported Wednesday that "dozens of gas stations" had run out of 87-octane reformulated gasoline beginning on Tuesday after wholesale supplies from the Gulf Coast were cut off for three days by an unspecified problem with the pipeline running from El Paso into Phoenix. ……. The problem was compounded by a production problem at a refinery that supplies the unique reformulated gasoline (RFG) for Maricopa County, and by environmental regulations that require stations every autumn to change from an RFG formula designed to reduce emissions during hot summer weather to a winter formula. ……" 10/19/00 UPI "……..A Chicago judge Wednesday ordered the temporary shutdown of a Web site that had been offering to auction votes for the Nov. 7 election. The Chicago Board of Elections Commissioners, sensitive about Chicago's reputation as a city where the dead vote, filed suit earlier this week against, which offered to buy absentee ballots and auction them to the highest bidder. Judge Michael Murphy Wednesday barred the site from operating while the board pursues its suit accusing the site of violating state and federal laws...."

The Weekly Standard 10/18/00 Christopher Caldwell "…….Gore claimed he would give parents a $10,000 tax credit to help put their kids through college. What Gore failed to reveal is that under his plan students who receive any other federal aid or even a college loan would be ineligible for his tax credit. Gore helps only the "right" people - and he decides who is "right" and who is "wrong." ……... Gore invoked the words "middle class" countless times last night. But Gore and his spokesmen won't ever tell you what they mean by middle class. Here's a clue: A family of four making $70,000, with two teenagers, aren't middle class to Gore - they're too rich to deserver any tax relief at all under his plan. By contrast, under Governor George W. Bush's tax plan that same family would receive $2,603 - a 33% tax cut. ….."

Houston Chronicle 10/17/00 Edward Hegstrom "…… Federal authorities announced today that they have arrested a Honduran suspected of smuggling thousands of immigrants through Houston every year, a bust that capped an international anti-smuggling operation described as the biggest of its kind ever conducted in the Americas. Jose Leon Castillo, 43, was arrested in Los Angeles and awaits transport to Houston, where he will face federal smuggling charges. Immigration and Naturalization Service officials say he is believed to have brought more than 300 Latin Americans to Houston every week. ..."

Reuters 10/18/00 "…….PATIENTS' RIGHTS
Gore: Doctors are giving prescriptions, they're recommending treatments and then their recommendations are being overruled by HMOs and insurance companies. That is unacceptable. I support a strong national patients' bill of rights. ……… A national law that is pending on this, the Dingell-Norwood bill, a bipartisan bill, is one that I support and that the governor does not ... The HMOs and the insurance companies support the other bill that's pending, the one that Republican majority has put forward. …….They like it because it doesn't ... give the decisions back to the doctors and nurses and ... a right of appeal to somebody other than the HMO or insurance company.
Bush: Actually, Mr. Vice President, it's not true. I do support a national patients' bill of rights. As a matter of fact, I brought Republicans and Democrats together to do just that in the state of Texas, to get a patients' bill of rights through. ……The HMO, insurance company, can't gag that doctor from giving you full advice ... it allows patients to choose a doctor.

Reuters 10/18/00 "…….TAXES
Gore: Look, the problem is that under Gov. Bush's plan, $1.6 trillion tax cut (goes) mostly to the wealthy. Under his own budget numbers, he proposes spending more money for a tax cut just for the wealthiest 1 percent than all of the new money that he budgets for education, health care and national defence combined.
Bush: If you pay taxes, you ought to get tax relief. The vice president believes that only the right people ought to get tax relief. I don't think that's the role of the president to pick: "You're right, and you're not right." ……. I think if you're going to have tax relief, everybody ought to get it. And, therefore, wealthy people are going to get it. But the top 1 percent will end up paying one-third of the taxes in America and they get one-fifth of the benefits. And that's because we've structured the plan so that 6 million additional American families pay no taxes. ……Fifty million Americans get no tax relief under (Gore's) plan.

Washington Times 10/19/00 Peter Sessions "……The United States must break the OPEC cartel and contain the surging cost of fuel. It is now clear that these rises in energy costs could throw us into recession. The most important result of this election may turn out to be whether the United States continues the irrational Clinton-Gore policies that have reduced domestic production or whether we act decisively to tap our own large reserves in an environmentally safe manner……… Low energy prices have played a key role in furthering vigorous American productivity. On the other hand, high energy prices strike directly at American households and businesses. Gasoline prices are up 50 percent at the pump in the last 18 months, and the price per barrel of oil has tripled. This means, for example, that a family which previously paid $100 per month for its gasoline is now paying $150 per month. That family now has $50 less each month to spend in the marketplace. In addition, high energy prices are inflationary, making the products consumers buy more expensive. Further, many working Americans simply have less to spend……."

Reuters 10/19/00 "……World oil prices held firm on Thursday, supported by continued concerns that low U.S. fuel stockpiles will prove insufficient to keep American homes and offices warm this winter. Bullish industry data this week showed U.S. oil inventories barely above 24-year lows, leaving the world's biggest energy guzzler vulnerable to a severe cold snap or any disruption to supplies in the next few months. U.S. benchmark light crude futures gained 25 cents to $33.73 a barrel by 0418 GMT, having settled almost half a dollar higher at $33.48 in New York dealings. ……"

AP 10/18/00 "…… CHICAGO (AP) - A judge on Wednesday ordered the temporary shutdown of a Web site that offers to sell votes to the highest bidder, pending a lawsuit that alleges it violates U.S. election laws. The site, owned by an Austrian, continued to operate Wednesday night. A notice said registration for Illinois voters had been suspended due to pending litigation. claims it will collect absentee ballots from voters, verify them, and then sell them to the highest bidder who can "choose who the group will vote for en masse." Sellers then would receive money depending on how much is bid. ….."

Forbes 10/10/00 Daniel Fisher "…… STOCKPILED IN A GRIMY TERMINAL IN NEW HAVEN, CONN. IS A 1-million-barrel reserve of heating oil belonging to the Department of Energy. The DOE owns another 1 million barrels stored in New Jersey. ……The government bought this oil, which it calls the Northeast Heating Oil Reserve, in late August by trading in 2.8 million barrels of valuable crude and taking the hit for a nasty refining markup. The refiners got a good deal because they have a seller's market--they are already running at 96% of capacity. The government is also going to spend $7.2 million a year to store the heating oil. …..The notion is that, if any wicked oil companies try to gouge consumers, the DOE can unleash its reserve and force down prices. But it appears that the government's action is perversely having the effect of exacerbating the problem it is supposed to solve. ….."

AP 10/13/00 H Josef Hebert "………One of 11 bidders for 30 million barrels of oil released from federal stockpiles failed to produce required financial guarantees and dropped out of the deal, Energy Department officials said Friday. Two other small companies were given brief extensions to come up with letters of credit, but their ability to collect them also was in question Friday, said a government source, who spoke on condition of anonymity. ……. Euell Energy Resources of Aurora, Colo., which had submitted a bid for 3 million barrels of government crude, failed to meet the government-imposed deadline for letters of credit, administration officials said. That made it no longer eligible for any of the oil. …… Together, Euell and the other two companies - Lance Stroud Enterprises of New York City and Burhaney Energy Enterprises of Tallahassee, Fla. - tentatively were awarded rights to 10 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a third of the total being released………… "

NewsMax,com 10/24/00 Carl Limbacher "…… If the presidential election is still neck and neck on Election Day, the race may be decided by phantom voters, warns the Wall Street Journal's John Fund. "Many experts think this election could be as close as the one in 1960, when John F. Kennedy won by less than one vote per precinct. If so, this year's election could include similar allegations of vote fraud," Fund wrote in Tuesday's edition. ……… "'Just as in 1960, the temptation to steal votes in key swing states will be enormous,'" political scientist Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia told the Journal. "Complacency is so great and enforcement so lax that the odds are we'll never know how much fraud was committed." ……Making fraud easier are laws such as the 1993 federal Motor Voter law that required states to allow people to register to vote when they get a driver's license. Moreover, 47 states don't require any proof of U.S. residence for enrollment. The Motor Voter law has added some 8 million people to the rolls, but the bipartisan polling team of Ed Goeas and Celinda Lake estimates that fewer than 5 percent of "motor voters" normally go to the polls. ……"

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 10/24/00 Don Hopey "……. One of the world's largest hazardous waste incinerators will continue to operate in East Liverpool, Ohio, despite a federal report released over the weekend that says it should be closed immediately because of public health and environmental concerns. By not ordering the immediate shutdown of Waste Technologies Inc.'s 60,000-ton-a-year incinerator, located on the banks of the Ohio River 30 miles west of Pittsburgh, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is ignoring both the primary recommendation in the report of its national ombudsman, Robert Martin, and Vice President Al Gore's endorsement of that action. ..."

AP/Newsday 10/24/00 Terence Hunt "……The hotly contested campaign for a New York Senate seat took an unusual detour through the White House on Tuesday, as Republicans and Democrats argued over whether President Clinton was playing politics with the signing of a breast cancer bill. …… Rep. Rick Lazio, R-N.Y., who is running for the Senate against Hillary Rodham Clinton, complained that the president planned to sign the bill privately rather than at a public ceremony to which Lazio, a co-sponsor, would have been invited. …..''They don't want to give me any acknowledgment for any of the work that I've done,'' Lazio said while campaigning in Syracuse, N.Y. ……"

Bloomberg 10/21/00 "......Michigan Governor John Engler accused the Clinton administration of failing to develop a sound energy policy and said Vice President Al Gore's energy plans could hurt the automobile industry. ``Many folks who depend on home heating oil are concerned that they won't be able to afford a warm house this winter,'' Engler said in the Republicans' weekly radio address. ``If our country had had a coherent energy policy over the last eight years, then we would be prepared for trouble.'' ........ Engler said Americans' dependence on foreign oil has increased to 57 percent today from 50 percent in 1993. He also faulted the administration for tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which he called ``America's insurance policy against severe supply disruptions in time of war or national emergency. ``The petroleum reserve is not a political reserve, and raiding it won't lower fuel prices in the long run,'' he said. ``But it will make our nation more vulnerable to foreign producers.'' ......The Environmental Protection Agency made matters worse by mandating the use of different blends of gasoline in many states, including the Midwest, which drove prices higher at the pump, he said. ......."

Reuters 10/21/00 ".....U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson met with OPEC President Ali Rodriguez in Venezuela on Saturday, and received assurances the cartel already had plans to raise its output this month if necessary to cool simmering oil prices. Richardson came to Caracas asking for an immediate production increase by OPEC to lower the highest fuel prices in 10 years, but won no concessions from Rodriguez who reiterated the cartel would stick to its band mechanism for controlling prices. Under the terms of this system, the cartel would raise its oil output by 500,000 barrels a day, or 0.7 percent of world demand, on October 27 if prices do not fall below $28 a barrel. ......"

Reuters 10/20/00 Kristin Roberts "……Some of the largest U.S. companies paid no income tax between 1996 and 1998 despite earning billions of dollars during those years, according to a recent study. Drugs giant Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE - news), banking group J.P. Morgan & Co. (NYSE:JPM - news) and automaker General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM - news) were among the 41 companies that not only paid zero tax but received $3.2 billion in rebate checks, the study found. ……. The study, released this week, was done by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a nonprofit organisation based in Washington. The institute is associated with the Citizens for Tax Justice, another nonprofit organisation that supports tax reform and says the U.S. tax system favours the wealthy. ……."

National Review 10/20/00 Larry Kudlow "……. In case you missed it, George W. Bush auditioned in front of the investor class yesterday with an interview conducted by CNBC's Ron Insana. W. was at the top of his form. The tough-minded independent Insana drilled him with a series of questions, and Bush responded with gusto on every count. But here's what got me clicking my heels. The Texas governor talked growth. Tax cuts and growth. Growth and Social Security. For the first time, Bush associated himself with a 4% economic growth target. Insana asked him, What if economic assumptions overstate GDP by 1% in each of the next 10 years, and there is no budget surplus? Here's Bush's response: ……. As I understand, [the] CBO is projecting a growth rate of 2.7%. Alan Greenspan thinks it will be 4%. If that is the case, there will be $2 trillion extra dollars. What's needed is somebody to set parameters, what we need is a leader who says that the taxpayers need some of the money back....The surplus is going to be there when I am there, but one reason why the surplus might not be there is because the economy slows down, and that is all the more reason to give people their money back. That is why I'm for tax relief. I think it is an important rule for economic growth." ……Bush has this exactly right. Greenspan and the Fed believe the U.S. economy is capable of 4% growth. Budget projections show that future surpluses, under a 4% growth target, would come in close to $7 trillion, way above the current $4.6 trillion estimate made by the Congressional Budget Office. ….."

BBC News 10/20/00 "…… Greenpeace has recalled promotional mouse mats after it discovered they may contain a fungus from the Brazilian Amazon that could cause an allergic reaction. An estimated 500 mouse mats were sent out in May this year by the environmental pressure group to boost the profile of its campaign to protect the Amazon. After parts of the mats started to discolour, the organisation sent them away from testing and found there were fungus spores in the water used to make the rubber in the mats. ….."

Detroit News 10/20/00 "…….Mr. Gore's faith in centralized government authority fills nearly every page of his 1992 book Earth in the Balance. And both his political record and campaign platform reveal a troubling mistrust of the free enterprise system. His regulatory proposals and penchant for big spending would damage the economy - and thus the strength of the auto industry, which remains essential to the well-being of Michigan. …….. His reliance on regulation to pursue his goals could not be more pronounced. To achieve his environmental agenda, for example, the vice president, in his book, advocates "an all-out effort to use every policy and program, every law and institution, every treaty and alliance, every tactic and strategy, every plan and course of action ..." ……….. Mr. Gore's taste for regulation - from untested rollover standards for sport utility vehicles to new government-required engine designs - would further bleed the industry's bottom line. In particular, the higher energy taxes he advocates - up to 65 cents per gallon of gasoline to comply with the Kyoto Treaty on global warming, for example - would certainly provoke inflation, which is particularly bad news for industrial states like Michigan. ……."

New York Times 10/20/00 Robert Pear "……Brushing aside objections from President Clinton, Republican leaders of Congress announced today that they had agreed on a plan to pump $28 billion into Medicare over the next five years, mainly by increasing payments to health maintenance organizations, hospitals and other providers that care for the elderly. With that plan, the Republicans appear to have set themselves up for a high-stakes political confrontation with the White House just three weeks before Election Day…….. Mr. Clinton has repeatedly complained that the Republican bill, details of which have emerged piecemeal over the last week, would give too much money to H.M.O.'s., which he says are already overpaid……..Republicans, on the other hand, say it is imperative to increase payments to health maintenance organizations to keep them from dropping out of selected Medicare markets……."

New York Times 10/20/00 George W. Bush "….Speaking yesterday in Macomb County, Mich. "Yesterday, the Democratic Party released its latest attack ad prepared by the Gore media team and designed to scare seniors. The chairman said that I had grabbed the third rail of American politics, and "he just didn't realize that we hadn't switched on the electricity yet and that's what we're going to do with this television ad as well." Not this time. Not this year. It is irresponsible for the chairman of the Democratic Party and for Vice President Gore to stoke the fears of seniors while ignoring the hopes of younger workers. A true leader does not try to pit grandparents against grandchildren - a true leader will fix this problem so that both the Greatest Generation and the Rising Generation can depend on the promise of Social Security……"

Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/19/00 "……. "George cares about senior citizens. Al Gore is exaggerating again, this time on Social Security. He is trying to scare old people like me, but it is not going to work this time because we are smarter than that. My son is going to keep the promise of Social Security for all parents and grandparents in America. He is also going to make sure that Social Security is strong for our sons and daughters." ……" 10/19/00 Cheryl K. Chumley "…… Washington ( - America faces an energy crisis and the Clinton Administration is to blame, according to statements and testimonies given during a Senate hearing in Washington Thursday.Ernest Moniz, the Under-Secretary for Energy, Science, and Environment, rejected those claims by saying, "Americans are significantly more protected today from a possible energy shortfall this winter than they were a month ago."Both Moniz and Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) credited the administration for its success in "achieving its intended goal," following the release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which Republicans say is the largest draw-down in the history of the SPR. ..."

Electronic Telegraph 10/29/00 Christina Lamb "...... HEARD the one about the hydroelectric plant in the desert? The nuclear power plant built on an earthquake fault line? The fishing project on the lake that ran dry? The salt factory that never produced a grain of salt? Or the gleaming international airport built amid a village of mud huts in the African bush? ...... These are the kind of white elephants that British aid has helped build around the world over the past 20 years. The latest revelations that British aid to Malawi could have been used by the government of one of the world's poorest countries to buy its ministers a fleet of 39 brand new S-class Mercedes Benzes, worth £1.7 million, will surprise nobody who has had any dealings with the corrupt world of aid to developing countries. Africans even have a word for it - referring to those who have got rich through dodgy dealing as "wabenzi"......... Among the recent cases of mis-spending is the Canadian-funded international airport at El Doret, a remote village in Kenya that just happens to be President Arap Moi's hometown. Norwegian diplomats laugh about funding a fish farm on a lake in Kenya that dried up, while the European Union paid for a salt factory in an isolated part of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. No one wanted to live there, so no salt was ever produced. .......... British aid allocated for housing poor Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has been used to build luxury apartments for wealthy friends of Yasser Arafat. Despite a report by auditors that 40 per cent of Mr Arafat's budget was stolen through kickbacks, Britain is continuing with its three-year £105 million aid programme to the Palestinian Authority. ......."

Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/28/00 "......General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. Army (ret.), former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Central Command, who led allied forces during the Persian Gulf War, has taped a message on behalf of the Bush-Cheney campaign. Voters in battleground states will receive phone calls today. The following is a transcript of General Schwarzkopf 's message:

"This is General Norman Schwarzkopf.

"We've been reading and hearing a lot about plans on issues important to us seniors. George W. Bush has been talking about saving Social Security for current retirees and for future generations as well. Al Gore has decided to try and scare us seniors. Trying to scare seniors is going too far.

"You know me as someone who tells it like it is, so here is the truth.

"George W. Bush's plan sets aside $2.4 trillion dollars to strengthen Social Security for those of us at or near retirement - no changes, no cuts, no reductions. He also provides all us seniors access to prescription drugs and help paying for them.

"As a General in the U.S. Army, you trusted me with the lives of your sons and daughters. So trust me on this. I can promise you that George W. Bush will never do anything to hurt seniors or threaten Social Security. Don't be fooled by the scare tactics. ......"

Houston Chronicle 10/25/00 Malcolm Wallop "…… GASOLINE prices are soaring, the stock market is jittery, 17 U.S. sailors are dead in Yemen, and spreading turmoil in the Middle East is making our national security and energy supply more precarious by the day. And still Vice President Al Gore remains adamantly opposed to oil drilling in Alaska. Here we have a mostly desolate expanse of tundra the size of South Carolina, in a state twice the size of Texas. Geologists want to explore highly promising formations in a part of this tundra that's less than twice the size of Rhode Island...."

PRNewswire 10/26/00 ".....Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore is facing a growing backlash over his efforts to frighten senior citizens about Social Security in Iowa and across the nation. ...... ......Seniors in Iowa and across the nation are receiving unsolicited, recorded phone messages from Ed Asner -- whom The Record once dubbed "TV's most famous left-wing activist" for his bitter, hyperbolic attacks on President Ronald Reagan -- in an attempt to terrify seniors into supporting Gore's candidacy. ......Carole Gassaway of Des Moines received an Asner call Wednesday. "It is very disturbing and offensive that the Gore campaign is trying these scare tactics...waiting until right before an election and trying to scare everyone into voting for him," Gassaway said. "What it shows to me is that the Vice President's policies and agenda are not good enough to convince the voters on their own. " ....... "Many young Americans fear that Social Security won't be around when they retire, which is why Governor Bush has offered a plan that will strengthen the program, and ensure that seniors today get the benefits they have earned and deserved," Grassley said. ....Mrs. Gassaway said, "They are just wasting their time and money on this scare tactic project. Seniors won't fall for it." .....Yesterday's Wall Street Journal refuted the phone message noting "Then there's the left-wing actor Ed Asner, who is taping scare calls to seniors, and deceptively invoking this newspaper along the way. 'George W. Bush has a proposal that would undermine Social Security,' the former union boss says, 'even threatening current benefits.' Mr. Bush 'promises that won't mean a cut in current benefits, but the independent Wall Street Journal shows that the Bush plan drains money that is needed now to pay our current benefits,' the call adds. For the record, we believe no such thing and no story we've published has asserted it." ....."

Associated Press 10/26/00 Seth Hettena "......Sixteen men in seven states have been executed despite ``compelling evidence of their innocence,'' a group that opposes the death penalty said in a report released Thursday. The ``Reasonable Doubts'' report by the Quixote Center was based on five months of research into legal and police documents in cases from Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Texas and Virginia. ......Four of those executions occurred in Texas under Gov. George W. Bush, the Republican nominee for president. Bush has said he doesn't believe an innocent person has been executed in Texas during his administration. ......In each of the 16 cases, all of which involved murder convictions, ``there exists compelling evidence that the defendant was convicted of the crime he did not, in fact, commit,'' the study's author, Claudia Whitman, wrote. .....The report was produced by Equal Justice USA, a project of the Hyattsville-based Quixote Center, which is organizing a national effort for a moratorium on executions. ....."

Washington Times 10/25/00 Sen. James M. Inhofe "...... Last year, some 54 federal departments and agencies and more than 130,000 federal employees spent over $18,7 billion writing and enforcing federal regulations. During the Clinton/Gore administration, the number of full-time positions in regulatory agencies reached an all-time high. .......... According to renowned economist Thomas Hopkins, federal regulations were estimated to cost the American people $721 billion this year, which is equal to about 40 percent of all federal spending - representing a hidden tax of more than $6,800.00 per year for each American family. ......... In its last few days in office, the Clinton/Gore administration currently is pushing through a number of new rules - particularly in the environmental arena. This last-minute regulatory push to impose so called "midnight-regulations", serves two purposes: First, it panders to special interest groups for political gain in the current election. And second, it pre-empts regulatory decisions which should properly be made by the next administration. ......"

Newsmax 10/25/00 Carl Limbacher "...... In an unusually scathing editorial today, USA Today attacks the Clinton-Gore administration for its assault on privacy rights. Among the offenses cited: The nonpartisan congressional General Accounting Office last week revealed that six federal Web sites - including the Postal Service, Forest Service and Small Business Administration - still allowed cookies, computer codes that track visitors. ......The Internet privacy group Privacilla pointed out this month that the White House's own Web site broke rules to protect children's privacy by collecting personally identifiable information about children without getting verifiable parental consent. ........ The Internal Revenue Service commissioner told Republican congressional leaders this month that the IRS Web site did not keep or solicit any "confidential taxpayer information" - but it turns out the site solicits questions on tax law and asks users to gi